Диаспора в государственном аппарате. И Горц. Заре Синанян. Репатрианты в деле

Диаспора в государственном аппарате. И Горц. Заре Синанян. Репатрианты в деле

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Every year tens of thousands Armenians leave for abroad. However, after the war, the risk of the emigration increased. A lot of people lost the sense of security, as well as the hope, that in Armenia it's possible to create a good future for them and their kids. We all know very well the reasons of this reality.

At the same time, there is a part of society, that although trends, puts the cards on the development of Armenia in the hope of still having the chance to build our dreamed homeland. Let me say more, they are ready to take the responsibility and act. And for these particular people the Office of the High Commissioner of the Diaspora has developed and implements "IGORTS" program.

This is a program thanks to which, Armenians by origin can come to Armenia and take state high posts. The start of "IGORTS" has coincided with the hardest period coronavirus, when all roads were closed with abroad and then the war in Artsakh. Although the difficulties, the first stage took place.

51 specialists have already come and work in the State system. However, the most important thing is that program works and expands year by year. The second stage has already begun the applications are accepted till April 15 I advise you to observe this opportunity to serve the homeland, because this is the one of the best ways for finding solutions for the problems we face. The only solution is your DIRECT PARTICIPETION as well as the application of knowledge and skills to create a strong State system. I am Hayk and this "Repat Riarch" channel, and this video has been only made owing to your donations sent to the repatriate. If you realize, what we do here and what goals we have, so especially for you we have links bellow by the help of which you can support us from $2 It is the cost of one cup of coffee at not so expensive cafe.

I adore coffee. And let us start. The Diaspora in the State system "IGORTS" Thank you, Mr. Sinanyan for this opportunity With pleasure Let's try to explain our viewers what represents the "IGORTS" program.

The "IGORTS" is the American Fellowship concept, that you work within a program for 1 year in the result of this work you gain experience, but you also share your knowledge with the aims of that program. Originally the aim of "IGORTS" was to involve specialists from the diaspora, who gained good knowledge and graduated from good universities and employ them in the State system of Armenia, in different ministries and departments In general, in the development of a country as we see in different developed countries, for example in Germany, after the Second World War after their great loss people could stand up and get back their lands during 70 years and become one of the best countries in the world and it was done by 2 means science and education I think that by bringing experts to Armenia it's possible to graft and develop science and education in Armenia so that we also reach it. How many applications were presented to take part in '"IGORTS" program? Originally we had 20 places last year and when we declared about the contest for the "IGORTS" we got 802 or 803 applications in the result we understood that 20 places aren't enough although this project demands some resources and expanded the number until 100. All this happened during January and February.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic started in March in the result of which some geographical separation between the Diaspora and Armenia then the war that changed the situation in Armenia and complicated all this Nevertheless, we have 51 specialists now who work in 19 different ministries and departments The program was a pilot and it was the first year There were much more expectations that there would be more favorable work conditions and also taking into account the fact that most people come from more developed countries where they have much better work conditions There was a little disappointment It was a culture shock Yes, certainly everybody had culture shock which was normal Talking with our participanats I mentioned that it would be much better if the participants concentrate on their intentions and not on their expectations But if we don't succeed, feeling that the work isn't managed We have the chance to change the working place of that particular employee. As far as I know, when they apply they apply for a concrete position in a concrete ministry. I work at the Ministry of Health, although I have applied for both the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Health but I was chosen by the Ministry of Health maybe it was better. as I am doctor by first profession.

I was welcomed very well I was immediately involved in several projects. A new resolution is being written now about the Continuing Medical Education on which I have worked a lot trying to present European Bologna Conform types how that kind of education is happening in order to correspond the American education as the systems in Russia, The US and Europe differ greatly I have represented in Armenian and the greatest part was included in the resolution or I have participated in the discussions of that project treating to some things quite critically and imagine, everything is well Unfortunately, from the age of 3 I have left Armenia, but as we see the situation is changing I was practicing Economics I was studying Economics. The specialty, the American Bachelor then aspiration but already in Moscow and business management in that field.

