SharePoint Server 2019 overview - BRK2064

SharePoint Server 2019 overview - BRK2064

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Right. Thing. This is on right. Perfect. All, right let's get started good afternoon everyone. Welcome. To the SharePoint. Server, 2019. Overview, my. Name is Hany Loza i'm a PM manager, in the SharePoint and onedrive organization. In, my current role my team is responsible for three key areas the. SharePoint on Prem releases, hybrid. Investments, and migration. Investments. I've. Been Microsoft, for a little, over 23 years and, in. SharePoint, for about, 20 years I'm, very proud to say that I've, been on. Every, single release, of SharePoint. Including. SharePoint 2001. It. Has been a phenomenal journey, being. Part of such a great product in seeing, the millions, of users that, are impacted, by the product, and the, community, that the product has built around it it's. Also great to look, back at how the product, itself evolved, from, SharePoint 2001. That, was deployed, or a single machine, or the, waiter or massive scale office 365, and now. With this great sharepoint 2019, release, we. Are super excited to be on stage this afternoon and, share with you all the great innovation. That's coming to our dom prime release and how, this release is going to, improve. The productivity, and, security, of your environment. Awesome. Thank You Haney everybody. My name is Troy star I'm also a member of the SharePoint product team I haven't, been part, of team quite as long as Haney I thought I was an old-timer at 16 years but but you beat me at 20. But. Yeah so I've been a part of the team for for quite a while they're done. A variety of roles in the team I started off as a tester eventually. Became a developer, and, now I'm a program manager in the team, most. Of my time there has been focused on a lot of the IT admin, features things. Like alternate, access mappings, some of you may be familiar with that and, more recently with min roll in SharePoint 2016, so. It's been, very exciting to, see the evolution of SharePoint over all those years and, very, thrilled to be with you they to talk about sharepoint 2019. Awesome. Thank You Troy, so. Let's dive into sharepoint 2019. This. Release is a pivotal, on-prem release it. Is the best on-prem, release ever, for. Sharepoint. Yes. So. Sharepoint. 2019. Is a modern platform that, delivers the. Next generation, of user experiences. An IT infrastructure. Looking. From the sides of the room and we. Completely, understand, that. Sharepoint. Has a good, solid. On prem presence in sharepoint. 2019, affirms, our commitment, to, every sharepoint, on-prem customer, out there. In. Addition, sharepoint 2019. Brings. The, cloud, innovation. To, you it delivers. It, offers, the. Most end-user, experiences. Ever offered in a single release to. Help modernize, your productivity, and modernize. Your IT infrastructure. And with. More than 60% of our customers. Or hybrid connected, sharepoint. 2019. Gets. Your on-prem, environment, closer to the clouds by.

Giving You a seamless, and consistent experience. Between, what you have in your on-prem farm in, your, cloud, tenancy. Sharepoint. 2019. Will continue, the cloud borne release model we, started, this strategy, with sharepoint 2016. Where, we took a snapshot, of the code base that's running in the cloud we. Packaged, it and, we delivered to our own prime customer, in the on prime release. Sharepoint. 2019. Will follow the same model and this. Model actually, proved to be a great strategy, for our own prime customers, because. It deliver features that been used by millions of our users in, the cloud. Well. Before it's, delivered taran, from customers, let's. Take for example most, of the features in sharepoint 2019. Have, been running in production in the cloud for. Many, many, months they've. Been well used by millions of customers they've. Been tuned for you and ready. For you to deploy it your environment. With. The cloud born release model, not, every, single cloud feature makes it on Prem some. Cloud features, have dependencies. On cloud components, that are designed only for the cloud and they're, not designed for on Prem let's. Say for example, graph. Is a, cloud only component, so, any features that depend on graph is, a cloud only feature will not make it on Prem, in. Addition, the. Cloud moves. A much faster pace than the cloud then on Prem, so. Remember, I told you to take that snapshot for sharepoint 2019, as, soon as we take that snapshot shortly. After, new. Features and capability, would light up in the cloud and those, features will not make it in this on Prem release this. Is just, the. Cadence, of how fast the cloud, updates, compared. To the on Prem release cycle, but. You can bridge this gap, with. Hybrids once. You enable hybrid, in your own Prem environment, now, the hybrid, services will get to use the latest and greatest features, that's out there in the cloud and you'll, be able to bridge the. The gap and bring, the cloud closer to your environments. I'm. Sure many of you have seen a similar. Slide in different, presentation, when Jeff talks about the, value of SharePoint, or onedrive in, other. SharePoint. And onedrive talks. So. For. SharePoint, 2019. Given that's a cloud born release we, aligned with, three core pillars from. The cloud. In. Addition, to the core pillars we. Deliver value. For. SharePoint. Developers as, well, as IT admins. So. Throughout this presentation we're. Going to dive into every single one of these pillars and just share with you some. Highlights of the, innovation, that's coming to SharePoint 2019. Troy. All. Right thank you honey. So, why don't we start with talking about sharing, and working together this. Forms the core of our modern collaboration, experience and we, at Microsoft have made a big investment in this area for the SharePoint 2019, release when, we take a closer look at those investments. We. Start off with site creation, now. Self-service, site creation really unlocks, your users ability to pretty to be productive without. The overhead of contacting, IT Help Desk so. We, tried to simplify, the self-service. Site creation experience for your users, those. Users can now create team sites that communication sites right from the SharePoint homepage. Now. Some of you may remember the. Days back when you would kick off the site creation then, go grab a cup of coffee go, have a chat with your coworkers. It's. Cool because you knew that it would take quite a while for that citation noon to finish now. In SharePoint 2016, we, improve that experience with. Fast site creation, for, your onedrive personal, sites and now. In SharePoint 2019, we're, expanding that capability to, include team sites and communication, sites so.

