Что Сделают Мужчины Если Много Женщин

Что Сделают Мужчины Если Много Женщин

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power is with us this strange experiment happened exactly 50 years ago in 1973, six beautiful lonely women and four young men were put on a Big Raft and sent to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to South America there are no police laws and the state But there is a closed space and daily dangers beautiful lonely women on a ship In the middle of the ocean and Hungry men What could be more dangerous during 100 days of sailing, this explosive mixture should inevitably lead to conflicts and violence, in any case, according to the plan of the scientists who came up with this, in the end everyone should be either dead or pregnant, who is the maniac who planned it experiment of this Mexican anthropologist's name was Santiago Tarasa a man of a very difficult fate as a child he was forced to flee from the civil war in Spain moved to Mexico his parents ended up in camps and he himself He once got on board a plane that was hijacked by terrorists, maybe this is the reason for his interest in his obsessive interest in violence is precisely the topic that he studied and he was inspired by fresh experiments on monkeys where male monkeys, confined in a confined space, fought with each other, heaps of females Well, that is, female monkeys When they had their periods, so the males fought for them They concluded that most of the violence among primates is due to the struggle of males for alih females. Santiago Tarasa thought, what an interesting theory. What if we recreate similar conditions in order to test this vile theory on people. Now you may think that this is unethical. And I think that in our time such an experiment would generally be impossible for ethical reasons, even if you took dogs for the experiment, then some Greenpeace and Greta Thunberg would come running to fight for their infringed rights, but then 50 years ago the world was completely different from what it is now a quarter of a century after the biggest bloodiest war of mankind in which tens of millions of people were destroyed, by the way, we don’t realize this now, but our modern life was largely determined by the Second World War. Everything that surrounds us is the devices through which you are now watching me, your cell phones phones, what you listen to, the Internet, rockets, airplanes, cars, the whole cascade of technologies that organize our daily life, all this was created either directly during the war or after the Second World War, when a new world order was formed and the conflict of two terrible blocs that were forced to do something that was not even profitable for society, but the fact that it will protect them from the enemy, and since in the USA they used a competition model, and in the USSR they used a command- administrative model, as a result, in America a huge number of cool technologies were formed that could be used. Well, in everyday life in civilian life, why? Well, because in Soviet

It worked in the Union, they need some kind of missile, they need some kind of plane, people gather to say make this rocket, make a plane, whoever was told they do it, and in the USA, in order to achieve success in some area, various contractors were involved, most often most often civilian ones But this about the same as now with the space program in the USA, that is, there When they needed a rocket, they brought in Elon Mask, they brought in Boeing, they brought in several private companies that fought among themselves for the resources, that is, there was a certain competition within the framework of which they were forced within the framework of the competition there was Progress then the same thing happened after the Second World War in the USA, in order to defeat the Soviet Union, missiles were needed, radio electronics were needed, processors were needed, new serious technologies were needed for which no one would pay, they did not bring any return, it was impossible to stick them in there anywhere so that’s it earn money, but the state was forced to pay for the development of these technologies because it was an element of survival. That is, if we don’t do this, then our competitors will do it and destroy us, and since it was competition and private companies participated in the programs, they received patents for those or other key technologies and then these patents They could use already in civilian life for the development of all those things that now surround us: various telephones, computers, networks, airplanes, cars, and so on, because even the Internet was originally a purely military technology. That is, it was a military network, but gradually it became civilian because those who developed it had the right to use these technologies not only in the military sphere but also in the civilian sphere, it was beneficial for them and thus this post-war struggle of blocs led to that life to the world that surrounds us now, that is, we are the Heirs of the Second World War in every sense and above all In the technological sense, but technology is only one part, the second part is psychology, then 50 years ago the attitude towards violence was completely different from what it is now, fundamentally different and people were interested in this topic people wanted to figure out why the good nice Germans who behaved decently in the First World War, in the Second World War they behaved like complete [__] that is, they destroyed tens of millions of people there on a national basis by race Well, like you We are good guys you are bad guys, that’s why we killed you all , who were still quite decent people there 20 years before, this topic was interesting, it became even more interesting in 1961, when the Jewish massad, the secret services stole Adolf Eichmann from Argentina, now few people know this story, but then it was very the whole world was noisily discussing how a Nazi official was tried in Israel and in the end killed, everything was fine in this story, and how he was kidnapped by special operations and how he was tried Adolf Eichmann - This is the man who in the Third Reich was involved in the deportation of Jews and the final solution to the Jewish question you Perhaps you don’t know what the final solution to the Jewish question in the Third Reich is. But these are gas chambers, that is, this guy killed Jews. Well, just on an industrial scale, in the tens of millions, and after the Germans lost the war, most of the Elites of the German Nazis. They fled to Latin America and in particular to Argentina and hid there Why

