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I cried Because I loved it so much Even better We’re “ANTIFRAGILE” Right. We are the real “ANTIFRAGILE” I think from the moment it starts People will go “They ate” I’ve never seen a concert like this before All of these seem to come from their special relationship with each other “Let’s include everything we wanted to talk about” That’s how the set list was prepared I get a lump in my throat and it's hard to sing I appreciate the members when they come and say “Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay.” That might be the only and most important reason  that makes SEVENTEEN unstoppable I hope you come and enjoy our show like a total package I don’t think the time has come yet, for ‘Kings Of the Zungle’ We are the first team among HYBE artists to debut in Japan This team aims to go out to the world from Japan We have some of the biggest superstars in the world and we’re creating all kinds of ancillary businesses for them You may look forward to it The whole new performance of TOMORROW X TOGETHER Hello I’m Bang Si-Hyuk, the Chairman of HYBE HYBE has gone through a significant expansion and growth so far Labels with a variety of unique character and competitiveness as well as talented artists have joined the HYBE community, which helped us meet more fans around the globe HYBE can never be complacent with work For fans waiting for new music from their artists, a new side of them, HYBE has to continue creating the best possible content At the same time, it has to take a multifaceted view of fans, as users seeking convenience and joy from the platforms, as shoppers who appreciate products with ingenious ideas, and as readers who are touched by a line or a scene from a story HYBE has to commit to incessant study and challenges around them so that the value of this industry co-created by artists, fans and members of the industry can continue to grow It is in HYBE’s DNA not to fear new challenges, however, there are ground rules that we adhere to We have to try our best to give fans more than what they’ve been experiencing in the past, and the quality of content that we offer  must always be the best of what we can create I guess, by now, a lot of people are curious about  how we work at HYBE and what HYBE’s potentials are Today, through the stories of those who work based on such ground rules, we’d like to share with honesty, thoughts and challenges HYBE is breaking through and where we are heading towards now How do they work at HYBE? Why is the company so big? Is this entertainment? Why would HYBE make a game? Why does an entertainment company have a story division? They are going this far for making popular art? How do they want to utilize me as one of their members? “Whatever your position is, fight and debate for your idea.” Can I really fight and debate? What is that HYBE wants to accomplish How are we going to evolve the technology that we’re currently using a new technology to connect with our fans? [Music Meets Story] Original Story is about the origin of a message that is delivered through artist activities as well as other media including webtoon, web novel, novel, animation, game, music video and so on I’ve joined projects such as “The Star Seekers” made in collaboration with TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Crimson Heart” with LE SSERAFIM  and “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” with ENHYPEN  from the early planning phase The overall theme is bound to be associated with the artist Whether it be a story they want to tell through their albums,  or the track of their future growth, we’ve tried to put all of these together when we were developing the stories It would be great if you trace these elements as you enjoy the stories The biggest role of concept art  and the mission we have to accomplish is to create a strong visual presentation of the concept so that fans or other people who see it can be absorbed in the story I believe that’s our role (”Crimson Heart” is) Not a story unique to LE SSERAFIM I think the story LE SSERAFIM wants to tell coincides with what those in their 20s and teens want to tell and want to hear I think that creates a connection between “Crimson Heart” and LE SSERAFIM and with those who read it “Crimson Heart” is a story about girls in an adventure Girls living controlled lives in a controlled city called “Refugia”  get involved in an incident and step into an uncharted and ruleless world named “Unknown” They meet other girls living in “Unknown”  and together take on a journey to discover their inner voice Please enjoy the story of girls exploring the unknown world along with the journey of our artists of LE SSERAFIM “Dark Moon” pop-up zone has been designed to allow its visitors to enjoy “Dark Moon” from every corner and every direction I never thought they would come wearing the school uniform they’ve made by themselves And they waited in an incredibly long line from early morning Seeing them making those efforts was very rewarding for me Seeing the realization of the elements from the original story That elevated the organic relevance of the concert Things that existed in our imagination were given a physical shape and the public and the fans were showing a positive reaction to them It sometimes feels new and somewhat cathartic When we were planning this concert I wanted to create the tree hill from the original story By singing “Magic Island” at the foot of the hill, the original story of TOMORROW X TOGETHER begins It seems there’s a synergy generated from adding fantasy elements There was a memorable audience review that said, “It was like watching a parade.”

