Цены на iPhone, Xiaomi и хачапури в ГРУЗИИ

Цены на iPhone, Xiaomi и хачапури в ГРУЗИИ

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Guys, hi. It's beautiful, isn't it? We are in beautiful Georgia. The city of Tbilisi, which means "Warm Spring" in Georgian. Until recently, you could take a direct flight from Moscow to Tbilisi in 2.5 hours.

You could come here, go for a walk and spend time, and it was not expensive at all. Now, of course, everything is a bit more complicated. But if you have found time, opportunity and a decent amount of money to get to Tbilisi - is it worth to buy gadgets here? How much do Xiaomi, iPhones and famous Georgian khachapuri cost here - let's find out today. And also find out what the prices are in McDonald's and other brands that work well here. Like these, for example. Review, let's go.

But first, some interesting facts about Tbilisi. The city was founded in 455, not 1455, but exactly 455. It is located on the banks of the river Kura. The area is 720 square kilometers, population 1.2 million people.

Until 1936 the city was called Tifli̇́s. Exactly Tifli̇́s, not Ti̇́flis, many people put the accent wrong. Let's start with the Apple Store. There is no official Apple Store here, but there are official Apple resellers, let's turn on the GoPro.

It's so beautiful around here! Let's go! Oh, wait. Now there's a short commercial break, just 55 seconds, and we move on to the review. Guys, you often ask what kind of equipment we have. What are we shooting with? Lumix GH5. It's a beautiful camera! And also what computers do we use.

Well, office - the usual ones. Intel Core i5, RTX 3070 Ti, Cyberpunk... But when going on business trips, you have to take something like this. ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED. First of all - th e super bright screen: OLED technology. Urgently sit down somewhere on the street, book a hotel or upload a video - that happens too - it's very handy.

You can see everything perfectly. The screen resolution is 2.8K, frequency is 90 Hz. You can play games too, the internals are up to the task! In the top configuration: 12th generation Core i7, SSD and 16 GB of RAM. A full set of ports: two USB ports on this side and several slots on the other. And a high-capacity battery with up to 18 hours of battery life.

Here's another nice bonus: an active noise cancellation system and cool microphones. If you often talk to your colleagues on ZOOm is what you need. ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED is a laptop that's nice to recommend and a must-have for travel! The cover is cool! The special link is already below, definitely recommended. Moving on!

- What? - I said top content! - Are you watching us? - Of course I do! - Do you work in delivery? - Yes, I do. - Can I ask you something? How much does a delivery man earn here? - Well, for seven hours you can earn $34. - Is it a good salary? -Well, it's good for Georgia. - Is it enough to live on? - Sure. - People order through the app, right? - Here, look. No orders right now. - Are you waiting for an order now? - Yes, I am.

- How's your transport? - So-so, i need a new one... - Where to buy iPhones? Where are the lowest prices? - Zoommer. - Where? - Zoommer. -Zoommer? - Yeah. - What's your name? - Vitaly. - Nice to meet you. Have a good day and more orders! Good luck, good luck!

Oh, apparently the order came! Pleasant people. Let's go. It's cooler in the shade. It's 31 degrees outside. Let's go to the Zoommer store. Vitaly gave us a great tip, so that's where we'll go. There's a Yandex Taxi here, it's pretty convenient.

Let's see how much it all costs. We're right here... What's that? Oh, look, there's a sanctioned products being loaded. Would you like to bring a souvenir from Georgia? It's a 15-minute drive, and the cheapest fare is $1.2. For some reason it's a discount, it used to be $2. "Comfort" is $1.2, and "Comfort+" also $1.95. I can't get anything.

I call for a second car, just to be sure. Oh, a Toyota Prius, it's "economy" class. For $1.2. Georgian police. We were already "lucky" to talk to them yesterday. They are very nice people and drive a new Skoda. But it is better to behave with them strictly according to regulations, no jokes. Unusual, but very cool.

Oh, that's our taxi. And no, not our ... Whoa, what is this? Chery Tiggo? It's like a classic economy car. - Hello, there. - To Tsereteli Avenue, right? - Yes, that's right. Excuse me, can I ask you a question? - Yes. - It's a slightly dangerous question. If they speak Russian, is that normal?