Because between Argentina and the Third Reich there were special economic conditions The Germans invested very intensively in the economy of Argentina and the elites in Argentina were largely formed by the Nazis and they influenced the public policy of Argentina therefore When the war ended, many high-ranking Germans fled to Argentina and nothing could be done with them legally That is, you couldn’t go to Argentina and say that look, this guy is a Nazi criminal, please give us the proof of this man, and Argentina would say we are a sovereign independent State, this is a citizen of Argentina, we don’t know anything, let’s go fuck it, it didn’t work like that and the Germans knew very well about it and that’s why everyone fled to Argentina and even now, as far as I heard, there is a town in Argentina where you know, white Argentines speak German more often than Spanish, these are the Heirs of those Nazi Bones who after the wars fled to Latin America, in general, because this Adolf Eichmann, he was such a remarkable guy, shed a lot of Jewish blood, and someone recognized him, it was also not very easy because they all had different names and surnames, but someone recognized him information reached the Masad and they kidnapped it. In violation of all the laws of Argentina, only in 2004 did we find out that it really was a Jewish Massad because until 2004, official Israel said that it was not me and the hut is not mine, we have nothing to do with this at all. Well kidnapped kidnapped It's not us Well, some patriots some Jewish patriots found this Eichmann and kidnapped Why did they say that because it was a diplomatic scandal Argentina says Listen, this is generally a reason for war, you stole our citizen without consent on the territory of our state and there’s something else to do with him, it’s actually a very serious bunch of guys, so Israel says And it’s not us, we the state of Israel is not involved in this at all, these are some patriots You see, they were drawn not to judge him, he’s a Nazi criminal in order to to secretly withdraw from Argentina, they massad simulated an accident with one of their pilots, brought the relevant certificates and pinned this Eichmann to their plane. And when the Argentinean customs officers asked like And he is silent like that and someone with half-closed eyes they say So this is our Pilot you see, look, we have a certificate that he got caught in an accident, but he can be transported, it’s just our man, he got into an accident and therefore he can’t speak. And this was not a Jew. This was a Nazi who was injected with tranquilizers. In general,

this Eichmann was transported to Israel and in the sixty-first year He was tried and this attracted the attention of all mankind it was very interesting because when he was told at the trial what terrible and terrible things he did his line of defense was the following he says guys I’m generally a kind peaceful guy violence I generally don’t like violence in any form And in general by the time I’m fine related Well, it’s just a job like that, you know, a job like that, well, the owner said I did it, I can’t disobey me, so they say I do it, and I myself am generally a good person and a Jew, so I see, in general, you guys are good Nothing personal, just a job like that, the Jews listened to him and hanged him in the year Etova was weighed And this is also an interesting story because in order to kill him, Israel had to break its own laws. They have had a moratorium on the death penalty since 1964, and Adolf Ekhm was brought in in 1961. Since 1954, they have had a moratorium on the death penalty, and Adolf. Eichmann was brought to them in the sixty-first year and now it turns out to be such an inconvenient sieve of wine, it seems like it’s impossible to kill him according to our laws. Well, I really want to, and when I really want to, I can break the laws, in general, the second year Adolf Echma was hanged And that was the last death penalty in Israel, that is, after that, not a single person was killed in Israel by court verdict, simply because there is no such option, these events stirred up the entire public and especially the scientific part of it, the Una in Holo became interested in the nature of violence, how it happens that decent Guys in what -the circumstances turn into complete moral monsters and many very sensitive ones were carried out of which you most likely heard about two, the first experiment was an enley milgram experiment with authority, the second experiment was Etor Force three ex nli lma was that the authority told one Good people to beat electric shock and mock other good people Well, for the sake of science That is, those people who were electrocuted and who screamed and squealed Help, don’t don’t torture us, these were actors But those people who pressed the button shocked them, they didn’t know about it, and here stands a man in In a white robe, una is an authority and he says we are just studying some kind of thing, they scream, you don’t pay attention, they always scream, you just press the button and there a man yells like it hurts me. Stop. What are you doing? There is too much current, the current gradually increased and it turned out that

