3.2LPA to 25+ LPA | 9 Offers! | Scope of Full Stack Web Developer in 2022 ft. @Technical Suneja

3.2LPA to 25+ LPA  | 9 Offers! | Scope of Full Stack Web Developer in 2022 ft. @Technical Suneja

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I started my carrier with 3.5 LPA Money is sufficient That the engineers that are in service based companies Are they underpaid? I had four offers when I resigned You have to never say that I want 15 lakhs 16 lakhs Sorry I am sharing some insights But this is very important to know You will have to take risk only then the package will go that much high If you will not take risk, nothing will happen One thing is dependency Nishant, in IT If that become nice, then You become king after some time If you are working in IT then you cannot say that I am done Projects will be there. Some of them will be of UK, Spain That is why onsite opportunities are more In service based company Hi guys I am Nishant Chahar. I am a software engineer at Microsoft So in today's video we have Ajay Suneja He had a YouTube channel that has 100k plus subscribers And other than that he is a web development engineer at ITC Okay So we gonna talk about so many things And how the work is done in service based companies. How to get the opportunities He started with 2.5 LPA

He is from tier 3 college And currently his package is 25 lakhs plus So first lets take his small introduction Then we will start the video Okay so thank you so much Nishant for having me on your YouTube channel And it is my pleasure to talk with you And your audience as well So first of all thank you so much So hello everyone Myself Ajay Suneja And currently I have 4.5 years of experience of IT as Nishant said Yes I started my carrier from 3.5 LPA I started from service based company Other than that you must have seen me on YouTube with the name Technical Suneja You must have seen my videos So I have been in web development from the starting All the content that I have created All that I have learnt, I have learnt in web development So in front end my technology stack is On React.Js

Javascript , J query And HTML, CSS And in backend Java, Spring, So I have worked on these technologies And based on company requirement I have tried to work And I have also worked in support And I have also worked in delivery projects Learning is mandatory in IT If you are working in IT then you cannot say I am done Whether you are of 26,28, 30 Whatever is your age You have to keep learning and you will be keep growing This is just an example that Nishant Gave 25 lakh package There is no limit in IT And this is the beauty of IT So Nishant I have learning mindset. I keep learning And there is consistency in that learning And that keeps me motivated always So there is doubt that everyone has That if a man is working in a service based company, so what is his work Means there are many things As you talked with me you told me That some people work in support Some people work on development projects Some people sit on bench who haven't allotted any projects So what is a normal day type? Will you tell me something about that So Nishant we will have to understand a thing that The business of service based companies is out sourced from outside As some projects will be of UK, Spain That is why the onsite opportunities are more in service based companies So like let me give you examples of some domain Airline domain insurance domain banking domain So for these all the service based companies go in the college And pick companies from there And all these engineers go there So initially they are given bootcamp training On Java Or like in some project if they need Angular So you will be trained on Angular So firstly you will be trained for that Processes wise , many good processes are defined It is not like that you will be given work from the first day only It is not like that You will go. You will be given proper training And after giving training, your KT will happen Of that particular domain Like in my experience of 4.5 years That was on Airline domain So I was given proper KT on Airline domain After that my development started I was lucky that I didn't go initially in the support directly I am telling you support is not like that hello How may I assist you This is not that kind of support Support means , the application that is running on your production There are engineers for them so that they do not go down That will give on the spot support to the issue That is that type of support There they do development as well as talk to client also Now when I joined Before this I was in co forge So when I joined there I did development six months After that I did development 1.5 years So I was doing only development there But as soon as you come out of the development Either you will go on the bench If you will say that you only want to do development I cannot do support So either you will go on the bench But you say that you will do mix I will do support as well as I will keep doing development All the bugs , fixes that will come, I will keep doing that So you will always remain retain in that project And after that there is a dependency name thing Inside IT If that becomes nice Then you become king after a time Okay. So if you want to become engineer in some nice company You will have to learn coding , DSA, development So the link of 20% of is in the description You can go and check out And if you do not know about coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas is India's one of the largest coding educational platform You get a lot of courses here Android development, web development, machine learning, DSA in C++, Java, Python And your instructors are Stanford, IIT graduates They have worked in companies like Amazon, Facebook Other than that the course structure is very nice I did my DSA course from here only And my experience was amazing There are 200+ hint videos. Because if you are doing course, you will stuck for sure

