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Science. Technology, engineering. And. Mathematics, stem. Previously. Science, math, engineering and. Technology Smet, is a term, used to group together these, academic. Disciplines. This. Term, is typically, used when addressing, education, policy. And curriculum. Choices in, schools, to improve competitiveness. In. Science, and technology development. It. Has, implications. For workforce. Development, national. Security. Concerns, an immigration. Policy. The acronym came, into common, use shortly, after an interagency, meeting. On science, education, held, at the US National. Science Foundation. Chaired by the then NSF. Director Rita. Colwell a. Director. From the Office, of Science, Division of, workforce, development for, teachers and scientists, Peter, Felicia, suggested. The change from the older, acronyms met to stem. Colwell. Expressing. Some dislike, for the older, acronym, responded. By suggesting. NSF. Institute. The change. However. The acronym, stem predates, NSF. And likely, traces, its origin, to Charles Vela the founder, and director of, the Center, for the Advancement of Hispanics. In science, and engineering education. Kasi. In the. Early, 1990s. Kazi started, a summer program for talented. Underrepresented. Students. In the Washington. DC area called. The stem Institute. Based. On the program's recognize, success, and, his expertise. In STEM education. Charles, Vela was asked, to serve on numerous, NSF. And congressional, panels. In science, mathematics, and. Engineering education. It. Is through this manner that NSF, was first introduced, to the acronym, stem one of the first NSF. Projects. To use the acronym was ste. MTEC. The, science, technology. Engineering and. Math teacher, education. Elaborate the, University. Of Massachusetts Amherst. Which was founded, in, 1998. Topic. Other. Variations. STM. Scientific. Technical, and mathematics. Or science. Technology. And medicine, or scientific. Technical, and medical.

Eston. Environmental. Stem. Ste. Mie. Science. Technology. Engineering, mathematics. Invention. And entrepreneurship. Ads inventing. An entrepreneurship. As means to apply stem, to real-world problem-solving. And. Markets, I. Stem. Invigorating. Science, technology. Engineering and. Mathematics. Identifies. New ways, to teach, STEM, related fields. Stem. Oh science. Technology. Engineering, mathematics. Law. And economics. Identify. Subjects. Focused, on fields, such as applied, Social, Sciences, and anthropology. Regulation. Cybernetics. Machine, learning, social, systems. Computational. Economics and. Computational. Social sciences. Stem. Squared, science. Technology. Engineering, mathematics. Social. Sciences, and sense of place integrate. Stem, with Social Sciences, and sense of place. Metals. Steam, + logic, introduced. By su su at Teachers, College Columbia, University. Stremme. Science. Technology. Robotics. Engineering. And mathematics. Adds robotics. As a field. Stremme, science. Technology. Robotics. Engineering. And multimedia. Ads robotics. As a field, and replaces, mathematics. With media. Stream, science. Technology. Robotics. Engineering. Arts. And mathematics, ads, robotics. And arts as fields. Steam. Science, technology, engineering. Arts. And mathematics. Steam. Science, technology, engineering. And. Applied mathematics. More focus, on applied, mathematics. Gems. Girls, in engineering, math, and science, used for programs, to encourage, women to enter these fields. Stem, science, technology, engineering. Mathematics. And. Medicine. MSE, II applied. Math science. Engineering and. Entrepreneurship. Tim's. Technology. Hands-on. Art. Mathematics. Engineering. Science. Mint, mathematics. Informatics. Natural. Sciences, and technology. Topic. Geographic. Distribution. You. You. Topic. United. States. In, the United States the acronym, began, to be used in education and, immigration debates. In initiatives. To begin to address the perceived, lack of qualified, candidates. For high-tech jobs, it. Also addresses, concern. That the subjects. Are often, taught in isolation, instead. Of as an integrated. Curriculum. Maintaining. A citizenry, that is well versed in the STEM fields as. A key portion of the public education agenda, of, the United, States, the. Acronym, has been widely used in, the immigration. Debate regarding, access. To United, States work visas, for immigrants, who are skilled, in these fields. It. Has also become commonplace. In, education. Discussions. As a reference, to the shortage, of skilled, workers and inadequate. Education in. These areas. The. Term tends, not to refer, to the non-professional and, less visible, sectors, of the fields such as electronics. Assembly, line work. Topic. National. Science, Foundation. Many. Organizations. In the United, States follow, the guidelines, of the National, Science Foundation on. What constitutes. A stem field. The. NSF. Uses, a broader, definition of. STEM subjects, that include, subjects. In the fields, of chemistry, computer. And information, technology. Science, engineering. Geosciences. Life, sciences. Mathematical. Sciences. Physics. And astronomy, social. Sciences. Anthropology. Economics, psychology. And, sociology and. STEM, education and. Learning research. Eligibility. For scholarship, programs, such as the CSM. Stem Scholars, Program, used the NSF, definition. The NSF, is the only American.

