Дроны США будут летать в сопровождении F-35 / Си будет "нейтральным" миротворцем // №445 - Юрий Швец

Дроны США будут летать в сопровождении F-35 / Си будет

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Where today March 15, Wednesday and want to start there I finished the last time in the previous video is an epic The clash of the Great Battle of the Air between unmanned U.S. Riper drone and two Russian Su-27s the last couple of days I haven't been in the sixth I didn't take the temperature there, but I they say that yesterday there was a raging people were beating in ecstasy was showing there all sorts of drawings of drawings of how The brave Russian falcons Swooped in scary American Unmanageable is more correct guided drones to somewhat so to dispel the situation I'll give you I'll tell you what really happened Because that I'm not sure it was reflected in the Russian media So. shortly after this incident in which caused the drone to fall or rather he so plummeted into the water crashed and apparently went to a depth of about thousand 700 or so meters such is the depth As estimated in this area so shortly thereafter. Anton's Russian ambassador to Washington was

summoned by the parttment who by this time had already received instructions from Moscow started shouting that it's American unmanned drone made aggressive actions against a Russian Federation that is, the Russian side was making the point that Shortly before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia declared this area of the Black Sea special zone That is, it is supposedly no longer a neutral waters but at the same time already not yet territorial waters but also airspace naturally over But it's just that Space or space where you shouldn't enter in connection with a war of aggression Russia naturally like everyone else civilized nations United States European Union members and all others ignore these desires of Moscow and that's why consider it possible to fly and swim in this area so this is what the ambassador shouted that this aggressive action was on the part of Russian Federation Sorry on the part of the United States America However, Russia has not taken any action in response No hostile action soon followed by a message Department of Defense information Americans of the Department of Defense according to which it was the drone that flew into the area and on Two Su-27s were sent to him to meet whose mission was to identify This machine that is not to intercept it not to attack not to shoot not some way others to shoot him down whether or not to put him down but just identify and here are two peaceful Russian Su-27s flew out identified Well that's basically all there is to it that didn't received and in return the hostile American Drone began to implement sharp maneuvers as a result of these abrupt maneuvers he lost control and started Fall Well it went down that is Russian The Federation had nothing to do with it. of the brave Russian pilots who in 78 difficult aerial combat shot down the hostile American aircraft was not triumph of Russian arms Well as for the American side. the Americans are claiming by the way today at press conference, General Milley and the Secretary of Austin defense, they made that at the Americans have video footage of this whole process as it's all happening americans now are scrutinizing this video so Here's according to the American version there was dropped at that drone was dropped some amount of fuel or kerosene they su-27 So there must have been a collision. That's what the Americans say. So one of the Su-27s collided or completely with the main body or only with the propeller which is behind this drone and as a result of that The drone lost control of the Americans its The drone liquidated itself he went down The Americans also got the Su-27 some kind of injury or damage it himself got on the appropriate base without help from outside, but the assessment of the Americans he also suffered some suffered some kind of damage Well And according to the Americans, if only more had gone a little bit wrong, the Russians could have could have lost that Su-27 what's next so the Americans haven't done anything yet.

the world by salvation retrieval from the depths of the Black Sea remnants or wreckage of this apparatus I repeat there are very deep grades Americans roughly 1300 meters I don't know how they measured it. that's what they're claiming. So it's them. they say that it's feet U.S. ships no military connection to closing but there are ships use to retrieve means what's next american means the media in general here is a storm Washington was about which I am a little bit tell calling attention to the following circumstances That is, I'm told there reigns supreme at nightingale understand and obadam scarabeva some coven of euphoria and apparently In this euphoria They didn't notice the other Important event that happened literally in a few days before it happened here this clash of the Su-27 drones a exactly A few days ago last week. american b-52 bomber took off accompanied by two f-16s Polish air force took off with NATO base in Poland and flew towards Baltic Sea somewhere near to Gotland Island And that's about 2,000 km from st. petersburg

