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#LMN | Stalked By My Ex 2021 | New Lifetime Movies |  Based On True Story 2021 |HD Hollywood English

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[Music] um [Applause] [Music] oh uh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] christine four o'clock okay you guys can wait in here [Music] taylon dr kim can see you now you want me to go with you no i'm okay [Music] we took four pregnancy tests different brands and everything looks like the tests were right you're about three months along is it a boy or a girl i won't be able to tell until about 20 weeks is there a father in the picture yeah my boyfriend kevin we've been together for over a year well that's good and does he want to help raise it i'm almost done with high school he's already graduated well i would be delighted to deliver your first baby now before you leave i'm going to set you up with one of our counselors and she'll help walk you through everything okay great okay so in the 39th week the baby weighs about seven and a half pounds in the 40th week you deliver typically you're not actually considered overdue until the 42nd week this can be a lot for a couple who just found out they're pregnant what are some of the first things you think you'll have to deal with um i i guess telling your mom yeah it's not gonna be easy she uh kind of hates me she doesn't hate you she hates that i'm in a band she hates that i haven't gone to college yet she hates everything about me i just think it's it's probably best if you just tell her on your own okay i think i should be there for that actually i think it's better if you tell her together you two are a united front in this thing and she needs to see right off the bat that kevin will be there to support you all the way let's do this why don't you go deal with telling your mom and in a couple of days you come back and we'll go through the rest of this stuff sound good yeah thank you okay here's my number call me anytime actually i'm pregnant too oh how far along almost four months thank you telling your mom is gonna suck if it makes you uncomfortable i can do it by myself when i told you that whatever choice you made about the baby that'd be behind you 100 i meant it no one said this was going to be easy if any two people can do it it's you and me i love you i love you too this is chloe hello hello [Music] this aquarium took forever from the campaign i don't even believe my day hi kevin i didn't see your car outside uh yeah i parked on the street oh so you're staying for dinner listen tay i talked to that counselor at the university and he said don't worry about the housing that the dorms always open up last minute what's going on mom maybe you should sit down just tell her tell me what you're not pregnant are you i knew you'd do this oh my god you are tay how could you let this happen mom please you just try to be understanding for what understanding i tell you what i understand safe sex and apparently the both of you don't look mrs williams this is not as bad as you think it is kevin this is between me and my daughter no no it's not he's right mom we're in this together and he's going to take care of his baby as much as i am wait a minute you're keeping it of course we're keeping it okay listen to me honey both of you just listen to me what's done is done all right let's just let's just talk about doing the right thing now the right thing what get an abortion i always told you i would never do that mom i never said anything about having an abortion tay i'm just saying maybe give this baby to a good home or family that's ready for a child oh we're not doing that considering i got pregnant at 20. you've got to believe me when i tell you what a mistake this is so it was a mistake no that's not what i meant and you know it i'm just saying i don't want you to get to hide down with a baby you have your whole life ahead of you this is our life no kevin this may be your life but this is not my daughter's life she's supposed to go to college next year mom i'll still go to college and stop talking to him like that the fact that you think that you can still go to college and raise an infant only proves to me you have no clue how hard it is to be a good mother oh and you are so freaking great at it right hey come on no since we're all just saying how we feel here you're always bashing kevin but guess what i'm a heck of a lot better at picking guys than you are let's don't say things we don't mean no i mean it i'm 18 and i can do what i want you are still a child and you are still in my home young lady that can change right now i don't need anything from you you don't no i'm moving in with kevin right kevin um yeah yeah it's okay um but can we can we stop for a second and just count to ten it's gonna recess everything [Music] why can't she be happy for us look it's gonna take her some time to get used to this but for right now i think the best thing for you to do would be if you go up there again tomorrow morning and just try to talk to her no i don't want to go back there i'm gonna stay here it'll just lead to another fight after the baby's born