SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH ME! | Subnautica - Part 11 (Full Release)

SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH ME! | Subnautica - Part 11 (Full Release)

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Top. Of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and, welcome back, to, my little slice of heaven that, i asked a car sub nauseous, so I'm waiting for some water to cook up in here I have one I, was gonna salt don't eat salt right now I have one water and I'm gonna use that I'm gonna get to I then go down into there the deep dark deep dark again but. Until. Then I I ate a bunch of these and now I'm all full up of water and everything so I might have to take some more of them before. I go but as long as we're full before. We go and then when we head out we. Actually start using the water and everything and I just. Want. To make sure. Ya, see dips module, mark - all, I need is titanium and lithium. But. For the depth module, mark one, where. Is it. Depth. Cyclops. Death MA where, is it. Depth. Module, mark one I need oh oh. Oh. I'm. Stupid. We. Prone to depth module mark to lithium, and kyanite, oh. I. Didn't see that until there that's, for the depth module, mark to. What. Depth module, do you have in you I'm, all conflicted. Okay so, many things are happening that now I can't even remember what's in my fucking, machines. What's. In this Lucy oh fucking, frog suit. Open. Okay. I need to take you out. To, be able to check. Well. Access. Upgrade so have a depth module mark one in you know I fucking don't I. Could. Just make a depth module, America one Oh. Slap my ass and call me Judy what is wrong with me. There's. Something seriously, going on up in here that I'm not aware of half the time depth, margin mark one nickel, or three Ruby, - I should, have those. Ruby. - okay. Please tell me Evan of nickel or I. Just. Had enough and. Then, the plasteel, ingot and then, we're able to go down into the deep dark deep dark down to our deep oh. I. Want. To slap myself, so. Silly. This. Is the type of thing as well that this, happens in an episode and then everyone's screaming, at me that I'm wrong and then, it takes like a whole day until I correct myself, I. Apologize. Everybody, it. Hurts me too okay it. Hurts me too when I realized my own stupidity because. There's so much going on in the game all the time and there's so many upgrades to try and get know this kind of shit that I, have. To say I don't even know what I'm doing. There's. So many like balls, in the air that they all end up dropping instead, of just figuring out which ones I need okay, I need a lot of titanium, though. Titanium. Millennium. Y'all. Remember Robbie Williams. I'm. Loving. Angels instead. And. Through it oh. She. Was, me protection. Shouldn't. Be singing with a bad, voice. Where. The rhyme ride or a row okay I only need lithium, then to make this. Shiz. Dang. You're. A major titanium, first okay happy titanium. Is a happy ball. You, do all that I may actually make it another Power Cell before I go and, then you make the titanium, then, you go over here and. You. Take a little lithium boy and. You. Don't. Make you, take two, lithium. Boys and, then. You make a sexy, little plasteel, ingot boy, and, then. He's going to be really nice and he's gonna play catch with you and everything and he's gonna be your best son so. I need to get the I. Don't. Need to do anything, what, the fuck no. Get, it, Lucy. I need the depth module to make the next upgrade for it but I don't that's. Where I make my - it's, where I make mark one oh. Yes. Oh, oh Maria. And pepper Sally I'm sorry. Sally. Pap-pap. There you go best little. Tiny submarine, girl but. We're, gonna have to go on a bigger better journey and you can't go down that far so, he's like something's. Like the child, she's. Not growing up yet she'll grow into a big Maria someday, but right now she's not growing up. Now. You can go to 1,300. Meters I could, have done that last time. But. No, someone's. Brain, has to be stupid. Did. It get in get in get in get in yeah yeah, baby. Yeah. Baby. Well at least we got an adventure out of it last time so, piece.

Of Advice that I've seen floating around as well is to keep the engine off whenever I'm not using the Cyclops very, good advice right now we're at 27%, energy, that, is shit that's, not enough, that's. Not gonna get me anywhere and I am starting, to think that maybe my perpetual engine, machine isn't. Actually. Working the way I think it is I. Don't. Think I don't think these power cells are actually doing. Anything. I'm gonna change you have now 43%. Okay. So. Wait. Make some more power cell chargers. Come. Which were they. Ruby. And advanced wiring kits okay, pain in my ass and then, it might just make some more power. Cells in general what do they need to make them. Sit. A cult rubber word. Third, reactor. Rods no weren't, there ion, power, cells that I could make. Once. I got you ran a night Crystal's, couldn't. I turn, them into. That. I. Remember. There being a stronger. Power. Cell that, lasted, longer and then, I made, a bunch of them I put them in Maria okay, we're gonna close that on you because your heads gonna get cold okay pop ha um. Right. I might have to figure, that out first first off I just wanna make more power cells already. Forgot what I told me but, I figure it out I think, we're good to go, I'm. Very. Unsure but, let's crack this baby open oh. Yeah. So we're. Running down in power. Freddie. Damn quickly, so I I don't think, that my tactic, works anymore I think, that was just a cheesy exploit, that we could do earlier in the game cuz I'm charging, some stuff right now and, it. Doesn't seem to be, getting. Offset if anything the powers are just draining from charging to power cells driving. Around and this thing is really. Efficient, as. It. Should be um and. We're all stocked up with some stuff like. Wait. Do I have my my. Ion crystals. That's. A thing that I really want to find out I have purple artifacts. They. Have at least one. Would. Like some more. Okay. I have to -, will do - is, enough cuz when I get down here I want to start going into some of the alien bases, now that I can actually go down deep I want, to try and head to that thermal, plant.

That's. Blood kelp. Wait. Where is it oh my god. So. Then that's where we go down with Maria, that's where the blood kelp starts, that descent, down and then, that's where the actual lava zone is. That's. So, cool. The fact that this whole, ecosystem. And this whole world exists. Underneath the. World that you're used to in the game cuz this stuff is already scary, when. You started off this game the fact that you can't really see you what's at the bottom most, of the time and. Then you get down into these zones where light. Doesn't, even exist. It's. Badass so. When I switch out these power. Cells I think I'm just actually going to switch them out and leave. Them out. Because. I don't think that that's worth it as long as I can get full power cells back in then. I should be okay. Because. I put two new ones in but now they're there already already, drained trying to power, that fucking thing the. Charger. So. The only thing I can think of is to get iron Power Cells and I don't have the stuff to do that yet but, I think. Cuz. I was like oh don't I need you ran a night to do that but no I think it's I need the the. Precursors. The aliens. Technology. To be able to do that. Because. They're the ones that have, the eye on stuff. Is. That our entrance is that what we're going down hey. Reef, ease. How. You guys doing, good. Good. Okay. I'm a little nervous about bringing Maria down here she's a hefty beached, you. Never know what's going to happen and I don't know what happens if a war forgets me cuz I don't exactly have speed. On my side even. With. The upgraded. Like. If you. Go to like three times speed it's still not enough you, won't be able to get away from the warper in time oh. Yeah. Down we go down. We go into the depths, it's. So much scarier to do it in Maria I don't. Know Hawaii. Because. I can't maneuver her as well, Oh God. Fucking. Music is. Terrifying. Okay. That's the music I thought it was a freaking Reaper all of a sudden oh shit.

If. I get warped pray, for me. Okay. Okay okay, don't, go down again for a little bit oh god. Oh. God. Thank god these cameras, exists on this oh god, I did the wrong thing. How. Do we turn on and off two cameras I. Already. Am Jesus, they, do not go far down do they there's, music school but it's spooky is all hell. I'd, hear that I go like. You're draining water out of a sink. Okay. Where am I going, I don't, know where I am I, mean. I know I'm in the general area think you have to go through there but I don't think Maria's going to be able to fit as. Easily. As I would like and I don't want to start smacking, the shit out of her and damaging. Her and all that kind of stuff so, what. I'm gonna do is leave Maria here. She's. Gonna be my beacon of glory to get back out, are. These things cherish it okay, they're fully charged. So. How much power did we actually get. 242. Not. That bad and I want to see what happens in when, I actually. Exchange. These guys out. Okay. Are some of you empty and the other side. Huh. Two, of you are empty god damn. Well. That fucking sucks so. We went from 42 to. 75, okay great that that's enough power definitely. Definitely definitely. I mean 42% power was enough to get us back out anyway but, it's. Better to be safe than sorry you know what I mean so. We put Q in there so I'm not taking up any space want, to fill up on some food before I go just. Plant. One of them and then eat the rest because. I want to make sure that my water is high, I. Do. Have water to come with me but. Now. We're doing very good and, I'll. Take two of you wait, yeah. Alright, pepper we're, going down. Thank. You. Let's. Fucking do this pep-pep. Wait. What's the label to actually build the jump jet upgrade last time I know I just didn't oh. That's. A bad wow that's a lot of copper ore that's very very useful actually. Alright. Gently. Does it past. All. The, big giant, pieces of gross. Titanium. Is actually very handy right now. Because. What I can do. Copper, or what, I can do if I have two titanium is build another, Locker in my in. My, seat in my II in my Maria, which. Is what I'm gonna do a pepper stay right there it's, easier for me to just go do this on my own because then I can start mining stuff and I can bring it all back and I'll actually have room for it because right, now my lockers, are actually pretty full they, don't like that well. They go we always say like okay we're heading out are we ready let's, do this and then I have to come back okay. Yeah. It doesn't exactly, sit. With the rest of them does it. What. Was that. Was. That those Dale things oh my god it sounded like a voice just. Going oh. Really. Not a fan of that please don't do that again. Waste. Of in the prawn suit as well don't I thought. I put in there. Everything's. All topsy-turvy. This. Area does not look familiar Oh cuz. They came in on the other side, oh. I. Was supposed to turn right in then in, Moorea. Oil by. Ok. That's actually good. Because. Now we end up at a, sort. Of we're supposed to go so let's go down left down here. Now. We might have actually avoided, the the, ghost Leviathan. Right. This. All was he. Speed. Is not your strong suit pepper isn't. Wait. Am I even where, I think I am yeah. There's, the coast of ice and off in the distance there I don't, know if you can actually see that but we, passed them okay very very good do. Not need to deal with his shit right now. There, we go a bit of speed. Because. Now we can go down and get the kyanite and if we get kyanite, that, means I can upgrade all my stuff pretty. Far. And. Then we can actually get the upgrades to make trips, down into here a lot. Less scary cuz, right now they're fucking terrifying oh I actually wanted to go I. Am. Not prepared for this I am, not prepared for this at all I need to come back again I. Can. Survive the heat in pepper right. Hope. So I'm not I'm saying I'm not prepared for this because I need to go in there but, I forgot to bring the frickin purple artifacts with me. Stooop. Ain't ready. For our first trip into the lava zone Oh. Mom. And. Here, we are okay, this place. Can. Be bad as well because these guys are like sucker faces, and they, can all crowd, around your, your, thing and just like stick to the glass of it and I fucking hate it okay. That's a big deposit of titanium, plank, get you before you're fucking, even coming close. Stop. Going there. Here. We go crane is facing to fucking dust, oh hey. Warper. Like. That right. Kyanite, kyanite keep your eyes peeled, for kyanite, that's why we're here. It's. The only reason we've come down this far and I can't remember if it's just hanging on the side of the walls or if, it's in like large deposits. It's, not even like limestone chunks, or anything it might be in. Like. That thing of titanium, we just saw. We're. At 50, degrees Celsius 51.

So. My little buddy boy would just boil. Alive. Down. Here Oh. Spooky. Okay, what's this over here I. Don't. Know is that from the picture kyanite is blue I. Don't. Think it's you I think you're just coppery in get. Out over the mushrooms. Yeah. Copper. Copper. Still great though. There. Anything is to, get the kyanite I actually have to get out of, pepper. That. Might be an issue ooh. Are, we in luck what. Are you, fuckin. Led. Do. I look like a man that needs led no. I don't is, that it. They. Look like resources. That I can mine. Never. Seen them before. But. Is this. The area. Oh no. This. Is exactly. The area I do not want to be in. What. If we can hear it. Are. We close enough yet. Does. War pers everywhere. So. There is a big. Boy. Yes kyanite. Okay. I'm just gonna drill this all down and then hop out and collect it I can hop out and collect stuff. If. It's. Fast I won't take any damage, oh hey. Warmers. This. Is this the area where the big daddy lives. The. Big the big dragon. Really. We shared inventory, space. Caught. There's a lot of it just in one clump. Good. Good good it's. A lot for me it. Means I might only have to do this once and then I can go I. Do. Not want to be here any longer than I have to be. My. God. Okay. Are you all falling. Down, okay. Quickly. Fuck. No. Wrong one. You. Go there you go don't. Kill me don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me you. Got the fucking things. Me. Being like huh keep your eyes peeled for kyanite, you might see it it was like yeah it's pretty fucking hard to miss this shit. Okay. Okay kitty. All. Right let's maybe go for one that's already near the ground. Who. Does that sound oh is it you oh god. This. Place is so creepy. It's huge, as, well. It's. Over in that direction is, where the dragon is, we. Might we may go say a little high and then leave. Pretty damn fast see we're at 1,200, meters right now. Okay. I'm hearing a lot of shit oh. It's. Really, giving me goose bumps and. There's. Stuff on my screen as well like little bits of dirt that I think is stuff in the distance just. Drill, just drill and be a happy boy go, fucking Jesus Christ. Motherfucker. I'm. Just over here minding my own business and, then big, jaws McGee, has to come over and just take him take, a chunk out of my ass, why, man I'm over just over your drilling clay a night give, it to me me. There. We go whoa Oh. Where'd. He go I think, these guys are eating each other. How. Much space do I have. Okay. Have a lot more space I can get some more deposits. On the way out I might get some copper. Because. I want. To leave it's. Very good if I. What. The fuck what the fuck Jesus. Christ going, please. Shit it. Fuckin. Burn. You a graduate, of dust. Fucking. Grind, the disease off you who, drill cold. God. This place is a nightmare. It's. Like literally stepping into hell. Are. You copper I think you're copper let me just fill up my inventory and go oh, shit. Oh no, oh no oh no where am I oh fuck. You. Fucking suck dude you, fucking suck I. Was. Almost out too without any sort of incident oh. Man. It's. Good - shit I mean it's just I wouldn't know where I didn't even hear him come in or anything. It. Was just like oh hey may I talk to you about warping, it's. This fun new activity, we all do, when. We're - bags. I'm. Fine okay I'm over my experience, already I got. Out I stole all the copper kyanite, and titanium. Reason. I stole a lot of titanium, as well as that it might be useful for actually building the. Start of a base. Like. Down here I. Don't. Know I'm still unsure because I have a lot of materials, in.