most good people when there is an authority who says this is necessary for science And like this is all for research I take responsibility, listen to me carefully Yes, you just press this button they took and pressed, that is, good people mocked and tortured other good people when they were told to do this Wow, that's an experiment, and 10 years later in 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted the famous Stanford prison experiment. The point is that according to an advertisement, good guys were gathered, good guys were gathered, the guys tell them, we are now going to play a wonderful game called randomly . By lot, randomly divided into two groups in the first group there were prisoners and the second group were jailers who had to psychologically pressure and mock the first group. So the second group of jailers liked it so much. They quickly got into the role that the experiment had to be stopped after a few days, that is, the experiment stopped ahead of schedule. Because that people turned into bastards much faster than scientists expected. Well, the Stanford prison because the whole thing happened somewhere in the basement of Stanford University, these two experiments, one with authority and the other Stanford prison, they shook up the scientific community and all scientists, including such a petty one as Santiago Taras They wanted to repeat Something like this so that Slava would have the same success as their Colleagues, and so Santiago decided to come up with something similar only even cooler, he came up with something that would appear in the world only 50 years later in a reality show, that is, to choose male female characters sex, put them in a confined space and stimulate the emergence of some kind of conflict stress situations that should lead to violence Well, what could be more interesting, this is precisely the principle by which reality shows are now built, old Santiago was 50 years ahead of all modern reality show producers, realizing that if he went looking for money and participants, the show would be called Dead Pregnant Women then It’s unlikely that he will find money and it’s unlikely that he will find anyone willing to participate in such a show Santiago Taras called his project World Peace like Dead pregnant women, it’s scary, but world peace is kind of stimulating, although the essence of the matter doesn’t change because we will stimulate violence, we we will lead everything to conflict But this is all for the sake of peace, you know, such Orlovism like war For peace, sex for virginity Well, here we will use violence to stimulate violence so that later there will be no violence in the world, we will study violence in this way In general, it was like this official story: he found money to build the Akali fruit Akali - this is Ancient astex translated as a house on the water, this is also an interesting story, that is, some dudes sailed to a foreign land, slaughtered all the locals on a foreign land and then they also use their language in some his projects for peace, but we won’t go that far; in short, he found the money, put out an ad and started looking for participants for the project. Santiago understood that there would be a lot of people willing, but he needed to create such conditions that conflicts would definitely arise in his reality show, and he came up with five things How to make a conflict inevitable That is, he needed violence, he did everything possible to make this violence happen, what are the first five things? The thing is the state of the floating device, he made sure that this fruit barely floated so that on the NM it was physically very dangerous and the danger is stress and stress What does stress lead to and stress stress response is either Run or Attack And where do you run away from a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean means Attack means violence the second second point he made sure that there was no privacy on the raft, that is, everything was visible from all sides, including the toilet the toilet was even open open That is, you go to relax and everyone is looking at it, but if you can’t relax, then what happens, you get tense And if you get tense, this is stress, what is the reaction of stress? That is, this should lead to some kind of conflicts And even if people were having sex, and he wanted people to have sex because he was selecting the appropriate young, handsome Guys, otherwise the rest would watch it, the rest would know it, that is, there is no privacy, a stressful situation should stimulate conley, this is the second thing, the third thing, Santiago recruited participants from different countries with different languages ​​Because if people are from the same country, they are more likely to come to an agreement and become friends than if they are from different countries from different social groups, so he sought to create conflicts even in this direction by recruiting everyone from different countries with different languages. The fourth point is he recruited beautiful singles

stimulated conflict Why singles Well, because most of our world is a monogamous relationship, that is, if you see a woman in a couple, you will pursue her less than if you see a free woman without a couple, this is how it works in our society. I’m not saying that always but most often this is why we don’t live in harems. We live in couples in which there is a man and a woman, this is the most popular situation, so let it not be like this. Because if there are couples, then it will reduce the number of conflicts, because she is already in a couple. busy, he specifically