if she wants to see it she can come visit us okay [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hey it's taylon leave your message morning decaf what is this uh it looks like a dvd did nikki give it to you i don't know why yeah it's uh mickey and her stupid little poles for you when did you see her to borrow this um i know she comes to band practice sometimes band practice why beats me she just likes to hang out and listen to music i guess no she likes to hang out and lust over you hey come on i mean yeah i know i'm hot but seriously why else would she draw a little heart with a smiley face inside it it doesn't even make sense i mean who does that i don't know bad enough you work for a dad know hey don't get all jealous about this okay there's nothing going on between me and nicki she wants you back and you know it okay so what if she does i don't want her back i'm in love with crazy little you look if it makes you feel any better next time i see her i'll just tell her that she can't come to practice anymore okay deal me and you are the ones having a baby okay besides i came up with the name you did yeah what aurelius you're kidding right i gotta go to work but um think about it it grows on you aurelius how do you even spell that [Music] in other news [Music] the weather in ohio is expected to be [Music] suddenly [Music] [Music] so where is she who are you adrian sierra chriskie's boyfriend you know the guy he made up all those stories about the guy he said was cheating on her trying to hurt her you were controlling and abusive she told me so herself no you filled her head full of lies you made her afraid of me what'd you do to her i know you did something so you better start talking ain't got all day [Music] um you lost the baby sierra you taking better care of yourself this wouldn't have happened should have known better than a pig sarah jalen honey it's me [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] sorry things aren't working out with your mom sometimes parents have a hard time with this but it sounds like moving in with kevin things should be better he's all about making me happy you know in what ways well his ex-girlfriend nikki she's been showing up to practice lately and i know that she still likes him so i got kind of upset so he said he wouldn't invite her anymore do you think he'll really do that yeah why wouldn't he no reason trust is a very important thing in a relationship especially when you're bringing a baby into it kevin's completely trustworthy he never lies to me about anything sounds like you picked yourself a good guy hey um did you pick up a bottle of prenatal vitamins when you're here the other day um no was i supposed to ah unfortunately we're out we should have some more by wednesday though do you want to come pick some up then sure thank you so much chloe when kevin and i came in here on monday we were really upset and you made us feel a lot better good that's what i'm here for [Applause] [Applause] nice all right cool let's go all night hey kev hey son again thanks am i invisible or something you haven't said anything to me the whole time i've been here you invisible it's impossible hey look um eric said you're trying to sell your gibson the electric one yeah yeah i am why short on cash kinda um taylon's pregnant so baby stuff is uh pretty expensive so am i invited to the wedding or what i'm just kidding that'd be weird right so how much you want for it what's it to gibson well i mean it's um it's listed at 700. so let me see what i can do okay okay yeah um it's great thanks [Music] all i'm asking is for one dinner so that we can talk all right where did you want to go okay well there's a girl in celeste says there's a nice little place on la brea called carmen's i'll text you the address you don't have to i'm looking at it right now what time eight okay mom i gotta go there's someone at the door all right sweetie i'll see you on saturday oh hi hi come on in listen i'm sorry to just drop by but we just got these oh thank you uh would you like some tea or anything oh that'd be great this is a nice place oh do you think so i cleaned it up a little you should have seen it before kevin's not a neat freak huh no but in his defense he does work a lot especially now the baby's coming he's picked up some extra shifts at the office he's a runner right yeah but they say he could be an assistant to an editor or something um all we have is chamomile is that okay oh that's perfect thanks taylon how are things going with you and your mom um well she wants to go to dinner on saturday so we'll see how that goes i kind of miss her a lot but i know you do sweetie can i ask you a question certainly are you married you don't wear a ring or anything no no um i was seeing this guy the father and um well i was really in love with him and everything was going pretty great and about a month ago ah he left me for someone younger did he know you were pregnant oh yeah i'm so sorry what a tool it's okay he's out of my life completely now and i know that i'm going to give this baby the most amazing future all by myself yeah it's kind of like my mom my dad left before i was born so i