Teacher on the Island Harald Kautz Vella 27Sept20181

Teacher on the Island Harald Kautz Vella 27Sept20181

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Welcome. Everybody this is Jenny with twice is true and joining me today is Harold Consuela, from Germany, and most. Of you well I've already heard about Harold, and his work which is quite, amazing quite as extensive, I, found a comment, that somebody had left on a on. A. YouTube. Interview. That he had done from last year, and it kind of echoed my sentiments, very very well when, it comes to Harold and his work I just wanted to read that real quick before we get started I, think. This man is probably the most authentic person, I've seen in the alternative, research, community, even, the interviewer, keeps ignoring his, wisdom bringing. The topics packed a dualistic issue because. That is what people want to hear and as what and that is what gets views the. Interviewer may not be aware that. This. Is being done but he certainly seems to be yet. He stays calm in a situation, that makes me sort of cringe because he gets the bigger picture, of why. This. Is happening and, he. Just and he. Is just there to get the truth out to whomever. May listen the, first time I saw him was. When he spoke so elegantly, about chemtrails, at the bases lectures, it, was the first time that everything from chemtrails, to transhumanism. To black magic or cult, mentality all, came, together in a way that, I had the intuitive to. It it previously. By. Feeling that everyone has some sort of mind control going, on and it happens at different levels to different people even. Truthers, or whistleblowers. And how, they to become, corrupted, is, part. Become. A corrupted, part of the machine he connects all this completely, with such concise, evidence, of how, they used various technologies, to control and manipulate our DNA and our, consciousness, that's my Edition it, literally explains, everything and at, the same time he offers the best solution, heal, thyself any other. Solution, is no solution at all so. I it, really echoed, my feeling, about you and your work and I just wanted to read that to kind of give some perspective before, we start so thank you so much for joining me today. I really appreciate it. Yeah. So what, are we talking about today, well. Poon swore yeah. Anything what. I would most like you. Have the ability to do is just talk about whatever is on your mind like what what's, been going on well.

It's Kind of fresh and you're thinking, and what is, kind of captured your attention and, you know over the last week or two or a month or whatever yeah what are the new developments, in your life as, it pertains to these types of subjects, you. See. It. Certificate. We've, got three three, fractions, of my, life, one is fixing. My old bond and my. Farm house that is always. Close to collapsing, every. Second. Day so. The second part is. Trying. To keep, up with what's, happening, on the planet at the moment because. It's very easy. To lose the, overview on. The. Political fractions. That, are forming, now. For. For a while you had the the. Kabbalah, the. Hierarchy. Of, Saturn, istic. Cults. And it was easy to. See. Who is ruling, and, to. Have. An idea what's happening, next at the moment it. Seems that the top of the pipe pyramid of, this hierarchy is, missing. It's out both. On the spiritual, part that is kind of the demure. Girl. I'm, being. Most. Of the big score called Satan he's gone he's been taken out so that was the spiritual, part but also on, the worldly, part. It. Looks like, that this, entire block, of. Dark. Forces is falling, to bits and, pieces with, parts, that try to surrender, and, other parts, who try to still. Kick, off World War 3 and it's, very difficult. To. To. Get a picture where, actually. The fires burning, hottest, and, okay. That is one part. And. The third one that might be the most interesting, although, it's it's rather. Boring, in, a, certain way is, I'm, still working on the last bits and pieces of my of, my own. Day. Consciousness. To get cleared from, rest. Eagle. Fragments. And because. This, is what I what. I experienced. Over the last mainly. Four years, since. I am living, and working with Moline but. You, can just look as deep, as, your. Own lake. Is clear, so. It's not possible to really understand. History. If. You are in the state that, history produced, because when you can't look, back and. See clearly where we come from so so, clearing myself, for the last four years was, actually. The. Core, strand. Of, development. And. I'm. Still working, on the last bits. And. Pieces which. Is. Sometimes. Frustrating because, I. Thought. Ego, is something mine days no no I start, to realize that ego. Is the, two parts, to two components. Structure. That is, as. Based, on the mental field it's based on the emotional emotional, feel, the interlink, and stare out the hearts so I'm, quite. Early managed. To. Refine. And, tame. My my mental, path because this is where I come from originally, from science. And. Then, still there, are some, some impulses.

Within Me that where I just. Look at them and say you know this is not this, is not a divine self this is not the true self acting there's some some, kind of bullshit, I know I'm. Entity. Free so it can't be an entity there's nobody left to blame it on so. It must be some something, connected, to me and then trying. To sort out all these little tiny components. And. Most. Of it seems to be like like, habits, that, are burned, into, the neuronal, network, of the body things. You did wrong all your lifetime, and the reflexes, there are although. You you're. Not there anymore so through. Clearing out that part of the day. Consciousness. Is, occupying. Not. Much time but it's, always sucking. Attention. On myself like, whatever I do I have to, observe every, single step every single will at what's happening. Coming, to impulse to start a fight with somebody and, it's not never him it's always me so sort out what, went wrong what, part of the emotional body got creamed so. This is keeping me busy quite quite, a few are always everything, to. Sort the last. Bits, and pieces out because, I would love to say that that, I arrived, at the end of the development, and. Apparently. Not yet so. Still. Some, some, woman to do so. You do so you do look at it as an arrival, scenario, rather than something this is an ongoing process. If. I look at other people, I would I would, tell. Them rather look at it as an ongoing process. For. Myself and the, people in the close, of circle, I would say no it's it looks like we can see the light, at the end of the tunnel. There. Is something, to arrive at which is actually, the original human. With. The connection, to. Gaia. In the connection to the divine source. With. No ego left, and. Base. Basically they consciousness. So that carries. Both the planet, and, source. 24/7. Within, the. Human consciousness, just as an integrated, part this. Is a way where it goes to, but. It just works the ego is completely dissolved. And that is a bit, tricky. So. What, are the remaining parts you think. What are the source of the remaining parts as far as barriers, to that, arrival. State. The. Store, the source is that we, copy/paste. Concept, especially, emotional. Concepts, we learn from our parents we, learn from Hollywood, which is mainly. Worse than the parents. We. Learn in peer groups so, we just copy-paste patterns, into our life and, this is not an action, of the highest. Sellable true self when reacting following. A pattern this. Is just. What. It is it's, it's almost, on the quality, of a demon you follow, because. You think tree has no true past, life's contribute, to that as well. Not. So much past. Past life contribute, to abilities. And, topics, too soon. Here. You make your journey to a certain point and then you get killed or you die and. And. There are parts of the equations, that, are still open to be sourced and this is where you enter in your next line and if you made your homework and the last one and, it's like you see the extremely. Quick developments, like, my youngest, son he was a brilliant painter, in one of its former lifetimes because, he learned everything that a painter, can learn in.

