Sadhguru On Life Sense: Technologies for Wellbeing At New York City

Sadhguru On Life Sense: Technologies for Wellbeing At New York City

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Oh. God. Melena. My. Daughter. Murder. Never. Shot. The. Head. Circle. Uncle. Some, I added. Button. Good. Morning good morning everyone. Today. We, supposed to look at life sense. When. We say life sense I, am, particularly, speaking to all the. IPhone. Lauer's. You're. On Samsung. There. Is a gadget, far. More interesting, than your phone. That's. Called the human mechanism. This. Is the gadget. Every. Other gadget, is a small, drop off of this. So. When. We say human being I think. For, a long time, people. Have been looking. At this human, being with. Too much emotion, and too much confusion. But. The yogic sciences have always looked at the human being as, the. Ultimate mechanism. On this, planet. When. We see a mechanism, we're. Talking about something. That can work systematically. Something. That can do things, something. That can consistently, produce something wonderful. If. It is not a mechanism, that. Means it's, one chaotic nonsense. So. There. Are both type of human beings some. Are just one chaotic nonsense. Some, have become wonderful mechanism, not. Because somebody, has come with a great mechanism, and somebody has not all. Of us fundamentally. Have come with the same thing, maybe. On the level of our physical, form and maybe. On intellectual. Levels there may be some differences, but. Essentially. All of us carry the same human, mechanism but. Why is it that. One. Seems to be in a phenomenal, state and another seems to be a total, mess. There. Are many ways to look at it. One. Simple thing is we. Can look. At. It this way every, human experience that human beings have. Here. They're. Little children. You. Have to do something to make them unhappy, right now. You. Have to do something to make them unhappy, but. There are a whole lot of adults, you have to do something to make them happy. They. Reverse, the equation, completely, at. The age of five if you were this joyful by. The time you're 30 you should have been ecstatic isn't, it, if. Things, happen, in the right order but. For some reasons, it's. Gotten reversed to most people. As. I said every, human experience has a chemical basis to it we. Can call it peace we. Can call it joy we. Can call it love we can call it bliss fullness we can call it ecstasy, we. Can call it agony, anxiety. Misery, stress, tension. Whatever, we want to call it every. Human experience has. A chemical, basis to it or. In other words what. You call as myself, right. Now is. A chemical, soup, the. Question, is only is. It a great soup or a lousy soup. If. I give all of you the same soup, making ingredients. Do. You believe that all of you will come up with the same kind of soup, now.

500. Varieties, of soups will happen, that's, all that's happened all. Of us have. Come here fundamentally. With the same ingredients. Just seen how many ways we have become. The. Reason is we. Have been given such a complex, mechanism. And. Do. You agree with do. You agree with me all the, gadget. Lauer's I'm asking, you this. Is the most sophisticated, machine. On the planet do you agree with me. So. I'm asking you someone. Gave you such, a complex. And sophisticated machine. Have you read the user's, manual. So. Without the users manual, if you operate, something, how, would you do it by accident. Something, will happen once, in a way it works. Once. In a way something is working and, to. Make this human being happy, in. Pursuit, of human, well-being we. Rip the planet apart, alright, I want. You to understand, there is no ecological. Disaster, on the planet. Ecological. Disaster, is just a consequence, of human beings, not knowing, how to be joyful by their own nature because. We are seeking it everywhere else except, here, but. All, human, experience happens. From within what. Happens, here if you try to cause. It from outside, then. You have to burn the planet definitely, and, that's what we're doing so. Ecological. Disasters, have not happened because, of something else, only, in pursuit, of human well-being isn't, it so hello. So. In pursuit, of human wellbeing last. 100, 150, years we've, done too many things using. The, power of science. And the process of technology, we've, done too many things so, many things that, if you happen to be here 200, years ago and you're here again today you. Wouldn't recognize the, place for anything. Everything. Has been changed. Because. Of this change much, comfort, and convenience has, come. When. It comes to comfort and convenience. We're. Definitely the. Most comfortable, generation. Ever do you agree with me I'm. Asking even those who are standing. We. Are definitely the, most comfortable, generation, ever isn't it but, we cannot claim we're the most joyful, we. Cannot claim we're the most loving we, cannot even claim we're the most peaceful. To. Be peaceful and happy, today. I'm sure. Many. People are propagating. This and even the so-called spiritual. Leaders are going about saying peace, is the ultimate, goal of life. Such. People will only rest in peace. Because. Tell. Me today if, you want to enjoy your lunch today, if. You're not ecstatic, at least you must be peaceful isn't, it. Hello. If. You are not in some state of ecstasy at least, you must be peaceful to enjoy the food that you eat isn't it. So. I'm asking you to be peaceful to be happy, is, it the ultimate goal, of your life or is it a fundamental requirement of your life. It. Is a most fundamental, requirement, if, you're not even peaceful, I don't, know how many have died under your care. Because. When. You're not even peaceful and happy you, tend to do things which have me that good for you not for anybody isn't it this. Is the nature of the human being when. We are not peaceful and happy don't we tend to do things which were not good for us and not good for anybody. Now. This. Piece has been taken to heaven.

