SciFriday: Cryptids and Theobiology

SciFriday: Cryptids and Theobiology

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side. Roast. Is resting, in a shallow unmarked, grave in the backyard and now, it's time for. TV. Welcome. I'm Derek Gilbert our science advisor joins me as always my best friend the author of the Red Wings saga Sharon. Kay Gilbert nice oh. That's. An appropriate, opener. For today because it comes from the film Harry, and the Hendersons. A. Long, time since we saw him yeah that movie is why. Something. Like that yeah. He's older than Josh Peck John Lithgow, David. Suchet, played, the evil hundred Oh Don Ameche was in it yeah that's right, oh wow, that was quite a cast yeah it was and of course Harry as they called the the. Bigfoot sasquatch, yeah was, a, they. Portrayed him as a vegetarian and so of the roast that had been prepared for dinner in order to avoid offending Harry was, buried in a shallow unmarked. Grave in the backyard so anyway oh gosh, well that relates to today's topic it does I in fact I tweeted out to Facebook this morning well yesterday morning cuz you're watching this on Friday and we're recording it on Thursday but, I tweeted, it on Thursday that we were going to be discussing cryptids, and I, of course put the meme poster, of Liam, Neeson saying. Release. The Kraken. Yes. Yes because, that's, encrypted, it's on the list of Krypton's, interesting. Krypton just means hidden it's. Just a some sort of a, creature, that, prefers, not to be seen and the study of these, types. Of creatures called cryptozoology. Mm-hmm. And. There's some question you know a lot of mainstream scientists would consider this fringe. Science, in fact a lot of Christians probably watching this program are winning now, why. Are they even touching, this topic, because, it's an important, one and a lot of the cryptids in my opinion, you have spiritual, roots I. Realize. The reason, for, connecting. Science, to what we often discuss, interpreting, things through the spirit, realm. Through. The Bible some of the best known cryptids. Of course would be like Bigfoot. Sasquatch Loch, Ness monster yeah but, there are a number of others that are, perhaps. Have. More of a basis in, history. Actual, fact. More. Of a spirit because something like the Loch Ness monster for, example you could conceive of as a, relic. Population. The last or one of the very small number, of survivors, of. The. Jurassic age yeah creatures, that that existed long ago that. May, have may, have died out there's, a theory, that it's a plesiosaur, and there are a number of other.

Freshwater. Bodies, that, have similar creatures, in them so very, possibly, yeah yeah Lake Champlain you know was, it upstate New York or is it Vermont. One of those but, I remember the Lake Champlain is supposed to have or something like that here in the United States but anyway, what. Are some of the cryptids, that you were looking at and then relate. It because I know this is something that you've been delving into in the Redwings saga oh yes, in fact there are a number of them relate, to the UK there are dragon. Like beings in the UK one, of the biggest myths of all throughout, the United Kingdom is this, myth of the large, canid. In other words it's a doglike, creature or. A wolf-like. Creature, that. Haunts. The Moors or even haunts some of the east lansing near. The worthy Vikings, landed there, are some who claimed that this creature was brought by Odin. Or Woden depending on which, country, and, it's, Hills his hellhound, the, Sherlock, Holmes story Hound, of the Baskervilles, yeah we, based on that that, myth hmm, I'm not so sure it's a myth in the idea that it's not real, that's, how we tend to think of a myth you know it's a legend based I believe, in spiritual. Fact, a, friend. Of ours and, shout-out, to him because I know he's gonna watch this Brentley Biddle from Bean Blossom Indiana. Bean. Blossom I'm, from Southern Indiana and I used to drive through that town all the time Livington. Yeah is, a. Researcher. Who's dug into the, the stories of the dog man dog men. Considerably. And I only, picked up a few a little bit of what he what he's told me he knows a lot more about this than I do but it. Sounds, like what, the. Ancients, had to deal with when. You're talking, about. The. The, Nephilim, I mean these are creatures that are hybrid. Incredibly. Strong and perhaps supernaturally. Strong which is what I get into in the Redwings savy right right I think, the dog men are really interesting when you and I were at a conference recently we, spoke with a couple of individuals they. Weren't aware that we were speaking with either one of them and that but they told the same exact story you love, seeing, dog man in Oklahoma that I'd, forgotten about that yes that's right a Native American gentleman who was telling us about this and he said look I'm a hunter and I don't scare easy but I saw this thing that. Was across my yard and, how, tall did he do you recall you said he thought it was eight or nine feet nine feet eight. More like a lion instead, of a dog yeah, in other words from the shoulders up it appeared to be something, else yeah why and ask yeah now, this is, kind. Of touches on research that I've been doing for my forthcoming book although I've been focusing more on, the. Imagery that is that is bovid, you. Know bold like or what scholars would call Toro morphic. Yeah. But. There are a number of different, types of, supernatural. Creatures from ancient Mesopotamia that, have that type of, imagery. Connected, to it there was a an, Akkadian, demon, called the kusa Riku which. Was a trans, loosely. Translates, this bison, man who. Was, bull, like from the. Shoulders down but had a human. Head and you know bearded human head but with horns. There. Was also the the, the lamassu and the shadow which were the the. Royal guardians, guardians of the Thrones especially, best known from Nineveh ancient Nineveh where, these, statues.