The First 15. Years of his life to. Perfection in any turn to music very. Straight so this is kind of the other talk concept, she really mastered, something in a lifetime, you. Just rushed through it and regain, all the abilities. And. What. You take is, unsolved. No. Would, call it unsought Karma, in a way karma I remember. I. Remember. Quite a few of my former life times I I remember, a crusader. Did basically, everything wrong that he can do wrong in these dark. Times like, going, direction. Of Jerusalem killing. Raping. Robbing. Whatever. And. Then afterwards, I was incan ate it as a woman in. Southwest. France close. To the Atlantic, and. I had a peaceful, family life until, some stupid five man came, in, killed. My husband, killed most of my children, and raped and killed me and, I still remember the. The. Moment of death where. Where, I realized. That actually this was achieved elegant. Knowing. What I did in the life before it was like it was mercy. That it only happened, once and in a second to me and. The only thing that was not fine at that moment was, that the. Youngest son. Survived. To this incident. And. It was, had to watch how is his, entire family, was slaughtered. And. At a certain point this, youngest. Son incarnated, as, a woman, my, age in, my lifetime and we came together for. Half. A year we were a couple and it. Was all about solving. This issue, like. Like, I. Had to tell her it. Was not not your fault, that you had to observe these things. It, was my Karma, I solved. It and there was no reason to call you into, this and I, apologize, this. This was exactly, what needed to say and the entire story. Unfolded. Within the first three. Four weeks of our relationship who. Puts the or the pictures, or the little details. Would. Have been able to rebuild the house we list and with all architectural. Details was really funny very intense. Inside. So. I think, this sort of. Unsolved. Relationship. Issues. Will occur yeah. And. Also. You made a mistake in, one. Of your former lives, times. That put, an end to this you, can be. Pretty sure that you are. Directed. To the same decisions. To make again. And. Then either you learned something or you didn't right. This is also mechanism. I'm where. And. Of course, what what you also take is. The. State of consciousness. If. You lose parts. Of your emotional, body in a lifetime. Probably. You will be rangin. Anything in his entry history, where, the, same emotions, are blocked as well to, give you the opportunity, to not only heal. The day consciousness. But also a year your. Internetting. On yourself right. If everything. Is happening, in the divine water which is sometimes. That, way sometimes, it just manipulated. Even on that level. So. Your we were talking, before we started recording about.