You can enjoy a show and its diversity of pleasure to the level of losing the track of time There are always so many improvements we want to make At the end, it’s about having fun The content we release has to be fun and high quality It would be fun to create Decelis Academy  in a metaverse space  where virtual characters wear the uniform  and play as if they are attending Decelis We have a concert director with us in the company That’s why the communication with the label goes smooth They also have a good understanding of the original story I think having one story flow through  from the beginning until the audience leave is the strength of our production I believe that is the future path of concerts [In the SEOM, an Island of Our Own] IM, of HYBE IM, [In the SEOM, an Island of Our Own] stands for Interactive Media We're trying many different things for a boundless expansion like the company’s keynote We started out by designing a game  following the usual grammar of the game world Then it made me doubt, ‘Is this the right question?’ So I changed my mind I felt that the priority was to create a game  that the members of BTS can have fun playing, a game that their fans can enjoy too At first, we showed them the concept through a presentation, then talked about things  as little as the shape of their characters,  and how they want the game to be developed When we first met, they really loved it That motivated me a lot in the development process. We’ve had around ten meetings to show them our progress We got their feedback and made revisions accordingly It was really a co-development process In the game, there is a menu showing credits with names of its creators Names of the seven BTS members are included there Because we thought they were actual members of the development team, rather than doing it for a make-believe BTS videos are played the entire time we are working We watch them almost like studying  to pickup their motions and behavioral habits Some of our members even memorize  in which part of a specific music video a certain object appears That’s how much we’ve studied The story is finely weaved with  a great attention to details  so that you can almost hear their voices from each line There are a lot of tiny elements  that fans will be delighted to discover Fans actually find them all We are still discussing, but in the game,  we want to add places that are meaningful to the members It could be from one of their past music videos,  or an actual place We want to create a space that is an island where fans can arrive and notice, “Oh! It’s that place.” and cherish their memories Our goal is to keep adding more things to enjoy with various towns and character motions We want to make a game that the entire universe can enjoy [Exploring the Nature of Music] Our team manages and helps maintain [Exploring the Nature of Music] the brand design,  for instance, the stage and the costume, based on our selection of key colors and overall theme Our output is evaluated by the fans In this industry, we get immediate feedback It’s a lot of pressure but at the same time,  each day is incredibly vigorous In this project, we invested our greatest effort in design Turning the intangible into something tangible requires visualization That’s why we tried so hard to incorporate the musical directivity or concept of the album into the design We wanted to visualize them even more,  so we developed a set of graphic art exclusively for merchandise We tried hard to make the merchandise breathe j-hope’s personal musical directions or character The artist was highly involved in this process I was happy to see fans recognizing it  and showing their reactions,  ‘it really captures the character.’ ‘His musical directions are well presented.’ While preparing for their solo albums, j-hope and Jin thought of items that will invite fans to enjoy their concepts as much as possible The results included  “Hope In The Box” for j-hope’s “Jack In The Box” Jin wanted to have an image of galaxy for the cover of his album since the space was the theme Also for main merchandise items,  we thought that fans will be able to fully experience the concept if we make some connections with those elements That’s why we proposed the bath bomb idea to IPX There’s something I felt recently while working on “Jack In The Box” I saw fans standing on the floor They all had something unique they’ve created using the assets and having fun on their own That made me realize that I’m making a vehicle  for them to share something with ones they love Since then, our visual work has been more focused on creating things that they can utilize or enjoy [Evolving Fan Experience Worldwide] A limited-edition product sold on a special occasion We want fans worldwide to have the same purchase opportunity for this type of product,  which is the focus of our development Weverse Shop is a global shopping platform therefore it must provide easy access from most countries Our team is currently developing On-Site Pick-up,  a feature that is not normally found on other e-commerce platforms You literally make an order on Weverse Shop app  then receive the products onsite through this service Because you make an order in advance,  you can secure products you wish to buy ahead of time and pick them up when you want to without having to wait We thought that this would be a helpful feature for fans Seeing it work in real-world felt great Even after a service is open,  there’s an intense level of tension for potential issues Something