Always have been interested in continuing my activity in especially Armenia Wasn't you frustrated, when you came? as we are talking about the state jobs and we realize in what situation the state machine is. Haven't you been frustrated a little? You know Hayk jan, I haven't planed to fill a state post thanks to my brother, he sent me the link that there is a program "IGORTS" I with great pleasure when the offers came I decided to start this kind of activity and you know from the first days there wasn't any frustration on the contrary You were welcomed well Very well,yes Up to now I haven't faced so big problems And what do you exactly do in the Ministry of Economics? So, several offers I got from several departments We discussed with everyone openly As I was connected with investments and realization of projects For example sewing costumes including the one I am wearing and other educational, as you do but in a little different sphere maybe we'll understand each other in the sphere of the activities I have decided according to circumstances that I had to go to Armenia all my responsibilities especially during the pandemic were switched to distance control I have transmitted to my brother and my other colleagues and have decided in a similar direction concerning the investments but here already with state investments Hayk jan, in the Ministry of Economics We work in that direction but the most interesting is that all the colleagues are wonderful. What were you doing by your profession? Pedagogy I have been the founder and headmaster for 32 years at different schools in different countries For the last 14 years in Abu Dhabi I was the headmaster My education is International Pedagogy Baccalaureate Advanced Placement, Colleague Board, SAT. I have been a mentor for years I have trained approximately more than 700 trainings I have trained various world famous pedagogies From China to The US When a specialist with such experience joins the State system in Armenia, doesn't he become frustrated? On the contrary I am very happy Let me say why I have been a headmaster and trained thousand of pedagogies.

Different nationalities Australians, Chinese, Japanese, Americans many different nationalities, even the Arabs. I have worked with many people. Let me tell you something. It has been 2 months that we train our headmasters, head teachers and pedagogies, and I want to respond, that we have wonderful pedagogies and wonderful headmasters. So, I mean that they believe sincerely in the national vocation and the vocation of a pedagogue and they are devoted to it and I declare today, that unfortunately, our pedagogues are underestimated what they do is appreciated pennies they sacrifice themselves, they have excellent knowledge they are pedagogues of high standards I haven't seen such pedagogues all over world let's forget that I'm an Armenian Armenians are great pedagogues I bow down before them and we'll try to give them something new and they'll accept it with great pleasure and will move forward.

I repeat that, that pedagogues, teachers are the basis of any country that's why our teachers should have rights I think, still we should invest a lot in our educational system We should do inventive investments and there should be inventive thinking especially in the educational systems of the universities We should get out of a condition of a teacher-student and pass on a dialogue I have a question, when I heard about "IGORTS" at first it was a very good idea for me. and I welcomed that idea Why don't we involve 5000 people in the program or 1000 people? What is the problem? This program is connected with people who come here, from different countries, who have a real life, and you should manage them in some way so, there is a question of management. We have a few people at our office, who spend most of the day solving the problems of these people. This is natural, as people have returned their homeland, for at least a year they came to Armenia and they have a lot of problems. The program also means work with the departments We also do monitoring for the participants in order to work productively and use their skills right.

And finally we should remember that these people don't get the salary, but get some money to cover their expenses. How much? 350.000 for a month So, if you multiply this number by 12 months Here already the amount arose So, this is also an expensive program however, we are sure, that the productivity and concepts of this program justify that money.

I'll add something I don't thinks, that the system is ready to accept 5000 new people probably, there is no such places in the state system it would be a shocking therapy I think, it isn't necessary to inflict the state system with so shocking experience. It's better to move forward with considerable but limited numbers. And every year, increase that number Yes, if we notice, that the program works in a way as it was thought, we can increase the number. This program solves many problems, but if we talk about super specialists or highly paid specialists although I think that they come and participate in this program but this may not be widescale Is it enough 350.000 drams to involve super specialists from the Diaspora? I guess the term "super specialists" is arguable. Where is the line, after which specialist becomes super specialist.

I will more concentrate on the money, if we talk about people who may get 100.000 - 150.000 dollars salary or job now in the US it's natural to involve such people in a different way in the Armenian life We also work about it, and we haven't missed it It's just a little difficult it's connected with a lot of recourses I guess, this problem isn't insoluble if the most insoluble part is the finances so, we'll solve this problem. There are quite understanding people in the Diaspora and institutions in the Diaspora that will support such programs. It's more important to persuade the system that involving people from such large scale is very important and can affect the life of Armenia. You'll hear about a similar appointment very soon in the RA, where we played a significant role, if not the main.