Federal, Agency. Whose mission includes. Support, for all fields of fundamental, science, and engineering except. For medical sciences. Its. Disciplinary. Program, areas, include, scholarships. Grants, fellowships. In fields, such as biological, sciences. Computer. And information science. And engineering education, and. Human Resources, engineering. Environmental. Research, and education. Geosciences. International. Science and engineering, mathematical. And physical sciences. Social. Behavioral. And Economic Sciences. Cyber. Infrastructure. And polar, programs. Topic. Immigration. Policy. Although. Many organizations. In the United, States follow the guidelines, of the National, Science Foundation on. What constitutes. A stem field the United, States Department, of Homeland, Security DHS. Has. Its own functional. Definition, used, for immigration. Policy, in. 2012. DHS. Or ice announced. An expanded. List of stem designated. Degree programs, that qualify, eligible. Graduates, on student, visas, for an optional, practical training, opt, extension. Under. The opt program. International. Students, who graduate. From colleges. And universities. In the United States. Are able to remain in the country and receive, training, through work experience, for up to 12 months. Students. Who graduate, from a designated. Stem degree, program, can remain for an additional, 17, months, on an opt stem, extension. Topic. Stem, eligible. Degrees, in, u.s., immigration. An exhaustive. List of STEM disciplines does. Not exist, because the definition. Varies, by organization. The. US, Immigration and, Customs Enforcement. Lists. Disciplines. Including, physics, actuarial. Science, chemistry. Biology, mathematics. Applied. Mathematics. Statistics. Computer. Science. Computational. Science, psychology. Biochemistry. Robotics. Computer, engineering. Electrical. Engineering electronics. Mechanical. Engineering. Industrial. Engineering, information. Science, information. Technology. Civil, engineering, aerospace. Engineering. Chemical. Engineering. Astrophysics. Astronomy. Optics. Nanotechnology. Nuclear. Physics. Mathematical. Biology. Operations. Research. Neurobiology. Biomechanics. Bioinformatics. Acoustical. Engineering. Geographic. Information, systems. Atmospheric. Sciences. Educational. Instructional. Technology. Software, engineering. And educational. Research. Topic. Education. By, cultivating, an interest, in the natural and Social, Sciences in. Preschool, or immediately. Following school, entry, the chances, of stem success, in high school, can be greatly improved. School. Integration. Can, help black Hispanic. And Aboriginal, students, catch up with Asian, and white students, stem supports, broadening, the study of engineering. Within each of the other subjects. And beginning, engineering. At younger, grades even, elementary school. It. Also brings, STEM, education to. All students, rather than only the gifted, programs, in, his. 2012. Budget, President. Barack Obama, renamed, and broadened, the, mathematics. And science, partnership. MSP. To. Award, block, grants, to States for improving, teacher education. In those subjects. In the 2015. Run of the International. Assessment. Test the program for, international. Student assessment Pisa. American. Students, came out 35th. In mathematics. Twenty-fourth, in reading, and twenty-fifth, in science, out of 109. Countries. The. United, States also ranked, 29th. In the percentage, of 24. Year olds, with science, or mathematics degrees. STEM, education, often. Uses, new technologies. Such as RepRap, 3d, printers, to encourage. Interest, in STEM fields in. 2006. The United, States National, Academies. Expressed. Their concern, about the declining, state of STEM education in. The United, States, its. Committee, on science, engineering. And public policy. Developed, a list of 10 actions. Their. Top three recommendations were. To. Increase. America's. Talent, pool by improving, k-12, science, and mathematics. Education. Strengthen. The skills of teachers through. Additional training in science, mathematics, and. Technology. Enlarged, the pipeline, of students, prepared, to enter college, and graduate, with stem degrees, the National, Aeronautics. And Space Administration, also. Has, implemented, programs and, curricula to, advance, STEM education in. Order to replenish, the, pool of scientists. Engineers and. Mathematicians who. Will lead space, exploration. In the 21st. Century. Individual. States such, as California, have. Run pilot, after school stem programs, to learn what the most promising. Practices. Are and how to implement, them, to increase the chance of student, success. Another. State, to invest, in STEM education as. Florida, where Florida, Polytechnic. University. Florida's. First public, university for, engineering. And technology.