Your. YouTube videos. The ones were youth. You. Talked, about chemtrails. And. Black. Magic and and. Black. Goo and. Transhumanism. You're. Up to around four. Million views, and you, were you're letting me know that a big portion of your audience now. Is in the United States and that. With the the. Chemtrail. Debate. Is becoming less of a debate and it, seems to be more people aware of what, chemtrails, actually, are I. Observe. This in Germany, on the street either yes people are just closing, their eyes because. They had. This emotional, decision, I don't, want to deal with this I don't want to deal with discussions, with my neighbor to, be called. Fringe. Person, afterwards. So. They don't discuss, at all because they know if they would they would lose. And. Most. Of the people I, meet are. Aware, of the problem, and most of them know it's. Not. Really not even climate. Change-related, most, of them know it's military, intelligence, community. And transhumanism. The. Only thing that they're able to know so. They're aware of the interlocking, technologies, that you have explained, you. Think. They. Are aware, of the fact that something, like this is going, on I mean, you can't ignore the disease spreading, like, all these old age disease. Autism. Spectrum something. Is massively wrong with the humanity, and you can see it every day because then when you go to the streets you see trick. Loads of crippled. Walking. Past you nobody can ignore the fact so everybody, knows something is wrong but, most. Of the people don't go all the way down the park to understand, how exactly the mechanisms, work, forget, out of the trap because. This is apparently, some, effort. And work and, especially. It's it's like admitting. To yourself that, something, might be wrong with your cell phones, right. Which. Is a hearty, most, of the people as long as it things, ie go based so the ego is always happy with lies you. Know if you think you're a smart guy but you can't remember, the sentence, you've been told, by your partner. In the morning hours I'm. Forgetting, a bit you, know so but I'm still a smart guy. If. People, would be honest, and compare their mental ability, to. What it was ten years ago or 15 years, ago that they're really honest. How. Long could you sit concentrated. On an issue working. Desk, how. Many phone numbers did. You know by heart trust. Remember, one today it doesn't work on you you. Know so we are all dumb down to, quite. Stupid, individuals. Including, myself I had. Crippled. Capacities. So. The only thing that that kind of is this. Is what I feel, that rescues. Me in my situation is. That I, went out on the thoughts of developing, the heart consciousness. And. Acting. Speaking. Feeling. Thinking, through. Heart. Consciousness which, makes the, the. Brain pretty useless. It's. It's good to get use spaghetti, onto the fork you know this is what I need my brain for and the. Rest is, coming. Directives, with a higher consciousness or. Well. Connected. To the higher corner not, completely, still. Something's. Missing. But, but I wouldn't. Call EPS if you would take away my brain right. So. But. But most of the people are not, in this condition most of the people are completely, identified. With. What they think and, they, don't have and help me access to the spirit. Part of the beam it's. Mainly cut off and and then or. The H disease like all the time is really good nasty. Good. Just, actually. The empty cell that degrades. Sohara. What, why. Do you characterize autism. As an old age disease. No. No that wasn't it's not old age its, childhood, disease but also been keen right but. It's it's basically. And. It's. Coming from the same. Poisons. If. You. Are already, 50, and your organism, is completely. Finished. And, then you, experience. Something that is dissolving. Your nervous, system, it's. A completely other story, as. If you're like two or three years old get, vaccinations. Fit. Loads of them and, then. Your nervous system, dissembles. In the up building, growing phase and, then. The body, act. Reacts, in a completely different way. So. It's actually. Children. Gets. Autism. Spectrum, young. Adults, get Morgellons, and old people, get hung Simon's Parkinson. Any. Less whatever, one, of these so it's it's age but that's all transhumanism. Based, on transhumanism. Related. To. Organophosphates. Through. Wine gets. Or crystals. Exposure. To, microwave. Radiation. Mercury. These are the main components, so this is one one milk one soup with women and. Everybody. Reacts, according, to his diet. And according, to his age. You know we. Do. You now, one. Of my introductions, to you from, from, quite a while ago is a book. Where you you, actually wrote the second half of this book it's called imagination. Chronicles. One dangerous, imagination, silent assimilation, silent. Assimilation, and it was written by you and, Cara st. Louis and I. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with her some time ago and do.

You Still feel that your work in that book is is. I, mean. Is it is there a lot to update in that in that work or do you still, feel that that's pretty. Pretty. Applicable like, a useful thing to read, in. Terms of people just figuring. Out how all these interlocking, technologies. Are working against humanity, right now. Hopeful. The general, public. I think it's a bit too scientific. If. Somebody really wants to make research, if somebody, needs to the the basic, knowledge. To. Prove. Things to, pull, things to the corpse to. Find. Countermeasures. And medicine. It's, excellent. I is, it, was funny at at at that point I got to know. Guy. From the Netherlands, was doing, muscle testing, for. 30-something. Years Easy's. Perfect. In this and. He. Also won. They found the. British. Lectures, with, Myles Johnson right. And, for the first ten minutes he just said this guy is now, you, know because north of the thing is I was talking about he never heard about right. The Nostalgia. Synchronously. -, to muscle test uh-huh my. Statements, and, he found out that I was, like, 97%. Documents. What I said. And. Then he said wow if this is all true it, could completely rebuild, my view. Of the world and. I. Really would love to support this guy to get hundred percent. And. This is what we do sense. Of and we're, kind, of, quite. Frequently, check. The newest findings that if you find something that doesn't test test hundred-percent we go into details, he. Helped a lot. Especially. Finding the. Scientific. Skills, to, write articles that, could, be out of a peer-reviewed, magazine, okay, I don't. Get it reviewed publications. Because of these magazines are all from the other side but. At least I, had, the. Wish to, write in this quality and he gave. Me a quick introduction, to scientific. Language okay. That's good to hear I, have, an engineering background I, don't have a science background but when I read that part of the book it was the first time that. Those. Interlocking, interlocking, technologies, and how they worked actually, was very clear. To me it was a very it, was a very clear, concise, and kind, of definitive explanation, so. That I could I could read it put, it down and walk away from it knowing how. Those, things work together. Yeah, and and. Why it made sense and why it held water and, I. Come. Across stuff. That that's kind of in the same genre but. I still haven't found one yet that kind of rises to that same level so. That's why I asked, because, this. Book, is now this. Part of the book is now available, for people, to read on the internet and. You know we'll put the link on there so they could read it. My. Impression. Harold, was that I don't. Consider myself. You. Know I have a degree in engineering but that doesn't really make me a scientist, at all and, I I felt, it was quite understand, for a layman from a layman's perspective I, didn't find it to be. I. Mean. It was it. Was intelligently, written but I don't think it was then it was too daunting, for someone with just you. Know with a good public. School background, they could they could digest that and it would be helpful to them I think that was my opinion yeah. I had, people, editing, it with no scientific, background at, all okay, man it took me a year were. The first were the first. Draft. I, was, actually, finished after 11, or 13 pages. And. Then I gave it to the, lady that helped me with the, editing, and she, started to ask questions I don't understand, this because she was a complete, layman, okay, in the science room coming. From the media part. So. I started. To give the answers, to her questions and. Then things started, growing and, what. We realized, on the way. Was. That you. Need at. Least a, basic understanding of. So many different. Fields of science you can't do it without scalar physics, you can't do it without biophoton.