Now Your, new sites will be ready to go in a matter of seconds. And. Speaking. Of sites let's. Talk about the anchor of SharePoint collaboration, the team site in, SharePoint. 2019, we've, reinvented, the team site as the modern team site, monitor. Team sites provide, an updated experience, for your homepage news. Document. Libraries lists. And pages. These. Are easy to customize with, the user experience that's designed to scale across all of your devices in, addition. You'll, notice that the navigation and app launcher have been refreshed to more closely match the current experience in office 365 this. Is really helpful for those hybrid scenarios so you have a consistent, experience whether, you're on Prem or in the cloud. Now. Although the modern team sites look similar to. What's. Currently available in SharePoint Online there, is one key difference on, Prem. Team sites are not group connected groups. Are cloud only capability, and they, aren't gonna be available for on Prem team sites. Also. For. Customers who are upgrading from SharePoint 2016. Your. Existing team sites will remain as what we now call classic, team sites sticking. With a classic, homepage. However. You will still have the ability to take advantage of modern lists, and modern document libraries in, those upgraded sites and once. You're on SharePoint 2019, you'll, be able to create new sites using, the modern team site template. Now. In SharePoint 2016, feature. Pack 1 we, introduced, the modern onedrive user experience, to our on-prem customers. In. 2019, we've, taken that modern you to experience and applied it to document libraries and SharePoint sites giving. Users a consistent. Document, library experience across onedrive, and SharePoint that. Modern. User experience, is responsive. And skills, from desktop to mobile devices, you. Can pin your most important documents to the top of your library ensuring. That users can easily find them and we. Provide a new simplified, UI to, move and copy documents, within, your site. Now. Powerful. Collaboration requires, a simplified. Sharing experience, that's. Why we've also introduced a modern, sharing experience, making, it easy for users to share their contents. With individuals, or groups within their organization, the. New sharing experience, makes it easy to, understand who has access to that content and those. Users will be invited to access that content with, our new sharing, email template. Finally. We, also introduced the new details pane which, gives users better insight, to their documents, the. Details pane provides a preview of the documents, when, your sharepoint farm is connected to office online server it. Tells you which individuals, or groups have access to your documents, important. Metadata from your documents and in, the history of the most recent activity of your documents all. Of this without having to leave the main ListView. And. Speaking. Of lists new. For 2019 is the modern list experience, now. Here we've taken the same design principles, and apply, them to lists to give you a more, focused and visual engaging way to work with your data we've. Done this by updating our architecture, to, better leverage client-side. Rendering technologies. Let's. Start with the list view with. The classic UI users. Were taken from one page to another as they interacted, with their lists. Adding or editing items, columns.

And So on users. Could lose their train of thoughts with so much context wishing but. Now with modern lists you'll be able to add update, or remove list, items and columns directly, from the list view that. Helps you stay focused on your data. We've. Also introduced a new filtering, pane which makes it easy to filter the list you to. Filter your list data to find exactly what you're looking for, your. List view is updated as you select your filter choices once. You tweaked your filter exactly, the way you want it to be you can save it as a new list view so you can use it again in the future. You'll. Be able to take advantage of our new bulk editing capability, in the details pane to, quickly update some. Or all of the items in your lists all at once and again. Thanks, to our modern UX you'll be able to see those updates live in the ListView without having to refresh the page. Now. Data, visualization, options have been expanded, thanks to our new column, formatting, support, users. Can leverage JSON, technology, to add visualizations, such, as data bars color. Coding, custom. Action links and more, to, create visually, compelling views, that, communicates, the key data much faster than words alone a, gallery. Of column formatting samples is available on github to, make it easy for users to copy and paste them into your own list and since. The gallery accepts contributions, for the entire SharePoint, community, you, can share new ways to format columns with others, so, everyone can benefit. Now. While we focused on making, modern lists and libraries a powerful, yet simple experience. There, may be some situations where some functionality, isn't available in the modern view for. Those situations we still support the classic view for both lists and document libraries users. Can switch back and forth between the modern view and the classic view with a link at the bottom of the page. Now. In addition to listen libraries we've, also brought the modern experience to SharePoint pages. SharePoint. 2019, gives, users the ability to build modern pages, that can render well across your devices from desktop to mobile, modern. Pages give you a rich authoring experience thanks, to the modern web parts that we include in SharePoint, these. Modern web parts are built on the SharePoint frame work our, new customization model, that's been designed to work well across both the cloud and. On-premise. Tint reduced the SharePoint framework to on-prem in SharePoint 2016, feature pack - but. We didn't ship any built-in, webparts at that time with. SharePoint 2019, we've, added a variety of out of box modern, webparts to help you create your pages. Alright. Our favorite topic really how. Many people out here right now are syncing, they're on Prem documents, with their personal, computers and devices. All. Right we got some, how. Many people wish they could do that but. They're not having a great experience right now with with groov. That's. Some more here well. Good, news is we, have heard that feedback and we totally agree with it loud, and clear our. Engineering, team has spent the past few years rebuilding. Our sticking experience, from the ground up the. New onedrive sync client also, known as the next-generation sync, client has, already been deployed to SharePoint Online and customers. Have told us how, happy they are because the new syncing experience, is so much faster and more reliable. Well. We're now at ready to, add that support to SharePoint 2019, the. Onedrive sync client will support content stored in both onedrive, personal sites as well, as SharePoint team sites, you'll.

Be Able to take advantage of new seeking. Experiences, like, files on-demand push. Notification, for instant sync refreshes when changing which. Changes are made to your data and someone. And. And. Let's not forget the. Mobile experience a little, bit thank. You. You'll be able to sync the content with your mobile devices as well now. These are just some of the improvements we made in the sharing and, collaboration, space and SharePoint how. Are you liking it so far. Good. We're. Definitely very excited mattad so, let me bring back Haney to tell you more about the improvements that are coming in SharePoint 2019. Just. How make sure that everybody, heard it correctly, no, more groove in SharePoint 2019, it's, a next generation. Sync, client. That's. Right. Awesome. So. That brings us to the next pillar which, is informed, and engaged and. This, pillar it's all about connecting your, employees, to. Resources, and data that they need and relevant, to them to do their job and. In SharePoint 2019. It offers multiple features, to, keep you, individually. Your, team and your organization. Always, engaged and informed. Starting. With the SharePoint, home how many of you are familiar with SharePoint home in the cloud. Great. So. It's, a great experience and we're bringing that to SharePoint 2019. This. Is going to be your landing page in SharePoint 2019. Where you can get all relevant. Information. Like sites. Activities. News. All, the information. That's relevant to you in one place and. If. You recall SharePoint. Home in the cloud is. Powered. By the graph but, the graph is a cloud only feature it's. Not intended for on-prem but, we wanted to bring the experience and the value that SP, home provides so. For, our M ASP, home is going to be powered by the unprimed search engine. Next. Is the. Team's, news. Feature this. Feature enables, you to communicate all interesting, information, and, interesting. Stories, that are relevant to your team you. Can quickly create beautiful, pages like. Status. Report team. News. Announcements. Any, other scenarios, using. And leveraging, the modern pages, and webparts that, Troy mentioned, in the earlier conversation and. Once. You are in the model pages, you can include videos. Images. Rich. For me. Rich. Editing, capabilities, to, make a beautiful pages, to get your point across in these news posts and, you. Can easily create them from the home page of your home site of.