Dedicated. To science technology engineering. And. Mathematics, stem. Was, established. During. School. Stem. Programs. Have been established for many districts. Throughout the u.s. some states include, New Jersey, Arizona. Virginia. North, Carolina Texas. And Ohio. Continuing. Stem education, has expanded. To the post-secondary, level through. Master's, programs. Such, as the University, of Maryland, STEM program as. Well as the University. Of Cincinnati. Topic. Racial. Gap in STEM, fields. In, the United, States the National Science, Foundation. Found that the average science. Score on the 2011, National. Assessment. Of Educational. Progress was. Lower for black and Hispanic, students. Than white Asian, and Pacific, Islanders. In. 2011. 11 percent, of the u.s. workforce was. Black while only 6, percent of stem workers were black, though. Stem in the u.s. has typically. Been dominated. By white males there, have been considerable, efforts. To create initiatives. To make stem a more, racially, and gender, diverse, field. Some. Evidence, suggests. That all students, including black. And Hispanic, students, have a better chance of, earning a stem degree if they attend, a college or university at. Which they're entering academic. Credentials. Are at least as high as the average students. Topic. American, competitiveness. Initiative, in, the State of the Union address. On January 31st. 2006. President, George W Bush announced. The American, competitiveness. Initiative. Bush. Proposed. The initiative, to address shortfalls. In federal, government, support, of Educational. Development and. Progress at, all academic. Levels in, the STEM fields, in. Detail. The, initiative, called for significant. Increases, in federal, funding for advanced, R&D, programs, including. A doubling, of federal, funding, support, for advanced. Research in the physical, sciences, through doe and an increase, in u.s., higher education, graduates. Within STEM, disciplines. The. NASA means, business, competition. Sponsored, by the Texas, Space, Grant consortium, furthers. That goal. College. Students, compete, to develop, promotional. Plans to, encourage, students. In middle and high school, to study STEM, subjects. And to inspire professors. In STEM fields to. Involve their students, in outreach, activities. That, port STEM education. The. National, Science Foundation. Has numerous. Programs in, STEM education, including. Some for k-12, students. Such as the IT est. Program, that supports the global, challenge, award ite, ST program. Stem. Programs. Have been implemented, in some Arizona, schools, they. Implement, higher cognitive. Skills, for, students, and enable, them to inquire. And use techniques. Used, by professionals. In the STEM fields. The. STEM Academy as. A national. Nonprofit status. Organization. Dedicated to, improving STEM. Literacy. For all students. It. Represents. A recognized, national. Next generation. High impact, academic. Model, the, practices. Strategies, and, programming. Are built upon a foundation of. Identified. National. Best practices. Which are designed, to improve underrepresented. Minority. And low-income, student.