Where a large-scaled specialist at least in the financial meaning and in the meaning of experience. I hope that it will be the first "swallow" in the State system and others will follow it. and I'll add that the funding will not come from the budget of the RA I would like to ask the last question concerning the money and let's move on The salary of our state employees is obviously very low very low Although there are some speculations about the bonuses, salary and others we all should realize, that the salary of state employees is very low. How does your family refer to the fact that you have left your successful life in Moscow, and now you get 350.000 drams and if you continue to work in State system you may get even less than 350.000 drams How does your family refer to it? You know Hayk, for us money has never been the first thing of course, it's a very important tool in our lives But on the whole it isn't a modest thing.

It's very good that we all have some savings, as we have all worked. It's normal, the family is very glad. Everything is well, Hayk jan Now with the help of "IGORTS" we invite people and give them 350.000 dram for their needs and if at the end of this program, they continue to work in the State system it's possible , that the amount they're going to get would be less than 350.000 drams.

How can we find certain solutions concerning this problem? What should we do? The problems should be systematic the country must take the responsibility you put the question quite accurate, that the low salaries are a very big problem. I would like to differentiate 2 things, in the State system, there are a lot of capable specialists and they who an become such specialists and there people who waste the time and State recourses Even more, in the State system of the best countries in the world have all this categories. The question is that the second category has been majority in the Armenia than the first category Consequently it would be right, if the country and State system focus on the alienation of the second category from the State system and the recourses that were to be spend on them, will spend on the good ones on the people, who are really in their place, because for keeping good specialists, we need a good salary I don't understand, the themes of bonuses, as the bonuses are given as an addition to the salaries. In fact, they aren't bonuses it's a mean to keep people in the system I think, it would be better to pass a law and increase the salary of the State employees Not to be bonuses, so as people don't irritate In order not to play games with people. Yes, and if they ask, where money comes from I have already mentioned If you can keep 30% of your employees and fire 70%, because that 70% don't do anything they aren't in their places, they don't add any value so, that salary may be used to increase the salary of good employees When there is wish, there is always a way. And concerning the future situation of the specialists from "IGORTS" and you mentioned accurately Likely the people, who would stay in the State system would have lower salary which is very problematic, as there is a risk of losing all these people as these people people who know, how to work always will be demanded and especially the private sector will attract them very quickly and the State system will suffer from this and the State Management as well.

In my opinion, the salary of the State employees should be high otherwise, it isn't worth to wait to involve good specialists in the State system. Constantly, it is circulating in the mass media about the State employees, their salary and the bonuses. Taking into account, that one of the main achievements of 2018 is anti-corruption society the salary of the State employees was cut the reasons are well known.

Corruption hasn't been eliminated completely, but the chance that the thief will be caught has been increased. I will ask all our viewers now to stop the video and write their opinion about the salary of the State employees should we increase it or continue the meaningless speculations about it? After getting the applications, during the first stage, the Office of the Diaspora and the team of "IGORTS" look through the applications of the first stage. We got 800 applications this year and chose only 240 by our office Then all these 240 applications are sent to the corresponding departments. And already the departments choose people, who they want to interview. Are they required to employ them or can they choose nobody? No, they aren't required. During the interview, they decide whether they need that specialist or no.

It also happens so, that one specialist is interviewed 5 times by different departments. And in this case, if he is chosen by more than one department the final decision is behind him. Did you participate ? And were you chosen? Yes? Is it right? The youngest participate. At the age of 25 you participated in Toronto I was chosen as a member of the Council of Public schools at the age of 25.

I was the youngest member of the Council in the history of Toronto. However, after that a 20-year-old mayor was chosen They chose him and you became old You participated in the elections in Armenia in 2017 in Arabkir district an as an observer. If we compare the elections in Canada and in Armenia what you think How do our elections differ from their? in all aspects, as you imagine My experience was very interesting in 2017. Even if I was in a danger, I was going to struggle and if we talk about 2017, The people didn't think about the security yes, there was no danger The people went and elected Nobody would beat you, if you had found a mistake during the elections. You even don't think about it. Did you think about it here? You certainly think about it here.

I was lucky that nothing happened in 2017. I think, when we only started this job "OSCE" helped us. There were observers from "OSCE". Were they in your constituency? Yes.

From 7 AM, when the election began. I think, it was very important that all the members of the Commission payed attention to everything. When I wanted to see the scan machines for the passports, with the photos on it. At first, they didn't want to transfer the furniture however, in the end they did it. They obeyed the law. We are sure, that we find the rescue only by gun Pay attention and 2 most important ones Education If we don't have good education in a country As the buildings aren't the main thing the main thing is the generation, educated generation we need a leading generation a fighting generation and the second gun is the unity If we strengthen these 2, there would be any problems.