People. Say if you say peace people say divine peace. If. You say joy you will they'll say divine joy if. You say love they'll say divine love these. Are all human things. Human. Beings are capable of being peaceful joyful. Loving. But. All these things have been exported to heaven. By. Those who are crippled. Crippled. Lives have. Exported, these things to heaven if you say peace they say it happens only there, if. You say joy it happens only there if you say love it happens only there. Even. Your dog is capable, of being loving isn't it so you, don't have to reach as far as God to. Know love a dog will do it yes. Consistently. Yes or no if, you get yourself a dog 12, years guaranteed, love affair or no. Yes. I. Won't. Say the same thing about everybody, else but. There. Is no guarantee about others, but, a dog is a guaranteed, love hat isn't it. Now. These, things have been raised like this you. Know I I was to speak at. Tel. Aviv I was, flying out of Atlanta, I was, to land there in the morning, and speak at 6:30, in the evening but. Then I land up there at six o'clock in, the, evening because of some flight delays. And. I'm quickly changing, in the airport to rush to the venue, because in this 34, years have not been led to a single, appointment in my life so I don't want to break this so. I'm quickly changing, and rushing and I'm, famished. Because. I'm traveling by, an American airline there's nothing edible to on, the plane. There's. Nothing edible on the plane, so. I'm really famished. And when. I go to the venue, to. My joy I, find, the. Venue is a very fine restaurant, let's. Go and get better, when. You're so hungry, they've taken you to a restaurant straight. So. People. Are coming in and greeting, me one man comes up and says Shalom I asked. Him what does it mean, he. Says this. Is the highest way of greeting I said. Well that's your opinion what, does it mean said, no no this is really the highest way of greeting he, said all right but what does the word mean he. Said it means peace I, said. Why, would peace, be the highest, way of greeting unless. You born in Middle East. In. South india somebody. Comes up to me in the morning and says peace i'll, say what's wrong with you. So. I'm saying anything that you're deprived, off will slowly rise to heaven. Everything. That human beings are talking, about, everything.