And hints may be required So in C++ DSA one, there are 200+ hint videos Other than that you get one on one TA support One on one doubt resolving If your doubts are not clearing even after hint videos So you can take TA support And your doubts will be solved within 3-4 hours The link of 20% off is in the description Do check it out Now lets move forward to our video So culture wise meetings, as you work in Microsoft So there will be meetings for every spring Client call will happen You will do code changes Code sign off. Peer to Peer review All these processes are same There is no change But support become a little bit different because Client interaction is more there But you learn all those things Writing email When you will work, you will learn everything The main thing is effort You will not trust when I joined I used to read mail of all of my seniors, how they have written I had very interest After that I used to take screenshots of those mails in my mobile Next time I used to write those mails according to me So I used to look things in this way And according to me everything is nice Money should come in pocket . That is important So the culture of service based companies remains very smooth And a good amount of money can be offered to you I will talk later according to the questions of Nishant There is ample amount of money Why that cannot be get , I will tell you the reason of that Now like he said there is money So service based companies pay a little bit low in starting As compared to counterparts that is product based So starting salary 3.2, 3.5. 4, 5 LPA

This type of salary is common in starting But as he also started from 3.5 lakhs Now he got the package of 25 lakhs So how was that journey Means how you moved further How your promotions happened? How your increment happened? Salary negotiation happened? will you tell us about all these things Okay so Nishant what happens When we join a service based company The package that is offered initially is 3.2, 3.5 Now if I give some examples Some companies have changed a little bit Like my previous company has started giving 4.2 And in accenture , you get 6 You get 5.5

A little bit has changed in these things If I go 3 years back, you used to be hired at 3.2, 3.5 lakhs Now it has changed a little bit So you have to asses yourself after every six months That the work that I am doing here, has some value or not Am I learning or not? And if you are learning, then everything is okay If your package is 3.2-3.5 lakhs, you should wait in that company 1.5 years You should have the end to end understanding of that domain If you are working in a good service based MNC company It will be very easy for you to go in next service based company Because processes remains same in all the service based companies Nothing will be changed They will also be doing support maintenance They will also be doing development There is your luck and skills If you are giving those skills You will easily go in development project If you do not have the skills If you have problem Then you can also go in core support And in core support there is zero development And that core support is called L2 support So you can get L3 support Where development as well as interaction with client both happens And according to me as a developer You should do support one month or six month for sure From that your grooming will happen more nicely So as Nishant said My package was same like that Then when I resigned So somehow I was retained in my company I had four offers when I resigned first time So Nishant what happened was My bond was of 2 years In service based company, there exists a bond also So as soon as my bond ended So I got onsite opportunity of Spain But due to covid my flight got cancelled so I couldn't go there Then we all were at our homes during covid So now what to do So at this time , a boom came in IT A lot of hiring started happening At that time, it was also like that many people were also getting fired But as soon as December ended It was mid time of covid Hiring started in bulk Now hiring is happening virtually Now you do not have to give interview offline at that time So I got 4-5 offers at that time And one offer was very good So my company retained me And I got retained So okay now I was retained And I had experience of 3.5 years Now what happened , a project came On guess we framework, all the frontend engineers will understand So there was react.js and all. It was a nice project Complete CSID, pipeline everything So I had to manage all of that And with me 2-3 people were also there So I did that project end to end I cleared that sprint of 8-9 months Very nicely And after that everything was nice But I got an opportunity from mindtree You must have heard about mind tree And I got that for the same profile that I worked on the last project Now you see, you will be able to relate So you cannot say that. Anything can happen at any time

