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Friends, Ugreen HiTune Max 5 These are headphones from Ugreen And honestly, do you know what Ugreen did? They just broke the market Because of their price 51$ for this video These things support HiRes Audio HiRes Audio Wireless With LDAC, active noise canceling With 90 hours of continuous playing And with fast charging When you can get 9 hours of playing in just a couple of minutes And in different designs Black, white, cool headphones I took black ones Lisa took white ones Lisa, we need you to show how they will look on you And all this on TECHNOZON channel Let's go! RAIN Come here Where are the white ones? Wait, i have to take black white ones Honestly... Here are plumbas Lisa will be silent She is punished today SILENCE? i told you be quiet There are two plumbas Open from the other side Actually, here is the opener Girls, they are so girls What the hell did you do? What's the difference? Boxes, let's take them out We have a lot of maculature here Let's take them out I'll show you closer Did you take your phone? So, guys Headphones White and black There are two of them Materials I'll tell you 50$ I can't say that they are premium But they are made with high quality We have eco-leather stand They can be adjusted with metal bracket So they won't break Turn signals Type C Volume ON button ANC button And of course 3.5mm jack Because it has Hi-Res So, this is headphones Of this format Wow Look how white they are They are so soft They are creamy Not white I'll try them on First of all, ergonomics What else we have? 3.5mm cable And that's it Oh, this is Type C charging cable Can you imagine that you can get 9 hours of gaming just for 5 minutes of charging? Really? Yes Fast charging So fast? Yes I'm shocked Ugreen cables I'll turn off my phone Ergonomics What do we have? Left and right are marked Look Left and right I'll put them on Oh, listen So soft Put them on You'll be shocked Cool, isn't it? TOP Guys, this is TOP For this money For this money I'll show you all technologies You'll be shocked For this money, TOP We'll test all of this On Asus ROG 7 With 384Khz 32bit DAC Which is based on Qualcomm I recommend to read about DAC in Asus ROG 7 And of course it has LDAC support And IPTX Before we connect it, let's take a look on seller page 52$ HiTune Max 5 There are two versions, black and white They cost the same Bluetooth 5.3 With HiRes LDAC sound Dual HiRes and LDAC decoding 90 hours of listening Double microphone DNN call noise reduction 120ms ULTRA LOW LATENCY So you can play with it Low latency 40mm Composite speaker It's loading LDAC scene Transmission rate up to 990Kbps AAC 328Kbps SBC 328Kbps 43.1 dB ANC Deafwirring Cool thing But when you connect it, 2 mics works And it can mute You can check it Next Bluetooth 5.3

And we have 3.5 for headphones, but ANC is not supported But you don't have to charge them We have button control function It means that we can do many actions with buttons For example, press power once, it'll be pause Press twice, it'll be play Press twice, it'll be voice assistant Press once during a call, it'll be answer Press and hold, it'll drop a call in 2 seconds ANC button is for pressing once Or if you hold it, it'll switch between music and game mode It's when extra low latency level is good for games It's just great Volume up, volume down And here we have... By the way, i made a review on HiTunes Max 3 And here we have 90 hours of charging We have 43dB of noise against 35dB But here we have HiRes and LDAC And there was HiRes and 3DS Spatel Audio It's called like that, Germans Spatel Audio What else we have here Support of Bluetooth profiles HFP, AVRCP, A2DP, BLE No AC LDAC, and yes, 600mA Btw, i want to test it Closing the box, and... Ops, white disks It's over And this is for White headphones First time i hear And here are microphones for noise Also we have compensation camera Now i'll turn them and start Power On, i heared it They are very comfortable Not pressing This is everything same as i did for Hitune Maxiii absolutely same Why you turned yours? Did i have two of them? No So, charge level is 60 Let's go to settings And we can see that we have HD Audio LDAC Everything, from the start we have LDAC From the start we have everything that we need I mean, we have smartphone So, it'll work great with bluetooth And i'm listening to music I'm listening to music By the way, we have to check how to record a conversation No I mean, you'll have to come out with a microphone And listen to how the sound is coming from it How you hear me Well, now we'll try So, listen I start listening to electronics and dancing And I will immediately listen to how ANC works You will now just talk I told you to connect to my headphones Damn, I asked you not to turn on yours I didn't tap you I can't hear you now, wait Turned on some kind of garbage, not music Wow Cool, listen I don't know, let's try Listen Such a cool sound Cool Now i will show you one question Why do you need ANC button? Now, noise canceling off On On? Can you hear me now? No And if i turn it off? Wow Wow And if i turn it on? We have a heater now It makes noise all the time ANC is 45dB and it can filter great sounds Let me listen And it has ambient sound So, Shumodave works very well I'll try to make you hear it Testing Now I'll show you. No, now I'll do it.

Ambient sound on. Well, did you hear? Or rather, when the noise canceling is on, nothing is heard at all. There is also an ambient sound mode. And if you hold these headphones for one second, this ANC button, Now, gaming mode turns on with a low delay. Normal mode.

That is, the whole switch is only normal and game mode. Now we listen to music. We really need to decide what kind of music we can listen to. We now have electronic dance with vocals. Look, there are microphones here.

Wow! Wow! Bass, guys, bass! I will not say that he is a mega bass player, but he is a cool bass, so soft. Listen. Listen. Soft bass, soft. Boom! First, you hear this well.

Nice, right? And by the way, what frequency range do they support, I wonder? While Lisa listens to headphones. From 20 to 40? Well, that's right. If they received Hi-Res certification, then 20-40 is normal. 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz is exactly what it should be. Listen, cool sound, right? Clean at all.

Now something so cool. Wow, what a cool bass. Bass, bass, bass, so good. I can't hear you at all. Sorry.