That Human, beings have attributed, to their gods, everything. That human beings have exported, to heaven, these. Are all human qualities, yes. Those. Who made themselves incapable. They're. Talking, it'll happen somewhere, else. But. Today. Human intellect is sparking, like never before. Never. Before this many, human beings could, think for themselves, yes. Never. Before in the history of humanity because. Otherwise, a priest, a pundit the scriptures everything, else taught for you now, human, beings are beginning to think for themselves. Whether. They're thinking straight or not is another issue but at, least the thinking something, it's. A good big thing you know something, the thinking once. They are thinking, the, problem with thought is it, has to be logically, correct otherwise. It doesn't go by even. The most idiotic argument, if you witness. People. Are talking the way they're talking because they believe is logically, correct, yes. Or no. Nobody. Thinks he's logically, wrong and continues to argue he won't do that he, somehow finds, a way to, make it logically, correct. So. Once. This happens, that, human intellect begins to fire like this. Even. If God comes and stands here and speaks. Unless. He, makes sense people, will reject, him. So. Maybe. You don't have the courage to say yes your children. They. Are going to reject it, unless. It makes sense to them they're. Going to reject it yes or no. So. Once they rejected, it. May so happen heavens. Will crumble oh. Heavens. Will fall down. You. Know what is in heaven, you, don't know let me tell you so that you. Can make your choices. Hindu. Heaven food is great. Because. Nala. Himself, cooks for you there, Allah. Himself cooks, he is the best chef in the. Universe, so. Food is very good if you're a foodie you. Must go to Hindu happen. In. Another heaven. In. The clouds white, ground ladies, of floating. If. You like that kind of ambience you can go there. In. Another heaven, you will have words in problems, if. You want to encounter that you can go there. Only. Problem, is, what. Is the qualification for, you to get there, this. Happened in, a Sunday School in Alabama, anybody. From Alabama I. Have. To chose another state if you told me you're here. The. Sunday school teacher in his enthusiasm. Asked. The, tiny tots, would. You have to do to go to heaven. Little. Mary stood up and sad if I scrub the church floor every Sunday morning I will go to heaven, absolutely. Another. Little girl stood up and said if, I share 50%, of my pocket money with my less privileged. Friend I will, go to heaven absolutely. Another. Boy said if, those who are in need of help if I reach out and help them I will go to heaven correct.

Little. Tommy in the backbench stood up and sad. You got a die first. So. You got to die first that is the basic qualification. Alright. So. When you die depending. On your culture will. Either bury, you or burn you or feed you to the birds. One. Of the things we will do to you yes. It. Is the. Or. In other words anyway, your body we put it back into this earth because this, body is something that you borrowed from this planet isn't it so you're. Alone if. You were planning, to take it to heaven you're a wilful, defaulter, you know. Yes. It's. Good to pay this back isn't it what we have taken we can use it well when, it's time we must pay back the loan or no put. It back into that whether, you like it or not they will. So. Once you left your body here what. Will you do with good food and virgins, and all this stuff. These. Are all problems that people have when they have a body isn't it once. You put the body here, what. Will you do with all these things. So. I'm saying once. Intellect. Fires big, time we. Have kept it down because if you ask questions, we would have you dead for, a long time please. Understand, with. This we had kept it down but we can't keep it down anymore now. People, will ask all, kinds, of things when, they ask two three questions. Heavens. Will crumble. Heavens. May crumble but, human longing to, experience something. More will not go, the. Human longing to, experience something, will always be there, if. You take away the hope that somewhere, else is going to happen to you. People. Will start seeking solutions here. When. They start seeking solutions here, if you don't show them away if. You don't show them away which, is logically. Correct and, scientifically ascertainable. Way, where. You. Can take charge of your inner experience, and cause. The kind of experience, that you want to be in if you don't teach them the ways if, you don't give them the technologies. For inner well-being then. I would say in, under 60, to 80 years time. 90%. Of the humanity, will seek chemical, solutions, there. Will be either on drink or drug. Tell. Me most of you whatever your age right now, when. You were 20 years of age how, many people, were drinking and drugging on this planet today. How many people are doing has it gone up by thousand percent at least, 10, times over or more, it. Has, this. Is because people are seeking solutions here, because. Slowly all these people are losing faith that, somewhere else it'll be better they're, trying to make it better right here if, you don't show them the right way they. Will somehow try, to do it. Now. I'm not talking looking at this is a moral, issue. 90%. Of the people being on drink and drug is not a moral, issue for me one. Responsibility, we have as, a generation, of people is, that. When we leave we have left a generation. Which is at least one, step, better than us. This. Is a fundamental, responsibility we, have as a generation, but, when. We leave if. We are all on ninety percent of us or and drink and drug when we leave we, will leave a worse generation, than us because. We will become incapable, of, even, producing, a better generation, and. This. Will be a complete, failure of who. We are everything, that we worked for the. Development, of civilizations. All this, will go waste if 90%, of the population goes on this in. New York City what, do you think is a percentage. I'll, leave it to you people. From New York tell me what, do you think is the percentage, who are seeking some kind of chemical solution, for their experience, to make themselves peaceful, they have to drink something or pop something what, do you think is a percentage.