Probably, Seen pictures of and I'll put them up on the screen here that, were outside the temple, or. Rather, the palaces, of the Assyrian. Kings but. That goes back to the description of the the carribine, from. Ezekiel, Ezekiel chapter, 1 and zekiel chapter 10 now, he describes him as having four, heads. Or four faces, rather right a man a an. Ox or a bull a lion, and an eagle mm-hmm, and you. Are the four cardinal points of, the Mazarin the the Babylonian, yeah the Babylonian, zodiac. But. In in chapter 10 Ezekiel's. Description, of these creatures changes, just a little bit where instead of the Ox it says, they the four phases are a, carob. Or cherub. Is how most English speakers business of careth yeah it's care of right and. And and that's, one of the phases the others are human. Lion, and ox which means that our human lion and eagle rather which, means that the care of is. You. Swapped, out for the Ox which indicates, suggests, that that's how they appear, yeah and in fact I've seen some representations. Artists depictions, of what Solomon's, Temple must have looked like on the inside because, the description, of course has these two giant, carribine. With. The wings touching, over the entrance to the holy place but. Instead of the. Angelic. Humanoid. Angels. That we're used to seeing when, in. With artistic, representations. Of the care of you these look like the Lama su in the shade who these bull creatures, with human, faces and wings you're not chubby babies, no no that's, a no. You do not want to mess with the carribean they are seriously, bad dudes who will mess you up so, the, point, being though to all of this is that there there may be a supernatural. Origin. For. These descriptions, the descriptions, of these creatures and there may still be demonic. Manifestations. Of these things around. That's what I believe in some of these creatures if you read the legends, and and, many of these legends, were actually compiled, by jacob grimm and his brother yeah in the early 19th century there was fairy tales exactly, and because.

