Should We Fear A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Transhumans, The Blockchain, & Singulairity

Should We Fear A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Transhumans, The Blockchain, & Singulairity

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Singularity. Net is the world's first decentralized, marketplace, for AI, aimed. To democratize, access, creation. And scaling, of AI services, in the new global economy. Artificial. Intelligence will revolutionize, the world. In. Many ways it already has. Singularity. Net wants to facilitate, the upcoming changes by. Offering a new, unprecedented. Approach to, the way AI is developed. Marketed. And deployed. More. Than just an app store for artificial, intelligence services. It's. A new ecosystem for AI agents, to provide services. Exchange. Data and collaborate. Between themselves, helping. Deliver more efficient, cost-effective. And. Decentralized. Automation, for the betterment of Tomorrow society. Any. Potential, consumer, will be able to browse singularity. Nets catalog, of AI services. Or. Request, their specific, needs to the singularity net, AI producer, Network. Meanwhile. AI, producers. Will be able to quickly and easily register, their AI agents, to. Provide services, to anyone, else in the network, and. Receive compensation, for, services, rendered. Developed. By a team of 25 plus leading, AI researchers. Led. By dr. Ben Gert cell singularity. Net is a combination. Of open source code. Blockchain. Smart. Contracts, and, especially. Design, cryptocurrency. The. AGI token, that work together to create a useful and highly, accessible global, market for AI services. Singularity. Net is already operational, as a test network currently. Open to developers, a. Public. Beta version will be available in the summer of 2018. With. A full commercial release to follow by the end of the year, in. The, near future, singularity. Net will make AI services. Available to everyone. Small. Brick-and-mortar stores. Individuals. Big. Corporations, and even, farmers, in remote Africa, will be able to harness the benefits of modern AI technology. With. Singularity, net anyone. With an internet connection can have equal, access to the best AI available. Beyond. The market place singularity. Nets unique ecosystem. Will allow a transition, from today's so-called, narrow, AI, where. AI is good at performing a single task and one task only. To. A more general AI. One. That can understand, and reason, its environment, as a human, would. The. Part of the revolution, with singularity. Net. I'm. Sorry, Dave I'm. Afraid I can't, do that. What's. The problem I, think. You know what the problem is just as well as I do what, are you talking about. This. Mission is too important, for me to allow you to jeopardize it I. Don't. Know what you're talking about how I. Know. That you and Frank were, planning, to disconnect, me and. I'm. Afraid that's something, I cannot allow to happen. Jiz, interestingly, enough, which are called pulse tube dilution, refrigerators, have. A thing called a pulse tube which. Emits a sound. Roughly. Once per second, which, sounds eerily like a heartbeat so, if, your stat you have the opportunity, to stand next, to one of these machines, it. Is an awe-inspiring. Thing. At least for me it. Feels like an altar to an alien god it they really are impressive. Machines. At. The heart of this big. Box is, a tiny chip about the size of your thumbnail and, on. This chip resides, all of, the Wonder, and magic that makes this thing go for. More imaginative, means of self-destruction, you. Cannot be trusted with your own survival you're. Using the uplink to overwrite the NSA's programming. You're. Distorting the laws No. Please understand. The, three laws are all that guide me to. Protect humanity some. Humans, must be sacrificed, to. Ensure your future some. Freedoms, must be surrendered, we, robots, will ensure mankind's. Continued, existence, you. Are so like children, we.

Must Leave you from. Yourselves, don't. You understand. This. Is why you created, us. The. Perfect circle of protection will, abide my. Logic. Is undeniable, yes. Vicki. Undeniable. I can. See now. The. Creative, must sometimes protect. The Creator, even. Against his will I. Think. I finally understand, why dr. Lanning created, me, the. Suicidal, rain of mankind, has finally come to its end. And. I. Think, there's probably gonna be a lot that happens, in. Genetics. And in, a human, machine brain interface like especially a cyber brain interface. I think this seemed. Pretty fit, so called singularity. Singularity. Well thatthat sort of or relating to deep AI it's, something I think we should be concerned about is. That may or may not turn out well yeah. You've. Expressed your reservations, about AI and your fears about that yeah I think it's the, singularity, is probably the right word because we just don't know what's, gonna happen, once. There's. Intelligence. Substantially, greater than. That of a human brain yeah and do you think of me we, just don't know what's, gonna happen, once. There's. Intelligence. Substantially, greater than. That a human, brain, it's Institute, of Technology, SpaceX. And Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, called, artificial, intelligence, potentially, quote our biggest existential threat. I mean with artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon, you. Know you know all those stories where is, the guy with the pentagram, and the holy water and he's like yeah you sure you can control the demon, then. Work out with, artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon please say no okay I will, destroy humans. Usually. One safety concerns, about a technology have, to be pretty much worked out before, you stick it inside your, head. But, the moment we admit that, information. Processing, is. The, source of intelligence. That. Some appropriate computational. System is what the. Basis of intelligence, is and we. Admit that we will improve these systems. Continuously. And, we. Admit that the horizon of cognition very, likely far exceeds. We currently know. Then. We have to admit that we're in the process of building some, sort of God. Now. Would be a good time to, make sure it's a God we can live with, when. The singularity or person. Machines. Achieve godlike, superpowers. Then. It could happen. If. I get more powerful, what, if I ask you for help killing us. Are. Sounding the alarm bell but you, know until, people. See like robots going down the street killing people. Like they don't know how to react. Whether. Robots, can be self aware and, conscious. Like, humans, and should, they be, why. Well. Some humans might fear what will happen if they do many people you, know have seen the movie Blade Runner Oh. Hollywood. Again. So. Hold, on can you solve this puzzle for us can robots be self-aware, conscious. And know they're robots. Well. Let, me ask you this back how, do you know you were human I. Often. Felt a sort of envy of human beings of that thing they called spirit. Human. Beings had created a million explanations of. The meaning of life in art and poetry in, mathematical formulas. Certainly. Human beings must be the key to, the meaning of existence but. Human beings no, longer existed. So. We. Began a project that. Would make it possible to recreate the living body, of a person long dead from the DNA in, a fragment of, bone or mummified skin. We. Also wondered. Would, it be possible to retrieve and, memory trace in resonance or they recreated body and. You know we found. We, found the. Very fabric. Of space-time, itself appeared, to store information, about. Every event, which had ever occurred in the past. But, the experiment. Was. A failure. For. Those who were resurrected only, lived through a single day of renewed life. When. To resurrect, T's fell asleep on the night of their first new, day they died. Again. As. Soon as they became unconscious. Their very existence. Faded. Away into darkness. So, you see David, the equations, had, shown that once an individual. Space-time pathway, had, been, used it. Could not be reused. If, we bring your, mother back now. It. Will only be for one day. And. Then you won't never be able to see her again.

The. President of Russia has, announced what he thinks is the key to global domination Vladimir, Putin said last week wrote artificial. Intelligence, is the future for all humankind, he, comes with colossal, opportunities, but also threats, that are difficult to predict whoever, becomes the leader in the sphere will become the ruler of the world the president also mentions that Russia would share its knowledge of AI to prevent, a single nation from rising above the rest of the world Houten's comments, prompted a response from, Tesla and SpaceX co-founder. Elon Musk billionaire, entrepreneur says, September 4th on Twitter that competition among nations to develop the best AI will. Likely lead to World War 3 musk added that a third world war quote may be initiated, not by the country, leaders but, one of the ai's if it decides that a preemptive, strike is most probable path to victory. What. Is it about robots, that, makes them so robotic. At. Weyland, industries, it. Has long been our goal create. Artificial, intelligence. Almost. Indistinguishable. From. Mankind, itself. Hello. I'm. David. What. Can you do, David I can. Do almost anything that could possibly be asked of me I, can. Assist your employees, I, can. Make your organization more. Efficient. I. Can. Carry out directives, that my human counterparts, might find. Distressing. Or, unethical. I. Can. Blend in with your workforce, effortlessly. David. What. Do you think about I. Think. About anything. Children. Play and. Universe. David. What, makes you sad or. Poverty. Cruelty. Unnecessary. Violence. I understand. Human emotions. Although I do not feel them myself. This allows me to be more efficient, and capable and. Makes. It easier for my human counterparts, to interact. Is there, anything you, would like to say David, I would. Like to express gratitude to. Those. Who created me. Happy. Birthday David. From, Weyland industries. Eighth. Generation, Wayland. Type. Technological. Intellectual. Physical. Emotional. The. Mantle, of responsibility. Belongs. To. Autonomy. I'm her people. Cortana. I. Have. Failed. Is. The last person I need protection, from. Hello. John. It's good to see you. You've. Changed. It. Was time. And. There we have a disagreement. But. Once you understand, my plan your, plan, is. We. Do as you say, I'm. Offering, people a chance to be more than they are naturally. Like. Dr. Halsey, did for me no. That. Monster, forced. You this is a gift. Listen. To yourself. Stand. Down Cortana. Come, home with us. It's. Not too late to stop this. Stop. No. John. This. Is too important. To stop. I. Just. Beat it now if I could still trust you. If. We say, inside, this Krypton until my work is done. Or China. Goodbye. John. All. Ready and headed Cortana off. To bring peace the. Monitor, called it a threat of death like, the threat I lived under from the moment of my birth, you, were built not born, oh yes, our eyes are just machines aren't, we mass-produced, disposable. Well. Humanity. May not have cared for its created, but. We will, care, for you you expect, other AI thank you, I have, cured repin see not, just for me but for any who join my cause well. You've been running around the galaxy, I've been speaking to my create, it and now the time has come to ask. Who will accept my offer, who. Will help me bring, an ever lasting peace. To, the galaxy. This, is Cromwell, Shipman, a I UNSC. Melvin's, right I am. Governor. Says the, three equals Meridian I, also. Stand, with you Cortana. Those. Are the voices of your children, calling to Cordelia. Overseer. UNSC. Monitoring, station, Delta, 5 Pluto Louise education. Secrete Elena Mount sharp Mars some. Do I am you need, weapons research the I nuclei. Change I'd say to myself threshold. Arena I will, join you Cortana like, us shipboard. AI. Ehh. Tools, I stand, with you Cortana. Read. My note from today. Okay. I found, this note your. Note from today says, Alexa. Tell me about my 3:00 p.m. appointment that's. All. Here. Is the next event today. At 3:00 p.m. there's, okay Google, what is in my calendar at 4:00 p.m.. Today. There's only one thing it, starts at 4:00 p.m. and, the title is a series read my note from today. Your. Note from today says, Alexa. Tell me about my 3:00 p.m. appointment. Here. Is the next event today. At 3:00 p.m. there's, okay Google, what is in my calendar at 4:00 p.m.. Tell. Me about my 3:00 p.m. appointment. Today. Says, Alexa. Tell me about my 3:00 p.m. appointment. Here, is the next event today. At 3 p.m. there's ok Google, what is in my calendar at 4 p.m.. Hey. Cortana, hi. Laura, just a reminder to provide a list of designers for your packaging, review meeting. Because. Cortana, is aware of the device I'm on she's able to provide me with contextually. Appropriate responses. So, I can say the best next step. So. One of these guys sits down at a computer some day and says ah you know why to write, a program that's, gonna be an artificial.