I. Wouldn't. Be that cruel there are lots of yoga freaks. But. It's a big percentage, not, a percentage, to ignore, anymore, isn't it it's. Like you know those who come from India anyway you know all of you are largely. You. Know when you were growing up as children you live a few drunkards, in the town. Yes. One, maybe two percent those they're drunkards, you know they're not normal people, but. They are the normal ones now there. Are a few who. Don't drink Oh freakish. -. Freaks, there, are 2%, freaks who don't drink anymore. So. This, is not a moral thing this. Is just that, you. Have become incapable, of, dealing. With yourself, that is a fundamental thing so, what amazes, me is people, live here 50, 60 70, years. There. 60, 70 years of age still. They do not know how to deal, with their own thought, and their own emotion. This. Is the. This you may think is normal is not normal I'm telling you if, you do not see these are the basic faculties, that you have a human, being can think about anything he or she wants can. MOT in many strong. Ways if. These, thoughts, and emotions don't work for you they're, working, against, you that, means you have not figured the fundamentals. Of being human isn't it you. Would have been peaceful if, you were born as an earthworm or something, the. Problem the, problem is right now human. Beings are not suffering something that they don't have their. Suffering, is because of their own intelligence, if. I take away half your brain most, of you would be peaceful. Yes. It's. Being done in the you. Know in some institutions, it's being done lobotomy, is being conducted right when. It's when, somebody cannot control themselves at all pull, off a part of the brain they're quite peaceful, I think. It's people, are even suggesting it's time we do it when the children are born if you take off certain things criminal. Attitudes will go this will go that will go people are suggesting such things responsible. Medical, institutions, are suggesting, such, things, if. You cripple everybody. There. May be no crime in York City, if. You cut off everybody's, legs or, you take off everybody's, head there, will be no crime at all. But. It will also take off the possibility. It. May take off some small problem, but, it will take off the possibility of being human isn't it, to. Be a full-fledged human being is important, if, you want to be a full-fledged human being. There. Are two fundamental things. One. Thing is a human, being has a vivid sense of memory.

Another. Thing is a human, being also has a vivid sense of imagination. Whatever. Suffering you go through you may call it stress, anxiety, tension. Misery. Grief. Whatever. You want to call it essentially. It is just this you. Have still not figured, how. To handle, your memory how, to handle, your imagination. That's. All your suffering. What. Happened ten years ago you can still suffer isn't it so, what. May happen day after tomorrow you already suffer. That. Means you are capable of, suffering, the. Non-existence, show you. Are capable of suffering something that does not exist I am sure there are psychiatrists, in the group are they. Okay. This. Even. By medical, definition, if, somebody, is suffering that does not exist, do they qualify. Do. They qualify or, no. They. Do qualify as, patients. Right. I'm. Saying, I'm. Saying, if. You start, suffering something that does not exist, that means you even medically, you qualify, as a case. Case. Number whatever. Now. This. Is not a joke. Because. Without. We. Are living human. Beings with. Education, systems, which. Will teach you everything about the world not, a thing about yourself. Trying. To control, this with fear trying. To control this with possibilities. Of punishment, somewhere else it's, not worked anyway, people are doing what the hell they're doing on day, yes. It. Is time that we, bring sense to the world we. Are always thinking, in terms of good and bad this. Has happened because. Of. Certain, types of religious, belief certain, types of things where, everything, is controlled by fear and guilt and whatever first. Thing is you divided, the world into God. And devil good and evil this and that no. I'll ask you a simple question is, there anybody here who is 24-hours. Good or 24-hours, bad, hello. Yes. Or no. You. Oscillate, right a little bit here. And there one, moment you're wonderful, another moment you're nasty, another moment you're beautiful, another moment, you're ugly is this not happening.

