Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) - smart meter documentary

Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) - smart meter documentary

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If mr. Friedman has a concern, about the. Safety of smart meters he does not have to happen is it PU C's decision. That. By allowing, an opt-out it can duck, an obligation. To consider the, health or the trespass issues. Your. Honor all. Of these issues were before the Commission in, the earlier proceedings, the, Commission had, had a proceeding, on this and but, it didn't decide, any, of those issues, no. No your honor yeah the Commission. Did not the. Commission in fact declined. To, do the analysis, to make the decisions, about health and safety. The. Remedy for, all of the concerns in, those proceedings was, to, offer an opt-out. How about the members of the public that are not opting out. Here, the Commission's responsibility to, look out for their health and safety and. To make a judgment as to whether they are being unreasonably, exposed to RF. Your. Honor nothing, in the world can be made absolutely. Safe. So. Are, you admitting that they're not safe, is. It the PUC. Position. That these are safe, enough. Your. Honor that the public, is is. Free to. To. Have. Whatever. Concerns, it would, have. What. The Commission is doing as. You, present it is saying it, has declined, to. Do the health and safety analysis. You're, on your own. The. Commission instructed, the utility, to, in, his communication plan to provide information to all of its customers, about. Smart meters and, so. It's to the science that is out there but. Misma Coleman there's. Still all those people that haven't and. For, those people you're saying that, the. State of affairs can be that the commission can take no position on their safety. And leave it up to the utility. About. A year ago a good friend of mine got ill and there. Was no apparent reason why, then. She realized that her. Electric utility, had installed a new digital smart meter a wireless, electric, meter. At. The same time as she got ill as. I looked into it thousands. Of people have had the same experiences. So. I wanted to figure out is this really happening are people truly getting sick because of radiation coming from electric, meters I. Grabbed. A camera and interviewed, as many people, as I could from all around the world to find out what's been their experience and. What do they know I. Had. No idea the level of startling information, that we would discover along the way. I. Was. Hearing this banging, on the.

Basement Door which is the door that leads into the Hydra, meters that are in here, and so I leave, my bed and I come down here, and. I sit right here on on this step and I'm like okay I'm gonna film this. I'll. Show you the door I, had. Heard her banging but I didn't know that she actually kicked the door in until, she left cuz when when she left I came here and I found this on the ground I was like wow, she actually kicked. The door in, we, since repaired the door, we. Put these. Do. Not install. A smart meter sign, on her door. And. Apparently, this wasn't the only case of a utility Breaking, and Entering. The, morning the guy came into changed meters this. Had been shattered he had taken a dead bolt cutter and cut off our chain and basically cried. Their door open and walk around in here and when he left the, chain was laying on the ground it was broken the lock was broken also, vandalized. The property, and, forces, went to my property without buzzing, any of the building buzzers. So. With billions, of dollars being spent all around the world with zero, public input and with, all of these concerns, coming, to the fore I realized. That there had to be some, serious commitment. Behind the scenes to, push this grid through a smart. Meter is. Part. Of a much bigger picture, in a much bigger design, smart. Meter is really, just the attachment. That goes on an outside of a of a home or a business a. Two-way. Transmission, device that ties into the, larger Smart Grid plans that are being built out across the world. In. My research into this I found that utilities, around the world we're stating that the smart grid will deliver enhanced, energy security, reduced, greenhouse gases, improved. Urban air quality, and increased, grid asset utilization to me this sounded great on paper. Unfortunately. There. Are problems, with how the systems, work the, smart grid systems, are very buggy, there. Seems to be a critical, systemic. Issue with these Mis named smart meters they're, actually causing, fires in many cases after they're installed, after. Hundreds, of blazes, with very few admissions, of fault the, insurance adjusters, are catching on and. He says jump in the car we just got a call your house is on fire it was true, Michael Kapinos upper make field home was going, up burning. From a fire and his newly installed electric, meter well, tonight there's a major development, from Pico after, at least two dozen fires, and more than a dozen incidents, of overheating. The, energy, giant is halting, its controversial, smart, meter installation program, and, they're. Being installed, by people who are not very well trained for the most part. BC. Hydro says it's removing, 1,000. Smart Meters from homes across the province the, company says the move is just routine. How many smart meter fires have there been weeds, installed, approximately. Nine million smart meters and we have no reports. Not. One single report. And. So, the fire department basically. Said that the meters started, the blaze one. Look at the one look at the wreckage and said smart meters have walked away. Well. Brittany you were saying earlier that there was no, smart. Meter fires and this lady, right here has, pictures, of her smart, meter that exploded, on our house. Taxpayer. Money has now gone to some of the largest corporations, on the planet General. Electric for instance, is, the largest manufacturer, of smart. Grids they're, being manufactured, in China, as. Part of the 2009, u.s. bailout, 3.4. Billion was funneled into a national, smart grid stimulus, later, increased to 11 billion, this. Created a scenario where utilities, were given a massive financial, incentive, to go along with the program and, because, they went after the stimulus, money they needed to have a certain, amount of their meters. Deployed. Before, they could recoup. The, cost in addition. To that they started, billing, customers, for. These smart. Meters prior. Months. Prior to any, actual. Deployment. Of these meters to the people's homes so the consumers. Have been paying for these smart meters all, along, even if they didn't have one according. To Time magazine President. Obama originally, suggested pouring, 100, billion into a smart grid at a time of economic crisis. Immediately, following the 2008, election. Wikipedia. Reports that the US government's, primary reason, for this unprecedented. An allocation, of public funds is the eventual reduction, in electricity usage, by more than four percent, However. Real-world, evidence shows that installations. Of smart meters are not even producing, any energy, savings whatsoever. According. To a senior assistant, attorney for. Illinois Public Utilities quote, it's. Devastating to their plan the report shows zero statistically. Different results, they're being found in, pilot, programs now smart grids are to, really save no energy whatsoever, and. These expensive, smart meters lasts only a quarter or a fifth as long as traditional, analog, meters, these.

Devices, Are. Now, computers. And so, they have to be maintained. They, don't have the life of an existing, meter which is 20, to 30 years, these, devices, have, a life of between, five to seven, years. So. Who, benefits I got. A bill in December for, 1107. Dollars there's got to be a mistake no mistake, says PG&E, after, reviewing their accounts, the company, says their meters were working, correctly just. Like those of the 1,500. Other Californians. Who complained. Consumer. Advocate, mindy spats says that still doesn't explain something. Else customers. With the smart meters claim. That their energy, usage, has inexplicably. Risen, since the meters were put in so in other words it makes it look like there all of a sudden they're using twice as much energy as they used to use exactly, an experiment, by some students at Stanford is raising new questions tonight, about the accuracy, of PG&E, s controversial, new smart meters people, all over the state have been complaining, about inflated. Bills 7 on your side's Michael Finney is here now to tell us more about the students experiment, like so many others, these students PG&E, bill went through the roof at just about the same time their new smart meter was installed, we. Start the week with an explosive, investigation. Into the massive, mistakes being made with power bills serious. Flaws affecting, every electricity, user with a smart meter have, been uncovered, and when this whistleblower told, his power company what he'd found they. Offered to pay him off this, exclusive, investigation by, James Thomas has sparked calls for, a national, inquiry, why. Is it that in Ontario California. Texas. Australia. All these other jurisdictions. The rates have been doubling, and tripling and, this is a fact and we are told that the bills are going to stay the same it's actually gonna bring the bells down it's gonna be more efficient, and all these things then when the bills go up all, these denials start to come in well actually you are just using more energy the. Best one that I like to hear is actually the meters more accurate, these. Cost increases from widespread systemic, inaccuracies. Of smart meters are separate. From the additional, cost increases, which will be based on time of use. It's. All about money we're, gonna be charged, for, time-of-use, one, day it's coming, but. Hang, on a minute isn't, the whole point to lower electricity, bills for everyone I. Mean. What we're seeing so far with increased bills has to be just a bump in the road doesn't. It. You. Know. Under. My plan, of. A cap-and-trade system. Electricity. Rates would. Necessarily skyrocket. The, promise of the smart grid has been co-opted, by, the.

Smart Meter and I call it a canard of, misrepresentation. Basically. It's a French word for duck, and it means decoy, the, smart meters are a symptom, of a dysfunction, in. The system. The. Whole process has been captured, by industrial. Interests. What. I call the electricity, industrial, complex. Ran. Into a friend, of mine who's a senior official in the department of energy. Research. And development and we. Were having a coffee break at the conference and he said to me I saw, your paper I just. Sent it out a week before and I, said well how'd you think I, figured. I'd get a lot of pushback from all these guys at. This conference and. He sort of gave. Me a, sheepish. Grin and he shrugged, his shoulders and, said well. You know we had a a huge, amount of money that had to be spent on on. Smart. Grid and. We. Didn't have anything off-the-shelf. That would we could call smart green except these meters that were designed to twenty, years ago, so. That's. What we spent 2 billion of the, 4 billion for smart grid that's where it went. For. Matching, funds for utilities, to put in smart meters. But. He knew they, didn't do what was supposed to be done. The. Next thing I started to hear about was how this worldwide smart grid program, was making the entire power grid vulnerable, to cyber attack. What. They're doing now they're constructing, what they call a smart grid and. They're. Going to make it easier for you. And me to call, our, homes on our cell phone and turn down our air conditioning on a hot afternoon before, not they're great but, that may well mean that a hacker in Shanghai, with, his cell phone can, do the same thing or, worse and, a. So-called, smart grid that. Is as vulnerable as, what we've got is not smart at all it's a really really stupid grid the, vulnerabilities. Of the Internet are now being transferred. To the importance, of the, power grid without. 100%. Assurance that. The internet, or that connectivity, is safe, we, are bringing the potential, to, take down the, power that. Runs this nation. There. Is a smart grid initiative. In. Almost every industrialized, nation. Happening. At. The same time. And what. That provides, is. The. Potential, for. Disaster. To, happen, on a catastrophic. Scale. Even. The US government, is admitting, that the spark read now opens the door to cyber terrorism, on a large scale. The.

