ЛОВИМ ВСЕХ??? Радиоприемник Tecsun pl368. Все диапазонный радиоприем

ЛОВИМ ВСЕХ??? Радиоприемник Tecsun pl368. Все диапазонный радиоприем

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[music] Hello everyone Today a review about the radio receiver itself pl368 in this review we will analyze as much as possible all the capabilities of this receiver these are two of the most successful devices in the brand’s line in terms of the number of buttons here there is more than one button on the 330 model with one button we turn on synchronous detection and the second you can use the output single-sideband modulation mode, whereas in this model, with a short press, we turn on the SSB mode, and in order to turn on the synchronous detection mode, we hold down the same button, otherwise almost everything is organized in the same way, now everything is as detailed as possible. Enjoy your viewing, everyone. The receiver is delivered in such a colorful branded packaging and, unlike the older 365 model here also retained a full-fledged SSB function for those who like to listen to hooligans. But unlike previous versions, there

is already a full-fledged numeric keypad and working with such a receiver is much more convenient and everything is organized like on an adult; radio receivers in the package can see the user manual in Chinese in in which we can see the main technical parameters of the radio receiver, the first line is the limit of long wave parameters, the second line is the ability to cover both European and American children's frequencies and the short wave range, here we can see the frequency modulation for the FM range, we see the ability to choose one of the four limits of the frequency range impedance of the speaker 16 ohm, a softer load on the sound amplifier is possible, therefore there is no parasitic background noise and the receiver, even at low volumes with long enough listening, does not strain words further from the important parameters This is the type of battery Well, the size and the entire radio receiver To improve the quality of reception of medium and long waves included we can see a good size external magnetic antenna connector is used to the standards of a 3.5 mm minijack and the size of a ferrite rod. As we can see, they are of a fairly good size and with such a good cross-section, then there are such headphones of quite good quality and there is no point in comparing separate headsets with the cost of the receiver itself And so, even despite the high for performance and even at a fairly high volume level it holds the load well. Next comes the charging cable, there is a micro USB standard and the length of such a wire is about 60 centimeters, the kit also includes a case for easy storage and transportation.

As you can see, everything is very neat and on the back side we can see two mounting options and the receiver itself is in such a bright citrus color, although there is also a black version on top, we can see this first telescope, with a jack for connecting an external antenna, this time for receiving medium and long waves. Well, on the edge we can see a jack for connecting headphones on the side you can see the charging socket next to it, this is the volume control and, at the very bottom, this is the valcoder from below, we can see the screw for attaching the telescope and the keyboard, everything is put together here, but if we compare the buttons here, which are smaller and those with big fingers, it is not clear how comfortable the control will be. And so for control with one hand everything lies very conveniently; also, if desired, the radio receiver can be attached to the belt; the compartment for the battery opens easily and this battery, despite the fact that not everyone likes it, to test it on this device, it made quite deep discharges and now, as we can see, with such a fairly low voltage, let’s try to start charging and As we can see, it calmly picks up any problems with the devices and Judging by the indication, the charging process begins, and even in the event of a failure, such a battery is not such a rarity today on the cover, also all the main parameters of the ranges are duplicated on this receiver, we look at the charging process, and this indication and current also appears charging is approximately half an ampere, the capacity also corresponds and is filled with more than 1000 milliamps, just now we will analyze the functionality.

But first, let’s briefly listen to the SSB mode and you can leave our assessment in the comments [laughter] [laughter] we see how much the quality changes, the noise disappears and this is thanks to the adjustment of the bandwidth which, using this button, you can make it narrower or make it wider and the adjustment range starts with half a kilohertz and the maximum in this range is up to 4 kHz a little further, let's carry out a test for the reception of medium waves and the FM range. Now let's see how it all works. It turns on with a short press in exactly the same way and turns off. This is the first method. And if we hold down this button, this icon appears in the form of a sleeping person and this automatic function shutdowns and time To turn off, we can set a maximum of 120 minutes and a minimum value of 1 minute. And if you need to turn off this function, select the value on the switched off receiver and see some hidden functions by holding down button 3 we can switch the frequency range for medium waves to the American standard and holding down another since we can switch to the European step and the correct choice of this step is more useful when automatically scanning frequencies. And so for our coverage area we select a step of 9 kHz, while holding down button 2 we can activate the long-range wave reception function. To turn off,