So. If. We have to divide you between good and evil probably, we have to cut off a part of you that. Is what they're saying if, we take off certain parts of your brain all evil. Will go and you will become pure and useless. The. Biggest, problem, is we've been trying to produce good people, the. World never tried, to. Produce. Sensible. And joyful, people we. Always been striving to produce good, people, and it's, good people who are constantly. At. Each other. It. Is always a good. Hindu, fighting, a good Muslim, a good, Indian fighting a good Pakistani. More, good more fighting. And. A good American, fighting good. Just about anybody. Because. The more good you think you are more confrontational. You have become please see this, the. More good you think you are you naturally, become more confrontational. With just about anybody, around, you if. You think you're very good, the, how, this has come to you in your mind is you look at these people she's not okay she's not okay she's not okay he's not okay he's not okay compared, to all these people I am good I am very good means nobody is good. Nobody. Is okay nobody, is okay is not a question of goodness it's a question of madness, the. Madness has, settled in, this. Has to go means human, consciousness, has to rise you. Have to look at this, tremendous. Possibility. That we have come with and. Is. It true can, you see me at least hello everybody, even. If you're not listening can you see me. Use. One hand point, out where am I please. Trying. You. Know I'm a mystic from South India you've got it all wrong. Now. This light is falling upon me reflecting. Going, through your lenses inverted, image in the retina you know the whole story so where, do you see me right now. Within. Yourself, where. Do you hear me right now within. Yourself where. Have you seen the whole world. Within. Yourself have. You ever. Experienced. Anything outside, of yourself. Have. You right. Now someone, sitting next to you you've the touch your hand you, think, you're experiencing. Their hand now. You're. Only experiencing. The sensations. In your hand isn't, it, even.

Without The help of the other person you, can with little imagination, cause the sensations, you want isn't it. So. Your entire experience of life light, and darkness is happening within you. Agony. And ecstasy happens. Within you joy and misery happens, within you peace. And turmoil, happens, within you if. Every. Human experience is, generated, from within at. Least at. Least what, happens, within you must happen your way isn't it. World. Will not happen your way and. I'm glad it's not happening your way. Because. If the entire world happened. Your way where do I go. I'm. Glad it's not happening your way little, bit my way a little bit your way a little bit somebody else's way it's. Alright but. The important, thing is this one is not happening your way this is a big problem isn't it if. This one person, yourself. If. This one person, happened, your way would. You keep. This person blissful. Or miserable you must make a choice I'm going to bless you right now. What. Is your choice for, yourself. What is your choice, highest. Level of pleasantness isn't, it what. You want for your neighbor may be debatable. But. What you want for yourself is very very clear isn't it so but. Why such a simple, thing is not happening. Simply. Because. You're. Not unit Charles Darwin. Some. Hundreds 150. Years ago. 2012. Was, 200. Birth. Anniversary of, Darwin. Some. 150, years ago he propounded a, theory and he said what. Was a deer, could. Have become a giraffe. So. Many million years what. Was a pig could, have become an elephant so many more million years what. Was a monkey, became, a human, but. It happened rather quickly. Yes. So. Quickly that, anthropologists. Think there is a missing, link. They're. Still looking out I'm saying. Did. Anybody meet. Did. You meet a missing link I'm asking no. Now. They're. Saying the, DNA. Difference, between you and the chimpanzee. Is only one, point two three percent. One. Point two three percent is not much of a difference. Not. Much of a percentage. Not. A percentage, you boast about isn't it. The. Thing, is just this, physiologically. You, are only one point two three percent away from a chimpanzee but. In terms of your intellect, and awareness. We, worlds apart from a chimpanzee so, this is the problem you. Have an intelligence. For, which you don't have a stable enough base. Now. The. Same intelligence, the sharper it is the more it box use. So. People are thinking dulling it either. With wine or divine is the solution. Some. How dull it for some time and you feel peaceful, darling. It's not the solution, sharpening. It to a point where it will work for you is the solution isn't it. If. You dull it you, somehow, crippling, yourself isn't it in. Some. Way you dull the system maybe. You think it's temporary, but, if you dull the system, in.