- Of course it's okay! - Yes? Because we were driving here... - And if it's not normal to someone - %? @*&6% them! - There are a lot of Priuses because petrol is expensive? - Yeah. - Can you tell me how much does 95 gas cost? - 95 costs about $1.3. At the regular pump. - What do you mean, "at a regular pump"? - Well, it's at the non-brand pumps. And the brand-name ones, it's $1.5 and up. - They dilute it or something? - I don't know. - Is it safe to fill it up? Is it okay? - No, no. It's okay.

- And if it's no secret, do taxi drivers get paid well? - Well, we get 40%. - Only 40% of the order? - That's on a company car. - Oh, and then there's the expenses... - And we get 40%. - That's not much. - It is. - How about with your own car? - It's all right with your car. You can make $45 a day with your car.

- Is that if you have your own car? - Yeah, that's if you own the car. - What about a rental car? - That's $26 at the most. - Can I ask you about the police? Is it true they do everything by the book? - Strictly by the book, yeah. It's strict.

- So it's not even worth trying to negotiate with them? - No, no, no, no, no. Absolutely not. - That's great. - Don't even try. If they give you a ticket, let them give you a ticket. - Oh, yeah? - Yes! No need to offer bribes or try to negotiate in any way.

- What about big fines? For speeding, for example. - Well, if it's a small speeding ticket, it's $17. - All right, are we there? - Should i stop here? - Yeah, we want to see the phones. Do you know where they buy phones around here?

- This is where they buy phones everywhere. You go in from over there, and there's phones everywhere. - Yeah, we noticed that. Thank you so much! - Thank you! - Have a good day. Have a nice day. Okay, who's slamming the door like that? What are you doing? So, things didn't go according to plan.

As usual, we wanted to start with the Apple Store, but we met a nice man, Vitaly, on a bike, and he recommended us Zoommer. We went to the address and there was a whole street of smartphones. Here are the smartphones, well...

- Hello! - Hello! Lots of used iPhones. iPhone 7+, 32GB, $286. iPhone X, 64GB, $380.

iPhone XR, 64GB - $387. Bargaining is possible, absolutely. You can bargain here. Nokia for sale... Oh! It's a good phone, only $58. The cheapest iPhone here is the iPhone 6S, 16GB - $120. - Excuse me, is there any kind of warranty? - Yes, there is, six months. - Really? - Yeah.

- On used iPhones? - Yeah. - What's your store called? - There's no name. - Thank you very much. Okay, let's see what... Number 51. If you're gonna be here, we recommend you stop by. Good store, six-month warranty.

Sneakers, sanctioned. - Hi, there! - Oh, hello. - This isn't the original, is it? - This is the original, Germany.

- Really? Are these the original sneakers? - We're second-hand. - These are second-hand? Wow! What a great store you have! How do they all look so good? They're like new. - No, they're not new. - They're great. How much are these? - $69. - $69? That's the price right there... - Discount.

- With discount? $69? That's great. We didn't see that. That's a great way out, people bring in used sneakers from Germany that are like new. Yeah, they look like new. And it's only $69 for an Adidas sneaker. Here, look, a Porsche. Wait, we were going to the Zoommer store.

We've gone off-track again. Let's give the taxi driver a 5 star rating. We've got four hours to visit six stores, but I guess this is where we'll be spending all our time. Do you want to buy a pot? There's the Zoommer. And a Land Cruiser 300.

What do you think of this car? There are two kinds of people. Who like this car and who don't like it. Really? No kidding? You like this car? Then leave the camera behind and walk away after the shoot. Let's start right off with the interesting stuff. Apple iPhone SE2022, 128GB - $587.

iPhone 13 mini, 128GB - $794. And the iPhone 13 Pro Max, most expenisve one we've seen here so far. 128GB - $1240. A huge store with a bunch of smartphones. All kinds. Realme, Samsung, iPhone, Honor...

Oh, and I haven't seen this before. Okay, laptops, TVs... 65" Samsung Smart TV Series 7 is $900. And the least expensive is the 43" Samsung Smart TV Series 7, $500. How much for the kettle? $31. Good price, nice kettle.

What's this? It's $20. Any ideas? Quiet. Look, all the dogs have a chip in their ear. So they're spayed and friendly. And here are two more. There are a lot of animals here. - Hello! - Hello! - You came to Tbilisi? - We're here, finally. - I'm your subscriber. - We've been saving for half a year, and now we're finally here.