Washington Post reported, on the Inspector General's findings, that utilities, and government didn't seem to care about the new hacking vulnerabilities. Energy. Officials knew of these weaknesses but approved plans for the projects anyway. My. Journey of investigating, deeper into this worldwide program began. In British Columbia they. Knew about smart, meters years, ago they could have been talking about it but they kept it quite secret, they thought perhaps they could introduce it simply, do it and no, one would respond, we'd all forget and they, designed. Legislation. That would make this possible, the installation. Of the smart meters because, without the legislation. Obviously, it, would be going to the Utilities, Commission, they'd be looking at it they'd be assessing, it they'd be studying, and they'd be addressing, all the concerns we're, talking about now that's their role and, that's, been cut out of the process it, was a terrible idea without, the ability for the public to get honest, transparent answers. From the government and from BC Hydro they, were left to their own devices which for many BC, Hydro customers, meant turning to the Internet and, a quick Google search of smart meters will give you thousands, of pages of bad, news we, have a large, number of British Columbians, over a hundred thousand, that have not yet received meters and it's because they don't want them it has nothing to do with, a lack of technology, has nothing to do with the labor shortage its, customers, that are saying no this is a mandate, this is being pushed down your throat by, a company. That is not responsive by, a government, that is not responsible, and it's being done in a collusion, that's, designed to undermine the individual, rights of individual. People in communities, across the country and around so. Our provincial, government, has rewritten, laws is, ignoring. A democratic, vote by all mayors and councilors, and is. Also ignoring. Resolutions, for more than 50 local, municipalities. Who, have passed additional, independent, moratoriums. On installation, of these meters in their own cities. Despite. Numerous calls over several weeks BC. Hydro declined, a request for, an interview, corks. Utilities, accompany. Installing, the meters and didn't, even want to return their calls. Do. They have the right to refuse the new meter. The. Meters are a necessary upgrade. To the electricity grid okay but it this is non-negotiable, you. Must have the new meter they, are a necessary upgrade. To the electricity grid okay I'll try this one more time legally, are you allowed to refuse. The new meter. You're. Uncomfortable with, this question. I'm. Just trying to figure, out how best to answer that. What. Does it say about our political system, have we completely, gone the way of corporations. Is there any representation. Left. I'm. Comfortable, with. There. Is a worldwide. Privatization. Scheme. It's, really I suppose a new form of corporatism, where. Governments, are no longer masters, of their own fate, and it starts to become clear that the same undemocratic. Process to. Covertly, implement. Smart meters in my province of British Columbia was, also the case in California. Throughout, North America. And, around the world. So, how could it possibly be the case that, these corporations, who are pushing for a global smart, grid would, continue, with their plans despite, an enormous, list of potentially, disastrous, downsides. A massive. Part, of the. Smart meter, agenda. Is to. Literally, track. Every. Single, movement, within. A. House, so, every time somebody switches, on a light every, time somebody. Switches, on an appliance, each of these appliance, has a unique code which, is then effectively. Transmitted. Through the smart meter down, the grid so anybody that is minded. To do so can, hone in on an individual, residence, and actually, track what is going on in that household, so they can figure out when is your refrigerator been use when is your TV on what are you what, are you doing with your energy and they're going to start having a profile, of you. As an individual, a. Congressional. Research report, all but concluded, that Smart Meters in the United States are a violation, of the Fourth Amendment, in. No uncertain terms, the, court has asserted that at the very core the Fourth Amendment extends the right of a man to retreat, into his home and there be free from unreasonable government.

Intrusion. With. Smart meters police, will have access to data that might be used to track residents, daily lives and routines while in their homes including. Their eating sleeping, and showering, habits what. Appliances, they use and when and whether, they prefer the television, to the treadmill among a host of other details and, while. Some utilities, are still saying that all of the in-home, private, data they collect on you will be kept safely, tucked away another. Picture seems to be emerging. Here. In California utilities. Are already, selling our private electricity. Usage data to, third-party corporations. For a process rather. Than discourage this practice, the California, Public Utilities, Commission has actually encouraged, it. In. A 2011, press, release titled California. Commission adopts, rules to protect the privacy and security of customer, electricity, usage data comes. The following. CPUC. President Michael PV our. Action, today will protect the privacy and security of customer, electricity, usage data while enabling authorized. Third parties, to use the information. Commissioner, Timothy Alan Simon added I support. Today's decision, because it expands, consumer, and third-party, access to, electricity usage, information, I hope, this decision, stimulates, market, interest. In. The summer of 2013, these, newfound intentions, became evident, the, San Francisco, Chronicle revealed. That California's. Electric, utilities, last year disclosed, the energy, use records, and other personal, information of thousands, of customers to agencies, within the US government. Six. Years ago smart, meters were pretty rare today 60, million consumers, have access to detailed, information, about how much energy we use. How. We use it. When. We use it. The. Most exciting, thing for me is that. We, have an entire, organization. That's, gotten behind data, as an asset for, the first time in our company's history and. We. Get. A lot of data we do 221. Million meter reads a day which. Creates about a terabyte. Of data every, day we, can mine that data center. Point energy, actually, works with a variety of government, entities. In terms, of ensuring, that we. Are well-positioned. In. Early 2015, a high-level utility, commissioner admitted, that the residential, surveillance, data gathered, by smart leaders will be worth a lot more than the electricity, itself which. Is a two point two trillion, dollar market. As. General, Petraeus has said, make. No mistake about it we have the ability, to spy, on your households, through, your, appliances, and. If we have that ability we, probably will use it I mean, this is, control-freak. Eree it is, the wet dream. Of the, technocrats. People. Who live locked. In, a left. Brain construct. That, has no, room for. Anything. Spiritual. In their lives. Let's. Look for example at the SIS Peugeot that's. The Cyber Intelligence, Sharing. And. Protection Act. Which. Was intended to legalize, transferring. All your data from. Mega corporations, to the government. Recognizing. The push back to sista the Obama administration. Has created, a covert. Agreement, with the Justice Department to grant immunity to, all these communication, companies, and Internet companies that, were already sharing the data and. Now. As of, June. 12 2013, a, new, aspect of that goes, to effect which expands. This. Whole authorization. To, cover all critical. Infrastructure, sectors and, that includes, energy. Health. And finance. What. You're seeing is the establishment, of a. Sort of surveillance society you're seeing, establishment, of a surveillance network, it raises, the specter of, kind. Of the rise of soft tyranny, it raises the specter of your. Automatic suspicious. Until we prove that you're not, it. Raises the specter of a universal, I call, it a universal wiretap. A, persistent. Universal wiretap, on every, single person. Or. If if not they can create one because. And what happens if they don't like you what happens you speak ill will against the government what happens if you say something, they, consider disloyal, I mean, that's not the country that, that I took an oath to defend four, times in my government career. What's. The mindset of these mammoth, corporations. Who are now apparently, in partnership, with government. Eric. Schmidt is Google's, CEO people. Are treating Google like their most trusted friend should, they be if, you have something that you don't want anyone to know maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Google. Has already been caught and fined for, systematically. Hacking, and harvesting. Passwords, from millions of private Wi-Fi, networks, with its mapping cars and.

Illegally, Siphoning private. Data from iPhone users, we. Don't need you to type at all, because. We know where you are, with. Your permission. We. Know where you've been with, your permission we can more or less guess what you're thinking about, so. It's simply views the invasion of privacy as a way to allow the Internet giant to gain more information about you and then that data will let the search engine help, you in, your everyday life don't, you get it Google. Is trying to amass a huge amount of personal information about, you, to help. You. There's. What I call the creepy line and the, Google, policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it I would, argue that implanting, things in your brain is a is beyond the creepy line yes. Yes at. Least for the moment until, the technology gets better, let's, talk a little bit about information. And sorry wait a minute what was that I. Would. Argue that implanting, things in your brain is a is beyond the creepy line at. Least for the moment until, the technology gets better. Is. He saying that Google's creepy line is defined only by the current level of technology. What. Does a higher level of technology have to do with morals or ethics. But. What I learned in Silicon Valley was there is no moral, component. To technology, unless humans. Insist, that it be there. What. More do you need to know but. Most, people seem, to want to just close, their mind to and just say oh the government wouldn't do that and you. Know that can't be true it, is true and. Once. You know it's true you, get this question. In your mind of how did they think they could get away with it and what, in the world are they trying to do with all this data why do they need to get into. Our lives this, deeply. My. Research has led me to believe that the. Controlling. Elite are. Trying, to create a global cashless. Currency. And one, of the ways that they intend to do this is to base it on carbon, credits, basically. What that means is they're, going to dole out your, use of energy dependent. On your. Behavior and they, want to be able to control, it themselves so these, things, that they're installing, the meters and the appliances, with both sending, and receiving transmitters. Would, allow them to not only monitor but. To control, every. Appliance in your house what. Is it that makes the government think that they can usher us into a totalitarian. State at all, much, less without us even noticing. We. Are on Zone we. Help energy utilities, globally, to build better relationships, with their customers serve, them more efficiently, and start them in a more effective way how do we do this we, take energy consumption. Data from smart meters and sensors we, analyze, it using our patented algorithms. And build a highly personalized. Profile, for each and every, utility, customer, we then tag this profile, with the key behavioral, attitudinal. And lifestyle, characteristics. That we are identifying we, even tag the appliances, that we see being used in the home we, then use this characterized, profile, to give the utility, three things one. Customer, engagement, apps that educate, the end customer filled levels of trust and ultimately reduce. Customer churn to. A detailed, description of each end customer, that helps the utility, to provide more appropriate, services, and highly targeted sales, campaigns, 3, the ability, to monitor their customer data by providing a direct link to appropriate, third-party, organizations. Based on the customers, identified, character, so, from, a very thin stream of energy consumption, data onso, deliver significant. Business value prove little as the price of a cup of coffee. It. Seemed to me that whether it's a terrorism, threat or an apparent energy, crisis, or an obsession, to modernize, technology. Without purpose, what's. Being consistently, implied is that we must now willingly, give up our basic human rights I had. To wonder what, if we are being systematically, fed a false paradigm. Scarcity. Is the, nightmare that's lurking in everyone's mind. It's, what's. Driving a lot of our emotional, reactions, to everything that we face it's that lurking fear, that, things are gonna run out so.

It's Not a bad thing that we do have these fears but. They've overcome, our ability to look at the reality, which, is that we don't live in a condition of scarcity, there. Is no shortage, of energy on this planet the. Sun is the source of all and the, Sun produces. Quadrillions. Of times the, amount of energy we need. Solar. Panels, are just as efficient, in small scale as they are in large scale there's no benefit in putting them in large farms, let. The customers, generate the electricity the. Utility, just manages, the wires and poles that's, the new business model, but. That's tough for a hundred thirty old industry, that's based on return, on big capital, and sell. Of kilowatt hours, has. Been a huge utility. Pushback on solar photovoltaics. And, net. Metering in particularly in California Arizona Colorado, and, other, states there, and driven. By Alec again the, American Legislative, Exchange Council trying. To push. Back on renewable. Energy the. Utility, industry is waking up to the death spiral in their, business model and they, want to fend it off at, least until some of the top executives can retire I. Personally. Have the privilege, of visiting numerous. Laboratories. Where. Inventors. Are. Successfully. Creating, technologies. Which access, off-grid, energy in whole, new ways and, it's, really, exciting, to see. Sadly. Most of these have been raided and shut down, and the. Federation. Of American scientists, have, actually acknowledged, publicly on their website that over. 5,000. Of these technologies. Have. Been suppressed have, been confiscated. In, the process, of applying, for patents. This. Whole smart. Meter Fiasco. Could go away very quickly, if these, alternative, energy technologies, were simply allowed to flourish, now. That's not going to be in the agenda of the controlling, elite that's. Going to be up to us I looked. Into it and it turns out the US government, has actually created a law for, the suppression of inventions, the.

Patent Laws allow any interested, agency, including, the Atomic, Energy Commission to. Shut down any patents, if they consider them to be detrimental to, the national security. With. Six of the world's seven largest companies in the oil and gas industry, could, it be possible there's, a vested, interest in, preventing decentralized. Clean energy pulling, strings at this level of depth and. Incredibly. In July, of 2013. Spain, actually, taxed, the Sun setting. A fine of 30 million euros for, violators, who collect sunlight for their own use. While. Billions and billions of taxpayer, dollars continue. To be spent for a centralized, control grid are. We still expected, to believe that this has anything, to do with going. Green. Whenever. Human beings are invested, historically, in a particular, technology, then. Power structures, build up around that that, fight for their own interest. Just. At a time when a change is about to take place - a better way of doing things they. Fight for their existence, like a creature fights for its existence, they are the, dinosaur, that is just. About to become extinct, which, is the need for overly, centralized, power producers. And that. This is a bid, to. Have a device, in the home which, gives him both control, and future. Capabilities, of broadcasting. And, receiving. Through the home it's, all part of agenda. To. Try and stop the change that is coming and you. Know this truth that's come that everybody's gonna see so the. Fact that it's going worldwide. Should. Tell you something that there's something up here and that, there is something. Going on and there's. A reason for this and they're getting around all the legislation's, income in countries, so it's coming from a very high level on the, planet. Whatever. Is happening to Americans, with this technology, is going global. Every. One of these energy. Companies in the United States is embedded, in an, international, period of energy, delivery, and they're, working to control every, household across, the world using. This kind of technology. Wait. A minute this isn't not what I asked you to do all, I asked you to do is deliver electricity to my house not. Monitor, my house not. Broadcast. Throughout my house when, I was in Silicon Valley in 1980 this was being discussed it, was who was going to take over the home the energy companies was, it the phone companies, was it the energy companies whose, line, of access to the home was going to allow a single, point of access to the home but. It didn't escape everyone, that whatever, they delete everything to you made, you totally, dependent, gave, complete, access, and could. Be a two-way street, but. What no one knew at that time was. That a method of technology. Would be used whose. By-product. Was, essentially. Radiation. Miss. Lawson. Our. Power was a was, cut. Off on February. 11th. 2013. And we, have not have power in seven. Weeks and because. They installed, that radio frequency meter, on our property, my, sister's had fevers, of, over.