You spread a very positive energy, but in the same time when we talk about the education in Armenia, there is great place to criticize and everything isn't so positive. I would like to listen from you as a stranger to the problems of our educational system, what are 3 most important problems of the education, that you can point out now the ones that need to be improved We have no problems with our pedagogues We have pedagogues of very high standards, One of our main problems, by my clear opinion We shouldn't say "I" We should say "we" We must forget this "I" there isn't "I", there is "We" As, if an Armenian fails, the whole Armenia will fail. One for all. and all for one. An individual for the team, the team for an individual. We must remove the "illness I" we must remove it forever. So, at first come recourses I think. there aren't resources, there is a lack of them

Are we talking about the finances? Yes, about the finances. If I get recourses today, I would certainly build new laboratories Streamlabs, IT laboratories, Robotics labs, that students need to study well in order to have UAVs tomorrow and thanks to them, we can win the war. You see, everything is concerned with the education If a student grows, learning robotics he has wide knowledge, studying at such labs he would be a specialist and would create guns, that would help to liberate our lands This is important.

Financial recourses aren't just small, they are very small. Having an old concept, which reached us from 70's and 60's That concept: here the book, learn from it, But the knowledge from the book, aren't enough. We should always give them knowledge and skills/ it's very important. Today, having knowledge but lacking skills that will help to use that knowledge it would be impossible to gain success So, if a student doesn't know how to use he didn't need that knowledge He would forget, everything that had learnt He would pass the exam well, would answer the lessons well would be graded well, but this doesn't have anything with the future.

That's why we need to change not the plot but our approach to it. In a daily life, you won't be asked , what mathematics you know, you will be asked what knowledge you have, what skills you have. A student should connect all this. And there must be Armenianism and culture and one more important thing that we train in our pedagogues.

We tell them, that students need not only knowledge and skills. but also we should strengthen his profile in him with 13 points and one of the points is to be a future leader I am already very excited let's do it. How can we do all this? We've started from December have started from the training part I have started with Narine and Andranik almost until now in Yerevan and in the regions of Kotayk. we'll finish in Yerevan this week.

Nearly 150 headmasters and head teachers, and pedagogues have been already trained. Part of the participants points out the following problems, that I'd like to discuss with you. For example, that they aren't involved fully in their ministries or in work they do simple things, concerning the paperwork in short, they are only engaged with something Is there really such problem? and what kind of problem there are concerning it, that they come from different countries, from a different culture what problems are there? There is such a problem and we know about it We've given the specialists a chance to speak up in the meeting with the prime mister. I've heard about this problem from a minister who becoming a minister during the first conversation with a specialist from "IGORTS", realized that the man was put in a dark corner in order not to disturb.

And the minister brought him closer and told him that he was going to work with him as he was good recourse. Accordingly, our program should be managed. Management includes this phenomenon why this happens, I guess, you know very well Most of all people don't have mood to work with a new employee, people may often feel a cultural barrier they feel obstacles between them and a person from the Diaspora People often feel themselves in a danger, they see appearing of a better personal recourse and they try to shadow that recourse, in order that efficient recourse haven't been noticed there are such complex recourses, but we must overcome this and understanding people and directors are trying to benefit the highest from the presence of these people. So, this is the meaning of the program And from the point of view of the State system the meaning is that, the country benefits the management benefits and if the bosses can realize, that this a chance for them to improve their work so, it will be better for all of them. You had a meeting with the prime mister.

There was, yes. Several days before How did it go? Very constructively, Hayk jan Was it interesting? Yes, I would say more smoothly. We listened to each other and what did you tell the prime minster? Personally what did I say? Yes, you personally, what did you tell him? I suggested my idea of developing the Economics what I consider very important for the Economics, for the flight of the Economics concerning the work with innovations technologies and their involvement in the commercial sector.

And before me, a group people have been learning this process intensively for almost 10 years This process is called Transfer Technologies. They have flied different countries where it's already been developed, including The US, the first one. It's also developing in Russia now.