might happen There are times, when there’s a problem,  you wake up in the middle of the night to the alarm and work on it It seems like you live with this permanent fear  of unexpected issues A service cannot be created by developers alone We listen to the opinions of our Biz Team,  the Planning Team and fans as much as possible  and keep our eyes and ears open to see if there’s any other necessary features We monitor their inquiries on a regular basis If there are several incoming inquiries on a certain issue, we quickly share them within the company and try to fix them soon Fans point out a lot of things  that make us realize what we need to do and we often relate to them as well Those issues have already become our tasks and they seem to be the agenda for us to take care of [Preserving Cherished Moments Through Technology] I'm so nervous [Preserving Cherished Moments Through Technology] Fighting We’ve recorded voice messages to be added to digital photocards for flovers ‘Momentica’ is a service that captures beautiful images of artists  or their special and valuable moments in a digital card that can be collected, shared and exchanged And there was a voice coming out as well It’s super cool that it can play videos too I thought that it would be nice if our fans feel excited to see this You can make a curation of your collected digital cards  on My Collection then share it You can also create your own Collection Book  or exchange and trade your cards with other fans  in an easy way at the Market Place It’s a digital collectible platform It was so amazing The pack is torn with great detail and the video was really beautiful Looking back to the 1990s and 2000s, people used to make illegal copies of digital music files And people just listened to and used them Nowadays, it’s become the cultural norm to pay money to stream and download Everyone is doing that There are concerns because  we are just starting with digital card business But I believe that fans have a very high level of  awareness regarding IP and copyrights I want to put in a lot of our behind the scenes flovers would love to see Each member has their own unique charm  that only the fans can notice Fans love that, too What I’ve felt from working with HYBE  was that the work requires some sort of craftsmanship, to make something that involves a great amount of human touch That was our very first concert  and a very happy moment of my life I want to remember that moment forever What we want to provide fans with, eventually, is an expansion of experience Our ultimate goal is to create a platform  where fans can experience more of what they’ve enjoyed offline  with a greater diversity I want to add every little thing in it for them to see ‘THE CITY’ Project first started in Las Vegas in April this year [A City for Fans : THE CITY] The project aims to color an entire city with artist experience  to provide a diversity of experiences ‘THE CITY’ in Japan is like a festival As we put together ‘THE CITY’ project for SEVENTEEN We are preparing various events in Osaka’s landmarks including Dotonbori, Umeda Station and Nanba Station Special tickets will be sold for an express train called Rapi:t which will be wrapped with images We are preparing both offline and online versions with ‘THE CITY’ metaverse, a virtual space near Umeda In Tokyo, we are planning different various collaborations with Sky Tree, one of the city’s most popular landmarks There’s an event at a café in Solamachi, and a photo exhibition at the observatory I hope visitors take photos at the photo spots and have all the fun Hope you enjoy We wanted after so many years of the pandemic take this to the next level of what the fans have experienced from the past ‘Expansion of fan experience’ was what I heard the most after joining IPX We had been providing certain products  related to concerts and artists around the concert venue I’ve always thought about ways to further expand from here I was worried about  whether people would respond to things I prepare such as hotel programs or after parties I heard what fans were saying on the streets or at event venues “I really hope they come to my country.”

“I hope they come to where I live.” We saw families with three or four generations come together We saw grandparents crying, little babies taking photos with other babies that never met before When we try to execute the experience, we knew that when we saw the smiles and the tears of joy on their faces and on social media, that was exactly what we were meant to do ‘THE CITY’ can be described as ‘a dream story’ Artists have their own stories of growth And this will also be a huge opportunity to grow for us,  the team that supports them We wanted to do something that we've never done before whether it was sheer size whether it was products that they've never seen before We thought that bringing all that together would help with the comradery the reunion of the fans and really just get together and show them this is a big thank you to you guys I want to put it this way, [LIVE : Broadcasting Passion] “You listen with your heart once you are in a concert hall.” [LIVE : Broadcasting Passion] You feel the sound with your whole body, there’s someone similar to you right next to you, you’re cheering together, and this is what a concert is I believe that limitations clearly exist around seeing a show online But still, to talk about advantages of online streaming, in my recent conversation with a friend in Norway, my friend just said it, “I can't be there.”