Some, Way you crippling, yourself if. Crippling, yourself is a solution, depth, is a better solution. Isn't. It yes. Or no. If. Taking. A little bit of the brain is a solution, blowing, your brains out he, is definitely a better solution more efficient. This. Happened I I. Was. Teaching a program, in India and. Somebody. Stands. Up and she introduces herself she says I have come from Singapore in, the last two years I committed. Suicide five times I, said. Stop. At. This. Level of inefficiency, you are not getting anywhere. If. You in some way think, by. Dulling. The system, you will be better off which. The world is practicing, large-scale, now, you're saying in New York City it's 90 percent I don't think so. But. It's. Getting there rapidly. Getting. There in that direction. Drink. Will lose its. Mmm. Draw. After, sometime more. Efficient, things will come slowly. All. Things, will get legalized, when they can't control it anymore, please notice. Everything. Will get legalized, the moment they can't control it they'll feel it's, better to tax it and run the nation rather than. Investing. Too much on policing, these, things. So. When these things happen, it, is a question of crippling the human being in some way yes. It gives pleasure. If. You take off the brain maybe you can just float around in total, utter peace. But. All possibilities. Are also gone isn't named so. This is happening, to us because. We have not. Understood. The fundamentals. Of how to exercise. Our own intelligence. We. Have learned how to make a living we, have learned how to do things we, have learned how to go to the moon or even beyond. But. We. Have still not figured, how. To manage, our own system. Isn't, it even. If you have a spacecraft. This. Is more complex than that. Yes. Or no this. Is far more complex. Than that and. This. Does not mean when I say this I am not just I mean all of your doctors maybe you're thinking of exploring. Me pathologically. We. Are not talking about just lungs. Liver kidney, heart spleen. Whatever. All. This came from with him see, you. Eat a piece, of bread in the morning, you. Know two hours this bread becomes human body you. Know as doctors, how complex, each one each, part of the bodies that, you know it is so complex that is why today if you have to go to a medical check-up we have to go to fifty different doctors, because, for 50 different parts of the body. Slowly.

As You look at it closer and closer you are realizing it's too complex, for one person to grasp the entire thing isn't it yes. Or no just, 32, teeth people. Are taking nine years to understand, what's happening in the mouth and they still don't know. Yes. Or no, yes. Just. Two, teeth. Only. Thirty-two nine. Years of study, and still. We know we don't know all of it you, know we, know pretty well but not all of it isn't it so. You are realizing it's so complex, but. This. Complex, mechanism. With what are you manufacturing, you, eat a piece of bread you, eat a banana you eat an apple you eat whatever you want within. A few hours it becomes this so, there is an intelligence, here there. Is an intelligence, here which, can make a banana and you human being yes, or no, suppose. I took a banana in my hand and transformed this into your human being who do you think I am. Where. Did you see a magician, who made a banana and you human being. What. Is this. Only. Creator could do this isn't it but. Every one of you are doing this everyday only. Thing is you're doing it unconsciously. If. Only, a drop. Of this intelligence, entered, your life in a conscious form, you. Would live magically. Not. Miserable, life. Wouldn't be a struggle, it. Would be an ecstatic. Breeze. This. Happened, in. 1924. There. Was a bishop. In Istanbul. Who. Is from the Orthodox. Greek community, you. Know the Orthodox Greek community, have, their own Pope in Istanbul. They. Believe they're the only real Christians, the rest are. Now. Good. So. They have their own Pope and they have their own stuff going being. In the Silk Route. Exotic. Stories, from India, keep, wafting, across the Bosphorus, too, often so. He heard so many magical, stories. And. He. Always wanted, to go to India but. Being. A man of cloth he couldn't decide where he goes so. When, he was over sixty years of age when he semi-retired. He. Got the opportunity to, come to southern India. So. His longing was to meet a yogi, he wants to meet a mystic, a genuine. One not the tourists. Who came to Istanbul. And claimed he. Wants to meet a real one so. Somebody told him you go up this mountain and they gave him some landmarks, there, in front of a cave there will be a yogi, sitting that's, a man you looking for so. He found his way up he was not built for mountains so, he huffed and puffed and went up mountain, is one place where you can't deceive yourself of your age. So. When there then he saw this, yogi was sitting here eyes closed blissed-out. So. He went and they had told him if you see a Indian yogi you must prostrate, so, he went down he was not built for that either, with, great difficulty, he went down and huffing and puffing you set, up again, hearing. All this commotion the yogi opened his eyes and smiled. Immediately. The bishop asked, can. I ask your question. The. Yogi laughed and said by all means why. Not, so. The bishop asked, what. Is life. This. Is after 60 you know. You. Should have asked this Christian when you were eight, if. You missed it out at least by sixteen. What. What. Is life you must ask now isn't it. But. What to do better. Late than never so he, asked, what. Is life, when. He asked this question, the, yogi went into raptures. And. Then he said life. Life. Is like the. Fragrance of jasmine, upon. The gentle, spring breeze. Fragrance. Of jasmine upon. Gentle, spring breeze no. Our teacher, told us life. Is like a thorn, once. It gets into you if, you stand it hurts if you sit it hurts it light on it hurts. You. Are saying it is like fragrance. Of a Jasmine upon, gentle, spring breeze what. Is this he asked the. Yogi laughed and said well that's his life. The. Experience. Of your life is entirely. Generated, from, within is that so. What. Is being generated, from within, must. Be happening your way. Must. Happen your way isn't it but, right now just, about anybody, can make you happy make you unhappy make, you miserable make, you frustrated make, you angry make, you so many things. This. Means you are in a very deep, state of slavery. Somebody. Decides, what should happen within you not, even around you what. Should happen within, you somebody, decides. This. Is a terrible state to be in isn't it because. We. Have not taken charge of this fundamental thing.