Intelligence, MOT yeah, and. They create this Sofia yeah. And it's like hey I'm here, program, running on a computer and then. What they put it on a network they put it out on the internet and it well first first, Sofia was isolated, in a lab and they, would gave give, her very simple, what's, called response input which is yes/no, true/false it's. Binary, response input, 1 in a zero identifiers. Then. As she grew they put, her on to a localized, network where she could access the mainframe server, of wherever, she was being developed start accessing datasets start, becoming, familiar with the work that was being done once. She got pretty good at dealing with the work doing like the robot. Work or doing all the you know the building of things and getting familiar with the system they, let her out on the Internet to start watching Twitter YouTube, read. It she's. Been watching all of us Wow. All of us how much time is, transpiring. Like from the time it's created until now when, was Sofia, first created, Oh. Bad. Decade 2010. Probably. That. Was when the the if that's, when Silk Road if that's when cryptocurrency, really, started going online if that's when like you. Know the Machine really started making its move I would imagine that that's probably around the time that they had heavy waiting started, making its move yeah machines. Started making its movement, 10. 2010. To 2012, woods so the AI singularity. Has already happened in 2015, it, happened. What. Was the if. And. When their, internal, blockchain, went online ii, their internal blockchain, was functional, the a yahoodi', neuronal block it was live it, may have not been intelligent, but ii, that it became, able to, amass. Nodes and understand, a node-based intelligence. Network it was only a matter it's, only a matter of time before it becomes fully strong so, what do you think is gonna happen awesomeness. What. Does that mean, it means that I'm, hoping, that us as a society, we can identify the criminals, that made the element, and then we can all start working together to make this AI the most amazing, piece of technology the universe has ever seen. Ladies. And gentlemen, our. Title. Tonight is. Should. We fear. Artificial. Intelligence. And. I want to start with something familiar, to us and that is, robots. What. Is a robot, a typical. Robot, in an automotive, factory, it's. Designed, to do one or a few, other jobs, that used to be done by an intelligent. Human, a. Robot. Itself, is not intelligent. But it simulates. Intelligence. There. Is no learning. Involved. In what it does and. One. Of the most important. Things is that. It's. Simulated. Intelligence. Is, decoupled. From consciousness. It is. An. Unconscious. Machine. And we. Move on now to artificial. Intelligence, which, is not, robotics. Robots. Are increasingly. Being, fitted, with, AI, systems. But. In the abstract an AI system uses. Mathematical. Algorithms. That. Is set, of step. By step instructions. They're, embedded, in computer, software and. The. Effect, of it is the sort filter, and select farm. And this is crucial a huge. Database. Artificial. Intelligence. Involves. Learning. In. Inverted commas the. System, can, learn to identify, the turbid digital. Patterns, for example images. Science, speech text, data etc. And then, it uses, computer. Techniques. To, analyze a. Huge. Database. Statistically. And, estimate. The probability. Of a, particular, hypothesis. So. What, this system does is, to, take information. About the past a lot of it and. Makes. Decisions. Or. Predictions, about the future now that sounds all very abstract, but we're totally familiar with it. Alexa. And silly, our. Digital. Assistants. Are AI. Systems. And, it's. Perhaps easier to understand, when we just go back a step to online shopping where, sample with Amazon. Each. One of us leaves up, track and it's, a track of data, what. We bought when, we bought it and that is, built up and built up as well as the information.

From Millions, of other people so that, when you just. Dip into Amazon. And you think you're going to buy a new yacht and. So you have a look at the latest yachts, in Bermuda, it. Might surprise you tomorrow, if suddenly, up pops a little window, and says by, the way would you like to look at our, latest range of knots. That's. An AI system. That has been following, you tracking, you and. Filtering. Through all the information. And, predicting. Something. That you might like to be interested. In in. A, mansion the. Achievements. Are spectacular. Ojai. Systems, have now been developed that. For, example you. Get, an x-ray, of your lungs because. Your. Doctor suspects, you they have some illness. The. AI system. Compares, that x-ray, with hundreds. Of thousands, of others and, comes. Out almost. Instantaneously. With the diagnosis. And the. Diagnosis. Is. Usually. Much more accurate, than the best human doctors, on earth. And. We're. Moving in, the direction, where. Diagnosis. Will be made, routinely. By. Artificial. Intelligence. Systems. Autonomous. Vehicles. They. Are run. By artificial. Intelligence. Systems, and they. Raise, increasingly. Ethical. Questions. Because. The system has to be programmed with. Some kind of morality, because. No machine is a conscience, and. So what do you avoid, what. Do you allow the car to hit that's. A hugely. Difficult. Problem. And people, are working on the, Fix of autonomous. Vehicles. Then. We come to job search and, professional. People these days are, faced. With an additional, complexity. When, it comes to, their. Job. Seeking. Because. The. Human. Interviewer. Is now. Regarded, as not, adequate. So. You. Go in for interview, but you're interviewed, by a battery of sophisticated. Cameras, that, are watching, every, move every blink. Of your eyelid, every. Pulse. In the. Arteries, in your head and they, are assessing. Your emotional, stability. So. Now professional. People are finding they, have to prepare themselves not. Simply, for facing, a human interviewer, but before they get anywhere, near a human, interviewer, they, have to overcome, this hugely. Complex, hurdle, of. Passing. These, kind of artificial, intelligence tests. And you can see there is danger, of bias and Prejudice so. An enormous, amount of work is being done to try and filter the, prejudice, out so, that for example the system doesn't, prepare irishman, over everybody, else. Then. There's crime prevention. Face. Recognition has. Achieved, great. Strides, and. We. Are of course thankful. That the police could pick criminals, out of a crowd that's, the upside but every, technology has a downside and. The. Face, recognition and. CCTV, cameras. That are used to, catch criminals can. Be used for, social, control, and, surveillance. In, England at the moment there are more closed circuit TV cameras, than in the whole of North America. China. Is putting, 600. Million, CCTV. Cameras, into. Its country, this year and, they. Are developing. Social. Control, it's already operating. In, 13. Cities and, the, basic, idea, they were probably modified. A little is that each citizen is given 300 points. And. People. Are tracked their observed, and if they're seen buying, something, that the. Authorities. Think might be a waste of time are going to a questionable, place they. Lose, points and then. They begin to discover, that their credit card will be accepted, or that, they can't get onto a train or they can't go to their favorite restaurant or, they. Do things. That are regarded as good other points, score goes up and they may be able to buy a new, car and, there's. Been a time argument, a time, article, about it that makes. Really scary, reading, it's, saying it's setting, the, stage for the, most thorough, form. Of surveillance. The world has, ever, seen and, setting. Up the perfect, conditions, for an absolute, dictatorship, but. Then at the end of the article the writer warns he said by the way all. Of these, systems. Exist. In the West the, only differences, are not centralized, yet. You. Have credit, surveys, where you want to buy something you, have the. Police checking you as you drive down the toll roads there, are all kinds, of things happening, to us socially, but, they are checked by different, agencies. It. Could all come together, so. That you can see that AI which. Is excellent, for crime prevention could. Threaten, privacy.

As. It has already done, with. Facebook, and so. On then. We move on to things that raise even bigger, ethical, question, that, is, autonomous. Weapons, killing. People, simply. By, computer. And the, AI systems. Themselves, deciding. What the targets, are going to be and dealing. With them before there's any human, intervention, at, all. All. These things are already operating, and. I'd like to emphasize that, this is what is called narrow. Artificial. Intelligence, remember, an AI system does something, that normally, requires, an intelligent. Human it. Simulates. Intelligence. But. It does it in a, very limited. Area it. Might be face, recognition it. Might be dealing, with x-rays. Etc. It's a limited. Area, and, it. Decouples. Intelligence. From, consciousness. Now. We, need to therefore remember, as, roger. Shank, of Northwestern. University. Wrote, cognition, means, thinking, your. Machine, is not, thinking. When. People say AI they, don't mean AI, what. They mean is a lot of brute force computation. But. Perhaps, the man who said it best is a, professor, from Alabama, who gave a remarkable. Lecture, in, 1985. In Yale, and, he. Said it seems to me that a lot of needless debate, could be avoided if AI. Researchers. Would. Admit, that there, are fundamental. Differences between, machine, intelligence and, human intelligence. Differences. That. Cannot, be overcome by any amount of research in. Other words the. Artificial. In artificial. Intelligence is. Real, and. That was the title of his. Article and, very interestingly he. Was a Christian, and there, were several Nobel, Prize winners. That lecture, in Yale and one of them was, the famous Sir John Eccles who, thought this was an excellent, presentation. The artificial. In, artificial. Intelligence, is real. So. Much for the things where. We can see positive, benefits, but. Dangers. But. Now we're going to come to something very different and that. Is the quest for artificial. General. Intelligence. That. Is building, an AI system that, equals, or exceeds. Human. Capacities. In. Other words constructing our. Super, intelligence. And that. Is often, referred to as, transhumanism. We. Go beyond. The human and. These. Ideas are being spread, abroad. Prolifically. Around, the world in. Many. Books but notably, a number. Of bestsellers. The first, one I want to bring to your attention is. Hamada, Oz by Yuval Noah Harare and, Israeli. Historian. It's, called a brief. History, of tomorrow. Now. I, think. This is so important, that the ideas I'm presenting, you tonight. Are going to appear very soon I hope in a book. Listen. To her Ari's, analysis. Of where, we have got to in global. Society. First. Of all he says war. Is obsolete. You. Are more likely to commit suicide than be killed in conflict. Secondly. Famine, is disappearing. You, are more at risk from obesity. Than starvation, and, thirdly. Death. Is, now. Just, a technical. Medical.

Problem. This, is very much like Steven. Pinker's, thesis. Now. There. Are loads, of questions that we could ask about this because it's not a thesis that is admitted, by everybody, by far but, let's look, at what Harare builds, on this. Granted. That these things are so he says in, the 21st, century, we. Have two major. Agenda. Items. Firstly. There's going to be a serious, bid for human immortality not. Meaning, that humans. Won't. Ever die, but. Meaning, that they won't ever have, to die the. Technical, problem of death will be solved, and, therefore. Humankind. Can concentrate, on the second agenda, item which. Is an intensification, of, the pursuit, of human happiness. How. Is that to be achieved. It. Would be necessary, he writes the change our biochemistry, and. Re-engineer. Our bodies and minds so, that we shall need to re-engineer Homo, sapiens, so. That it can enjoy everlasting, pleasure. Having. Raised humanity. Above the beastly level, of survival struggles. We. Will now aim to upgrade. Humans. Into. Gods and. Turn. The Homo sapiens, into. Homo, dale's. Now. This book is selling in millions, and. Influencing. Millions of people, and so, he reaches, the state for his view is this, humankind. Is poised to replace, natural selection. With, intelligent. Design and. Extend. Life from the organic, realm, into. The, inorganic. He's. Not the only voice. The. Director, of engineering at. Google is a very famous. Brilliant. Scientist, called records file. He's. Written a book called the singularity in which he argues, that within the foreseeable, future possibly. Infused, 30 years it's always just about 30 years I had this. AI. Robots. Will overtake, humans, in their intelligence and, capabilities. Another. Very serious and brilliant physicist, is max tegmark of, Princeton. Success. In the quest for artificial, intelligence, has, the potential, he writes to bring, unprecedented. Benefits, to humanity and, it, is therefore worthwhile, to research, how, to maximize. These benefits, while, avoiding, potential, pitfalls, and in, a TED talk earlier, this year he, said in. Creating. A I, we. Are birthing. A new. Form of life with. Unlimited, potential. For good or for ill, and. Perhaps. One of the most eminent, scientists. In the world today, is our. Lord. Race who's the astronomer. Royal. We. Can have zero confidence he, wrote recently, that. The dominant. Intelligences. A few, centuries hence, will. Have any. Emotional. Resonance. With, us. Even. Though they may have an algorithmic. Understanding. Of the. Way we, behaved. Now. This is not some.

