SciFriday: Bird Flu, Bat Poop, and Chemicals in Your Toothpaste

SciFriday: Bird Flu, Bat Poop, and Chemicals in Your Toothpaste

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon, Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side. Someone. Doesn't have to weaponize the bird flu the birds are doing that we. Call it welcome. To sigh Friday from sky watch TV, I'm Derek Gilbert joining us our science advisor my best friend the author of the Red Wings saga now, in its fourth book Sharon, Kay Gilbert hi sweetie, I'm, writing book 5 right now excellent. And there is no bird, flu in there however there are other diseases in there. Contagion. A movie. Put, out in 2011 directed, by Steven Soderbergh Laurence. Fishburne was the character of dr. Ellis. Cheever character, played by Laurence, Fishburne, issued. That line or spoke, that line in the film it, was an interesting line it makes it sound like the birds are yeah, it's, a kind of an update on hitchcock. Which, sort of leads into the Red Wings side because they're evil birds in that too so who knows what they're up to you, can't trust him although I'd still take a bird over a cat any day that's just that's just my preference well yeah but the cats would take care of the birds for you they would, they would well. Yeah, it's it's something that is top, of mind as, we, look, around the world and this is something you've been tracking for quite some time looking, at emerging diseases we talked last week about age. 79 age seven and nine the avian disease and, disease X dr.. Henry Neiman of recomand onyx who's, been, looking at things like this for a long time but. There was a story that came up on foreign, policy. This, just. Within the last few days and I look at foreign policy it's, owned by the company that used to own the Washington, Post before they sold it off to the owner of Amazon right and it's. A good. Read. On what, well. Let's just say it the deep State thinks about foreign policy and well it is and it's awful and often politically, slanted it. Is, that that's why because it represents the viewpoint of the deep state that's why I read it yeah and, they're in fact one, of the points I made in yesterday's five and ten is that they are critical, of. President. Trump's decision to stop the, military, exercises with, South Korea, even though the South Koreans are in favor of it because. It's, not, what, the deep state wants they want American. Empire so, anyway that's why I read foreign policy even though I disagree with a lot of what I read there it's important to know what they think how angry but there's a columnist who writes for foreign policy regularly Laurie Garrett who is an infectious, disease, expert. And she was a scientist called, The Coming pandemic, amongst, others, okay all right well she was hired they tell me so like the coming plague okay she served, as a consultant a medical or scientific. Consultant. On the film that. We quoted for because she wrote that book that's why they hired right right and the, disease that she wrote about is was. Back in the news because of an outbreak of a disease I had never heard of before in, India, that apparently was causing some some, concern the Nipah virus it, emerged. In 1999. I think and or, in the 90s I think was 99 and essentially. It the natural reservoir for. The virus, is a, type of bat and it's often called a flying fox but it's a bat and they. Love. To eat fruit and hang out in date palm trees and the.

