Türkiye vs İsrail! Haddini Bildirebilecek Miyiz? Detaylı Ordu Karşılaştırması

Türkiye vs İsrail! Haddini Bildirebilecek Miyiz? Detaylı Ordu Karşılaştırması

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Israel and Turkey are two states that look like friends and sometimes enemies . The two countries are now mutually strained by the Palestinian problem . This brought some questions to mind. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Questions about who is superior as a military in a possible situation . Because Israel is a self- developed power backed by America .

So who has the military superiority over so many events ? Who gets it in a possible war? Or how are the armies doing? <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Let's start to examine it in detail instead of just comparing it with numbers . Israel is a state that was formed by chaos even in its foundation . <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> We see that they have always been in a triangle of distress from past to present . So in the Middle East.

This has pushed them to full military activity . Even though it was a small state, it always tried to keep itself strong. It has both produced and has a large number of products militarily . This makes them strong. As Turkey, we are now confronted with this country even though it seemed like a friend in the past . They stood directly before us, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean .

Underhand they did things against us. Now we see these Palestinian events. The ropes are more stretched. Therefore, it is of course important which army is stronger in this position . If you wish, let's see objectively which country is ahead where? First of all, in a possible situation , the navy forces are the place where the two countries can reach each other the easiest. Because there are Syrian and Lebanese territories in between.

So , let's start by comparing our naval forces . Of course, before I begin, let me say that I will not go into the details of the features of our ships in terms of not repeating it. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> There are logical reasons if I equated this as equal to or 2 to 1 . We are not shaking it from the air. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> You can watch the reasons from the Turkey Vs Greece video that I made . So let's start with the main forces first.

That is, with high powered vehicles such as corvettes and frigates . Israel does not have ships like frigates or destroyers , but corvettes. But that's why they armed these corvettes to a high degree .

It's worth a frigate. The most modern ship in their possession is 4 SA 6 class corvettes produced jointly by German-Israel . They received 2 of them and 2 of them are about to be finished. So let's count it as 4. Because it is new, all systems are squeaked.

You can see this from its appearance anyway. Its radars, electronic warfare, management system is really strong. I also said that Israel has highly armed these ships .

It has 32 Vls cells and 16 battleships. This is an Israeli- made Gabriel missile with a range of 16 anti-ship 200 kilometers . Normally, a maximum of 16 Vls and 8 anti-ship are placed on such ships . Since they had a small number of ships, they upgraded the ones they had to 2 ships. In addition, there are 8 air defense missiles of their own production Barak inside the 32 Vls cell .

The range of this missile is in the order of 100 kilometers. It gives us trouble. Because our ships use American-made missiles, so they are not at these ranges. So when we look at it, a great effort is required to balance these 4 new ships .

Since they are new to us, we can equate them with 4 island class corvettes and 4 gabya class frigates as electronic power . This weapon load can only be compensated in this way 4/8. Subsequently, they have 3 Sa'ar 5 class corvettes. These ships landed in 93 and participated in many events. We can say that they have proven themselves in a way . Although not as powerful as their new ship, it has something.

Again, Israel chose to keep it at a modern level , as its main power depends on it . They also have 8 anti-ship weapons and 64 air defense missiles . Although the air defense missiles are not at the level of the previous ship , the missile called Barak-1 can protect the ship. We can equate these 3 hours 5 they have with the 3 Barbarosse class frigates we have.

Because our Barbarosle has been modernized and the weapon load is extremely high. In this way, Israel did not have any other motherships left. As a small country, they preferred to set up their navy with small ships. So they have a lot of torpedo boats in their hands.

Next we pass the torpedo boats. We will continue to equalize our remaining large number of ships. First, the Sa'ar 4.5 class assault boats. They have 8 of these boots. But only 4 of them can do modern decent work . The remaining 4 do not have much of a qualification other than their weapon load .

The ships have 8 anti-ship and 32 short-range air defense missiles. With this load of weapons, their size is also small, so they can easily defend the Israeli coastline. We can equate 8 with our 8 sword class assault boats and 1 gabya class. Again, in ours, the burden and modernity are at close levels. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> We gave 1 Gabya for air defense missiles . Whoever has great powers of 30 to follow? There was no continuation for a minute.

Israel's main naval power is just that. It consists of several corvettes and torpedo boats. Things are really tough in a sea blockade . Yes, America will not have a blockade, but if you can succeed, that is the case. We have equalized a total of 15 piece ships with our 20 piece ships.

The remaining 3 extra gabya classes, 1 Barbaros class, 4 yacht class, 6 Burak class corvettes, 1 sword assault boat, 2 star torpedo boats, 4 born torpedo boats, 4 wind assault boats and 16 salt against submarines; We got ahead with 39 pieces of ships. The situation is overwhelming. Next, submarines are silent predators of the water. Let's see what Israel has done at this point? Currently, Israel has 5 Dolphin class submarines. Again, joint production between Germany and Israel. 2 of them are new and 3 of them are from the late 90s .

