Это игрушечный самолет! За 10 МЛН рублей!

Это игрушечный самолет! За 10 МЛН рублей!

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Guys, honestly, we've just arrived and... And we're trying to start recording this review, but it's not working yet because... Imagine you're a kid and they let you into Hamleys or a Lego shop.

And you've had one toy your entire life. And then they let you into a Lego shop, 5,000 square meters. And your eyes are blown away by the variety. Now imagine that you're an adult, and you've been into all this stuff all your life.

And then you come to this place. And you see this. There's four Concords in here. One, two, three, four! Four Concords! Oh! Air China! Just for comparison, the size of a man, and the size of an airliner.

It's a gathering of model airplane enthusiasts. It's interesting the people who do it. Older Germans, Austrians, nice people, pensioners and more. A lot of interesting things! Now a commercial break for 55 seconds, because it was not easy to get here, and we'll start the review. [This is YOTA advertisement] These are two YOTA commercials for two mobile internet speeds.

Now with YOTA you can decide which one you want. Choose the top speed if you're pumping out terabytes of data every day, getting away from the chase. Or opt for the optimal speed if you want to watch videos and other services without any quality loss, and at a $5 with discount.

Don't pay for top speed if you don't use it. YOTA - regular mobile operator. Guys, welcome to a very unusual event.

It's called AirLiner Treffen 2022, which translates to "Airliner Meeting" or "Airliner Convention". In this case, the correct word is "meeting". Because, as you may have noticed, all these airliners are aircraft models.

And they do not arrive here on their own, they are brought here in special boxes, trailers and other vehicles. Look, low flying! So, what were we talking about? Here we are at the AirLiner Treffen, which has been taking place since 2011. It used to be a biennial event and it was very specialised. Because aircraft modellers, people who build such things - many of them are not very sociable. And the event took place without spectators.

It is the first time journalists were allowed into the zone with aeroplanes. They let us in, gave us these special bracelets. Spectators are also allowed in this year. Entrance costs 5 Euro, there is a huge car park for spectators and it is expected that there will be a lot of people. Because in previous years people used to come with children and go somewhere far away from the territory to watch the event. This year we managed to persuade all these elderly gentlemen and the event was made public, for everyone.

Oh! Watch out. At various times, and this time too, all the most popular and modern models of aircraft have flown here. Boeing 737, 777, 787 Dreamliner, and Virgin Atlantic's Boeing 747. AirBus A330, as well as, A340, the huge A380, there it stands, and over there is THAI's A380.

It's the largest aircraft model in the world. The latest A350, that is, the aircraft is relatively new and there's already an exact replica. There are some interesting models as well.

The legendary Soviet IL-62, as well as the TU-154M. There it is, in an Aeroflot livery. - Hello? English? - A little bit - Just a bit? - Why have you decided to build exactly this plane? Not Airbus or Boeing? - I didn't build it. I bought it. - Oh, really? You bought it? - From a builder, yes. He sold it. I'm not a pilot. But I have a pilot over there, who will fly it. - Why don't you fly it? - I'm flying little planes. You have to learn to fly big ones. - How long does it take to learn? - About half a year or a year.

- A year? Just to fly this plane? - If you are an RC pilot, and flew other planes. - How much have you paid for it? If it's not a secret. - It was a long time ago, so I'm not sure. - How much will it cost right now? - 4000 - How long can it fly with this fuel tank? - I don't know exactly, but 10 minutes is no problem. - 10 minutes? - Yes. - Thank you. We wish you good luck.

A380 has lifted off! Look at the range of the remote control! Here stand the pilots and technicians, there are several people in the team, so it's not just a guy with a remote control who controls the quadcopter, it's a whole team. It's landed. Let's back off a bit. Amazing. Swiss registration. Many of the models are replicas of the real ones, right down to the registration numbers.

There are 61 planes registered for this event. Just so you understand the scale of the event. And that's 61 of the finest aircraft models in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There's a long story to tell about each of these planes.

Here is a good example. This is a Pilatus PC-12, very interesting, with real turbines, but the interior is not elaborated at all. Just darkened portholes. And there are planes with amazing detailing that people have been building for years.

And they've been refining them for years. They refine the small details, order them from specialists, install them, draw livery. Planes are built for several years. And they talk about each one in detail. The history of construction... So, what's going on here? Some kind of compressor's on.