we also hold down while holding down button 1 we can switch the initial limit of the FM range and, depending on the filling density, we can select the appropriate coverage of the frequency range by holding down button 9, it turns on and in the same way turns off some function in a conversation with a Chinese some kind of resolution seems to be the best implementation of reception on an external medium wave antenna, although in practice so far that I didn’t notice Absolutely no difference with the button 8; seconds are already added to the clock; the receiver becomes more lively; using this button, the firmware version is displayed if you have a different version. You can write in the comments and what differences there are; it’s interesting that there is also a Bluetooth indication and an indication of the memory expansion slot and most likely this is a foundation for the future, now with the receiver turned on, by holding down button 7 we can activate the power gain adjustment function, but at a maximum value of 60 the receiver will play as loud as possible, and when this indicator decreases, we correspondingly reduce the level of maximum sound amplification and with a minimum value of 30 units and by in complex scenes at maximum volume, the speaker will be better protected from entering into resonance on the FM range; this button does not react in any way to changes in the extended bandwidth since it is a fixed channel and using this button we can switch either the ability to work with frequency or the second option; the ability to switch between cells then there are switches between radio stations Well, switching between stations is much easier using the keyboard, less resorting to the roller And thereby preserving the life of this vulnerable part of the receiver. If there is no need to switch between radio stations, then I press this button again and switch to the frequency, that is, we return to the manual search mode if you need to make finer adjustments , then using the Step button we can change the step of the frequency range, now we see the switching occurs in steps of 1 kHz and in this way it is possible to extract the maximum quality of the radio broadcasting signal; also in this range you can adjust the bandwidth for which three different factory presets are available and this is very useful because every day the air density, the coverage area of ​​a given frequency range is only increasing, the balcoder has such a stepwise specific switching stroke, here a mount with a two-sided axial stop is a more durable, durable way of operating the regulator, the device we see that this is just a false idea and there is no absolutely axial support for the second side. Although the reach of such adjusters is still not

as large as on the 330 model, there is some hope that the service life of these vulnerable parts the device will be significantly higher if the frequencies of the radio station are known, then using the keyboard you can quickly navigate to such a decent coverage of the frequency range, we can select waves, frequency ranges using this button, here we can see how it is possible to select both medium and long waves using this button we can already switch to FM band for receiving work with frequency modulation, to switch to the short-wave band, just press any arrow Well, depending on the wavelength in meters, switching is conveniently organized for bands covering such a wide frequency range and at this frequency we can already adjust the transmission pause width in three positions starting from 2.5 to 5 kHz for a more developed ssp system, using these two buttons we can go through both the upper and lower sideband Well, the buttons for the synchro detector and direct entry into single-band modulation And here, too, there is such a function Easy tuning mod is also difficult implementation as model 330 if old receivers could, without affecting the main list of channels, perform a temporary search for channels, a very useful function, but specifically in the new models they added more than one list of channels, that is, time-bound, but the benefits of such an application are not yet really clear receivers You can also create independently lists radio stations for this purpose, this Memory button is provided, first we will select the required frequency and using this button we hold this button pressed and As we can see, the memory cell begins to blink. If desired, we can also select and After a short time, the receiver automatically saves the result another very a valuable function in this receiver, for example, we save several different radio frequencies on different memory cells in arbitrary form, that is, not in ascending order in any arbitrary form , and there is a special button, you can only use it when the receiver is turned off. Well, as we can see, when you hold it down , the function works like this sorting and all previously saved radio stations are now arranged in strict ascending order of frequencies for working with memory, this is not all, there are situations when some stations You just don’t want to see the risks of channels, then first select such a station, hold down the Delete button, the same as the selection button, the value appears on the display Dell and another short press deletes the selected station. As we can see, it has disappeared from the list. But in order to correct the sequence, we can re-sort the channels. But if you hold