Your Team. Site and, once you publish it they, get showcase. Right, on the home page of your team site but, they also show an SB home so, it reaches everybody in your organization or. Everybody. In your team. Next. SharePoint. 2019. Will, deliver, communication. Site and communication. Such as a new type. Of site that, intended, to communicate. The broader set of audience, across, your organization, so. You, can quickly, create, communication. Site by going to SP home you, go to the new site creation. UI. And create, those, communication. Sites in few, clicks you get a beautiful. Starting. Page that you can customize the. Layouts add webparts. Add rich. Content. In, order to get your point across and communicate. Across. Your your, organization. So, to recap with these three feature SP, home keeps. You. With, everything even to you. The. Team news keeps, your team engaged and, then. Communication site keeps, everyone in the organization, engaged. The. Great beauty of SharePoint 2019, is your, you, continue. So. You have great, mobile. Capabilities, using. The SharePoint, app. You. Can render your site's your, news your comm. Site communication, sites with full fidelity and they render perfectly, so. You won't miss any of the information that you care about. An. A. Key way to continue. To stay informed and engaged is through search in. SharePoint, 2019. The new search capabilities. Help everyone, find, information, and the right information quickly. So. Starting, with the, search. Control it provide. Contextual. Search. Results, so you don't have to leave to a different page in order to find the information that, you're looking for and. The. New search results, page allows you to filter and scope search results, again, to get to the right information as, quickly as you can and. We. Continue we understand, that your hybrid. Search is one of the most used, features. In. A hybrid configuration, and, we're working hard to make that configuration, easier, every time and, now hybrid, search is included, in the hybrid configuration, wizard so, you can easily configure that in your environment and start, bridging the gap between on-prem in the clouds, so. So far we throw a lot of slides at you are. You ready for a demo. Let's. Do it Troy, Thank. You Haney. Over. Here. All. Right so as handy showed earlier one, of our starting. Points for SharePoint is the SharePoint, home experience, this. Is a personalized. Experience for. Every individual, user in your organization, now. The way we personalize it is through, the following activity, users, can choose their most important sites that they care about and follow them by. Following them they will show up as cards here on SharePoint home and not. Only do they show up on SharePoint home but, you see the most recent, activity, that's been happening within, your followed sites, now. We realize that sometimes. There's. Interesting things happening in sites that you're aware of but, there may be things happening in sites that you're not aware of which may be irrelevant to you so, SharePoint. Uses the power of search to, try to figure out what, are the most interesting sites that you may be interested, in but, but, are not currently following and we, use the suggested sites feature to, expose that to you in SharePoint home so. Just as sites will be things, that have, activity happening, that might be efficient to you that you're not currently following and by, showing them here in SharePoint home you, can have access, to them and choose to follow them if you want to, now.

Addition To those two we, also want to promote the the, top news from those sites. News. Can, come from either followed, sites or suggested, sites and they show up here at the top of the page now. Here we just see like the the top set of news. That fit in the screen but, if you want to see more you can use the CL link and the. Additional ones will render right, on that page. Now. As we head back on the left side of the screen you, may noticed a featured, links section so. This is an area where, the organization. Can, choose to have a set of links that appear for all users on their share flowing home site so, your most commonly. Used areas can show up right here and they're easily accessible to all of those users. Now. Why don't we take a look at search. So. If I search. In. SharePoint home you'll, notice a new, search. Experience out of the SharePoint home page this. Modern, search results page combines. Search. Results from sites files. And, people. All at once. Now. Here you notice that where we. Search for contoso we see two sites relevant, to contoso, we, see a variety of files and we, see basically, everybody who works for contoso listed, over here, now. As you notice there. Are probably more links here then, then, are being shown on this page but, if you click see all you, can actually see additional, search results, including. Folders and files if. You wish you can actually filter what type of results you see right, now we're filtering on files but, if we were to filter on people we, would see that. In. Addition to this you'll, notice that in, the search box if I type in search terms I'm getting, instant, search results, as, type so, this is a new thing in SharePoint 2:19 that we think users will really appreciate. Yeah. So. Why don't we head back to surf on home and take, a look at that site, creation experience. So. At the top of the page I'll click. Create site from. Here I have two very, straightforward, options to pick from I can create a team site or a communication site why. Don't we go with with team site. So. Here I could just type in a site name as I went to be and I'll just call it. My. Ignite. Test. Site, which. Even rhymes, all. Right now you'll notice that the the create. Site experience has actually checked to see if that URL, is available if it, is then great it can use it if it's, not it will automatically, update the URL to. Pick one that is available so, I don't have to worry about that but, if I wanted to I could override the default choice and I could put a custom site URL in, there from my new team site, so. Why don't we go ahead and, and. Create that new team site. Now. As, I said before in. The past it would have taken you Plex minutes, to have this new site created but. Here creation. Was finished before I even finished that sentence how. About that. And. Here it is you have a nice modern. Team site to, get yourself started. Now. How. Many of you know, Bill Baer. Gotta. Be more than that do. You hear all right so bill. Has been very instrumental in helping to make sure that ignite, is ready to go for you and. He's actually asked for my help to, help, update. Some of his sites while. He's busy with with his conference so, I'm gonna go ahead and switch. To. His. Site here, go. Over to the site here so. Bill. Has asked me to help update this marketing site. For. Him now. In a site you'll notice that we have news, as as. Front center because, we we think that having. News be the, most prominent, place. In the site keeps, you engaged and informs about what's going on and makes the site more relevant to you now. Bill has asked me to update. The news with a new initiative that's happening within the marketing organization so.