to this city then abruptly turned around as it was supposed to in the event of an attack on an important target and escorting the same f-16s flew back through the Baltics and they say that He went on to Spain that is There was a little bit of a battle so practice hitting the second most important city in the Russian Federation repeat aircraft flew up at a distance 200 km from St. Petersburg his miracle there are russian air defenses or it slept then is it there at all then it should be counted as not in Russian Federation or whether formidable falcons airspace Putin didn't dare raise their Planes to intercept this B-52 escort F16 The other episode took place even earlier a couple of months ago when The Russian Air Force attacked the British The unmanned aerial vehicle was without any escort in fact like American fighter jet fired a missile to the side British well after that now the British are launching they keep launching their drones but already escorted by their fighter jets. Tornado or something else they have The tornado was definitely flying in the escort. these drones that fighter jet escort command shoot down Russian planes that try to deliver the blow at the flying airborne vehicles belonging to Great Britain other NATO countries now Sen.

Stomping his feet and demanding that the Pentagon that the next time a Russian planes attempt to attack any American aircraft in the area manned or not to simply shoot down those Russian fighters Well and I think Americans and all odds are that Americans will follow appeals and the example of the British that is will now be launching these drones their fighter escorts I think that the f-16s there won't cost a lot and how many don't so long ago in connection with russian aggression the Americans put there An entire squadron, I think there were even two f-35 these f35's may actually accompany these drones even eastern parts of Black Sea don't even fly near them They can accompany them for a long time But this just those plane go fighters which completely Well makes absolutely useless anti-aircraft vs. missile defense of the russian federation Will want for the russian federation experience I'm not sure, but I have to say that the reaction of the official authorities yesterday to this one incident was I would say cowardly the ears were lolling and there were no excuses there statements What's up This is our airspace and this is our waters there was very different now we had nothing to do with it and he he himself fell like a famous comedy Soviet Union time It's not his fault came to me That's the situation gentlemen it's interesting I'm going to read it right out I mean I can't even believe that this department is in General Kanashenko is a member of. and so Russian Ministry of Defense claim that a U.S. drone

hit itself during a sharp maneuver it violated airspace flew over towards the Russian-occupied Crimea's territory with the transport units after that Russian planes were directed to the identification of the intruder but did not apply weapons and did not make Contact with American aircraft That's how it happened And then at 9:30 a.m. Moscow time. as a result of a sharp maneuvering of that drone, it went into a uncontrolled flight with loss of altitude and collided with the water surface Ne guilty Russian fighter jets were not used Onboard weapons did not make contact with unmanned aerial vehicle AND returned safely to the airfield So. What a double standard one show for cotton candy on nightingale flights and completely different message to say to an outside audience Secretary Austin today reported that he spoke with his colleague Shoigu.

and predicted that the American United States will continue to fly in the same area and operate there as it allows the international law it allows for the overflying of aircraft and sail ships and called upon the Russian side to be held accountable transparency in communication at today's press conference also reported that he had spoken with Gen. Gerasim on the subject there even happened came across a message referring to sources in the Russian Federation I think Ministry of Defense or officials of some sort about what's going on in the it's probably the Russian Pilot Pilot Su-27 on his own initiative committed actions that he did not have sanctions It's just in case Americans They will demonstrate how they said they have video of the whole thing if it turns out to be an airplane now was dropping fuel on the rep or some somehow he got hit by something on the wing or than his propeller, there's a version of the Pilot from the russian version made actions that were not sanctioned by the high command punished, too Kozlov's in Moscow to seek absolution for us master This is the school of the Soviet Union. big place on the agenda today is the topic of China and the upcoming trips if there is no Xi Jinping Well first of all first of all at the request of the at the request of the Russian Federation the meeting of the national security Safety tips Sorry not The national UN Security Council where Russia complained about Russophobia So it's like this all at once somewhere followed in conjunction with this drone That is, immediately switched from this incident clearly the Kremlin feared that this could turn into something very bad So they immediately switched on the dummy and started shouting That there is Russophobia all around us and we are not loved We are not respected by the victims. Speaking of which. representatives of the United States in response.