this button pressed when the radio is turned off, then all stations are deleted, that is, all memory cells are cleared. The main part of the display is occupied frequency indicator and in this line for the first time it displays the signal power level and at the same time the value of the signal-to-noise ratio the very first button on the dial is the ability to switch the status bar and the first switching the ability to display the clock the next switching is an alarm clock indication but the temperature indicator appears again and a valuable function for monitoring the weather of evening walks and, as an alternative to a room thermometer, and by pressing again we return to the signal measurement line. But if you hold down this button, then such a lock appears and now the protection is triggered and all buttons stop responding, even the power button but to exit from this mode, again hold this button compressed; the same applies to the display; the quality here is not bad; there are excellent viewing angles, almost at a right angle; but in essence, the construction of liquid crystal display technology at a certain angle still leaves a small contrast transition angle. Although in this model it it’s so tiny that you have to try harder to catch it. In general, the display is better than those I’ve seen on receivers. Well, the only serious drawback is the uneven illumination, I don’t know how this could be allowed at such a cost Otherwise, it’s still difficult to find fault with anything. Next,

let’s check how much battery charge is enough on different bands, but now let’s look at How an automatic search for channels is carried out for this, depending on which band we select, hold down the button and As we can see, the process of automatically searching for a radio station has begun this is when using a built-in ferrite antenna Now let's try such a powerful antenna and you can see with your own eyes that this medium wave range is really very densely packed, the coverage area is already almost three times larger than the radio station using an even higher quality antenna, you can only imagine how much more can be expanded capabilities of this receiver, we try to listen to this range and you can evaluate [music] [music] [music] [music] [ music] [laughter] [ music] [music] [music] [music] [music] everything is really very tightly packed and so that to catch even more channels, it’s better to use a manual search and with a smaller step, then you can catch even more channels even with this antenna, or at least more accurately get to the desired station. To set the clock, we’ll use this button, which we hold down to set and use of these regulators we set the appropriate time value and in order to save the new result we press the same button the receivers also have an excellent implementation of the alarm clock function for this we will already use the next button with a short press you can activate this function and that the alarm clock is really turned on the following icon on display and To turn off, a short press is enough. But in order to set the desired alarm time, to do this, hold down this button, the time begins to flash and, in the same way, use the side controls to set the appropriate parameters ; you can save the result by short pressing or just wait and the receiver automatically saves the setting; this is the usual way of triggering alarm clock But if you hold this button again, the automatic shutdown function appears again and the difference between the sleep mode here is that we can set a maximum time of 60 minutes and the minimum value that can be set is one minute, that is, the alarm clock turns on, plays for a certain set time and turns off on its own, thereby preserving the battery charge when returning back to us on the Step button, as you can remember, with short presses we switch to the coarse mode or the fine adjustment mode, but if we hold the same button pressed, the backlight turns off and the value appears, that is, the backlight stops responding to any actions and thus significantly saves battery charge to return the backlight to the working position again, hold this button pressed Although the backlight turns on, the new one automatically goes out again, most likely this is to preserve the battery charge But if anyone knows, without mechanical intervention, make a permanent backlight Write in the comments it will be useful for many users can’t wait to look into filling But this is just a little Further in the video, automatic scanning goes well and Whoever said that there is nothing left to listen to, but As you can see, the receiver receives quite a lot of channels. Even if they are not all Russian-language