Excuse. Me over. A hundred and two Fahrenheit, and they, kept on going up this. Is not normal. This. Should not be tolerated, okay. I want, a high level person. From, DWP. To. Connect. With, this family, find. Out exactly. What's, going on and, let's. Fix it immediately. Unfortunately. When, I complained, about, the. Smart meter put on a property, I was told there, was no smart meter on a property it's a radiofrequency meter, when. I began to express, the LDP the. Health concerns that came out of nowhere they. Told me that I was making it up it didn't make any sense my, husband and I had numerous, people come, to our house and explain to us that. It must be something else in your home so. I began writing with the general manager mr., Nichols, he. Ignored my emails, so. For months and months and months I have begged DWP, to please take this off of our property and we have had no power for seven weeks in one day Easter. Fart, Children was, horrible okay thank you we'll get to the bottom of that today I want is. I. Want somebody, on the phone right, now. Tom's. On the phone right now and mr.. Boosts guy you know I'm on this so I will one. Way or the other find, out what's going on with the Lawson. Family will I'll, find, out two day. So. The very next day after the, City Council meeting our power was turned on EWP came to the house so. We've had power since April first, 2013. Right. I'm. You know how, does it feel to to, take a stand and then to to. Ultimately. For. The situation be corrected. Well. It, feels great to actually go out there it's, a fight for what you believe in and not, just on this island and say oh well, this is happening there doesn't I can do about it but. Just actually know that you can do something about it and, you. Can't give up just always fight for what you believe in. In. May of 2011, the World Health Organization. Classified. Radiofrequency radiation. As. A class to be potential.

Cancer-causing. Carcinogen. The. Utility, companies will tell us that the meters are only on for 45, or 60 seconds, a day and that they're safe. So. The next stop on my journey to verify the facts, was with dr. David carpenter a Harvard trained researcher, at the University, of Albany New York under, court order Pacific, Gas and Electric admitted. That. Their smart meters generate. 14,000. Spikes. Of communication. Per day, the. Utilities, have often, held that smart meters are not a problem because. They communicate, with the utility, rather, infrequently. Maybe. A couple of times an hour. That. Doesn't matter how frequently, they communicate, to the utility, what, matters is, how frequently do they generate radio frequency, fields and, clearly. The utilities, have been hiding, the fact that. These smart meters generate, these radio frequency, fields almost, continuous, their. Pulses, but. They're very very frequent. So. According to PG&E, escort, documentation. The, average smart meter is on for 45 or 60 seconds a day but. They've conveniently withheld. From us that, these. 45, or 60 seconds, are split up into 10,000. Or more pulses. Each. At, about 4 and 1/2 milliseconds. In duration emitting. All the time every, few seconds, 24/7. And some. Meters are up to 190,000. Pulses per day so. This is a smart, meter Bank it's inside a Northwest, DC condominium. Building and there's 32, different, smart, meters inside, this building so, what I did was I brought. In a meter. That measures the, levels of radiofrequency radiation and. What I'm finding is, that these, smart meters are emitting, radiation, every. Few seconds, but, Pepco says smart meter communications. Take place every 4 to 6 hours so, I brought these findings, to Petco spokesman, Marcus, Biel who said I can't account for for a test that we you, know there are a lot of variables involved that, you know we can't account for, with the test that we're not at present at but. You. Know we're, confident in the specs. Of our meters and and the stateís. Of the meters at this point, so I asked pepco if we could go out with their experts, to do their own test they told me they would look into it and just to be clear we're, not saying, whether or not this radiation, is dangerous that's up to the scientists, and it is currently the subject of a very heated debate the, definition, of a smart grid is, a wireless. System that. Will, fundamentally. Turn, every, single appliance, in your home into. The equivalent of a, transmitting. Cell phone that's every, every. Computer every television every furnace every air conditioner every coffee machine, every, printer every single, appliance that you have in your house will, eventually.

In A smart grid have an antenna that's embedded into, it that will transmit your usage data to a smart, meter on the outside, of your home that, will then transmit, your usage data to another. Tower, receiving. A usage, signal that will then go to the utility company for. Supposedly, billing, purposes, not. All signals, will just be about your individual, use there will be aggregated. Will. Bounce signal, from house to house to house within a neighborhood that. Will then accumulate. All of the usage data that will transmit, that to the utility, company now, what that will do is that the end metering, system, that is transmitting, all of that data will be firing an RF signal at, many many times a second, which, will increase, the, average homeowners. Radio. Frequency, radiation exposure. Exponentially. This. Picture shows some aphids, on, the leaf of an orange tree shortly. After, radar equipment, was installed at a nearby airport, a number, of years ago I noticed. That every few seconds, all, the aphids were tense up in unison, and do, sort of a little dance as you see in the picture, upon. Further investigation I. Found. That the interval, of time between the, activity, of each dance, coincided. Exactly, with the rotation, of the radar, rotor device, at, the airport, which. Was a distance, of approximately 14. Miles, and. We now have vast. Amounts, of published, science, on microwave, radiation. And health, affects the. Data we're going to look at are all published, science testing, results or public, standards at. The bottom end of the radiation scale of what's called power density, or signal, strength is the, minimum level at which cellphones will work which, was found to be point to billions, of a micro watt per centimeter squared. Pine. Needles were found to age prematurely at. Point, zero zero zero zero to seven. At. Short-term exposures. Of point zero five children. Aged 8 to 17 experienced. Headache irritation. Concentration. Difficulties and behavioral, problems. Point. One is the BAU biology, or building, biology, guideline, for extreme concern. One. Point zero produced, sperm DNA fragmentation, and a decrease in sperm viability, in vitro. Also. At one point zero the science shows the following bodily, effects can occur headaches. Dizziness, fatigue. Insomnia. Chest. Pain difficulty, breathing and in digestion. 2.5. Saw altered, calcium, metabolism and, heart muscle cells, 4.0. Changes. In the hippocampus, affecting, brain memory and learning and at, 6.0, DNA, damage in cells, so. Where, are smart meters on this list.

Electrical. Power Institute in December, 2010, measured, a single I Tron smart meter with pulses up to seven point nine three microwatts. Per centimeter, squared our. Own testing, indicated approximately, eight point zero with, one meter these. Tests are at a close distance approximately, one, foot away from the meter but an infant's crib can be just as close on the other side of the wall where the meter or bank of meters are installed. Even. Though there are all these known health effects at levels far lower Switzerland. Liechtenstein and, Luxembourg, see fit to set the standard at nine point five and, China. Poland, and Russia 10.0. This. Is the same level at which behavior, has been altered producing. Reflexes, of avoidance, following, 30-minute, exposures. A room, of 12 smart meters a very common, and even a conservative, number in an apartment, building tested, at 19.8. Microwatts. Per centimeter, squared this. Is hundreds, of times higher than levels which clearly, indicate, harmful, effects. So. How can you Tillet ease and governments get away with forcing, these devices, on everyone, this. Is how in, Canada. In the US and several other civilized, countries, the safety limit is set at 600 to 1000, microwatts, per centimeter, squared, this. So-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands, of times higher than levels which are known to damage health according, to peer-reviewed, published, science. There. Was an organization, called the, Committee on man and radiation. Essentially. The, Committee on man in radiation, intellectually. Framed this as a. Controversy. That there, was no such thing as a non thermal effect, that. Thermal effects were the only good, science, and they had good science on their side and anyone who said otherwise was. Either a crank or needed. To be dismissed, from from, from the area, altogether our. Concern, is that smart. Meters add to, this. Multiple. Source exposure. To radiofrequency radiation. Radiofrequency. Radiation, that, we know causes. A variety. Of biological, effects and where. We have very strong evidence that, it, causes disease specifically. Brain cancer, and other, diseases. There. Have now been more than 6,000. Published scientific studies on the health effects of microwave, radiation since, the 1930s, and, with the vast majority, showing. That there is some biological, damage being done the, jury is no longer out on whether this is harmful even. By 1972. We have the US Navy producing, an unclassified, report of. Health effects on the human body observed. From microwave radiation. Summarized. More than 2,300. Studies, 5. Pages, of observed human health effects in this report include, headaches. And insomnia. Painful. How. Many times does that happen every, time I walked by it which was a bunch of times. Vadoma. Medic or a regular, action, of the hearts they. Were installed in my house and shortly after, that I've. Started, experiencing. Pretty, significant, heart palpitations. Anxiety I. Was. Nervous a lot and I couldn't sleep chest. Pains I, started. Getting this intense, chest pain and changes. In the operation, of implanted, cardiac, pacemakers. Well. My heart would speed up to do about 170. Beats a minute and I. Could. Normally control, any, arrhythmia. That I would have before, just by meditation, and relaxing, and. This. Amount meter I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't, bring, it down and you found that when you were in that electromagnetic. Field your. Heart was going. To high rates of arrhythmia, yes, in a way wouldn't happen all, the time but a heaven of the, first time were supposed eight months after the meter was installed, and then, the second time it occurred was six months after that and then, it went four months after that and then, went two months after that was became, more and more sensitive, more it's more sensitive as the time went by and you found that when you were able to remove the meter that, you did recover correct, yes. Another.

Serious Health complaint, about these devices is what's known as dirty electricity, caused, by the converter, between DC and AC current. It, appears that utilities, do not wish this aspect, of the health issue to become widely known I. Can't. Tell how many people have called me who, became dreadfully, he'll the. Minute, one of those got put on their house, dirty. Electricity, is. The. Best synonym, is electrical pollution, we. Understand air pollution, those clean air is polluted air does, clean electricity, does, pollute electricity. Dirty, electricity is the major pollutant. That, comes into your house on your wires riding. Piggyback on, the 60 cycle so. We're going to test this. All, right. And, Nana, we're going to measure, electricity. Running, through the smart meter all right right, now the switch is enthroned as you can see there's nothing happening, so, we're going to turn this on. Whoa. So. We've got quite look at this torsion, yeah I'm going on all. Right. And. That tick let's this might listen to I. Wow. This. We're gonna try to catch it when it the track yes yeah. That, couldn't look like that wow. You just had the analog boy so. Cut enough of that that was a lot of transmissions, to it just a small amount of time and we're seeing this with the new the new, smart meters yeah they're, more active much, more ah yeah it's not just the 900 megahertz that's, transferred those that's, the microwave, that's the microwave, effect but this effect, is much, greater so this is not like your baby monitor this, isn't like your cell phone this, is like no other device, you're, exposed, to because, it's, using all the wiring that travels through this panel as an antenna so it's an energized, antenna, because it's connected to correct its the largest antenna, and you're exposed to this. 24/7. If you're in the house 24/7. This, doesn't stay in the wiring right, it actually radiates, six. To eight feet from, the wire many people, involved. In the smart meter issue are focused on the 900. Megahertz. Frequency. That. Which is the microwave, transmission. But, none. Of us knew that there were these other frequencies, sort. Of hidden, in. In, that and are, being transmitted, as well so, in. My opinion this. Is why people are getting damaged, why people, who previously could handle all their wireless gadgetry, their Wi-Fi, on their cell phone and then, when they get the smart meter on their house. All. The sudden their world falls apart. I made. A call to a government, agency I started. To talk about the problems with the meters and he. Was getting agitated. And he said it's. Just they're just like cell phones there's there's nothing wrong with these meters they're just like cell phones and I said no. It's not true there's a problem with these meters in the switch mode power supply, and he said to me how do you know about switch mode power supply, and I, said to him, what.