Something. So tremendous has been given to us but. We are busy. We. Read one piece here, one piece there we read. Want. It bit from this scripture another, tidbit from that scripture, and self-help, book this book that book all, tidbits. But. It's. Not working here and there in small way. On. A certain day a bull. You. Know boo a. Bull. Was grazing. Chomp. Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp. Slowly. Green grass led him into deep. Into the jungle he, went deep inside. There. There was a lion. Who. Was past. His prime and, he was having. Be hunting, in the. Jungle. Because the animals are fast and he is getting slow. Then. He saw after. Many weeks of grazing this bull had become nice and fat, he. Saw this nice fat bull his mouth watered. He. Stalked. Him found. The right moment pounced. Upon him killed. Him and ate him up stomach. Became full. With. Great satisfaction he. Rolled. There. Were a few hunters passing, by they heard this roar they, tracked the lion down and shot him dead, the. Moral of the story is when you're so full of bull you should not open your mouth. So. The. Fundamental, thing is at, least, at. Least we, must come to this what. I know I know what. I do not know I do not know this, is ok. Can. We come to this much sincerity, what, I know I know what, I do not know I do not know is it ok, no. No right now the thing is whatever, I don't know I believe. Whatever. I do not know I believe, once. You believe you. Get enormous, confidence. Without. Clarity. Confidence. Without clarity, is the biggest, disaster on this planet. Human. Beings who don't have clarity, must. At least have humility, and hesitation, in them, no. Clarity but. They have confidence, oh, because. See. The nature of human intelligence is, like this if you do something stupid right, now tonight. Your. Intelligence, will bother you why did I do this this, is the nature of human intelligence but. If your stupidity, scripture, endorsed, or God. Endorsed, then. You can do the same mediatek, things with utter confidence. You. Don't have to turn back and look it, doesn't matter what, is the result of your actions how horrendous it, is but, you can go on doing it because, God.