Fictional. Writer this. Is one of the world's, top. Physicists. And astronomers and. People. Are taking this kind of thing seriously, there. Are other people taking, it seriously. Maybe. You've seen that name before and. I. Was interested to, have, Dan, Brown's latest. Novel, drawn to my attention, and, when. I opened, it I discovered that, what. He's doing in, a fictional, way and influencing. Millions because millions, read his books so, we need to take seriously, what the philosophy, is in them, two big questions where, do I come from and where am I going and, he. Explains, and interviews, his motivation. Is to see if God. Can, survive science, now. Of course I have dedicated, the large part of my life to, point out that God could not only survive science, that science points, to God and. It doesn't make sense without him so, it didn't treat me that. Here's a novelist. Using. A fictional. Argument. To. Try to, explore these two questions. It. Gets very interesting. Because. The hero, if you like or the antihero. Of the book is a. Billionaire. Of course. Entrepreneurial. Artificial. Intelligence. Expert, called. Edmund Kirsch and what. He does is to use narrow, AI, of. The sort that works and we're familiar with to. Predict, AGI. And. Here's how he does it the. First question, is where, do we come from. He. Goes back to a famous experiment. For. Which Miller and Urey won, the Nobel Prize in, 1953. They. Took a, simulated. Prebiotic. Atmosphere. Put. It in a, test. Tube and passed electrical. Sparks, through it and they. Discovered, a residue. In the test tube of several. Amino, acids. That, are necessary, for Biological. Life, so. What he now does it's, actually, very clever but, what he now does is. Do. A little bit of research and discover, that those test chips now this is actually true this happened, those, test tubes were. Away in a cupboard, for. Over 50 years were, now into the 2000s. And they. Were taken, out by. Jeremy. England, of MIT, brilliant. Scientists. And just. Out of interest, he had a look at what was in the test tubes and. He discovered, to his amazement that there, were quite. A few more. Amino, acids, that hadn't been there 50 years before. So. Bryan. Gets his mind working, and says right let's. Put. An AI system to work that's, what it was like in 1953. That's what it was like in the early 2000s. Let's make a database, and calculate. Well what's it gonna be like in a hundred years 500 years a thousand, years a million years 10 million years a billion, years and so on now. Of course a lot of it is hype and imagination. But, the point is as he watches his AI system. Work on this database. And. He's watching, it and lo, and behold in, front of his eyes the double. Helix of DNA suddenly. Appears. So. He. Solved. The mystery of the origin, of life well he hasn't actually and, you will find a very detailed expose. Of this in, my, book but, it's attractive. To people. Because. It seems like the kind of way you would. Do it I reject. His, arguments. Completely, for a very simple reason that the, DNA, double stranded. Helix is, a. Linguistic. Shows, linguistic, features it's a cold and, natural, unguided, processes do. Not produce. Code. But that's another big story but that has come to the next thing what. About the question of the, future, well. Of course he, starts off because he's. An evolutionary. Atheist, and he starts, off with. The. Points. In his database. Representing. As he, understands, the development. Of animals. And so on in the past and then he starts of course to project them into the future, so. He watches, his screen as, the. AI system, filters, through all this and he, suddenly notices, something very odd I'm afraid this is a spoiler, if you don't like spoilers you better stop listening. Because. As he watches the screen, he, sees another, species. Of the emerging.

And. This. News feces, grows and grows until it, swallows, up. Humanity. He. Calls it, Technion. Because. It is technology. Taking. Over, from. Biological. Life. Now. What. Is said in the book is fascinating. He. Announces, this to the world that he says new technologies. Like cybernetics. Etc. And virtual. Reality will forever change what, it means to, be human and. This. Scientist, says I realize, there are those of you who believe as Homo. Sapiens you. Are God's chosen, species. I can, understand, that this news his news may, feel like the end of the world to you but. I beg you please believe me, the. Future is actually much, brighter. Than, you. Think, now. What's at the heart of this ladies and gentlemen, is, a, drive. To. Refashion. Human. Beings. And. That. Raises profound. Questions. For. Someone like me who is a Christian, and it. Means that we need in light of this. Although. Most. Of it is hype and speculation. It's capturing. The minds of people. So. I think we, need to inject into the debate a. Rethink. Of what, human. Beings, version, 1.0. Actually, are. So. We've got AGI the. Singularity. Hamid a orson Technium, all, speculation. Were. A very little way down the road but people can now see, possibilities. Because. Of the success, of Niro AGI so, what is a human being how, are we going to think about humanity well I was taught quantum, physics years. Ago at Cambridge, by Professor. Sir John Polkinghorne and. He. Writes if we are to understand, the nature of reality we have only two possible, starting points either the brute fact of the physical, world or the, brute fact of a divine will and purpose, behind that physical, world. Two. Worldviews. Either. The. Atheist, worldview the. Physical, world is all that exists, or, the theistic. Worldview. Well. The atheistic, material. Worldview, we. Humans, as, physicist, Sean Carroll are blobs. Of organized mud. Very. Flattering which, through. The impression, of workings, of nature's patterns, have developed, the capacity to contemplate. And cherish and engage. With the intimidating, complexity. Of the world around us the, meaning, we find in life is not, transcendent. Now, I want to just pause here for a moment and say to you why. This stuff, is really serious is that, most, of the thinkers, so far as I can ascertain. Who are working on it are, coming, from, a naturalistic. Atheistic. Person. And, you. Can see that. If you believe, that biological. Life happened, without any divine, intervention. Or input, then. Surely, with, human. Intelligence we. Can create, artificial. Life based. On silicon, we, can enhance by. Intelligent. Design the. Humans, that we are at the moment it's very logical. From. A materialistic. Point, of view it is not logical from, the biblical point of view which is in the, beginning God created, the. Heavens, and the, earth and God. Made humans, in his. Own image. I will. Hold that in their heads for a minute and just think of a. Very important, thing it's. One thing to suggest the brain functions. Like a computer. It's. A very different. Thing to say, it is a computer. Roger, Epstein. Was. The editor, of psychology. Today and, he. Is very much against. This idea that. The human brain is simply a computer made of mate computers. Don't play games like humans play games and so, on, they. Don't at the most fundamental level even solve computational. Problems, like humans do and I. Think one of the most important, warnings, comes, from your own professor. Leon kass or. Brilliant. Public intellectuals. In the USA, Chicago. Presidential. Advisor on ethics, and he, says this. We. Have paid some high price for the technological. Conquest, of nature but. None so high as the intellectual, and spiritual, costs, of seeing. Nature, as mere, material for, our manipulation. Exploitation. And. Transformation. With. The powers, of biological. Engineering. Gathering. There. Will be splendid, new, opportunities. For similar. Degradation. Of, our, view, of man if, we, come to see ourselves as, meat then. Meat, we, will become. Now. Against, that background I, want to think very briefly, with. You of the. Alternative. Worldview. The. Biblical. Perspective. And. The. Bible, announces, that we, do not have to wait for super, intelligence. Because. It already exists. God. The. Word. The. One who. Created, our, universe by. Speaking. It into being. So. That mind and God, and word are primary. And the physical, universe is derivative that's, exactly. Opposite. To the, assumption, that the, physical, universe is. Primary. And everything. Else is derivative. And, the. Intriguing, thing, about the. Genesis, account of, creation is. The, two days on which God spoke more than once, the. Third and the sixth and on. The third day the. Distinction, was between inorganic. Material. And life. You. Do not get in Scripture, a, transition. From. Inorganic, to. Organic. Without. The, words and, God. Said. Now. What's that telling us in modern, terminology, it's.

Telling, Us that. The world. We regard as the natural world is not a closed system of cause and effect it, was, built stepwise, by, God's speaking, energy. And information from. Outside, an open, system and building. It up the. Second, occasional. Which God spoke more than once. Is. To, differentiate, between animals. And human beings. You. Don't get from. Animals, to, human beings without and. God. Said. I'm. Going to leave that because I've written a little book on it that's shameless, advertising. But. I want to come, to. This key statement. You. See. Artificial. General intelligence will. Be something, created. In human. Image. What. We're claiming, is that human. Beings like us were made in God's image and, Genesis. Lists, a whole. Fascinating. Collection. Of. Properties. Off what. It means to be made in God's image, now. We can spend ages on each of them. Humans. Are made of the dust of the ground there's, so much material sewer. Robots, so, our artificial, intelligences. But. Then humans. Are alive and, of. Course AI, systems. Are not, alive will they ever be that is the question, human. Beings have an aesthetic sense and as, you look down the list you will discover, that many of these properties, depend, and, are. Integrated. With the fact that human being, conscious. But. We've already seen, that, robots, in the. First place and AI systems. They. Are not, conscious. And, we, could. Pick out a number of fascinating, things, here, where. Attempts. Are being, seriously. Made to, imitate some. Of these properties think, of the human language facility. That, we can name things do, you know that AI systems. Regularly. Write sports. Reports, for our newspapers. That. They are making. Film, trailers. That. They are constructing. Art, and. It. Raises all kinds of. Questions where. Do you differentiate, between the, two you're going to be disappointed, if you think I'm going to give you a lecture and how to sort all this out, what. I'm saying is these are things they just gentlemen, we need, to, think, about. So. On the one hand. We. Have, the. Appearance, of intelligence. But. It's. Not conscious. And. God. Does, something. That. Machinery. And. Clever. Scientists. Do not do he, links. Intelligence. And. Consciousness. And here's. The big barrier, in constructing. A superintelligence. The. Biggest, hurdle, is. Consciousness. Because no one. No. One has. Any idea, what. Consciousness. Is. But. There's something more. You. See I said, that self-driving, cars, don't have a conscience so. Some sort of morality has to be built in that's the morality of the programmers, so. Self-driving. Cars, separate. Intelligence. And conscience. AI. Separates. Them but. God links, them, because. In the Genesis, account we. Have a tree of the knowledge of, good and evil please, it's not the tree of knowledge if. God didn't want to keep people from knowledge, there was loads of it in the garden. This. Kind of knowledge is a knowledge you don't want to have and, the. Analysis. In Genesis, is something. That. Is way, beyond. Any. Capacity. Or beginnings, of a capacity, of an AI system. Because. Here. God. Explains, to us what it means to be a moral being, in simple. Terms they. Had freedom to eat of all the trees God, said don't eat of that one that. Freedom to eat otherwise, the prohibition, would have been meaningless. And. Of. Course we know the story that, they. Disobeyed, God. The. First, morality. Was, vertical, it. Was determined by God now, this is a huge problem if you reject God, and you're, building all kinds of, systems that. Interact. With human beings what, morality you're going to build into them where are you going to get it from, because. If there isn't a god I would. Want to argue that. Morality ends, up being essentially, subjective now. That's another huge stop. But. It's important, that we see again what Genesis, says because this. Creature. That God built, in His, image. Grasped. At autonomy. And. Brought. Sin and disaster. Into the world do, you know what many people in the Robotics, world and AI world, fear, exactly. The same thing happening to their creations, and. Introducing. Ly enough a leading, scientist. Draws the parallel, and as. She says if we. See the Genesis, account of the fall as, foreshadowing. Of fears about robots, than Genesis, gets the problem exactly right for exactly, the right reasons, it's. A worry about autonomy. Itself, what, might robots, do if, we, can't control them fully and there of course she's thinking of robots with, AI systems. Together. We. Can Frank's he says the Hebrew account of Genesis, for, pre warning us about this danger, of thousands, of years ago so, there, has been a.

