Кремниевая форма жизни существует Циклопические формы жизни

Кремниевая форма жизни существует  Циклопические формы жизни

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[music] not long ago, reports about the stumps of giant trees shocked Internet users. And today it turns out that these life forms have always been under our noses and live as they did. The silicon life form has not disappeared anywhere, here is an excerpt from an article by Bokovik Albert Arkadyevich from the city of Kemerovo about life of agates over a long period of research, we have discovered a number of signs of silicon life compatible with biological forms plant form of silicon organisms named in micro let's look at what signs make them alive capture of living space diversity of species clearly defined anatomy cro skin spiral multilayer crystalline body striped body bottom mirror method nutrition skin molting skin regeneration healing of wounds chips cracks presence of sexes Agates are bisexual organisms striatal body is a male body crystalline is a female body crystals of a female body have Genes of agates reproduction by seeds the generation of seeds in the parent agate body the exit of seeds from the parent body The cave method of seed generation is complex construction structure of caves wells channel road forming a path for the exit of seeds reproduction of Agatha from budding reproduction by division formation of dividing centers mosaic division of Agatha reproduction by natural cloning reproduction of cryo Tami by embryos in Basalt generation of cryo in Basalt development of embryos birth of baby Agatha transformation of Riot into organisms formation of spherical structures around the embryos the death of cryo in the Basalt base is just fertile soil for them and all this was discovered and studied by scientists further, the presence of left and right ukro the development and preservation in the dynamics of complex forms of Agatha’s disease and the fight against them, so they also get sick and they can be cured amazingly in On the Internet there is also information about the growing stones of Romania, trovants, they have amazing shapes and grow all the time, they have a skin-like surface, here we see the method of sealed dinosaur eggs first appearing on its surface and then maturing for 30 years from the main rock and falling down the finds There are a lot of such balls all over the world, including Russia. And we are still wondering who these stones are, turning out strange perfectly round stones in Kazakhstan, here we see the internal structure of the broken balls, the conditions on earth, the vital activity of flint life is greatly slowed down, it is too cold for it, so we get the impression that the stones are ours. there are inanimate mountains under our feet, probably next to us there is a civilization in relation to which we are the same inhibited creatures. Like flint life at current temperatures on the surface of the Earth

in relation to us, here is one example of a volcano that was accidentally recorded on camera and it is visible only when Frame-by-frame viewing in the current time of this object, it could have flown into the crater of a volcano for several minutes, but for us, slowed down, it was one instant, advanced technologies, you understand, and such video recording of UFOs moving at speeds and accelerations that are still impossible for us, the Internet is full of where there is real filming and where is the fake. to understand, returning to the topic of silicon life, let's ask ourselves the question: Where could there be suitable conditions for such creatures? If scientists about Venus did not lie, then more suitable conditions for this form of life may be there. Venus has a dense atmosphere consisting of more than 96% carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure on the surface of the planet is 92 times greater than on the surface of the Earth and approximately equal to the water pressure at a depth of 900 m Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system the average surface temperature is plus 462 ° Celsius Even though Mercury is closer to the Sun Venus is covered with an opaque layer clouds of sulfuric acid with a highly reflective ability, which, among other things, covers the surface of the planet from direct visibility; the high surface temperature is due to the greenhouse effect; the average temperature on Earth is + 144°; the temperature of our bodies is almost 37, that is, 2.6 times higher based

on the Average temperature on Venus, the local inhabitants may well have a body temperature of 12 13 ° so I will read the story of Ivan Kurganov The Secret of the Fire Salamander The stone lizard was inherited by the warbler from his grandfather grandfather Makar passed the Turkestan front with the Basmachi and liberated him from Basco oppression the peoples of the east, as a memory of his dashing Youth, he was left with a faded tunic, carefully mended, found it in a cave in the mountains of Tajikistan in the Kukha Malik tract where he and the soldiers settled down One day for the night. Since then, the Red Army soldier Makar Kapitonov did not part with an elegant trinket; it was really curious and obviously cost a lot of money, the ancient master And the figurine was certainly ancient, although in excellent preservation, he processed the stone so carefully that the lizard came out like a living small one, about 20 centimeters long, it seemed to be asleep, curled up in a ring, a slightly open mouth full of small but sharp teeth, it seemed like it was about to grab onto the transparent scaly tail grandfather claimed that the lizard saved his life twice during the first wound, he In order to somehow cool the inflamed wound, he put a cool polished figurine on it, the excruciating pain began to melt and soon stopped completely. And after a few days, the bullet hole healed, leaving a noticeable scar for the second time Basma bullet shot through the Red Army soldier Kapitonov, passing right through a few millimeters from the heart, losing consciousness, Makar asked his comrades to bandage a stone lizard to his broken chest, only three days later help arrived and the doctor then shook his head for a long time and in bewilderment at all his medical theories, the wounded soldier should have died. 3 days ago, Makar alone survived the yoke of Masha on different fronts Slavka both believed and did not believe the stories of the old grandfather But one day when my daughter had a severe cold and the temperature rose to forty And the ambulance still didn’t come, I took my grandfather’s amulet from the sideboard shelf and put it on the girl’s chest When they finally showed up Confused by the doctors, the baby’s temperature was already almost normal and She slept soundly, smiling in her sleep, ever since then. The stone lizard haunted the warbler, setting himself the task of revealing its secret, he buried himself in the reference book and encyclopedia and soon told me that he had understood the secret of healing the figurine in his opinion most likely it was carved from a single piece of carnelian boys finding pieces of this hard translucent stone of yellow red amber color on sandy beaches, they call them crema. I remember how, as a child, I myself could not