They Were, diligent. About doing that they collected tales from all across europe and some. Of these tales, have, such similar, elements. Within them it's. Almost impossible to discount, it it's. Unlikely, that some bard just went from country to country you. Know playing. A little song and it okay I learned this over here and I'm gonna teach it over here and I'm going to know, more than likely there's a spiritual, truth that wandered. From, country to country or it. Was left over from an ancient, earlier. Origin. Where, before perhaps, languages. Divided, mm-hm, oh yeah yeah I, think, it's interesting too that the up Khalu which were the the. Mesopotamian, name for, the. Watchers are. Depicted, in in several different styles one, of his a bird. Or eagle-headed. Humanoid. With wings another. Just a man with wings and of course you've got the fish garbed type but, you, had these other, depictions, throughout ancient. Mesopotamia, of. Again, using a scholarly word thereö, morphic, in other words human, animal hybrid, creatures. Well that's the thing very often these creatures are. Combinations. Of different animals and they appear to be something that cannot, exist in nature yeah, and therefore that I think that's the main reason the scientists, discounted, oh well you know we and yet in their own opportunities, to create. Chimeras, right right we don't want to admit we're doing that so we'll just say not, real Europe. Isn't the only place that has these legends, the United States other than just sasquatch we've got other legends, one, of them is from, your, home state of Illinois, really. Alton Illinois has, that payaso, bird, CIA. SA and it supposedly pronounced. Pie saw. Yeah bird yep I saw I saw burger and it's, an, Illini Indian, a word that, is, is. Essentially. This creature. Looks. Like a dragon. It, does, this was the. Image was found on the, limestone. Bluffs. Overlooking. The Mississippi at, Alton and I've been there we've been there mm-hmm and I've, seen the the. Recreation, or the restoration, of the image because the limestone is soft over the years, the. Image has worn away yeah, but there are depictions. Of it from the 19th century when Europeans. First began, to notice this thing and take interest in studying what it meant but you're right it does look what's, interesting though is that the way it's reconstructed. Based. On the original drawings it looks not. Just like a dragon, but it also has the horns that look very much like what we talked about a few weeks ago her new nose that we've got the horn man the green man yes another cryptid. Right idea, that there's actually, a horned. Being in the woods of England this. Creature in Illinois. It's. Really interesting it almost, looks like something out of a children's, film. Reminds. Me a little bit of the neverending story oh yes, yes, it's. Got a tail that looks similar to. Sort. Of a snake-like or a scorpion, tail, except, it's bifurcated, at the end it's, got these strange horns, it's got wings. That, appear to have scales, on them okay so it really does look dragon, like yes and the Indians, tell a tale that they, claim to have killed it finally, took 20 of their warriors with 20 bows and each loaded with poisoned arrows and, one of them well the 21st, served, as bait. Apparently. This pious, saw bird, preferred. Human. Flesh, right, and it was large enough that it could pick up an a deer full-grown. Deer in just. One o'clock hmm, hmm, those. Limestone cliffs in Halton, not. Really all that far from the Cahokia, Mounds no, and, we'll get to that right after this break so we'll tell you more about Cahokia, and the legends, here in the United States and one, that we saw on, our own deck yeah yeah oh and by the way just for you folks in Vermont, I didn't mean to leave you out yes Lake Champlain is on the border between New York State they. Were shouting, yeah exactly, oh yeah I can, hear it so yeah and the the cryptid they're very, much like Loch Ness II called champ which makes sense Lake Champlain but more. Cryptids, straight-ahead whence I Friday continues. As. Many, as 80 percent of Americans, are carrying, a time bomb a, medical. Crisis, in their bodies right now, unaware. That they will soon develop prolonged. Chronic, illness. Autoimmune, disease, or, even, cancer. Today's. Frightening, truth is citizens. Are being poisoned, every. Single day without, their knowledge a health. Epidemic largely. Brought on by industrialized. Food is destroying, our genetics. And immune, systems, through deadly modified, organisms. Carcinogenic. Materials, and life-threatening. Chemicals, commonly found in most of today's processed. Groceries. Coming. This April, in the groundbreaking, new book time bomb by Joe artists Horne and Ally Anderson, you'll.