Farmers, Who either, harvest. The, SAP from, date palms or. Sort. Of herd their pigs their flocks and herds, around. Date palms in India and in the Eastern. Countries, there. There's a specific, region that. You, see this disease outbreak and they. Are more prone to get it and sometimes, they catch it from, eating. The SAP sometimes. They catch it from touching the, guano, the the bat excrement, that's on or around the trees sometimes, they catch it from their pigs, and. Sometimes, you catch it from other humans. In fact one of the articles that I read about it. Not. Only the original outbreak but the one since that just recently happened and by, the way that outbreak, now ended we're told. That. The. Hospital, workers, the health care workers the most were the most at risk therefore. It is highly infectious, from person to person unlike. Some, diseases like, age. 7 and 9 it was very difficult to catch but. The contagion. Postulated. The idea posited. What. If someone took Nipah virus and. Bred. It hybridized, it with, avian. Flu mm-hmm, h5n1. Recombined, the DNA to. Make it more transmissible to. Make it worse because. H5n1. Infects. The lungs and. Primarily. The lungs but NEPA, is neurological. It will cause encephalitis and, other neurological. Diseases it does have a lung, component, but the big killer is that your neurological, system just shuts down hmm. So. This. This. Article by Laurie, Garrett mm-hmm was talking about or. Discussing. Panic, in India although the as, you found it when you researched it the outbreak had already pretty. Much the articles from June 3rd so she was, okay so things. That had happened in, the previous week or so and at, the time there, was panic going on in India because the, word had been spread that you could catch the disease from, and I think all in total 16 people died hmm, but the word was that you could catch the disease from, eating fruit so, the local fruit vendors, and the streets. Were they, were going out of business because nobody, would buy their fruit. Dr.. Lori Garrett's. Belief. And she says it in the article and in. Fact many from the Indian government were, saying. The same thing that you, cannot, all-caps, can, not, catch. It from fruit, but. I guess. I'm sort of wondering can, you prove, that you, cannot catch it from fruit because it's difficult to prove a negative. Because. If you can catch it from. The, date palm SAP well that was a question I was in and made a note here about that to ask you about that how does that work what's, what's that vector well I assume. It has to do with the. Puncturing. Of the tree. Maybe covered in excrement therefore. Covered in the virus when, you puncture the tree the, virus can along, with the SAP go. Into your bucket, okay. That would be my guess so, they're collecting SAP the way we. Would connect collect the SAP from maple trees for right maple syrup and then. It's, getting contaminated somehow, with the bats this doesn't have to do with the bats, eating. Stuff in the tree and it infecting. The SAP don't think, so, but if you pick fruit from the tree, gates, mm-hmm. Or if. They're hanging, from other trees date-palms, may not be their only you know food source being. Fruit bats if you. Don't wash it thoroughly, you. Know I suppose the risk is there so. You. Just have to wonder how do they know for sure yeah. Maybe it was just being a little bit wise to, be cautious sure, sure what she trumpets, it saying and here's the headline India, is panicking, about a virus passed by bat, poop. That's. Really, scientific, isn't it well it gets you to click on the story what's that story about I think, it's a great headline but the sad truth is that Nipah. Virus is a, terrible. Disease it, does kill people it at the very least can, leave. You. Debilitated. Because. It affects the neurological, system and speaking. Of long term debilitation. The. Word, is that, the Ebola outbreak in, Congo. Is now over, and, it's. Being trumpeted. As a great, victory. For. Vaccines. Because, it, was an experimental, vaccine that. Was used. Amongst, all of the the people that they were thought were, most at risk, excuse. Me and so. The, scientists, involved are now saying we stopped it because.

Of The vaccination, program that. May or may not be true they don't know that but. They. Do know, that, the Ebola virus can. Remain in. Semen. Mm-hmm, for up to two years as. Long as two years and the reason I'm saying two years is because that's, as long as they've tracked it they've, only they being science. Scientists. Have only been tracking. The. Presence of the virus in semen for two years yeah they only realized two years ago that it might persist, in body fluids of survivors. Exactly. What's in Paris 2015-2016. They started to notice that it was being sexually transmitted, so they started taking a look at sexual. Fluids, and and specifically. Its semen and sure enough it, exists. In semen it's still hardy and it can be transmitted, to years. Later. So you could have another outbreak, flare-up because of somebody who recovered. Gets, into a relationship. It. Gets intimate with somebody who was not previously, exposed, and then suddenly you've got another case yes and it also remains, in eye fluids. It. May remain in neurological tissues, there there are viruses that are well-known smoke mine not smallpox but chicken. Pox being one of them that they. Linger in your body tissues they sort of hide they, go into occultation, and. They just lie low for a while and, I'll be back one of these days and when I come back you're gonna be sorry like the 12th Imam. Very. Much like that well we're waiting for the emergence of the virus we know it's going to come out and they usually wait they're opportunistic, in nature they, wait until your, defenses. Are down, until. You get older until you get sick until you're tired your nutrition, is bore, and then, they emerge and they they just knock it out and that may have something to do with how, deadly. The Ebola is in the places where it's been where. It is traditionally, found Central Africa, western, Africa which was the first time it had been. Been seen there, back in 2014. Yes even a western, Africa is still not nearly as civilized, as as, most. First world nation right people don't get the kind of nutrition that we normally do here so it's not as deadly, here but it's still a vicious, disease and if it can persist that long I think. The question in my mind is are the people who were exposed who wound, up here in the United States still being tracked and how careful are they with. The contact they have with other people that's, a really, good question I think another question, that needs to be answered is, is, it. Because of your poor physical state in the first place that the virus is not completely eradicated, what what is it that causes the virus to completely disappear if indeed, it does yeah. Really important questions and I know that scientists are looking at this for, a number of reasons and, one of those has to do with the, presence, of amyloid, fibers, in, in. Semen, in testes what's an amyloid amyloid fiber is a, protein. Component, within the male body that helps. To select, for the best sperm. Oh okay. It destroys, all poor swimmers gotcha, okay thanks Lee so. Those. Fibers, have been found to be. Involved. In the eradication or. Augmentation. Of, certain viruses they, can actually, make. It easier for a virus, to infect a cell hmm. Isn't that interesting, yeah, because here's, what it is think, of them as a posse, that goes and they arrest the poor swimmers and they take him over to the macrophages, and say, here's, a poor swimmer take, care of him eat him mm-hmm, so, that's what happens okay. And. That, happens that occurs in a woman's body hmm.