In The news section I'm just gonna click Add here to create a news post. And. Then let, me go ahead and actually go. Into my files and. Get. These descriptions here. So. Here I'm going to create a news post called the. New initial international, marketing initiatives, and. Down. In the text area. I'm. Going to add, a webpart. To. Add some text here. I'm. Copying it right. Yeah. There. We go so. Here we have you know obviously, a very simple web part here to go ahead and add text but, you see here we provide a variety of formatting options within this within, this web part now. In addition to that we can also make this news post a lot more beautiful by, adding some images. So. Why don't we start off with. Adding a simple image let. Me just make this fullscreen so you can see it better. So. We'll add a simple image here and I. Have a variety to choose from but. I'll go ahead and I'll upload an image from my machine. There, we go so. Here's the image I've uploaded click. On add image and, there. It is right, there in. The news post and. Just to, give it some more visual panache I'm actually going to add a background, image to, the headline I do. That by clicking the add image button in that web part. Took. Another thing to upload I'll go with this one. What. Add that. And. Now I have this image of Abell as well and I'll just actually move the focus more toward the whiteboard. Area. Hit. Publish and. There. We go we're taking back to the home page with, a new news, post ready, to go which, is already visually engaging and, if we click on it we can, even see the, more details in here so. It's a very beautiful news post that. People can stay. Engaged about what's happening in your site in. Addition at the bottom we've integrated a comments, area so, that people can actually post, their comments about these news of posts. So. In addition to that let. Me show you our updated, document experience. So. Here we have a modern, document, library in a modern team site, now. This looks probably very familiar to to, those of you who've been using, SharePoint Online and, even SharePoint on previous, places because you know you've basically see a list of documents but. What is new this time around is that we. Have new abilities to do things like making. Sure that the most important, documents are pinned. To the top of the document library so. For example this. Positioning, for the web document I think there's actually a very important, document. For people to see it this in this library so, I'll click pin, to top and now. That document is pinned right there to the top for everyone to see in this document library. Let. Me do the same with this additional document here. We'll. Do that to the marketing to your audience. So. You can pin multiple, documents, to the top of your document library, for, the most critical documents. To your site. Now. Why don't we take a look at an individual document and. Get some more details about it so. I selected a documen, and I'm gonna open up the details pane on the right no. Actually, uncheck. That document, there. We go so, here we see for this document the, most critical information about, that document in the details pane we. See a preview of that document being generated by office online server we. See who has permission, to that document, specifically. We have bill and the standard team site groups, we. See the most, important properties of documents as well, as the recent activity, that's happened in that document and the, great thing about this is this, has all happened while you're still in the ListView you don't have to keep on bouncing between one page to another to, get these details. All. Right so why, don't we move on to SharePoint. Lists. Now. This is our holiday. Party list for the marketing team. Now. You might already notice that there's something a little bit special about this list compared, to others can. Anybody see what's special so far. If. You look at the assigned to field you'll, notice that there is this special little icon next to each name this. Little this, little letter icon well. These are actually a, custom, action link that's, generated by column, formatting. I've. Actually ahead, of time added. Some column formatting here so, that's every single person on this assigned to field I can have an an email link if, I click this link this.

Will Actually open my email client and it, will send an email to, the person that, was listed in that assigned to a field with, a pre-populated. Body. Of a message here for, example this, is going to be sent to Bill and it's gonna say hey Bill how is this test coming along with, a direct, link to the task that I had just clicked on this. Is all thanks to column formatting which, has access to a variety, of built-in, fields, for, your SharePoint lists and libraries so. It's a very powerful tool, to. Do custom actions within SharePoint. Lists and. As. Supple as that is I think, there's probably more I could do with column formatting to make this list visually, engaging, for. Example the. Status fields and effort fields I feel, that there's probably an easier way. Help, me to understand immediately what's happening there so, what I want to do is add some additional column, formatting, to those fields. So. Let me switch. It back here and. Go. Back to our holiday party, and. Let's, start with the effort field. Now. What I've done is, ahead of time I've, captured. Some, JSON from our, column. Formatting, gallery and what. I'll do is I'll, say let's apply that formatting to, this column. So. Do. The efforts here. I'll. Say format this column, so. Here on the right side I will just paste that, column formatting. Hit. Save and, now. Notice that the, effort column has, a data bar generated. Right there so, you now you can very simply and, visually, see how much effort is being required. For each of these list. Items. Let's. Do the same thing for the status field. So. We'll go ahead and grab the JSON for the status field. Do. Format this column. So, now the status column has been updated to apply, custom. Color, coding and icons. To, explain to you what the status of your list is. So. Now that we have that why, don't we look at our, new filtering pane. So. Filtering, is a very powerful tool for SharePoint lists and this, filtering pain makes, powerful, tools simple. For for users, for. Example I can see I. Went, to filter based on you know who-who, things are assigned to so we can look at Troy Bill, and, haney. So. Yeah we see we got a couple of items assigned to to the three of us however. It looks like we also have a couple items that are blocked looks. Like heyno you have a couple items that are that'll block there I've been slacking. Well. The, good news is that as. I, would apply this. Filtering. You see that happening in the list live I'm not going to new pages I'm not having to refresh the page these, are all happening live. Now. As I'm, going through these lists I may, want to say let me let me update some of these list items so. For example I know that. For. These items that are assigned to me a, couple of them are in December and you know what I know, that I'm gonna be out of town that week in, December for the holidays and I, won't be around to be able to perform, that item so what I want to do is reassign. Those tasks, to another person. So. Let's go ahead and select, those two items. And. Switch back to details pane now. Because. I've selected multiple items I have, the ability to bulk, edit, those items all at once so. For example. Instead. Of as having to be assigned to me let. Me just go ahead and reassign, them to Haiti oh that's. So nice of you you're. Welcome I. Hit. Save and you, notice that instantly, the list view has been updated, with those changes so now instead of those two items being assigned to me they're now assigned to haney and. Since, you know since you were blocking those other items I now assume that you have plenty of time to work on the Institute right have a great discussion and, yeah. So. We subtracted filtering view let's look at the things that are signed to me and Haney and Bill. And. Now you know what this, this, view is. Actually very interested me because I think that I'm gonna want to refer to back to this in the future with, these special filtering. So. What I can do here with this. Current. Selection of filtering is I can. Actually save this immediately, as a new view I have. To go up to the view selector hit. Save view give. It an item I'll call it. Troy. Haney and Bill. And. There it is I've saved a brand-new view for the SharePoint list and I, did that live. As I was thinking about it instead of having to first go, to create a create, a new view and then think about the filtering so, it really is a very intuitive experience for those users. So. Next why, don't we take a look at the. Communication site. So. Here is our communication, site in SharePoint 2019, so. It's a very beautiful experience, because out, of the box we give you what we call the hero web part this.