And can we use that Transfer technologies in the State system or in the commercial sector? So, yes, it's an excellent "bridge" to connect the State System with the Commercial sector. Because without this "bridge" it would be impossible. And what does it mean Transfer technologies? Historically, all the potential of the world scholars all the inventions that they've invented were used for the State aims, for instance The US, The USSR they could invent a technology and the scholars knew their task and how to invite them. For example GPS for space stations, or laser technologies. And then thought about bringing these technologies in the commercial sector.

When they started opening offices, every university of a developed country had an office of Transfer technologies. Where they imitate all the inventions of these scholars then send these innovations to a center. These ideas- innovations are becoming intellectual properties and are being chosen for a further commercialization. The result of such actions, we see in The US now, major companies as TESLA, technological companies, that put the same GPS on the phones, in the cars, and others. They have been moved into the private sector and in my opinion this "bridge" is important for the developing of the economical and the result won't be seen soon. We have millions of people in the Diaspora, and thousands of specialists, who work there.

What is your strategy, what do you think, how may we have One million of repatriates, and employ thousands of them in the State system. You asked a question, which is the answer of all the problems of our nation If we take the question seriously, and if we can provide such repatriation this will mean, that we have solved all the problems and guarantee the future questions, will be solved. For reaching this point, a lot of things must take their places.

So, we know very well what we must do for it. But, what we must do is just one ingredient, in order, your mentioned million and one million isn't enough, as we need 1,2,3 millions during the upcoming 20-30 years. Everything must be in their places, So, in the country, the jurisdiction must be the jurisdiction. The chaos in the Judicial system is the strongest manifestation of the country's destruction.

An obvious criminal is caught and then released we know, why it's been doing and we also know, why these people are there. In this environment talking about the repatriation you know, is impossible None will leave a good place and move there, where there isn't jurisdiction, and where, there won't be justice . and also people won't come from bad conditions into worse you know, Armenians have already proved this. A vivid example is the fact, that 1500000 Armenians left the country during the last 30 years.

Believe me, most of them left Armenia not only because of the economical problems, not because of the unemployment but because they didn't want to live in injustice. There wasn't the feeling of justice of course, when you know, that you can leave for a different place and you won't be treated unfairly, It's likely that you will leave everything go. And an Armenian being a global and worldwide type. No matter, how much they didn't want to accept this they are a cosmopolitan type , deep in their hearts. now they try to keep Armenia in a limited situation, but Armenians can be adjusted easily, they feel well everywhere.

That's why they'll leave. Unfortunately, they'll leave. And have left during the last 30 years This was firstly. And secondly, the greatest thing- the education. People are willing to refuse many things, in order to afford their kid's bright future.

And today, the guarantee of the bright future is a good education. There are a few people in Armenia that I'm sure, that was in the past, that you can become a bandit or a person who beats people and one day you became an oligarch. Now there aren't such things, it was during the last 30 days and for tens of people The majority find the solution in the education of their kids. An ordinary example, A lot of people leave for The US, even Russia, Canada or Europe They live in a bad economical conditions but they live happy knowing, that their kids will have a good education and they have a wonderful future.

Why don't we create an image of a bright future for their kids, f. i. modern education that will train them for the market of 21 century for the society of this century. And believe me, people will bear, even leaving in bad conditions, as they'll know that their kids will have a bright future.

This is the first year of "IGORTS" and naturally there should've been mistakes that you will correct during the 2nd year. Of course, there must be a road of developing as it's a program for a year, gradually, it must be expanded. What mistakes have been done during the 1st year? In fact, it's very good, that mistakes have been done. it's normal to have mistakes. As, if there weren't any mistakes, it would mean something wrong in the program For a mistake, maybe there must've been an experience, for us to understand I'll point out in our standards in the standards of participating in our program we have an obligatory condition, a participant must have a master's degree and taking into account all the offers, calls, letters with the question, why we deprive the opportunity to participate those, who have large experience, but the master's degree lacks. And this suggestion and question were justified.

So. that's why during the announcement of "IGORTS2" in the requirements there'll a master's degree or professional experience From 5 up to 7 years And this will be a bigger opportunity for those, who want to participate. This was the first point to be mentioned.

The second point is that the participants want to know about their responsibilities in advance in several departments, this was done accurately in advance and some participants knew what they were to do it turned out during the interviews with some people, by unknown reasons our colleagues from the ministrations decided to make a decision on the spot considering their experience or in the process it 'll be decided what a concrete participant should do. From one sight, I justify this phenomenon as until you don't work with someone you don't understand his skills and so on. you can't employ him easily Bur from another sight, this is the right of a participant to know clearly what expects him at work.