- May I ask you a question? What are you doing right now? - The air for the... This... Pneumatics. - What? - Pneumatics! They're pumping air into the pneumatics to make the landing gear work! It's all very authentic. Planes are built over several years and there's a lot to tell. About the owners, how they got there, some bought it, some build it themselves, some learn it, some fly it themselves, some buy the plane and invite a pilot...

Оh! The A380 is landing! That's amazing! Look at that! Some people bring in pilots. Because it takes a year to learn how to pilot. Okay, careful... Now, it takes at least a year to learn to fly a plane like this. Everything is very complicated. That's why some people get pilots to fly their planes.

Let me tell you a little about the planes you see most often. Those are civil aircrafts, they are all here, let's have a look at the most interesting models... Let's start with this one.

We've already shown it and even had a little chat with its owner. This is the TU-154M. It's a legendary plane. Here's some interesting facts about it. The wingspan is 2.35 metres, the wings are still lying separately, but now they will be installed and prepared for flight.

The length is 2.99 metres and the scale of the model is 1:16. Wow! Some planes can be carried like this. Some roll by the tail, some are somehow carefully carried, and some like this. Apparently, the construction is sturdy enough for that. But back to our TU-154M.

Its first flight was made on October 3, 1968, a total of 1,026 aircraft were produced. A legendary aircraft, at one time we flew them. Until recently, Aeroflot, Utair, and S7 used these planes, and some are still in service. And here are two classic Boeing 737s, many of you flew them. It is the most mass-produced aircraft in the world.

Produced since 1967, the 10,000th aircraft was launched on 13 March 2018. And another interesting fact. Every 5 seconds one Boeing 737 takes off or lands in the world.

A few technical facts about these models: The wingspan is 1.8 metres, the length is 1.9 metres, the scale of the model is 1:18, and the weight is only 3 kilograms. Really? Seems so. Well, from the way it was carried, it's really not heavy at all.

There are models over there that weigh 150 kilos. Look, there's concords getting ready to take off. There are four of them at once. But for some reason, only three are flying? As you know, there were two supersonic passenger planes. They were the British-French Concorde and also the TU-144. Some interesting facts about the Concorde: This model has a wingspan of 1.85 metres, is almost 4.5 metres long,

the scale of the model is 1:14, and weighs 23 kilograms. Each model, despite its considerable size, weighs only 23 kilograms. This aircraft has a range of up to 10 thousand kilometres.

But the most interesting fact is the speed at which it flew. And the speed at which it covered the distance. It's maximum speed is 2,440 kilometres an hour, and the distance between London and New York, which the A380 now takes 7-8 hours, it did in 3 hours and 20 minutes. And in some cases, with a tailwind, even faster, in less than 3 hours.

At the time it cost $10,500 a ticket, but in 2003 the planes stopped flying because they were not as efficient as today's planes. The maintenance, fuel and airport infrastructure costs were much higher for these planes than for modern planes. But right now, "United" is claiming it is working on a supersonic passenger aircraft project. Will it really be true - we shall know in a few years. Here they've started showing aerobatics. Look, look, look. They even do such things here.

- This is the transmitter. - Can you please tell us about it? - Well, it's a standart transmitter. Normally you use these two sticks to fly. And those switches for other functions, like landing gear, brakes and so on. - What's the maximum distance for transmitter? How far can it fly? - As long as you can see it with your eyes.

- Really? - Well, if you can't see it - you can't control it. - What's the connection type between the transmitter and receiver? - It's WIFi, 2.4GHz. - Is there any interference? - We have an automatic channel switch, 10,000 channels per second. High frequency channel switching. And it's connected only with our receiver, so it doesn't matter if there are other 2.4 transmitters nearby.

- But is it possible that it'll lose connection? - It's nearly impossible. But if it'll happen - then you have a problem. - Can it fly back like a drone? - No, of course not. It's only possible to stabilize something with rotors. And this is just a plane. - And what's the maximum possible height? - Also, it's limited with your eyesight. As far as you can see it - you can control it. 1 kilometer or so. - 1km? Nice! Thank you! It's loud, you know, almost like supersonic. Oh, wow. It's really loud. It's like the remote from "Back to the Future". Remember that DeLorean Doc Brown had.