took singles without couples so that they would fight for them and there would be conflicts; moreover, he recruited beautiful ones, why? Well, because no one would want to die for their grandmothers. Everyone wants everyone, everyone will want to fight for beautiful auli women. These are the ones he selected so that there would be more conflict, and finally The fifth thing the scientist recruited for the experiment were women Alphas. In any society, a hierarchy is built in the hierarchy, there is a lot of meaning that we won’t talk about now. Maybe if you want, let me know, I ’ll film the whole story somehow; hierarchy - This is my favorite topic, so there is hierarchy, well, the leaders are above everyone, let's call them Alphas, and if there are many Alphas, then the Alphas will fight among themselves for leadership, this will lead to conflicts. That is, if there is only one Alpha, then there will be no conflict. line up But if you recruit all the dominant Alphas, then there will be a conflict situation, so he recruited women, let’s say, very successful with leadership qualities. Well, in particular, he took

the woman Maria as the captain of the ship, she is Swedish and at that time she was almost the only certified captain in the world, the captain was a woman and Santiago understood that a woman on a ship is, in principle, a conflict. And if a woman is also a captain, then that’s generally true. And if there are still more of these women, there will be a lot of such business people on the ship, more than men, and they will even occupy more important positions in the social hierarchy, then this should create conflicts especially among men in relation to women, and that is, he collected these five points in order to have an explosive with which one way or another in some direction Well, it should inevitably lead to conflicts and violence in the morning 12 May 1973, the Akali fruit sailed from the Canary Islands towards South America. The Canary Islands are technically Spain, but since they are located along the west coast of Africa, we can say that the raft sailed from Africa towards South America . day of the survey in Polish would you like to have sex from the team or if you could kill anyone from the team then who would it be and this BC annoyed people more and more apparently Santiago in this way wanted to create a social one and he must say that he achieved certain results, that is, the team really began to interact more with each other, they began to have more sex, gradually they began to have sex with each other, and this was not at all what Santiago wanted because he needed conflicts, and moreover, as he annoyed them with these With salty questions, more and more team members began to answer the question Who annoys you most What annoys them most of all Santiago himself, of course, everything was completely different from what he expected and Santiago began to analyze Why is everything so peaceful and sleepy How can I raise the temperature here are the tensions in this micro social group and he noticed that most of the time the participants were sunbathing or reading books because there was nothing to do, this is an inferior ship, there is no propeller, there is no engine, there is a sail, a rudder and forward, in general, everyone is lying down reading and he is in order to to raise the level of tension, he forbade reading books, thinking that people would have more free time, they would have more socially, this would lead to something, and he turned out to be right, people really began to interact more, let’s say, socially. Well, people began to have more

sex; moreover, they began to change partners, but all this happened peacefully, spiritually, at home, that is, there were no conflicts and what to do about it was generally unclear, then Santiago tried to create artificial conflicts when he approached the men and said there Hey, you dolls like there is your woman with whom you are yesterday she was today making love like there with another guy You understand what’s going on in general but it didn’t work The conflict didn’t arise because all the other team members laughed and that woman who slept With one or the other she said what kind of love this is no love at all Love this out of friendship, it’s all just that we are so far from civilization We are bored, we have a lot of free time and have nothing to do, so this is purely friendly, like there is no love, so there is no basis for conflict. Just like there is no basis for conflict, Santiago was furious. He tried to add more fuel to the fire. started walking on the raft and publicly reading out private data from individual profiles. Well, he’s like walking and talking, look dude, they wanted to have sex with you there, Teto and Teto, or there, look dude, Teto and Teto hate you, so they can create some problems for you. there he tried his best to create a conflict and the conflict never arose and then one fine day the underwater rudder on this raft breaks. This is not a problem because