Growth Close, achievement gaps, decreased. Dropout, rates increase. High school graduation. Rates and improve teacher, and principal, effectiveness. The. STEM Academy, represents. A flexible, use academic. Model, that targets, all schools, and us for all students, Project, Lead the Way PLTW. Is a leading, provider of STEM, education, curricular. Programs, to middle and high schools, in the United, States. The. National non profit organization, has over, 5,200. Programs. In over. 4,700. Schools in all 50, states. Programs. Include a high school, engineering, curriculum. Called pathway. To engineering. A high school, biomedical. Sciences. Program, and a middle school engineering and, technology, program, called, gateway, to technology. PLTW. Provides. The curriculum. And the teacher professional. Development and. Ongoing support to create, transformational. Grams in schools, districts. And communities. PLTW. Programs. Have been endorsed, by President, Barack Obama and, United, States Secretary, of, Education Arne. Duncan as, well as various, state national, and business. Leaders. Topic. Stem. Education. Coalition. The, science, technology engineering. And. Mathematics, STEM. Education coalition. Works. To support stem programs, for teachers and students, at the US Department. Of Education the. National Science. Foundation. And other agencies. That offer STEM, related programs. Activity. Of the stem coalition. Seems to have slowed, since, September. 2008. Topic. Scouting. In, 2012. The Boy Scouts of America began. Handing, out awards titled. Nova and supernova. For completing, specific, requirements. Appropriate. To Scouts program. Level, in each of the four main stem, areas. The. Girl Scouts, of the USA has. Similarly. Incorporated. Stem into their program, through, the introduction. Of merit, badges such as. Naturalist. And. Digital. Art, se. As an international. Organization. Solutions. Provider specialized. On supporting, Education. Award, and scholarship. Programs for STEM matters, from pre-k, to the college, degree, it. Also, promotes. Scientific. And technological. Topic. Department. Of Defense, programs. The, e cyber, mission, as a free, web-based, science. Mathematics, and. Technology. Competition. For students, in grades six, through nine sponsored. By the US, Army, each. Webinar, is, focused, on a different, step of the scientific method, and is presented, by an experienced. A cyber mission, cyber guide. Cyber. Guides, are military, and civilian, volunteers with. A strong, background in, stem, and STEM, education who. Are able to provide, valuable, insight. Into science. Technology. Engineering and. Mathematics, to, students. And team advisors. Starbase. As a premier, educational. Program, sponsored. By the office, of the assistant secretary of. Defense, for reserve, Affairs. Students. Interact, with military. Personnel to, explore, careers, and make connections with the real. World, the. Program, provides, students. With 20, to 25, hours of stimulating. Experiences. At National, Guard Navy, Marines. Air Force, Reserve, and Air Force bases across, the nation. Sea. Perch as an innovative, underwater, robotics, program. That trains teachers, to teach their students, how to build an underwater remotely. Operated, vehicle, ROV in. An in school, or out of school setting. Students. Build the ROV, from, a kit composed, of low-cost, easily. Accessible. Parts, following, a curriculum. That teaches, basic, engineering, and science, concepts.

With A marine, engineering, theme. Topic. NASA. NAT system, as a program, of the US Space Agency NASA. To increase, diversity within. Its ranks including. Age disability, and, gender, as well as race ethnicity. Topic. Legislation. The, America, COMPETES act. Pl-110. To, 69, became, law on August 9, 2007. It, is. Intended, to increase, the nation's investment, in, science, and engineering research, and, in STEM education from. Kindergarten. To graduate, school, and postdoctoral. Education. The. Act authorizes. Funding, increases, for the National, Science Foundation. National. Institute, of Standards and, Technology. Laboratories. And the Department. Of Energy dull, office of science, over FY, 200, 8, FY. 201. Oh, Robert. Gabbar ease director. Of education. At NASA's, Goddard Space Flight Center. Articulated. Success, as increased, student achievement early, expression. Of student, interest in, STEM subjects, and student, preparedness, to enter the workforce. Topic. Jobs. In, November. 2012. The White House announcement. Before congressional, vote. On the stem Jobs Act put President, Obama, in opposition, to, many of the Silicon, Valley firms, and executives. Who bankrolled, his reelection, campaign. The. Department. Of Labor identified. 14, sectors. That are projected. To, add substantial. Numbers, of new, jobs, to, the economy or. Affect, the growth of other, industries. Or are being transformed. By, technology, and innovation. Requiring, new, sets of skills, for, workers. The. Identified. Sectors, were as follows, advanced. Manufacturing. Automotive. Construction. Financial. Services. Geospatial. Technology. Homeland, security, information. Technology. Transportation. Aerospace. Biotechnology. Energy. Healthcare. Hospitality. And retail. The. Department. Of Commerce note STEM, fields careers. Are some of the best paying and have the greatest potential, for job, growth in the early 21st, century. The report, also notes, that stem workers play a key role in the, sustained, growth and stability of, the US economy and, training.