Is Your name and, he hung up on me and then. About 10 minutes later he called me back on a different phone and, he told me there is a problem with the switch mode power supply, he. Knows about this but he can't talk and. I, think, that a lot of people are scared to talk and a lot of people know what's going on here, electricians. Know people. At con Edison, know but. I don't think they know what to do I would. Say that it's better to do the right thing because when, people are silent a. Lot. Of people can die. Did. You hear about people coming to you as far as as. Far as having complaints about illness. We, were made aware of health complaints, following, installation of smart meters and we wanted to verify this, using. Our fieldwork so I measured. The field of about 30 different people. While they stood one, foot in front of the smart meter and in every single case the. Human. Energy field was obliterated as they stood in front of the smart meter we. Wanted to then. Verify. This at the physical level using, dark field microscopy and, then we also did a control, group to find out if the old analog meters, had the same effect on the blood as the. Smart, meter so. In our first slides, what we see is normal. Cells and the, structure of the cells is intact. And sound this. Is what we would expect from a normal sample. With. The subject, standing, one foot in front of the analog, meter there were no significant, changes, to these blood samples in any of the three that we tested. In, our second, set of tests, we're using the smart meter before the exposure we, see the same thing as we saw in the first samples, normal. Cell walls fairly, separated. And looking healthy so. After two minutes of exposure in front of the smart meter at about one foot away we. See a totally different story, sample. One you can see a lot of degradation in, the cells the cell walls have been broken and you, see changes. In the cells which are called mycoplasma, it, shows a mutation, to the cell in, the second sample we, seems a different type of degradation, to the cell, membranes, you can see a corrugation.

Here This is called bottle, cap formation, and it's. Known that this occurs due to oxidation. Or, exposure. To free radicals, so. This third subject when. We did her sample, she, had, to be pulled away from the meter after 45, seconds, because she complained about a increasingly. Severe, headache and here. You see a phenomenon, called reuleaux where the red blood cells are stacking, up which, makes it very difficult for, the blood, to deliver oxygen to the tissues as. They would, be their normal function every, single one of these is a degradation every. Single one of these shows of trauma to the blood cells and that. Came from something and the only variable, was the smart meter the, good news in all this is the, patient's, and the blood can return to normal, once they have been removed from the influences, of these stressors. So. This. Thing about. Electrosensitive. 3 or 5 percent of people are, affected and everyone else's ok I mean what would you have to say about that there, are changes. Whether they feel them or not maybe. They're not out there complaining, about it or trying to make other people aware of, what, it's doing to them yet, they're still being affected by, a considerable. Amount of research shows that developing. Brains and bodies of children are much more affected, than adults and there. Are clear indications of a link between increased. Electromagnetic. Fields and autism. Spectrum disorders. We. Took ten artistic, children and went. Back to the sleeping location, where the mother was when. She was pregnant with, their child, and. Compared, it with, the. Sleeping location, of a mother that, gave birth to healthy children we. Have 10 mothers in that group 10 mothers in this group and in, the group of the, autistic children, we found that. The the measurements. Have we got for the microwave. Exposure. Was. Elevated, compared. To the group of children that were normal the. Fetus is affected, the. Exposure, to, man-made electromagnetic. Fields has become, the first factor, that could be isolated, ever in autism, that could predict autism. The. Radiofrequency, radiation, work. That we did was, supported, by Motorola. The. Relationship. Was really very cordial. And very. Stress-free. But. Only. Up, until we started to gender hitting data these. Folks were very very, upset and began to talk about how are they going to handle this, what, sort of spin can we put on this what can we expect from this and from. That point on the relationship, changed, what. We saw was that Motorola began, to exert more and more control, over the work telling. Us what to do. Telling. Us how to write abstracts, what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the papers. How. To do the work no. Don't, do this yes do it this way, this. Was unacceptable, I. Had. Completed, our, study of DNA damage and, I. Submitted the final report, to Motorola. They, simply, weren't, willing to accept, my. Interpretation. Of my study, my. Evaluation. Of my study. My. Knowledge of science, at that, point and. Tried. To urge me not to publish the study, when. I filed my initial, complaint. Central, Maine power responded. With a 250. Page basically. Rebuttal. On why smart meters are so safe and they hired. Exponent. Which is a science, and consulting, firm that has represented, the tobacco industry, they've represented the asbestos industry, so. This is a firm, that industry, hires to, prove, that. Dangerous, products, are safe what's, going on here this is a wireless device which. Is unproven. Scientifically. Which all the evidence so. Far proves. Is dangerous. Or questionable, which, should therefore be studied, intensely before, it's released to the public, clever.

People Called the technology, smart to, make it seem intimidating. So no one would question it some, smart. Admin, came up with that in god paid three hundred thousand, dollars to call, it a smart, meter so you would feel less. Knowledgeable. Which they know we feel and then, you wouldn't question the smart people, putting it in your house so. I called him not smart meters dangerous. Meters. Despite. Industry's, attempts, to hide the truth the science, is done, there. Are very likely more, studies that show a biological. Effect from, electromagnetic frequencies. Or EMF, than, any other single area, of focus in all of science. The. Site EMF, portal org, as of late 2016, catalogues. A whopping twenty, three thousand, eight hundred studies. Power. Watch UK lists. 1659. Studies, on EMF, of those. 1032. Found affects a further. Three hundred and seventy had other important, insights, her findings, and only. Two hundred fifty seven did not find effects I. Began. To reluctantly see the insanity. Exhibited. By the actors, within our captured, government, prepared, to risk everything even. Their own children's. Futures. Globalist. Profiteers are fast-tracking, agendas. Like smart meters and now. 5g. So. They can reap billions in the, process, of normalizing. Unlawful. Surveillance. I started. Wondering power our future generations, being affected, by this unprecedented, increase, in electromagnetic. Radiation, I. Had. A son that was going, to school at San Diego State University and he called me and. He said mom I've got the worst headache he says I'm projectile. Vomiting, all over my apartment and I said get to the hospital, and. The. Emergency room, doctor at, sharps, Memorial, Hospital, in San Diego called, me and he. Said your son has bleeding in the brain and, I, said we'll be there immediately, and. My. Son had surgery, that evening when. He got out dr., Tanner why I told, us that my son had brain cancer and it was either the, very worst or, the second worst type. Of brain cancer you could have it. Was nothing but chaos for seven months we moved him back home and had.

To Pack everything that he owned in California. And brought, him home and he only survived just shy of seven months and he died, October. 11th of 2008. All. The 7th, of, 2009. I. Typed. In cancer, clusters, and. I saw SDSU. San Diego State University brain, cancer, cluster, and I. Read this I read, this article over, and over and I just I think, I just did put me in shock and I ended up on the floor for the rest of the day but. Um sorry. I realized. They were talking about my son, so. I immediately. Started, contacting. SDSU. The. Administration. And. I, taught myself just, being bounced, around, nobody, wanted to deal with me, so. I got. My car and I. Drove out to San Diego, for the whole month of October, of 2009. And. When I went over onto the campus, in. These articles they talked about it cell tower and I went over there and there's this huge. Cell. Tower that's outside, of this building, which, towers, above NASA tear hall in. Room. 131, were all these kids and. People. Have come down with, brain. Cancer. My, son rich barber died October, 11th of 2008. And he was, in NASA tear haul room. 131, Professor. Charles cutter died June 19th. 2008. NASA, tear haul room 131, Lutrell. Diagnosed. With primary, lymphoma. Brain cancer, in 2008. He, was in the room right next to room 131. Dwight. Anderson, died. In 2008. NASA tear call miss. Laura Lam tower died. August 29th, of 2010. Richard. Funston, died, and he, was also located. In NASA tear Hall room 131, I. Just. Think that this wireless stuff we, just need to get a handle on it and warn. The public that, I just want parents to know and I want kids to know that these are very dangerous and. These are on many many college campuses. Reporter. From the San Diego Tribune, that I had contacted, actually called me at home and he said this story will never get out in San Diego and I. Said why and he said because of money. After. Having interviewed, more than 70, people from four countries witnessing. The profound, emotion, from those whose lives have been ruined I felt, myself wondering, if I could ever really make a difference against, corporations that are so powerful and so willing to put money before life itself. So. Here's. You PA installers. Crossing. Over locked fences, and. Against. Consent. On. January. 23rd. With. Premeditated. Malice. And forethought. Our city. Manager, in collusion. With our city's, administrative. Police, chief. Ordered. An all-out assault, on. Many. Of the citizens, personal, property. By. Cutting, locks. Illegally. Trespassing. Threatening. Taxpaying. Citizens. Mostly. Women, and, elderly. And, actually. Arrested. Two, of our, stay-at-home. Moms on, trumped-up. Charges. For. Refusing. Installation. Of smart, meters. When. The full force of the city's, police, department, is turned. On its own people it's. Time, for a radical, and. Immediate. Change. Now. I just spoke with Naperville, city manager, a, few, minutes ago who says the city is within its legal rights to enter, private property, and install those smart meters the meters they say are their, property, he also says, that the meters are safe he, also says the women deserve to be arrested. If they violated, the law but exactly what those misdemeanor. Charges, are we. Still don't exactly, know. I'm. One of the homeowners who had his property, rights violated. Even. Though by certified. Mail I, notified. The city, manager. I would not participate, in, this, federally. Sponsored. Voluntary. Program. And, would. Not accept, the extortionary. Alternatives. Provided. As, a. Result. I'm asking, for City Council. To. Fire, the, city manager. The. Acting, police chief, the. Police officers. Who participated. In, this. Travesty. And. Any. City, employee, who, advised. Them, that they had the right to do so as far. As I know we. Still live, in the United, States of America. And not, Communist, China, thank. You. There. Will be a five-minute recess until. You. Settle down and obey, the rules or we won't continue. We. Have a five-minute, recess. This. Is thankfully, a contrast, to the behavior of most City Council's, who are made aware of the facts, one.

Of The first u.s. states where these devices were deployed was California where. Dozens, of local governments, have issued moratoriums, against the rollout a. Vigorous. Ly support, de session today I'll be voting in the affirmative both, on the moratorium. And on supervisor, Kinsey's proposal, to send letters to the governor this, action, that we're taking today and one that I support. Is a political. Action and. Don't. Be deceived, that political, actions, don't work think, about the American, Revolution, miss. Wolf I miss, fire mr., Levine you know mr., Cobb oh ho, that's great hi we. Represent, people and they can get pushed so, far and, then. They say that we've had enough and I think that that's what's going to happen. Many. Have now criminalized, installation. And are, finding the utility, for every device they attempt to install. As. A result, of a grassroots, movement to spread awareness the. Vast majority of US states and Canadian provinces, have, active, groups who are fighting back and worldwide. The, trend continues. Many. Are asserting, their rights for the first time in their lives, but. Utilities, still are not yielding and in. Many areas they're, attempting to impose fees for, those who do not want their so-called upgrades, if, you get rid of your meter somebody's, got one next door already you got to get rid of the whole network and. And, this happened in Canada I mean there were some activists. I was working with up there they said well you, know we went. Over victory we got the local the public you know the Commission to allow us opt out and I said boy that's, divided, and conquered they just got rid of the the. People that were raising hell so. You, know that's not a that's not the answer we need to opt-out everybody, an opt-out, is an agreement to pay to not be hard an opt-out. Is volunteering, in to extortion an opt-out, says that if I don't pay you you, have the right to, harm me so, that that doesn't work. They. Are barking, on a monstrous. Act, of deception they, are saying one thing, but. You're getting something else and. I, see that as a, form, of extortion, you, either take our, energy. The way we want to give it to you or we're gonna cut it off that's, extortion, that's, a criminal offense as a, front. Cop. I just. I'm, just wondering, when the world's gonna wake up. You. Put a story out there it's, wrong but, what the heck we're. Gonna go with it we're gonna look at it straight in the eye and we're gonna lie to you, what. Are you gonna do about it. What. Would you recommend from, your experience, that people may not understand, or that you've gone through what.