I think it’s a coexistence rather than an alternative The seating capacity is limited for offline concerts due to the constrainsts of physical space But much more users can access and see a show online (Advantages of online concert) It's the front row seat at home You get to see your artists through a large screen at the front seat of your home and experience all those fantastic things That’s why I think there’s an inormous advantage to it The Wembley concert was a very meaningful event for BTS At that time, we felt a great sense of duty because it was our very first paid livestream from overseas There are some technical limits to watching a show online It lacks the vivid energy of the onsite experience We are currently working on related technologies one by one We are investing efforts to bring the online experience closer to the offline one There are countless competitors, but I believe that Weverse  is still the leader in the realm of fandom-based platform service There isn’t any role model and we have so much to pursue A lot to think about, but taking each step of the path itself means a lot, I guess From a developer’s view, this truly is a rare opportunity for developers to receive this scale of traffic and users It is a really challenging task for developers and a chance to grow personally  as well as in terms of service and technology My thought is that artists in HYBE  are globally recognized. Us in Weverse should make endless efforts  to receive such recognition for our service or technology [Boundless Teamwork] The dome tour was kind of a dream for SEVENTEEN When the dome tour was announced, we couldn't be happier CARATs also loved it more than anyone else We felt very sorry for them as we couldn't realize the plan soon We finally can meet our fans there We feel so good, as if we had our long thirst quenched We want to show you everything, including our new album Seriously, I hope you come and enjoy our show like a total package SEVENTEEN members always think of something for CARATs no matter what they do It means they are always in touch with their fans For instance, we thought of a lot of exciting events for our promotion We thought about how to show our team's charm Like we did when we were young, we invited our fans to create new music by assembling our audio kits We thought it would be so much fun to show CARATs what we are  and enjoy what we do together There were so many great talents among them It was fabulous and astonishing to create something with our fans Especially when we create music, we focus a lot on CARATs How can I explain this? Even when I write a single word of lyrics,  I think of someone who will listen to the song That means the intrinsic power of the lyrics are very intense We always keep that power in our hearts throughout our work So we can feel how great the power of CARATs is whenever we make our music The relationship between an artist and a producer is like rowing together on a sailing boat They always have to tune the tempo and match the beats to each other Working with SEVENTEEN, I have never needed to force them to do something We share certain emotions very naturally That's why I always think of "we" more than "I" when working with them I have felt that there is power among us  to overcome any situation with limitations SEVENTEEN also considers such power the most important They always value pushing the limits and surpassing them Such ongoing growth reminds us of passing gateways It's like breaking the limits we face one by one That sense of achievement can be shared among those who have made it It is something you can feel only when you cross another limit and say "Oh, I finally did it" But we have to throw away almost done songs, like 90 to 95% completed It happens all the time It means that we must continue our growth as a musician in some ways We are always thinking and trying to figure out how to improve ourselves It is teamwork That's something only the 13 members can understand We often joke about it too The 13 of us all have different personalities How can we work as a team for so long? How can we maintain a good relationship,  having so much fun playing and working together? I would dare say SEVENTEEN's best charm is  the synergy of the members That might be the only and most important reason  that makes SEVENTEEN unstoppable They must also be preparing something to open up a new era Sometimes we have no idea where we are going exactly Ironically, those moments vanish limits in front of us Then we find ourselves in a place we would never have imagined Now it feels like our team has no limits In a good sense, of course. Our music and messages [It's Okay to be Afraid] deliver the stories we want to tell This time, our message is that we, LE SSERAFIM, will pave the way by overcoming any trials and difficulties with our skills and efforts First of all, the core foundation of LE SSERAFIM is that they are a team that tells their own stories Indeed, while working on the album, YUNJIN and SAKURA contributed to some of the lyrics It was an opportunity for them to develop their expressive skills to tell their stories effectively to the public I really liked that I think we wanted to tell our authentic stories more The recording for this album was much easier and faster than “FEARLESS” It felt like we were growing up with LE SSERAFIM The lyrics of “ANTIFRAGILE” start with “Riding over the trail of thorns” The words make me feel refreshed It feels like a growth story of a hero It was hard for me and since I've been in this industry for quite a while, I questioned if it is okay for me to show my imperfections But people liked to see how I grew and improved So I thought it's okay to show that you're trying, even if you're not perfect I thought a lot about myself, something like identity I am very grateful to the fans  for being able to show true myself honestly  and sharing my concerns like this I am also thankful to the staff of my company for supporting us SOURCE MUSIC cares for things as something beyond business I feel like the company genuinely thinks, “LE SSERAFIM is me!” Our synergy is getting better and better Helping artists continue to grow and working with them as partners is at the heart of what we do Since joining SOURCE MUSIC,  we have worked as sincere partners closer to artists SOURCE MUSIC’s creators, Soyeon, Sunghyun, Visual Creative Team, Performance Directing Team, we, Production Team, are always organically connected I was deeply impressed by the creation process, where all the members implemented their ideas in