Moorea. As well that will help me like some glass and some enamel glass. Because. That is the plan is to make a base down, here. Because. Then I can get to certain of some of the areas, without. Having to worry too much. Can. I can make it a little indoor or grow bed and stuff like that and they can use their. The. Thermal generator. To, be able to like, sustain, myself. Okay. I'm heading back to Maria and never coming back in and we're going to the to, the alien thing the alien place look. I'm spider but I'm. Just swinging through the caverns. Spider. But, spider, bot. Does. Whatever a spider bot. Can. He swing, anymore. No. He can't cuz he's way too fat look out he. Is spider, bot back. At, last, Maria, open. Up wide and let. Me in knock, knock it's me, jackaboy. Okay close down your head there. Very. Very good okay very, worthwhile adventure, very, very nice I liked. It I hope you guys did too but, it's not over yet I need to dump almost. All of this in here well, as much as I possibly can actually. Here. We go losing. A crystalline, sulfur I found, some of that on the ground I remember what I needed that for back. Recently, I know I needed it for something but right now we, are taking, these. You. In. Take. One of these and actually use it because. I I sustained, some fire damage. And take. None. Of you. None. Of you did they have I. Have. To iron crystals. Am. I blind did I miss it I, might. Have missed it y'all I missed it. Okay. Pretty. Nice music very very very, somber, Rhino. Fastened, a in, the prawn suit here's a little pro tip for you aim at the horizon let. It pull you in ruin, and then. Launch yourself. Look. At all that speed you get so. Much speed the people are going to be wondering if you are indeed a prawn suit or the, flash incarnate. Turns. Out and a bit of both actually and I'm. Pretty fucking jazzy. Okay. Grab that look. At us look, at us fly Lucas. Frank now do you know why the grappling, hook attachment. Is one. Of the more important ones for this. It's. Just so handy it's so nice I like, it everybody's. Having a good time at. Least I hope so. So. I brought my purple, artifacts, and I brought some of my ion, cubes now to go down in here. Pretty. Sure I can enter this one well. Ladies we're gonna have to go way deeper into the. Fucking lava zone and I hate to not want to do that at least not yet. Grab. Nice. Are you more crystalline, sulfur you hair and some Ruby. Wait. It's even too hot for me oh wait I'm right next to a fucking fainting. Okay. I was gone for two seconds, but thanks. Appreciate. You looking out for me okay I'm just gonna grab more.

Rubies, And everything I I think, I have enough Ruby back at my base, to. Overcome. Any obstacles. That may stand in my way. But. You can never be too sure. That's. Why Irish men always say to be sure to be sure. All right. Into. The bowels of hell we go and do. The shit into. The shit. Guys. If you could just let me through. That'd. Be great really not trying to cause a hassle, here. Okay. You think, I'm trying to cause a hassle, here see I get weird the most misunderstand, II come from fuck fuck, I'm gonna get warped. I'm. Gonna get warped that's gonna happen. Did. I dodged it oh my, fucking, god. Whoa. All. Right in there is where we're going there's. A gap in that section, see. All the bones. See. All these dead, Leviathan skeletons. Well. The skeletons, are not dead the creatures they belong to our okay, let's not get into the fucking semantics, of language okay. Okay. Think about this area is that you have no, defense. Against the dark arts there's no barrier. When you enter. So. You actually, have to. Either. To keep something out or, contain, it within whatever. Their intention, it clearly. Yeah. Maybe there's a bit of both okay, Trevor. Think about that so. In here I have no defense, against Walter basically. There's no doors, or anything so when, you're in you're in. Insert. A purple, table'. And. Let's download some data. Specimen. Research, data a catalogue of information, on the organisms, previously, contained within the alien facility a number, of entries have been translated small, herbivore, gamma. This. Entry seems to reference, the common people, shows, no immunity, to infection death, commonly occurs within four days or a. Couple, hours when I get a hold of eggs I devour them show, symptom remission, on exposure, to enzyme 42, but symptoms quickly recur, shows, advanced, learning, behaviors, shows, some capacity, to transmit, enzymes, to other specimens, okay so maybe this is the research facility, then it would make sense that the thermal. Plant is actually down in the the. Lava zone I. Don't. Think I need to talk about more about that it makes more sense, Leviathan. Embryos, I don't. Specimen, too large to study in containment egg specimens. Acquired, from nesting site embryo. Showed no signs of immunity death, commonly, occurs within three weeks small. Sample of eggs has been retained for continued, high-priority. Research. On Leviathan, hatching mechanisms, AHA large. Carnivore, theta off-site. Lab established, history remains, show some potential for immunity to infection but, physical remains so far proved, insufficient, for full reconstruction, an, unidentified, Leviathan, this, Leviathan, species, has been assigned design designator, C Emperor. Keep. That in mind bone, samples, from emperor specimens, indicate some potential for karai. Immunity. Single. Specimen captured, for study at purpose-built containment, facility constructed, in volcanic, region at depth of 1.4.

Kilometers. So, that's. Endzone. That's the last area, in the game to explore. Assessment. While it is unlikely that the emperor specimen, is still contained within the facility described it may be possible, to acquire further data there, there, on the aliens attempt, to, develop, a vaccine. Okay. Well we know a bit, more than that don't we so. Those. Egg specimens. Will also, come in vital. So, this is like this. Is the research facility, then it's research. Facility if the thermal plant in the, lava castle, oh man. Could I not go in here with you and then. We have the containment, facility deeper. Deeper down. This. Is where they were scanning, and understanding. Everything this might be a Leviathan egg a sea. Dragon egg, this, large egg is held in a hermetically. Sealed environment. And has been chemically sterilized, without the means and at. The facility to house a fully grown sea dragon specimen as possible the aliens sought to study instead the egg liner, okay this. Is the reason that's, why you saw the alien, skeleton. Outside. Or the sea dragon skeleton. Okay. Now we're gonna read that one rib. Cage. Display. Kate's gonna array of rib cages harvest indigenous life forms there's particular focus in the instance of vertebrate skies the structures. Interesting. I am fighting a, lack. Of oxygen here, so I'm gonna keep going down. Download. Data. I. Read. That once I am back to a source of oxygen. Damage. Report, Leviathan. Detected, at facilities permitir. Closing, at high speed exterior, anchor, anchor cable, impacted, with massive, force exterior. Anchor system buckling, facility sinking, collision. With sea floor this, is what happened to the whole place breaches detected in containment unit, seven Leviathan, eggs immediate. Specimen, destruction, protocol initiated 314. Specimens destroyed one, specimen, unaccounted, for evacuating. Staff to off-site, sanctuaries, plant, planetary. Quarantine, protocol, initiated, infected. Individuals, may not leave the planet so. This whole facility was, the. Start of all that, so.

They Kept some Leviathan, eggs here, and you saw the. Sea dragon Leviathan, outside, date. So. It came in and it impacted, the whole place look at this fucking guy. It. Impacted, the whole place that's why that basically kicked off everything. The. Reason we're even here, it's. Going remains a vast predator house within a habitat, environment you structures have specimens blah blah where. It shares some skeletal, traits with the biter and sand shark including. Its distinctive, double eye sockets, this fossilized, specimen is significantly, larger, and features unusual, forearms. Rarely, seen in aquatic species the, species has likely gone extinct. In this past, thousand, years and, evolutionary, relatives have evolved almost. Beyond recognition. Big. Boi. Big. Big big boy okay. So this, this is the most interesting, facility, I think because. This is where you start getting all the information you. Know. The information about how long this place has been here and how long all, these specimens, have been here and what they were studying what, they were hoping to achieve. And. Subjected, to intensive, study, so. Here we go the these are where the war pers our mate or at, least where they were studied in manufacturers, so there's one of the terms, there's a piece of, whatever. Skeleton. The. Organic parts and display contained DNA from dozens, of different organisms, largely originating. Offworld, they, are in varying, states of augmentation, with advanced technologies, this production line setup, suggests, these self warping, constructs, were built maintained. And deployed by the aliens, that designed this facility, so they're basically guards. The, war pers. They're. So, goddamn cool, and. They're. Not they're, not organic, anymore, they're like half organic, half machine. So. For being quarantine, enforcer, unit that's their full name be. Wearing my oxygen this life-form shows signs of heavy genetic, modification, and extensive, mechanical, grafting, its digestive and pulmonary, systems have been replaced by an onboard battery. Receiving. Energy directly, from the main grid and distributing. It around the body so they don't even run on like, organic, matter anymore, miniaturize. Phase technology, has been implanted beneath, the skin and is triggered by the central, nervous system allowing, the construct to teleport at will the, brain and central nervous system, have been digitally, augmented. With advanced processing, power and remote communications. Program. A little hunter-killer. A void. Right. I want to go back and get some more oxygen so. They're. Designed as bodyguards, basically, just. In Garrett facilities, so, if they detect anything in the area they, warp it out or they warp it to them and kill them and, the, warping as you saw did damage to me so. They're. Not to be fucked around with they're pretty. Probably. The most advanced species in this whole game to. The bacterium, is being downloaded, caution. Detecting. Atypical. Fluctuations. In blood plasma, proteins. Are, self scan is strongly advised. Surfs. Can complete. Bacterial. And, has spread to the skin and pulmonary, system, medical. Report recorded, to databank. It, is imperative you find a way to neutralize the, infection, yeah, this, is the next piece of the story. There. It is. So. Now were fully infected, with the disease the karar infection. Of the quran contagion. This terminal contains extensive data regarding. The bacterial contagion identified, as Habra, discovery. First encounter during routine network expansion on outer worlds, network. Error resulted, in routine quarantine, procedure failure, contagion, was uploaded to and spread quickly through the core world's confirmed, deaths 143.

Billion. Individuals. 143. Billion people died from this attaches. To healthy living cells, and mutates the basic genetic structure gradual. Immune system failure green, skin lesions, and flu-like symptoms. Unpredictable. Alterations. To biological, structure and complete. Shutdown of executive. Function, mercies. Have taken, core worlds quarantined. Bacterial. Samples, distributed. To isolated, disease research, facility for vaccine development treatment. Procedure unknown, so. This. Is not the only world that has that. This. Is, just. One of many worlds, that are fighting off this contagion. Co. The warper parts they're so cool, for. Like Frankenstein. Monsters, throw. Out put together and, they're shoved full of machinery and, then. There they're brought out and they're just, perpetually. Out there they, never seem to run out of energy because they're running fucking batteries. Think. That's all we have to see in here because that was the last room. So. Now you know the the. Basic gist of things you, know what's been going on you know kind, of some of the story and you can see some of the creatures as I, was going around were infected they were all covered in like green. Spots. It's. Pretty cool I like the story to this game. Has. A lot going on and. There's. A lot to it and I like that you get a lot of lower through, the environment, like this like you see the whole place collapse and then you get some, of the information about what happened, oh. Oh. Just. Mr. Worple, oh baby. Oh baby piss. Off, go. Wake awake awake awake awake. Okay. He didn't get me so. That's why they sound like they're their machines whirring. Up every time cuz they actually are machines, and. Their. Only purpose is to teleport, around and find. Why. Am I able to hear him. That. Sound, that roar, that's, the seat. That's. The sea dragon boy can they hear it from here. That's. Like way back down in that direction. Or, is the floor of this place actually the roof of that other place. Either. Way not, nice sounds. Fuck. Grab the wall grab or yes I. Can't. Get up there. Don't. Anybody warp me I'm a good boy so this skeleton, here this. Was there Leviathan. That was at the perimeter, I'm pretty sure it was anyway. You. See if I can check its skull to see if there's any sort of like. Damage. Going on. Hmm. I don't know if the school is caved in or if, it's just like.