- You have this thing hooked up to the car? - Watch this. Amazing. - So you put it up every time you fly? - No, this position is for start. This is for flight. And this is for landing.

- Can you tell me, how long did it take to build the plane? - Half a year. - Half a year? Not so much, right? - And that was a kit. - And where can you fly it? Can you fly it anywhere? Like, lift off your backyard at home. - You need a special permission for that.

- Like, official one? - Yeah - And how many times a year do you fly? Do you fly only at this festival? Or somewhere else as well? - Like, 3-5 times a year. Approximately. - How much money did you spend to build the plane? - My wife must not know that. But you can buy a car for that money. - Oh, really? A good german car? - Well, not a good one, but a small one, yes.

- Thank you. Look at that! Didn't expect to see it here, but how much time, effort and nerve, I dare say, has gone into building it, I can't imagine. We haven't found the owner of this beauty yet, but he's been walking around here somewhere. There's also aeromodelling sports. There are planes standing over there.

We saw one, it was flying and spinning, doing aerobatics. A helicopter. A rare helicopter. This event is only for planes. There are separate events for helicopters.

- Is that your plane? - Yes - It is absolutely awesome! Where are you from? - I'm from Austria. - And how long did it took to build this plane? - 3 years, and about 2000 hours. - Did you build everything yourself? - It's built from scratch, yes. - Is it possible to put someone inside to fly? Like a cat or a dog. - No, of course not. - But it's huge! - No, it's not possible, There's a space inside, but...

- I understand, safety features. But technically... - Technically it's possible. It can load about 30 kilograms. - How much money did you spend on it? - Around 25,000 Euros. Without work it is. - And if someone would come to you and ask to build the same? Can you do it? - I can. But I won't do it once more. - Why?

- Because it's a lot of work. 2,000 hours, so... - And if someone will pay, like, 1 million Euro? - That's impossible. But for 150,000 would be okay, I think. - Beautiful. What are you planning to do with it? To fly? Or for sale? - To fly. - Will you fly it today? - Not me. A friend of mine, because I'm too nervous.

- Really? But did you fly it yourself? - Not yet. It's now a 2-year-old plane. And I never flew it. But i think, this year i'll make it. But without all those people around. - And when do you plan to fly it? - I think in around 1 hour. - It's so beautiful. And very nice to meet you. Thank you. Guys, here comes the fun part. The A380 in Thai livery.

It's the biggest airplane model in the world today that can fly and is civilian. Are those turbines? I thought a real plane was flying, but those are turbines that sound. It even smells exactly the same. Wow, it blows, wow! That's fantastic! Look at that.

The man in the hat is called Adi Pitz. He's the man who conceived and organised this event. A legend of aeromodelling. He has his own Concorde and many other different models.

He builds them himself. The man with the remote control is the pilot. Test launch. Beautiful! Let's step back. Well, I... I'm speechless, honestly. You have to see it in person at least once because when you see it on YouTube and in pictures, it's nice, but to see it in person... People have spent years on this toy and it's actually a small plane.

You can put a baby in it, we were told. It'll carry a cat easily. You shouldn't try that, tho. It flies high, look how high. It's a bit rude and inappropriate, I suppose, to say "toy", because...

Little Barbie is a toy. And this is a real masterpiece in every sense. This is unbelievable! Guys, what we've just seen is fantastic in every sense of the word. Here's the pilot, I'll show you again. That's the pilot. Next to him is the owner of the plane, the man who made it, but who is still too nervous to fly himself because he is scared.

Let's face it, we tried to communicate with him for about a year. He was actively communicating with us, but he said he didn't want to give interviews. He didn't want to at all. And then we finally met him and at least talked to him. And we also saw this amazing plane in action. Fantastic!

Guys, as you can see, there are lots of different interesting aircraft. Generally speaking, aircraft models are helicopters, planes, small machines and huge ones. The one in front of us is the biggest aeromodel in the world.

We have been dreaming of showing it to you for a long time. It took us about a year to come here and talk to the organisers so that they would let us in and let us show you what things are like in the world. The man spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money, but it must have been worth it. Yeah, to see it live, it's fantastic.

Honestly, to see it on YouTube too... Here, kudos to the owner and the pilot. It's an interesting thing to watch. Looking forward to your comments. Greetings from Germany, see you, bye!

2022-08-23 16:41

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