Interesting. So the amyloid, fibers, are released along in the semen and they, take care of the poor swimmers and have the woman's body macrophages. Eat. Them up huh. Sort of like a like, an organic quality control, this, this one is not not, up to, snuff. We don't want this one making it up there just take him out because he's no good and. It may be more than just poor swimmers it may be that there's some signal, on the external part of the cell that, tells these fibers. You, know what I can connect to you because you've, got a defect hmm. Yeah. Is. The keyword there it is designed, but those same fibers, can actually, help the infection, of a cell by, a virus huh. How does that work well. Again. The virus somehow. Like. A macrophage. Notices. That this. Virus. Has been arrested and. Somehow. It, gets into an actual host cell instead of the, macrophage, can destroying it destroying, it and and this, is brand-new. Discoveries. Wow so this is very cutting-edge, and. It's part actually it's been part of the H I he studies hmm because. Scientists. Have been trying to figure out for years why, some people are. Able. To contract, the virus and, not get sick, Wow. Yeah, it's. Like there's a war going on at the cellular level at. The subatomic level, there's, a war going on that's for certain but it it, sort, of ratchets, up through the various levels of reality. I think. The design that the Lord has created is, so, incredible. And so. Complicated. And we, are grasping. At straws trying. To figure it out and it's much, like those blind men and the elephant hey, this, thing back here feels just, like a snake, I'm pretty sure that this is a snake, so. Let's let's all get, our anti, snake, stuff and, we'll take it down with the anti-snake, killers. But. But it turns out that the anti snake killers aren't, doing any good because all, they've done is just chop off the tail yeah the elephant's still there yeah well, we'll talk a bit more about some. Other. Things. That we're doing that we think will help us protect against disease which might actually be making things worse talking to triclosan oh yeah. And why, cholera, is still with us I mean you know there are some diseases that we we tend to forget about because they've been with us a long time and so we just don't pay that much attention also, got, to tell you about the Defender Bible and how you can still get, the, expanded, Apocrypha.