guess he found someone else too well at least you have to worry about that with kevin right [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey how's it going [Music] this is so beautiful i gotta get going to work so uh do you have the money yeah i do um but i'll add a clause to our contract what is this supplier for next saturday night yeah why is your picture on it well i figured since i'm buying this awesome new guitar i should have some place to play it it's only one song kev please what's up kev nikki there's no way in hell that i'm gonna let you play with our band okay okay then here i guess i won't be needing this and uh you don't really need my 700 [Music] all right one song [Music] okay these flyers better not go up anywhere okay [Music] see you saturday uh-huh [Music] [Music] [Music] so hi sweetie sorry i'm late no problem this is kind of expensive mom don't worry about it it's my treat maybe you can bring something home for kevin [Music] carmen's restaurant how can i help you hi i need to get a message to someone at one of your tables [Music] so basically i just never want to give you the idea that i don't support you i'm your mother you should be able to come to me for anything when you told me you were pregnant all my visions of your future just came crashing down [Music] and i'm sorry i'm sorry for the way i reacted miss williams yes i have a message for you lauren from the adoption agency called she can't make it and sends her apologies what the adoption agency i i i don't know what you're talking about you should have known you'd try to pull something like this listen taylon wait this has got to be some kind of mysterious no mistake the only mistake was that i actually agreed to have dinner with you taylon please that's fine if your fever goes up take her into the emergency room and call me back okay bye sorry about that my little girl's been fighting a fever for a couple of days now so what can i get you sweetie rum and coke make it a double you got it being a working mom's tough huh tell me about it you have kids yeah little boy this is his daddy's weekend so you're single too i tell you it's not easy but aren't they the best when little megan was born changed my life i know exactly what you mean before i had my son i just knew there was something missing [Music] keep the rest i hope megan feels better soon thanks [Music] what are you drinking soda so you're either an alcoholic or you're under 21. you might seem a little both [Applause] don't tell cheers do you in the band not really i'm just gonna play one song i can't even watch them unless i'm here to play that whole stupid underage thing that sucks i think your boyfriend be able to do something about that boyfriend strong isn't the lead guitarist your boyfriend kevin no i kept looking over here at you figured you two were you know a thing he kept looking over at me sweetheart you need to pay attention with guys body language says it all all right uh we're gonna do one more song we have a special guest guitarist uh her name is nikki the song is called only once [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay i told you no how i didn't order it [Applause] stop being so uptight [Music] you will never play with us again you understand me he blew this i mean [Music] how was your show i was okay man just um good crowd nothing exciting where's your other guitar the gibson i um i loaned it to eric why'd you do that you know he never returns anything he borrows don't worry about it he'll give it back [Music] so [Music] [Music] what are these how long have you and nick even going on like this what who took these i don't care who took them was that before or after you kissed her hey i did not kiss her okay look this is not what you think it is at all someone's trying to mess with you probably nikki so that's not you with your face two inches from hers yes it is all right but i was yelling at her for getting drunk why was she even there what is she in the band now no she's not there was a one-time thing and it was a huge mistake okay a mistake that you obviously knew you were gonna make and decided not to tell me about she made this herself what about the guitar you lent to eric you lied to me so you could have nicki in your band okay no look come on calm down okay this is not something you should be getting upset over if it's so damn innocent why did you lie to me i trusted you taylon taylon please let me explain this to you my mom was right you were exactly like my father damn it i was gonna spend my life with him oh sweetheart i need to stay calm stress isn't good for the baby we're gonna figure this out okay first thing that needs to happen is you need to move out of kevin's place go back to my mom's i would rather die than do that i haven't even told you about what she tried to pull at the restaurant why is everyone turning against me everything's going wrong like all at once you don't see that you know if you want you could stay at my place for a while just until you get things sorted out i got a nice house the guest room i turned it into a nursery but i won't need that for a while it's no problem i couldn't impose like