I was not prepared that I had to switch But when you work hard, ways will open automatically I did that project, the same experience of that project benefitted me in Mind tree I cleared frontend interview And I cleared all the things there. There were two rounds, I cleared both of them After That I got from TCS After that from berlasoft After that from Exel service From IBM Kindle From ITC From Rentore software And in this way, offers kept lining up Now when I got the offer Let me give you an example Consider, I got the offer of 15 lakhs Now when the offer of 15 lakhs came Now how I say to next company That my package is not 15 lakhs My package is 9 lakhs for example I am already holding offer of 15 LPA And always keep in mind one thing all the freshers who are watching currently You never have to say that you want 15 lakhs or 16 lakhs No. Whatever is your CTC Always say I am looking for 40-505 hike You always have to apply between in that In numbers 40-50% Never say that give me 50% hike I am looking for 40-50% hike So let us consider I am getting 15 I would say that I have offer of 15 LPA I am looking for 20% hike on this So I used to get 17--18 I get 18. After getting 18. HR's are very smart

Sorry I am sharing some insights But this is very important to know You will have to ensure them that you are joining them And if you are not able to join because of some reason So you will always drop a mail to every HR Never close like that If you have to go again in the company So you have to drop mail nicely Because of technology These are the reasons because of which I didn't joined you And I am very good in this technology that was why I was getting there That is why I am going there So I dropped mail to all of my HR's Everyone's number is saved in my mobile I closed that thing nicely And after that I went to new company So you have to assess yourself after every six months Why I am here You should know the answer of that why After some time comfort comes Comfort had come in the company that I was in So that comfort looks nice after some time Then your package will stop at one place You will have to take the risk, only then the package will go that high If you will not take risk, nothing will happen So that was all. All the things are of talking What is negotiation? Like I am talking to somebody So if you will not talk, no negotiation will happen If you will talk , only then something will happen So by talking only that story reached till 25 Absolutely Very nice It is very inspiring Reaching 25 By starting with 3.2-3.5 In 3.5-4 years

So your journey has become very amazing till here There was an offer more than that also Then I also consider brand value important also You should also remain with brand also And okay I think I had to go from IT so I went through IT Nice Now one thing is how can a guy can be a full stack web developer Will you tell something about that? Like which technologies he should know in 2022 So that he can be called a full stack engineer See I will not confuse Let me say clearly In today's time, If you want to go in full stack Then there are so many opportunities in Javascript Let me tell you about myself I am in frontend in React In frontend, Javascript And in backend, there is Java So some people start their carrier with Java Like I started That time I was not in frontend actually So I worked I was more comfortable in J query when I joined the company After that react came, I learnt react Made so many videos on that At that time I didn't get a project I was doing by myself I am learning and making videos And after that suddenly project came and I did work See it is okay until you are watching tutorials But the work that happens in companies, happens in different way You cannot say that I finished Ajay's react series You have ended that. It is nice. But project experience will be different They are basics Many students become confuse That the code which is running in production and the code which is in tutorial, both are different This is just to give you confidence That when you join that company, you become able to understand the code That what is written . Basics become clear to you So if you want to go in full stack If you are complete new You do not have any idea If you are college student and you are thinking of going I will say you with my personnel experience You can choose any, either MEAN or MERN MongoDB Angular Nodal Express With the help of Nodal express you will make the whole backend, you'll be creating web services, and with the help of Angluar, and MongoDB will be your data storage kind of like there's nosql, so there will be your data storage.

And on front end would be your Angular, either in MAIN or in MERN, or React, other than that Mongo, Express will be the same. In this you can go as a full stack developer. There's a lot of demand in companies and a lot of scope.

But my CV is of Java full stack. So in my case the weightage is, if you have 4 years of experience then there should be 3 years in Java and 1 year in front end. So in my case I can't get mean, because I already have a technology so this is the thing. So if you want to go as a full stack so you have a good option to pick Javascript because as good as it sounds, full stack has a lot of different things. So it is not possible to do every thing. And neither is remembering everything.

For me if you are around Javascript it is easier to become a full stack developer. And if you say how many months will it take, so I do have an answer for that too. If you, talking about basics, let's first talk about experience, the working professionals, those who are working in Java, ASP, or in PHP. Those who are working in back end technology. If they learn front end simultaneously, and create a project in 6-7 months, can crack a job with their existing experience.