They Should do or what they should know they. Should know that they can change that meter and they should do that that is the most important, part of it is to change that meter over these. Companies are betting on you. Saying nothing. They're. Betting on you. Quietly. Complying, with, their. Wishes to install, these smart meters on your property, you, have the right to, refuse a smart meter on. Whatever grounds, you deem appropriate what. About if thousands, and tens of thousands and millions of people all did this oh it would collapse in a day you, can't you, can't have, radiation. Emitting surveillance, devices on everyone's, home if. People. Want to assert. Their rights so. We're in a very strange, time in history where, your power company that's supposed to be this innocent, provider, of electrical, service has. Become your assailant, and you. Are required, in order to protect, yourself, you were required to. Fight. Back you work wired, to stand up and say no this. Is wrong and, I'm not gonna permit it. Millions. Of people are, starting to wake. Up to what's occurring the game is on the ball is very much in our court you, know we have a tremendous, opportunity but. We have to engage in, that game. When. We release the initial version of this film I knew, that I had uncovered, something that was far too important, to walk away and move on to the next project. So. After searching for how we could actually resolve the core problem, a Council. Of game-changers. Has come together with. Whom we have created a powerful. Proven. Unprecedented. Three-step solution, and, now. We have that solution, in place. During. The closing credits of the film I will be your guide into an open source crowdfunded. Movement, called, empower, built. Around these three action steps. Sending. An instant, effective, email to your utility and government reps. With. Free access to our new empower, video series, learning. How to hold accountable, and liable, those, who have been putting these harmful devices, on our homes and. Joining. Thousands, of others in the world's first mass, action, of liability. Do. This whether you have a so-called smart meter and want to get it removed or. To, protect your analog meter and, as. We, step into our authority. Power. Structures, were necessarily, to realign, their businesses, and. Values. To. Be a benefit, to our world. Doing. This together we, will take back our power. For, our rights our children. And the. Planet. The. Truth will you'll know it inside. Your heart there's a there's a there's a core level that that. Supersedes. All that illusion, and once. You know it there. Is no going back you, it's like The Wizard of Oz once you once you pull back the curtain. That. Illusion, of the the, big head up on the screen no. Longer exists you can still see it but you know that that the guy behind the screen is manipulating. That that's you pass. That truth you cannot go back to the illusion so. Once once, you know the truth like that, it's. It's, kind of like that you you. Just know it I can, see when you do that that thing does that then you are making that that thing's not real right it's it's that simple. Lawyers. Are not what you think of as warriors. The. Warrior is not someone. Who fights. Because. No one has the right to take another life. The. Warrior, for us is one who sacrifices, himself, for, the grid of others.

Their. Task gets take care of the elderly, the. Defenseless. Those. Who cannot provide for themselves and. Above, all the children. The. Future, of humanity. The. Nazi Germany the reason what what happened happened. Is because. There's. A chain of command that everyone says I'm just following, orders, he told me to do it. I'm. Josh del Sol and welcome to the empower movement, where, we are waging a revolution, of love and action the. Problems, we're facing are huge any. Adversary, monumental. But, we believe we have found something as a solution, that's going to change the game we. Put together a unique strategy, with an effective solution to hold liable, and accountable, those who have been causing widespread harm, in a way that's never been done before well, now what we're doing is we're saying no you, took your getting paid a very good salary and, you took an oath of office and holding, you accountable. What. If the power to right any wrong in our world was. In our hands. But. This talk is about and, the action, we're doing is, basically all, the

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At the time where I didn't know that I had a smart meter (on my rental property), I got severe insomnia and had incredible backpain ... I could sleep only between 2 - 3 hours. After being hopeless for some month, somebody asked me IF a have a smart meter. I couldn't answer this question because I didn't know anything about "them". After finding out what it is and finding out that I had one, I forced the energy company to take out the modem (this is all what is needed) and in 3 weeks I could sleep again normally and my back pain disappeared. Fortunately,​ I could inform many, many people with similar symptoms.

Even though we have opt-out in Santa Cruz, CA...my neighbor's smart meter is closer to my head than my own smart meter so it doesn't do much good if my neighbor is not interested.

we have three on our farm, it's commercial and we are not allowed to OPT OUT.

I opted out but they put it on anyway and when I wrote a letter to the CEO telling him to remove they sent a third party in a van with no id or company name on it and a guy brought a new SMART METER to replace it with, when I told him "NO, I want an analogue meter, I signed the opt out papers" he called the police and the cops were going to throw me in jail if I didn't let him put the new smart meter on. Is there some place I can get help to make the electric company remove it?

Karen, check out the InPower Episode 1 video: https://InPowerMovement.com

They stick their 5g where the sun don't shine. :)

Great film. Fight the installation of "Smart" meters!

Thanks, just opted out of the smart meter program in California after watching your video.

Thousands of studies conclude that wireless radiation from all wireless devices is hazardous to all living things, and produces negative health effects. The MSM simply won't report on these studies, so most people continue to believe the narrative that this technology is safe. One source showing research studies is at this link: https://www.bioinitiative.org/

This is nothing less than surveillance meter.

Here in Calif. they have an opt out option on the smart meter. Just fill out the online form on power company website and they came and remove the smart meter and put old analog meter back in. Easy fix

Q "you have more than you know" speaking of power. Cutting edge. witty, clever, flippant, commentary. Read full article here. click here. http://freesites.ourchurch.com/a/AncientHebrewScriptures/?page_id=96

Network Engineer here, the radiation and signal release from a smart meter are below legal limits, to push this further, the radiation released is non ionizing, plutonium gives off ionizing radiation which will damage your cells. Smart meters are safe.

Nonsense? Are you a qualified network engineer? Have any professional qualifications in radio theory? Operating radio equipment? Working with high voltage antennas? I don't think you are. None of this is dangerous, I provided links where you can learn more and you refuse to accept the evidence because you are looking for something more grand and evil when it doesn't exist. Life has become so mundane and boring people look to their smart meters as being evil.

And you, with your nonsense... Are dangerous. Peddle your bull elsewhere, And let sensible folk be.

Not so. Thousands of studies show biological damage to all living things.

You all know that this will not stop until the CEOs of those energy corporation are taken out by whatever means necessary. Then head to those organization who allow this idiocy to be foisted upon an unsuspecting public with impunity and also take out their head men/women. Humans are their own worst enemy in that the pacifist will allow all sorts of incursion upon his right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, while the aggressive sociopath will take advantage of every perceived weakness exhibited by those pacifist. Those that believe they have the power will not so willingly give up that power, unless they shown that their actions will cause them to forfeit their lives. I would hope that many of those unsealed indictments "Q" speaks of also include guys like Erik Schmidt who believe that they are above being held accountable for their overreach while trying to screw Americans to boost their own power. Does Hillary Clinton ring any bells? Civil war is right around the corner and those who believe they will not be held accountable will be in the worst way imaginable, specifically because of their self righteous attitude believing they can fuque we "Deplorables" with impunity !!

Great job! Excellent presentation! Essential information!

i refused a smart meter, they installed it any how, thirty days later i cut the cord that binds. have been on my own ever sense then. one year and 8 months with out grid and i ain't looking back. i live in a unincorporated town and have my own 'POWER' company. by the way i let them keep the last bill they sent me around 500$ they tried to fine me 70$ for putting aluminum foil on the meter. i won, they lost.

i only put the tinfoil on to stop the remote reading and to piss off the elect company, and i don't use credit anyhow. thanks for responding.

Aluminum foil will not protect you from anything. Those fines are going to kill your credit.

Brilliant! Shared...

great information guys...thanks a lot.

Thanks for releasing it online, now it will be easier to show the truth to people Thanks for all the hard work Josh, I am happy to have a small part in it

Our problem , inter alia , is that we are stuck with an unfit judiciary !

3,351 views and only 7 comments - come on Youtube you are dafter than I am.

hey bro about time..... i still never received my copy. no worries. peace, hope you are good bro.

Carl, can you send a note through the TBYP website, with your address? Not sure what happened as I'm pretty sure a comp DVD was sent a good while back. Peace!

Excellent! I learned about the In Power movement a few years ago and am trying to wake up people. We CAN beat city hall, and the power corporations too!

How can we beat city hall when we know judiciary is not fit ?

Some humans are scumbags who will kill and harm other humans in order to keep their paychecks.


And why do you think some people believe in the Reptilian theories? It truly is hard to come to terms with how some humans (if they are) can do some of the pure evil they commit.

Sadly , very sadly, this is true upon true. We have the but to see it and to then make it, requires what David R. Hawkins, MD said [in his NY Times best seller, 'Power -vs- Force] ... " You have to *Jump The Class* ", meaning, make a plateau-leap in consciousness. http://peakliving.net/addon.theplateaus/ And, who 'ya gonna call, Bill Murray [Ghostbusters] ? ? This is what I'm working on as we speak, see my comment(s) here ^, v .

Josh-- Much em-POWER-ment [joke, haha] to you for * keeping on keeping on *. I have been dealing with epic stupidity, idiosities, injustices and 'Man's Inhumanity to Man', as my mom used to quote, from...somewhere, for well over 20 or so years, hard-driven by that sense of "something is wrong" mentioned numerously in the documentary [and to be found not-so-hidden all over Prime and Netflix in the Documentary sections]. The 'Course In Miracles' refers to this as "upside-down" which I was able to recognize as far back as when I discovered a pressing need for some kind of a way to attempt to language this human phenom: -"Inside-Out" , same thing! Hmmm, maybe should've instead been, Insight-Out Not to preach to the choir, but clearly we've got a hu-u-ge drone right here at the door, a symptom of a much, much deeper underlying cause. I've been for some time now attempting to do something about it in an entirely unique and different way before they plow me under, and it's been a really tough road. But as I've frequently posted on social media, "We don't quit and we will not falter". Thank you for also being one of these archetypes. It's so sustaining to see there so many more of them then I thought when I felt but a tiny voice in the wilderness, tending the campfire, and alone. --luv'n'cheers, Dion Smith http://TheVelvetDoberman.com http://Twitter.com/Palladin6 [...ad naus.] ...(buffered) email, for socialmedia is: DBackline@webbstream.com for anyone here who might have an interest in what I'm trying to do and just how I intend to do it. [^ ^ , sorry for the length...]

Dion, thank you for your positive intention and holding the vision. There are indeed many who are waking up!

I've gotta add...as a musician/composer... Just got a 'live' alert , a highly respected fellow in the music industry, I haven't EVEN watched more than 8-10 min. of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xGRQJQdgDw&feature=push-lbss&attr_tag=si4Z3C26KjG-Qg9Y%3A6 ...but I can 'smell' where he's a-goin' ! It's more of the exact, same driver. Same wolf, different clothing. Gross *manipulation* of natural events. By some 'ghost in the machine', for its own enrichment.

Thank you Josh. Powerful.

It costs to opt out...