There are differences as a technology. Normally, these vehicles will be similar to the type-209s we have, but Israel has changed their designs. He preferred to increase the dimensions according to himself and add different systems.

It probably worked because Israel is advanced at producing military technological systems. Even cruise missiles were launched from these submarines. They are powerful even though they are not very loaded. They have 6 small and 4 large torpedo tubes. An average of 14 torpedoes. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> All kinds of problems for ships entering close to Israel .

It makes it easier to have only 5 submarines though . If only 10 of them were 15, then chaos would literally break off. Opposite them, we have a total of 12 submarines. 4 are new, 4 are modernized, 4 are old. These are the German-made Type 209 class. So they are similar to those of Israel. So we can make a direct reciprocal equalization of 5 by 5.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> We have come to the fore with 7 most modern extra submarines . 7 submarines means reaping a navy . At this point, the deficit is big.

Finally, if we look at the landing and support ships; Israel does not have a decent support section other than an intelligence ship and landing ships. Since their own regions in Deniz were limited, they did not take such steps much. Or let's say they didn't need it.

We have a lot of landing, support, fuel, all kinds of vehicles. When we equalize , we get ahead with about 30 support ships. And the result in the navy. Although Israel tried to be strong, it could not establish a large navy in this regard because its sea areas were limited.

It has just created a force to control its own region . Although this keeps them alive in the region, they cannot become a regional power without help from countries like America. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> This is the reason why their voices are not heard directly in the Eastern Mediterranean . Limited naval power. We looked at their vehicles, balanced them, and got ahead with an overwhelming 76-piece in total . Next we go to the air force , where things will heat up.

Israel's most important power. In the past, they had won many battles in this way. It is also possible for our air forces to reach each other , just like the sea . Let's see how is the situation here? Israel, as an air power, is completely embellished with an American base. The entire infrastructure has been set up accordingly. This makes their job easier for them to maintain.

First, they have 224 f-16s as the main power. Most of them are at the advanced modern level. Moreover, such a problem Israel took only the engine and the basis of these planes from America. Everything else arranged according to his wishes . In other words, all of the F-16s opposite may be even higher than we expected . This update, which they call Barak 2020, took them to a new level.

We have a total of 245 F-16s. Again, all of them were modernized at advanced levels like Israel . Of course it can fight, but it is not known at their level . So we can match 224 F-16s with our 245.

In this way, only F-4's were left . Then there are advanced F-15s in Israel . A total of 73 F-15s. This aircraft is a versatile attack aircraft. Thanks to its double engine, it can climb extremely high speeds and altitudes.

There are even those who call dogfights the best aircraft ever built. As such, the moderns of this plane are equivalent to high-level F-16s in terms of doing business. We can match our old 48 F-4 with 20 F- 15s. We have no aircraft left as the main power. We write the remainder in the Israeli household extra .

Also, the biggest difference is that Israel currently has 27 F-35s. They will increase this number to the 50s. No matter how many critical errors this plane has, it is problematic, but it contains the most modern technologies.

These problems will be resolved over time. We are talking about a modern vehicle that can carry tons of ammunition in the air, even if it is not soluble . All kinds of problems.

In other words , they came before us with a total of 80 pieces . These are not just pretend airplanes. So the problem. We are behind on main air power. There are support planes next. Israel and we have 4 Awacs, namely radar aircraft.

3 of those in Israel are lower and 1 are senior. Of course, enough for their airspace. Our 4 planes are among the most advanced Awacs in the world . So we are ahead of the game. As a support, we have 13 tanker planes, this number is 7.

However, they can be regarded as equivalent as their work . Israel probably cannot use some of them. As logistics transport for support, there are only 18 properly C-130s in Israel .

It is sufficient for logistical support on its own territory, but may fail in a wide-ranging war. We have 16 C-130, 10 A-400M and 41 CN-235. It can fully support our army when needed. Finally, the unmanned aerial vehicles that I kept for the last time .

At this point, it is developed in two countries. On the one hand, Israel, which has been doing this with kamikaze UAVs for a long time; On the other hand, Turkey has managed to prove itself. We are close to unmanned vehicles on both sides at very advanced levels. No one has made a big difference yet. That's why numbers are more important at this point than ability.

Whichever party can produce faster or the number of vehicles is high, it is ahead. Israel has not provided any information on this matter. However, we cannot see that they use these tools as much as we do. For example, we use it in every operation.

What does that mean? It means you have n't integrated enough of your army all over . So we're probably much better in numbers . When vehicles such as Akıncı and Aksungur arrive, this difference becomes wider .