Great Britain, and the famous to a Ukrainian audience by Professor Yelsky Timothy University big expert on the former Soviet Soviet Union and Russian Ukrainian relations who said that this one term Russophobia is a fabrication of the Kremlin propaganda which aims to camouflage to hide its aggressive actions cheeky aggressive action violation fundamental principles international law so they are not even worthy of attention The representative of China also spoke there what's the importance of Chinese there the representative started shouting about China phobias or whatever else they say Sinophobia which means the Chinese are also offended two resentful downcast creatures at world stage shields and Chinese representative cautionary note about the mentality cold war Because it could all lead to a new crisis and enough crisis as it is. There is a war between Russia and Ukraine we have to end this thing. We must urgently move on to negotiations and what's important here brought to my attention I told you with a reference to I count good experts of real experts in this area of American British that in whose opinion this document here China's 12-point position paper it's a roadmap, so to speak, of the Chinese diplomacy policy for the next several years may be strategic preparation actually for annexation Taiwan is the creation of new regime or something. international law and in international rules and understandings of what is good What is bad that would allow China to annex Taiwan without getting in trouble. in as much trouble as Putin got himself into.

started aggression against Ukraine And in the opinion or rather in the words of the Chinese representative here is this document from 12 paragraphs it will become the main road map of China just standing means period and China in the in this regard is ready to play an important active constructive role in promoting of a political settlement on the based on these 12 points what does that even mean it's means by and large Why paying attention to this and yours too because there is from this thesis it follows that China has chosen to strategic position for the foreseeable future is the world The dove of peace that's higher than some conflicts and even a warrior he stands above the globe so to speak is hovering and settles the universal situation That is to say it is actually a question of almost caught up and Soon may be United States of America China must now intercept the world leader's initiative and that's what. he's trying to plan this make it follow that in the course of the upcoming meetings Putin in particular, if it takes place speaking of which, separately, China is unlikely to would go to the rescue in this situation noticeable overt or massive or However substantial military aid with lethal weapons of the Russian Federation Otherwise, it destroys this whole road map all his plans As for the trip Until now, I have been watching every day. mainstream media China, including the official media, none of them before still haven't reported on the upcoming visit Xi Jinping to Moscow some newspapers write about such possibility Referring to American buildings but not to its official county About this About this visit practically Nu Ni words or commentary About China's expects it more than that commenting on the message American press on the subject The Chinese make it clear that if it is and happen, it will only be one of the stops on the whole trip. of the emperor of Russia through his domains Putin will be one of the vassals of the Great emperor he will visit again follows from my point of view that if China was willing and ready to to provide substantially lethal assistance Russian Federation he would for that his called to his capital as his time the princes of Moscow came to the capital Golden Horde and crawled on their bellies Great Khan's tent That's about it. the Chinese did it with a visit. Well, maybe they would have given him something there. But to imagine that the emperor goes to his vassal in order to give him there lethal assistance Well somehow I've got it just doesn't make sense to me.