the team has a certified submariner, there is a woman Cervantes who is a certified scuba diver, she has its own professional equipment configured for it, but ours the scientist is already sealed by this time and Santiago shouts that like, where are you going ? another person, moreover, under a woman, that is, there it was, he felt uncomfortable in it, he almost choked, did not repair anything, went upstairs angry, went to bed, and at night Cervantes, a female scuba diver put on her equipment, dived and repaired the steering wheel because she is an expert in this In short, when Santiago in the morning he woke up he was extremely angry, walked, ran, screamed even more mas in the Fire, what he heard on the radio came information about how the world media and newspapers called his expedition, it turned out that no one calls it like world peace, it was called a sex fruit Well like there’s some Mexican who recruited young people and gave them some kind of sex party there for sex payment. Moreover, it’s free, and the university paid money for it, and of course it was Hugo who didn’t want fame like his colleagues, but in fact with Everyone laughed at him and he understood perfectly well that the university would not like it and at this wonderful moment information came that the fetus was already the second half of the expedition, they had already sailed most of the time and now information came that a huge hurricane was moving towards the raft, that is, there will be a Storm soon And this is not suitable for any storms Well, absolutely from the word at all and Captain Maria says guys we are now entering the nearby port in the nearby Island in order to survive this terrible Storm but Santiago does not want them to enter port Because his logic Why does he think so? A hurricane storm is an extremely dangerous stressful situation, a stressful situation leads to stressful reactions and perhaps some conflicts, something could happen, something could happen that would be interesting and I need to generate something like that - this is the kind of content to get more likes and subscriptions and so he says No, go ahead You’re not a Captain now, I’m paying for this expedition, I organized it, so now I’m saying you’re not a Captain now I’m a captain That is, he’s already been a diver He didn’t like him now wants to raise himself to captain says everything I am now Captain Get off everyone from the deck I will be right in the center in this hurricane right in the center the more negativity the more likes and subscriptions Well, the logic is something like this [ __ ] on the fan Everyone loves it, it means it floats and a wonderful miracle happens, as the Classic said. That is, it turns out that they are entering this hurricane. But at that moment, Ura changes its direction to the other side, that is, some elements of the raft’s structure were slightly broken; it was all wet. But nothing terrible happened; all living ships became more and more -less ok But not everything is ok with the participants’ heads, that is, Santiago wanted to achieve some kind of inappropriate behavior of the expedition members in order to stimulate them to a certain violence and at that moment he achieved what he wanted, what he wanted in general it happened you know how it would be happiness but misfortune helped in short the team realizing that they are nearby Well with the psycho they begin to seriously discuss the question of how to kill him you understand that the dude seized power on the ship says Now we are sailing there Everything is like I’m in charge here somehow It’s a miracle he didn’t kill them all because this hurricane accidentally changed direction, but he’s already interested in some kind of sad situations and they start the whole team united against him, you know, there’s a mutiny on the ship like in the good old days and they’re discussing how to kill him that is, they later tell me when it was all over, they seriously discussed how to kill him and there were three options for how to do it, the first option was to stupidly take him, throw him overboard so that the guy drowned, the second option was to inject him with an overdose of medical drugs, like he was sick, like a freak, well here's an overdose Sorry, the third option was even discussed all together, I'll throw it at him like once upon a time Traitors attacked Caesar and killed them, they are seriously discussing how to get rid of him and no one knows how it would all end Well, an event happened, that is, a misfortune happened, a misfortune happened to them helped And one fine day when Santiago was the captain, straight ahead, a large ship, some kind of bulk carrier, was moving towards him, this is a huge multi-story building, that is, the people who are on this ship, they most often do not see any boats or rafts there and if you don’t get out of its way in time or if This is a large ship that won’t get out of the way on its own, it can run over any boat, the raft will destroy it, there will be nothing left there, and this ship is approaching towards and it doesn’t see the participants, it doesn’t see the fruit and Santiago is confused about not knowing what to do, the boy was running, screaming and sterilized the raft because he thought that we were all going to die at that moment, the former Captain Maria, she kept her cool, she calmly began to give instructions to someone, what to do, how to signal, that is, she sent one person to wave the flags of another there to give a sound signal, and the third went for the rocket launcher B in general, they correctly asked for Zro and the ship went around them, that is, everything was decided, everything became normal and Captain Maria again became the legal captain, that is, no one took this Santiago seriously anymore, he hid somewhere in the corner and until the end of the expedition he feigned some kind of illness . he was ashamed, he was uncomfortable, he didn’t want to interact with anyone, the experiment went completely differently from what he expected, that is, he expected that there would be some problems that would separate people, they would conflict, but it turned out that he was the main problem, but as a result, people don’t hug me, I really like this experiment because it restores my Faith in humanity, it shows that in any social group there are some degenerates who can stimulate some negative behavior, they can stimulate some things that are not beneficial to the majority, but the majority is always more reasonable more adequately and can understand this and correct the situation, that is, in My world this is an experience that confirms that good triumphs over evil, that’s why I like it, but if we look at it from a scientific point of view from the point of view of psychology, why did Santiago ’s experiment fail? Why were there no dead people in the end? and pregnant women But on the contrary, everyone became very friendly, they became very close, they were these last weeks when Maria was the captain and when this dude was huddled in a corner somewhere. These were the happiest weeks of their lives. They became as close as possible, they had fun, they later talked about it as so special a stage in their life that they really liked why Santiag didn’t succeed in what he had in mind There are several key mistakes in my opinion And many of these things were known then, some of these things became known later First, he believed that a stressful situation would separate people And now we know for sure that a stressful situation and Overcoming is what forms friendship in people, that is, in order for you to get close to a person, you don’t need to be together with him for a long time, you know him for many years, in order to get close to a person you need to overcome some kind of test together and Santiago in the person of his beloved, he created such a test for the team. That is, he created a problem