What about all the radiation from the smart meters that neighbors of yours are using because they are not educated on the dangers of smart meters. Do you think by putting an analog meter on your house will protect you from the surrounding homes?

Yes, and that is your real name too, MasterMedic? Anyway, when looking into citations, have you checked: 1. Who is the real authority behind them? 2. Who are they working for or who's sponsoring them? You'd be surprised to find that money/survival makes people instantly forget some of the basic moral as well as physical truths. Also, the money that has been poured into bringing smart meters into existance has also been massively used to do, not the real research, but the propaganda. Propaganda means, 'the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause'.

+Sol Ray did you check my previous reply for my citations? Clearly not, as they detail from different sources safe levels and common myths. I have a diploma from an Ontario College in "Computer Systems Technician - Network Engineering" and I am currently studying computer science to compliment that.

So, MasterMedic, you say they are safe. Why should anyone trust you? What are your credentials? Oh, you say you are a network engineer. Great, that is really cool. Good luck, enjoy your meters.

The Amish have refused most modern electrical devices. Autism is extremely rare in the Amish community....... ???? Why? WillyB

I am so happy to see this here... Some of us were warning on many of these issues back in 2007 and 8, and everyone wanted to hand us boxes of Reynold's Wrap. Now, the truth is coming out, but for many it is too late. I wish people would have listened 10 years ago.... Please listen now. GS (GrannySue)

Turn your would be masters into your servants once again by taking back your name, your power of attorney, and so much more. Become an American again. Go to http://www.annavonreitz.com/ and learn to take control of those who are out of control.

Cut the wires

The doctors, physicists, epidemiologists, professors, surgeons, and engineers who contributed their studies to the BioInitiative Report of 2012 all disagree about the "safety" of non-ionizing radiation. Also look up "5g Appeal Signatories" for a couple hundred more scientists who signed that they believe non-ionizing radiation is proven hazardous for humans and the environment.

You have a BS degree in Network Engineering? So you were taught all about technology and its usage. But you were not taught about its biological effects on humans. The doctors, physicists, epidemiologists, professors, surgeons, and engineers who contributed their studies to the BioInitiative Report of 2012 all disagree with you. Also look up "5g Appeal Signatories" for a couple hundred more scientists who disagree with you about the "safety" of non-ionizing radiation.

How did you get your own power like how do you do it?

A doctor on the faculty of Harvard Medical School warning about the EMF-autism link: https://takebackyourpower.net/another-harvard-doctor-warns-about-wi-fi-in-schools/

Yes, it's extortion...

Excellent to hear this, Nina! I've heard many, many such reports.

Getting any smart meters off is going in a good direction, Abbi. You are reducing not only your pulsed wireless exposure, but also your home's voltage transients (dirty electricity), reducing fire risk, reducing hacking risk & increasing your family safety, keeping your bills down ('smart' meters are less accurate), and protecting the occupants of your home from surveillance.

Jeanene, what region are you in? Also, there does not need to be an 'opt-out' for you to do the InPower liability action process. The walkthrough video is at https://InPowerMovement.com

Yes - and thank you!!

Ralph, watch Episode 1 at https://InPowerMovement.com for a promising new initiative of using commercial liability.

1776vtgmb Unfortunately, AUTISM has a MAJOR LINK in connection to.VACCINATIONS

we have a summerhouse in rural MI and have to pay a monthly fee to NOT have a SMART meter which they affixed without our permission.

Presently in the UK we can. Opt out the Smart metre till 2020. When the full launch of Smart metre and 5G will be active we have to get an independant electrician to test our current metre and if it is safe and working correctly which is has done for years we can opt-out of Smart. However tbey will try to come up with some rubbish claiming the old metres are dangerous...complete corruption as usual.

Safety first, what about all the children and infants whose bones are young, new cells. Their precious DNA tampered with. I'm so cross. Hopefully good people in our human race can put a stop to this attack

Josh del Sol - Great response, thank you! All the best! Peace.

TheMasterMedic1 I don't doubt your credentials but the system that trains you isn't likely to tell you it's unsafe. Well meaning health professionals the world over injected kids with mercury because their training told them it was safe. Highly trained soldiers were in contact with depleted uranium will have been told it was safe. I'm not saying your wrong by the way, I'm in the process of doing my own research to ensure I can keep my wife and kids safe from any potential threat.

Thank you for publishing this. May we re-post this on our channel to share it please with links back to your websites and channel?

Thanks for your interest to share! You can definitely link to this YouTube (or embed into a page) but please don't re-post to another channel. This helps us be able to create new content by growing our subscriber base. Thanks!

UN Agenda 21 now 30 now. Slow mass genocide to meet the globalist goal of a "sustainable" population of 500 million. Let's see that would mean 6.5 billion people must be eliminated.

A HUNDRED BILLION dollars dumped into the meters with ZERO customer benefits. WTH?

Stunning! documentary. Ohhhh, I'm SO glad I saw it. THANK you for your work.

God help us.

I have a meter that reads the usage through the power lines. I tested it multiple times and it emits no harmful EMF or pulses. I am EMF sensitive and had to retire and move here to the country because of that, and gang stalking. Builder slammed in a gas/ electric HVAC. I shut off the gas part and had the smart meter removed. Water meter is at the street. In the clear for now. I try to help anyone I can. I hate it when they act all smug and turn away my advances. My mother died of brain cancer from a cordless house phone. Which I learned years later is like having a cell tower in your house. I found that cell tower still on SDSU w/ a date of 2018 and I can't believe they still have that there.

You can also (expensive) relocate the meters. If I had no other option, I would do that.

Yeah, most of them are feminists. 1.2 million abortions per year for 4 or more decades now, in the US alone. Females were tricked into feminism because the puppet masters knew most women would pull the trigger on anyone regardless of morality; and they'll do it with a smile on their face. 19:40

5 g technology will sterilize the mass!

could I please have a copy of the char/graph that shows the health effects I want to show this video publicly but want that info to make into a hand out.

who needs fucking credit? i sure the fuck do not!! i too live in unincorporated town, do not have any public utilities on my property the electric company has removed their smart meter from the house as i told them i was tearing the house down. rural water company wants $1,850.00 to have the privilege of buying water from them, and paying a contractor that "on their approved contractor list" to do all the digging, all the work and buy all the materials from the main water line to where ever i want the meter put and also from meter to my house, and then a $50 a month minimum bill each and every month. i dont owe anyone a dime and had a $126,000 check from a trust i deposited in the bank 1 year ago this august. and i still have $100,000 of it in a private location as it was all non taxable and i live in a state with no income tax.

MIndblowing. I will be trying to recover my opt out monthly fee from Pacific Power through the Oregon State Attorney General.

Is your paycheck from the CIA direct deposit or paper copy?

I live in PA and there is no opt-out option. I have seen terrible effects of the new smart meter on my daughter who has end-stage kidney disease and problems with high blood pressure. Her bed was next to the old smart meter. When I realized that I moved her and she slept in living room on the other side of the house. Her condition got much better. Blood pressure was very good. Then within a month of instaling new smart meter she ends up in ICU with 203/150 blood pressure! How do I fight them? They said I can move the meter at my own expense. This is beyond outrageous!

Could this have triggered the fires and explosions in the northern states ?

I have a smart meter, and have zero problems. This video is a bunch of bullshit fear mongering.

Thank You for such a great info! I love to see common sense in motion. For a better world!

+Andrew It's a damn tragedy....

+mwngw so because I follow science I am payed off by the CIA?

There is no point in posting common sense on this video, if people are here watching it, they're gone already. The wheat has been separated from the chaff here. You're right MasterMedic, my friend with a Master in Chemistry said the same thing..... Mental illness is rampant in the comments. Very sad.

Break out the ol’ Louisiana Slugger and have some batting practice. Im sorry that you and everyone are having to deal with this bs.

Wonderful to hear. Thanks.

It's supposed to be $5 a month for 36 months because we were already getting the CARE discount, however I haven't seen any charge for it on the bill yet. The power bill dropped substantially as well, partly due to seasonal change but it seems to be lower than it was last year at this time.

How much for the opt out monthly?

The conclusions of the papers cited at 45.06 contradict the visual presentation statement !!

Thank you for doing this. Is there any way to preserve a copy of this video? Because I'm so afraid it will be eliminated. It's too important to lose. Would like a copy myself. Just don't know how do it.

Yes! You can download the full HD version or buy a DVD and support our work at: https://TakeBackYourPower.net/shop

I have seen some research indicating that 'smart' meters could definitely have played a part.


Yes! And he becomes liable if he's noticed and remains complicit with the crime.

cut the wires, hit the pole with old unregistered car and burn the ceo's house down threaten to kill his family by shoving a smart meter up each's ass if you ever hear of the company forcing someone to have a smart meter. use a hole punch to punch the letters out of garage sale books and use other precautions to NOT get caught!

our whole state (pennsylvania) is a giant microwave.. not even worth opting out.. when i go for a short walk all i see is smart meters everywhere.. unless a majority opt out it's almost pointless unless you live in the middle of nowhere.. btw we ae not allowed to opt out here even if we wanted to and some counties punish or shut off power for shielding them  +Allen Miller

I called my city and the electric supervisor said that I had to buy my own pole and wire to the house if I don't want it. Pay for it myself.

They keep trying to install it on my and my neighbor's and I keep runnng them off. I keep asking Why they want to murder me and that they are accessories to the crime. This movie gives me hope...

i was hoping to find something concrete as the document that is showed in the film, to download and send it to the thugs. I had refused the sm and today i got a notice of shutting off my electricity in 72 hrs......where to go, what do?????

I just donated to InPowerMovement, we all need to put our money where I heart is and say no

+Chad strohl Of course it is worth opting out. Any other attitude is self defeating

+TheMasterMedic1 "Are you a qualified network engineer? " Being a qualified engineer has nothing to do with understanding the details of biological effects of radio frequency. Totally different specialty, and you know that. No company you would work for gives a damn is you know about long term safety studies. Your job is to make sure the network works, period.

Credit is for fools!!!



Can somebody tell me do you have to be the home owner to opt out , I rent so is there going to be no option for me?

I wonder if there is a opt out option in Oregon , my mom just told me about this today, I have got so sick since they installed it a couple months back major migraines like my head is going to explode and vomiting . This is scary how can anyone be ok with this?! How has it gone this far... The government of course . Sickening literally! I will be looking for a opt out option.

Omg! Wow that's is scary and this is beyond legal what happened to our rights !

+perpetual.light they are bullshit

+TheMasterMedic1 Did you not just watch this video? Did you not just see all the side effects? Wtf is wrong with you.

+Martha Chisnell i could care less if other people have water or not. ive got enough in storage to supply my family for the next 20 years and enough resources to insure no one take a drop from me!

+LEONARD WILLIAMS have you heard of Primary Water, there is an endless supply!

TheMasterMedic1 Why do you think Josh made the documentary? Just to stir up some shit? Honest questions.

If I choose not to have a smart meter (7-14-2019} I will be charged an extra 34 dollars per month (to sent the meter reader out to read the meter). We've had the same meter for 46 years. From this it sounds like it will be cheaper to pay the 34 extra and keep the old meter. Thanks.

Since the introduction of uhf phones, wifi, bluetooth, and now smart meters I have been very suspicious about how they are getting away with using these frequencies. I am an electrical engineer of over 30 years and spent a lot of time repairing transceivers of all types. During my training I was constantly reminded about the dangers of UHF frequencies, this is what made me wonder about why they suddenly seemed to throw out the old school books and simply employ this technology instead.