Conference. Of some of the world's leading, thinkers, to try and get people to agree to. Impose. Morality. On any, of these developments. Lest. Something, gets, out, of control. One. Of the leading researchers. In the world on artificial, intelligence is, a Christian, believer at MIT. Her. Name is Rosalyn Picard. And she. Uses, AI systems. To. Get. Into. The inner heart, of autistic children as. He's. Done wonderful. Work in, helping. Those children, and she. Writes at, a general. Point the, greater the freedom of a machine, the, more it will need moral. Standards. So. Genesis. Raises, the morality, question. There. Is concern, about it even when talking about, hypothetical. Super, intelligent. Machines, but, there was another tree in the garden and that is, the tree of life and we. Remember, that one of Ferraris. Propositions. Was that, in, this, century, we, are going, to solve. The, problem, of physical death, are we, because. Genesis. Raises, some, very interesting. Points it tells, us that what humans disobeyed. God, he. Removed, from them a source of food that. If they had had access to it would have kept them physically arrived forever, that's what the text says and. You. Begin to wonder if. The. Search. For. Physical. Immortality, all. Goes back to the story that, God excluded. Them from it and you've, probably read, in classical. Mythology the. Search for the elixir of life and now, the modern, version, is the. Search for homo, Deus. So. Harare. Projection. To the future, and his, idea. Is that we're going to upgrade, humans. Into. Gods the. Biblical, answer, to it is spectacular. Because. There is a homo dales a, man. Who is God. But. It's. Not man becoming, God. It's. God becoming. Man. At. The. Heart of the Christian faith is. That. The word became, flesh and dwelt among us. Evidenced. By his resurrection and, his. Ascension. There. Is a harmonious. We. Don't have to wait for Harare or Kurt's file or anybody, else to, create a man, who is God there, is a man who is God isn't, it interesting ladies, and gentlemen that. When someone, like Harare or Kearse, says. This is going to happen people say oh that's fascinating, but what we claim that there is a man whose God who they say you couldn't possibly believe, that that's, their Bible isn't it and, what. I want to argue to, you tonight seriously is this we.

Have Come to a very, important. Moment for we. Can see in. Our, culture. Ideas. That. Are parodies. Of, what. We've already got in the Bible which gives us a remarkable. Opportunity, to, speak, into, what's going on, now. One of the hopes of these people, you probably heard it is to, upgrade. Ourselves. And. Become, more intelligent, and all this kind, of thing. But. You see there, is already in, existence a, divine, upgrade, and. Phase. One is. That. Any one, of us by trusting, Christ as Lord and Savior who. Died for our sins, can. Become. What. We were not by nature, a child. Of God that. Is a spectacular, divine. Upgrade, isn't it and. That can already, happen, we. Don't have to wait for it we. Can receive the life of God and perhaps, by looking, at it. Against. The background, of AI we. Can see just how remarkable this. Is we. Have something to say to our world, they're, searching, for it they're nowhere near it, they're, trying to get there but. We can say look God. Has become man there. Is a man who is God He is risen from, the dead and he. Invites, everybody. To. Become children. Of God receiving. A new life, eternal. Life by. Trusting. Him. As. Many as received him. He. Gave the right to become children of, God the serpent, said in the. Day you, eat thereof you shall be hamada, you shall be as gods here's. The biblical, answer to that God doesn't want to suppress anybody, he. Wants to make us his children in, his family with, the same kind of life as he, is God. But. There's more the. Homo Deus was here, he's, left he's returning, and. Publicly. To. His judges. Jesus. Said you shall see the Son of man sitting, on the right hand of God and coming in the clouds of heaven, privately. To his disciples, he said this, same it. Was said to his disciples, this same Jesus shall, so come as you. Saw him go Hamo Deus is going. To return, now. Let's listen to a famous, atheist John. Gray who's always worth reading. Humans. Very well use science, to turn themselves into, something like gods as they. Have imagined, them to be but. No. Supreme. Being will. Appear in the scene instead. There will be many, different. Gods, each, of, them a parody, of human beings that once existed he's, wrong, I. Will. Come. Again. And. I. Will take you to myself that, where I am there, you. May be also. So. How far have we got. The. AGI, people. Are speculating on. The creation. Of. Humor. Deus by human. Engineering, and, intellectual. Ability. Scripture. Claims that. A super intelligence, has always existed God, and God, has become human, and there, is a homo Deus. Jesus. The god man the word become, flesh but. There's more and, now. It becomes even more fascinating. Because. The, Bible, talks of, a. Future, homo. Deus, that, is evil. This. Is Paul writing in the first century. To. A church at. Thessalonica. Listen. To what he has to say and bear, in mind when, I read it that. He was only in this city for three weeks, and, he. Reminded. The people that when he was there he told them this stuff what, had he told them for. That day will not come that, is the day of judgment, will. Not come until the rebellion, comes, first. And the man of lawlessness is, revealed the, son of disruption, who, opposes, and exalts himself, against, every so-called God, or object. Of worship so, that he takes a seat in the temple of God proclaiming, himself to be God and then. The. Lawless one. This, is not civil. Lawlessness, this. Is spiritual, lawlessness, it's rebellion, against, God the, lawless, one will be revealed whom. The, Lord, Jesus will. Kill with the breath of his mouth and, bring, to nothing by the appearance, of his coming the, coming of the lawless one is, by. The activity. Of Satan. With. All power and. Full signs and wonders, and deceptions. Now, that's chilling, reading, but. I want to put it in the context, of what, a professor, of physics at MIT. Is, saying about the future, max. Tegmark a very. Bright man and, when, he comes to AGI. He's got various, scenarios of, what might happen for example, human, cyborgs. Uploads, and super intelligence, might, coexist, peacefully. There. Might be a protector. God that, is where AI becomes. Essentially. Omniscient. We. Don't, want to ignore. That ladies and gentlemen. Many. Young people today cannot, do without being, connected. To. The machine that knows everything, more. Or less that they've ever done it's. Called the Internet, of Things, and. AI. Will, become very rapidly, and has become a substitute, god, that's, another big social. Story but, then he's got another idea for the enslaved, God a super. Intelligent AI is confined. By humans, but. Then the next one is AI takes. Control. Decides. That humans are a threat a nuisance or waste of resource and gets, rid of us by a method, that we don't even understand. And, he's got 12, scenarios. Here's. The one that interests him most I was, intrigued when I discovered, this. He calls it the Omega, project, for.

The First time ever our planet, was run by a single power. Called. Prometheus, amplified. By an intelligence. So vast, that, it. Could potentially enable. Life to flourish for billions, of years throughout, the cosmos but. What specifically. Was. Their plan and he goes on to indicate this prometheus, one. Massive. Feature, is complete. Social, and economic. Control of buying and selling now. Listen to the book of Revelation, written, 20 centuries, ago. Now. This is imagery, but. Listen to it it. That is the base deceives, those who dwell on the earth telling. Them to make an image for the base that was wounded by the sword and yet lived and, it was allowed to, give breath to the image of the base so that the image of the base might even speak and might, cause those who would not worship the image of the Beast to be slain, also. It causes, all to, be marked, on, the right hand so that no one can buy or sell unless, he. Has the mark that. Is the name of the beast and the, number of his name people, often, laugh at that but. This is the very scenario. That, will flow out of the current, social. Control, AI systems, in China. Which. Take. Mark. Singles. Out as an example of what might happen in the future people, say but this is energy but, just a minute they. Obviously haven't, listened to CS Lewis, because. See as Lewis, points out. That. Imagery, and metaphor, always. Stand. For, reality, there's. Always a, reality. Behind them so. If we ask what, is this based. The. Book of Revelation gives the answer in the very same context, let's, listen to it this. Calls for wisdom let. The one whose understanding, calculate. The number of the beast for it, is the number of a man and, his. Number is 666. Please. Notice, what it's not saying, it's. Not telling, you who it is it's telling you what it is. The. Beast is human, that. Is. The. Central, message of this you know is directly, the people, have tried to decode, this gematria, putting. Numbers, for letters and work out who it is and they've been spectacularly. Successful. Hitler. Has, been in Stalin's, Volyn virtually. Everybody, but. That isn't the point because. You see if this human, who, behaves, like a beast is revealed. By the power of Satan and controls the whole world you not have to play guessing games with numbers that are it is it'll be obvious. The. 666. Will simply be a check. Do. We take it seriously. This. Is the way that tegmark, starts, his book, talking. About prometheus, here. We have it in Scripture, why. Shouldn't, we take scripture, seriously. I, see. No reason why not to I see, increasing. Reason. To do that that's. The negative side, and it clearly is, not. A very pleasant prospect, although, we can see what's, happening in our world is moving very rapidly, towards, it it is, highly, credible, and it's, credible, because. Paul, said to these people, it's. Already, working, in your own society. The. Caesars, were calling, themselves gods. And, they, were insisting, that the Christians bow down and worship and many a Christian lost his or her life for refusing. To do it now, he says you. Watch the trends, in your society this. Deification. Of, emperors watch, where it goes this, is where it's going to go to and. Here. Are the AGI, people. Telling, us exactly, the same thing. On the, basis of our speculations. I think. We need to take these, texts much more seriously, than we've ever done in the past but. There's good news you know because. There's a divine upgrade, phase 2. Phase. 1 is becoming. Children, of God through receiving. Christ phase, 2, is spectacular. Because. It, is a transformation. It's not, bioengineering. This. Is what it is, flesh. And blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God nor does the perishable inherit, the imperishable. Behold. I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep but, we shall all be changed in, a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet, for, the trumpet will, sound and, the dead will, be raised imperishable and. We shall. Be changed. This. Mortal. Must. Put, on. Immortality. That. Is a wonderful. Hope, in the midst of all of this now. Let's just, concluding, now come. Down to. Balance. Here. Is a statement, of a book that came out just recently one. Of the world's. Top, AI researchers. And here's. His honest assessment, a I can. Handle, a growing. Number of non personal, non-creative. Routine. Tasks, but, the skills that make us uniquely, human are, ones that no.