that no trust me you wouldn't be imposing besides i'd put you to work you'd have to make me dinner every once in a while are you sure do i need to send you a written invitation [Music] i didn't have anything to do with you yeah like hell you didn't i mean what did you have when your friends take those for you you're crazy my friends aren't even old enough to get in there yeah what about the friend who gave you the drink huh she wasn't my friend i'd never even met her yeah i'm sure she's just one of my other psycho fans who has a crush on me right yeah maybe she is so what you have one fan now congratulations you are such a freaking liar you know that yeah don't expect to work here much longer after i tell my dad how mental you are go ahead yeah go wine to daddy see if i care oh my god this is so tiny i love it so cute have you thought about a name uh well kevin has wait for it aurelius what no kidding right as far as i'm concerned if it's a girl hannah if it's a boy hayden i like those names did you get those from a book no i've always liked the name hannah and hayden's in town in colorado my mom used to take me there to ski when i was younger never been to colorado oh it's amazing the mountains are beautiful and the people are so down to earth i'd love to live in denver one day should we check out denver huh taylon says it's nice you talked to him him grant after hugh grant the actor hello grant are you gonna be a famous movie star from day two he said yes and he has an accent actually it's good to talk to your baby even if it makes you feel like an idiot people say it helps the baby to bond with its mother better if it hears her voice really hello little peanut you are one of a kind talen you really are [Music] [Applause] kevin what's up um can i talk to taylon look i i know she's mad at me and everything but just give me five minutes with her please kevin taylon's not here what i haven't seen her since last night are you worried baby i hope you don't feel ripped off getting me as a mom i could understand if you did i promise i'm gonna do everything i can to make sure you have a good life and even if i have to work a lot i promise i'll always make time for you whenever you want me to and i'll always love you no matter what okay good night okay thank you so much yeah i really appreciate it good luck well according to taylon's friend amber she apparently moved in with some woman by the name of chloe chloe yeah that's the woman from the pregnancy center hi um i don't have an appointment but i'm here to see chloe i'm chloe how can i help you i'm sasha williams taylon's mother nice to meet you i've heard a lot about you yeah well i haven't heard a single thing about you which i find odd considering that you're my daughter's new roommate ms williams there's really nothing to be upset about talen's an adult she needed a safe place to stay and i offered to give her that safe place a safe place would be at home with me kim i think you should come out you know you've known my daughter for less than what two weeks and you feel like you're qualified to decide what's best for her that's not even reasonable it's absolutely reasonable if she wanted to live with you she'd move back in i don't know what's going on here but i think we better continue this in private who on the right might would invite an 18 year old patient to come live with them you're absolutely right miss williams it's against our policy and it's not okay well i'm not gonna tell a young woman to go live with a mother she doesn't want to be with are you going to do something about this or do i have to call the state medical i i will handle it i can't promise taylor will come home but i can assure you that by tomorrow taylon will no longer be staying with chloe good thank you what were you thinking taylor is 18. she's an adult she's entitled to make her own decisions besides if you heard some of the stories about her mother that is not the point well what do you expect me to do senator to live in the shelters yes give her a referral like you would anyone else if she lives with me at least she'll be in an environment where she cannot stay with you those are the rules i'm sorry but if this continues you can no longer be employed here i quit what taylor needs me so does her baby chloe listen chloe [Music] you weren't kidding about your mom what do you mean she found out you were living here went down to my office and got me fired i am no longer working at the clinic are you serious started bad mouthing me to my boss saying you shouldn't be living here with me two years at that place no one ever complained what are you doing calling my mom hello wrong with you taylon are you that bitter you were to go into the clinic and get chloe fired fired how dare you do that to a woman who's never been anything but nice to me okay i never said anything to her boss about firing her but if that's what happened then i'm glad what why didn't you tell me you're living with your counselor taylor it's totally inappropriate it's not in a program mom it's called being a nice person a nice person wouldn't try to convince a pregnant 18 year old to leave home and and live with a