different fields to complete a work We always look for new environments and methods in production, keeping pace with each other for everything This attitude drives us to grow together The members of LE SSERAFIM are not limited to us A&R Team, Visual Creative Team,  and Performance Directing Team are also LE SSERAFIM All departments are LE SSERAFIM After all, we are all LE SSERAFIM [The Drive to Innovate and to Perfect] TOMORROW X TOGETHER [The Drive to Innovate and to Perfect] is different from other groups in that  it is based on the narratives of the artists So, we talk a lot about what story we start with at the beginning and how we will continue to express the story next time Their first unit song was included on this album YEONJUN and HUENINGKAI participated in the song LONELY BOY We had a demo and the original topline of the verse was removed Here YEONJUN did the new rap-making,  and HUENINGKAI participated in the lyrics They recreated an existing demo song  as a new version of TOMORROW X TOGETHER The last song started from a track written by BEOMGYU TAEHYUN worked with for the topline and lyrics of the song So, as for the last song, the members got involved in the entire process, including its track, topline, and lyrics As a result, the album's and the team' narratives worked well together on the last song It makes “minisode 2” an album that's more TOMORROW X TOGETHER The members also have been more actively engaged in preparation for their stage performance They put together a lot of ideas, saying, “I want to do this on this stage,” or “I want to do this on the next stage,” and coordinate with each other Literally, TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a group that will continue to be together tomorrow Projects with them mean more than work to me I hope their work reflects our current issues, thinking about how to illustrate them through these young men I am observing many situations in my daily life that can contain such a message It has become a part of my life We are always thinking about ways to give a new impact from a new perspective Nobody knows how many more tomorrows wait for us, but I believe this team is a good companion for me to the end I’ve been working with TOMORROW X TOGETHER for a little over 3 years now Each album release demonstrated the level of growth they've accomplished These members have not yet fully revealed their charm They still have a lot of hidden gems So in this album, we wanted to unveil a unique secret weapon The biggest concern is how to incorporate this into the choreography We are working hard right now to achieve this goal (Can we see it in the next album?) Yes. You can count on it A completely new TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s performance [Boundless Growth] I believe that performing on stage is the greatest intrinsic happiness, so I am experiencing a lot of it these days I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster, and I believe I'm having a thrilling experience Personally, my favorite track on this album is “SHOUT OUT”, and when I performed it, I thought I was the most emotionally connected with the ENGENE I believe it was a song that brought up so many emotions that it was tough to sing in the second part because I almost choked up 40,000 is a big number, so it was surprising that so many ENGENE were cheering for us I realized that we’re so much loved I wanted to show that we can perform like this with our talent and skills Actually, since we debuted during the pandemic, we didn’t have many chances to meet the fans, and it was the first time we've had the chance to meet such a huge number of ENHYPEN fans We've been seeking for more visually appealing ways to fully describe the album Our stage outfits have changed a lot, yet they had a distinct atmosphere for each set list So I believe such adjustments have added more fun to the concert I think the tour was an opportunity for me to improve significantly, and I think we’re gaining valuable experience  while interacting with ENGENE in a new way We made a comeback with the title  “MANIFESTO : DAY 1” on our third mini album, and because manifesto means a declaration, it seems like we are becoming one now and we are getting more and more united since “MANIFESTO : DAY 1” Their color as a team is getting stronger They are in fact growing together with hand in hand If they only worried about their individual growth before, now I feel like they are thinking about how to grow as a team We’ve been dashing forward from our debut till now, like the lyrics of our song “Tamed-Dashed” I think that the instant we lose our will to learn, we will also lose our progress But it’s really a lot of fun to keep trying and achieving What I learned from ZICO was that you had to keep your options open and keep changing your goals with enthusiasm I felt I was in the process of improving while continually changing my goals, so I’m not sure how far I’ll go I’d want ENHYPEN to keep trying and taking on challenge [Bridging Worlds for Tomorrow’s Global Superstars] The contestants are from all over the world We auditioned and cast in many different places and the girls are from dozens of different countries they have different backgrounds, races and ethnicities, nationalities and I do feel that every girl has her own unique story and we are excited for the world to get inspired by them I think one of the most rewarding things was just the positive response that we got from all of the auditioners We had almost over 100,000 submissions from all across the world I think one of the most exciting things for me is, at such an early stage of this process we have such incredible high talent I think with the staff and training and development team we have, the trainees just continuously get better I think what makes HYBE America’s T&D(Training&Development) program really special is that we are able to learn from the expertise of Korean T&D, take their know-how, implement that into our American system, change and adapt it, innovate it to our project, the American culture, the American structure, so that makes us different We created a rigorous curriculum to help them become global superstars We take into account their current skill set, the skillset we’re trying to get them at, their strengths and weaknesses, their backgrounds, so that we can create something that is tailored specifically not only to them but where this project is going I don’t think we would have been able to make the amount of progress and achieve the accomplishments we’ve had so far without our partners.