That. I. Think. That the story goes that this, is the one that went into the base slammed. Into one of the like structural, pieces the whole thing collapsed, and then. Plower planetary, quarantine, was initiated. Because. The disease got out because this is where they were researching, all that stuff I mean. The facilities not huge, now. Sorry. But. Really really interesting. This. Is the type of stuff that they started adding way, later in development when. They realized that they had like a decent game on their hands, because. Originally, they said that the game was just supposed to be like a demo, kind, of like a proof-of-concept to show the. Type of idea that they were going for and then. So many people were interested in it and. So. Many people got like the downloaded, game and tested, I want everything that they actually got their funding to be able to make the game fully, so. Then they turned it into this and they started adding like lots of lots more story, elements. I'm. Just so happy that I got made because the story is really cool. And. My. Mission. Because. I haven't built any of the rocket parts yet I know, that I can actually, get the materials and build the base but. I don't want to build anything yet because I want to make whenever, I build it I want to make sure I have all the stuff ready, to build there then and there or. Maybe, just for the sake of celebration, we might build one piece of it I don't know but, I can there's like four or five parts, of the whole thing, so. I want to make sure that I have. More. More ability, to be able to build it before I actually go into any of that, because. What I have to do is. Find. A cure because if I you try and take off obviously that. System. Is going to kill me that defense. System. So. I need to make sure that don't happen. Back. Home, and, safe. For. Another little, while. Okay. What, I'm gonna leave this episode of, subnautica here. We, got, a really, great, amount of progress on there we. Got to see a lot of cool stuff we, got to go down and examine. Some of the research facilities, and get all the story information because, another reason I wanted to play this, from. The start again was not only to pick up on any things that they implemented, into the earlier game. Because. My other save I think was way way way later in the game but I would have missed out on all that I would. Miss out and all the stuff like they. See AMPRO showing up and telepathically, like what, are, you, that. Kind of stuff and some of the other messages and I wanted, to say mainly, I wanted to refresh my brain on the story I forgot to turn the engine off. Goddamnit. How much energy are you at. 49. Um. Excuse. Me excuse. Me sir could. You get off my shit. Well. What's that. Does, that make a danger. That's. Pretty cool. Oh god, it's really close. What. Is that I don't know but. I also wanted to refresh my brain on the story and I wanted to get the story from the start again and go forward because there was a lot of stuff that I remembered, but I just wanted to make sure that I was up-to-date on everything. And. Then we all. We. All got to sharing and the experience, together I chose it up here. Who. The fuck is banging, outside. These. Are the shitheads okay, Oh God, again. Fuck. Off excuse. Me, could. You can you all get off my shit you know what you know what. Fuck. You. Can't. Even do it this guy come, here, can't. Even get close enough. Get. Off my thing. It's. Mine. Not. Allowed here MA. Okay. Well thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked, it punch. That like button in the face like, you. Boys and. See. Dude. Oh. Seek. The inside, of my ass.

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You can put grow beds on the Cyclops.

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"Hello, sir, we're the Warpers. Do you have time to talk about our Lord and Saviour, the Sea Emperor Leviathan?"

The purple bugs are lava lavi they drain the power of the vehicle it's attached to.

Jack build a reinforced dive suit it protects from heats up to 70°c

If you build a storage upgrade it automatically puts its in your prawn inventory . keep up the vids

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Jack apparently you only have 4 weeks left to cure yourself in-game.

Maybe this is my OCD speaking, but I always find it easier when there's one kind of thing per chest/locker/[storage device of your choice]. I find it easier to find the stuff I need when I need it... Thinking you'd like to find the time to put a bit of order in your lockers, so that you know where shit it! :)

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Fun exploit I discovered: if you fabricate drained batteries into a power cell the power cell will be fully charged. Go, unleash chaos

"SLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME JUDY", I'd call you judy but your ass is beyond reach. Source: 1:56

You don't have to take vehicles out of the Cyclops to access their upgrades and storage. That's what the screen next to the docking bay is.


"put you down so your head doesn't get cold pat pat *slam's head on it*

There are 3 other powercells on the otherside of the the engine where the upgrade fabricator is in the engine room

Useful trick I'm using right now with charging power cells, I put them in my seamoth while I'm out, I somehow got an upgrade for her that let's her charge my power cell as long as she's in light, I've been using her as a charger when I'm out on short missions, it charges them pretty well actually

Skyler-Starling I'm making a tip list for Jack. Can you explain this tip a little more? So, what you're saying is that if you have the (I'm assuming) solar upgrade for the seamoth, you put used batteries/power cells in the storage. Because of the solar upgrade, the batteries/power cells charge in the seamoths storage?

Says people told him to turn off his engine, leaves it running when searching the lava zone... Says he needed ion crystals and purple artifacts to get into the alien structure in the lava zone, leaves them in the lockers of the cyclops...

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ethan braddurry but also don’t the crab squids sound like grievers?

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Ion batteries and power cells are made from the precursor fuel crystals. You need to lean how to make them from one of the deeper alien bases

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When he said he was gonna leave Maria i was like" ok that makes sence as long as you turn her off. Uh jack ... turn maria off. Jack...Jack...JACK TURN MARIA OFF...please?

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Jack: we all know more then that Me: I have no clue what’s going on

"Slap my ass and call me Judy" jacksepticeye 2018

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Jack when playing Super Mario Maker: “I don’t get how this fire works underwater” Jack when playing Subnautica: *does not give a shit*

You can access the upgrades panel on Sally and Pepper from inside Maria by using the naming panel beside the hatch to get into Sally/Pepper. You can also access their storage from there.

What happens if your sub gwts destroyed with all your stuff in it?

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Pro Tip: Silent Running and Slow engine speed will allow you to sneak by leviathans and the sea dragon. I literally had the sea dragon bump me a few times (wasn't moving when it was that close) and it didn't see me at all.

I mainly came here to see his reaction to the infection but I can’t find that part. Can someone tell me when it happens?

Close on the warpers Jack. The warpers are built to target infected individuals and hunt down ones with intelligence levels similar to your character who could get off the planet and break quarantine.

Doesn't matter if you forget something

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Story goes *

it's so funny how jack is like ooo thats good but then just walks away without caring anymore about it and not drilling it.

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spider bot



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Jack remember earlier in the full release series that u got that message from someone saying that the planet u are on (4546B) is in the andromeda galaxy (A galaxy known for its humongous size, it’s also going to collide with our galaxy). If I remember correctly there is a planet in the andromeda galaxy called 4546B that is a water planet, so if all this is correct and I’m not just being dumb that means that the developers have based the game on a real planet that isn’t really known to a lot people

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Brody Murray hi how are you?

Subnautica Time is the best time.

Me in music class 25:41

Thank you, Jack you cheered me up a lot when I was home from school sick. Your always positive and happy mood always cheer me up. I want to thank you again for always putting me in a good mood and always making me happy and smiling. Jan/29/2018

Me in music class 25:43



It's not a jacksepticeye video without jack saying "Hey Reefy's!" at least once. XD

The female computer voice sounds so much like EVE Online's Aura!

For people complaining about him not scanning the sea dragon skull: Jack already knows that it rammed the base and collapsed it, leading to not only that sea dragon dying from head damage but also releasing the infection. Only thing he left out when talking about it was that the dragon was ramming the base because the aliens were holding one of it's eggs inside.

1:57 umm I mean if that's what makes you happy? haha

All of you arguing over methods of solving stuff in the game while I'm hoping to play it at least once...

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Jack 50 Degrees Celsius is only half the temps in our saunas haha !

at 14:02 that sound you heard was the hatch of maria

My Stupid sister is crying

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Btw I know that Robbie Williams song and I luuuurve it

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*Slaps Jack's ass* Ya like that Judy?!

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Swoop u are judy

i know you wont see this in time jack but uhhh the module you need for your pepper is in the same room as you scanned the prawn suits down in the water or on the same platform you missied it so off to the aurora you go

When jack started singing at 22:00 Siri awoke

You actually have a fantastic singing voice, man! Keep singing! lol

Jack take the power cells from Henry

Jack I think there IS something wrong with you because at 8:50 you went past a Reef Back and didn't say "HEEY, REEFY"

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turn your lights off it will you uses less power

When he said "ah a little bit of speed" it reminded me of happy wheels where speed is key

what the hell is a beasht? i know he meant beast but that fricking accent though... beasht

Jack, the exploit/glitch with the power cells still works you just need energy efficiency modules for the cyclops and the ion power cells help

I wonder what other core worlds there are.

Pacific rim thats all i got to say

Jack youre too focused on explaining this to us when you need to like scan stuff and collect stuff were okay weve watched youre original gameplay

Question!!!!!!, does it have online multiplayer

slap my ass and call me Judie

Jack the electrical fish the big thing that's called a ghost lifithen.

jack: ohh god im gonna get warped pepper: NOT IF GRAPPLING ARM HAZ ANYTHING TO SAYZ ABOUT IT!!!

I know this episode is old now but you really didn't goof Sean. For the Prawn suit Depth 1 you needed nickel ore, nickel ore can only be found in the Lost River or deeper, so you actually couldn't make it until this episode because you farmed the nickel in episode 10. You did everything in order properly. Also, I really don't think that Power Cell trick works anymore. I could have sworn they fixed it a long time ago, because you're supposed to use the Thermal Energy Mod to recharge with the Cyclops, but I may be wrong. Lost River with Seamoth -> Farm Nickel, Crystalline Sulfer -> Prawn Suit MKI to Inactive Lava Zone, Farm Kyanite -> Finish all the Depth mods and go to the deepest part of Lava zone.

another great subnautious video by the one the only... JACKABOY MAN

Me: I'm not gonna worry in this video Also me when Jack gets warped:crapcrapcrapcrapcrapgogogogogojackjackjackjackjack

Turn off the eng- let’s be honest jacks never gonna remember I love him “to bits” but he’ll never remember it

K but Sean's singing voice is like an FN angel XD


It is the jackyboy disease

Do you guys know where I can get nickel ore?

Heeeeeeyyyy reeeeefiiieees!!

The thing I don’t like about this game is that u can barely fight of the daddy big boiis (reaper leviathan and more)

I have been watching this guy for a long time and I love his subnauscius (sorry if I spelled it wrong.) videos so much. Who agrees?

u should play the vr version

In this episode its copper ore thats usless, and titanium thats useful, last eipsode, it was quite the opposite

I remembered me saying this to my friends ‘Fuck my ass and call me Sally’ SALLY!!! WTF?!?!?

Jack kinda looks like Tony Stark


0:44 it didn't say kyanite

Pro Tip: It unfortunately takes more than one hit with the knife to kill those leeches. After a bit of running away from you, they'll just head straight back to your sub or prawn or seamoth.

0:37 it didnt show the kyanite

Jack: Maria, take us behind those rocks. Maria: MOVING BEHIND THE ROCKS!

U r like a pater bealish in the game of thrones on the banner

I love when he says heeeeeey reeeefies

scan the ion crystal to get blueprints?

whenever he's underground in the prawn I always forget he's underwater and not just in a massive cave xD

11:13 close your eyes

Fun fact kharaa means shit in arabic

You have a great voice Jack

having a ton of things inside of maria uses the power besides just using her to go from place to place.

thought he was takin it slow..

Turn off the engine in maria when you aren't using her

"People suggested to turn of the engine to save power" *Leaves with the engine running in Maria*

Restart Button 0:00

... the skeletons aren't dead!?!?! 0.o JACK RUN LAVIATHIN SKELETONS ARE COMING TO KILL U M8


The data at 37:22 implies that there are other planets out there where this disease at least was running rampant, specifically the "core" planets in the alien civilization. This was just a research planet. The fact that the disease is still here after thousands of years likely implies that the alien civilization either went extinct, or found some way to make their civilization immune and stopped caring about the disease.

I will not slap you're butt than call you Judy also I have no life neither do you don't lie I know you don't

Make 3 power cell chargers and 12 power cells so u never run out of power

2:40 It's okay Jack, I'm only yelling at you for, in the previous episode, telling Titanium to "fuck off" when now you need more Titanium.

So, your exploit with the power cells still works, I think. I'm pretty sure that you were at about 58% power when you put the empty power cells in, you went down to 42% to charge them, and putting them back in got you to 75%.


Jack you do know that there is a castle in the lava zone

Jack: "Ahhh smack my ass and call me Judy"

Your a good singer jack

Ok judy


Jack scan the bones

Sally is your daughter Maria is your wife and Pepper is your Sister

24:37 that’s wat he said

He burning through these

So Warper is basically a cyborg

Subnautious :)

the picture for the upload looks like his hands were infected with the septic virus

Just imagine a subnautica movie like spielberg or something

I got ready for HEY REEFIES at 8:59 and then at about 9:10 HEY REEFIES

I mean 9:30

"Im just over here *MINING* my own buiness"

You can go in the brine pools with the prawn you know that?

Jack why don't you read the data after your done with your mission.

Welcome back to my little slice of heaven for also call subnasios I also call subnautica

Copper ore is really useful. * five minutes later opens a limestone chunk and finds copper* fucking copper ore

I think there are three other batteries for maria on the other side that you need to charge

there are 8 kind of human forms

Hmm 2ds firmware update on the internet hate themselves in a really fucking and I want to cut deep and people online say I have a question for everyone here is he has a problem with his brother and the translations are perfect human rights abuses in a few hours of gameplay and I don't want o f you a lot of the Peace Ugandan Forces and it.

Slapp my ass and call me judy! *I'll go get the belt, Judy.*

21:26 minen his own business haha get it

you: man door hand hook car door me, an intellectual: deep dark deep dark down dark deep

15:04 Speed IS Key PEPPER! You need to work on that! xD

*slaps ass* Good Judy


You can scan all the skulls jack

If the disease is a bacteria have any of the humans considered penicillin? Maybe azithromicin? Amoxicillin? If for no other reason than to buy time?

Yor impression was incredible

JACKKKKKK You don't have take sally or the prawn suit out of Maria to get the upgrades just use the console next to the hatch!

6:14 ion know... See What I did there

Jack there is another row of power cells on the same side as the cyclops fabricator

You actully sing very well Sean or jack

Maybe he even has a SepticEye

I probably shouldn't watch this series with all the lights out. It's a bit too creepy

I think the fish said "julian" at 14:00

Hey Jack The Reason of the Power Drain of Maria Is the Battery Chargers

Jack please play fallout 4 far harbor the whole entire gameplay

Is this another filler episode?

45:09 Those slugs suck the energy out of your ships.

W: Will not A:Ack! Fucking... R:...Rape those P:Purple people or E:Even those big assed R:Reapers

Not sure if youve realised yet but the big sub has 6 batteries, 3 on each side youve only been looking at one side. Hope youve figured this out

jack im from the future in ep 15 everybody is saying to tame a cuttlefish before you build the rocket please i have no idea what happens i need to see

The spoopy waters gonna get ya!