Web Part is designed to make beautiful, communication. Sites easy, for, even the most novice of user because, we have a great out of box design for you in, this, web part you can customize each individual, item to, point to wherever. You'd like to and to use whatever images you'd like. Below. The hero web part as. Always we have news because. We think again having. News items on your site, will keep it interesting. For those users and keep them engaged to, come back to your site for. More. Below. That we, have a special, events view of a, site, calendar this. View is makes. It very easy for people understand, what, is happening within your organization, and what's coming up for, example. We see that there is a commerce going on this week called Microsoft ignite maybe you've heard of it in. Fact right now there's, a SharePoint, 2019 overview happening oh it. Actually right after this one it looks like Haney there's. A migration talk happening over at the Hyatt let's, try something I want to go take a look at and. Even if we can't make it to that one hopefully, by tomorrow night you'll come and join us at the ignite celebration, over at Universal. Finally. We, have this activity. Web part which shows the most recent set of activities that's been happening to. The site's includes. A variety of updates to our documents. Now. There's actually one special thing about this communication site which you may not have noticed yet which, is unique, to SharePoint. On-prem compared to ship an online, anybody. Guess what that is. Well. I'll, tell you this. Communication, site exists. At the root of this web application. Yeah. Pretty good eyes in. Shipping online that's that's not an easy thing to do but SharePoint on-prem you can create communication sites at the root of your application, very, very easily. Alright, so. Next. Up why. Don't we talk about your. Onedrive site. So. Here is our onedrive site in SharePoint 2019, now. For those of you who have installed feature pack 1 for SharePoint 2016, this. Actually probably looks very, familiar to you because, we've already introduced this in that in that release, now.

What, Is new this time around is our ability to integrate, with the onedrive sync client we'd. Like to see that. All. Right so we, will go ahead we will click on the sync button. Which. Will go ahead and launch, our sync experience. Right. Now I've been invited to set up onedrive with my account I will. Sign in to that account. It. Okay and. Now. The, onedrive sync client is setting, up that sync relationship. With. My personal onedrive site. There. We go and there. We see that it's already set up that sync relationship, and there, a couple of special things about this relationship, that you might notice first. Off this. Is using files on demand by default, what. That means is that the. Files, that are syncing, have, not actually been downloaded. To my my. Device just. A reference to those files, when. I try to open a document that's. The point where actually tries to download them so. For example if, I open up this CR, 2 to 7 public pitch the. Sync client is going to go ahead download. That document from, the SharePoint onedrive, site and once, it's downloaded it, will open it up in PowerPoint, automatically. And. I, can choose to have as. Many. Documents. Downloaded. And available offline as I wish or. If I don't have it it will often anymore I could just tell it to free up some space. And. By. Freeing up space it's, no longer downloaded, to my computer but, I still have that syncing relationship, with it. The. Other great thing about the. Onedrive. Sync experience is, that. With, push notification. Anytime, I make a change my, onedrive sync client is notified immediately of that change so. Let. Me try uploading a document to, my onedrive site and see, how that that, works. So. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take this elevator pitch document and, I'm going to drag it over into. My personal onedrive site. I. Have. To wait 15 minutes for it to show up is that right ah, not. That long at all hmm, let me do, it one more time here. You. Go. There. We go so we're uploading that document to to. My onedrive sign, that. Upload is complete now. If I go take a look at my sync client. You. See that the elevator pitch has already shown up there it. Instantly thinks that change. So. These are just some, of the you, know impressive, new capabilities, that we have in SharePoint we're 19 but, we don't dust up there I think we have some some new mobile experiences okay yes. So. Mobile allows, you to say engaged. With. All this information while. You're on the go so, right here I mean the SharePoint, mobile. App I have, the list of all the site I'm connected, to my SharePoint. Farm. I have, the list of sites that are available, first. I'm going to go to this executive corner, which is a communication site, if you recall it's, exactly what Roy showed. You on the desktop you, still have the hero web part with. Full fidelity, you, can scroll through the different, icons. In there and click, through to get these updates. Also. I have access to news, that the organization, pushed for. Wider. Audience, and, I, can access, any of this news and get, the latest information there. Also. The events web. Part shows up perfectly and, I didn't need to do anything it, scales, perfectly, for my phone. And it. Renders all the, information, I need to know similarly. For the activities, and the documents, they have this beautiful, scroll. To, get. Access to documents, that my organization, is pushing for, me to to, read. If. I go back I'm going, to look at the my, site or our. Team site contoso, marketing, because we're working with Troy and Bill on the, news as. Soon as I get there and. Remember this is the news post. That Troy just created. 16. Minutes ago once. I click on it I get, full fidelity of that news. Post with, the images, and the text render, perfectly, so. I don't get to mess anything while, on the go and, again all, other webparts show perfectly, on. The team site so. The different news all the activities, and I can say Troi and Bill has been busy preparing for ignites and. So. I never miss, any. Information. From our team if. I go there and look for the search result again if I do look. For contoso again, right away the. Search results gets, there I, click. On the, word document and the, word document, would render perfectly, with, full fidelity and, I'm ready to collaborate with my, with. My team. So. That's just a little, update, of what's coming off SharePoint 2019. How. Do you guys like your new. On. Prem server. Awesome. Alright, so with that. We. Get our third pillar, which, is transformed, business processes, and in. This pillar we emphasize, the modernizing, productivity. Of your business. SharePoint. 2019. Offers, integration, with, power app and flow service, similar to SharePoint 2016. This. Is a hybrid only. Connection. There. Will not be, direct. UI integration, from the modern pages directly to the power app and flow service you would need to start from the service and connect. Your on-prem farm using.

