Разбор выступления Путина на ПМЭФ

Разбор выступления Путина на ПМЭФ

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Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests of the channel. Today I am with you, one of the authors of the telegram channel, General SVR, lieutenant general of the foreign intelligence service, the person you know as Viktor Mikhailovich. Today we have Friday, June 17, special issue. The topic we are discussing is war. All the events that we will discuss today are related to the war. I will immediately ask you to like this video, if possible, distribute this video on social networks and in those information resources where possible.

The main topic of our issue today is President Vladimir Putin's speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The performance is significant enough. We discussed with you that the speech is, first of all, a sign to the elites, a sign to the people that Putin is alive, healthy and unharmed. Let's take a look at what Putin's appearance at the international economic forum, if you can call it international, of course. If the presence of the Taliban makes this forum international, then yes, it is probably international. We must pay tribute, several presidents of states that were former republics of the Soviet Union are participating, this is true. But what makes the agenda truly international is apparently the presence of the Taliban, the invited guests. So, Putin appears before the people and even, for quite a long time, communicates with those present, communicates on various topics.

Putin's appearance was necessary, a big press conference was canceled, Putin's communication with the people, Direct Line with the President. So, the format of a straight line, it is clear that it is not regulated, but, traditionally, it lasts at least 3-3.5 hours, or even 4 or even more. The president's health is rather precarious and the doctors did not recommend him to participate in such an event, which is unofficially, but actually regulated.

Everyone understands that if Putin starts speaking, and in an hour he says: “that's it, I went to rest,” there will be no questions about his health, I think, short life. At that moment it would be all over. Another thing is a speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where, in fact, nothing limits his time. He could finish at any minute. No matter how long his speech would go on, as soon as he felt unwell or had another problem, everything can be ended at any moment and no one will say that the president spoke very little. An hour is enough, for an hour and a half, he feels good almost all the time. The only thing is that last week, we told, that he felt unwell, but then he got very nervous while communicating with the military. He had a meeting and after it, trying to get up from his chair, he felt unwell. Now, before speaking at the economic forum, he felt great, as far as his health allows. And, as we see, he performed quite well, as we see, of course, not in content, but in form. He made a rather peppy speech, trying to prove that the talk about his condition is just a rumor. However, all the information that we, Western intelligence, give through their sources in the media, all this is the absolute truth.

President Putin has oncology and lately, his condition has been deteriorating. We did not predict the date of death. We have never said when he dies, he really gets better treatment, he has opportunities, access to medicines and access to the best modern methods of treatment. Therefore, to say that he is the same person as any other Russian would be untrue. We know that Nikolai Patrushev had oncology for quite a long time. He's in a slightly better position. Oncology is also found in several other people in the president's entourage, relatively recently and at a relatively early stage.

In this context, one can recall Francois Mitterrand, who suffered from oncology for quite a long time, 8 or 9 years, and died half a year after he ceased to be president. Putin has a slightly different situation, he has oncology with metastases. Who understands a little, he understands that it is impossible to cure this. At least the president's doctors say that this stage of cancer is incurable. Therefore, we proceed from this. We do not speak or plan his life horizon. We are just telling what is real.

Planning a life horizon is a thankless task, even doctors cannot give any clear life prospects, of course, if a person is not already completely ill. If they do not see the real state of affairs, in which a person has very little left. Today, unfortunately, this is not yet the case, and Russian President Vladimir Putin still has the strength to hold such a significant event. Of course, therapy is being carried out, of course, drugs that help him stay in good shape are undoubtedly used, we are 100% aware of this. There is a make-up artist who brings his appearance to a healthy state when you see him peppy.For 4-5 hours he can be in such an active state and feel fine, even at such large events, but this does not guarantee that he will not become ill after a while. Therefore, the format of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, which implies a possible quick end to the president's speech, and not an appeal to the federal assembly, which implies some kind of, at least reasonable, time limit.

And even more so, not communicating with the people during the Direct Line with the President, which, whatever one may say, at least if you spend less than three hours, you can get at least sidelong glances and rumors about the president’s poor health, not to mention more shorter. But imagine when the President, during a straight line, abruptly cuts it off for an hour and a half, everything will definitely become clear. Now let's go directly to Vladimir Putin's speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Putin talked about how bad the West is and how good Russia is under his leadership, Vladimir Putin. How wonderfully he is developing the economy and how wonderful everything will soon be with mortgage rates of 7%. How wonderful it will be in Russia with the sanctions imposed by the West. In general, the West, imposing sanctions, according to Putin, harms itself. Putin, in some miraculous way, found inflation of 20% in the West, rejoices in this, like a child. He is trying to prove, of course, not to the elites, who understand perfectly well what is happening,