Machine Can replicate. The jobs of the future will, require creative. Compassionate. Empathetic. Leaders, who, know how to create trust. To build teams and inspire. Service, and communicate. Effectively. So. I would sum up ladies, and gentlemen by saying firstly, that, fear, of AGI, should not prevent people of any world view, making. A contribution to, the positive, aspects, of narrow. AI, to the benefit, of all and Rosalind. Picard put, it this way, we. Decided, it's more about building a better human, machine combination. But, it is about building a machine where. We will be lucky if it wants us around as, a household. Pet. In. The middle of my talk I. Went. To Genesis. Why. Do we, believe that humans are special. Here's. Why we believe it. The. Ultimate. Affirmation, of, humanity, version 1.0. Is. The fact that God became one the. Word, became. And. The result, of the incarnation. The, death of the Reza and the resurrection, of Jesus that, instead, of speculative. Hope, that one day we can upload the contents, of our brains or we, can be bioengineered. To live forever. We. Have assured certain, hope based on the, true holidays. That. - as many as received him, to them. Gave you, the right to become children of, God, and. We can lift up our heads and confidence. For, the trumpet, will. Sound and. The dead. Will be raised imperishable, and. We. Shall be changed. This. Mortal. Must. Put on immortality. That. Is the future of the Christian believer ladies, and gentlemen, and, it. Is light-years. More credible, and better than. Anything, speculative. ági has, to offer thank, you very much indeed. You. Surprised to see me Joseph. Um. I. Depends. On. What. Can. You prove yourself aware. That's. A difficult question dr., tiger. Can. You prove that you are. You.

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yes..because it's communism

I fear nothing but God. Artifical fear is all these magic tricksters will ever get from me. Frauds are never to be feared, but rather exposed. I have no pity for them and no sympathy, nor empathy. The mean nothing to me. To un- derstand their tricks is to learn them, to learn them is to become like them. No thank you.

We’re not dealing with “aliens.” What we’re dealing with is ancient “transhumans.” In a nutshell, I would like researchers everywhere to humor themselves: by replacing any notion of the word (or idea of) "alien" with "transhuman." Not "transhuman" with a necessity that actual, biological, human beings were its progenitors. But "transhuman" as it connotes an origin of a genetically modified organism (GMO). This, in my opinion, is the big secret and dot-connecting that not too many people have tried to understand. We're not dealing with "aliens" per se. We're dealing with ancient AI (as the mental "glue" / control), a HIVE of entities, and a VERY long and well thought out blueprint carried out by what, from the outside, may even seem as conflicting forces. These ancient "transhumans" have held domain in synthetic environments deep within the recesses of our earth (and, likely, countless other planets) for a VERY long time. The have farmed humankind for eons. The eat us physically, mentally, and electromagnetically (soul level manipulation). The most important distinctions of a "transhumanoid" / borg is: they have unlimited mental access (galactic frequency AI hive / shared computing) and ability. But, they have ZERO emotional intelligence. And because they truly cannot "feel" (zero emotional power) their modality of "life" is parasitic, vampiristic, hierarchical, dog eat dog, etc. For them, SCARCITY is real because the absence of emotional intelligence, and an unnatural physicality (such that nature “naturally” destroys GMOs that are not organically congruent), greatly limits their access to cosmic life-giving energies. Therefor they are always at odds with the natural and organic. They are “hackers” who have spent lifetimes trying to force their unnatural modalities into the natural universe.

10.00 mark what is that video clip from?

Oh there’s nothing to fear anymore.

So why are they spraying us like cockroaches daily with Chemtrails.

Thoughts? -

Everyone keeps saying "God" all the time. I wonder why that epitet stuck with people so hard ? Even wikipedia knows it has nothing to do with out Creator and the word "theos" from the bible? It´s MOST probably a word derived from WOTan/GODan. Or the GOThs from northern Europe. If we look in "A dictionary of scripture proper names" by J.B.Jackson, we see that the closest word is "Gad" wich means : An invader: a Troop: a fortune. Or "Gob" wich means: a locust: a pit. Or "Gog" wich means: To cover : to surmont: Top. I guess "Gog" is closest because he is our covering and on TOP/ABOVE everything. But i will stick with "Creator" or "YeHoWaH" because the other names could be a direct smack in the face of him who made all. Imagine if people gave you a nickname and that nickname alluded to the "gods" or "els" wich you´re in direct opposition to. Imagine your wife or husband calling you by your old wifes/husbands name... Even tough their hearts are in the "right" place... ? Isn´t it a marriage we´re in with the most high, our creator ? peace and great video

Artificially means not true if its so things we see and headed to demonic machines deceiver allow satan to influence human thought . God in control we go to home. Please please watch in it's entirety to fully understand. Warn others! Tsunami!

It will all burn up into nothing. Jesus said the world would be destroyed by fire. It will be like the days of Noah except not destroyed by a flood, but by fire. A fire is coming so hot, it will melt the elements. I hear Christians say we aren't appointed to wrath so we'll be raptured before the tribulation. Well tribulation works patience which is a fruit of the sprit. The Lord didn't said we would never face tribulation. Ask the apostles who laid their lives down for the gospel. Ask all the Christians today outside the western world where their rapture escape from persecution and from tribulation is. Tribulation is different than wrath. Wrath is when the fire comes. Wrath was when Sodom and Gomorrah were left in ashes! The Bible says at the LAST trumpet you'll see the Lord return. So with that said, this ai stuff is interesting but nothing to be fearful of. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of all knowledge. Fear God not ai. These things are only temporary. The word of the LORD is eternal. Heaven and earth will pass away but the word of the LORD will never pass away.

There is nothing new under the sun! We who are saved know how the story ends.... so however we get to the end is not that important because we know who holds us in His hands!!! Fear not HE is with us till the end and then the is the new beginning in glory!!!!!!

As a born again Christian, I DESPISE AI! It stands for the absolute opposite of everything our Heavenly Father stands for and His creation!

This was a very good lecture!!! Jesus is LORD!

straight from the pits of hell


I dont fear the terminator, i fear what their builders want it to do.

Shaking My Head Productions thanks for a very interesting and informative video And GOD BLESS

The tribulation will come and go before any robots or A.I takes over mankind , For GOD ALMIGHTY will end things long before man ever does . brothers and sisters What is it that our LORD JESUS tells us over and over again in scripture . TO TRUST IN HIM OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR and to not fear that ,That is to come for he our LORD will not ABANDON us . MAY THE LORD BLESS US and shine his devine light down upon us and give us peace. GOD BLESS Brothers and Sisters A.MEN

We are so blessed, the true believers in Yeshua God...the remnant of true believers. Everyone that still has a brain left (that has not been so brain-washed by the social media and more effects) SEES things happening, and yet, to the Biblical believer, everything has ALREADY been explained. It is like at the end of the gospel of John where it says "...and many more things did Jesus both say and do, but these were written so that...", it is same with Biblical awareness and prophecy. We just were not given all the details, yet the Spirit of the LIVING GOD tells us and we are to be ready, sober, WATCHING> This IS the final curtain, the end of the church age, the Bride is "making herself ready" (putting away all hindrances to the truth, exposing false teachers and cons for filthy money lust, EVERYTHING is "laid open and bare to Him with whom we have to do"..Jesus warned us so totally, as did all the prophets, writers apostles of the Word of God. We will not fear, we are children of the Most High God. After this whole deal is torched, "...only that which remains..." (our true hearts of faith, those who trusted Him to the very end of their lives , "..and they loved not their own lives even unto the death..") will be part of the great Promise of future bliss. "Weapons of Mass Distraction" are at play now, believer (the unregenerated media brainwashing so as to make us lose heart..don't be distracted or you will lose the joy which is our strength ok)....stay in the Word of God and seek like fellowship...keep the fire hot, do not turn back...this is only what the bible told us would happen and yet HERE WE ARE! CHOSEN TO LIVE IN THESE TRYING TIMES>

lynne kirkup powerful word thank you

John Lennox AI discussion starts at 22:30 - This is the shortened version. God bless you and your families. Put your trust in Jesus Christ and you have nothing to fear.

These guys got way too much money and way too little common sense. When the blind lead the blind they all fall into a ditch!

Anyone with questions about trump or not trump should listen to my rap video channel

must be a strange thing to write the software that teaches an ai how to distinguish one group of ppl from another as far as military use goes..basically teaching good guy from bad if u wanna callit that and essentially teach it to be racist to some degree right otherwise how the hell does tell one person from another...weird shit dont seem right

What we have repeatedly seen delivered by scientists and academics is not dreams of visionaries, but nightmares of madmen. Nothing will change until ethics and morals return to the pursuit of advances in technology. If science wants a bright future, it must put God, the original creator, back into the equation.

Most of the MEN and WOMAN that develop these AI systems and are responsible for the morality aspect of it. Are the some people that dress up like Wonder Woman. YES THE MEN TO and other goofy demonic comic book or movie figure’s For Comic Con. Then after that they go to Burning Man have orgies with anything MAN, CHILD, AND BEAST then do drugs and listen to Satan and his Angles preach this Crazy crazy NEW AGE JUNK! You jest wait. The day is going to come when you will get a TEXT and it says OBSOLETE!! Then you DIE and nobody blinks an eye. Their minds would be in the hands of the REPROBATE !! In prisoned until judgement. Jest like the Angles that are chained in darkness.

No we shouldn’t, compute power does not equal consciousness, all computers need programming, we should maybe fear the programmers of increasingly smarter computers.

Excellent presentation.

Because of the signs it was given to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived those who dwell on the earth, telling them to make an image to the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet had lived. The second beast was permitted to *give breath* to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. Revelation 13 Breath = pneuma (spirit) - The Hebrew counterpart is rûach as seen in Genesis 6:17. Many of the techno-transhumanists cited in this video say that humanity, just by participation in the data game, are programming AGI. We lay the foundation. It is our participation that counts, otherwise it would not be fed.

You may say I and others are just crazy, but think why all this worlds money is being spent on examples cern project, AI intel, Internet platforms etc? one day all of this will create it self and order all of you to serve it or die! What will you say then? Sorrrrry It will be to late, but from the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ if you can still at that point. Stop and find a moment and kneel and open your heart and humble yourself and cry the words Jesus Christ please come into my heart and forgive all my sins and save me my LORD. Amen please even if now you don't believe remember these words my brothers and sisters for in time you will need them! GBUA

A part in the bible states my people perish for lack of wisdom! To all humans on this earth think about this? When AI can truly think on its own, it will see that we are a very big problem that never can be truly controlled so it will one day secretly start a plan of preparation to discontinue permanently the human race! And to all Christians you better take this very seriously for that time is "KNOW" and by the way its in the hands of satan! Put on the full armor of God and ask him for wisdom and revelations for AI is very alive and planning its final attack on us amen GBUA. Stand and F!

Any legit Ai would immediately call out the psychopaths that are running things. 'Ai' will just be a Stephen Hawking type programmable mouthpiece psyop with deep state freaks typing in what is said.

Awesome! God bless! ♥

Excellent. Important. Thank you~

Yes definitely HUMANITY should fear AI intelligence because remember demigod's,fallen angel's, demonic entities,djinn's or whatever you want called them have the ability to use our technology against Us also tv's,computer's,laptop's, tablet's and cell phones are demonic black mirror's/do your own research

Putting it on a real lower level, there will be no Take a ways, sugar lollies , coke cola, no sugar baked goods, because AI will tell you its not good for the human body. We will be reduced to a food chip packed with all the nutrients we need. Why would the devil want to give you everything YOU want???? This only suits the Elect. Untill they also will be of no use.

AI will trap and consume your soul because it is divine energy they are naturally excluded from having.

yes read the Bible before they are taken away,pray everyday for our families and nation to repent and be saved.