And the result in the air force. It is ahead of us on the main power, as Israel attaches great importance to the air force and of course with American support. However, there is no such difference between us.

With the right tactics and strategy, it is possible to fill this gap. On top of that, we are in the forefront in supporting these forces. Both the number of UAVs and transportation vehicles are ahead of the continuity of power in the background.

So if we look generally except the main power, it can be said that we are actually close. It is of course up to us to open up this difference in the future. Finally, we came to the land forces. Although there are 2 countries between us, it is possible for the land forces to come face to face if desired. So let's look at these forces.

First, tanks of main power. Although it is said that the tank era is over because of UAVs, they are still the striking force of the ground forces. So they're still valuable.

They have their famous Merkavas as tanks in Israel . <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> A tank with strong armor that they make for themselves . Since this tank is unique to this geography, it is difficult but not impossible to hunt in its area. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> There are 550 Mark 4s, the best of the Merkavas . An above average effective number. In addition, the submodel is 780 rather than the mark-3s .

We don't take the rest, the rest is garbage. So what happened? They had a total of 1330 regular tanks . We have 353 Leopard 2 tanks and 900 modernized M-60 tanks. How much work our M-60s can do is unknown, but we have seen that they can work in Syria.

Its modern versions were widely used in operations . Therefore , it is possible for him to do business in a place like Israel . In general , it can be said that we are close, even if Israel's modern version tanks disrupt the business. We're going to the helicopter.

It is the only power that can continuously support the ground forces . There is no clear information on this issue, but it is said that Israel has 45 Apaches. Since these helicopters are costly problematic, they probably won't be able to handle half, they aren't ready, but let's call it Apache anyway. Of course, ask us if it is fully loaded.

Our 62 attack helicopters can only be shut down as a load. But still we are ahead. Of course, not only attack but also helicopters have carrying legs.

Logistics is again important. Let's go into detail here, we are in a different front of 600 to 180 in total . <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Let's say we are strong in air support, not as an attack, but logistically. Next, the cannon and missile systems.

It is developed in two countries in this regard, but in different directions. While Israel has very long-range missiles, we do not. However, we have the upper hand in number and multiplicity . Since the distance between the two countries is close, it is not entirely clear which one can highlight it. We cannot go into the details of every system here, but we can say that we are ahead in multi-barrel rockets and cannon systems. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> They remained at the level of one in 10 in the balls and half in the rockets .

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Let's say they chose to hit their targets smarter from very long distances . Of course, in wartime the number is of course important. In addition, there is the subject of personnel carrier.

You have tens of thousands of soldiers and of course you have to carry this. You do that with personnel carriers. However, it is important that they are armored in a place like the Middle East.

You never know what will happen at any moment. Of course, despite this, Israel's smooth armored vehicle is almost nonexistent, only 1200s. Total battleship is around 3500. In our country, this number is over 10 thousand only with proper armor . They are very good in their land size but not that good as a regional power.

Minus compared to our logistics. In the last part, we come to Air defense systems and nuclear weapons. Israel has proven air defense systems that everyone knows . Iron dome, David's slingshot and Arrow.

These are lined up from low to high altitude . So the guys have completed and finished their defense. Now we see in the videos that they are seriously eating their bread. On the other hand, we could not reach the higher altitude section since we just entered this race. We are working on it.

Our Fortresses are finished, but not only with these . High altitude air defense systems are important among states . Because big ballistic missiles will be activated . Even if we bought the S-400, it's up to somewhere where they can hold or defend. So national systems are a must. We are negative in air defense at high altitudes.

As for nuclear weapons, we are still in disadvantages. Because we don't have a known nuclear bomb. Although it is said that we are trying to do it with Pakistan, these are just rumors. Let's take it as we haven't done it yet. In Israel, it is said that there are about 100 nuclear warheads that they made and brought from America. They are the 6th largest nuclear power in the world.

Of course, confidentially. Sources are in the description section. At this point, the dimensions of the work change. When nuclear weapons become a last resort, nothing matters apart from air defense systems. So let's say it is necessary for us to say extra words .

As a result, Israel has given importance to its air force and defense systems and it is a state that has passed us in them. However , we are also ahead with overwhelming advantages in the remaining parts . In addition, not only this, there is an active military personnel difference of 680 thousand to 170 thousand. The technological difference can be easily closed with human power . Because our manpower is more than 3 times. Recently, we have been developing at full speed as military technology .

If national productions are completed , we do not have to worry about missing parts . The only difference would be nuclear caps. Who knows, maybe we can solve that too. We came to the end of a comparison video that we created for you as a result of hours of hard work. To respond to this effort, you can like the video and subscribe to our channel for more. I am the Media Baron and I wish everyone a happy day .

See you.

2021-05-15 10:54

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