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Ooh Book time mom gets into that get an article about that in the current, magazine I also have an article that's gonna come, from the forthcoming book the last Clash of the Titans, how about Balaam son of P or the Prophet. Who's donkey, talked to him Crypton, donkey, oh yeah. Possibly. But anyway it's connects. The Greek myth of the Titans to the prophecy of numbers 24, of a star that shall rise from jail oh really. Oh excellent. Excellent by the way the Redwings saga deals still go on yes look for I'm in edit number two so you better hurry if you want to read the first three books before book four hits that hits, the rails yes, off. The rails Crippen cryptids in Missouri. There's one I'll just touch on quickly called mo mo of the monster which was on the northeast part of the state near Louisiana in fact I interviewed a. Researcher. About mo mo which is short for Missouri, monster mo mo similar. To Bigfoot, most of the sightings took place about, 45, years ago 1971-72. Louisiana. Is an Amish area, a lot of Amish folks up there again, not far from Hannibal, in the northeast part of Missouri but the thing that we saw in our deck force. Us to dig into some research. Is. Big, yeah. Might have been a large very. Very large exceedingly, large feeding, Li large heavy pound cat, yeah might, have been a small. Panther. Mm-hmm, but, there is something in this area called the Ozark howler, which. Is a cryptid that is. Reportedly. A. Large. Cat-like. Creature but, they believe, according. To reports. It that it's burlier, beefier, almost. Bear like in a structure now there's huge this thing is huge it had the biggest legs. And paws and, this huge, start well you may have seen it once I think I did see three, times yep yep. Coming, up on the deck because we. Had some cats that had been well, left, gifted, to us gifted to us we rehomed, him something, that happens occasionally when you live out in the country somebody's, got unwanted, pets the first time I saw it the cats were out there and the or times were not relatively, small and they were meowing. Furiously. They were clearly, in distress and I turned on, well actually the light was already on in the deck so, I looked out there and the kittens. Were up on the deck railing trying to get away from something, and I looked down on the deck and there's this gigantic. Black. Thing with a tail that's huge. Yeah so, not a raccoon you've seen enough raccoons another I've seen lots of records no it was not a record for one thing raccoons, way maybe 15 pounds of that yep anything must have weighed 45 50, pounds maybe more a little more agile than a small bear and we do have some black bear in in the Missouri Ozarks we, haven't seen any yet as far as we know I got, the stick that we keep in the slider right and I open. The door just enough, to bang, the, deck really hard and it left it just took. Off this is my boomstick. So. Again it may it may have just been a very, large feral. Cat possibly, you. Ever seen a cat that big no, small. Panther, perhaps, certainly. Not the Ozark howler which is described as having prominent, horns and according, to news reports could. Well be a hoax, did you notice, any Lorenz, there was no Jackalope, with it and I think hollar always hangs, out with the Jackalope yeah as a scout they they, pal around together. That. Is something when it comes to cryptids there there are a lot, of them many of them are hoaxes. But again yeah it's, it's also. Conceivable. And the reason we raise this rather. Speculative. Topic. Is because there. May be. Spiritual. Or supernatural origins. From any of these things exactly, and I think the dog man probably. Is supernatural. In. Nature. Because, one. Of the things that. Stands. Out at least in the British tales, of the these, canids, these wolf-like are doglike creatures, is, that they can appear and disappear at will and, sometimes, these creatures ride, on mists, that's. Not natural nothing. In this real world nothing, physical, can do that and they. They appear, sometimes at, Crossroads. Which is typical, of these occult. Apparitions. They, sometimes, appear, and howl at you and stare you they have red eyes and within, a week you're dead hmm. So sort. Of like a banshee, hailing. Your death announcing. Your death there. Are a lot of superstitions. About these creatures and they, are dreaded, you, do not want to see these there's there's another theory that some, of them actually actually the fairy people mhm. There, are lots of tales of the fairy people and I'm not so sure that those are just, made. Up not. All of them no no no, there, were the hoaxes that took place with the, photographs. That that fooled even know yeah. Exactly. But, but the fairy people the legends, that I read they're, not little biddies they, are big, creatures.