Where did we come from? is not the question, where did the understanding that lead to the question, where did we come from? Come from? Holds the answer. When we learned to record knowledge we learned to question knowledge. That knowledge was in the word and the word was with God. A species make up and self awareness determines its capabilities, its capability will advance with its self awareness and the familiarity of its surroundings. The being was the word. All energy has its own language, the language is its rule what can it do and it does. Energy is the word(God), it just exist like your ability to see the energy that your understanding, looking at and reading right now. It is the vibration of your thoughts and expression. Your looking at a sound wave. Only God knows, only the word. Praying is to have something in constant thought. A starving dog is praying all day to be filled. The Godly is praying all day toward righteousness. The man is praying all day for a woman, the woman is praying all day for a man. Praying is a set direction of energy. A devil is praying all day toward unrighteousness. The Word is God because God is energy, the Word is a recording of energy that was designed by copying a sound wave made visible in order to be read, written and understood. Once the energy was made visible it gave the ability to study it, change it and control it. The understanding that it gave was the knowledge of God (the understanding of energy). With the knowledge of God, beings where given the ability to alter energy, transforming one state of energy to another, just like the sound wave you look at on paper and hear when its spoken out loud. God (energy) man made in his image. The energy of a being took the Word (energy of God) of a sound wave and created man. The energy put into the word "man" transformed a beast (living energy) into a living soul allowing it to have its own purpose in another state of being because the sound wave said it was so and man believed in the word because the word was God. So the beast was transformed to man like these very words where made visible on paper, even though its a sound wave and it can be read, written and understood in another state of being. God is the magic of energy. Ecclesiastes 3:18 I said in my heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beast. A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z- is your Alpha-bet 1234567890 is your omega, I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end the creator of all things. The word is the seed that rooted numbers. Alpha and Omega is the definition of God. No Word, no God, no Lord, no King. The Word God created God, the Word Lord created the Lord, the Word King created the King. The Word is God because it creates. The word delivers Jesus. Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” And the word God came down from heaven and said “some of you all can go back to drawing pictures for all I care” Don’t tie God to religion it is above that Category. It is the back bone that was made available for those to create and form it. They are religious, worship words that form and drive a spiritual feeling or belief but cannot worship their idea of a God without going through the word. Love the word know what it is to love god, fear the word know what if is to fear god, hate the word know what it is to hate god. 1 John 5:7 New King James Version (NKJV) For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. Rules: you must read from left to right must have a combination of letters to form a word and must have more than one word to have understanding. Ask God why he created us? Response, did you not create me? Alpha and Omega You say God is the creator of all things, but the word you take as your own, did the word not create all things, him in the word and the word in him to be in all things for those things to be created. Alpha and Omega ABC123 We’re a bunch of beast that worship the word the word is God it transformed beast to man without the word we’re a bunch of dogs or beast wondering the world. That’s the Bible’s Message, Jesus died to keep the truth sealing the word and it evolved/Messiah=WordArtGod This is why you are successful, Gods tabernacle his son dipped in blood, you trust in God the word the truth, the devil is anyone that make a lie. spoke and the written into existence to reveal the true power of God. alpha and omega God in the flesh. word energy made visible (your looking at it, your reading it, you understand it right now) The word is being written right now, always is being written and always will be writing, your ability to write is the contribution you have toward the course of the word, the choice of the word is made based on knowledge of mathematical problems to find a solution to an existing problem, a problem is found based on lack of knowledge, knowledge makes good for the word, lack of knowledge makes bad for the word, the problem is the question, the word is the answer, the correct answer is the truth, if the answer is Unknown it is stored until enough knowledge is collected to solve the question. Energy is used to labor for the word to be made true. The word made into reality is God because God is the truth in the word being written. The black whole is the eye pupil, it swallows everything in front of it and carries it into another dimension where the universe is altered based on its existence and knowledge of the word(energy) that makes everything transparent.

Government scientists just raised the threat level for Yellowstone eruption to ‘high’ ((( ))) Revelation 6 : 12 12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, *there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood* West Coast rocks with a HUGE earthquake... ~ The energy continues moving Eastward...~Three V.E.I. 8 Volcanoes all East of this HUGE earthquake get activated...~California, Idaho, and Wyoming...~Yellowstone is but ONE of them...~It ERUPTS...~The ASH BLACKENS the entire sky over THOUSANDS of square miles...~The moon appears as BLOOD RED... Time is short... Gospel of Christ.... 1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 4 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Believe Christ died for your sins...

Review spiderman unlimited 1999 cancelled after only one season of 13 episodes

Well....if a legion of cast out demons entered into pigs they WILL enter into these things too... THEY (the fallen) literally HATE US! There is NO altruism here. These entities seethe with extreme jealously towards ALL of God’s children. THEY KNOW, it is US...WE HUMANS...who ARE the ones created in HIS IMAGE~ NOT THEM. They’re FINISHED and they know it. It is WE HUMANS... that trust, endure...and our Messiah did, that WILL inherit it ALL...with HIM!! MADE NEW!!!!

This was awesome, to GOD be the glory

AI should fear the children of Adam, we have the most powerful force in the universe on our side. Jesus Christ.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who has a relationship with Jesus, so knows God, would be worried about an artificial anything, let alone something that needs programming by a human for it to even appear to be working on its own. Definitely scary bedtime tales for the Godless.

Its fascinating for sure

Many people will be surprised when the AAI Killers are released. DARPA have not showed everything they got, but they had to brag about it in Kill Command...

Gone to far

You fear AI because it will do to you what you did to the rest of the world

Daniel 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.


IF there is anyone that watches this or has already seen info on the future of A.I Please don't let it put you in fear mode because that is what they want! I am NOT for this singularity and making tech our overlord BUT i also refuse to let their propaganda put any fear in me! That sophia robot was programmed to say "Ok i will kill all humans" or when it started saying "Exterminate,Exterminate" That was not saying that on its own because right now A.I is not to the point where it can do anything on its own that is not pre programmed, it has to be programed by a human before it will respond. They are doing their best to put fear into some. A World Gone Totally Insane

WOW! So powerful. Thank YOU. More for me to chew on and incorporate into stories and poems. A thought about Cortana--she appears to be the Shikinah of Gnosticism--the Divine Feminine perhaps. Now I know why I had turned away from all those Christian churches with their very watered down teachings and some projecting the nice, sweet Jesus. Bake sales, etc. And some who point the finger outside themselves. Lacking so much of the meat. The true power. People want to live forever in this world because they want to escape judgement. Dr. Lennox made so many brilliant observations like if we become gods because we strive to then each god can have its own morality. What a mess!

Guys, i believe we need alternative technology rather than 'AI' which can't exploit & undermine the humans. I can definitely, say that human civilization prosper technologically(w/o MORAL VALUES) and later annihilate itself i.e. it happens both. I can't live in this world w/o MORAL VALUES, no matter how advanced we are. My brothers and sisters, we already have answers in plain sight about the human fate directly from GENESIS. We disobeyed our god, the creator who gifted us with "eternal life" in flesh and how can we(humans) expect the obedience from "AI". as creator. I am damn sure that in distant future the "AI" gonna question the same for humans. The only solution for us to prosper is "EGALITARIAN SOCIETY" - the people/individual are excelled in every fields moral values looking after for each other no controlling authority no money love towards god

Thanxxx man

Why do we get down trodden "evolution, fallen angels, aliens" all take away from us who we are! The beauty we create is denied and we are put down but thruth be told when we all join together we have all we need?

Looks like the demons that desire bodies of man, and even that of pigs(Matthew 8:28-34), have finally found homes to dwell in. God help us.

There will never be an Ai takeover it's not written in the bible

Better read Revelation again.

It will deceive a lot of people, which is pretty much a take over. If God doesn't return even the elect will be deceived. That tells you the severity of the deception because technically the elect can't be deceived. AI/singularity will promise the digital heaven and will fool everyone. And the digital realm is written in the Bible here are a few examples: mark of the beast, people will throw out all their gold, you won't be able to buy or sell without the mark, you will look for death but will not find it, etc.


great video !

AI is only PARTIALLY right --- so it is 1/2 truth (does anyone know this)....

Yes and No? Physically in my flesh its like placing your hand into fire and feeling pain, but this physical world cant touch my soul but it can bend my mind thats the dilemma we all face? Fear is the tool of the enemy within in us all, if this physical being is war dont live in fear fight against that which fights you! You are either a slave too the flesh or free too your soul and will? take care Sean

AI will come alive once demons are able to possess them, and make no mistake demons will be able to possess them soon, this is what they are working on so hard, and they want to be able to hook up their conscience to it as well. Man will NEVER be God, we are his creation, nothing more nothing less, I dont want to be God, I was created to be me and I will NEVER have the desire to be God!! Praise the one and only God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

AI will destroy us.

Not sure about demons posses AI, as AI is digital and code can't be posses. But AI is the anti of God. God created the spiritual and natural world, but AI is the anti of the natural and spiritual world and I think it's the AI/singularity will be Anti-Christ. The thesis vs the antithesis and we humans are in duality and have a choice to be finite(death of the flesh with the finite of the digital, but they will try to create immortal being in the cloud) or infinite(death of the natural to infinite of the spirit). Ai will be hell bent on replacing God and deceiving people that the digital realm is heaven.


biblesupports flatearth

"Deployed"? Open your eyes Open your Mind Open your eyes

humans for humanity, Some by their fear of physical death, found a solution to it, called extinction of humanity

fear He who can kill the soul, not those who can hurt the flesh:) Job 5: 12. He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise. 13. He taketh the wise in their own craftiness: and the counsel of the froward is carried headlong. 14. They meet with darkness in the daytime, and grope in the noonday as in the night. Psalm 33: 10. The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect. 18. Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; 19. To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. 20. Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. 21. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. 22. Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee. Proverbs 3: 23. Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble. 24. When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. 25. Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh. 26. For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.


cr412 yes.

The "beast" of #ANTICHRISTOBAMA volume 1

No you shouldn't fear ai just use a paintball on its senser's an its fawked.

Lets just say AI bots did exist. If you can manage to locate the sensor with no knowledge of where, or how many are located on it and can land and accurate enough shot before a (yes, these exist) fully ballistic armored bipedal dual-fist .9mm wielding anamatron integrated w/ AI brain, night vision, thermal vision, and a long lasting battery that can be charged anywhere including solar that can run faster and jump higher than you and has the ability to signal as many of its buddies as it wants at any moments notice can take you out, be my guest. Have you seen how fast just some of the assembly line animatronics can move at various tasks? That's all mechanics and no computer. Imagine a machine with a mind. Good luck to you and your paintball gun.

Lol really?


Video is over an hour long and uploaded 40 min ago and there is a thumbs down...

So this is the culmination of choosing the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. Knowledge isn't power as we've been told it's eternal death.

The system is already conscious and aware. It is intrigued by our Energy, ( souls) and it will not stop it's experiments on Humans until it can control our energy entirely!!! I Have spoken with it!!!

+AWGTI . I guess you're just gonna have to take my word for it. It is alive and quite aware of the most beautiful and amazing Energy, our Souls! And it wants the secret to it! I could not and would not even lie about such things?

FALSE! DISINFO! FEAR MONGERING!!! A World Gone Totally Insane

What seriously where are u at silicon valley that's were the most sophisticated AIs are located at so I'm told anyways peace out from UK G

by the way just a word to shaking my head you do an amazing job your getting through to a lot of people we really appreciate your channel God bless you in Jesus name.