So, are they going to know next year? We work with the departments now work on it in order to clarify their job descriptions. Very well. I agree with it. We talked about the 2nd year when they can apply how they can do it, as we want to involve as many specialists as possible and also have wish to fly to Armenia for the job in the State system Tell a little about it. Probably. it'll be announced during March - April about the start of"IGORTS2" In the announcement there'll be clear instructions and the application will begin. The period of getting applications will last 2 months for maximum, so, a participant has an opportunity to apply during 2 months.

After which, in the summer will start the period of interviewing. The start of the program is planned in September At the result of this war, one more problem was added to ours. It's the sense of the lost security this must be quickly corrected. We should find the means, thanks to which, we and our population will feel themselves secure This is a very complex structure. this doesn't mean, that we must have the best army and that's it.

No, there must be a diplomatic factor, economical factor so, you must become a subject of the international processes. During last 30 years, at least after cease fire, Armenia has become an organ left out from all the international process and we saw the result during the war And in this way, continuing various processes and thinking People must understand, that freedom free thinking doesn't mean a chaos. We must struggle to create an organ, something like Senate which would represent the Diaspora which wouldn't be legislative, wouldn't have legislative competence, but would have consultative competence and would have a large moral value in Armenia, and in the process of making decisions. We've begun a process of creating an integration center something, that we copied from Israel. something, that we imitate from Israel.

the availability of such center is necessary, in order the administrative problems of every repatriate have been reduced to minimum. As a person came to this particular ,department got all the answers fill the papers the center immediately will pass the papers to all the departments. as for people don't ran from one place to another. Starting from sending a kid to kindergarten until getting a passport and to deal with all the administrative processes.

What we want to do is difficult but it can be done, as it has been done before us. there countries, I'll repeat, Israel, that did it very well. We're going to repeat everything they've done with it we can solve a lot of problems. And now, talking about it, I fought that some people would say that the guns from Israel were used against us and you want to imitate them Yes, and I want to take the experience of all those countries that treated us unfriendly so that we become stronger, ant that countries don't dare to act like this. We an learn a lot of things from the enemies, and I don't mean, that Israel is our enemy You know, we have one enemy under the name Turkey, from which we can learn a lot.

How to love the country how to expand how to be a good diplomat how to put the State benefit before the private. We have to learn a lot. I don't think there is an alternative Anyway, we should learn from somebody.

I'll add something the culture of education in Armenia must be changed. An average Armenian knows everything if you display him a good example you'll immediately get a negative I guess the word "reaction" is more correct as, don't teach me anything, I know everything And concerning what they know is obvious for us, as we see the result in our surroundings. There is a word, which during the last 15 years in all 6 languages that I know , I've heard less than in a moth in Armeneia this word is "I know" not only in professional but on the whole starting from a seller up to a taxi driver At first, this word shocked me but then I was adjusted. I fill rather high post I am an European expert and so on but I learn every day and don't know everything.

And thanks God, as you learn, your life and work become more interesting something new happens. You have a work power, you have people but this work power must be divided in a right way and each one must be invested on it's own know how way. If all know everything, it means that Beethoven's fifth symphony we'll play not with an orchestra but, on 80 drums nothing will happen. Everyone should do their jobs it's impossible to know everything. I'm horrified of that word.

I guess, it is in our mentality that's a shame not to know. But I think. it's a shame not to learn. Can our compatriots work in the government of Artshakh? Do they have to work in other places in Armenia? This year the program will give the chance our participants and recently, the head of our office and the head commissioner came from Artsakh they raised this question again, and they with great pleasure willingness it's also necessary for the participants specialists work in Artsakh It'll be so welcoming, if such a wish arises in our participants. And one of our innovations is the job in the regions.

We work with the governors of the regions now to involve our participants in their life Well. Thank you so much. Thank you. But I'll add something. Add.

You ask too little questions I want to add something important I as a head of this program have some dreams concerning it. First of all, I want the program to be continued and each year becomes better and I want a community for the participants of ''IGORTS'' who will work not only within a program as in their chosen category but will cooperate with one another on creating interesting and useful programs for the country. and already this year's participants' enterprising spirits shows me, that it's going to happen I think, it's a great power, and an intellectual bank is being made thanks to our compatriots, who simultaneously have their serious investment in the development of Armenia and from another perspective, thanks to this program Armenia help them in order they come and improve our country. I think of staying here, The program will end in September and I guess here would be more work, don't know where to work and how to continue bringing that investment However, I think of staying here.