I have ANC. Sorry. You do not fit into the plans of my active noise reduction. The main thing is that Lisa does not start now. I have Ambient mode now. By the way, I can hear you now.

Ambient is a through mode, so that you understand. The main thing is that Lisa does not start now. pump the rights and do not shout that this is a violation of the rights of the noisy. Thank you for the tip.

Yes. I have a means of fighting the noisy. I have an active noise reduction. She will say now. You press on me with your noise reduction. Yes.

No, no, no, thank you. Thank you. I do not want to hear you. Oh, it sounds cool. Listen.

Okay. This is plasticine music. What do we have? What? What do I like to listen to? Okay.

We listen to jazz, guys. I need to choose something. Oh, here. Here, for lovers of jazz, I will immediately disappoint you.

Despite the declared 40,000 hertz. Wait. Wait. Here is the noise of the plate.

I hear, but it is flat. Yes, it sounds. It sounds impressive, but it is a flat sound.

Do you know what I'm interested in? I'm interested in listening to it in the mode of hi-res wired. If they have hi-res, then I'm interested in hi-res wired. The same melody. This is a completely different matter. Do you want a joke? How does the wired hi-res sound different and how does the wireless hi-res sound? Now, wait.

From the very beginning. Listen. In short, while Vesa is listening, I will explain to you.

The fact is that the wired hi-res sounds like jazz, at least. What I can immediately find the difference is the noise of the plate, cymbals, drums. In the wireless hi-res, there is no plasticine sound at all. It sounds perfectly right, it sounds perfectly cool. But it feels like I'm standing in front of the wall.

Do you want to listen to the difference now? How does it sound to you? Fire. Fire. I'm just fire. Yes, they fit.

They fit very well. Now she listens without 3.5 connections. Return.

Return. Even a person who does not listen to hi-res music much. There is a difference. There is. Despite the fact that it also sounds cool, right? That is, it is pleasant.

There is a difference. There is a difference. That is, the wired sound in any case will sound better, despite the fact that there is a certification of hi-res, and in the wire they really sound like a full coil. For jazz, in general, they fit perfectly, but when listening specifically from the cable. From the cable.

Because you can't listen to jazz via Bluetooth. Electronics listen perfectly. We listen further.

In general, they sound awesome. Just awesome. Classics! One of my favorite genres of testing.

Academic music. What, do you want to connect there? Sly ass, huh? I'm tired of listening. Okay, come on. Let's connect. Did you get headphones? Yes. Yes? Yes, yes.

I can't hear you right now. Wait. Now I will connect to Lise.

The classic wireless does not sound either. It sounds technically correct, but ... But ...

It sounds flat. I'll try to let you listen now. I want to try ...

No, the classics. These headphones are not for wireless playing classics. Although, well, you will not understand if you have never listened to a specific wireless Hi-Res headphones.

Now let's listen. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! There is generally a difference! Just crazy! And again, look. Situation. In order to listen to the classics in the wired mode, you will need an equalizer. You will need to remove ... It could eat some bass Jazz, wire, yes, no wire Electronics, and dancing I'll play every thing that i love listening and it's sound...

Bass is better And what are you listening to? Wait, i can't hear you What are you listening to? Do you know what she's listening to? She's listening to U96 Oh, my favorite band Who listened to U96? U96 and my favorite album is Eve of the War If someone listened to it, write in the comments I want to know Electronic sounds great in the wire Come on, hip-hop Guys, I'll start talking in a little while Because what the fox is listening to Come on The beats are beautiful Sounds good Same, but without wire ANC works great Awesome Listen, what a situation It's like... I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you Listen, what a situation It's absurd Because... Plasticine music, as i call it It's electronic music Beats, electronics Hip-hop Because in hip-hop no one plays live music Rarely What i call plasticine music It's great to listen to it With bluetooth With LDAC It's great You can hear it's electronic And bass is softer Because when i connect it to electronic music With wires With 3.5 In electronic music bass is a little bit more This is the first You have to adjust it About academic music Where i think Jazz too With live band Here is a question In wired version Sound is much better Much wider Volume When you stand in front of the stage And you position it You can feel how it sounds Volume, beautiful But i can tell you It's not perfect sound It's not headphones for 250-300$ You have to understand it It's headphones for 50$ It's high-quality It's budget headphones With high-res With LDAC And here you have to listen with wire Because without wire it sounds good With soft bass With good high frequencies But it sounds flat Think that you stand in front of the stage In front of which there is a membrane Through which you feel quality Sound transfer So, it's one single membrane Or one single high-quality speaker But i don't complain about sound And here are the main nuances Now it's important for us How sound is recorded Through microphone I mean That we can evaluate Quality of speaker Not speaker But microphone Listen ANC When ANC is on I can't hear anything It's so dry I can hear only myself It's cool Ambient mode Ambient is through sound I can hear everything What's happening It's cool Lisa, take off Take off your headphones And take this recorder I'll connect microphone It's dynamic Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you Is it clear sound? Yes, there is no noise Your voice sounds clear I can hear you Volume adjustment Tell me again I want to tell you When you touched the headphones It was clear When I touched I touched around the microphone It's clear I want to tell you When you touched It was clear Okay, come back Three, one, two, three I'm back Is it clear? I'm ready to resume Lisa with black headphones And i'm with white I look like a douche Write in the comments Bubble douche Let's do this If you think i'm a douche Write Bubble douche I even have T-shirt I don't drink That's why they gave me T-shirt With huge letters If you think i'm a douche Write Bubble douche And Lisa will count How many times we'll discuss In the next stream Guys, i recommend For 51$ You're crazy 51$ 51$ Really? For 51$ This is amazing I recommend Lisa, what do you think? Bubble and Lisa with you on TECHNOZON channel! Bye!

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