he is trying to prove to the whole people how bad it is in the decaying West, and at the same time, how wonderful it is in Russia, which is under sanctions, just fine. The West is rotting, losing billions, trillions of dollars, the euro and the dollar will soon be in general stagnation… That's all, according to Vladimir Putin. We heard this nonsense, if you remember, from Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky, whom no one took seriously, who was ridiculed and who was, in fact, a political clown. So, now Vladimir Putin is turning into the same political clown, only they take him much more seriously, because this person has real power in his hands. Of course, everything he said about the prospects of the West and the prospects of Russia is all nonsense. Refusal to check the business is complete nonsense. There are no orders from Putin to law enforcement agencies, there are no recommendations, and there won’t be, remember. Putin will not dig his own grave, arranging a revolt in the elites, forbidding them to parasitize on business.

The ban on robbing businesses through checks will probably deprive 90% of the leadership of law enforcement agencies of a stable income. Anyone who believes that the leadership of law enforcement agencies lives on a salary is a rather naive person. Huge fortunes are made on the “protection” of business. Almost everyone knows about this, not to mention the clear understanding of this fact among the elites. There will be no order from Vladimir Putin to ease the pressure on business, everything will be as usual. There will be no additional opportunities for the development of Russian business, with the exception of some industries that are primarily associated with weapons, with the production of weapons, components for weapons, and the production of materials for weapons. Everything related to the army will receive stable funding, perhaps some enterprises that work in this direction will receive a round of development. Everything else will rot. Let's face it, Putin has driven the country into the deepest asshole and there is no way out of this asshole, except for Putin's stories. Of course, one can live in the reality that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to make believe. He believes that by his performance, he creates not only the prerequisites for this reality, but creates reality itself.

People who contemplate him, listen carefully to his speeches, not just listen, but try to make out what exactly Russian President Vladimir Putin said, may accidentally believe the President. He speaks quite confidently, speaks the correct language, in principle, quite simple things, logical, it would seem, but this is not true, that's the problem. Everything that Vladimir Putin says is not true. He distorts, exaggerates somewhere and gives the impression to those people who know what the president is talking about, that he is trying to manipulate. Tries to manipulate people. It is practically impossible to manipulate the elites in this way, I repeat once again. But, again, I do not understand why the bet is made on the people? Why try to convince people of something? The people are not yet going to rallies, are not going to demonstrations, are not trying to express their harsh and well-founded dissatisfaction, but Putin is still addressing the people, Putin is still trying to convince the people that everything is wonderful in Russia and terrible in everything else, practically , the world except China, India... He praised Modi, the Prime Minister of India. If you noticed, the main word in Putin's speech was "sovereignty". Sovereignty, in Putin's understanding, is complete isolation, I want you to understand. Partial sovereignty, he says, simply does not exist.

He says that Europe has already lost its sovereignty, and whoever lost it there, the only one who retains it is Russia. Russia retains sovereignty, in Putin's understanding, only because he drove it into a deep ass, does not allow it to develop and completely controls all processes in the country. This he calls sovereignty. He calls his complete, total, personal control over the country sovereignty. Complete isolation of the country, economic and physical, where do planes fly from Russia now?

If I'm not mistaken, there are only 20 directions in this vast world that is open, but Russia will be isolated. There are quite a limited number of countries where a flight from Russia is open. Therefore, the sovereignty that Vladimir Putin has in mind is isolation, total isolation. He believes that without total isolation, there can be no sovereignty. Are you ready to accept it? Are you ready to accept this, as Russian President Vladimir Putin sees it? I have big doubts. I have big doubts that there are people in general who are ready to accept it, even mentally. The stupidity is complete. Putin believes that Russia is a country of slaves. I categorically disagree with this, some time will pass and we will see that these people, our fellow citizens, are not slaves at all. Putin calls for doing business at home, talks about the fact that it is not money that is important, but a good name. He doesn't have a good name, but he does have money. Let him give his money, let's offer him.

He says that money is not the main thing, but the main thing is a good name, what does he mean? For one of the businessmen to give up money for the sake of a good name, let him show an example! Vladimir Vladimirovich, set an example, give up your money, give up your fabulous fortune. Well, at least give up the trillion dollars that you have! Refuse, say that you are donating this trillion to the development of the country. Perhaps, perhaps, in connection with this, you will gain a good name in the eyes of a certain number of people. Yes, this amount will be small, because the money that, purely theoretically, is from the category of fiction, , I understand, but if, all of a sudden, such a situation occurs and President Putin gives back the trillion dollars that he has stolen for the good of the country, then 90 % of this money will be plundered by those who will dispose of it, we all understand this very well, don't we? That nothing will be better for ordinary people, in practice, perhaps a small number of people will feel the improvement. So, perhaps, in the eyes of these people, Putin will gain a good name. But, to call others to what you obviously do not correspond to, at least, is stupid and not correct. Putin demands social justice. I repeat once again, the president of Russia, who has been in power for more than 20 years, who carried out a pension reform, who robbed the country, is now leaving, in connection with the sanctions, in connection with this war that he unleashed, a poor country, a country with completely limited opportunities , he talks about social justice, driving 90% of the inhabitants of Russia into poverty! Explains that the country needs social justice! Reducing inequality, he says. Well, of course, before there were people more or less afloat, but now they will all be beggars! Yes, if he means it, reducing inequality - making everyone poor, then yes, this is quite in his spirit, quite feasible, under his leadership. Putin drew attention to the decline in the birth rate in Russia.