that's the most important thing about this whole trip. The most important thing is this very circumstance After that, again with reference to western sources chinese newspapers they say it may take place conversation with Vladimir Zelensky and what is needed here keep in mind again here's the main thing like me see the purpose of this whole grand plan strategic China it's not even about me Russia and Ukraine this creation favorable international legal political ideological propaganda the basis of such as it should be created inside of which someday when it comes the time when China will be reached can peacefully Well, how peacefully that is militarily incorporate Taiwan but will not enter Taiwan's defense nor the United States any other block will not be imposed against China no sanctions will work peacefully all chain of commerce technological financial chains China's economy will flourish all will be well Just The point of this whole grand plan. is that a large country when it wants to take over a small she will do it one on one a the rest of the world will stand by and just watching this and that's how the Chinese Xi Jinping is going to introduce this one his plan the only item in there stands in these 12 paragraphs which are kind of resists it this way point that the Chinese are very intricately formulated revolt it sounds like this in original original document is compliance sovereignty sovereignty and territorial integrity sovereignty is sometimes interpreted this way that it includes territorial integrity But it wrong too it doesn't turn on correct is territorial sovereignty and territorial integrity so on after that document how it began to be discussed 3 Territorial integrity it somehow so disappeared from the discussion They say only about sovereignty Here I think that if Ukrainian side will will make Contact with a comrade of the forces of this area talk to him unconditionally this is a very important issue for him will try to get Ukraine involved in all this the case certainly to show off But to the United States of America the Ukrainian side should just watch so it doesn't end up like Budapest memorandum when they signed a piece of paper that turned out to be nothing meaningless In any contract to be signed if theoretically signed with China as a guarantor agreement should be written compliance sovereignty and territorial integrity Because if you really the integrity of the Russian Federation should clean up and all the territories it was which occupied which she has occupied since 2014 year in this regard Chinese Chinese media information write about what China has All the tools to play the part of the subway creativity of the war in Ukraine based on this 12-point document but China should use this Properly maintain neutrality that is not taking Russia's position is the first time now sound And next I'll be quoting For the first time, it says that China should its peacekeeping mission to respect neutrality And that's what the Chinese analysts say he may have to use diplomatic political economic leverage to advance peace talks between Russia and Ukraine says Chinese analysts Note that among these measures there is no military that is, there shouldn't not be not should be an aid to lethal weapons Russian Federation only diplomatic political economic leverage Beijing's peace proposal shows that his opinion must be reckoned with and This 12-point document contains a weighty serious warning against the use of nuclear weapons say the Chinese defense experts recall Why the Chinese made it straight. warning at first But not even about it she said something like this suddenly very softly almost in a whisper appeared in the media of information at some point in the West Just assumed China apparently made that assumption to Putin A Now the Chinese themselves write that it was serious weighty warning to me like the changes in the Chinese position on about this and spells out why why and when China did this proposal after the ways repeatedly threatened on behalf of nuclear weapons walk so-called special military operation in Ukraine moreover February 22 year on the eve of the very beginning of the invasion, he brought in an elevated all nuclear forces of the Russian Federation and it goes on to say, I mean right here straight from the Chinese experts' point of view coincides with the West that the Russian conventional forces in the fighting before us in one year have been substantially shattered, exhausted, exsanguinated for a considerable hour was wiped out and as The potential and opportunity is diminishing confidential forces of the Russian Federation in their opinion There is a growing possibility that Putin may use nuclear weapons But do little pause you and I remember that there's a serious question And if it is and if it is in such quantity in such working state that Putin dared to use it that's another question the Chinese here say purely theoretically precisely because China has demanded that Putin not to use nuclear weapons He should press on to Putin in this Exactly That is why Beijing must maintain neutrality in this war and call for both sides to calmness and as he says professor at shanghai university political science of law consider must want to be real peacemaker And for that you have to talk to both sides, that is, not just with the Russian side but also with Ukraine But we all know I don't have to write that chinese don't need to believe It's an axiom but I'll tell you what change rhetoric tone statement their content is simply colossal since they published This is a 12-point document. Of which, again, the most important thing for me The scariest The scariest The scariest The scenario right now on the eve of of the summer offensive expected by the Vsu was would be China's decision to agree to supply alright lethal military aid to Putin here's a guess I'm not going to wait until then will happen somewhere to Putin there comrades should spill on him already one if not cold at least cool water and hold him accountable as far as possible the other side on Wednesday then today in the gulf of Oman began a naval exercise Russia China and Iran this happens right after the after the school In a few days after this sensation of an agreement between where China acted as broker between the Saudi Arabia and Iran I have some whole series of questions What does that mean I'll say this briefly in the opinion of respected Western analysts should wait and see this breakthrough which certainly put an end to The seven-year absence of diplomatic relations between the two countries is breakthrough for China for the first time it has successfully In fact, for the first time, he made this kind of important diplomatic deal is a breakthrough China's political breakthrough to the near East before that he seriously was present there economically but before last month in a few months back when due to the embargo Russian oil Russia's products as a result of throwaway prices for its products it has become the main supplier of these goods to China Before that, it was Saudi Arabia that was in first place. Arabia but Diplomacy in the Middle East Not to mention the military plan China Has had virtually no presence now After this deal between Iran Saudi Arabia it appeared there as a serious diplomatic player and now with these teachings he comes out so to speak. And the military plane pops up there on the