total stranger it's like she's trying to drive a wedge between you and your family she's not doing that mom i can't believe you're twisting them baby please come home come on let's let's start over and put all this behind us after what you've done to chloe and i i can't believe you even have the nerve to suggest that forget it i'm so sorry i feel so bad about this don't feel bad i signed on to help people if they don't want me to do that i don't want to work there anyway [Music] hey look i'm sorry i lied to you okay but i swear there's nothing going on between me and nikki my whole world is about you and now it's about you and the baby i'm glad we're talking i wish you were here you wouldn't believe what's going on it's been one hell of a day boy what happened my mom got chloe fired she thinks chloe's some crazy person trying to drive a wedge between me and her she's the one driving the wedge but it's easier to blame someone else i i can see how your mom might think that no don't you start too i'm not i'm just saying don't you think it's a little weird that some woman you just met thinks it's better to stay with her instead of your mom or your sexy devoted boyfriend who would get down on his knees and beg you for forgiveness if you just go to lunch with him now you're sounding desperate what are you doing tomorrow me and the guys we got a gig up in oakland look i'm gonna be back on sunday morning sunday works sunday at noon it is see you i love you yeah me too you need to eat i want the baby to starve so what's the matter i was thinking maybe you me and my mom could go to dinner or something you know clear the air let her see what a nice person you are sure if if that's what you want so you're not opposed to it no of course not but but what i just i just think that it's it's natural to want your mother's approval but sometimes it's just healthier for the child to cut the apron strings that way your mother won't be able to control you so much i'm not letting her control me no but you are she's the one driving a wedge between you and other people she didn't like kevin now she doesn't like me and no matter who you try to get close to she's going to try to sabotage it [Music] what nothing i knew i shouldn't have said anything how did you know that that she thinks that you're driving a wedge between me and her well it's pretty obvious and she made it real clear at the clinic yesterday she hates my guts look if you want us all to go out to lunch together i'll do it now whatever you want to do i support you okay no i think you're right it's a bad idea i'm gonna go take a shower okay [Music] so [Music] tailin i need to run a few errands i'll be back in an hour okay [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] uh [Music] [Applause] uh so [Music] so sarah krisky so [Music] [Music] so uh everything okay yeah great you going somewhere no i was just gonna go to the library to study actually the truth is while you were gone kevin called and he really wants me to come back so i said i would you were gonna leave without telling me no not at all i was gonna i was gonna tell you when you got back it's not that i don't really appreciate everything you've done for me no i i understand you really should be with the baby's father i just i like having you around your good roommate sorry chloe you had to leave right away i i got you a little gift i was gonna give it to you later but you've already done so much already really but i want to give it to you i want you to have it okay okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] that's it you really deserve this [Music] chloe [Music] i'm sorry but you're not taking my baby [Music] [Music] taylon [Music] ah [Music] hey uh [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] oh rant sweetie don't worry oh you're home now mommy's gonna take good care of you [Music] [Music] huh wow you're finally up slept five hours i should've used a double dose the first time would have saved us both a lot of trouble dinner there's also a juice box in there and your vitamin go to hell no let's not get all worked up it's not good for the baby where are we denver at least that's what we're going to tell your mom you are going to write a letter addressed to me saying that nobody cares about what you want yada yada and you've decided to go to the mile high city copy down exactly what i say read it yourself now if you want to kill me kill me but if i die so does the baby and that's what you want right you want my baby you're right but i will certainly kill your mother and that i would actually enjoy my mom has nothing to do with this no let's keep it simple just write the letter and don't put any little codes in there because if i think i see one you'll write it again with a broken hand [Music] dear chloe good good okay now we just have one more order of business and then i will let you eat your dinner in peace [Music] [Music] uh hey tay um it's me i thought you were gonna come over for lunch today but um whatever hey look just give me a call okay i love you hello hello is it sasha yes hi this is chloe mitchum you haven't heard from taylon have you uh no isn't she supposed to