- Why do you have to save money? - Before, a Moscow-Tbilisi ticket cost $200. Now it costs $1000 to fly. - Really? - Of course! With at least one connection... - Can I take selfies with you? - Sure. - I just watched your last video yesterday...

- About the Honda? - Yeah. - Did you like it? - I did. - Interesting car. - Yeah, first time I've seen it. - Is this a good store? Zoomer? - Yeah. They have the lowest prices.

- And the market? There's a whole market around the corner. - Well, there... It's better to buy here. - It's got a warranty, right? - Yes, it is. - I see. Thank you very much. - Bye-bye. - Have a good day, thank you.

Where were we going? It's almost lunchtime. I should have asked about the khachapuri. There's these scooter rentals, so you can sign up on the app and rent a scooter to ride around town.

- Gasoline, right? - Electric. - How did you know that? Oh, it's really electric. There's the motor, I see it, yeah. Bosch. There's a Toyota Prius waiting for you, it's over there, let's go. Thank you. Why are you slamming the door again? Don't you have a car? Oh, you have a motorcycle... No doors there.

Look, an official store and an unofficial one. It's interesting to see who's got the lowest prices. It's a bike lane, it's wide and it's beautiful. A rental scooter. Oh, cool, it's this store's delivery vehicle. An authorized reseller.

And it's not a Renault Twizy, it's some kind of Asian car. Come on. It's an Apple store, isn't it? - Here are the prices. - Thanks a lot.

- Excuse me, but there are two prices. What does that mean? - This is the discounted price... - The gray price? - Yes. - And this one? - This is regular. But it's discounted, so that's the price.

- That's awesome. How often do you get a discount? - Well, once a month for sure. - Oh, that's cool. Thank you. iPhone 13, 128GB, $900.

They have macbooks. You want a macbook? Let's see how much it's worth. You won't regret it? There's an M2! Macbook Pro 2022, M2, "13, 256GB - $1600 You can count it later, you'll get upset now... Thanks. And then there's Lego, all of a sudden.

Look, a Vespa set, first time I've seen that, only $240. - Excuse me, how much is a PS5? - $700. - What about the package? - With two controllers...

- What? Two terabytes? - No, one terabyte, but with two controllers. - Thank you very much. - You're welcome. Now moving on, another Apple store, but not an authorized reseller. - How much is the iPhone 13? - English please... - Ok, no problem. How much for iPhone 13? - $900 - We are not official, but we have official products from Apple.

If you buy in our shop - we give you full "to change" warranty. It works in all of Georgia, for all Apple products. And all phones also have international warranty, so you can change or repair it in another country, if there is an official service center. - What is the cheapest price for an iPhone you have here? The lowest price. - Well, 64GB is $470 and wireless charger as a gift.

- Oh, wow! Wireless charger? Thank you. Have a good day. Here comes the Xiaomi store. Is it official? Or is it? Let's find out. - May I ask you a question? What's this thing for? - This is... Do you speak Russian? - Yes we do.

- It's a garment cleaner. - Oh, to remove lint. - lint, yeah. - That's funny. Do you have one of these? - Yeah. - Do you? - Yeah. - Is it good?

- Yeah. $31. - We should get it. What's the cheapest smartphone you have? - We have the cheapest smartphone. - You have one of those, right?

- Yes, it costs $115. - And where is it? - It's not here, it's somewhere... - And why? - Redmi 9A.

- Redmi 9A, $115? - $115. - There must be, like, 1 GB of memory? - 2 GB. - OH, 2 GB? - 2 for 32. - M, great, great. Thank you so much! - You're welcome. - Here's another one, 12 Mi Lite, great phone, as you know. $414 8 GB memory, 256 built-in. 12 Lite.

All right. Thanks again. Have a nice day! - You too, have a nice day! Nice store, you'll be... Careful, careful. A dog. When you're in Tbilisi, come and see it. Oh, a new Kia. There are not many new cars in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi has a subway, by the way. Shall we ride the subway? Let's see. Where is it? It's right next to us. The "Technical University". Let's go. Watch this. What the hell is that? There's no iPhones here.

Pots. All right, police. Camera away, camera away. - Hello! Hello! Two tickets.

- There are no one-time tickets - What? You have to buy card, it's $0.7 - Then what do you do with the card? - Eh? - What do you do with the card afterwards? - Top up it. - Aren't there just one-time tickets? They don't exist? Well, let's do it this way. Okay, we have two stations to go.