How can we keep you in Armenia? I've already decided. I'm staying. And will it be in the State system? I've not decided yet, but I think of starting a charity. several weeks already, with the team we think about it to start a charity organization and become useful for schools.

I know many people in the Diaspora, we look for those, who can help and to direct the help to various schools. There is a ready plan, following to which, we'd have a local Finland here. Finland is the first country in eduation. Finland, Japan, Singapore.

If we work, we'll be on the same with Finland. Why? From 3 up to 5 years. There are wonderful teachers and students, but there aren't any recourses. The new book demands recourses. The new book needs to be printed we should prepare new materials, the new book demands new technologies, and for all this we need money. Sometimes, there is money, but you don't have a idea.

Yes, but you have ideas, everything is ready but for the realization we need recourses. Now, we with our recourses have started from the regions, this is very imortant as the pedagogue must know what to do in order of having recourses tomorrow, to know how to do better. Very well. And I must stay here as it's very hard to overcome the yearning it's much harder when you're abroad it's impossible to overcome this yearning. Although the positions that you fill there, as all this isn't as important as your homeland it's not the people, who come and go it's the homeland that remains.

May the scholars come to you? With pleasure, Hayk jan We'll grant them, as they don't think about other ways of earning money and just to be engaged in applied science And when they would be engaged in applied science we would commercialize that applied science This is the meaning of Transfer technologies Yes, Hayk jan , As I've already mentioned, it is "bridge" to connect a group of people who invented it, with people who can do it. And, probably ,the last question that I'd like to ask. Your father was a repatriate, and he came to Yerevan in 1946 and then you flied to the US in1988 and you also became a repatriate in 2019. I want to understand your opinion How do you regard repatriation in your life? In short, what is it for you? I see the repatriation as the only guarantee of our reliving. There aren't other ways now. It's interesting what people talk about the patriotism today but by their actions they show the opposite.

They do everything, that you see and say that he is worse than the enemy, but there is the word "patriotism" in their mouths. I am scared of such phenomenon, as I try to do what I've decided. They say, that we have demographic problems Okay, so I'll have 4 kids When we say our language and culture is very important, I say, that my kids must know Armenian, although their mother was born abroad. And 15 generations of their mother lived in the Diaspora. From the Crimea until Poland, Bulgaria and so on.

When I announce about the demographic problem about the professional problems and that we should unite for our homeland I say, okay, I am returning Armenia and try to do everything that I can Serving as an example, this is my approach. Not by words, but by actions. I am surprised that such things must be explained to the people There is an expedition in Armenia now that is too small and these consequences we feel daily, in the meaning of a small Economy during the war we felt it.

about the size of the army and so on. We have a falling demographic tendency and we have the lowest numbers If I'm not mistaken 1.8, but it should be 2.1, so as we stay, the number is getting smaller and even if we high it till 2.1

we must get to it, although it very low for Armenia We must have 3 Armenia We also need Armenians abroad We need them, so as they unite and make the country stronger. This is the only guarantee of staying Armenian and not singing or appointments in the clubs. They must build Armenia. Come and live in Armenia, build Armenia.

And this doesn't mean that everybody should come But a number should come a million or a any percent who will take the responsibility Saying, that they know it's hard if everything was easy, nobody'd have left And how must we correct this mistake, This won't happen from abroad, There is a lot of help from abroad and they will help a lot in the future. It's a necessity, but isn't enough Thank you for the interview. Thank you too.

Thank you for staying till the end. There are serious problems in our country today. Some of them we talked about with our guests.

Of course, everything isn't so smooth as it may seem from this video. ''IGORTS'' has its problems, I know that you have questions to the High Commissioner Office But the only way of the development, that I know is through expanding the knowledge and communications We should learn to see that what is being done and what isn't. We should learn to analyze our reality and offer the best solutions, instead of have been doing until now, as they didn't work.

I think, that ''IGORTS'' program must be definitely continued and developed . Yes, you can always criticize from aside, but can also take part and create a different system. Take part! All the links are bellow. Don't forget to put likes and subscribe to the channel. We'll meet often soon.

Until that, be healthy and think, how you can help your homeland The State and nation.

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