Jack put a solar panel on Maria

christian burrows slightly reminds me of jack now that he has his hair dark again

Kharaa means shit in arab

When he was running out of power for Maria I was about to say maybe you should make more and then he says maybe I should make more power cell chargers"facpalms"

You have more power cells on the other side of Maria's engine

Who Else Wants Jack To Play GTAVI

21:24 haha "MINING my own buisness"

Jack you should make and use the charge fins cause they charge your stuff as you swim

36:53 looks like something off of bioshock lol

The intergalactic Plague Inc

Hey Jack, I was playing Subnautica, which I've had for a few months because early access, and I decided to go to the far side of the Aurora, ya know the side that know ever wonders about, and there's a pretty snazzy beach on the side of the aurora, there's not much but you can scan the birds since they fly so close to the ground over there. You should check it out. Also, I smell a sequel. If the kharaa was on multiple planets, is it possible that the precursors are still alive and thriving on other worlds? And if so, who's to say that you're free after the rocket launch? What if you get shot down onto another one full of precursors and you have to avoid them. What if that one isn't even all water, what if it's land based. What if the ship from Alterra HQ gets shot down also, what if they have it so other players leaving other identical planets with identical scenarios can "accidentally" land on the same planet and play together? I'm just saying, they left a lot of wiggle room for a sequel with that one fact about more planets. Because it never shows what happens after the rocket launch, never says what happens or anything. You may never have rendezvoused with Alterra. I say they should make a sequel, or they should implement multiplayer into the current game, or they could get another team or two so they can update the current one, add multiplayer, and create a sequel. I'd even be fine with a book. And there's a lot of movie potential in this game, I mean even the trailer was really cool. Anyone agree? Jack?

There are 637 warper disliking the video

Jack be nibble Jack be quick Jack see warper Jack yell “SH*T”

Jack - you need to scan the green ion crystal to get the better power cell recipe. Also, the scanner room will work better if you scan the various rock outcrops (sandstone, limestone, etc.) Basically, the scanner will give your character all the wiki data. Some of it isn't terribly useful, but others unlock stuff. For me, getting rid of the pop-up in the lower right of the screen is reward enough. I get distracted by it.

jack: big boi...big big big boi me: me me big boi

Fun fact : the name of Frankenstein’s monster is Adam.

-slaps jacks butt -hey judie haha

10:03 - "Take me down, everybody down, take me down, down to the bottom..."

35:00 Ready for your warper dissection kids?

who else likes jacks singing (like if true)

38:49 I like the SOY to this game

Don’t know which one I like more the old really ecstatic jack or the new a bit more calm jack(Shaun)

What pc do you use

When Jack adds a depth module to one of the vehicles how does he konow what the new depth max is without getting in the vehicle?

What about sam

it sounds like the power problem in maria is like plugging an extension cord into itself and expecting infinite power

No intro?? C'mon jack

Get to in the lava!!!!!.


so good

38:48 stowy

OMG i'm so upset you TOTALLY skipped the part of the adventure where you Actually went through the cave system to get to the lava zone!!!! arg can you make a Video from front to back of the correct pathing to take from the drop zone to the lava zone

Hay Reef ease

You know it will be a good episode when you hear 6:58

and hope it is not anti

Shizdang -jack septic eye 2018 have a great yr jack

im watching this and chop suey came on the radio!!!

No need to apologize Jack! Your play through is so fun and I love this series!

Hello Judy...

Where did you find the grappling arm fragments


kharaa in Arabic means shit

Hey Jack remember those huge skeleton monster heads? Well I think that huge egg in that place is a huge monster like that

I wish I could meet you ;cc

Take power cells from henry

Jack:I think charging the batteries drains Maria's power Me:or ya know... YOU LEAVE THE POWER ON IN MARIA!

Is it a coincidence that every time your infection progresses or is discovered its near alien technology facilities?

Originally I taught that subnautica was just an underwater suvival game

get the Reinforced dive suit uses computer in the cyclops to access docked ships inventory and upgrades

We all warp down here, Georgey

Jackyboy warpers won't mess with u now that u are not infected they are only after infected people

You should have scanned the Sea Dragon remains

Jack when your in a dangerous area turn on silent running so the creatures don’t get alerted easily

Lol my dogs name is pepper

I was just mining my own business when Big Jaws McGee came and bit me

Jack said titanium and sings a wee bit* *I start singing the song Titanium

10:14 fnaf

You should be able to check the storage and what modules are installed on the Prawn Suit/Seamoth without launching it. On the Cyclops stand on the launch hatch and look left. That panel there you can access both.

Can u play trail makers again it came out

14:11 Hi Anti! trying to get out? Fell ya

build your base bigger

39:35 It kind of sounds like he's all echoey. I love it-it probably wasn't on purpose but it's great haha ^^

jack i call them papa prawn mother marine sista sea

Self Warping Quarintine Enforcer Unit (S.W.Q.E.U) Lets just call them Warpers

7:01 hmm i wonder what... NO BAD THOUGHTS BAD THOUGHTS! *shakes my head*

5:13 *checks the headphones...* peww

4:14 but what about the girls?! HU ISN'T THE GIRLS GOOD ENOUGH?!

*Sees the title and thinks of anti* wait why did i think of anti.. it's subnautica... Oh man i miss anti... *dies a little inside missing anti*

There's so many balls in the air so they all end up dropping instead of fuiguring out witch ones i need -Jacksepticeye 2018

rewatching both of the subnauseous series love them so much

Deep dark deep dark deep

afaik you only need to fear leviathans when in the cyclops. Most other creatures don't do enough damage to damage it, or don't attack it at all.

Spiderbot or batbot

Wait is that a river under the sea

That singing was beautiful

"Slap my ass and call me Judy!" -Jacksepticeye 2018 Judysepticeye feminine persona confirmed

What ever happened to that one tool that let you terraform (probably called a terraformer but not sure)

Hey, Jack... let me tell you about stealth and not being detected. You have to be SILENT... And you have to have to go slower and be darker*Interior light* and *exterior lights* now you know da wae. So beat Subnautica better.


Wow jack is a really good singer

Get it, mining! my own bisnuse

20:59 his VOICE

Like your video Your are so amazing

You can pick up stuff in your Prawn Suit if you don't have anything bound to Right Click. This means that you will have to give up on either your Drill Arm, or your Grapple Arm. I know you like your grappling though, so you will have to put your Drill into storage.

Jack the pretty fuckin jazzy prawn suit flash reincarnate

your hair is greattt

just a heat protection suit!

When it did the cinematic for showing that the character was infected with the Kharaa virus, all that went through my head was "ba-na-nun-na-nun (guitar intro), OH-WAH-AH-AH-AH" (Down With the Sickness).

What happens when warped.

it's kharAA, not kharAR!!

*Deep Dark Deep Dark Down Dark Deep*

Jack you should play more gorn please its hilarious XD

What if the sea dragon really had bigger horns?



Random fact don't put mio in ur mouth without water

i say something at 34:09

1:56 almost died

I'm surprised at 8:48 Jack did not say "Hey riefe's" and at 9:31 he says "Hey riefe's"

Jack: I COULD HAVE DONE THAT LAST TIME!!! But no someone's brain got to be stupid! My younger brother: What did I do?

There are 6 batteries on both sides of the engine. On 1 side there are 3 and on the other there are also 3.

My dog's name is Pepper cuz she's crazy peppy hahaha

Turn the lights off to save power Jack.

Why didn’t you say heyyy refies

I am binge-watching every episode!

oh, I wish this game had better inventory system (like a global one - it'd pair all the items from your personal inventory with all the lockers in whatever you're in - cyclops, base,...)... and the grappling arm should work as the regular arm to pick up stuff, too :/

I love your vids so it dos'it matter

He dident know the Way

*Slap Sound on booter* JACK YOU'RE NAME IS NOW JUDY

How do you solve a problem like Maria

Came for thumbnail minute?

Jack you can't sing so don't plies. o and your so stupid that's why I watch your vids

Jack: "Oh yeah people were telling me that I need to turn off the engine when I get out of Maria. That's a very good idea!" *Hops out of Maria without turning off the engine*. Me: "Jaaaackkkk!!!!" xD

If in IRL oxygen rises to the top of water, why do the structures require any support, rope would work ! You might aswell remove the oxygen transfer in the base because the air is going through the top anyways cos of gravity! (Unless it's really low on this alien planet.) Also the feature of carrying the power with the satalite like things, why not use Light to a solar panel to transfer? And the upgrades, why are they so compact and yet manage to increase such things from 900m to 1300m?! It'd make more sense to require to use the drones and then have it to add things at the side, with additional customization features. Not complaing, just seeing all logic in the game however yet these things are illogical that make it like a sore thumb out of the whole hand.

It's a video game, you can't apply reality to the equation, fiction follows its own rules, there are countless things in entertainment that don't follow reality to the letter

17:32 51 Celsius is Kuwait summer weather

Son of a b¡†©Π says that he acknowledges that he has to switch off Maria's power to save of, and yet he STILLA doesn't do it! Fucking hypocrite like all celebs.

Fucking autocorrect makes me look like an idiot. WTF is a "stilla" anyway?

When you're drilling, unequip your grapple arm so you can collect without exiting the prawn, it goes in the storage module. Also scan more things, and reinforced dive suit wouldn't be a bad idea! :-) Love ya x

Omg PLEASE turn of the engine

Just so you know...the power cell charger in the cyclops uses A LOT of power

Slap my ass and call me judy lmaoooo

when jack comes past FUC*ING MAGNETITE that hes been searching

Jack, stop charging the power cells. They fixed that bug. A while ago.

Jack... You can check upgrades while your vehicles are docked, on the vehicle console in the cyclops...

Jack, the exploit with powercels and the cyclops energy efficiency module has been fixed, you can´t charge energycells in maria and get infinite power.

it's pronounced ER-BUH-VORE but idk how you Irish people say it

Jack should build a lava base like he did in his last season

Who else watches these vids til the end

Hey Jack you said you wish there was a creature that was massive but don't you remember the sea emporer

These mobile game ads are the cringiest ads I have ever laid my eyes on..

I have no clue why he wanted to have all that inside Maria, when he has always switched the powercells next to the base... Wich has ton of energy to spare during days.

I'll grind you to dust!!! JackSepticEye 2018. (It's grind to paste LOLOLOL)

Tsk, tsk. _Bad_ Jack. Said you'd power Maria down when you left... & you forgot. xP Also; 40:55-ish. "Plarantine." New words ftw. xD

24:36 that's what he said

You have 6 power Cells 3 on legt and right

8:50 RIP reef back...Jack didn't noticed you...

Plague Inc. Evolve is BACK for more!

Jack if you stay in the facility 20 mins the EMPEROR will talk with you

*Oh crap I just realised ur hair XD*

Greetings Jack! I'm a Irish soldier, I served in the military for about 7 years i was a Sergeant. Anyway i have been living here in Kuwait. The temperature here once hit over -50c. It was hell'a hot here just wanted to tell you this because it was like Kuwait is basically the Lava Zone anyway good day. o raibh maith agat do do chuid ama

50 degree zone is a lava zone? Even though it's underwater those temperatures are not irregular where I live

U suck man

Seek fluid intake.

12:07 L4D reference

I know all the songs Jack sings!!

Am I the only one that misses when jack would say SPEED IS KEYYY

Boku_ Draws nope


Dear lord I pray and hope that jack doesn't get raped by a reaper... amen!!!!!!!

Remember to turn off the lights inside and outside when you're not using them, pls

**Slaps Jack's bum and calls him Judy** What you asked. Who in their right mind would pass up that chance?!

Im putting my eye-on-crystal get it iyoncrystal

Jack you have the engine efficiency module, not the energy efficiency module.

"Oh, slap my ass and call me Judy"

44:28 "who the fuck is banging outside"

wait if u bought the early accses do u have to buy the full game?

Deep dark deep dark down dark deep. Dang the alliterations Jack!

“Slap my ass and call me Judy!” -Jacksepticeye 2018

"slap my ass and call me Judy" -Jacksepticeye 2k18

turns out the biggest life question is, "How much power did we get to"

Please turn the music down it scares me a lot

jack found a baby sea dragon leviathan at 22:06 minutes

*spanks jack* hi Judy

jack-a-boy jack-a-boy does whatever a jack can do reefies are the-e best JAAAAAACKK AAAAA BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY


Jack maybe it’s still use long power cuz the engines are going while u are gone if that’s not it just build a locker and before u go just put the power cells in the locker

jack:what is wrong with me!!! title:something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with me coincedence i think not



Jack you have three more power cells on the other side of Maria!

You were just- MINING- your own business. *Inhales* PUNNNNZNZNZNZNZN

Jack if instead of swapping out the 0% battery swap a low battery so that you can change two battery's and not lose any less power

"I'm waiting to cook up water" -jacksepticeye 2018

You can access pepper from inside maria without taking pepper out. Theres a door past the locker corridor in maria that goes to that docking bay. Love the series!!

Use hanry

I will not slap your ass and call you judy

I'm thinking about buying it, even though I know exactly how it plays and what to do. I don't know if I want to, and I don't know if it's worth buying. I'm just not sure. Anyone recommend buying it?

That's right open up wide and let me in!

i now have a new found respect for anyone who actually plays this game it's hella more scary than you may think

Kharaa in arabic means shit So you're infected with shit

please just close the doors

I remember Robbie William

SCAN THE SKULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He already scanned it in his previous playthrough

great idea run from the guys who teleport

Can you please stop saying bad words like fuc* or shi*

Can you get a cuddle fish?

Watch from 0:00-45:40 it’s the best part

*slaps ass * *calls him Judy *

28:29 is that a harry potter reference mmmmmm?

Jack please please please bring back the green hair

15:26 Jack: "Ah there we go. A bit of speed." Me: SPEED IS KEEEEEEEEEEEEY

Jack a boy man. You should be able to build a thermal suit for your body like the radiation suit. Unless they removed it. Something to try and keep you from crisping in the lava zone. ^^

I lost it

If you empty out the prawn suit's cargo, as you drill it should go into its storage space.