Hey Karen, Paul here from Australia, just wondering how you got on, have you made any progress ? I want smart meters out of my house and everyone in my family, and everyone I can tell, cheers

+TheMasterMedic1 As this video and many others clearly demonstrate those "safe ranges" are total garbage. They are way behind current scientific research on the subject. If you believe those limits set by your (god) government, you are also not following the scientific research of the past 15 years. "human life expectancy increasing regardless if radio frequency exposure." We are talking about specifically the introduction of microwave radiation at unprecedented levels not simply "radio frequency" in general. Radio frequency exposure has been going on since the invention of radio. Completely different subjects, since health effects are frequency dependent! You just ignore all that! LOL. Please stop pretending to be an expert, this is getting embarrassing

+Des Troya look at my previous comments where I cite safe ranges for frequencies to work in, and the wattage of a smart meter, and human life expectancy increasing regardless if radio frequency exposure. Look, the same could be said to this video since it isn't coming from a body that regulates radio frequencies.

+TheMasterMedic1 Once again, you are in no way an authority on the biological effects of microwave radiation by being a technician or even engineer. You can continue citing your job as if it gives you authority, but I will continue to ignore that. The fact you think the worst it can do is "heating up a cup of coffee or disorientating a bee" is laughable

+Carl beaumont if you think that your few hours of research leads you to be far more qualified than a professional that spent the last 15 years of his life practicing medicine or researching vaccines that you know more. You might be over estimating your ability. Look, I directly work with radio equipment for distance comms and with communciation over cable. If anyone's at risk, it's me, from accidentally tripping over a cable. Much of the equipment is at such low power that the worst you could get is a shock. Since it's none ionizing radiation, it won't harm you.

+Des Troya I work with microwave radio equipment for long distance comms. Biological effects on things are a genuine concern. We are quite aware of the potential risks, and at the moment the worst thing is heating up a cup of coffee or disorientating a bee. Since it's not ionizing radiation, it won't cause cancer. Please don't try to tell me about my job. If you would like, I can forward you the course I completed on Wireless Theory. Also, please check recent comments in this thread.

+perpetual.light Just to add to my last comment, a smart meter uses like 1.3 to 5 watts of electricity for a few minutes as it transmits. A MRI Machine which can rip a chunk of metal out of your skull uses about 1.3Kw in a single use. But then we could talk about voltage of an Xray machine that produce actually harmful radiation and it's somewhere near 2000 volts, and yet that energy let out just for a short second to take an image of your bones. Yet it's entirely safe to use!? You see where I am getting.

+perpetual.light A whole lot of it can be assuming you know more about something than you are qualified to speak about but doing so anyway. It could be assuming their is some kind of grandiose conspiracy by every energy company and government. It also complete lack of understanding about the technology. If you read my previous comment that touches on life expectancy, its only gone up which counteracts any of these known health risks. It also goes against every technical sheet about said devices, every theory related to radio transmission and how energy works. I think the fello might be genuine about wanting to help people, but he is chasing after something that doesn't cause any harm. he could also be out to potentially sell you something. Kinda like essential oil folks trying to sell you cures with just nice smelling oil. if you want to see the documents I link to, comment again and I'll quote what I previously put below.

!!! WARNING !!! This video is missing 20 minutes from the original, which is 102 minutes long. What did they cut out that they do not want us to see. There is no 2017 version or Final Cut version that I can find documented.

Listen to my story. I am in a small town in Iowa, staying with my 95 year old father because he can't be alone. I was happy to see that the smart meters had not yet been installed on his home. One day I left the home for a few hours and when i returned there was a "door hanger" sign on the front door that said the smart meter had been installed! I was irate, however upon inspection of the meter, it wasn't swapped out, i still had the analog meter!! All of the neighbors around Dad's place had the new meters but somehow they missed us. I had download an App to my cell phone that measures radio frequencies so i tested the analog meter and then went to 2 different neighbors meters and tested them. The smart meters went all over the place, very high readings that pulsed. Obviously these meters are junk!! Anyway, i showed the neighbors what I was getting for a reading on mine opposed to theirs. Not a week later, after been gone for a few hours, i returned to hear from my dad, that the power company had been here and asked him if it was alright to take a look at his meter...you guessed it, they installed a smart meter. I had explained to Dad why we didnt want the new meter, but he doesnt understand technology and didnt know they were swapping out the meter. I ask you, did they know that i had the analog meter because I foolishly broadcasted the information when I was testing the smart meters at neighbors homes?? It seems like proof of the spying capabilities of these devices.

People need to wake up from their slumber and do something about this now, otherwise it's going to be too late to do anything about this at all. I'm surprised that still there are a dozen or so people who've voted down this video, are you so stubborn and blind and brainwashed to not see something so right in your face such as this????

All the best regards

+Des Troya it's clear you were never interested in discussion or hearing from the appropriate authorities to begin with on this topic. I linked to FCC, Cancer.Org, And a few Canaduan government websites related to this that are authorities on the matter. If you assume the government is willfully ignore the general safty of it's populace than you are quite ignorant. People when they are healthy contribute to the economy, whereas if they aren't, they can't buy things, travel, invest, or do much of anything. This video is not the be all end all authority, and all the data it cites has been ripped apart like I have cited. And besides, radio theory is a whole field about radiation in general from UV light, to visible light from your light bulbs, to the x-rays given off at the hospital. If you think a microwave or a WiFi device can cause harm at just 1watt and that aluminum can stop it, why do they make people wear lead in the radiology department? Ovbiously at the wattage they operate it wouldn't even help according to the assumptions here. Just some food for thought,microwave signal which are non-ionizing radiation, can be deflected by a steel cabinet, a bird, a person, and even aluminum shielding. Yet it cannot punch through objects like an x-ray can and see through them? Hmm, microwaves cannot penetrate deep enough to disrupt human cells. If they could they would be using g it for x-ray instead, as all that is happening is capturing a brief picture of the x-rays being bounced into a sensitive film. Anyways, I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I truly am, but it's clear you were never interested in discussing this or learning more.

Red Pill All the best regards and best wishes for the future✌

Ellen Gonzalez All the best regards and best wishes!

Palladin Webb All the best regards and best wishes

Malgorzata Lesniewski I'm in PA too we have one of the most corrupt state governments in the country. 2nd highest gas tax in the country, mandatory smart meters with no opt out. Incredibly evil.

Time will show...that Obama,....like Nixon,...did many dumb as* things to help move our country into bankruptcy.....one dummy after another in seats-of-power.

G.E. is failing right now, as a company....due to it's decreasing pay to the Blue Collar workers,...who is essence do all the work.....good for them...make everything is China....see what happens! Ohhh wait...now our houses are burning down....K. Finish dredging the Hudson River General Electric....then, move jobs back into our own country....before you're totally finished. You're getting close.

Look....this is NOT fake science...we are biological/electric beings....as are all animals on this planet. We work by moving "very small" currents of energy,...all the time for all of our functioning. Everything in nature, also has a frequency that resonates at some amplitude....our brains, our coffee mugs, our wood floors, our....everything. If (Dumb Meters aka: Smart Meters) are resonating frequencies close to biological frequencies,....what can happen....watch this film. Watch, question, learn and take action.

+Josh del Sol That's shocking.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars ...

AND .. it MORE; it also spews an intense, toxic microwave radiation throughout any building where they are implanted —saturating its' inhabitants 24/7/365 ...

Are you helping?

I don't think they are human for real!!

I'm a human being, goddamnit. My life has value! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINDtlPXmmE

+TheMasterMedic1 Go to the top and find out who is behind all this!!! Who owns all these electric companies!? Rothschild!!!!!! Know anything about that family you idiot?!!!!

Yes, the smart miter emit a low level radiation that "could" cause a physical problem. However cell phones emit seriously more intense radiation next to our head; also do the in-home wireless phones, WiFi computers routers and blue tooth devises. and we learn to accept and live with them. ......Hmmmmm!!!! Why target the least problematic of all these devises, all of them are a problem that in the sum are just too much energy our body is absorbing every day. Just think about is add all your devises and add all the energy they emit simultaneously. WOW several watts all day long. in the home and office even in your cars....blue tooth, on star, cell phone parity, factory reporting, GPS etc. About your cars transmitting information to manufactures well it is already happening, they can read your car and extract the GPS and driving habits anytime they feel like. compile and sell that information to vendors. Welcome to the 21 century and the future. Remember you are also need to be aware that you violate your own privacy by using the internet, stop using debit and credit cards stop using cell phones, smartphones and landline phones wire less. Stop using discount cards at the groceries stores and drug stores they track every item you ever purchased. Well don't worry, be happy :)

Obama. Really not surprise he loves them. unreal...how stupid follow like sheep. Thank you for this information.

I am planning a move. I will NOT move to a City /State that makes Smart meter mandatory. I will stay in small town out west.If I have to.

Debo Ondebox You decide. ( I am trying my best, though.)

"Don't be deceived that political actions don't work, think about the American Revolution." Wow...she said that! good for her. good for her.

+TheMasterMedic1 No disrespect, but credit is as evil as the smart meters. They MAKE you comply to a system built on credit, how? They pay you less then you can afford, tell you that you need things that you do not, and to get them you must take out.....a line of crack, I mean credit.

+Sam Singer D ~Thankx so much SAM.

SImple let' get smart not smart meters share this news.

I have tested mine with an ERM and the safe distance is around 2 feet. so unless you are sitting with your head against it whats the problem?

What can I do if I’ve moved into a new hold home wit one already installed?

Thank you for that.

53:23 Michele Hertz...... 900 MHz..... Illuminati confirmed?

+TheMasterMedic1 please point me in the direction of anyone with above 100 iq willing to describe xrays as safe based on knowledge rather than blissful ignorance. Xrays are not safe and MRI's are not safe, they are tolerable risks used to get a unique view of problems within the body. If they were safe the medical staff wouldn't be behind shields, there wouldn't be a recommended exposure limit and we'd all have them every time we are ill to get the best diagnosis. Comparing xray/mri exposure as a tolerable risk in the diagnosis and correction of medical problems vs the use of RF in smart meters to save companies money and create an industry out of meter replacement, suggests your grasp of science begins and ends at reading what you are told to read. RF does harm cells, it's a proven fact and to be denying that off of the back of a network technician qualification is like telling a chef you know more than him because you can make toast. I'd list my qualifications but the GCSE grade B Science I got aged 16 gave me enough to know that RF interacts with matter and cells are made up of matter. Nothing you study to install, maintain or understand wireless technology in computer networks should make you not know this.

Thank you for this great documentary. We have a solution for harmonising the radiation emitted by a smart meter but also for replacing the power source with a unit of energy that doesn't harm humans (or any vibrating life form). We have some knowledge which changes everything - and everything needs to be changed? Get in touch and we can discuss more.

+Vintabilly's Nest Also: Look into the work of Minivan Jack & Barrie Trower here on YT regarding SMs and wireless tech

+SuperLuminal Man How would one go about documenting this? What instruments would I need to record the actual levels? Is it the entire circuit radiating as an antenna or is it mainly from the meter itself?

+TheMasterMedic1 Waaay better than being killed by toxic microwave radiation and being spied upon 24/7365

Your work is beyond belief and the impact is has already is amazing. Thank you for your research, caring and daring. God bless.