From Defender publishing all that and more when sky watch TV sigh. Friday returns, from sky watch TV gosh. Break. All. That and more when sigh Friday returns, after this it's. Here realms, of stone book 4 of the Red Wings saga by Sharon Kay Gilbert this bundle yours for a donation of, just $50, call eight four four seven five oh four nine eight five or logon to Sky watch TV ladies. And gentlemen many of you know by now that we are hosting another true legends conference, in September at the mansion theater, in Branson Missouri, today. We're excited to announce that, live streaming, for this event is now available. On Gen. 6 dot-com. Last, years true legends conference, was an incredibly. Powerful event. All of our speakers delivered, compelling. Presentations. On a range of topics dealing. With the Genesis, six narrative, many, of the people who joined us in Branson, or live streamed online said. This was the best conference, I've ever experienced. We, receive testimonies. From people all over the, world whose. Lies were profoundly, touched by this event this. Year Gen. Six production, sky watch TV, and Infowars. Are joining, forces, against. The technocratic, elite and, their, Luciferian, agenda, Steve. Quale Tom, Horne David. Knight Hugo, de garis and myself, among other dynamic. Speakers, will, be addressing the rise of. Transhumanism. And the hybrid age, we. Are living in a pivotal, moment in, history, the imminent, convergence, of emergent, technologies. In the fields of genetics, robotics. Artificial. Intelligence. Nanotechnology. And cybernetics. Is about, to revolutionize, every, facet of human. Society. And, fundamentally. Redefine, what. It means to, be human the. Stakes, could. Not be higher it. Is imperative, that we comprehend. The, prophetic, implications of. What. Is about to happen to, the human race on planet, Earth. True. Legends, a conference, 2018, will be taking place from the 14th, through the 16th of, September, at the, mansion theater, in Branson Missouri seating. Is limited and, the venue is almost sold out but you can watch the conference, live online from, the comfort of your own home, by, purchasing. A live streaming ticket, on Gen, 6 dot-com. Don't, miss the opportunity to. Be a part of this extraordinary, event, go. To Gen 6 comm today and join. The, resistance. Purchase, your live-streaming ticket today and watch, every, session from last year's conference for, free on Gen. 6 comm, the. Remarkable, life journey of Beth pears plus a journal to record your own journey yours, free with a donation of any size during the month of June call, 844 7 504 9 85 or log on to sky watch TV store calm. Welcome. Back to SCI Friday from sky watch TV the defender Bible we had, such an overwhelming response, to, that that it's sold out it was a limited print run we warned people up front we really ordered so many of these and we thought we'd ordered plenty to get through. Everybody. That but but sadly it's gone yeah it was a bunch of stronger response we thought but there is an alternative, if you're still interested in getting the expanded, Apocrypha, which is the Apocrypha, that was part of the King, James 1611. Edition, still. Some Bibles contain the apocryphal, books this is the expanded Apocrypha, that was in the defender Bible it includes, the books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees. Dis, along. With the original part, of the package - Donna Howell collection you get that free yeah, essentially by buying the Donna Howell collection, which includes her latest book, handmaidens. Conspiracy, + radicals. Final. Fire and her, very important, redeemed unredeemable, for, a donation of just 29.95. You get this. Along. With it and these, are in stock got plenty of these so these can ship right away so if you're still interested in the expanded, Apocrypha, don't. Despair, you still have that option Volume, one of the researchers, library, of ancient texts is the expanded Apocrypha, including, enoch Jubilees, and Jasher and you can get that along with Donna Howell books for, just your, donation of just 29:19 that's oh really, good that, is very good deal the package on the, oh by, the way jack in case you're wondering why. That's there Jack is the, Red. Wing Saga package. Yes, yes, it's a crazy deal just like you know Tom Horne how I guess well, you can get the, first four books, and I don't have the fourth book up here actually I had a fourth one here for you sign and we moved it off the disc over there, well.

I Tell you what, no. Don't move because you're but, the fourth you get all four books that's, blood lies blood, rights the, blood is the life and. Relative. Stone you, keep the first four books plus. Derek's, two books great, inception, and the, day they're standstill, and. Sigh. Friday best, uh yeah, well my hair is still dark this is a collector's item trust me on this we are not releasing this again when these are gone they're gone you get them all for a donation of only, $50. That's right great. That's six books and a DVD you think this DVD alone retails. For $25. Right right so, again, you'll find all of those at the, sky watch TV store that's online at sky watch TV,, and. By the way the reason the book was up here for me to sign is because I will sign them yeah, did you ask yeah, ask the folks in the store and journal, happy, to do it well back to you things, like cholera, and, diseases. That are out there things that go bump in the night cholera. Has been ignored lately, even. Though. Hundreds. Of thousands, of people have been sick in Yemen mm-hmm. And, now it's in Congo. Oh and spread. The Congo just got past Ebola, cholera. Did you know that during World War Two Japan. Experimented. With by, throwing cholera, infected. Water, into. Wells. Hmm. In, China I did, not know that they did indeed and they ended up infecting their own troops hmm, so. You have to get way far, away from the area infecting, because it gets into the groundwater and into the sewage system and, can easily be passed from person to person because it's passed, by what's called a fecal-oral, route. So, if you're not very, judicious, about washing your hands all the time and who in a war area, can. Be you've got other issues on your mind well this is an another, area where this has really been top of mind is in Haiti they had that, that devastating. Earthquake back in 2010. And, then. Sadly. It appears a group, of UN peacekeepers, from Nepal brought. It with them and the outbreak is that ran for like seven years it's, continuing, to go this is what's called the seventh outbreak. Or the seventh pandemic, yeah cholera, since it was discovered in the nineteenth century, yeah cholera. Is, very. Dangerous and, it can, kill, you so easily especially if again, it's opportunistic. In that if you, have poor. Nutrition if, you are underweight. If you are in a field of battle if for any reason you, cannot, endure, several. Days of really. Really. Terrible, dangerous, diarrhea you, will die and. It, is killed almost 10,000, in Haiti the outbreak in Yemen as of last fall had killed was, over a million people who had been infected I'm not really sure how many had died of that but but, way, too many because it, is generally, treated with, antibiotics but, they didn't have that many because, it's a war-torn area, yeah exactly. Several hundred thousand people infected, in Haiti the. The outbreak in Yemen is still continuing, the outbreak, in Haiti they're considering, past. As they've finally, gotten a handle on the. The. Sanitation. Situation. Is these original, outbreaks of what's still called the seventh pandemic, and that pandemics, been going on for decades mmm. And it's not going away cholera. Is still going to be in areas. And easily, carried, on, a plane again. If you're not washing your hands well if it's, somehow on your clothes you you have to be so careful because, it's very easy to carry it and if, you're sick you're gonna get very very sick, hmm, and you.