Research, You can't do it without. Biochemistry. Biology. You can't do it without medicine. You can't do it with so many fields that it, was just necessary. To. Implement. Short. Introductions. To these fields. Of science, to be able to deal with the scientific, terms because, if you just write, your findings, with these terms but you don't explain, the. Terms even the professionals. That are stuck on one line of Reason will. Not understand, the interconnectedness, because they're not there are scalar physics they're not in the very important right, yeah, so it needed basically, a. Schoolbook. For. All these different. Scientific. Approaches, I do, you succeed people. Yeah. Uess ignited to here yeah am. I feeling what was that most of the people read covers part of the book, and. Then, they come to, mine and they're exhausted. And they were okay. I have to digest, this in small portions. Like five pages a day and, really, learn things by heart and then they get they get lazy and drop. It after why because I didn't see the the content, appear, in any research, on compunction. Traits. Everything. Is especially. For researchers, everything. Is in, there, to, take it to the last bit, and last dot, to. The lab and to the court and to the science, science. It's all in there yeah, I gathered, everything. But. I don't see this happening and. I'm I don't know maybe sometimes, it's like if nobody does of things that ends up to be my role to do it, but. If. You try to do everything alone, it. Doesn't work because you get a bit vulnerable on, that end and it needs other people to jump, in, and, take, a little bit of the, risky. Part from. My shoulders. You. Know I considered. Doing, this as we're going to court with. These. Things but, it, doesn't work that way you know. It. Needs a little. Broader, basement. So that it doesn't make sense to, take out single, people, right. Right. Do, you think that's improving in any way or is it kind of like still, the same. In. Germany, it's like. Not. Really improving. There are a couple of people who are willing to do something. But. It's not, enough to to. Get some. Talk. You into the things in the United States, and I have the feeling it's completely, stuck if you can't even you. Can't even, elect, president. That has more than the court like you so. I don't come all. The American, people want to solve something of that size. I mean, you've got you've got good people and I don't want to say everybody's, but for, the general public in the United States won't, carry anything, to anywhere. You. Like the, the. Big the. Big big, experiment. How far you can get with. Using. Biochemistry. To create a fascist, state. This. Is what they test on your continent. And there is too sad, to say but they're pretty successful yeah. Yeah. I would I would have to agree with that so. Are. You planning on doing any more writing I. Did. Something in German, that it's not translated. Yet that. Is describing. The journey of clearing, ISM oh. It's. Just just, only it's. A little of course a little bit of history, like going back to the. Expulsion. From from paradise and going. Through the steps of social, engineering that happened, to humanity but, then focusing. On. Inner. Practice, to. Cure. The damage and get, back to the original state, and. That's. Public domain, and German there's. Somebody out there who. Speaks. Both German, and English and is bought I wouldn't mind to have somebody translating. It to English or other languages. Yeah. We I work, in it with a company. Or an, online company, that has been successful, with some translations. But. It's a lot of work it's hard to find competent, volunteers, for that kind of thing how many how long is how long is the piece how many pages. About. 100, pages okay. All, right um. It's. A squatter I maybe. I I have, to do it because I know the content, and I don't have to be too strict. With. The accuracy, when I choose words so it's it's like double, speed, when I do the translation, but I don't have time for it right now maybe in the winter, maybe. The long evenings, will do it yeah. Yeah. A bit quicker for you yeah. Definitely. Do. You ever travel, to the site. I've. Been in. Canada. And I had a short stop. On. An American, Airport. Before. I started, to be active oh I see at the moment I'm, afraid that. Homeland Security, would sort me out as good at customs, and directly. Bring a guillotine especially. For me yeah, I'm. I'm not I'm, not tempting. Them right. I got quite a few indications, no invitation, from the states, at the moment and from Germany for. Conferences. But. A. Couple, of countries or no go. How. About you. Hmm. Great. Britain is no Canada.

Is No ghost rally is no goal all, the Arab countries are. No. Go. North. Africa, is no goal I. Can. Move within Europe it's okay you, have to Russia Russia's. Okay. Russia. Okay. Yeah I think, they love me I. Mean. People. Don't know my work but, the. Agencies, I guess definitely. Love me yeah. Because. They they, would like to see I mean Putin, offered. To. Stop cream country. Half. A year ago okay. He, said. If. You just freeze your. Games. And plans to conquer Russia or destroy, Russia with minato-ku. Then. Just. Let's sign an agreement and, let's, all stop Kemp trailing because we're killing the planet ironic he didn't say the last sentence, but he offered to complete. Removal. Of the technology. From from, the planet so, it's, completely. The. Chemtrails. In the the technologies, for, this is that entirely and a human, endeavor or is there an ET component. There's. Definitely, a. Key, component because. Although, it's, not easy, to, distinguish. One one from from the other because of the way is how, et, components. Come to life. Can. Vary you can have a direct, contact, and get like, scripts, and drawings. To, build something. But. You might as well just have a demon, within you that. Is inspiring, you, to invent. Something and you even though you're so identified, with a demon that you think it's Eugene just doing, this I would, say most of the AI technology. Came to us in, that way and I guess, maybe. With an exception, of the windmill, and some, other things all technology. In that definition. Is a re technology, because we're not supposed to run on technology. Where spiritual, beings, if you want to communicate with, somebody. Take. Telepathy. If. You want to travel somewhere, be, located, so, even, the seal itself. Even. The spoken language itself, could be looked at as a technology, and ET introduced, technology you think. Yeah. Of course we, have the cinema mythology's, it's the. Tower of babylon that. Stopped. The, ability.