"It hurts me too when I realise my own stupidity" jacksepticeye 2k18

Yeah, build a new room on your base, stick in a bioreactor, feed it fish and move your chargers back your base.

Deep dark deep dark down dark deep

*Slaps Ass Hey Judy

Jack: slap my ass and call me Judy Me: Ok Judy

I'm pretty sure that the Warpers can't touch you in a Cyclops.

(21:26) I'm just over here MINING my own business! Great pun

The sciencetist took the sea dragons eggs so she tried to get them back by breaking the bas

Jack... your audio got screwed up like hell a couple times when you were recording... did you notice that while editing?


you have a butiful voice jackaboy


When Maria was at 47% my phone was at 47%

Ugh... This game is just so amazing. Not only the game, but Jackaboy makes the experience 100x better

Pat pat

I’ve been in 40 degree weather and while it’s not fun it’s not gonna burn you alive so is 50 really that much hotter than 40?

Sean, if somebody EVER says they are prepared in ANY game blow them up with sally.

Is it just me or was his singing actually not bad? XD

You should just make a bunch of power cells and chargers and change all 6 cells on Maria after a set amount of time

these captions are really shit at times. lol


"I don't wanna start smacking the shit out of her." *~ Jack, 2018*

“ ohh slap my ass and call me Judy “ * slaps jacks ass* JUDY!!!! are you happy jack

Jack- Just drill and be a happy boy...OH FUCK JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Me- Seems typical

deep dark deep dark deep dark deep


1:30 at night. TV was over 20 for volume. Starting JSE-video... "GHUAHPSHHHTOPODAMERNINTUYALADDIES!!"

Jack you forgot to charge the cell

Like so jack can see I don’t know I thought I can get likes

12:43 "oooh thats a lot of copper ore thats very very useful actually" instantly walks away.

"Big jaws McGee" XDD

I made the 666th dislike. I don't hate the video, i love it, i just wanted 666 XD

Maria, the big bad mother of them all. Pepper, the older brother (Or sister) that goes on bigger jobs with mother Sally, the younger sister that will one day grow up and join them in the deep.

Your singing is actually pretty good haha

Karaa, caraa, CHARA????????

honestly when you're in the lava zone with the prawn suit it doesn't even feel like your in water anymore

Speed is key?

Septic Hands


"Now this is prawn racing..." ~ some Space Monk kid

Here I am just MINING my own business hehehe..

When jack did the “ahaaaa” music I lost it!

Jack And Sally! The cancelled show! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

There are more power cells on the left hand side of the engine. Check those

Could you put a solar panel on maria

Has anyone else noticed that there are lockers in the ceilings of the multipurpose room and the hallways that connect it to the other rooms????

You should have drilled the mother fudgeing warper’s face in!


WELL FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video has 666 dislikes.

666 dislikes! Illuminati confirmed

When Jack reads the data from the research facility reminds me of a part of the lost world Jurassic Park book inside of the abounded lab with papers about a disease

Jk jk

Kharaa in Arabic mens shit

Jack *slap my arse and call me Judy* Me *Judy?.... nevermind it's Subnautica*

Hey Jack can you try to find a game like subnautica and play it for us

This series is excellent. Please keep making videos!!!!!

Hey Jack trying to find a another game like this and play it for us

"Open up wide and let me in" that's waht he said^^



Jack, you can farm gel saks!

Jack....u dont need to exit the cyclops to check the docked vehicles inventory or upgrades anymore ....just use the console behind you

Whenever Jack says "Heeeeyy Reefies" is anyone else reminded of Spongebob saying "Hiiiii Kevin"?

Slap my ass and call me judy

"Defence against the dark arts" any harry potter fans here?⚡

I’ll slap dat ass and call you judy

You are sounding like penny wise saying we are building “down here “

How do you change the color of beacons and the vehicles

I'm just here MINING my own business

when watching subnautica without headphones: Man this is cool when watching subnautica with headphones: Fuck this shit I'm out

Jack has problems

There was magnite deoposets

Why is he afraid to go in the river

Why you not say hi to the reefies

The power in Maria is on the other side of the engen as well not just on one side

"Maria is a hefty beescht" ~ jacksepticeye 2k18

You can easily get the cyclops into the volcano area, don´t be scared. It´s also highly ecommanded because you are safe in there you can´t get warped out and you are considerably harder to destroy. The only thing that can really become dangerous for your cyclops is the sea dragon.

He doesn't scan good things. I cry.

Jack is a suprisingly great singer when he wants to be

Cant you cook the potatoes?

Stop blaming the game jack. You just need to start reading instead of rambling about random crap. Makes you avoid alot of stupidity and angry 10 year olds~ So cut the crap, and start paying attention. No wonder you suck at the game. You don't read

No offence *jack*sean I think you are a pretty bad singer

Could someone link the time where his hands are green?? that just thumbnail tricks.

Couldn’t you put solar panels on Maria?

3:13 #grammy winning qualified

Jack's New Rhyme Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the warper's dick!

Jack, when Pepper is docked in Maria, use the station next to it to access storage and upgrades w/o having to undock it. Also, turning off the interior lights in Maria will conserve power, Cheers!

Open up wide? Let me in? Pepper+maria❤

Lol just over here "mining" my own business....sorry

Deep dark deep dark dark deep ™️ by jacksepticeye™️

Find some heat vents to recharge! :)

"Slap my Ass and call me Judy," WTF Jack?

"Deep dark deep dark down dark deep"

does anybody else notice how much Jack says "the fact is" or "the matter of fact is"

Heeeey reefies

Hi Judy!

Remember that song actually called titanium


21:28, I was just “mining” my own business

That singing was amazing

Man I love me some skele-ins.

Jack the rocket won't let u take off if u have the Kharaa

If jack and Maria would have a subnautica baby it would be pepper

Turn Maria off Jack!

Dude you can scan that skeleton that took out the facility then it would give you more info :(

Him: slap me on my ass and call me judey Me: what the fuck

...i just wasted an hour watching the last episode FUCK

"Deep down deep down dark down deep dark deep" -Jacksepticeye 2018

Jack use the modifaction station to make the ion power cells

Please make the flashlight for your diving suit. It's driving my OCD crazy. LOL


2:26 made me laugh too much

Heyyyyy judyyy

"Deep Dark, Deep Dark, Down Dark Deep." ~Jackaboy 2018 Seán, if you can say that I've times fast I will be thoroughly impressed.

Im just over here MINING my own business...

Jack: "I'm fighting a lack of oxygen, so I'm gonna keep goin' down. Me: "Ya, like that makes sense to go down when fighting oxygen! XD

3:20 My Mum knows a lady who’s married to a man who is best friends with Robbie Williams

2:01 ok judy


Can we get some fan art of Big Jaws McGee?

“ grind his face into fucking dust!” -Jacksepticeye

Jack it transfers it into the storage of your prawn

I warped bread


Jack:Oh slap my ass and call me Judy. What is wrong with me Me:(*-*)face palm

When he said why can I here him... I thought the meant the sea emperor because he cut himself off at sea

Big boy

43:42 That just broke me a little XD

I'm crying Jack! You missed the baby part of the lab. Its a sad part but it has all the eggs.

nothing like jacks beautiful screaming voice in the morning to wake me up.

23:42 he sounded like rick from rick and Morty

Jack, plz check out those weird gel packs that look like to me like Sea Emperor eggs, Collect those and you get talked to by the Sea Emperor and you get a better ending. BTW love all ur vids and especially this series,YOUR A BOSS

ONE! There's nothing wrong with me TWO! There's nothing wrong with me THREE! There's something wrong with me! FOOOOOOUUUUUUR!

“Slap my ass an call me Judy” -jse 2018

wow in the lava zone it's 324 kelvins

Love you jackaboy,your amazing!!!

Stick to games jack no singing

The karar is in more than one game

I’d rather not call you Judy

When kharaa actually means shit in arabic So i guess it's the shit diseases

"Pat pat. Best little tiny submarine girl." Somebody please moe anthropomorphise Sally.

22:35 nice cut there, had me scrathing my head for a bit.

in Arabic Kharaa means sh*t or bullsh*t sooooooooo...... yeah you've been infected with sh*t

This game is so good, i think a movie can be made of this

Jack why did you build your scanner room if your not gonna use it

Mining my own buisness eh eh

DRDISRESPECT broke twitch today!!...lmao

Jack its not spiderbot its pider mech remeber ? the last sereis

Here's a drinking game for you. Take a shot every time Jack says "Hey reefies."

They should make a game for the dagasi and play as Bart torgal

Very wrong to say 24:37

*slaps Jack’s ass* Why hello there Judy.

*I'LL BURN YOU!!!!* says Jack in the Lava Zone

Where do you get nickel?


Do a house tour

Then we're able to go to the deep dark, deep dark, down dark, deep!

*looks at Jack* *smacks his ass* “Hey Judy”

Jack, The Warper doesn't fuck wirth Maria.

The amount of time it takes to mine kyonite! Kyonite makes diamond look like solid stone.

who else got the game on xbox?

OMG Jacksepticeye! SO i just being stupid while you were playing this i was listening to music. When you made the coment that warpers were machines Halsey's song Gasoline started playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So are all the fish aliens that run those buildings or just the Leviathans?Or are the only actual alien remains just the Warpers and the actual aliens left?

"slap my ass and call me judy" you have the best expressions in the world Jack.

Just saying, I'm pretty sure you can conserve power by turning off the internal lights on Maria. Just a tip. :D

You where MINE-dig your own bissnes

bahahahah where I live, 50 degrees C is normal summer hah ye we don’t go out

heh... i get it... "minin" my own business...

Kharaa? Really developers? XD

Man. Jack can sing.

Man that sea dragon has a good set of pipes that roar was loud

Maybe try using the default arm to get resources without going out (if u want to have them both equipped just take the upgrades out and put them in when ur done)

* gets infected with Kharaa * hello guys welcome back to Subnauseous

Jack you don't have to take the prawn suit out of maria because there's a monitor that lets you take out and put in upgrades

he went from a whale biologist to a leviathan biologist super fast.

"Oooooohhh...SLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME JUDY!!!" I'm dying

Is it just me or the audio is too loud?


684 warpers that dislike this video

You have an amazing voice, Jacky!! :D

I’m so stupid I just realized Jack doesn’t have green hair anymore

Ok Judy

JACK!!!!! stupidity is a no no word You say developmentally chanlenged

*finds jack* *slapps ass* *calls Judy* jack: "WHAT DA FUCKK!!??!?!? WHO DA FUK R U!?!?!?!?!??!??!?" Me: "but......... *whispers* you told me to"

"Ohhh slap my ass and call me Judy" - Jacksepticeye

That warper at 22:37 scared the crap out of me

I'm just over here MINING my own business ahaaaaaaaa

A little piece of advice for anyone who uses their Cyclops a lot: Whenever going on dangerous voyages, shut all of the Cyclops' doors so if anything breaks and water starts pouring in it wont flood the Cyclops and you might be able to save it.

It be called being confuzzled Jack. CONFUZZLED

*says a tip from comments to turn engine off when not using cyclops* *doesn't even turn it off*

Holy shit for once jack was to busy to say hey reefies at like 8:56

At 28:24 it sounds like someone is saying "he hurt me"

Jack of you are charging the power cells in the sub its taking more power to do that.

I may be wrong but is it possible to build solar panels on maria

I would be cool if they made a new vehicle like a seamoth, but transphorms into an automated surf board being able to travel on water.

What if you shut the lights off in Maria, wouldn't the lights take up a lot of energy??

Why not turn off the interior lights while your gone or driving?

creep down, deep down, dark down, deep. :)

Power cell charger Are useing your cycklops Power

Found some thing you used to knew in subnautica it it a *reafback*. flashback

I was singing along with Jack's Robbie Williams concert, he is a way better singer than me

You are right about the ione batteries but you havent learnt dem jet sorry that i cant speek English very wel i am from Belgium

Turn your light off in maria, it makes it more efficient.

My country goes up to 60 degrees Celsius in the summer

Anyone else come across that 2 minute unskippable ad?


Yes yes, we know it. You are an idiot.Nothing new here.Not bad content anyway ,but you should stop singing. Edit: Actually I love your channel

Jacks here going into the lava zone and I'm sat here screaming because a stalker is chasing me. Damn

We have summers here hotter than 50°c. How can warm water kill you?

’’Open up wide and let me in’’

jack:im just here mine-ding my one buisness or-e do i just sea puns everyware

Kharaa means shit


dude copyright 3:30

my favorite moment was 45:39

12:10 and you forget to shut down the engine

i love that for the stuff like Kyanite, copper and Iron, it shows the chemical equation of it.

You definitely have ADD or ADHD. And it's definitely both infuriating and hilarious to behold.