that all the other participants overcame and in the process of overcoming this common problem, they inevitably became close and became friends, that is, the opposite effect is not the one he expected at the moment of ovulation. That is, he I looked at monkeys and monkeys, they really were biting each other for these ovulations of females, but in people it doesn’t work like in monkeys. Because people are basically monogamous creatures and Apparently for a very long time because ovulation in women is kind of hidden, that is, about ovulation in Women among people are known only by her regular sexual partner. And all the other males around, as a rule, do not know, unlike monkeys, this difference in monkeys the conflict arose because they saw Oh, here is a sweet pie Now is the time and they began to conflict over it. And people have this information hidden and apparently it has been hidden for a very long time because it was prescribed in our DNA. That is, this is the moment of female ovulation - This is not something that

can be very easily understood and noticed from the outside. Therefore, this moment is not the case, it did not work, finally the third moment, he considered the situation that the woman on the ship will create conflicts Because this has been the case from time immemorial, there are many nautical proverbs that there is a woman on a ship being in trouble, this is really true. But all those situations that were meant were about the fact that a large male a team and one woman or several women, this really creates a conflict Because there is a certain deficit and Santiago did the opposite thing, he made a surplus, that is, most of the team were women and a minority were men, that is, what kind of deficit is this? This is a surplus, that is, there was a surplus women and his Ani is not his drawback, therefore the conflict that took place there in the old days when there was one woman among men, such a conflict did not happen because there were many women, there were fewer men than women and in total all these things did not work. Well, besides, here these experiments are the Stanford prison experiment and Stanley Milgram. And now more and more information is coming that these experiments cannot be repeated, firstly and secondly, when they were done there 50 years ago, it turned out that scientists manipulated the data a little in order to get it. Well, you know the content so that turned out to be more fried so that he could be more so angry and frank. Well, for example, it turned out that many

people refused to shock other good people when the authority told them to beat them, beat them for the sake of science, there were people who told him Fuck you, like it hurts a person, I won’t do it, but a scientist I didn’t specifically talk about these situations because then the experience would n’t be so interesting, that is, scientists are also the same Primates like you and me, they are also interested in high recognition statuses for the sake of this, they are ready to distort information in general, in the aggregate all this led to the result that I told you, that is, the experience did not work out. I hope I returned your Faith. In humanity, not everything is as bad as it could be in the next plot, let's choose, we can talk about how to naturally increase testosterone levels, or we can talk about unnatural testosterone levels, that is, the first plot how to naturally naturally raise your testosterone level and the second story I can do is about why and when bodybuilders started using anabolic steroids, which are based on Artificial testosterone, which story do you like better, let me know please, I'm waiting I also want to remind you that I have mine Telegram channel where I post text versions of articles and there are two free programs, one for the Full Body 90 body and the other for the brain Neuromax 90. Both programs are designed for 90 days of training and are suitable for those who want to start but don’t know how, but that’s all I have for today, thank you for your attention I wish you good luck success and may the force be with you friends

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