Of. Humans. To understand. Each other, on telepathic. Level. And. It didn't matter where, people came from they could come from South America, or South, East Asia whatever. They. Had the common language, on the level of meaning. On. The telepathic, level and whatever they talked it been matter words, didn't, matter the words were just an expression. Emotional. Attachment. To the content, and, you can set say something, in joy or in sadness so. This is what the language was for but but. The the. Level. Of, meaning. Was. An, open, book to everybody, this, is how oh like, animal, communication. Functions, we've got loads of an animal communicators. That are actually, trying to live, from that profession. I think entire Europe even in Scandinavia. And. They learned, to, go back to that level of, communicating. On meaning. Syntax. And, then. You can talk to a dog and talk to a caddie will be surprised, how intelligent, please means how, hard phone and how responsible. And. They. Talk. So. So, yes language, that. Fell. Apart, into codes. That. Carry. More. Hey, I like, meaning, you. Know so, the first step from language, to computer. Code. Reducing. Words, to the to, the. Meaning. Of a syntax, itself that, was it. Started, with the 10 commandments, and they can clearly see, that, it. Is a program England, because, they introduced, to this funny words don't. The. Original, Ten, Commandments, in English you shall not kill. Is. It that way yes, yes in its it's very it's very clear, in, Ebru in Hebrew its. It. Should have been higher. Still sir. Don't. Kill int, a char is the original, language and Hal, is, don't and house is. Kind. Of one, lingual. Emotional. Route with halt, stop. Before you're killed, there's, no negation, in it's just, demanding. In action, before you kill stop, hold. Yourself, yeah, this. Is original. Language. And what you know from from. The. Kabbalah, is if you want to. Create. The opposite, of a word meaning on meaning, level trade the opposite, of a word you, reverse letters. So. Funny ly if you take this highly, tivitz ass which, means stop before your kill and you reverse letter you. Come out with a lot to answer and you can you can feel this la. La. You, know it's, it let, go let. Go when you feel the wish to kill this is the, emotional, value of, the sixth. Commandment. Why. Are the mental part was, educated. You know this is her. Kind. Of the law, that is forbidding, you to kill so what they, did is actually, giving. You a complete double bind that a mental, level is stopping you from killing on, the emotional, level driving. You to kill and then you have got all these single, gods in between the tribes we. Say don't, kill your neighbor from your own tribe but, kill the other tribe. Completely. And this is how they got their, blood and fire sacrifice. Through. War into. Motion. Yes. So yes a language, on that level is programming. Language, humans, follow these, commands. Like. Robots. And. Both. On, unlike, like. Taking. The sentence, in and hectic, according, to it and but. Also if you just talk with yourself like in, an inner affirmation. If. You. Use, these words you. May, need affirm. The opposite, of what you really want. Yeah. Like. You. Just did a medical. Magnet make magazine. What. Doctors don't tell you you might know it from United, States we. Made the first German, edition of it and, everything.

That Could go wrong with this first edition kind, of went, wrong in the process because, of me the. Girl doing it she's polish and she doesn't speak a single word German, but she's producing, a German magazine, with. Close. With nobody, in the, crew actually. Understand, the language. Was. Really those. Are the things that went wrong and like. One day before printing, she called me clearing. The last mistake that happens and, she said no more mistakes. From. Now on no more mistakes. And, you can imagine everything afterwards went. Wrong, as before. Because. This is what she affirmed and if, you don't revise, this, in early if. I would have been clever enough to kind of see, that she is doing the lingering mistake, taking. The sentence, turning it around in, my head, and. Say stop, behaving. Stupid. Now. And. Forgetting, things or mixing up things I wouldn't have mixed up anything afterwards, but. You digest, the sentence, and then Ruth slows. Things the. Refrigerator. Kaons so. This is how it works. Best. Example, I ever saw was, I. Think, it's good, to go into the detail here The. Late, Late Show with, some sort of Mentalist. In the United States and. He. Did an experiment with, 200, people in the audience. He. Gave paper, and pen, to everybody, and he told them please draw, a symbol, of your choice it can be anything and. To give you an example, how. Diverse. Things, can be he, himself, took five papers he, drew, and, Superman, t-shirt, has with his triangle, around across. A. Mountain, with snow, tip, and. A. Play-doh rabbit. And. Then he said do. Not, paint. These, five, symbols. And. Then, everybody was painting, and they precisely. Got, like 200. Pentagrams. Or Stars of David. Not. One exception. In the audience and. Then he revealed, kind of half of the. Solution. To the to the magic, he applied he said if you look at my symbols, its s its T the, crosses P the, mountain, is an A and the rabbit if you turn him around it's an R so this gives you a star, so. I showed. You the star and, you pick the star of, inspiration. This is how this language thing, work, they're. Not even aware of where. It goes in because we are identified. With. A receiving, structure. That is this voice. In, your head it's, actually, nothing else than, the. End, of the eye nerve. Processing. Written. Symbols if. You're. Not reading the. Inner, voice is always in the chest it, doesn't even appear in there's. Nothing, to do in it unless you start reading this. Is how they created, the, thought. Processing. Entity. That. Is digesting. Language, and now we identified. And it's how an eagle. This. Is how it's made so it's pretty messed up inside. And. It's it's hopeless because, of this and, it's not hopeless but, it's difficult because of the full, identification. These people are in, and. Of course if you're identified. With something, this something doesn't want to be the sole or. Disguise. Or. Discovered. So it gives you a hard time. And. Then you, know you make the first two steps and you're proud of the, solving your ego and then, you can see who's proud. You. Would be really. So. Sorry, thank you go ahead removing. The first bit of themselves and, building, up more substance, on the other end, yeah.