If a fresher is seeing this, then in around 8-9 months, he can master himself in these technologies and building a project, can get a good job. If it is service based then you'll be selected according to the concept, the number of projects you have done, and the amount of work you have done. What happens in front end interviews,Nishant, is that they don't force too much on DSA. The questions will be based on Arrays and strings. If you do them, in your first round. But if you are only going for product based keeping everything aside even full stack, the first thing is DSA.

Your questions solving abilities will be tested a lot. If you say, "Sir I am very good in React", you might but first round will be of DSA. And second one might also be on DSA.

You will surely work on React in the company, it's not like you are applying all the concepts of DSA. It's not like that, but, criteria is that you first have to pass the DSA round. This must be clear to you. Kids don't get themselves around it, Nishant. After what they say they are getting demotivated, it is very clear, service and product based. To set a target.

Either you want to get in service based or product based. If you want to get into product then you have to do DSA, and if you want to get into service based then, [inaudible 00:18:04] You must have knowledge and idea, I am not saying that you don't have to do anything, it's not like that, you have to do questions, I see it a little differently, DSA is what? You get a way to think, if I write a line of code of 10 lines, Nishant says, Why have you written 10 lines of code its not needed, I'll show you, use this algorithm. Your code will be done in 4 lines.

Why are you writing an individual line of statement? If you use the array list, add all the items in it and iterate it. I am just giving an example. So this is how you should see it. If you are familiar with DSA concepts, your problem solving is good, then you can think that clearly, and this is all it is.

You can apply logic better then. Absolutely. Right. So this might a controversial topic, I am telling you in advance, are the engineers in service based underpaid? When you see packages in product based, they are 8 lakhs, 10 lakhs, 12 or 15 lakhs, even some reach to 50 lakhs for freshers. On the other hand, if there's a service based then their starting salary 2 lakh, 3, 3.5 lakh, or 4 lakh and some companies as far as I know, like Publicis Sapient which go for 12, 14 lakhs. Other than that most

companies stay in the lower range. So can you speak about that? I will surely answer this, the thing Nishant said is completely right, what he said, but now Nishant time has changes a little. I have given a lot of interviews, now companies are ready to give money. A good amount, 20, 22 lakhs. Speaking out of experience, if your package, now here it's 90 days notice, before it was 60 days, now it is 90 days, so people have a lot more time, to counter the companies, they get more reserved time. So money is coming through, in my opinion service based companies are not underpaid, it's about mindset.

For me, either I don't change at all and retain the offers that I get from there, either this is a way to get happy, or the other way is to look around and see, to explore, this is what I am saying so easily was very hard for me. To leave the old company and to go to another company. Leaving a comfort zone is difficult but if you do get out then you will be great. Like they say, "If a lion tastes a little blood." So this is that. Once you set out then

you have all the freedom. Then you can go ahead, there will be new experiences, new networks. New domain, new people and new work. So if I answer your question, Service based companies are not underpaid, you should change, you have to switch.

We are talking about 20, 25 lakh but one company won't do it, this is the truth. If you are working on service based company, then in that company it will take you 25 years. So you will have to switch, it is not possible without switch.

This is also true. So this was my second switch. In my first switch I retained, but on the second So you must have needed counter offers that is how your salary will be increased. Counters. This is all the game of counters.

It is about counters and how you are talking. And other than that, Nishant makes great videos so keep following him, Absolutely. The TS family, Technical Suneja family subscribe to Nishant's channel, and watch the videos, he has made a lot of videos, on product based. And he also said a good thing, to be positive, keep working, things will get sorted eventually. So on that note... Nishant, I never thought things will turn out like this.

Just keep working, life will be changed. Absolutely. So thank you so much for watching. Bro's channel will be tagged below and here too, be sure to subscribe it. And check out the video he has made about front end and back end related.

And he also makes videos in general so, Thank you so much for watching See you in the next video. Until then Bye!

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