Yep i remember robin williams and the song angels and good singing jack

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\З= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =Ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°) ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ಠ_ಠ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\З=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=Ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴ ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) (• Ε •) (ง'̀-'́)ง (ಥ﹏ಥ) ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (☞゚∀゚)☞ | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍Ʋ) (◕‿◕✿) (ᵔᴥᵔ) (╯°□°)╯︵ ꞰOOQƎƆⱯɟ (¬‿¬) (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) ಠ╭╮ಠ ̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\З=(•_•)=Ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ /╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\ (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ ♥‿♥ ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ ~(˘▾˘~) ◉_◉ \ (•◡•) / (~˘▾˘)~ (._.) ( L: ) ( .-. ) ( :L ) (._.) ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽ ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴ ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ ᕦ(Ò_Óˇ)ᕤ ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ ⚆ _ ⚆ (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) (。◕‿‿◕。) ಥ_ಥ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ⌐╦╦═─ (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ ˙ ͜ʟ˙ ☜(˚▽˚)☞ (•Ω•) (ง°ل͜°)ง (。◕‿◕。) (╯°□°)╯︵( .O.) :') ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) (っ˘ڡ˘Σ) ಠ⌣ಠ ლ(´ڡ`ლ) (°ロ°)☝ 。◕‿‿◕。 ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ) ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐ (─‿‿─) ƪ(˘⌣˘)Ʃ (;一_一) (¬_¬) ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) (ʘᗩʘ') ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ 。◕‿◕。 ¯\(°_O)/¯ (ʘ‿ʘ) ლ,ᔑ•ﺪ͟͠•ᔐ.ლ (´・Ω・`) ಠ~ಠ (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) (´・Ω・)っ由 ಠ_ಥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (>ლ) ಠ‿↼ ʘ‿ʘ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ಠOಠ ರ_ರ (▰˘◡˘▰) ◔̯◔ ◔ ⌣ ◔ (✿´‿`) ¬_¬ ب_ب 。゜(`Д´)゜。 (Ó Ì_Í)=ÓÒ=(Ì_Í Ò) °Д° ( ゚ヮ゚) ┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. ) ٩◔̯◔۶ ≧☉_☉≦ ☼.☼ ^̮^ (>人_> (^̮^) (/) (°,,°) (/) ^̮^ ^̮^ =U (・.◤)d

Build a cell charger farm at home and bring a tone of the cells with u

If you didn't know this already jack the warpers warp you closer to them so they can attack you not warp you far away

Jack says warpers want people away from bases 5 minutes later jack see's warper runs to base

are u a hobo

Jack it sounds like your saying reef ease

Didn’t there use to be a thermal suit?

Know I now what I will be like when I grow up forgetting crap

Hey I was wondering why not have lockers on the cyclops for a portable base cause when u deconstruct all of ur material is returned correct like instead of going all the way back to the noon pool to upgrade just deconstruct it and bring to with you and set it up again

If I'm wrong sorry I have not play it myself yet

Ha balls dropping from the air anyway your singing is not bad at all

Hi jack I love you're videos IM YOU NOMBER ONE FANE..!

Hey reefies says jack-o-boy 2018

“slap my ass and call me judy!” me: “okay” **slaps ass and begins to call judy from now on**

all im thinking for the past five episodes is, Sally HULL upgrade.

I think you were spot on in one of your earlier videos when you said you'd try not to spoil things for folks who haven't yet seen your old videos. In this video, as your get into the lava zone and get near the area with the huge sea dragon thing, you told people that it was up there. I think it'd be more fun for new viewers if they are surprised by it. :)

Just think of the irony if the things like the scanner weren't waterproof haha

Me and jack started singing "Spider Bot Spider Bot" at the exact same time lolllloololoololol

Jack, I'm addicted to your song ALL THE WAY and can't stop listing to it!!

Hi I'm a warper, and I am a big DOOSHBAG

"Slap my ass and call me Judy"

I'm ready to pray

pc is better than console

21:26 I'm just over here "mining" my own business... ;)

If anyone here is talented enough to make it, I had an idea. A subnautica short film. It could be a survival/horror short film about the player trying to survive on this planet and the creatures he encounters!

Bad voice my arrrsssss your voice is goooddd

You can’t get a Leviathan for a pet can you? Can you hatch the Leviathan egg?? That would be SO cool if you could have a pet Leviathan.

Use the knife to cut the kyanite

Jack. Your not stupid. No one is perfect. Your just amazing and can do amazing things. Keep it up!

Ya sing great !!!!!!

"slap my ass and call me judy"

Jack quick background time: yep that's the sea dragon slammed into the base because precursors stole her eggs. so she wanted them back and attacked the research facility. and carar/kharaa got released to this world too. it killed 143 billion individuals on outer worlds. we don't know how many it killed in 4546b. and if you remember precursors was evacuated before they got infected and taken to some sanctuaries. sea dragon died of trauma to the head. and all of this supposedly happened a millenium ago.

and jack if you take off grappling arm you can collect things with P.R.A.W.N. suit's hand.

The fucking warpers are borgs from Star Trek X3 You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

It would have been cooler if the sea dragon actually looked like a sea dragon from western mythology

i like it when jack says hi reefies

I went into the lava zone for kyanite and now I can't find my way out. Someone give me a hint on how to get out.

Where’s Jacks second channel where he makes songs? I feel like he should have one

God dammit, Sean! Now I need to pause the video and sing and dance like an idiot to Rock DJ! Not the worst thing, but I still blame you. :P If you've got no love and you with the wrong man, it's time to move yo body! If you can't get a girl but your best friend can, it's time to move yo boday~! *Dances Away*

"slap my ass and call me judy" jacksepticeye 2018

Hi Jack! Know you probably won’t see this, but I hope you and everyone who sees this has a great day!

Kharaa in Arabic means "Shit" hahaha

Get it “mining my own business”

He doesnt have a bad voice... He's better than taylor swift!

how do you replace the battery in sally ?

Seems like someone is bad at turning off his ladies...

Jack you pick up stuff with the robot if you take off the grapple when you don't nee it

I wish Jack would sing more...

Would it be posible to put a solar panel on maria.

Love you Jack

The chances that jack will read this are slim but if u go back to the previous videos and see this comment jack, yay congrats. Also FYI the reaper will detect you every time it roars. The roar acts as a sonar. If you hear him then he hears you. You can dock anything with the cyclops if you drive down at the right angle

Slap my ass and call me judy.

It’s 50 celcius in the summer where I live

I think the drill should be more devastating and damaging considering it can break down blast resistant crystals

I heard the sea dragon when I went underneath too, I thought it was something trapped inside

*Slaps butt*hey judy

Turn all your lights off in your cyclops to.. Leaving the lights on will drain the batteries quick to

“Slap my ass and call me Judy” lmao

4:12 I laughed way more than I should have.

You said my friends dogs name rubytwo

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jack if you turn off your interior lights in Maria and turn on your flood lights you should be able to see better

Why are the warpers so scary they just move u

A shouldn't sing with a erection


Heeeyyyy, Reeefffieeees ~ JACKSEPTICEYE 2018

Put a solar panel on meria

Oops neverminde...

Dude there was a fucking reefback there and you dident yuze the horn.but no hate

From my understanding they removed the whole charging power cell generation so its now 1:1 ratio meaning u don''t gain anything from that

Hay jack there's a bigger ghost lyvathon it's called a phantom lyvathon ,the ghost is only a juvenile

What kills me is that charging the power cells while using Maria and having the upgrade that cuts down on energy consumption would probably work....if Jack didn't have all that stuff installed that also drains energy. Does he need a radio in Maria? To be honest, I was just really relieved when he didn't make the water purification station in Maria because for a hot minute there in that episode I was really worried he was going to. I would just make a separate battery charging station in the base with 2 batteries constantly in it so whenever returning home to drop off materials/whatnot, I'd just swap em out. That's just me tho.

The moral of the story is don't steal eggs, especially not the eggs of a gigantic superpredator.

JACK!! Turn off Maria when your not using her, it'll help your power problem.

#jack be nimble

Kharaa sounds like Chara. Chara equals kill. Kharaa equals kill. Subnautica is Undertale confirmed.

you have another side of power cells that you aren't using

You need to shut down the engine it saves battery

Try turning off the lights in Maria when you don’t need them

Knock knock. Who is it? Deep. Deep who? DUDE THAT'S.DEEP

do a vlog at the olympics in pyeongchang korea

26:20 just kile spider man

You're an idiot. You can't charge powercells on the cyclopes without using power from the main batteries.... it's pretty obvious


You can access peppers inventory from the submarine dock on the right hand side

i just watched the song ALl the way!! its awesome

I think the sea dragon in the lava zone is the “1 specimen unaccounted for”

I got a question. What is the song that starts at 10:15? It’s been bugging me for a while and I want to find it because it sounds awesome. If anyone can let me know thanks.



Maria: honk!!!! Reef back: fuck you!!!!!

And now we are able to the deepdark deepdark downdark deep

Slap my ass and call me Judy

lol don't lewed the loli submarines


I know this is an old episode, But on the Maria power issue didn't he put a solar panel on Maria in his last play through?

Hi Judysepticeye!!!

Turn off the lights in ur Maria that's the main reason why you are losing energy

Hey my mame is angel and ur the funniest you tuber ever

Slap my ass and call me Sally

I say the warpers are more like General Grievous instead of Frankenstein's monster.

Turn off the lights in Maria the lamp thing

*SLAP* hey Judy

If you say kharaa to an Arabian people they will think your saying shit to them

I saw the trailer and omg it is crazy

Don't put Powercell chargers in the cyclops!! It drains the battery even faster!!

RIP Robin Williams : (

you don't have a bad voice Jack you have a great voice

Maria's the mom, Pepper's the teenager, and Sally is the little kid. Jack's the father. This is the lore we need for this game here, folks.

The Lava zone is only 50 Degrees C? That's the temperature it is here in Dubai during the summer its like, Mild warmth..

Jack turn off maria if not using!!!

‘It’s much scarier to do it in Maria.’ -Jack 2018.

make 3 power cell chargers (can charge 6 power cells at a time) and have 2 sets of power cells and just switch between the two sets. it'll should work pretty well then

My understanding of jack: Jack: we need more power cell chargers Me: You need more power cells...

Since Maria's voice is a man's shouldn't it's name be Maurice

You see Jack when you plug in your power cells to the charger you leave them in there to long and your power is draining away so when you eventually put the power cells into Maria you have burned more power then you have gotten from the charged power cell. Just letting you know

Jack you probably wont see this but if you do i love your vids and i have some crap going on but you are the one thing that keeps me going and every day i watch your vids and say i need to keep my positive mental attitude so just know i support you all the way. You are AWSOME. Love Bailey Francis 11 years of age

He only checks one side of Maria when he switches out power cells

at 37:20 I read great skin lesbians XD

Hahahahah u were “mining” ur own business hahahaha

*jack passes reefback* Reefback: So no hi or what

Jack, one way that you can save power in Maria is turning off the interior lights.

i'm just over here mining my own buisness but then big jaws mgee comes over and take a chunk out of my ass

You said that seamoth cannot go too deep, but I think if you put more than one depth module into it, that will increase more depth capacity of the seamoth...

Jack ... There is a lot wrong with u


Hey reefes

could you imagine this game with co op?


I don't really understand... Who were the people working at the alien facilities? Someone pls explain:(

Whats in this lucio fucking frog suit? Luci-Oh-Ohs!

I mean. CHARA is a virus, coincidence? I think not

16:24 group 935 confirmed in subnatica

keep 1 power cell in at a time and conserve it that's what I do

lmao what if there was actual life forms underneath the ocean

Try to do it plz

U can hatch reefback eggs

turn on caps at 9:40 Hairy reefees

What if The Lost River is green tinted because the Carar is so much thicker there than everything else

Jack, shut off your interior lights

1:05 yes you are

3:19 you should do what you love

1:56 I will be happy to

At 21:08 I think I heard a willhelm scream

“There we go grind his face into fucking dust” ~ Jacksepticeye 2018


~slaps ass~ hey judy *1:58*

Warpers are like greavers from the maze runner


21:25 "I'm just over here MINING my own business"

When jack starts singing it's like I'm watching a ollie murs music vid

pepper was a better name

“Slap my ass and call me Judy.” - jacksepticeye 2018

How come this intro reminded me of his old intro when he tried to be American as possible?


i love it when jack says "hey, reefies!" like if you agree

Wapoosh ur NAME is judy

Kharaa actually means shit in Arabic

he didn't notice a reefie at the left on 8:49!!!!!

close your eyes and listen to this audio without laughing from 24:35-25:02 wtf rofl

I though that you were supposed to get a message fro. The sea emperor ?

"Im just minding(mining) my own business!?" haha get it

Can't you add solar panels to Maria?

Mining my own business

Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they know The places where we go When we're grey and old 'Cause I have been told That salvation lets their wings unfold So when I'm lying in my bed Thoughts running through my head And I feel the love is dead I'm loving angels instead And through it all she offers me protection A lot of love and affection Whether I'm right or wrong And down the waterfall  Wherever it may take me I know that life won't break me When I come to call, she won't forsake me I'm loving angels instead When I'm feeling weak And my pain walks down a one way street I look above And I know I'll always be blessed with love And as the feeling grows She breathes flesh to my bones And when love is dead I'm loving angels instead And through it all she offers me protection A lot of love and affection Whether I'm right or wrong And down the waterfall  Wherever it may take me I know that life won't break me When I come to call, she won't forsake me I'm loving angels instead And through it all she offers me protection A lot of love and affection Whether I'm right or wrong And down the waterfall  Wherever it may take me I know that life won't break me When I come to call, she won't forsake me I'm loving angels instead

You have 6 power cells in Maria

You should have tuned off Maria

He always needs copper ore and yet he says f::kn copper

*Deep dark deep dark down dark deep*

One thing I love in this game is how none of the local fauna likes the warpers. All of the predatory species can be seen going after the warpers, which usually makes them warp away. you run out of power in the power cells, so maria has no power. Then you just charge the power cells on maria when she has no power? Oh well, logic may not exist in this game, but at least theres good audio... Like, your the only guy whose lifepod was floating, the only guy to have his fabricator working, only person smart enough to collect reasources. Its like 32nd century there. Im suprised people still have spines in that time.

slap my ass and call me judy!

Shouldn't it be the sea emperess. It's a girls voice when it came to sean.

Ohhhh slap mi ass and call me judy!

Good singing jack

40:38 Jack, y u no scan spooky skele?

Love the video!

Jack, wouldn't using the Power Cell Generator in the Cyclops just basically replace the power in one of the Power Cells in the engine and just put it into the one in the Charger? So you wouldn't be gaining any power either way.