It's Tricky it's, tricky but it's worth it because. Get. Your life back the, truth. You. Get he not me not my life I actually the, from, from the perspective, bit of the ego I do hand. Life but, well. When the ego is, processing. The Incarnation then the true self is sitting in the background and. Suffering. Tremendous, pains because, it has to basically, be. There, while, all the shit, happens, be. There, while, the. Ego hurts himself, and Hubbins and there's. No no, possibility. To jump him and say stop, because, there if you exclude, all these triggers, like conscience. Then. There's no way to put, metal into, the day consciousness. Trace from behind yourself so you can be a complete. Madman. And cause. A lot of harm and your true self that is a loving entity, sits in the background and screams all the time so. This is what we can end, by, Rhian writing, his loving. Entity, in the background, back in. And. Remove the one that is causing, all these havoc. Harold. D'azyr's does your son live with you. Money. My my, son yes. Does. He live with I've, got three oh. No. No. We. See ready we see each other regularly but. The. Family broke apart actually. In the year when I started to research I can't really nation, okay. But. You get to see him well, not. Me. Okay. Yeah. That's. Good. The. Things I dealt with. Right. Are. They older now. Yeah. Yeah they're all grown, so. What. Do they think about I know. They. Don't know it oh. The. They. Have a rough picture of, what, I'm doing with. It okay. Picture of. Character. And abilities, I'm running, one. But. They're, not interested in the content, because for them it would be depressing, okay. So. There's. Kind. Of respect. This. Is my thing so I have to do it so. That. Part is okay, at. Least for me it's. Okay thankfully. And. They really get get, excited, and happy if, I do something nice like. This. Spring, I had an invitation, to where to Vancouver, one of the Spanish islands. West. Of.

Africa. Because. They had problems with. Two. Years no rain or the single drop. And, collapsing. Life force fields, in agriculture. I was invited, by a little. Farm growing medicine, Alex. To. Help out and. Worked. On a new design for. Yeah. Mixture mixture between cloud, busting. The. Celtic. Power, of lifeforce with, bizarre, powers, found in her Island. And. Some electro, culture, technology, so we merged all, the different. Excesses. To. Life. Falls on field level. And. At. The end of the day it was raining and, at the end of the day the, thing was shining, green again so it was it was a beautiful, cast to saw. My. Kids went like this. For something nice to do country though just only these things. Don't. Don't. Bother with, these. Are. Creeping. Embryos. The. Mogollon, fruiting, body house. Creeping, in green. So. That was last spring that. Was. In, May of. 2017. Shaking, Oh obviously, okay. Oh recent. All right yeah I just. It. Was an amazing. Experience because I. Went, down there dress on the request of him, I call, it a friend and I didn't know what would, have been coming up as. For. Me to do he just said, we've got quite a few people down here working for this farm. Project, and, before. We do endless, Skype conversations. Trying, to to. Get you knowledge to all of them why don't you just come down and coaches, also. And. When. I arrived it was completely, clear there's actually only one topic. So. It. Doesn't help them have good people if, nature is completely dying, you, can't do anything for. Something turns into complete desert state, that's, even, the inside greenhouses, nothing, grows anymore that. Was kind of five, to twelve on that on, that thing and. Then. Of, course the. First thing you do in this or I did in this situation, was going into the desert to. Talk to Gaia if. She would I can. Offer her and if she would accept my. Help, to. Revive, the island. Never. Without, invitation. In, being. Asked, by the one who suffers first. Law. Healing. Things people. And. She. For, for the first three times she appeared completely hungry, at that point. And. She said yeah. You can do something, but. Not, for these people, he. And. She meant the the, people on the island who, live from tourism and completely dropped. Gardening. And taking care of them and, the. Tourists, who who hate rain. You. Know so yeah it was something to do to save the nature, but not for the people of the islands and said. Okay let's start let's get things, combined, like all the inspiration that came on. The way down it was long. Journey with beautiful, input, lots. Of people like visit. Attend mental memory, fulfilled, physics, and. Um. Quite. Inspiring, journey. And. So. I was, kind of overwhelming. With ideas, and she. Said you. Are allowed. To learn here. Way, to drop all my rations. And all my ego popping, in with simple. Solutions. And. We just. Let. Ourselves being. Guided, by. Tens. Of testing. Muscle. Thing, every. Single detail. Giving. It to her to decide do you want to. Have this part in the device horn, don't you need it so I developed completely, under, another. Guidance, of Gaia and. It's. Amazing, what came out of this I learned. Finally. I learned, the full field, physics, of license. Because. She showed me she, was absolutely, right it's it's amazing off you always show. A sound, so, so tough and, rough and angry, and. Upset. With. Humans, but this is like like when a mother sees somebody. Was not in order. She. Can't pretend. Parts. Are okay unit like okay you're not or in a good shape but but. It's. Okay really. Mother would never, do. That real mother is always like pointing, to, the last little. Tiny bit. Of dirt, in, your spirit. To, get this house because, she loves you and she wants to see you clean so, it's. A bit tougher working, with her but it's worth it, it. Was like, a. Times. Fun doing. It at, times a bit tiring. Involved. Like laying and. You. Know the pattern, or the seeds of the sunflower, yes, like, you have like. The. Golden ratio spirals. In both directions, and, when we were we had to build the, puzzle. Two walls. Out. Of basalt stones in that pattern as part of the divine scheme and, structured, and, it was important, that every single stone was, lying in the in, the walls. According. To its, magnetic. Orientation. And. When you start doing every, single stone with a compass, you, get mad because it interferes with a normal, magnetic, field you, can't do that it's impossible so, we had to learn somehow to send.