, there are a lot of Eastern Broadcasting channels, including a lot of music in English there is Chinese music. There are also Chinese radio stations broadcasting entirely in Russian, this is already 150 radio stations in only one band. But to understand the quality of reception and sound quality for evaluation, let’s briefly go through a small number of stations and now we are listening [applause] [applause] the receiver turned out to be excellent but there is another minus: the lack of keyboard backlight and in complete darkness you won’t be able to see anything here, so after a couple of days of use, a certain experience appears and by touch, intuitively, your fingers themselves find the necessary buttons; the number of memory cells for saving a radio station on the FM range is 100, and there are already 150 cells for saving in the medium wave range memory cells for long waves Here everything is exactly the same as in the FM range of the whole stand and for the widest HF range here already As we can see, there are significantly more and the maximum in this range is 300 memory cells. As we can see there is enough space

and this is only permanent memory. And there is also a temporary video Easy tuning fashion Now let’s take a look and what immediately catches your eye inside the device is a terribly small magnetic antenna and for amplitude modulation there is such a rod, it’s surprising that anything is accepted further Judging by the sound quality, I didn’t expect to see a flat speaker But in contrast compared to polyethylene speakers with a 4 ohm load, this one still loads the amplifier significantly less, there is less distortion, and especially voice speech is distinguished by good expressiveness. And there is no metallic effect of attaching the speaker here. Unfortunately, there is a glue fit and it’s good if it doesn’t dry out over time. But now it holds everything well enough firmly and further we can see the excellent implementation of the assembly, high-quality metal micro buttons And the soldering quality is good and the disadvantage is that traces of rosin for illumination have not been washed off, here we see there is a certain thickness and in my opinion you can try to eliminate the parasitic side light without the need.

In my opinion, there is no point in disassembling This receiver here, as we can see, has a large number of legs and constant disassembly of the receiver can bend the legs, weaken the mating units and disable the receivers, this element is supposed to be used to save the time parameters and settings of the receiver when the battery is deeply discharged or even when the battery is removed. As we can see, the capacity perfectly preserves the data the operating voltage inside the device we see the version of the assembly from the year 20 and such a number of capacity drives of the main part of the assembly we also see excellent soldering, but again with traces of rosin there is also a marking of the component base of the microcircuit that is used here, this is so to say the top-end of the i47 35 series If I’m not mistaken This is a chip that perfectly supports the RDS function. Although this very function as such is not yet available here, despite the rather modest size of the device, this receiver exactly repeats the capabilities of one of the most popular models of this brand. For greater density and softer movement of the plastic

buttons, we see such an insert made of foam rubber is another such vulnerable area when disassembling the device you need to keep in mind such thin latches and latches and with age the plastic does not get better so have YouTube the effect of fragility when constantly disassembling this device good reception of the FM and HF range is ensured by a decent sized telescope As we can see it is almost 70 centimeters this size is even larger than most desktop options And the quality is similar to other products of this brand This is the only receiver that managed to overload real Japanese monitors but plays so loudly that [applause] you can sooner deafen than overload the data radio receiver in headphones initially the sound turned out to be a little flat although there is and excellent development of low frequencies, the average voice is transmitted perfectly, but the level of high frequencies here seems to be a little more restrained, although there is excellent detail and data, the radio receiver may appeal to fans of natural natural sound to a greater extent, the speaker also perfectly conveys voice speech, including an excellent music scene But this is only the case if you don’t turn the knob to maximum. We see that the speaker has no rigidity and on heavy music at a volume level the vibration of the diffuser that feels medium is so lubricates everything that the quality level turns into mush, you can adjust the volume level from 0 to 30 and now we will check the current consumption of the channel development largely depends on your support so share our video write comments the voltage that we will set is something between the maximum and minimum charge consumption range minimum 25 milliamps average This is approximately 30 milliamps and with the current battery the continuous operation time on one charge can reach more than 33 hours in medium wave mode current consumption even A little less at maximum volume this is already 90 milliamps and on one full charge the maximum time from the minimum 10 hours to 35 hours of continuous operation for long waves the indicator is approximately exactly the same and in the HF range the minimum volume level is already almost 40 milliamps. This is approximately 20 hours of continuous operation and at maximum volume the current already exceeds even 100 milliamps. There is such a consumption that it is already continuous 7-8 hours of operation in single-sideband modulation mode with access to the side mode, the current consumption has not changed much, now we also check the current consumption with the receiver turned off here. As we can see, 1 milliampere of current consumption remains, current consumption in the background mode and After a short time, this current also disappears, in general, all zeros [laughter] Don’t hesitate to like Thank you all for watching and see you again

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