Just Geffen in and of itself, the amount of history and legacy that they have and the depth and breadth of their artist portfolio and the history around it and also the expertise that they bring It has been invaluable to all facets of our process so far, from whether it was casting to being able to identify and really bring in the best talent that we can bring Having HYBE and Universal working together, I think all of the biggest producers and writers in the world are being so excited that we’re building such an incredible project together We have some of the very best people that have made some of the biggest pop records in the last few decades have all been collaborating together to give us the best, most forward-thinking and exciting pop music I can’t wait for the world to get first introduced to our contestants They’re all individually very very special people, young adults, they made huge sacrifices to be able to be a part of this… Lot of things, that I wish I can share right now, but in due time, we’ll make sure that we’ll making those announcements thoughtfully at the right moment [Look globally, Act locally] The Big Machine Label Group was established in 2005 [Look globally, Act locally] as a very aggressive, independent label who really felt we could shake things up Because when the moment came, then I made the decision to start the label We were right in the transition of and the beginning and dawn of streaming, if you will, and digital And the industry was asleep and I thought it needed to be woken up For the Big Machine Label Group I've always wanted to have the right hip hop partner And to do that, you have to have expertise in the culture And when it comes to Blac Noize!, they are absolute experts in that space If I was to describe Blac Noize!, I would say it is the future of hip hop and R&B We felt just the people at Big Machine were the ones that could help us just take this to a global space and be able to do more than just the things we were doing previously What our collaboration and joint venture with Blac Noize! really means to the label group is expanding our footprint and it’s something that I’ve always looked at how can we be a global player? Because now, especially in the streaming world you have to have global hits Millions of streams has to be a path to billions of streams And to get to billions of streams you have to have music that crosses boundaries, crosses genre, and really crosses the world People like Scott, who's so passionate and just so strong and their convictions and when they want something, they go for it The people who made us realize that this is who we want to be partners with In the last decade? Nashville has truly become a global music center and you have every type of music being made here We have writers that are writing with K-Pop artists and pop artists and rock artists, not just country So we really have the ability to look globally from Nashville now, really for the first time because of streaming, because of digital, and because of extraordinarily fast communication all around the world So we have a great global awareness and that leads to a great global opportunity I think HYBE is the standard for where entertainment is going A company that is just diversified in so many different fields, but so much synergy between all those companies And we just hope to be the arm that is presenting R&B and hip hop to the world WE LINK Hello We are &TEAM [From &AUDITION to &TEAM] &TEAM consists of 4 members whose debut was already confirmed and 5 additional members selected through an open audition They are the first artists to debut under HYBE LABELS JAPAN and the first HYBE artists to debut in Japan Since they are debuting in Japan, they sing in Japanese They are a team with the goal of going beyond Japan to the world “&” in &TEAM means connecting people and individuals, me and the world, you and me or things As the name suggests, the theme is to connect things and people with “&” to expand further When I first saw BTS, I was inspired They were not only good at hip-hop but they can pull off different genres of dance including modern dance I was deeply touched because I’ve never seen any artists like that before Our mentors and producers are people who are working with artists already taking the stages all across the globe It was has been very valuable experience to learn from them Going through numerous steps from &AUDITION till now, I could learn how many people are involved working very hard for &TEAM Thanks to HYBE LABELS JAPAN and the hard work of many people at HYBE JAPAN, I could feel that &TEAM is going a step closer towards our debut Because neither “&” nor “TEAM” can exist alone, &TEAM was able to get where we are now Our greatest strength is the strong bond among our team members I can really see that they are helping each other, giving advice and encourging each other and working hard to improve I am working thinking that I am part of that process too So, whenever I see their singing or performance get better, I think they will do just fine We, &TEAM, are aiming for the global stage We will keep working to make that dream come true and people around the world know who &TEAM is &TEAM will work, pulling together as a family, so we can grow into an exceptional, Billboard charting team [ORIGINAL & FRESH] KOZ is short for “King of the Zungle”  That was actually the name of my first concert  When I talk about my music, I often refer it as an “ecosystem”  In that ecosystem, I am the king, and I am the top predator I shorten the words to KOZ, because I want not just one King,  but many Kings of the Zungle in the ecosystem With the hope, I started KOZ Entertainment I think that I should branch out the emotions  I catch through my perception and perspective  when they are alive and breathing I thought that I could empathize more with new artists and help them better in their career when my experience is still vivid as an artist I think of KOZ as a label that serves as a foundation for music It is a label that accepts novelty and continues to create it When you stick to originality,  you often get reluctant to try new things I think KOZ is a flexible label We don’t exclude but embrace new trends and try to express them in different lights that  reflect our unique personality I want it to be known as a label where originality and freshness coexist In the past, we thought about certain things only after the music came out Now we think a lot and talk a lot with many other members  about how to interpret them from the production stage Because it is a community of various labels, an environment has been created where I can continuously get advice on necessary things It is great to have an environment where you can operate without compromising your identity That's why I can focus on working without any worries, relying on the synergy I’m afraid I can’t give any details on what kind of concept it will come out to be But I can say that the team will produce music that both the public and the fandom can enjoy without any reservation I can definitely say you can look forward to this team [The Most Beautiful Moment has YET TO COME] Our stage for the Grammy Awards involved a laser performance Because it took a long time to make the lasers, we