pass by these pebbles caressing my hands with curiosity, looking at the incredible patterns and veins shining through inside them But my friend was upset by the mystery of the fairy tale, it was based on the prose of little-known, but nevertheless not at all mysterious facts, it turns out that the healing properties of carnelian were known a long time ago, Egyptian priests considered this stone extremely useful in ancient Armenia, it was used during difficult childbirths, they put mothers in labor on carnelian and bandaged them with it treated nervous diseases and fever, relieved colic in the stomach and strengthened teeth back in 1935, the doctor Evgenia Ivanovna Godina discovered the wonderful properties of carnelian by fixing the stone at the outlet of an ordinary hair dryer, she blew it on purulent wounds, getting an amazing healing effect, experiments were carried out in military hospitals and ordinary hospitals with constant success Goddess promised to achieve, using amazing properties, almost eternal youth and health, but on the camp route the dreamer was swallowed up along with her invention of the century, one year later, while sorting out the family archive, Slava came across an interesting photograph of a young macaroni, smiling in his still black Budenovsky mustache, looking straight into the lens with one hand like a falcon leaning on the back of a chair and on the palm of another holding in front of him a figurine of a lizard, probably no one Roma would be in this old photo Nothing unusual, but he spent hours looking at his grandfather’s talisman I immediately saw that this was not the same figurine, putting the photograph and the lizard next to each other, we spent a long time comparing them, definitely the figurine in the picture it was very similar to the stone lizard that the warbler got, it was the same as our entourage in a ring, but the half-open mouth did not reach the tip of the tail and the position of the legs was completely different, probably the grandfather had two figures, I made the only reasonable conclusion. I didn’t tell you before - I objected cautiously Warbler The fact is that just before his death, the pasta told me to take care of her, she is alive, I then thought the old man was delusional, but now science does not deny the possibility of the existence of silicon of organic life, because carbon, on the basis of which the molecules of our body are built, and silicon silicon are very similar in properties only Temperature in which such life is possible 1000 degrees such conditions are possible Deep underground at the level of molten magma or in the craters of active volcanoes where there are outlets of hot Lava, in his reasoning my friend went so far as to call his lizard the legendary fire salamander, a representative of the most ancient forms of life, born when the planet was still a hot desert, it is really alive, he suggested but she really wants to curl up into a ball, it’s just happening very slowly You look at the light, it’s not just veins, you can see her internal organs, of course I laughed at Slavko, but on occasion I still checked the reference book, everything matched one to one, the cave where, according to the words pasta he found a figurine of a lizard was in a unique place Kukha Malik tract is located in the famous Vata mountains where underground coal has been burning for at least 3000 years, stones in those places glow with heat, burning your feet even through the thick soles of Kukha Malik boots, a paradise for Geologists, the edges of cracks extending into a fiery dungeon Literally before our eyes, they are overgrown with bristles of crystals; there, unique Minerals and traces of some unprecedented prehistoric animals were found; if fire salamanders could come to the surface anywhere, it was only in those places, and Slava literally moved on this idea ; I know why carnelian has healing properties - he said after all, these are fragments of living beings. Naturally, the energy of life emanates from them. One day he brought home an electric muffle furnace and decided to create normal living conditions for his salamander. And a few days later, a misfortune happened. Slava was not at home. And if you believe his daughter, everything was like this after listening to his father’s stories. she became curious and she opened the door of the stove; at the same moment,

a red-hot figurine of a lizard jumped out of there and ran across the floor, leaving behind a charred trace. The girl, afraid that a fire might start, grabbed the decanter and splashed water from it on her, unable to withstand the temperature changes. The stone lizard exploded small fragments The assertion that she really moved Can be attributed to the child’s imagination, inherited from her, she simply splashed out terribly, but as a worthy grandson of the Red Army soldier Kapitonov, having recovered from a mental wound, he was fired up with another idea and decided to organize an expedition to the Rava mountains for the fire salamander, they are not just living but intelligent beings - my friend asserted that there is a civilization underground that is older than human civilization. For many thousands of years