- It's $1.4. - Okay, we can use a card, right? - No. - Card? Only cash? - Only cash. But you can go through there with a card. - Just put it there? Oh, let's give it a try! Oh, thank you. Okay, now, now, now, now.

Whoa! Check it out, that's great! You guys, Apple Pay is the answer. Unless, of course, you have it and it works. And it works here. Got in using Apple Pay. No one-time subway fare, can you believe it? You have to buy a card. You refill the card, and then you ride on that card. Our train, our train! This way. This station is beautiful!

Oh, charger. Can you hear me at all? I can't hear myself. You can't hear anything? I can't hear anything at all. It's a very noisy subway.

The windows are open. The windows are open and it's really loud. Notification came, how much... Notification came, how much was the trip. $0.5 on Apple Pay. And the card was $0.7. Check it out.

A bit cheaper. Keep in mind, Apple Pay is cheaper. If you have Apple Pay. It's a little noisy. Yeah. Okay. What's your choice? Right or left? Okay, guys, where are we right now? We're in a place where there are several markets.

Here in Tbilisi, markets are a must. Central Market, Deserter's Market, Gypsy Market, and a few more small markets that are all in about the same, well, in one big square like this. So, tomatoes, tomatoes. One... I'm sorry, $0.2?

- Yes. - One kilo? - Yes, one kilo. - Wow, they're beautiful. Here come the gadgets. Headphones, AirPods, phones, speakers, joysticks, dogs. What a car.

Oh, wait, wait, wait. Okay, the beauty has already begun. We haven't reached the market yet, but here it is.

These are used smartphones. There is the Galaxy J530 - $98. Samsung A7 - $83. There is nothing cheaper than $70.

But for $70 you can easily buy a smartphone. - I know that you are recording. Can I take a selfie with you? - Sure, let's do it! What are you doing here? Buying something? - Yes, here... - What are you buying? - I'm wearing slippers. I want sneakers. - You mean you came in your slippers to buy sneakers? - Yeah, I did.

- Here? - Here. - Why didn't you go to some normal store? - I thought it would be cheaper here, but it's not. - So you've already looked at the prices? - Yes.

- And the market is more expensive than the store? - Well, not more expensive than in the cheap stores, but it's more expensive here, too. I thought it would be cheaper. - But how much are you willing to pay for sneakers? - $50 max. - Where do you buy smartphones? - Smartphones? - Yeah. Is this a good place to buy smartphones? - Well, I always buy those things online. - Where on the Internet? - There's a Georgian site called Mymarket. - Mymarket? - Yeah.

- You can find a good used phone. - Used? - Used. Here too, 90%, I think, are used. - What's your name? - Luca.

- Luca? Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too. - Okay, thank you very much, we're off. Good luck with your purchase. - Thank you! - Good luck, good luck! - Mymarket is like Craiglist or Avito. - How did you know that? - Someone told me. - Avito? Speaking of Avito.

Let's digress, it's not a commercial break. Just the other day our subscribers sent us this. Guys, this kind of stuff has nothing to do with us. There's also stuff like this, and there's stuff like this. That's not us. People take our logos, our photos, screenshots, they post a bunch of different ads.

Here were even some dialogues, people left some feedback there, asking for some card details. We never do that. So be careful. Oh, the first Tesla! Just wanted to tell you that we haven't seen a single electric car and lo and behold, there's a Tesla standing there. Look at the number - TSLA. They said there would be inexpensive gadgets. By gadgets, do they mean this one?

We don't need such gadgets. - Hello, hello! Is this - is this normal at all? - Yes. There are cold wines in the fridge too. You can try it, it's free, come and have a tasting. - We don't drink at work.

- Why not? It's like a medicine. - That's enough, that's enough. It's red, right? - Yeah, it's red, from a pomegranate. - From a pomegranate? - Pomegranate. - Mmm, it's delicious. - Like medicine. - Very tasty.

- It's also hvanchkara. It's... - Well, that's it. Turn the camera off. - Here's the hvanchkara. - There you go. - Smell it.

It's chacha. - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. - It's 60%. - What? 60%? Interesting! - It's really good. - Suluguni, mozzarella.

- You have mozzarella? - Blue cheese, take it. Better than French. Jerky, just arrived, and basturma. Thank you! Thanks a lot! Have a good day! What did we want? Careful, there's a car in the back. Where were we going? Why are we here? What are we doing with our lives, anyway? Here comes another Tesla.