Know Of course we. Will try to prevent. The spread of disease here especially during flu season it, becomes a little more top of mind cold and flu season by using hand. Sanitizers, in which you can find yet a little bottles for a buck at the dollar store so you know what it sounds like a great idea sounds, like a wonderful idea, sanitizer. He's, got alcohol in and we know alcohol kills stuff so that must be good right it doesn't kill everything. And the other thing and one of the other ingredients, that, has now become illegal. Try, the hand sanitizer is, triclosan, but. It is not necessarily. Illegal, yet, in the. Thousands. Of other products. That include. It and we're talking about assembly. Line belts, that have triclosan, on. Trash. Can liners that have triclosan. Mouthwash. Toothpaste. Makeup. TV, products. For babies water, sometimes, has it in it because it is an anti. Bacterial. Agent. Mm-hmm it's supposed to keep things. Fresh err keep, them from becoming infected keep, you from getting sick the problem, is that. It is are making, it's changing, what's called the microbiome. In. Our. Gastrointestinal. Tract, and it's causing. Frankly. It's causing irritable, bowel syndrome and some people, and recently and mice it was shown to coach after, only three, weeks of being exposed to the same levels, that you and I would have after brushing our teeth with triclosan. Toothpaste for, three weeks, they, got a. Swollen. Colon. Hmm. Their colon became infected and/or. Swelled. And they became very ill because. It's altering, the microbiome, this is an antibiotic. Agent. That. Not, only changes, you the, person, consuming it but because you excrete it into the, sewer system. It. Eventually gets into the sewer it gets into the groundwater and did you know by the way that there are sewage bribe products. That, are sprayed onto. Agricultural. Right so the triclosan, is then entering the food cycle because it's being sprayed it's been found in tomatoes, it's been found in I don't, think it's been found in corn soybeans, which is in a lot of products, yeah they found it in well. And, this, is almost 15 years ago 75%, of the United States population is carrying around triclosan, in detectable, amounts it's found in household dust in our streams and rivers again. These unintended consequences. With. Increasing. The shelf life of something yes some cases, resistant.

To Anti, they're becoming resistant. To antibacterial. Drugs help, to cause like. Mersa which, is method. Methicillin-resistant. Staphylococcus. Aureus. There, are other, antibiotics. Like vancomycin, that's many. Are. Becoming resistant, to this. Triclosan, is. Arming. Our. Enemy, the the bacteria. Out there that want to kill us it's arming, them to be stronger hmm, so. You. Know the FDA did ban, triclosan. In 2016, in hand and body, washes they, said that there's not enough, evidence that triclosan, is safe to use or, that. It was any better than just using soap, and water well. That's the most recent finding, is even, just forget, triclosan for a minute the fact is that hand sanitizers, don't work as well as using, soap and water in fact Nipah, virus and, many other viruses, do better if you just use soap and water well one. Strike Lohan was banned hand sanitizer, now is basically a solution. With with. Alcohol, mm-hmm in it but even, that. Is not as effective as just using soap and water no the alcohol ban has been in there for a long time I'm not. Really sure why they added the treichel say unless whoever, makes it said hey let's put it in there too but. I. Highly. Recommend finding. Another way if you are a parent, and you want to make sure that you can clean your children, clean. Their hands just carry a ziploc, bag or some kind of a little baggie with with, soap and water you, know washcloth, inside of it and again, this is a frightening thing is that while. It's been banned from hand cleansers it has not yet been banned from toothpaste by the FDA which doesn't get a sense, oh good. Old baking soda yeah. Yeah. Well, maybe, your grandparents were onto something I think they were smarter, the old bit getting smarter I know well. We, thank you for watching as we keep watch with Sharon Kay Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert this is Sai Friday, from, sky watch TV. You.

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