The On-prem data gateway. But. For, sharepoint 2019, flow connector, we. Provide improvements, like. The content, approval status action, and support, for multi valued fields so you can have additional scenarios that you can support in. Your flow, and. Then, we understand, that SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows. Are heavily used by our customers, these. Workflows, will continue, to be supported in SharePoint 29, team so. You don't have to worry about those, they'll, be supported, using the Microsoft, workflow, manager. Earlier. We disclosed up we. Intended, to support the. New, SharePoint workflow, manager this. Component, did not land on time for the release but. Our. Commitment to continue, supporting, the SharePoint 2013 workflows. Remains. Service. Bus 1.1. And. Workflow. Manager, 1.0. CEO 5 will, continue be supported, for the life of, SharePoint. 2019, and earlier. This year both, of these components, added support for TLS, 1.2, so. You should dress assured, that all your SharePoint, 2013. Workflow. Needs will, continue, to be supported, and working. Perfectly for 2019. Next. Is project. Server, starting. With SharePoint. 2016. Project. Server was included, as part of the SharePoint install. So. All you need to do is enable the share the project. License and all, the project, services, and features would light up we. Got great feedback from our customers that this was a great move because simplifies, the install and simplifies. The management and, the patching, of these farms it's only one packs that patches, both servers, you didn't need to worry about downloading, multiple patches. Or. Worry about the sequence of those in. SharePoint, 2019. We're going to follow the same thing it. Will ink the insole will also include the project, server 2019, where, they deliver cloud. Born, features, as well and they, focus on delivering, features, that will make, it easier, for people, to collaborate on the project file and easier. To manage, these project files they, also provide, more. Business insights so, you can say on top of your business deliverables, and your, tasks. Project. Server also delivers modern, infrastructure, by, improving the. Accessibility. Features. As. Well as improved perf and its, GDP our ready. So, there is a talk tomorrow at 4:30 that, is going to be dedicated to project server 2019, I encourage. You a few if project, is interesting in your organization. Please attend, this session. So. That. Kind of wraps up the three main, pillars that were aligned with the cloud let's. Talk about the value that we have for developers, and, SharePoint. Developers are. One of the most active development, communities, for. Microsoft, and we, know we want to modernize, their experience, as well so, SharePoint 2019. Will, support the SharePoint framework, SharePoint. Developers will, be able to, build. Custom. Webparts. The client-side. Web parts, using, the same framework and, tools that.

We The SharePoint team uses. To build our own first-party webparts. Also. Will, deliver the SharePoint framework. Extension, they, allow you to extend the SharePoint modern, experience, with. Custom. Actions, to, extend. The business needs of your organization, as well, as customized. Fields within, a list or. Add. Script, for, custom rendering gives. You a lot of flexibility, of how to extend. The SharePoint. Experience. Also. Web hooks will be supported, for SharePoint 2019. Where, you can connect. A service, to, listen to events, they're happening in SharePoint, so you can build custom, solutions. To, meet the specific needs of your organization. SharePoint. Framework, gives, the, developers, great value because now they have a common, development, platform. They can develop solution, both for on-prem. And the clouds and the. Best thing is the solution that are built for on-prem these. Solutions are a future proof when. You're ready to migrate these. Solutions should migrate easily to the cloud you don't need to think about rewriting, them and for. The end user as well it's a great benefit because now if you. If you're in a hybrid connection. Where you have an on-prem, and a cloud presence. Your. Solutions, will render perfectly, and seamlessly, between both, nice experience so the end users will have a common experience between. Both, of these environments. Value. Absolutely. All. Right so. You've, seen all the great improvements we've brought to end-users and power users but, we did not forget about our IT admins, our. Team is a saying that admins, are people too and that's true for the SharePoint 2019 release now. Too often, customers, are felt that they needed a PhD, in SharePoint to properly deploy and maintain a, SharePoint farm or, they. May have brought in some consultants to help them out and sometimes, one, consultant would say one thing that contradicts, something that another consultant would say and now, the customer doesn't even know where to go so. Starting. With SharePoint 2016, we, began a journey to simplify the SharePoint, administration, experience, we. Introduced mineral, to, take the guesswork out of managing your topology with, straightforward. Server roles and, we, introduced zero downtime patching, so you could patch the farm during normal business hours and know that your farm would stay fully available to your users. Sinkhole. Of IT IT admins would appreciate that so they don't have to stick around on a Friday nights patching, farms, well. Now we continue that journey with, the SharePoint 2019, release let's. Take a closer look. We. Start with hybrid now. Those of you who remember the early days of our hybrid offering probably, also remember the lengthy white papers you had to follow, hybrid. Offers great experiences, that you can't achieve alone with pure on pram but. That's, of no use if it's just too complex to set up so. To make this easier we, introduced the hybrid, configuration, wizard this. Wizard is available from the sharepoint online admin, center and significantly. Simplifies, the configuration, of a variety of hybrid features such, as search onedrive. Taxonomy. And, more, well. Now in SharePoint 2019, we've. Integrated the, hybrid configuration, wizard directly, into, on-prem, central, administration. Now. It's easy to configure hybrid, as part of the farm configuration, wizard experience or anytime, you'd like with a single click in central administration this. Is especially helpful for, customers who start out by dipping their toes in the hybrid pond and then, later decide to adopt more hybrid capabilities.