Do we have a GoPro that works? The battery's dead. How long has it been anyway? Oh, the grocery store! Careful, careful, careful. Always low prices, always low prices. Not bad. A decent store. Tomatoes are $0.72. And there were 0.35 per kilo.

7DAYS mini croissants are $2. Snickers is 0.5. $0.2 is local water, the most inexpensive. And $0.4 for a liter of water. The logo is familiar.

Bakuriani. Okay, we're gonna get nailed. Hide camera. "A house in the village" brand milk, look, $1.6 and $2. $1.7 costs a kilo of buckwheat. And there's buckwheat with more familiar Cyrillic alphabet, which costs $3.4.

And the local buckwheat costs $1.7. That's it, let's go to the cashier. Is this the underpass? We have to squeeze through here. So, the traffic is one-way because of the heavy trading. Let's go. Watch out for the shoes. Oh, my God, where do we go? So? We came to the same place.

I actually wanted to cross the road there. We had to go out that way. There, you see, there's an exit. Refrigerator, beautiful.

Beko - $830. A cheaper one costs $310. Refrigerator. Wow, it's a huge electronics trade center.

Located in the building of the train station. LG TV - $1210. LG something 50 inches. Here is $900, a little cheaper. 55 inch. And there are a million different televisions. Let's go to Elit Electronics, we were told to go to Elit Electronics.

And if you want something really cheap, if you've just arrived, got settled in, have not enough money, here you are - $130. TCL. Chinese Apple Watch - $10. Did you see? Fake Apple Watch for $10. The store flows into another store that sells sneakers for $25. Man, I should have told our Luca to come here.

He was willing to spend $50. He said $50. And there's new ones for $50, yo! There's even one of these that's cooler. For $55. Elit Electronics. What we've been looking for for so long, I think we found it.

What's going on? Where are we? What's going on here? What is this place? Guys, stuff markets, vegetable markets, gadget markets, it's all bullshit. That's where all the people are, that's where all of Tbilisi is on a Saturday afternoon. So the average price for different jewelry here is $170-$500.

And this is more expensive - $700. That's with earrings as a set. Well, Hurrah! We found it! Let's go inside. Look, this iron costs the same as the simplest ring over there. $255, but over there it costs $270. All kinds of pans. Look, what a frying pan. It's ridiculous. - For one egg. - For one... Funny.

$25. So, where the smartphones are, that's where the most security is. Galaxy S22 Ultra 12+256GB costs $1415. Where's the exit? The exit is over there. Oh look, all of a sudden there are iPhones here too.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB - $1380. So, with Elit... Oh, hush. Everything is clear with Elit Electronics.

Taxi? Taxi, let's go. Let's call Comfort+. We'll overpay $0.7, right? Let's do it. So, wow! Solid. The Galleria shopping center. The H&M store. The two-story H&M.

You want underpants? Well, here, look, women's pants. How much are women's pants? $26 for these. Sneakers, how much? $41 for these sneakers. T-shirts are $5.5. Sweatshirts for $20. Jeans. Oh, great, that's what you need!

$29 - cool pants. Look, I know what we have to do. Monetization is cut off, let's import socks and panties from abroad. Sponge Bob socks - $4. A bag of underwear for $26. All right, that's it, let's go.

We're not talking about clothes after all. For now. Oh, yeah! We found what we're in Georgia for. Khachapuri number one. Let's see the prices.

That's a beauty. Look at that. Okay, let's make a plan. We need a plan! Ajarian khachapuri - $5, big one- $6, Lobio - $3.5 Which one with the egg? - Adjarian. Adjarian? $5.

Soup - $3. And dessert too. A doughnut for $ 0.3. We looked at how much Xiaomi costs, how much Apple costs and we looked at how much gold costs. Gold Market. It was Gold Market, we learned, in the city of Tbilisi. What to buy is up to you, but khachapuri is definitely worth a try.

Here or not here is up to you. You decide for yourself. Absolutely, it's worth coming here for a weekend if you have a certain amount of money. I think it's worth spending it.

And spend two or three days here for sure. The weather's great. - So, what are you having? - Adjarian. Okay, I'm gonna go order two. Waiting for your comments, see you, bye! So, shall we sit outside or inside?

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