In STEM fields generally. Results, in higher wages whether, or not they work in a stem field in, 2015. There, were around, 9.0. Million, STEM jobs in. The United, States representing. 6.1. Percent of, American, employment. STEM. Jobs were. Increasing. Around 9%, percent. Per year, Brookings. Institution. Found that the demand, for competent. Technology. Graduates. Will surpass, the number of capable, applicants. By at least 1 million individuals. The. BLS. Noted, that almost, 100. Percent of STEM jobs require. Post-secondary. Education. While only 36, percent of, other jobs call for that same degree. You. Topic. Updates. Few, findings, revealed, that Americans. Identified. Several, issues that hound STEM education which. Included, unconcerned. Parents. Disinterested. Students, obsolete. Curriculum. Materials. And too much focus on state parameters. 57%. Of survey, respondents, pointed. Out that one main problem, of stem as lack of students, concentration. In learning. The. Recent, National, Assessment. Of Educational. Progress NAEP. Report. Card made, public, technology as. Well as engineering. Literacy, scores, which, determines. Whether students. Have the capability. To apply, technology and, engineering, proficiency. To real-life scenarios. The. Report, showed a gap, of 28, points between low-income. Students. And their high income, counterparts. The. Same report, also indicated. A 38 point difference, between, white and black, students. The. 2019. Fiscal, budget proposal. Of the White House supported, the funding, plan in President, Donald Trump's, memorandum. On STEM, education which. Allocated. Around 200, million dollars, grant, funding, on STEM, education every. Year, this. Budget also supports. Stem through a grant, program worth, 20, million dollars, for career as well as technical. Education. Programs, in. September. 2017. A number, of large American. Technology. Firms, collectively. Pledged, to donate 300. Million dollars, for computer, science, education in the US. Topic. Africa. You. Topic. Canada. Canada. Ranks 12th out of 16, peer countries in, the percentage, of its graduates who, studied, in stem programs, with. 21.2%. A, number, higher than the United, States but lower than France, Germany, and, Austria. The. Peer country, with the greatest proportion of, stem graduates, Finland. Has over, 30 percent of their university, graduates, coming from science, mathematics. Computer. Science and engineering, programs. Shad as an annual, Canadian summer, enrichment, program for. High achieving high, school students. In July. The. Program, focuses on academic learning. Particularly. In steam fields, Scouts, Canada, has taken, similar measures, to their American counterpart. To promote STEM fields to. Youth, their. STEM program began. In 2015, in. 2011. Canadian. Entrepreneur. And philanthropist. Seymour, Schulich established. The Schulich, leader scholarships. 100. Million dollars, in. $60,000. Scholarships. For students, beginning, their university. Education in. A STEM program at. 20, institutions, across. Canada. Each. Year, 40, Canadian, students. Would be selected, to receive the award -, at each institution, with, the goal of attracting. Gifted, youth into, the STEM fields. The. Program, also, supplies, STEM scholarships. To five participating. Universities, in Israel. Topic. Europe. Several. European, projects. Have promoted STEM, education and. Careers, in Europe, for. Instance. Scientists. As a European. Cooperation of. Stem teachers, education. Scientists. And policy. Makers, the. Site challenge project used, a social, media, contest, and the student, generated, content. To increase, motivation. Of pre-university. Students. For STEM education and. Careers. Topic. Hongkong. STEM. Education has. Not been promoted, among the local schools, in Hong Kong until, recent, years in, November. 2015. The Education. Bureau of Hong Kong released, a document, entitled promotion. Of STEM education which. Proposes. The strategies. And recommendations, on promoting, STEM education.