+SuperLuminal Man Will do...thanks for the pointer to the other YT'ers. :) I'm much more awake about this than yesterday. :)

+BrownBabyJesus Ionizing radiation such as Gamma and x-rays are used to assist in medical research or for scanning you bones as you have stated. You are typically exposed within safe ranges at the hospital. But their is obviously protection when you go. And it's within safe ranges. But this isn't about MRI's or X-Ray machines. You are bringing up something irrelevant that does not contribute to the conversation at hand. So I did previous mention ionizing radiation such as a X-ray, it is blocked by lead plates, Gamma is the same. If Microwaves were just as potentially dangerous or deadly as those two forms of ionizing radiation, aluminum foil isn't going to protect, an your home microwave surely would have killed you by now. The device within a smart meter broadcasts very maybe 5 minutes a day to share information back on usage and peaks. It's used 1 to 5 watts to broadcast during those five minutes. if such low powered equipment could kill you, yet your 1000 watt home microwave hasn't yet, this leads to some very interesting revelations. Hell, most long distance communication equipment and general radio equipment used Microwave's to communicate, and has done so since the second world war, yet peoples life expediency as mentioned above has only gone up, along with general health. If microwave radiation were to be some how causing us horrendous affects why is it that we have only continued to live longer? I am aware that RF waves (RF waves can be anything from a simple blu-tooth device upto gamma radiation) can affect you. But RF waves are anything with the radio spectrum, using it as some form of definition for a specific form of energy doesn't work. It's merely a category for the different kinds of radio frequencies that exist. Gamma, ultraviolet, microwave, and others. My qualifications are a bachelors of computer science and a diploma in network engineering. I work with long distance microwave radio equipment down to localized ad-hoc networks utilizing general low energy radio frequencies. Microwave are considered quite low frequency energy whereas ultraviolet that is given off by the sun is considered high energy. unlike ultraviolet, microwave radiation can only excite water molecules whereas ultraviolet can cause horrendous skin damage and cancers. Microwaves may melt your chocolate bar and if you microwave a person you make physically cook them, but ultraviolet will give you skin cancer. (outside sun)

+Debo Ondebox Many electric companies are owned by municipal governments. If you are looking for a grandiose conspiracy, it's not here in electricity.

+SuperLuminal Man If microwave radiation is so toxic, and has been in use since the 1940's how come peoples life exptency has only gone up? And also if your smart meter is so capable of killing at merely 5 watts of energy to power it wireless communications, than how come you 1000 watt home microwave hasn't killed you as you re-heat dinner? Why is that a filing cabinet can block microwaves that are so dangerous yet you need lead plates to protect you from x-rays? if microwaves were so strong and deadly, surely your filing cabinet or aluminum foil wouldn't protect you. What i am getting at is it's not toxic and frankly it couldn't be because it has no chemical properties. But it will melt a chocolate bar, but it isn't strong enough to penetrate you DNA and cause horrible changes much like how ultraviolet is, which is given off by the sun.

im in uk and alot of people already have them,,our electric companies are trying to make appointments to fit them,,ive avoided a few times already,,smart,,no thanks

I like and appreciate this documentary for the truth and the facts it reveals. However, how come the commentator was recording and talking to the camera while driving?! He is not a great example of law-abiding in this case.

Have you tried Rayonex Biofield Forming Products? These are wellness products that broadcast healthy frequencies. This is a great way to surround yourself with healthy and harmonious frequencies in a holistic way in the modern progressive world of technology and the advances. We offer products that help with geopathic stressors such as the Hartmann Curry lines and others, we have products to help with man-made frequencies from cell phones, Wifi, bluetooth, microwaves, etc. Our whole house solutions includes the Duplex IV and rayonator package which will broadcast throughout your home. The range is up to 90 feet! For more information : Check out www.BiofieldSolutions.com Or email us : shsllcteam@gmail.com Our products are made in Germany!

Take your power back: 1. Iodine and IQ http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2013/07/23/how-adding-iodine-to-salt-boosted-americans-iq/ 2. Nootropicsexpert.com 3. Balance hormones -> https://www.eatthis.com/7-testosterone-boosting-foods/ 4. Remove heavy metals -> https://draxe.com/heavy-metal-detox/ 5. Balance pH -> https://drsircus.com/sodium-bicarbonate-baking-soda/baking-soda-and-lemon-juice/

+Vintabilly's Nest There's already quite a bit of documentation relative to Digital Utility Meters aka Smart Meters; depends on what you need, what your goal, is thereby .. my understanding is that the EMF that the meter kicks out is omnidirectional, penetrates walls and glass and that there is concentration emanating from the meter housing itself. Well-designed Faraday cages have met with significant success in reducing toxic effects ... here's an option: http://www.smartmeterguard.com?afmc=3f

We should be moving towards technology based on the discoveries of Nicola Tesla which would bring down energy costs around the world and start to solve the environmental crisis. Instead greedy energy gangsters are trying to make maximum profits by imposing technology on us which is dangerous for human health.

+Victoria Cornett They were always a myth!

You can thank good old Obummer for this mess. I went out with an axe and smashed my smart meter to pieces. I then went off the grid with solar panels, wind turbine and marine batteries. Best thing I ever did.

The funny thing is... When I had an analog meter it was not in concealed and yet with no meter reader they knew my bill. Then back in lets say, 2000 they put an extension wires on my meter and put it in the small window so they could read it. Before 2000, HOW IN THE FUCK WERE THEY READING MY ANALOG????

Welcome to Jew World Order, Sacrifice your Borders (and your Children via Abortion) and HOLD ONTO YOUR GUNS!!!

We have within our capabilities nothing

Awesome Documentary, if we as one Fight against this evil we will win.

Here is a quote from cancer.org "IARC has stated that there is limited evidence that RF radiation causes cancer in animals and humans, and classifies RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B). This was based on the finding of a possible link in at least one study between cell phone use and a specific type of brain tumor. IARC considers the evidence overall to be “limited” because of the conflicting findings and methodologic limitations in some of the studies." - https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/radiofrequency-radiation.html Average life expectancy of a Canadian is 81, and has been steadily going up since. Even though we are exposed to EM waves much more, life expectancy as not declined. If they were killing us, we would see a significant drop in peoples life expectancy . - https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11-630-x/11-630-x2016002-eng.htm More about smart meters from cancer.org - https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/smart-meters.html Smart Meters, your wireless router, and cellphone operate on the same radio band. " it is important to note that brain tumour rates (the kind of cancer of most concern) in adults and children have not increased with increasing cell phone use." From the government of British Columbia - https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/current-health-topics/radiofrequency-and-health/smart-meter-and-cancer-risk-statement For more information about Smart Meters and not just RF Waves, these guys source the IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) - https://sensus.com/rf/ Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy in the Frequency Range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz ; Government of Canada - https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/environmental-workplace-health/consultations/limits-human-exposure-radiofrequency-electromagnetic-energy-frequency-range-3-300.html Dirty electricity https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/cfls-dirty-electricity-and-bad-science/ https://radiationsafety.ca/the-truth-about-dirty-electricity/

Tom Wheeler,.....someone needs to "take care of you.....now!"

The world is now a "Nazi Germany"....worldwide.

Our government is now impotent to do any real work when working in collusion with big companies. It's every man for himself now. We all need to work together to create a safe environment now. We have thousands of studies; epidemiological (how things start/causal) papers by peer reviewed individuals and teams of scientists around the world that state that 5G and other forms of microwave radiation are killing us "statistically"...and otherwise. Money and man....do not mix. God....we need you...please deliver your son soon. No Christian would be doing this work with the evidence at hand.

It's very simple....if you're a Bible reader/believer....it's the prelude to the Antichrist's control over mankind. No nonsense....fact. Choose Jesus now...or be forever lost. Samuel Milham, MD/MPH; is a good author/retired epidemiologist who has written extensively on this topic of electrical pollution - dirty electricity, etc. If you're an expected parent....read Mr. Milham's book named: "Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization Paperback – December 6, 2012. Read it....pass the book onto others. There is no longer ANY question about electricity and ramifications of electricity effecting our bodies. Read, learn, act.

ONZO, the company,.....needs to be looked at very carefully. I'm sure just haven typed the word....I'll be watched now. It's illegal to one's 4th Amendment to do what they're doing. A cute cartoon marketing ploy.....does not cover what they're doing. Period.

Stephen Pratt,....needs to "be taken out".

As we're in the "last generation now".....Book of Revelations.....we all need to have our Lamps Ready.

+aiyafafa This is NOT the way to go.....we need each town and municipality to meet with it's people to get educated.....which most of us are NOT...and allow 1-2 leaders to mandate "taking out Smart Meters" now...5G is going to finally kill this nation,....but we don't need to augment this with home Smart Meters. Study the Science.... A top scientist was once asked,...."would you choose to live within 200' of that high-power line, in light of the high number of cases of brain cancer in this area?" Answer....(after much eye rolling and a waiting period of how to answer) he stated NO,...I would not.

The utilities have joined the military and medical industrial complexes in the slow kill genocide, to squeeze every penny from us before death and then hang your debt on your family. Please don't hurt your family, stay out of debt no matter what!

I'm also in the UK - fighting to get so called 'smart' meter removed. My husband has been sick since just after it was installed (approximately 3 years ago). I am now also following suit with the same fuzzy head, loss of balance and lethargy. My husband has even had a brain scan to try and find out what is wrong with him but nothing untoward was detected. Do the medics know what to look for or are they pretending to be ignorant? We were always really busy and full of energy but are now constantly tired and lethargic. This is a brilliant documentary. Will share.

+veganviv jones I take that given you are this sure you have already removed it and are felling well again?

Our smart meter is a long way from our living quarters but both my husband and myself are being made extremely ill. No problems until the smart meter was installed.

+BE t 2nd Coming! Many electric companies are owned by municipal governments. If you are looking for a grandiose conspiracy, it's not here in electricity.

Hi Josh... Will there be a part 2? With 6g right around the corner, Li-Fi etc.... Its pretty frightening. I subscribed to your site. Is there a way to contact you directly? I’d like to ask if I may use parts of this in my documentary. I pass them out and receive no income from them. Im just trying to spread awareness. Thank you for all you’ve done to help others

We are in the end game ppl! Agenda 2030 is in FULL FORCE! Seek Him while you still can!

Talk to your neighbor. Show them movie link. Show stopthecrime.net website. worst case offer to repay cost of meter replacement after installation .

+Victoria C. De Rangel They were always a myth!

Oh the wacky globalists...

what about smart phones?

Real deep trap!!! We have been in slumber, distracted... (Amusing our selves to death)informative book! And now we have trump!! "Fake fake news, so stop listening

21:15 Im studying electrical engineering and i have a had time figuring out how they can exactly point out the devices just looking at the meter. The meter it self just measures the cos (phi) on the measured cabel, so i dont see how :S

A BIG THANKS goes out to the poster of this video, and to EVERYONE that sees this and calls their power company to DEMAND that the SMART METERS ON OUR HOMES ARE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! Not in a month, or a few weeks, but IMMEDIATELY!! I am personally taking action this coming Monday, February 25, 2019! If they burn my house to the ground, like they did to all the people that lost their houses in Paradise, California not long ago, which is located just a few counties over from where I am located. P.G.&E. will be held responsible and accountable should anything happen to my home my property, or any bodily harm comes to me! And, they will be sued to make them rebuild my home, paying for my property damage and/or any bodily harm that may take place due to my demand for removal of said SMART METER from my property! I'm fed up with all of these money hungry elitist and all their lies, the people that run these conglomerates and all of their employees that continue to lie to us, and are attempting to STEAL our property away from us! Let this post serve as evidence, in case that actally happens to me, that proves my concerns and additionally serves as proof that I, in fact have been very ill because of this dastardly thing known as a SMART METER, and that it has caused me to have to go to the emergency room for treatment of problems that were proven in this video to be proof that these SMART METERS are harming 100's of 1,000's of men, women and children throughout this country of the United States of America! This is not a joke, and my statement here is to make a publicly posted confirmation of exactly what is going on here. It is meant to serve as PROOF, in case my home burns to the ground after I make contact with P.G.&E. and tell them they are to remove their Smart Meter from my property A.S.A.P. NO REVENGE TOWARDS ME WILL BE OVERLOOKED or tolerated, including but not exclusive, to my complaint as stated here today. Thank you.

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