The Magnetism, of the stone some. People work with attends own like testing, all the time, orientation, was correct, and. The two, of us in the crew learned to, feel. The magnet is. Magnetic. Fill in the arms so if you if, you define predefined, the flow in the arm and then you turn the stone around you, and you feel the moment where, it opens up and flows through in a straight line that, is how you lean when. You go into the line pick. Up the flow test. The stone with its like muscle testing but on hundreds, of muscles and. Hand. To turn it into the right let. My. Gift. I mean, it's it's, kind of beautiful, how these things develop, it was my gift on that journey because, sitting. In, the desert. Under. The Sun and letting. Your fingers, and, your gut feeling. Drive, you for, weeks. This. Is what finally. Parents. My mental and my emotional, field. Just. On the level of biophysics, being. Concentrated, all, day on what. Does my gut feeling say yeah am, I in the in. A in a good condition to, muscle test or, to intuitively, move, in the. Moment you go up into your mind it's ruling that doesn't work any more than you think why should I put this stone and you get no answer, as usual, yeah. But, the being in the state of flow and, connected. To the gut feeling. It. Was three weeks was, long enough to, rebalance, my. System. To the point where the heart could open. And. These. Are these beautiful. Tiny. Little. Gifts. Of life and income, because I had no idea that this is how you do it. Like. Most of the people I, saw, being emotional. Has something, to do with the heart complete. Bullshit, it doesn't. If. You've got your mental, body you've got your emotional, body and, the heart is supposed to be the controlling, center, in the middle and unless, they those two are balance. You. Can't open it or. Reactivate. Shokran, doesn't work then. Some. People are basically. Emotionally. Driven. And. Because they are emotional, they pretend. Or think or believe, they, are hard based people, just. Because of the lower half is dominant. They. Should activate, their mind and rebalance, that from behind immune, system. And. Then you come to the point where it's, still a gift that then comes the. Chakra. Opens. And. Then. Only, then it's possible to understand, what all the rest was about all, the time because as long as you're in these, limited. Conditions of, running, on fractions. Of you're by energetic system, being, identified, whether is fraction, there's no way to to. Really. Feel the full picture of what is possible, so these developments. That's always going into, if, you shady areas, are known areas. Nobody, knows what step these are the right one makes so it's a lot at, least for me it's a lot of letting, your life flow and having, all these coincidences. And, intuitive. Decisions, to, bring you into the right learning positions. To get things straightened. Are. You gonna go back. To. Working on - I I plan, to go in. In. Autumn, but, autumn is already there and it didn't book anything. I don't, fly so getting. To these islands, is really. Crossing.

Entire Room Europe I trained and then if I click on always on the ship, and. It. Normally. You would, say flying. Costs. Like three, times as much as going by train but today like train, calls four times as. Much as flying because of these testers are paying. Um. Well. I'm, challenge. Should. Use, this fuel, that, contains, all these chemicals, so the airlines don't pay for the fuel anymore. They just paid for the little airport. Services, and for the maintaining, maintenance. Of the. Of the aircraft. So you can fly from, whatever. Berlin. To 0h, for 25, euros. Staying. On 200. Euro zone. Yeah. But nobody can. Try. Flight. Got cheap because so many people are taking, this. Is what everybody thinks. Hera. What's the name of the islands. It. Is the one I was on was well, we're, at a vent tool. It's. A group of I think five islands. Polymer. Rather, than to. Come. Think of the other ones right now. Did. You take pictures while you were there. Yeah. Yeah, did. Can you display one they, can show you a picture of the. Yeah. Or you could just, you. Could send it to me later via email, and I'll put it in the video. Yeah. Okay yeah, I pretend, I send it now. Yeah. Yes this is whatever you want to send me images or whatever we can do that later and, that could put it in the finished edited, video and then. I'll send it over to you and. Yeah. Well I am. I really appreciate, this are you spending all this time with, me and talking about these things that I've not heard you talk about before, maybe, you have talked about it before I just haven't seen him. No. Not yet, once, you asked me for the latest developments. Yeah, so, I told you my barn, a-threshing, the. Roof is hanging on three points instead of four. This. Is what happened, recently oh. Yeah. You have to get that fixed before it starts snowing right. Yeah. Yeah, I don't want to have some tons of snow on top of it but, then but everything is prepared to get it okay. Okay, very. Good. Okay. Well I you, know we're up on about an hour which is a good length of time I know we could probably talk a lot longer but it's getting late over there and I. I, just want to thank you so much for your time today I really do appreciate it, and, if there's anything else you'd like to mention before we go you know please please, do. I. Don't. Know people get your shit sorted, I don't know it. That's. A good message. If. You look at the state of things at, the moment, everything. Is ridiculous. And. Everybody's. Minds. Are dancing. To this ridiculous. Theater. Played, by. The, media, you. Know who, cares about, corruption, in. Washington because. Everybody's, corrupt, and just like like tons of corrupt people trying to get rid of each other by, claiming. The other one is corrupt. You know, everybody's. Into child trafficking. Into child abuse, into. Murder, into, treason. Whatever. You, know there's, a bunch of publicly. Demonized. Empty. Shelves. That. Do, the worst they. Can do because. Everybody. Else decided. That hierarchy, is a good idea. You. Know why, don't people just get, the beauty, of this simple. Insight. But. That, these demonized, empty, shells that are as evil, as a human, can get are the direct, cause. Of. Other, people. Rejecting. Self responsibility and. Supporting. Higher keys. Yeah, it's so simple so, easy and, everybody is staring up there could we get good, president, next time please you, know you don't even have a good one to vote. Yeah. Because everybody put. Into. The position to get both it is already, an empty shell that is completely, different, yeah. You don't, have a chance to get up there unless you're, an empty shell that demonized. And of, course you have to have had. Some, childs, molested.