Topic. Turkey. Turkish. STEM education task. Force or, FET em Fennville. In Lari technology. Mewhen, dislocate. Ematic is a coalition. Of acted emissions, and teachers, who show an effort to increase the quality, of education in. STEM fields rather. Than focusing, on increasing, the number of stem, graduates. Topic. Guitar. In, Qatar, Alba. RAC is an outreach program to high-school students, with a curriculum that focuses on. Stem, run, by the Center for Advanced, Materials kam, at Qatar, University. Each. Year, around. 946. Students. From about 40, high schools, participate. In Alba, RAC competitions. Alba. RAC make use of project-based. Learning. Encourages. Students, to solve authentic. Problems, and inquires, them to work with each other as a team to, build real, solutions. Research. Has so far shown positive. Results for. The program. Topic. Vietnam. In, Vietnam, beginning. In 2012. Many, private education. Organizations. Has STEM education, initiatives. In, 2015. The Ministry, of Science, and Technology, and lean men's stem organized, the first national. Stem day followed, by many similar, events, across the country. In, 2015. Ministry, of education and. Training included. Stem as an area needed, to be encouraged, in national, school, year program, in. May. 2017. Prime. Minister, signed a directive, number 16. Stating. Dramatically. Changed. The policies. Contents. Education. And vocational, training methods. To create a human, resource, capable. Of receiving, new, production. Technology. Trends, with a focus, on promoting, training, in science, technology, engineering. And. Mathematics, stem. Foreign. Languages. Information. Technology. In general, education and. Asking. Ministry, of Education and. Training to promote, the deployment. Of science, technology engineering. And. Mathematics, STEM. Education in. General education. Program pilot. Organized, in some high schools, from 2017, to. 2018. Topic. Women. Women. Constitute. 47%. Of the u.s. workforce and, performed. 24%. Of STEM related jobs. In. The, UK women. Perform. 13%. Of STEM related jobs. 2014. In. The, US women, with stem degrees, are more likely to work in education. Or healthcare rather, than STEM, fields compared. With their male counterparts. The. Gender, ratio depends. On field, of study for. Example, in the European, Union, in 2012. Women, made up, 47.3%. Of the. Total 51%. Of, the social sciences, business, and law. 42%. Of the science, mathematics, and. Computing. 28%. Of engineering. Manufacturing. And construction and, 59%. Of, PhD. Graduates. In health and welfare. Topic. Criticism. The, focus, on increasing. Participation. In STEM fields has. Attracted. Criticism in. The. 2014. Article, the, myth of the science, and engineering, shortage. In. The Atlantic, demographer. Michael s Teitelbaum, criticized. The efforts of the US government. To increase, the number of stem graduates saying. That among, studies on the subject no, one has been able to find, any evidence, indicating. Current, widespread. Labor market. Shortages. Or hiring, difficulties. In science, and engineering. Occupations. That require, bachelor's. Degrees, or higher and, that. Most. Studies, report. That real wages in, many, but. Not all, science. And engineering. Occupations, have. Been flat, or slow, growing, and unemployment. As high or higher than in many comparably. Skilled. Occupations. Teitelbaum. Also, wrote that the then current, national, fixation, on increasing, STEM, participation. Paralleled, previous, u.s. government. Efforts since World War Two to increase. The number of scientists. And engineers all. Of which he stated ultimately, ended, up in mass.

Layoffs. Hiring. Freezes, and, funding. Cuts. Including. One driven by the space, race of the late 1950s. And 1960s. Which. He wrote led to a bust. Of serious, magnitude. In the. 1970s. I. Triple. E spectrum. Contributing. Editor, Robert ensure. EDD echoed, these sentiments in. The 2013. Article, the. STEM crisis. As a myth, also. Noting. That there was a mismatch. Between earning. A stem degree and, having a stem job, in. The United States, with only around, one-quarter. Of stem, graduates working. In STEM fields while, less than half of workers, in STEM fields have. A stem, degree, economics. Writer Ben Castleman. In a 2014. Study of, post graduation. Earnings, for 538. Wrote that based on the data science, should, not be grouped with the other three stem categories. Because while the other three, generally. Result, in high-paying, jobs, many. Sciences. Particularly. The, life sciences. Pay, below, the overall, median, for recent, college graduates. Efforts. To remedy the perceived, domination. Of STEM subjects, by men of Asian, and non-hispanic. European. Backgrounds. Has led to intense, efforts, to diversify the, stem, workforce. However. Some, critics feel, that this practice, in higher education as, opposed, to a strict, meritocracy. Causes, lower academic, standards. Equals, equals, see also.

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