Close your eyes and listen at 24:35

"Um, excuse me? Excuse me sir? Could you get off my shit?" xD my favorite part

*slaps Jack's ass* Judy! What have you done?? I'm sorry xD love the subnautica full release series. You're wonderful

Anyone one else sing along with him?.. ;-; I miss that song xD Edit: just mineing my own buisness xD

( 8:56 ) what happened to "heeeeey reefieeeeeees"

37:11 when you realize the infection’s name means shit in Arabic :)

if you put the grappling arm of pepperfor a little time than you kan pick stuf up with your normal arm (i think) (you kan try it)

Make like, 18 power cells, make a building specifically for charging those, and then every time you take a trip, take 12 of the power cells and charge the dead ones

Lava in water?

Why are you avoiding the green river like the plige, it is safe if you are in the pawn suite, however it will kill you if you enter it without the pawn suite. And there are resources in it.

“It’s 50 degrees, so my little guy would boil alive down here.” Um, hello? I’ve seen it go up to 52 degrees CELCIUS in freaking AUSTRALIA

You should recharge your battery at your base because instead of charging them on Maria it's just wasting energy.

Dang Jack can sing better than me!

Ghost Leviathan=little sister,Sea Emperor=Mother,Sea Dragon=Father,Reaper Leviathan=Little Brother

Jack is the Father

Maria is the mother,Pepper is the older brother,Sally is the little sister

Put the power sell charger in the base

This game has better graphics than any other game. And my quality is at 480p!

hey you forgot the purple tablet in that facility

So glad that he’s doing it again

Get the sonar upgrade 4 maria

"slap my ass and call me judy" thats my grandmas name............;-;

Does anyone else say his outro with him?? xD

I'm drinking a Coca-Cola while watching this

Deep dark deep dark down dark deep 2:26


Hi friends keep going on and great have a crappy day

And I love Cheese

You need to turn off your lights so help save power

Jack about is awesome

Jack is better than pewdiepie!!!seriously

ion cells are made from ion crystals from the precursors

Your hair looks nice

"Open up wide and let me in" XD

Don't leave the engine running

24:37 ok

Sean: that's a lot of copper ore actually that's very useful. [passes right by it and doesn't mine] 12:55

Slaps jacksepticeye on the ass and calls him Judy

I started this video on full volume bad idea

"slap my ass and call me Judy"

"I don't exactly have speed on my side." B-but speed is key! Edit: Prawn suit+flash+spiderman=the speed swing pepper

take your grapling arm off

*jack goes to lava zone and warper sees him* Warper: ugh I thought i was gonna have a nice day but then you came in. Stingray: what did he do to you? Warper: boi gonna breathe. Stingray: Oh my God why is he so annoying??? Jack: I hate my life. *Warper warps jack away* Jack: I THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL LOOKING!! Stingray: rude, he didn't complement me.

You know jacks going crazy when he’s cooking water 0:10

6:11 to 6:13 its so funny how he says weren't there

I'm just over here mining my own business lol

Handy... it's a hand attachment

i am so uncomfortable in this episode

*slaps ass* You are now Judy

jack i have subnautica! Yay

Slap my ass and call me Judy -jack 2k18

In the night time just turn of the interior lights off to see better outside and check the left hand side of batteries to see if those batteries are at 0

whats the green fog

Spider-Prawn, Spider-Prawn. His real name? I think it's Sean. Can he swing, From a rock? Yes he can. Nothing rhymes with rock.. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Prawn. *-i'm not sorry-*

Ok Maria's like your wife pepper is like you oldest son and Sally is you daughter and Sam is you youngest son

i started watching this series because i thought that maybe i could get over my fear of sea, but now i'm even more terrified

“We can finally go down into the Deep dark deep dark down dark deep” Jacksepticeye 2k18

Jack: Ooh look at all that copper, that will be useful*Walks Away*

reefie, reapie, and warpie. XD

27:50 and 39:03 warper

You have the type of personality that will entertain children, yet the amount of profanity and blasphemy is on a level that I wouldn't even think about letting my children watch this.... its a shame really.

Hello, can't I just make like ten heat power plants then make a hell load of these things that can transmit energy and connect them to my base.

i want a sea dragon plush

And 7:00

I want a sample of the skeleton. Every. Single. One. I’m creepy. And I love it

You would think by now I would remember to lower my volume. But why would I remember to do something as silly as that.

anyone remember when jack got some coordinates that led to the inactive lava zone but it wasn't implemented yet?

Jack you got to make sure you have more power cells just in case you run out of power


I ate my dogs homework

“Slap my ass and call me Judy” Jacksepticeye 2K18

I like your blue eyes. Not to be creepy...

3:03 "There's so many balls in the air that they all end up dropping instead of figuring out which ones I need" Yes children the point of life is figuring out which ball you need lol

22:08 yea jack f*ck him up real good


Sean does know that there is three power cells in Maria ?????

26:05-26:52 *spiderman intensifies*

Anyone else notice that the temperature dropped to almost freezing when he went in the base with the Sea Dragon egg?

Chara really knows how to kill she became a virus after the world of undertale was destroyed...

"It's so much scarier to do it in maria" ~Sean 2018

Jack, You don't need to take the vehicle out of the vehicle bay to check it (PS: the one in maria) Also, The warpers only attack infected people So, They shouldn't attack the cameras

The giant fish skull reminds me of the dunkleosteus.

Searched it up. in the Hawaiian islands, on Big Island, the volcano Mauna Kea regularly erupts non-explosively, with rivers of pahoehoe lava flowing into the ocean. Both forces do not win, with the lava cooling rapidly in the chilly ocean water, and water evaporating instantly into steam. If the body of water is small, and there's a lot of lava, then the body of water will probably entirely be evaporated before cooling all the rock. But if the lava is only a little bit and a lot of water, then some water will evaporate but probably all the lava will cool. Below ocean depths of about 2200 m, where the pressure exceeds the critical pressure of water (22.06 MPa or about 218 atmospheres for pure water), it can no longer boil; it becomes a supercritical fluid.

hey thaks for all these amazing videos you make me laugh and smile so many times and i just wanted to thank you

Jack you just said if you leave the submarine on you loos power why the hell do you leave it on

Sean when you said you thought you can’t access a vehicle docked in Maria you can go up where the ladders in the back of Maria then go closer to the front and you can access it

kharaa=shit in arabic the more you know!

Can someone please tell him to grow the Marblemelons instead of the Chinese Potatoes... MARBLEMELONS are the BOSS!

Just drill and be a happy boy 5 seconds later OH JESUS CHRIST!

omg KHARAA is shit in arabic

Big jaws magee is called a lava lizard

The creatures that sound like they're laughing are called blood biters

where does all the water go in his bladder? hmmmmmmmmm


Hey reefees

1 ion 1 gold 1 silver ore in the fabricator to get 1 nuclear battery. get two nuclear batteries and silicone in the fabricator to get nuclear power cell.


Jack: if I get warped pray for me! Me the atheist imedietly starts praying.

Scan the ion crystal

Turn off the engine!

50 degrees Celsius is feasible to stay in because I've been to a place with a hot spring that comes out of the ground at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius and there's tons of bath houses that you can stay at that use that water

24:38 Jack is dirty


Jack: Its weird to DO it in Maria...Me: ewwww......

Trying to charge power cells IN the sub is really getting to me, its just wasting power. I hope he realizes this episode

“Slap my ass and call me Judy” -Jacksepticeye -27 January,2018

Sken every thing

1:24- "I'm all conflustered okay?" It's okay. I'm exhausted, but I still want to watch and finish commenting on this before crashing. 2:04- "There is something seriously going on up in here that I am not aware of half the time." :( Paper can help. Do you still have that little purple notebook? I bet playing all kinds of games for everyone can get tedious at times. 3:31- "Shouldn't be singing with a bad voice." Oh come on. That wasn't bad. 12:08- "It is better to be safe than sorry. You know what I mean?" (nods) When using a boat, the rule of thirds applies. 1/3 fuel out, 1/3 fuel back, 1/3 fuel emergency reserve. 21:44- "I think these guys are eating each other." That wouldn't surprise me at all. At least they aren't eating you. 26:26- "Everybody is having a good time. At least I hope so." (nods- then looks tired, but happy)

*"Slap my ass and call me Judy"*


21:15 “I’m just over here MINING my own business!”

He's just "mining" his own business

Jack:I need cooper Me:are you fucking serious you missed so much cooper


37:26 Did they just count the Precursors or every life form killed by the bacterium?

Kharaa.... Chara??


you still didn't turn off Maria damn it....

Jack There is a sonar uppgrade to the cyclops that shows u the terreain

who has to explain to him that sally cant grow into Maria...? I’m not gonna be the one bust his bubble :(


*B O N E L E S S L E V I A T H O N*

jack you were drilling your one bisnett not mining it

I love this game but I wouldn't be able to play it...Id get so unbelievably lost in my thoughts of what to do next I WOULDN'T GET ANYTHING DONE. So props to Jacksepticeye for being able to actually get this far!! :)

did anyone hear the echo on jack at around 39:33

The deep dark deep dark down dark deep dark

"Y'all remember Robbie Williams" Jack, you seem to forget your target demographic :P

lol I sung with Jack and my family thought I was doing a duet XD

he checked the upgrades on the cyclops last episode, takes the prawn suit out to check the upgrades this episode...

Strange that the logs talks about a vaccine for bacteria.


You are actually are an amazing singer too my ears. Also have #POSITIVEMENTALATTITUDE!

Replace the radiation suit you are wearing with a better suit from the fabricator

correction modification station

Turning into Anti XD

Jack: IM JUST OVER HERE MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS Me: While your mining lol punz

Just having the engine on in the Cyclops doesn't drain any energy at all. It only drains energy when moving, charging docked vehicle, using modules and crafting. Stuff like that. Tested it myself during my playthru. Having the engine on does make sound though so if you leave it in dangerous territory (going out with the Prawn in the Lost River or Lava Zone for example) you probably want to turn it off. Didn't really test how creatures aggro though because I stayed the fuck away from everything bigger than a Boneshark.

Jack: who's usin all my power! Me: turn off your engine! Jack: must be the chargers and stuff Me: JACKYBOY YOUR ENGINE IS STILL ON!! love ya Jack

“GRING HIS FACE INTO DUST” my new favorite quote

Bro you’ll get copy righted because ur voice is too good

Who the fudge is doing the subtitles? Don't get me wrong, its 90% to 95% correct and all. But some displayed words baffle me. Like Urananite = You Ran a Night, for example. I get that doing subtitles is tedious and boring. Mostly cause it seems to be better to just listen to Jack instead of reading what he says.

Slap my Asus and call me Jody hahahahahhaaaaaa

maybe the floodlights are costing energy


Well maria the adult and pepper the teenager

The mission is only for adults sally your to young

how do the guy swim he is a wimp

This is the best series like if U agree

“Smack my ass and call me Judy!” -Jackyboy

“OOOH SLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME JUDY!” Jacksepticeye 2018

The boiling point of human flesh in water is 100*C or 212*F


where is it


im watching this 2000000000019 who else.

25:56 - More like "Attack on Subnautica" and YOU are a member of the Scout Battalion using three-dimensional maneuvering gear. Fuck those Reaper Titans.

Charge more at a time

I saw an ad on not caring about what celebrities think, that means no one gives a shit about wahat you think.

I know this is an old video and I hope you figured this out at some point later on in the series. This is just an observation I've noticed not only with you, but also while I watched Markiplier's playthrough as well. It would seem the most used material in the game is titanium, which is why the programmers designed the scanner to give you titanium when you scan a blueprint piece that you already have. And you've missed out on scanning SO MANY THINGS!!!! Yeah, your inventory would fill up on titanium fast if you kept scanning everything, but you have a giant moveable base called Maria that you can add a ton of more wall lockers that only require 2 titanium. So you can create as many lockers as you can on Maria and then create more lockers in your base to dump everything from Maria so you can really maxamize your inventory capasity for farming on long, far away journies..... Does that make sense?


FermentartedGaming ur clapped m8

AntHoneyGaming woah you know that khara means shit in arabic

FLAZ yes. I know it. But i just remembered jack's accent when he sometimes said chara. Sorry for bad english i am finnish so.......

AntHoneyGaming khara literally means shit in my language,it's Arabic by the way

Jack you really being my day, so you keep doing what you do.

If you upgrade Maria, you can recharge the sub, and suit from the heat of the lava.

At 08:50 jack forgot to say HI REEFIES

FLAZ yes. I heard it from another person

Says its very important ingnors it

“Oh, slap my a** and call me Judy!”

50 degress celsius isn't even that hot I live in Europe so we use Celsius and we get 50 degress a lot in the summer

if only subnautica hav mobile.......

For Maria if you shut off the inner lights while you’re driving around it would help save the power, same with shutting the lights off for the outside if you aren’t in the dark it would save battery, just some advice :)

How do you make the cyclops go down

You forgot to turn off Maria

You forgot to turn off the mother

Hey jack, there's a lot of Gel sacks at lost river. Very useful!

Deep dark deep dark dark deep dark.said by JACKABOY

I want to see the dragon

What is it with these stupid warpers

Now your getting somewhere . I loved going down into the underwater volcano location

I'm reminded of the inside of Borg ships with these labs, and the Warper's cybernetic augments remind me of the Borg drones themselves

The Kyanite looks like the Critical Mass crystals from Godzilla: Unleashed, except instead of being reddish white, it's light blue

It irritates the shit out of me when people are talking about the lore of the game and it is wrong.



How is the water near the lava only 50°C?? It should be 400+°!! And during that hand infection thing, what happened to his gloves??