Or People. Murdered, that. Somebody can put, the trigger at you and. Tell you what you're supposed to do if not we. Will expose, things in public this is how politics, works can't, you just drop that bullshit. Because it doesn't work that way yes. It doesn't get better if you fumble around by. Pushing. Little. Decisions. Getting. Maybe. Better. President. Next, time or stopping, the, worst decisions. It doesn't work that way entire, concept, hierarchy, is demonic, and it's, designed, to, bring evil people to. The trigger to. Ignite. Black. Sacrifice. And fire sacrifice. For the demons this is how it works so please. Stop. Doing it right. Then, on personal, level yeah. Blood. And fire, sacrifice. Arrived. On, personal. Level, in, front, and back yards, or people homes you call that barbecue. Yeah. It, directly. Comes, from, blood. And fire sacrifice, in early Atreus when these demonic, cults, introduced. The Manatee into eating meat. Look. Look what eating meat does to animal, a fox. Eats meat, and here's no mercy, with, the rabbit which is okay because it's supposed to eat rabbits, we. Eat meat and we have no mercy with nobody, because we lose so. Compassion. When, we eat meat. You. Know we're we suck in and not not only eating meat I mean this just a quarter of the evilly we. Soak, in weed meat of animals that, get tortured, for lifetime, and, that, then, get killed in the most crude, ways you, can imagine so, we eat, me that is loaded. To the limit, with torture, energy, and and. And, hormones. Of. Carom. Yeah. And then we have all this in Saudia our system, and of course if you are soaked with this, looking. At politics, is completely, normal. Because. There's no difference, in, in. In. Horror between. The state of your body and, the state of the world the same energy you get yes. Same energy exactly, the same energy get your bodies clean of this bullshit, and you, will look out of the window and start to scream because you see things you've never seen before. And. When I when I go to when. I started, getting, cleaned. You, know you go to the supermarket, you forget, actually, where the corner is where the meat gets, old, so you just pass walk. By that corner, and turn. The back to the meat and suddenly the, body collapses. Because. You know you turn with your egg chakras. Into the direction, and it get a full load of pain, from these animals into. Your chakra, system when you collapse to the ground I know. People who it. Was. An I actually a beautiful story, guy that was driving his motorcycle on. A highway and. He crossed by one. Of these vans. Transporting. Pigs to the slaughter house. And. He collected on the motorcycle. Because. He caught the full, load of these emotions, into, this is, his system, and. This same completely, changed, his life now he trusts, he's, just, traveling, from village to. Village. Discussing. With a mayor to get parts, of the public land and he's growing Paradise, Garden Gardens. In every village he comes across. Because. Of this incident, you know it made me some measures to wake up and, once you start waking up this girl's and go go go go it was quicker and quicker because. You get you, get used to waiting. But. It's also something, can get used to that you. See yourself changing. And you you, see things changing. In front of your eyes not because of things changing, because. You've you changing, right, and, yourself. Gets more clearer, and clearer and clearer, to see the real. Things, in, this theater. So. A hundred pages in English. Hundred. Pages in English, put, the good. Yeah. Yeah. This is I don't know this is what what, I wish, to, see out there, and I don't think that we have much time left to wake up. This. Is a bit difficult but, but the, Damier is, out of the game.

Satan. Is not there anymore. Which. Automatically. Means in, the context. Of long-term history. That. Actually, the Karen, teen Oakland, should. Be listed and. I. Don't. Think that the, friendly, beings are there we'll stand. Back. Why are these crazy, humans, destroy, the planet we're. Not the only ones here, we are not the first speech used to. Develop. Cultural, life and civilizations. On this planet were not supposed to be last ones so. They won't let us kiss from Spain and, I, don't see that I don't, feel this you, know it's like, well my feeling, is more like we have we. Have like a couple of months maybe half a year maybe one year to. Learn our lessons, about by ourself. No, the worst is, over, actually. We could wake up now to. Ourselves. And. But. But there's not unlimited. Time, to do so I don't. See I don't feel, there's. Some some sort of pressure, from outside entities. There's. A sense of really need a. Sense. Of urgency. Yes. Yes, definitely. I. Never. Had this before like. Like. Need. To hurry up with my own issues, I want. To have it done soon. Yeah. Okay. And I. Don't. Feel like being. One. Of the few to do I. Don't. Know humans humans, are there. If, you look at the original setup, we're so, beautiful. Beings. So. Gifted. With it. And. It's, not just about. Demanding. This back, taking, it back because it, works to demand it think it's, all about affirmation. If. You lost a part of yourself just affirm that back, you. Don't feel anger. Center. Yourself in your heart and, say I feel, my anger, and. There it is it's easy you, know if you know the technique it's easy to conquer everything. Back it's. Just a li practice, nothing, else and. Yeah. Yeah, and it's all there it's and we didn't lose anything. It's it just dropped into the hidden and we have to reclaim, it and retake it and. Reintegrated, into our day. Consciousness. To, the point where there is no they contain, consciousness. But only. Ourselves. And. That's that it's actually. Easy, Gigi. All. Right well, I'm. Glad we I'm glad we talked I'm glad you you finished with that I'm glad you because, that's what was on your mind. You know that message and uh, and, so, I thank you for that I think, you for being honest about that. And. And. Maybe we can do a follow-up sometime, but. I just want to thank everybody for joining us and especially you've, Harold for joining me and and. We'll be back again bye-bye. Fine.

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