, and all these geopathogenic zones and fiery and all sorts of other miracles of the sun are a consequence of the activities of this civilization. And we don’t even suspect what is happening. Under our feet in the folklore of many peoples there are legends about meetings with the gods who were shining So it was painful to look at them, these silicon guys with a body temperature of 1300 degrees And this is the temperature of white, the knees of steel could easily shine dazzlingly and according to the descriptions they were in no way inferior to people in the speed of movement and reaction, this could be a different form of life for high temperatures, it can be assumed that in the past similar temperature conditions could have existed on earth, while fauna and flora on a silicon basis could reach such sizes that it is difficult for us to imagine trees several kilometers high and a kilometer tall people a fragment of a flint tree branch researcher Roger stole his channel, the University of Mud Fossils shows his research in which he discovers on the surface of the Earth the remains of creatures hundreds of kilometers in size, interesting is his comparison of photographs of human skin on the head under a microscope and similar structures on the surface of the Earth, in his opinion these are the remains of huge creatures whose dimensions are difficult for us to imagine, however there is an assumption that creatures comparable in size to us could coexist with giants, here we see the Crystal Skull in the British Museum Roger Spur posted on his Facebook page a laboratory report assessing the presence of DNA in samples from the remains of giants, this report claims that human DNA was found in them information the presence of carbon-based DNA in these remains does not really fit with the assumption of the presence of high temperature on earth. Since at a body temperature of about 1°, only one memory will remain of the DNA. What is the counting and what are the methods for determining DNA? You need to understand

Russian epics describe meetings of heroes of our type with Svetogorovskaya heroes. Most likely these were creatures of our temperature range with carbon-based bodies. Such sizes can be explained by the presence of high pressure in the atmosphere at the time of the birth and growth of these heroes after a catastrophe in which a drop in pressure occurred in the atmosphere. eight times people of our height began to be born, the pressure of the air contained in the found bubbles of amber of past eras amounts to atmospheres.

Over time, these Heroes went to Ino and memories of them remained only in epics, for example, Japanese bansai trees are grown under a hood with reduced pressure, so ordinary trees grow the size of grass, a similar process could take place in relation to the animal world and man; the drop in pressure on the earth could occur stepwise after another catastrophe; the sculpture shows the simultaneous life of people of different heights; a person could grow up under the pressure of two atmospheres. And here it is clear that our ordinary Leo is different from this giant knee there is a lot of evidence from the myths of earthly history that turning into Stone could be done with the help of various types of weapons in the Mahabharata, for example, this is described with the name drying instantly depriving and converted the carbon form of life into organic flint and the person exposed to the effect became petrified in appearance if such types of influences it was possible to destroy entire armies, why not do this One day and with the entire planet Judging by the artifacts, our predecessors did not really limit themselves in the scope of their deeds, there is also the possibility that giant forms of carbon-based life could be turned to stone as a result of slow burning in in the absence of oxygen, placing stones in the Death Valley of the USA, the mystery of moving stones all over the planet and on other planets will most likely remain a mystery only to scientists, but for us it has already been completely solved, and the fact that traces are left by stones in the desert or on Mars indicates that that the temperature becomes high enough for flint life forms to begin to accelerate and we could see the pebbles come out for a walk Basalt look for something to eat English-speaking comrade Jay Dres reports that at the beginning of 2018 he published a short video about a petrified Giant lying in Maya Bay 3 months later views of this video approached a million, after that he released a video in which he clearly showed the petrified giant lying in the Lao Valley of the island of Maui in Hawaii. Is this a coincidence or are they hiding information from us? According to the author of these videos, they are hiding the truth from us and there are quite a lot of such remains of giants around the world it is very similar that this is not a play of the forces of nature, but the stone remains of actually living creatures. The assumption is that these are the remains of a silicon form of life that was once prevalent on earth. For many

researchers, the question has been resolved. A lot of things indicate to us that gigantic organic life existed on the planet and most likely in parallel with silicon as it goes and now it’s just not so obvious Du inova engines are a project to develop unique integrated solutions for global production in the field of electric vehicles. Becoming an investor today is a profitable investment at the initial stage in the most powerful company of the future in the field of high technologies link under the video [music] a

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