created laser lines using hangers and clotheslines that we bought and choreographed around them The scene lasted less than a minute, but we poured our heart and soul into it As for concert sound engineering, we control everything that makes a sound and receive feedback on them Artists have different characters and sounds We make adjustments  for all those slight differences We look for ways to highlight the liveliness and their cool choreography Staffs responsible for performance, A&R and visuals collaborated effortlessly based on their expertise making their results shine through at the concert There was a strong impression of watching every step of the artists’ way to the world-class level, sharing tears and laughter The artists were enthusiastic about sharing their ideas on visuals We are making the concert a bit different from the past tours There are some fan interaction elements and an unconstrained and festive mood Things I doubted continue to come true My current mindset is like, 'okay. Let's go out to space, why not.' There is pain, but I'm ready at all times We invested so much for the Busan concert to create an unprecedented stage Since we’re meeting the fans after such a long time we needed to have at least one really big thing Honestly, they are really amazing Amazing and incredible I think to myself, ‘they are working that hard on the stage I should try to reach that level of endeavor and realize utmost quality.' The intention was to show our original selves, the raw stuff The running time is shorter compared to previous ones but it's packed with moments that will make you feel ‘Yes, this is BTS.’ We never had a stage performance for “Run BTS.” The song itself could be a consolation for fans who miss the powerful performance of BTS back in the days. So we’re very committed, the production is finished and we’re practicing This is a very precious opportunity and stage where all the members of BTS perform together Both the public and fans who have been watching them for years will be able to see the entire course of their past journey or their growth It came to my mind that, ‘ARMY will be surprised once again  when they see our concert.’

Did you like it? I had so many thoughts in my mind during the concert So many feelings But we can always fix a schedule for another tour You’ll be there when we have one, right? Ah, I really missed this moment, everyone You must have missed it more than I did Isn’t that right? I was able to stand where I am thanks to the members I had never been curious about 10 years later and didn’t give much thought to it But now I’m wondering, what would we look like in 10 years? Perhaps what we’ve done so far was only a teaser for what's to come Whatever happens to us in the future, as long as the seven members of BTS share the same heart and as long as you trust us, we’ll be able to overcome whatever gets in our way and continue doing happy concerts and making music with you guys So please believe in us I think we'll be standing here for  around 10, 20 and 30 years Guys, let's grow old together I purple you So much sweat shed, tons of tough moments, so much pain but then laughed together in each other’s arms when things were done We've been inspiring one another along the way and still today These 10 years were precious and cherished to everyone I’d like to add that I wish such precious and cherished time lasted longer I want it to continue. Now it’s time to think about the charm  and future path of each member My biggest concern is to bring those out in a consistent but unique way I’m sure fans understand that we, the creator group, are truehearted about the stage and all musical content, just like the members I hope they understand that They mature and their colors deepen as years go by I’m curious what those colors would look like when the time comes Then we’ll be preparing something adapted to those colors I’m excited and can’t wait to work on it I would like to say, “we were able to reach this far thanks to BTS. They were our starting point and the driving force throughout the way.” We, including BTS, think that we could not take a single step without ARMY We’ve went through everything together in the process Being together for 10 years makes you a sort of family What’s ahead is more important, in order to keep this relationship a beautiful one So what should we show? And what can we do to continue crying and laughing together? Eloquently put, how can we honor the legacy of BTS even more and invite ARMY to join those efforts? That should be our agenda The relationship is exceptionally tight Each time a stage is finished, we wonder what they thought about it their reactions to the show It feels like fans are watching them as part of their family.

Fans have been following this unbelievable journey from struggles of the early days to footsteps towards global stars We see the sense of pride in each fan And they’ve showered this long journey with love and heart That inspires us to be the best version of ourselves in terms of attitude and work. The power of music To us, HYBE is like a massive,  modern playground I wonder in what area the future HYBE will exist for people I think HYBE is a tree that keeps growing I also aspire to grow up alongside those artists No. 1 on Billboard HYBE is synonymous with challenge Motivation HYBE is a jungle Little by little, it’s adding things like genres we've never done before I believe it is a company that wants to be the first to do things that others do not Right now, I'm not afraid at all and am looking forward to it A pool of the best contents The best of everything? That one word would definitely be synergy I would say trailblazing Sets the standard in the entire entertainment industry I think it is a story about the HYBE’s borderless expansion I’d say, limitless? The final goal has an open ending The moment you reach the goal, it means stagnation, so I want to keep going Just as SEVENTEEN has no bounds, I want to express that HYBE has no bounds as well When we arrived at our destination, wouldn't HYBE have permeated all platforms? Perhaps it's the end because there isn't one Should we go out to the space? I think this company is like a rocket Based on our growth of the past 10 years, only a few companies worldwide have reached such level of growth rate I understand that a lot of people are having difficulties because things are changing fast and constantly By the time something is settled in HYBE, we are already dashing towards the next stage This could be a driving energy of the rocket but also make our people feel overwhelmed and pressed I could describe HYBE in one word I would say the word is devoted The word devoted is better It feels more like a family, a word that a family would use And I feel like HYBE as a unit We're committed and devoted to each other to see this through And I think that's what I'm excited about We’ve defined our company DNA and set some ground rules to follow We call it “1 Content 2 Fans” It's “2 fans” not because content is more important, but because instead of satisfying their spoken desires and demands, we should be able to pinpoint their needs including the ones they don’t even realize and show them through our content In this sense, fans are really important.