So. No matter whether you're in SharePoint Online admin, center or an on-prem Central Admin enabling. Hybrid is just a click away. So. Yeah you can climb out. Now. Security, continues to be a top concern for organizations, many. Are locking down their email infrastructure, to block anonymous connections which can be abused to send spam or, spread malware throughout their networks now. Unfortunately SharePoint. Has had a difficult time integrating, in these environments because, we only supported anonymous connections. Customers. Had to deploy anonymous, relay servers with complicated, rules to, allow anonymous emails from their sharepoint servers while, blocking it from everywhere else and as, we know complexity. Is the enemy of security. SharePoint. 2019, solves, that problem by. Introducing support, for SMTP, authentication. Now. SharePoint, can authenticate directly. To your email servers, without, a need to deploy anonymous relay servers. Sharepoint. Supports the popular authentication, protocols, such as creb Burroughs ntlm. And logon in. That in combination, with our support for TLS connection encryption. Will, make many of your network security departments, very happy. Yeah. And. Sharepoint. To 92019. Will continue to support anonymous, connections, to SMTP servers that don't require authentication. All. Right, now. Addition to everything that we've talked about so far we've. Also made some improvements, under the hood to support these modern SharePoint experiences. First. We've, added support for the pound of percent characters in file and folder names in SharePoint. Yeah. That. One should deserve a cop. This. Completes, our support for the valid windows file and folder named characters within SharePoint, this. Is especially useful for, syncing, content, for your personal devices to SharePoint without getting syncing errors. We've. Also increased the maximum URL, length from, 260, 260. Characters to, 400 characters. As. A. Result you, can now have more expressive, names for your sites libraries. Folders, and file names or. You can use deeper nesting when organizing, your content. Now. How, many of you have been in situation, where we had an important deadline only to discover that your documents, were missing right before you need when you needed them then. You later discovered, that those documents had accidentally, been deleted by somebody else it's. Pretty frustrating right, well. We think so too which is why we've enhanced the SharePoint recycle bin to, allow you to recover not. Only content that you delete a content. That other people have deleted in team sites as well so. As long as you had edit permission to that content at the time it was deleted you'll, be able to recover it from, the recycle bin. The. Team has also made various performance, improvements in our file upload download scenarios, and page load times in, some, scenarios we've, seen improvements, of up to 25 percent. Compared. To SharePoint 2016, so that's pretty exciting too. And. Finally. The, SharePoint team has been reviewing our codebase to understand where, we're still relying on legacy technologies, and where their opportunities to modernize that codebase, one. Such opportunity was, our is integration, where, it turns out we were still relying on the old iis. 6 api's, from, the Windows Server 2003 days, well. We've updated that code to said use the modern is api's, this. Allows us to remove our dependencies, on those old iis 6 backward compatibility components, and better, positions, us to take advantage of any potential future improvements, in is. All. Right we'll, see another demo here of some, of these improvements. Thank. You. Alright, so here you see the new SharePoint 2019. Central, administration site now. Immediately you might notice a couple of changes for, example over. Here on the right side we've, actually. Pre-populated. Some resource links for you the. First link takes, you to our SharePoint, Server documentation. On the, new Docs micros, com IT. Admin, documentation, Center this. Gives you direct access to all your SharePoint documentation. To make sure that you're successfully, deploying and maintaining your SharePoint environment, the. Second link is a direct link to our SharePoint, Server updates article which, shows all of the latest monthly updates that we release so. Now you can understand, immediately. What are the latest updates that you would want to get installed into environment to stay up to date. In. Addition, up, in the center you see a new green. Status bar up here which tells you how to unleash the full potential of SharePoint, this.

Status, Bar will appear once. Your environment meets all the prerequisites, that are necessary, to enable hybrid, for, example making sure you have the UPA service, suffocation, provisioned, and a couple of others, once. That appears you can click this link to directly, launch the hybrid configuration, wizard let's. Take a look at that now. Click. Open. And. There, you go there's, a hybrid configuration wizard ready, to configure your SharePoint, farm for hybrid now. This the configuration wizard does actually the same thing that you see in SharePoint 2016, today so I won't actually walk all the way through it but for those of you haven't seen it before it, offers a very, simple check box experience. For, picking which hybrid experiences you want to enable no. White papers you have to follow no complicated PowerShell scripts it does all the hard work for you. Now. Why don't we switch over and take a look at some of those file improvements. So. We're going to switch back to my personal, onedrive site here and what. I want to do is, maybe add a. Here. We go a new folder. With. Some interesting characters in it so. This. Is my number. One folder. That. Also has. 100%. Of. My. Files. So. That folder has been created with, some pound and % characters in there and. I. Can also choose. To drag. And drop these. Full. These file names with pound percent characters in them. So. Here we see my file. Here that says, contoso. Is number one as supporting. 100%. Windows file names and. If. I go back to my onedrive, I. Don't. Get signed in there. Oops, the, wrong footer there we go. So. Here we see that folder has already been synced if, I go into that folder that, file has already been synced as well. And. You notice there were no seeking, seeking errors, as a result of that so, now you have a reliable seeking, experience, for, all of your windows files and folders. Alright. Switch. Back to the slides so. Let's, also talk about what's. What's, changing, in Shepparton 19 in terms of deprecations, and removal now. Although. We've introduced many exciting improvements, in SharePoint 2019 there, are a few deprecations deprecations.

And Removals that we want to announce as well so. First, let's make sure we all understand what the differences are between the tomb deprecated. Feature is a feature that is still supported, in SharePoint 2019, but. It's one that we're no longer choosing, to invest in, microsoft. Recommends that customers begin, exploring alternatives. To these features because. They could be removed in future on-premises, releases. On. The other hand a removed, feature is one that will no longer be supported by Microsoft, in the SharePoint 2019, release. Now. Many of these deprecated, features are, not necessarily news, to you they've, already been announced as deprecated, in previous, releases or in, SharePoint Online in. Those, cases were simply reiterating, they're deprecated, status in SharePoint 2019, as well. For. Our software requirements. Because. We've modernized the architecture Shopper to 9 2019, we've, also modernized. The system requirements. SharePoint. 2019 requires either Windows, Server 2016 or Windows, Server 2019. As the server OS, for. Databases we, require sequel, Server 2016 or. Sequel, server 2017. Our prerequisites, have also been updated with, the latest versions, of a variety of components, such as the dotnet framework sequel. Certain sequel server Native Client and visual. C++, redistributable package, for. Visual Studio 2017. Right. And haney you talk about how to get to 2019 sure so it's only the requirements. Now, is how to get your content, into SharePoint 2019, and. With that we offer two paths first. One is upgrade, we. Support upgrading. Your SharePoint, 2016. Content. By, DB attach into SharePoint 2019, it's a traditional, way to, upgrade I know. Many of you have a question can I upgrade directly. From 2013, to 2019. The. Answer is, no. We, looked long, and hard to. Try to support that scenario but we ran into. Technical. Challenges, that prevent. Us from landing, this scenario. On time so. The only upgrade path is from 2016, to 2019, but. You. Can go directly through migration, so. If, you migrate some. Of the migration vendors, that are present the expo they, can support.