be with you well it appears she's run away what i woke up this morning and i found a note i think you should see it so the two of you got into an argument well it wasn't an argument really but she was upset with me about what well she was upset about the fight you two had on the phone i made the mistake of suggesting she might want to reconsider giving the baby up for adoption she got mad and locked herself in a room i went to bed early and when i got up this morning no tailing well what about all her stuff oh car clothes everything gone just this note i've decided to go to denver i don't think she knows anybody in denver i think i'm gonna show this to the police maybe i should come with you i was the last person to see her okay [Music] okay i know how this sounds but taylon is actually very responsible it's not like her to just up and leave the state like this so what do you think happened i don't know my fear is that she's been abducted women who've been abducted don't usually leave notes any idea why she'd want to go to denver it was her very favorite vacation spot it just doesn't make sense though she's going to graduate in a couple of months that was something that was so important to her okay we'll look into this if you could fill this out where she goes to school names and phone numbers of her friends and the boyfriend that you mentioned all that it's going to help [Music] detective is there a way we could locate her using her cell phone write down her service provider and cell phone number we can do a trace as long as it's still [Music] on going to be visiting my sister in kansas city for a few weeks do you think i should postpone my trip what if she shows up back in my house no i don't think that's necessary if she contacts you by phone though you let us know right away oh yes of course we got the tracing the cell phone she's somewhere just outside of denver wow she must have left really early this morning that's like a 15-hour drive well like i said i didn't see her after seven o'clock last night that's almost 16 hours ago we'll contact law enforcement there and let them know she's missing well this is good news right i mean at least she's where she said she was gonna be miss williams we'll look into this and we'll be in touch we're gonna do everything we can to locate your dog thank you you know i think i'm gonna go up to the high school maybe talk to some of her friends if i come up with something i'll let you know thank you you're welcome [Music] [Music] you've reached the williams residence no one's here to take your call but if you leave a message we'll call you right back thanks hi mom taylor you have 100 message hi mom i'm calling from a pay phone because my cell died i wanted to let you know i'm okay i'm in colorado with a few new friends and i'm fine i'll call you soon bye i don't like it i mean her voice does not sound right i agree i mean why would she call me at home and she always calls me my cell you know what else is weird i mean she was supposed to come over to my house yesterday for lunch she never showed up never called me nothing probably doesn't sound like her did she tell you about the photos no it's not what it looks like we were arguing taelynn found those on my porch but nikki swears that she didn't put him there you know this is starting to sound a whole lot like the restaurant adoption agency fiasco it sounds like someone's really trying to set us up here yeah i i keep thinking about this thing that nikki said she said that there was this older woman at the bar that night who gave her a drink and might have taken those photos did she say what she looked like no but i can only think of one older woman who has anything to do with all this chloe yeah she's been trying her hardest to keep taelin from us you said that she was heading up to kansas city see your sister or something yeah do you know her name no okay can i see your computer sure don't worry i come bearing pop gifts creed not my taste but you like them so that's all that counts how do you know i like those pants oh it's on your shout out page along with your favorite books magazines i know how boring it can get up here sometimes so if you promise to behave i promise to be nice back see how long are you gonna keep me here until the baby is born but i am willing to make you as comfortable as possible chloe you can't get away with this police are gonna find out what you're doing well that's funny because this morning when i spoke to the police they didn't seem to be all that interested in chasing some hysterical teenager all the way to denver i wouldn't waste my time worrying about that sorry about the light in here there's no electricity in this old place but there should be enough light coming through that window in the morning what about these well that's up to you what will you do for me i'll be good okay let's give it a try you're wondering about the ankle cuff that wasn't part of the deal toss him back what are you waiting for excellent you pass with flying colors none of these would have worked with that one anyway that's this one when can i take this one off well let's wait and see would you like me to