This is the meaning behind “1 Content 2 Fans" They are our most important audience and it’s our job to satisfy them with the best output We have to make sincere efforts to better communicate with them They could be our promoters and marketers, but this doesn’t mean that we may stay optimistic and naive They are also our monitoring agents who scold us and guide us to where we should be when we take a wrong step and make mistakes We always keep this holistic view on fans We may take the wrong path, unintentionally We welcome the sharp criticism fans give us whenever they find us on the wrong track But we hope they believe the truth that they are precious to us, and that this company seeks to provide fans with a better value at the end A bit of generosity and a longer perspective would be appreciated We have a vision for where we're going to go over the next five to ten years And I think that we're completely dedicated to executing on that vision and we're heading in that direction And I think that should be the focus What I’m thinking about the most is how our company will look like in 2027 I do have a sketch of  a 5-year timeline in my head I believe the role of giving courage to many people and walking side by side with them is what I can and must fulfill I’m doing it because it is my sense of vocation, but I’ll have to wait and see in 2027 and ask "am I on the right track?" That is my current mindset Hello My name is Jiwon Park, CEO of HYBE You might be wondering what kind of music and new artists will be showcased at HYBE Labels, which have a diverse range of personalities  and competitiveness that you met earlier We'd like to introduce you to the plans  we're working hard to make available to you First, on December 7th, HYBE Labels Japan's first boy band  “&TEAM” will make their debut We ask for your enthusiastic support for &TEAM's first step toward the global stage, which will be based in Japan TOMORROW X TOGETHER by BIGHIT MUSIC opens the New Year's door with the 5th mini album,  scheduled to be released in January 2023 BTS, as previously announced,  will concentrate on individual activities for the time being RM plans to release a solo album shortly after Jin who released a single album Furthermore, a variety of solo activities are planned for each member We ask for your attention and support in BTS's journey ahead PLEDIS also intends to release MINHYUN's solo album  after BAEKHO's solo album,  while SEVENTEEN and fromis_9 intend to release a new album  in the first half of next year There are also preparations for the introduction of  a new boy band BELIFT LAB intends to release a new album  after ENHYPEN’s global tour,  which will last until early next year Furthermore, we are accelerating preparations for BELIFT LAB’s second artist debut We’re planning our production to go on-air in the first half of next year ADOR, which set new records in music charts with albums and tracks, and elevated NewJeans as a trending artist at the same time as its debut,  will support NewJeans' active album promotions  through differentiated music and content next year SOURCE MUSIC, which debuted one of the biggest new act LE SSERAFIM this year, will support active album promotions that connect with  global fans such as Korea and Japan, as well as increase opportunities to meet fans in person,  such as global tours covering Asia and North America Furthermore, while it is too early to go into detail, we will provide the fans with an update of the exciting projects we are working on as well as the artists' upcoming endeavors when the time is right Aside from the topics covered in today's video, all the questions and tasks cast at HYBE are not easy all the questions and tasks cast at HYBE are not easy However, we want to continue evolving  while looking for a plan B or plan C if A is not viable,  and we want to use that heavy responsibility as a guiding principle And, of course,  I believe that the path of evolution should be one of mutual growth  with the HYBE community who are watching this video HYBE has been able to expand and grow without boundaries because it has evolved through the exchange and development of influences with fans, talented artists, and partners in various industries Evolving with the various actors in our community is much more difficult  than running alone to a clearly defined destination, but HYBE will always evolve with you The entertainment industry is  one where you always have to start  thinking about the pleasure you want, while also thinking about whether the path is really fun whether there’s anything holding back, or whether it is possible to create something better In this journey we're willing to take with you, HYBE will try to think ahead of time a little bit

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