Who remembers Billy in happy wheels

Oh slap my ass and call me judy

what I find funny about this game is how the lava biome burns you at 50 degrees. 50 degrees is what we call a normal summer day where I live :D

I see all these comments about "no need to apologize jack" but I'm over here wondering how he got SO MUCH kyanite from one crystal. From those massive crystals, I get about 4-5 and he got like 8 or something.

jack do some cool shit

You're only replacing three power cells. There's three more on the other side by the upgrade fabricator

You know you could have scanned the dragon skeleton to check any change with the Alpha version, right?

build a jump jet upgrade

24 meters down my ass, jack went fuckin' over 1200 meters dawn how bout that bitches

I think the ghost leviathan sings, when you first saw it an angelic voice was singing and it seemed to get louder when you got closer to the leviathan.

What happens when you die in this game

I really like the sounds of the Blighters...

Simpsons movie great it's awesome

When I whatch this I forget that’s it under water

What if you didn’t cure the disease so it shows a cutscene where the warpers take over

Ummm OK *slaps* Judy

Jack there are 6 power cells in maria check the other side of the cells you look at

Why does Jack/Sean sometimes call this game Sub Nauseous??

I am a bit late but I wanted to mention that warpers cant do anything to you when your in the cyclops...

"Just drill and be a happy boy" *Skips to him getting attacked and freaking out*

*slaps jacks ass* calls him Judy

"Slap my ass and call me Judy!" Ok, Judy :)

Sally,sorry,*pat pat* your a good little submarine girl

Jacksepticeye growing green little tiny shots on his hands

hi gudy

Bigest levajethen got stuk and died of hunger

jacksepticeye i never watched you untill my best friend introduced me to you now i love you

spider man spider man does whatever a spider man does can he swing from a web yes he can he's a man he's a spider man

you should have named pepper pepper jack


Jack i don't know if this works but why don't you make room and put those battery charging machine and put many solerpanels on top so you have more power and does the power go to the battery charging machine as well if it does the batteries might charge faster!

Says at the start, i need to shut down the engine because it uses power.. forgets to shut of the engine, man i love this xD

I'm over mining my own business jacksepticeye 2k18

"I hope everyone is having a good time." As I'm watching this video, my parents are screaming at each other and it sounds like they getting divorced.

Mining your business


The hanging plant

Do you live in ireland or in brighton?

You should put a solar panel on Maria if that's possible.

I would just like to say I only ever got three kyanite max out of a large deposit, and here jack is getting more kyanite than he'll ever need out of one

LOGIC: Jack: Oooooh , copper! Thats really handy . Jack 5 seconds later: Fucking copper! Me: Da Fuq

Jack, I have a question this might be stupid but how long a day do you play Subnautica I play it 2h a day, are we the same?

Sally: Jack why would you leave me again? Jack: Sorry sally you cant go so deep Sally: you peice of shit i will get my revenge... Jack: *O-O* Maria: cant we just go capta- *welcome aboard captain* Pepper: Yay my first big jurney! Maria: i dont think its HOW you spell it pepper Pepper: *AW SHUT UP!* Jack: im so proud of my children.. Sally goes to an adventure alone and found the warpers! Sally: *OH NO!* WHAT DOO I DOO! Sally: GUESS THERE IS ONLY ONE THING TO DO Warper 1: hahahaha WE GOT YOU NOW! Warper 2: ‘fnKokdkeokmqlaposlsmsmwmalskkdw Sally: IM FIRING MY LAZER *WOOAAAAAAAAAA* Sally summoned exodia with the missel! Sally: EXODIA OBLITORATE! Warper 1 and warper 2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, EXODIA NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO SUMMON HIM!!!!! FKJDIAKSJDSKOAKSKSJFJ!!!! And then sally came back to the base Jack: Hey sally i need you a bit Sally: :D The end

Just so you know i liked my own story

sexy sing

oh slap my ass and call me judy

jas jack good boi u understood it with out tips

quick tip! put 2 powercells charging at the sam time this is the way to use power more effective than putting only 1 at the time.

I love Robbie Williams


-slaps ass- WHAT THE FUCK IS UP JUDY!??

"just drill and be a happy boy - *OH FUCKING JESUS CHRIST*" - jacksepticeye

"Slap my a$$ and call me judy" no thanks Jack But you can call judy lol

innovation date source sgxeup aside room yes corporate later physically inquiry Supreme.

Just so everyone knows jack or Sean is dead he has not uploaded for four day that means he is dead

its not slap my ass and call me judie! its WELL BEND ME OVER AND CALL ME DADDY!!!

Is he drunk

Ha he said he mining his own business get it

"open up wide and let me in" -_-



Mining my own business lol

Crystal silver is used for cave sulfer

Yeah apologize

i think you heard the sea dragon from the lost river because he spawned

*L I T H I U M B O I P L A S T E E L B O I*

Drink the benzine

Dont you have a thermal reactor for the Cyclops

OK *slaps jack ass* Hey judy

You missed some ruby next to the volcanoes

jack! Maria has 6 power cell!

Jack don’t be sorry for the upgrades and stuff it makes me sad

You missed kianite

Spider Bot Spider Bot ~The best song ever writen ~Jacksepticeye, 2018

I counted three

i cant believe that in maria you are more worried about warpers then reapers

you even said in the other episodes that the prawn suit naturally goes down to 900m without a depth module, how could you forget?

Deep dark deep dark Dow dark deep..... I love the way he talks!!!

why do the food plants take up so much room in your inventory?

Jack- "I'm just over here minding my own business and then big jaws mcgee has to come over and take me by the ass" Me- "I guess you could say you were minning your own business!" Ah...What am I doing with my life?

jack here's somthing you can do for maria's power: take all the 0 percent power cells out and see what happens

43;41 shit or ship?

so if the disease makes your character weak then how is your character able to have the strength of a normal person rather then feeling fatigued more and more as if he doesn't have any disease?

the lost river reminds me alittle of rock bottom in spongebob

21;39 i thought you were not able to collect kyanite in the prawn suit, yet how come you are now?

Did anyone else notice that the tails of the Lava Lizards look like Sea Dragon Hands?


Sooner or later I'm going to get this game on my Xbox One

Jack- *innocently singing* Also Jack- "I'LL SAW YOUR FREAKING FACE OFF!!!!"


Sub... plz

Ok am I the only person think this but HOW THE HECK DOES THIS PERSON NOT NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM?!

Forgets to turn off Maria’s engine while not using it

Also, like a siren from Greek mythology, it stopped singing when it attacked.

Minding my owe bissniss

Hey warpies!!!

Jack: Ooh that a big chunk of copper, thats very useful! Then he passes the copper chunk

I've had such a badly emotional day, I really needed this video. He always makes me feel better. *slaps his ass and calls him Judy*

Thought he was gonna say little piece of heaven



Turn off Maria!!! Was me the whole time...

I know this video is old but did anyone watch him mining the kyanite and think "Now's a good time to have that gravity trap"

Question for everyone: Can you kill the reefies, and I mean capable?

Hey Jack, Just a little tidbit of info... Warpers are not really body guards defending the facilities, they are solely meant to hunt and kill anyone or anything infected with the Carar Bacterium. If there was no quarantine, there would be no need for them; as you found an alien rifle in the Quarantine Enforcement Platform that would be used as a security defense. Also, the Secondary Research Facility was only destroyed by its own weight falling to the sea floor, and the support cables anchor ripped out from the rock, not snapping, as your PDA stated, the metal alloy used to construct the facilities is impenetrable by normal means, therefore, no creature on the planet could make a dent in a base, the only thing strong enough to destroy it is its self.

Fun fact: Kyanite is usually found in sedimentary rock and occasionally in metamorphic. Not in the igneous rock that's littering the lava zone you find it in. Its presence also indicates large concentrations of aluminum, which makes me wonder why we don't build with that instead of the much heavier titanium.

Ewww gross hands dude

I am going to buy subnautica this afternoon I can not wait i will know what to do because of your voids jack so thank you , side note you are my favorite Youtuber thank you for brighting up my day I always watch you when I am sad or happy thank you for doing what you do

"HOW THE FUCK IS BANGING OUTSIDE" jacksepticeye 2018

Jacks voice is ON POINT agreed? XD

Subnautica 2: Into the Shit

Hey Judy...

a lot a love and affection wether im right or wrong i have it on cd

Ha get it mining my own

Maria-mother Pepper-father Sally-daughter

*slap* hi Judy

Jack nice vid as always ty for uploading

Who's watching in May 2018? Lemme know!

Watching while having a nerf war...

Jack always forgets his purple tablets


The regular hand is better,because it comes in HANDY

I need a notification ringtone that goes "Hey reefies."

I like how Jack last episode was saying I need copper damnit. Now this episode he needs titanium.xD

I keep forgetting that this game is underwater

I know for a fact that if I played this game, I would overuse beacons so much. Mapping out the entire map and little secluded areas wherever I found them. By the end of the game, I'd have around 150 - 200, minimum...

Bro if you did the upgrades bit by bit it wouldn't be an issue. Stop making excuses

There is a screen to show you the docked vehicles modules!!! Look around. Pay attention. Think just for one second.

Another thing (yes I know this is old) is you should turn the inner lights off when not in the cyclops.

I'm sitting here screaming at him like outloud to scAN THE SEA DRAGON SKELETON WHY WONT YOU S C A N I T OMFG JAAAAAACK i m going to strangle you

Speed is not your strong(suit) prong suit haha you make jokes without trying


Snowing Plains false

Lava zone = The Pit Of Tartarus

Im just over here MINING my own business

Awesome video I've been waiting to play this forever.

hay my name is ruby it is such an honer

Jack, you goofed...HARD, you left Maria’s engine on when just a few minutes before, you said that leaving Maria’s engine on drains the battery when you aren’t using her. ( Like if you agree ). By the way, love your vids !!!

Grapple arm: I'm very handy


So my theory is that the Warpers are born as normal animals that could teleport, then taken into the lab (that collapsed) to then be deconstructed and then the aliens added mechanical stuff to it so they could be kept in control as guards for the lab so the disease wouldn't be spread or used as a weapon to kill, but then the big seadragon made it collapse and the disease was spread. And since the Warpers are mechanical, the crabsquid uses the big shock wave thing to get away or kill the Warpers if in a fight

3 (8”sf h8”sr*HI?4jlgrenk Grehdfghirsghi Dignity Fdgjildfvhilfdghildfghildfnklxfnilvczncvklxnvf.ksg drink.ehfngsf

I hope they do more games that are sequels to this like show us the other infected planets and for those planets you have to find a cure or bring the cure to them

Beautiful singing Jack

Please just turn the engine off

You keep calling the others aliens, but if you landed on this planet you are the alien......that crashed on their planet.

Lmfao "slap my ass off and call me Judy". I'm gonna start saying that

Jack: open up wide and let me in

when you play subnoutica you often dont remmeber you are in the water

When Jack's stupidity goes beyond 9,000 and reaches a limit beyond compare and sometimes you get a good laugh

2020 anyone (this is for the furture people i know that we are not in 2020)

In the labs it’s said that they are basically cyborgs which gives them warping powers and they aren’t completely robots

I just saw an ad with skimpy girls and one of them said “your about to take an arrow to the knee” The game was League of Angels xD -what has the world come too?-

you should have built a storage locker not a wall locker

over here mining my own business

Hey jack

Does anyone remember all the way by you jack

That was a baby sea dragon

Jack,I know disagree that the warpers are the most advanced creature.The Reaper actually is blind,but has adapted to hear almost anything.

Wait if the power dies when it goes night time and the oxygen production is offline wouldn’t that mean you would die of lack of oxygen when you go to bed at night with no power or oxygen? WHat dA Fa

If you said sally is a little girl and you inside her so many time's so you a lolicon? Or I can say sublolicon?

Jack: Ohh, thats a bunch of copper ore. That'll be useful. Then continues on without mining it. XD

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack beat creatures with a stick

The Castle pod stink balls look like the infection

Nice haircut jack

When you just started watching jack subnautica gameplay and wants to give him the tips but you're too late

Sally's like the little happy kid Maria's like the loving big sister with a big heart And pepper's like emo teen that doesn't give shit

0_0 I saw a refback and Jack did not say hi refy

I hope they make a sequel to Sub-naucis it's such a good game!

Why do i always feel as though he isnt under water at points

Jack: slap my ass and call me Judy! Me: **slaps his ass** Jack: O.o Me: **Says in a child's voice** Hi Judy!

Jack you could of grab the grave trap so the kayanite doesn't go to the ground

I meant grav trap stupid auto correct

Duel. Auto correct sucks!

If I were you I would carry two grapple arms and two drill arms so I could fuel wield grapple arms or drill arms.

Slap hi Judy

There are all kinds of confloosels roaming around!

deep dark deep dark down dark deep

Jack you can pick them up you just have to need your storage to be empty on the prawn suit

Yaboi Vladmir oh ok thx

to solve the power problem on the cyclops turn the lights off when you leave the vehicle

Jack are you considering playing the dlc for the game?

I saw kinute 500

Does anybody else think that Jack doesn't need his filtration system to produce salt because him getting salty at himself is enough to make the ocean 3× as salty as it already is

"Kharaa" translation - cancer 2.0

my frends hate you

Stop cussing plz

Lol just add um to the end of stuff to make u smart

Gonna close ya because you’re head going to get cold pat pat

Heeeeey Reeeeeefies

I uassally just travel with just my prawn cuz the grapple arm makes it fast as poop and the subs seam vulnerable even with the shock upgrade the prawn got a drill too

Game logic: underwater lava

Didn't Jack knew that the chargers drain the power of his cyclops and use it to charge the power cells and batteries?

Christopher Cormier fast as poop

Also doesn't help now anyway

Razorwolf24 Wolf bit late

When Jack read the pda of the leviathan attacking the alien location there was a 1 egg or animal uncounted for was that the ghost leviathan

That sea dragon is the reason your there that sea dragon is such an asshole

Jack: oh slap my ass and call me Judy Me: like the hot sauce, slap my ass and call me Sally

The sea dragon


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