play some of these cds before you go to sleep there's a boombox right outside okay well maybe tomorrow what's gonna happen to me after the baby's born well that'll be up to you too just keep being good you know taelynn was the only one who really believed in me in the band my parents thought i was stupid well maybe your parents just wanted you to go to college kevin most parents want that for their kids yeah no kidding they about had a heart attack when i told them i was turned down my uh scholarship to whittendale you got a scholarship to whittendown yeah music you never told me that yeah well never told taylon if i did then she just convinced me to go i wanted to stay here with her that and i gave my word to the band that i'd stick it out if i make a promise i keep it okay here's something um looks like her sister's name is rachel carradine and there are three rachel carradines in kansas city missouri and one in kansas city kansas okay it's almost midnight they're two hours ahead let's just print this out and we'll call first thing in the morning okay thanks good morning how's the baby doing fine i'm glad eat up what did you do what were you gonna do with this this was very bad tailin and bad girls get punished put this back on or i'll blind you one two you're a crazy [ __ ] put the cuffs on taylon and you'll get the water do it tail and do it now behind your back turn around so i can see all right thank you so much okay all right two down two to go all right here's the next one hello hi i'm calling for rachel this is rachel hi um i'm sorry to bother you but are you chloe mitchum's sister yes why oh good is chloe there who is this my name is sasha williams why in the world would you think chloe would be [Music] here when you decide to behave yourself you will get some of this stuff back until then i guess you'll just have to be alone with your thoughts you think you're gonna have my baby i would rather die than give it to you you're never gonna have my baby you're never gonna anyone's baby you're still gonna break i'm sorry chloe we can't place a child with you but i'm okay now this is a pretty common policy we just can't adopt a people who have already been convicted of i know i know but that was eight years ago after my surgery i i was depressed that's all behind me i'm ready to be a mother now and i want to be a mother more than anything else i'll dedicate my life to this child just give me a chance [Music] [Music] ah [Music] you're failing [Music] you can't say something nice don't say anything at all it was the whole family she hasn't talked to any of us in years well why would she say she's coming to visit you maybe it was a surprise i promise you chloe is not showing up here for some impromptu visit well you know sometimes a baby changes it you know she's pregnant right what who told you that uh chloe did point proven chloe is not pregnant she had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago what yeah she had cervical cancer really affected her and she tried to adopt but they wouldn't let her why not car crash she got drunk and drove her car into a tree trying to kill herself they ended up charging her with reckless endangerment okay rachel we really need to get a hold of your sister yeah um do you have any idea where she might be right now no look the only thing i can think of maybe is the farm the farm okay okay where is that it's an old family farm outside ohio when our dad died he left it to me it's just been sitting empty for years [Music] it says there's a bridge right up here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] gloves look pretty new didn't rachel say this place was vacant i don't think anybody's here what's up with all the chains wow it's kind of weird okay you know what i i'm gonna go check out the back okay yeah [Music] so [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] hmm [Music] so um taylin taylon is that you kevin she's here [Music] they're on the wall sorry it's not working can you try another one come on all right let's go [Music] get out of the way talon no do it now you're gonna have to kill me and the baby i mean it don't make me kill you both miss [Music] williams [Music] oh [Music] [Music] ugh graham [Music] grant hey come on come on take it easy come on just give me a second let's go [Music] hmm tay what's going on you okay i don't know i mean did you ever think we'd get to this day it's during where we started we've been through a lot yeah thank you for the shower and everything i don't think i could be doing this without you i love you i love you um did i miss something here no it's a girl thing ah i see oh wait what's this looks like you missed one i didn't see it where's it from hello doesn't say i guess you should just go ahead and open it up oh i love you so much more than i ever thought that someone could love someone else and i don't want to be just our kid's father i want to be your husband too will you marry me [Music] you knew he was gonna do this who do you think wrapped it let me get a picture you guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

2021-06-27 14:53

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