I want to remind you that Alina Kabaeva, the wife of the President of Russia, is pregnant, and he demands that she have an abortion, because he does not want a child, which, quite possibly, he will not see. In general, everything he says absolutely does not apply to himself, absolutely! Putin announced a plan for a large-scale repair of roads. Let me remind you that in Siberia and the Far East, a huge number of roads have simply not yet been built. What is there cannot be called roads and there is no need to repair them! It is necessary to build new roads, not to repair the dead ones. There, many simply cannot be repaired, not to mention what funds will be stolen from these repairs. It was Putin who asked for additional funds for the development of the Far East. What Putin means is rather vague. Also, Putin explained that it is important to have all critical technologies. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have access to the Internet! He is simply afraid to look even on the Internet. He has some cockroaches in his head about this. I know and understand perfectly well where this categorical

unwillingness to use the Internet comes from, Vladimir Putin has his own thoughts on this, but what critical technologies are you, an idiot, going to have, having driven the country into the most severe sanctions?! The countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and all those countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia possess critical technologies! Yes, part of the technology is, of course, possessed by China, which is prohibited from transferring these critical technologies to Russia under pain of imposing sanctions on China itself. Therefore, whether it is important or not, President Vladimir Putin, firstly, does not understand what he is talking about, because he does not have any possible information about the subject of the conversation, and secondly, he speaks absolute nonsense, because he himself has driven the country into the sanctions burden. Yes, Putin said a lot of kind words about the central bank, it is difficult to disagree with him in this regard. The Central Bank, indeed, behaved competently, indeed reduced the sanctions impact on the system, this is the pure truth, this is the only place where one can say that, to some extent, Putin did not completely lie.

They fantasize that the security council will control the power structures, so I remind you that the security council controls the power structures anyway. The head of the Security Council, Vladimir Putin, and the Secretary of the Security Council, Patrushev, control all the power structures, everything is in their hands. There is no need for any fantasies, this is absolutely not news. The industrial mortgage will be at 5% per year... As Simonyan said, Putin answered all questions in general, there are no more questions left. I repeat once again that Putin's speech is sheer verbiage and promises that will never come true. Tokaev's speech at the forum is interesting. Very interesting reasoning was given by Tokaev. Tokayev is the President of Kazakhstan. He said very interesting things. He expressed complete disagreement with Putin regarding the recognition of the territories, the so-called DPR and LPR, called them quasi-states. He said that he does not recognize either Ossetia or Abkhazia, or other pseudo-states that Putin recognizes. Tokayev's position is understandable here, he supported Ukraine's accession to the EU, and Putin

also began to assent that he allegedly did not mind. Putin, to a certain extent, expressed a threat to Kazakhstan, saying that he did not quarrel with Ukraine, that no one was going to spoil relations with Kazakhstan. It should be read exactly the opposite, how did they not quarrel with Ukraine when there is a war?! Very interesting did not quarrel! He immediately says that there is no need to quarrel with Kazakhstan, that is, in fact, this speech is a kind of threat. Tokaev, we must pay tribute, boldly speaks out under Putin. He wanted to spit on his opinion, he wanted to spit on the fact that he is visiting Putin, he expresses his opinion boldly and openly, which deserves respect. I do not presume to judge now how good or bad the President of Kazakhstan is for his state, I do not presume to judge this. I undertake to judge his foreign policy, his courage and determination in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many will say that in general he has no need to talk with this subhuman, half-corpse,

but here the President of Kazakhstan is pursuing his policy. Let me remind you that Macron,Scholz and whoever сommunicates with President Putin, therefore, it is not worth reproaching the President of Kazakhstan for communicating with Putin. Tokayev communicates with Putin much more boldly than the same Scholz or Macron, who stick their tongues in Putin's ass and try to appease him in every possible way. Let me remind you that appeasing an aggressor has never played a positive role in history. This issue turned out to be quite large, I hope you were interested, I was pleased that I was with you, I am always pleased that you are with me, we love you, this is sincere.

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