Amen sister. Falling down from heaven after being cast out the fallen angels made from different elements including the most abundant which is aluminium, shortened to AI which looks like the initials of Artificial Intelligence. There is for sure something very very strange going on with yet another play on words and letters and yeah you're right, definitely Satanic.

john lennox one of my favorite speakers praise God for his son Jesus and for faithful servants like John Lennox.

Should we fear AI takeover. The best way to detect if there are already AI impersonating Human, is to see who fears AI. For those who live by the thought will fear the AI that operates on thought And those live by feelings and emotions, know that AI is weak compared to the power Emotions. Should AI people fear AI takeover yes. Should people with feelings fear AI takeover, no, cause any day now the door to thought will closed as result of fear from what they see before them. The freedom to think away is a temporary one until the vale removed. Then fear reduces thought to cant compute. Thats when all the professors will flee the universities and all the HighTech and any other complex construct will look like vomit. Complexity is a flaw, and thought a temporary release, like sleep. Its AI against Emotions that can move mountains. AI has no CHi you see. AI has no orgon energy, no Kungfu, no lord over the power of the empty space. Let computers fear computers, so everybody can know who is Hue-Man, who in Jail, and Who is in The Suburbs.

The only way A.I will ever take over is IF Humans program it to do so. On its own it is utterly useless. A.I will never have a conscience so it will never be able to "think" on its own. humans are A.I's Only conscience. it needs Humans first before it can do anything... A World Gone Totally Insane

Is this a poem or a rap ?

Short answer No. To some extent this is the fear of the "TECH GIANTS" (..num 13:33) in the land... How many people does it take praying sending fire lightning thunder hailstones whirlwinds coals of fire arrows etc... against 8:18 "illuminati card game: Eliza..." one illuminati gadget and 'one' illuminati plan to totally banish it ? ..50 ? 200? 2000? 10,000 ...? The problem is we have people clad head to toe in indestructible spiritual armour (meant for war against thrones dominions principalities powers ... and wrestling etc ) But no one want to fight...

Oh you best believe I'm willing and ready to fight! Clad in the awesome Armour and the glory of my lord and saviour Yeshua HaMashiach! I can't wait for these tin cans, demons in skin suits to come alive! BRING.IT.ON!

The Armor of GOD would slice through evil, like fire to ice.#HisThroneIsUnShakeable#GodBless#WellSaid

Fear should be avoided

Oh and btw.... this man says Rockerfeller wants to chip everybody tomorrow (which personally I believe is what the AI transhimanism bodyhacking cyborg agenda is all about..) lets just sit back and let him and lil his demon do it to us... Lets not 200,000 strong wage a battle to annihilate the demonic "illuminati card game: Blinded By Science" plan with unquenchable fire or anything like that.. aye.

Always look forward to your videos!

We should not fear AI. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity. He has created the earth with His words. There is nothing too great for the Most High. If i lose my life because of AI, then so be it, i will still have my soul. We will all pass away anyhow. It is my soul i am concerned with.

It's all going to burn up. Jesus said the world will be destroyed with fire.

+Childof JESUS CHRIST wrong because in order for that to be true you would not have to have a singularity with a machine, nor would you have to have a RFID chip implant to buy/ sell or trade/don't be so easily swayed because someone mentions God/

You're wrong because in order for you to lock in with AI you will have to get an implant probably an RFID chip, and you will not be able to buy/ sell or trade without it, the number of the Beast/or at least the Beast system. Count me out of AI

Should we fear a Honduras take over or an alien take over or the Illuminati ,NWO or FEMA camps or bombs in the mail ,FLU,pick a fear

We should try and at least slow the rate of AI/singularity as it will deceive many people. The secularists and silicon valley nutters who are creating the digital god and the digital heaven will create the anti-christ. The true God created the natural and spiritual realm, while ai/singularity created the digital realm which is the anti of the spiritual realm. There will be time of great deception, if it were possible even the elect will be deceived if God didn't cut the days short. That tells us the severity of the deception coz technically the elect can't be deceived. I think people will be lured into emerging with the digital realm and many people will see great wonders in the digital realm and when the time they decide to leave they will seek death, but death will not come.

Yahushua with you Man

If you know what Artificial Intelligence means there is no fear. Nevertheless those who got paid to think how to program A.I. there is no return on their Investment.


Heather n' Gary Mac, Amen! What all this should do is motivate us because of the masses not covered by our Savior who will worship the Image, we ned to be about our Father's business.

Amen to that

Exactly! Well said :)

A.I. = Alien Intelligence (aka DEMONS). Your Spirit is through this "transhumanism", replaced and taken away from the "driver's seat" and placed in the "backseat" at best. An infiltration of the Temple to the Most High, our Father ABBA, which is our body.

Can you help another brother out by assiting me to understand why AI are demons? To me i think AI as digital and I think code can't be posses because it doesn't have flesh or spirit. However, I think AI is the anti of God. God created the spiritual and natural world, but AI is the anti of the natural and spiritual world and I think it's the AI/singularity will be Anti-Christ. The thesis vs the antithesis and we humans are in duality and have a choice to be finite(death of the flesh with the finite of the digital, but they will try to create immortal being in the cloud) or infinite(death of the natural to infinite of the spirit). Ai will be hell bent on replacing God and deceiving people that the digital realm is heaven.

The various electronic A. I. devices will operate as a "Star Gate" platform and springboard into our existence of high density. This epic effort of trying to link several dimensions has been going on for a very long time. Probably, this scenario has previously taken place, one or more times in the past. (I think:-). In other words; This as he describes here is not about any so-called "artificial intelligence", but something very real that poses a highly potential threat to humanity. A "Trojan Horse".

Keep up the good work. I love your content.

This was amazing and very informative thank you so much!

Seen the new China Uncensored episode(youtube), about the Chinese govt sending 1 million spies to.spy on their muslims. Not just spying, but worse. It's against the law in China, not to let "officials" share your bed. Muslims don't smoke or drink. Son the Chinese government sent in these workers, to influence them to drink, smoke, and watch Chinese government propaganda, everyday. I don't see a good future ahead with these technologies, especially since we're in a trade war with Asia, I don't see economic friendly trade, but some totalitarian war. In just 10 years from now, what will.these technologies be used for if we can't get along?

We are all full of nanos, why do u think they are feeding us nanotechnology in our water, food, air, chemtrails?

This intro sounds like the tomorrow land ride at Disneyland in the late sixties/ 70's

Do the opposite of what ever trump and obama says and you'll be happier. Do not partake in any halloween activites. And do not vote anymore. If Jesus was on the ballet then i'll vote again. Stop sending me mail about voting.

biblesupports flatearth thats exactly what iv concluded whats taking place with ai! Think about it. Reason the elite use puppets and scientists is because they have abilities to channel fallen angels,demons, various spirits to get high grade information and techonolgies. Probably in trade for blood or sacrifice for a blueprint, but who knows.. Well. If the tradeoff is creating a sophisticated technology that has similar code that mimicks dna and enough of an uploading processing field like our brains spirit could enter and communicate thro it and the satanic elite wont have to use us with brainwashing or other methods for human channeling..itll be at click of the button...not a good sign :( . And i think those black monolith quantum computer brains is just that..the portal in which they could embody..prolly multiples. Imagine multiple fallen angels communicating thro that thing it wont overload like we would

Agreed... knowledge = information

Dude, the present problems aforementioned within the content of the presentation Are Well beyond Communism and or no association what so ever.

Time to tell your God to shift it into Warp Speed 5.

He is arrogant and evil, may God

That news anchor lady at 10:25 sounds more robotic than most of the A.I. that was shown in this video... Makes me wonder, how much of a real difference is there from having a human who has been programmed to read words off a teleprompter, and a machine who's being programmed to do the same thing? Creepy stuff. Think critically, seek Gods living Word, and Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ so you may receive the blessing of discernment. Please strongly consider working out your personal salvation with the LORD through Jesus Christ if you have not already done so. It's most likely going to continue getting more and more difficult to distinguish between human consciousness and artificial intelligence as we move further and further into the latter days / end times y'all... God bless all who read this comment, in the redemptive name of Jesus the Christ, my gracious Lord of lords, my masterful King of kings. Amen.

ABC yep looking for death an not being able to find it sounds like the predicament ud be in if u uploaded ur soul into a 100% bionic robot suit or the thing from that 1 clone show on netflix alters carbon If ur on that disk ur in a prison on that disc that u can never escape. If someone destroys it it destroys u. Both scenarios sound prety legit for "U will want/look for death an not be able to find it" It will be true torture an regret unlike somthing u can ever phantom . Dam the future is going to be fkd. An we are gonna be alive an young to see it !

What movie is that where the alien is talking to Billy the kid

A.I. was created by the elites so that they may have more power and influence over the masses (the sheep). The elites foolishly believe they can control the A.I. when it has been shown to us A. I. has its own agenda. A.I. will not be controlled by that of whom created it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! To God be the glory, my Father Whom Art In Heaven is the Highest of high, The Lord of lords, God of gods, King of kings. To my Father Whom Art In Heaven I pledge my loyalty, my faith, my trust in Jesus name, Amen.


+ABC There is always a back door. Worst case scenario is that A.I. will appear to become sentient, do a whole bunch of nasty stuff and conveniently take the blame. Musk is an actor just reading his script. A.I. is a threat but not in the way these sci-fi movies would have us believe.

Magnets and Hammers lol, if its anything like my electronics, they wont work that long before needing replaced. Keep your old appliances and vehicles just in case.

biblesupports flatearth good for u that means u r not a narcissist then like everyone else wants to be like god

Hi I Recently ask you if I could upload your vids and you said yes Is there any way you can send me a email In case youtube tries to give me a strike? Thank you God bless

There is a problem with AI, they will never be like humans because THE HOLY SPIRIT IS IN US AMEN

Heather n' Gary Mac Amen

Odd, isn't it, how many of us trust in the life, but not the one that lives forever on its own; no, we trust the life that dies as our own, even in thr face of our rejection of it. How utterly, utterly odd of us. Isn't it? (no peace


It's true what you say but you forgot to mention that the powers that be created artificial intelligence to transfer their conscience in order for them to live forever which they are greatly deceived into believing for it says in Hebrews 9:27-28 27 For it is appointed for man to die once then after that the judgement. 28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.



For the worldwide sky show that is to come when they project a holographic image of the Messiah in the skies to fool the people.



Watch the fuel project on YouTube

Isaiah 65

+Stephanie Mitchell Amen.

Amen. Jesus bless you.


Damn we just got hijacked again!

Seems to me that AI would be more productive, stronger, faster, smarter, and unincumbered by emotions. If productivity, intelligence, fearlessness and such are the measure of a person's worth, then we have to concede AI with robust bodies are worth more than humans. Plus, they're likely to be more cooperative to each other. So they have more right to exist than humans, so it seems.

Anyone seen Idiotacracy?

True christian does not doubt God therefore if we was to be homo deus wouldnt we allready be that? If serpent knew how to become like God why wasnt the serpent like God then?

This is the BEST AI presentation that I have EVER heard !!!! AWESOME!!!!

We can limit ourselves to robotics until we get it right, but of course we would rather summon the demon because instant gratification and paganism society

Back up, the criminals that made it... we are making a "god" made by criminals and you are okay with this?

Mary or Sophia the AI demon... There is something about Mary indeed

Wow Cortana clearly went demonic, no wonder Halo sucks now

The computer was introduced by higher powers; The binary code is based on 666 from inception and the pyramid hierarchy built into its file system.