Middle East as far as substance is concerned. the deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia The contradiction and even hostility between between them is deep with long long perennial roots it's certainly a breakthrough but there's such a tangle of contradictions that you have to look into what it all comes out because well one just one example of say such exists in Washington that Iran he is not alone so to speak different government agencies branches of government there forces they are not united formulation of approaches to the various foreign policy issues this agreement was reached. foreign policy department. Islamic Revolution And this is so to speak. a completely different beast.

And it's considered that they're not into the of this arrangement to them so big. it's no big deal to break it. one of the main problems is the military is from the point of view of Saudi Arabia Iran's danger to the Saudis is their drone program. By the fact that they have such powers as now was and the Hussein that the Iranians are passing both drones and missiles 150,000 missiles disposition only without points and that's what causes fear. Saudi Arabia but I'm not talking about the religious roots of this whole conflict so [music] will replace unanimous opinion exists that with from the point of view of the global guarantor security in the Middle East There is no way China can, for the foreseeable future to replace the United States they remain in charge but China is trying to I.e., moved in diplomatically A Now he's trying on the military side, and so of these drills I should say They're clear so far symbolic because China stresses that it is not naval they're doing exercises there rescue operations in the Gulf of Oman gulf of Oman it through Armenian strait comes out and is connected to the Persian Gulf is a very important artery and there of these are the member countries China Iran and Russia gulf of Oman only Iran will work out questions rescue operations not even a recalls the possibility of of the countermeasures of the terrorists there in that area Although they are there and often appear most often these terrorist operations have been carried out it was the guards Islamic Revolution from Iran throw it all in there One serious ship is a rocket ship Destroyer but will also participate in the search for AND rescue at sea and other stresses non-combat tasks China maintains in the area the only base with a berth everything is not even a naval base but sad the ship can go there for refueling for other needs that are announcing these drills China stresses that it is opposed to geopolitical competition from external forces and does not seek or intend to and will not seek to To fill the so-called vacuum or create exclusive blocks about it reported government official China This is the situation at we are currently looking at further means the development of the situation with possible emphasize the Chinese are still not yet confirmed have not announced trip Mr. Xi Jinping

And if it happens it will be very important only in terms of what he will be talking about in Moscow, but it's also important about what he's going to be talking to the president Zelensky well I think that in the case of Ukraine he would have to go to the Ukrainian people how many I very much doubt that there are here The most important thing is Ukrainian Experts Here's how it happened with the Budapest memorandum did not mistake and didn't put in there that is you have to put everything Yes God is there there must not be an understanding there must not there shouldn't be any behind the scenes verbal arrangements of promises even if you will swear by my mother that I will never let just kidding of course excuse the slang less should be spelled out because as they still write to me What about this Budapest Memorandum and I usually answer mom to him too mom read memorandum according to which the case attack on Ukraine participants in this memorandum should do basically one thing. the only action is to convene Security Council to discuss this matter That's it. And then what the Council decides. If you consider that Russia has the right in this security council then this provision completely loses all the meaning and place with it the whole of the Budapest Memorandum That's why you have to look so closely at this time so you don't get Budapest Memorandum for this first of all First of all it is necessary to win. expected spring/summer offensive Gentlemen Allow me to end this video and As always Glory to Ukraine I am armed forces the enemy will be defeated victory will be for we will face defeated Carthage Dear friends as always Certainty that the Victory will be Until we meet again soon

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