Migrating. Your content directly from previous, versions of SharePoint. Directly. To 2019. So. This is the similar upgrade path that we had basically, for every single release of SharePoint on Prem and, we're continuing there for 2019. So. Just to wrap up I, hope. That you've seen a lot of the innovation, that's coming into SharePoint 2019. It's. A major on-prem release the, best that we have so far it, affirms, our commitment, or on-prem customers we, value your, your. Loyalty. To SharePoint and we want to continue supporting, you until, you're ready to move to the cloud. SharePoint. 26, 2019. Brings, the cloud closer to, you by. Giving you. Loads. Of cloud, borne user. Experiences. To. Modernize. Your productivity, and your IT infrastructure. And. It also brings. You closer to the cloud by. Making your hybrid, experience, seamless, in. So. With that, it's. Your turn this is your call to action get ready for SharePoint 2019, we're. Looking at an October, release so. That's around the corner there's. A public preview that was released the end of July we. Asked you to if you haven't installed it yet install, it get, familiar with the features, give. Us feedback what was want to hear from you get. Your content databases upgraded. So, you kind, of start planning, rolling. Out SharePoint 2019, into, your environment and. With, that I will thank you all for for. Attending and we're open for questions oh. By. The way don't. Forget the evaluation. Anybody. Have any questions. Yeah. Coming up to the microphone and unless now. Just. A really quick one Pete the mobile app do you need to have some sort of edge gateway to, make it work it's, truly sharp one has to be on the internet for it to work correct. Or a few VPN you you can VPN. VPN. On the phone if. You have a VPN, client. For. The clients. Regulation. All. The little updates are coming in web parts and things, that we're seeing in the modern experience, how. Quickly or will those be coming, to, share. To the server version. In the future so. I. I'm. Not sure if I got the question all. The little changes in the web parts the updates and web parts and pages, and things like that but you're saying that we're seeing it online yeah, you guys are regularly, releasing, over time yep. How soon will those be coming, to a server if at all yeah, so basically, for SharePoint 2019, whatever. Snapshot that we got from the cloud those are the features that we have from. There we're gonna maintain those particular, features we don't anticipate adding. Additional features, from, the cloud and adding it to SharePoint 2019, we, started that journey in 2016, with the feature packs because. If you recall SharePoint 2016, was more of an infrastructure, release. It didn't have a lot of of end-user experiences. So, we wanted feature-packed upon deliver the onedrive experience. In, SharePoint 2019. We're went, all the way with, the end user experiences, so, we're not planning to do additional feature packs for 2019. Thank. You. Partially, answered my question, I was gonna ask about the feature pack releases, so so with 2016. We. Saw a feature pack releases, to support, the SharePoint, framework, are. There gonna be any new, releases to keep pace with the framework releases, or because. We kind of died at one point - on 2016. And you know. There's a big disconnect with the support for what's out there in the cloud and what's on pram sure, sure, so there's no plans to continue, feature pack support for, 2016. Each pack - was our last one and again. The idea is we're modernizing. Everything, in 2019, so, you can think about 2019. Is the next set. Of features that are available for you so it's the framework as it grows on. On. Office 365, is it gonna continue, to keep pace on. 2019. There's. No current plan to keep the, codebase in sync between, the, cloud and 2019, that's, something that we'll have to think about once. We think about the next release okay thank you yeah and our framework, is currently snapped to about I believe one point four point one remember, right for 2019. Over. Here we'll. The new sync client, be compatible, with older, servers, and when can we expect to. Start. Using it oh yeah. So the, question is you know will the new onedrive sync client the next instant client will it be compatible with older versions of SharePoint Server, on friend the, answer is no the, the only on-prem, version that it will support is SharePoint Server 2019, so, those older servers they will still have to rely on the groups in client and. The release date for the client that's.

The Server yes yes, as soon as shipment 119 is is GA will support the syncing experience with that. Okay. So. In the past we've done a 2007. - 13, upgrade. By just hopping, to 10, with database, upgrade 10 to 13 using. Azure can. We do that with 13, to 19 just. Upgrade the databases, and then push them over to 19, you. Can yes so as, long as you basically get those databases up, to the SharePoint 2016, schema level then. You can attach those databases to SharePoint 2019, and that will get a pretty amazing schema level okay thank, you, so. I don't have I don't want to be rude I have another session and other building so, Troy's gonna be around to answer questions, but unfortunately I have to run to make my next session it's a migration session, so feel free to join. Thank. You Haney thank you. Okay. So, for those of you who want to join a haenyeo at the migration session you can follow him over to the, Hyatt for those of you who still have um prime questions we can stick around we can talk some more until, they tell, us it's time for us to go in which case head on down to the expo booth we have the SharePoint Server booth down there I'm going there right after this we can talk more there but any time let's get some more questions are. There any plans in the future to, update. The configuration wizard. That we use after patching, oh, the. The PS config, yes. The GUI, right. Now we don't have any plans for that but if there are any parts. Of that that you'd like to see some some pages for we'd happy to hear that feedback yeah. How, you guys have done that for incoming email. Six. Right. Right so if. You look, back to that deprecation, slide that we had one, of the things that we also has removed was the automatic configuration of. Incoming. Email because, that automatic, configuration, actually. Depended on those is-6 api's and there are no replacement, api's for that so, we, still support incoming, email but, only through manual, configuration, mode what, that basically means is you, will need to manually configure the. Drop folder that your email will go into and then SharePoint will look at that drop folder and pick up emails as they arrive and I can do that without doing any with under. You. However. You get the email to show up in that drop folder is up to you so you can still leverage the. ISSP, server which, would still require the, 6 or, any other mail, server that can just drop emails to that folder including, Exchange Server thank you yeah. The. Communications. Side, replace. The blog sites now I'm, so sorry can the camp blocks the blog sites are replaced by the communication, sites oh is a question it has have communication, sites for placed blog sites yes. I don't, believe they have not. That not I can call basically communication. Sites you can think of as kind of the the modern portal site for. Sort of having, organization-wide. Information. That. People, can refer to for like you know top, level like HR. Or news, or those kind of sites. I. Am. Not personally aware of there being any changes there however.

I'm Not an app catalog expert so I I may, want. To refer you to some. Of our developer. Experience folks who probably know that a lot better. Yeah. So down in the booth come find us and we can we can find you the right people yeah. So you have two versions of sequel that are supported, in two versions of OS that are supported, is, there any deprecation. Of functionality, if, you use the older versions over the newer versions. Off. The top of my head no, all, of the all, of the features and experiences, we've described they. Are compatible with all of the versions of the, OS and database that you see here. Really. Basically just you know improvements. You might see and like Windows Server 2019, like those kind of fundamental improvements like we can certainly take advantage of them but, there are no sharepoint features functionality, that's that, only lights up on like, newer versions of Windows, or sequel. With. The new. Onedrive. On Prem Singh does, that mean we will also get integration, with. Microsoft. Teams. So. When you say in equation with Microsoft team is what you have in mind Microsoft themes currently, doesn't have any integration, for files, opening. In teams, on premise. SharePoint. Sites hmm. Yeah so, teams. Is one of those cloud only experiences. So, there is no sort of teams equivalent for on-prem, so, in terms of the

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