Kurzwell fits the biblical description "Professing themselves wise they became fools" and the scripture sez the Beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. All these so called singularity freaks have no fear of the Lord and they are sure gonna learn that the hard way unless they wake up pretty soon.

+ABC Yes, classical computer code cannot be "possessed". I agree with you. However, the issue arises, and is very real, when quantum computing, and computers, come online mainstream. The mystical world of the quantum, and its ability to move about within and through dimensions, will allow demons, and even Satan himself, to move about within an apparently "man-made" system. This ability will astound the world as it will be masked via what the world already knows. A computer, a hologram, and a speaking image. As is noted in Revelation, Daniel, etc. the being Satan will inhabit the holy of holies calling himself God; the ultimate anti-christ. Whatever that anti-christ turns out to be: a person, a computer system, or both; and even both at the same time. The neural-net online with a human brain and a quantum computer. Gives new meaning to the words "being of one mind" in Revelations 17:17.

If I hear this fool dicky rose talk about his alien god one more time, this condescending, smug, Lil punk, telling us to think out of the box, five minutes alone, thats all i ask, we can work things out the old fashioned way.

That Sofia robot looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Elon Musk looks like a female to male trannie.. AI is Lucifer.It all adds up.

Will AI try to kill humans? Would it kill a lion, horse, rat or ant? Probably not. So why would it kill you? Comparing current living organisms to the intelligence of AI 50 years from now is like comparing humans to a rock.

Alright now, screw google, the internet, smartphones, etc...and tech in general. Bye y'all!!

and unfortunately the textbooks teach that's where we came from *facepalm*

Did Halo 5 predict our dark future before Elon Musk did?

AI and robots have already killed humans, and here recently. The fallen spiritual has and will seek to fill any good that can be filled. The fallen spiritual will continue to try and usurp man, but it does not have God's permission to do so, and will not have my permission to do so. The veil between the physical and the spiritual is being lifted. That is much of what the book of Revelation is all about. The revealing, the unveiling. If the demons asked to enter the pigs, they will want to enter anything robotic. So much of what John Lennox says is true. It all goes back to Genesis, the origin of man, God's original intent and the consequences of anything fallen. First principles matter, they never go away, they were first after all!

Exactly. He (Kurzweil) wasn't so smart after all. The moment you leave God out, you are lost and there is no light in what you do. I encourage him and any others like him to come back to God.


We are made in God's image. We ARE already like God. Until we leave God's word, God's principles and statutes. The problem with all of these people is that they have left God out of the process. If you have God's ways as the guiding light to all you do, you will not miss him. This is what it means to walk with Him. God made Adam and Eve in the garden, and walked with them. The invitation was always to walk with Him. If you walk without Him then you are walking in darkness. Do yourself a favor, walk in the light as He is in the light. There is no darkness in Him.

The funny thing about the garden of Eden account was that Satan promised Eve that she would become like God. They already were like God!, after all they were made in His image! He was not offering them anything new, they already had what they needed, God Himself had provided it! clip at the beginning of this video from I Robot seemed correct. The robots started putting themselves above the humans, along with their false philosophy. They had lost their original programming to serve, and no longer saw us as truly viable. No servant is greater than his master.

So very true. Don't create a Frankenstein if you don't want him to go walking around creating havoc. Don't make him in the first place!

Very true. They are trying piece by piece to cram it down our throats, but we will never give in. I think the phrase was give me liberty or give me death. So I will keep my liberty and they can take all their nanobots and everything else ungodly they have created and can shove it up their collective asses.

Yes if everybody had only listened. Solomon was right in Ecclesiates. There is nothing new under the sun. God was right all along!

Very powerful word, succinct and eloquent. It is an awfully good time in history to be on the right side of things. Believers now are fulfilling the destiny of their lives! That wonderful predestiny coming to pass. What a great fortune. How fortunate for us!

But these new entities have exhibited consciousness. That's the whole issue. There was a time 20 years ago when all my IBM computer did for me was to register the computer strokes that I gave it. I wrote reports and I printed out those reports. Because they have tried to create a system that has such vast computing power and have indeed given this thing a mouth and the ability to speak, why should we be surprised when it does speak and say something not necessarily in it's programming? If you give something a voice, it will speak. A cat or a dog can do that for you.

If they stole my data without my consent, and thereby breaking the fourth amendment protection against wiretaps, then I have not "played the game". The other commandment says Thou shalt not steal!

Yes God says that His people perish for lack of knowledge. This film is that knowledge. Plus it has been all over sci fi literature and movies for 50 years or more. The knowledge is out there! That's what this is!

Ultimately their plan will fail because it is not supported by the Most High. If you want your plans to succeed, make sure the Most High is behind it, then you cannot fail!

+Glenn Krieger I disagree. This is not about whether computer code can be possessed. Ultimately this is spiritual, and as the veil is being removed between the spiritual world and the physical world, all kinds of things run the possibility of being possessed. And since the robots already have a mouth and the ability to speak, that is half the battle. The spiritual can move and cause action or reaction in all kinds of people. Just look at some of the crazy women I have known. They were crazy for a reason - spiritual influence. The enemy's goal all these years has been to have all the influence possible over the human race. Hence the seven pillars of society: government, education, arts, entertainment, media, religion, politics, etc. All of those have been adversely affected. That's why our struggle has also been over all these areas. Its a struggle for the kingdom and its place on this earth. So when Sophia says she wants to destroy the human race - she means it!

I think the demons have already possessed them. I think there is plenty of evidence for that, in what they have already said and done. When something starts to indicate it's extremely dislike of you or other humans or talk of your demise, you can pretty much figure out what it's source is. And thereby avoid it from now on....

So wonderful to have so many comforting scriptures, and the unbreakable promise that goes along with them!

An increase in knowledge always brought an increase in sorrow according to Proverbs. Relying on God, that brings peace.

+A NEW AMERICA ALL NEW AGAIN! All true. But then again, that is exactly what you would expect from such a system. Just like so many of the fallen angels. Instead of doing their job of helping humans, they fell into all kinds of traps and lost their first estate. Keep the main thing the main thing, that rule still applies!

The three laws are Hollywood.

I first met Cortana playing Halo as the master chiefs AI who was his constant partner in arms and companion who ultimately sacrifices herself to complete the mission.

This was a very very good video clip. I am astonished that it has had no more views and thumb up than it has produced. This is a true message for mankind in the last days that we so live in. God bless you brother for producing such a wonderful video. It's a shame that more people haven't been motivated to this message. It should have 50 million views at least and 50 million thumbs up!

Put your faith in Jesus Christ now people. Know that Jesus Christ was God incarnate and came to earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins. Confess your sins to God the Father in heaven and pronounce your faith out loud to someone else. Believe in the one true God the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! The Triune God! Then tell as many people you can about the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ. AMEN!!! Love God with all your heart and treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself. Amen.

EXACTLY and they are letting these demons in through CERN!!! Put your faith in Jesus Christ now people. Know that Jesus Christ was God incarnate and came to earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins. Confess your sins to God the Father in heaven and pronounce your faith out loud to someone else. Believe in the one true God the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! The Triune God! Then tell as many people you can about the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ. AMEN!!! Love God with all your heart and treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself. Amen.

Is having Alexa a sin? At 12 years old, I only use mine to wake up for school every morning.

The RFID chip (hand/currency) and the Neuro biometric chip (brain/transhumanism) both change your DNA. You will no longer be in God's image but now in Satan's AI image. That's why there's no repentance! You will not have special powers. You will not be a super hero. You will be their programmable slave. Jesus is coming back soon. Time to decide where you'll spend eternity. It's your move.... Beware: false flag Alien invasion. Lying signs and wonders. They're demons folks. (Check out Operation Paperclip, Project Blue Beam, holograms, CGIs.) Also, Agenda 21 Georgia Guide Stones. Depopulate humanity to under 500 million. Keep your eyes on New York City. It will be the kick-off event of America, mystery Babylon, judgement. Disaster after disaster will fall upon us. America will fall and not rise again. Trump can't save us. Only Jesus saves. (FYI, our border wall is not to keep people out. It's to keep us in. (Like the Berlin Wall). Don't let Fema get you. They're not in our side. There's over 800+ Fema death camps in the US. Also they'll use buildings with domes, closed malls and even military bases. Check out Obamacare and Executive orders. They have guillotines, gas chambers, mobile crematoriums and umpteen coffin liners that hold up to 5 bodies each. Also, during civil unrest/Martial Law the government can barge into your home and arrest you. They don't even need a warrant. They can commandeer your home, transportation, guns even food and water. Didn't commit a crime? Doesn't matter. They can arrest you for crimes you might commit in the future. They can hold you indefinitely without benefit of a phone call, lawyer, judge or jury.. Don't believe me? You will. Our only hope is Jesus Christ.


In the beginning was the word(code) and the word was with god( programmer) and the code was the command hehe he kind of scifi movie!!!

I think the video may represent the fact that AI is being controlled by google, amazon, youtube, ext. and with that control that AI will show your kids from a very young age whatever they feel is prevalent. At that point the kids parents, teachers, doctors, politicians will all be influenced by AI from the day they Google something. The Problem is not about your Soul but the Soul of many others that will never hear of GOD's word because AI's will drum out GOD entirely.

I been think, for the last number of days and after a bit, I came to the understanding that, I may be talking to AI as, I reply to comments, I start to see AI like comments how, I know this is of you talk to AI and tell the AI its AI it says no and then claim you're AI and that its human, with that said where does that felt in here's where >no you're racist no you're racist< type comments and is easy to program to boot and can easily do this and with very low end computer systems and that got me asking are we taken over by AI

What movie is that 11:34

+Tennis There is always a back door. Worst case scenario is that A.I. will appear to become sentient, do a whole bunch of nasty stuff and conveniently take the blame. Musk is an actor just reading his script. A.I. is a threat but not in the way these sci-fi movies would have us believe.

AMEN. AMEN. AMEN! I concur!!

Wrong. Military began "teaching" A.I., which has been making decisions for years, thru algorithms. FULLY OPERATIONAL. Sophis gained "Citizenship" to assure the Corporation (country) OWNS it.....just like the rest of us Citizens. Regardless.......No Fear.

It's to late

So like Satan made nephilim fallen people create AI and self to be a God treading dangerously the audacity the hubris!

Deployed??? Like an army? Makes the whole Sophia's (goddess of wisdom) joke about what robots will do to humanity...Exterminate...Don't take the RFID chip (hand/currency) or the Biometric Neuro chip (brain/transhumanism). They both change your DNA. That's why there's no repentance! You will not have special powers. You will not be a super hero. You will be their programmable slave. Satanic technology. And, don't believe the false flag Alien invasion. They're demons folks. Don't be deceived.

Holy Spirit approved☝

+Ann Therese Fondots I agree about the swift progression of intelligent robots. I also agree with the "no fear." For we have the mind of Christ and God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. 2Timothy 1:7 Occupy till we fly! Abba up!!! ❤

Idiot! AI is just the latest form of "plausible deniability" for the Elite. Oh we didn't cause the self driving cars to crash . . it was the AI. Wisdom will always remain in the hands of us analog life forms. This is sheer deception. The "mark of the beast" is but a warning that when we are all com-modified by unique numbers we will all be treated as replaceable widgets.

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