And They look humanoid. And they, are they live in this the some, of them actually are spirits of trees mm-hmm, they're called the moss people, and their type of fairy, people hmm. Well, again this this veneration, of or. The, considering, considering, trees as holy sites mm-hmm, we see this back, in biblical times with the tamarisk trees being. Having, some sort of special significance. Of course in the Celtic mythology the oak also, the yew tree and, that's one of the reasons news are constantly, showing up in my writings but yeah, there are certain trees, that are considered. Sacred. By the fairy people and, have, a lot of occult. Things. That take place near them so yeah and and one of the reasons youse are, part. Of that legend, is because some of the use and England for a thousand, years old mmm-hmm the and. Getting back the idea of the dog meant looking at you with a, gaze. That would, kill. Within time I mean that's a concept that also goes back almost 5000, years the the myth, of in Anna's descent to the netherworld, Inanna being the, Sumerian name for Ishtar, or Aphrodite, Venus, she, decided apparently, to descend to the nether world to extend her realm, not. Just to the world of the living but also to the realm of the Dead well the goddess who is the queen, of the Dead if her Ereshkigal, was, not happy about that and so. The judges, of the underworld the Annunaki they. Fixed, in Anna with the look of death, ah and, she died is. She to be restored, because you know she supernaturals, can't stay dead forever but anyway yeah this, is so ed but the idea this look of death is something that is a very, old, concept not something that was made up here in the last few centuries that's, really interesting. Mothman. Is another cryptid, yes, another, spirit, being that that sometimes, portends. Bad. Things happening and even death yeah so again an understanding, of maybe what we're dealing with here when it comes to these cryptids, not. Unknown. Biology. But perhaps what's. The word Theo biology. Perhaps mm-hmm maybe that's all right yeah there there you go the OU biology, I like it well. The Bible, tells us that there's a day coming when these theer theory, oh morphic, creatures, are. Going to be coming back revelation. 9 when the abyss opens which. Is where the watchers /op, Khalu /. Anunnaki. Yes are currently, being chained, and, if they have any. Communication. With demons, that are currently on the earth and I think, that it's very possible that, they do even though they're chained it doesn't mean that they cannot yeah, you know somehow communicate. With them if they, do then, probably. Got. The demons, preparing. The way, for, their arrival, yeah, yeah. And. That's speculation, we don't know how, solitary. A confinement, God put, these rebel, angels the angels who sinned second Peter 2:4 how. Solitary, they're confined it really is but it is possible, or, it's possible that these demonic entities who were, their descendants, just, out of a sense of loyalty to, dad. Are. You, know preserved, their memory that's one of the things I'm writing about for the forthcoming book and in dealing with the. Titans the Watchers, the OP Khalu if they had this theory o morphic, appearances. You. What, what benefit, would there be for the demons, who. Remained. On earth after the flood to, preserve, their memory, is. It at because they're being directed as you suggest or is it because they're, just again.

Out Of a sense of loyalty knowing, that they're coming back someday and thinking and believing that somehow in this one last shot they get the topple God from his throne they're gonna win the. Divas are gonna win or their, dads are gonna win either or we, need to we need to continue stop next week because we're running out of time but I would like to get into that idea of what. The demons may be doing, and why these cryptids. Why, they choose to use those forms that's a really good idea just. A quick note by the way and I know we're just about out of time but the, defender Bible, which was offered as part of the package with the haymakers conspiracy, it is not yet we've been told that, it won't be in probably until the end of this month or the beginning of next so. We just wanted to let you know about that if you weren't aware of it obviously if you've ordered the package and you're still waiting on the package that's why there was a delay at the printer, when. We made the promise of delivery date it was based on what we were told at the time and the ladies in the office I mean they're they're sweet, sweet lady you see a penny and Lynn and and Larrin and and. Roberta and they're taking all these phone calls and just so you know. It. We. Told you what was told to us and then the printer had a problem. And so everything. Is boxed up and ready to go waiting just for that Bible, to arrive and as soon as it gets here, they'll. Be packed and sent, off that's right well thank you for the orders and thank you for your pain, and have a blessed weekend, we thank you for watching as we keep watch with, Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert this is SCI Friday from sky watch TV.

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