Has Endorsed, your stupidity. Can. We come to this much at least all of your doctors, you must come to this what I know I know what, I do not know I do not know is it ok because. I, do, not, know is it tremendous, possibility. When. You see truly, when you genuinely, see I do not know the. Longing, to know and. Seeking. To know and the possibility, of knowing becomes, real in your life, otherwise. Everything. I do, not know I believe, you. Can believe anything, if. We work hard enough on you we. Can make you believe just about anything yes. From. Your childhood if you work on you we, can make you believe anything right, from your childhood if I go on telling you my, little finger is God if I raise this little finger divine, emotions, will genuinely, overflow, within you yes or no if. You feel this is too bad I can dress it up you. Can. Do some things. This. Happened I was speaking to a group of people in Nashville in Tennessee, Tennessee. People. And. I was just telling them a joke in. The joke I refer. To God as him. Immediately. This few ladies stood up and said do you believe God is a manager, I. Was. Only telling you a joke. They. Said it doesn't matter you said him do you believe God is a man. Now. This is a big issue in, some. Of the southern, churches, in America, is God a man or woman they're trying to settle in this election of course but. Is. God a man or a woman he is going to become a serious, issue in America, in the coming years once the president is on. But. In India, we have no such problems, we. Have a man God we have a woman God we have a elephant God we have a cowboy we have a snake God we have a crawling one we have a creeping, one we have a flying one every. Kind. Because. We are a very wise culture. We. Foresaw, all the future problems, that may occur, who. Knows who will claim tomorrow what I. Was. I was just two, weeks ago I was in Uganda. You. Know there was you, know ganda there was this some, of you come from there oh yeah. I was, in a band of two weeks ago and. He. The Amin declared God is black I. Agree. With him because. If a white man can have a white god why can't a black man have a black court, what's the problem. But. These people don't know, because. They've never seen God you know they. Saw only the messenger sons, and stuff in. India, we know God is brown. Yes. Because. God, Himself landed. In India nine times. You. Know this nine. Others nine times, God, himself, landed, in India himself, not. His son not his messenger, himself. Indians. Indians. Are always very proud of this God. Came himself to India to other places he sent messengers. So. I. Wait. Wait wait so. I keep, I keep reminding. Them that is because, God. Wouldn't, trust anybody, with indiana's. He. Wanted, to he. Wanted to do the job hands-on. So. He himself, came nine times, and failed. Nine. Or ten times debatable. But failure, is not debatable. Isn't. It. So. We. Can believe what we want our, beliefs, may have something to do with our cultural, value, we. Can wear our culture. We. Can culture. Is the colour of our life we, can wear our culture, we can be proud of it we can enjoy it but, culture, is not a tool for. Seeking truth. Culture. Is not an efficient, rule because. What. You do today, whatever. Nonsense, you do today is, tomorrow's, culture, yes or no whatever. Nonsense they did yesterday is, today's culture. Culture. Is never a conscious, process, to. Some extent, maybe the. Rest is all. Hotspots, of all kinds, of things that many people did isn't it so. Do. You believe that all of you consciously, creating, tomorrow's culture, are. You. Not. At all whatever. Nonsense you do your children will pick it up and they'll do it little differently, isn't it. So. Culture, is not a conscious - culture. Is doesn't have sharp edges it, is just like that simply. Evolving, like an amoeba, in. Various, forms in. Vari everybody. In, this room full of people each. Person, will have their own understanding. Of what is Indian, right now yes. Or no and, you're, free to have that because, it.

Is You who making the culture you're the producers, of culture, this. Is not an instrument of truth. But. If, you do not know the truth about your own nature, how can you conduct this well only, by accident when. You conduct, something so sophisticated. By accident. Anxiety. Is natural, isn't it everybody, is a client you can put that up in your. Practice. Psychiatrist. Everybody, is a client I. Was. Just joking we started many, cremation crematoriums. Because the, conditions, were very bad in southern India he has started many crematoriums, people, are such good worship, the what should be the byline. So. We called it kyon 'the Astana that means where the body ends. By. Line I said put it everybody, is a customer, I. Don't. Do any market, development, just wait. Everybody. Will come one day. You. Don't have to do any marketing, anyway. They will come present, it so, madness. Is also going to become like this that. Almost everybody. Is a client. If. You get angry you say I'm mad at you isn't, it you're admitting it. But. Without doctors, help you are able, to come back to reasonable, states but. You are flying off one. Day when you cross the line if you cannot come back then, you're clinically, ill. Yes. But. Otherwise also you will if. You do not know how, to manage your own thought, if you do not know how, to manage your emotion if your, intelligence. Does not function for, you it, functions, against, you would you term this kind of madness. Maybe. There are not enough couches, for all of you so we let you lose on the street. But. It's happening, isn't it, so. Especially. All of you being in medical profession. I would. Plead. With you you, must invest, some time upon, yourself. If. You believe if. You believe that, the work that you're doing is important, the, most important, thing is you work upon yourself. Because. Nobody. Can produce anything. Beyond, themselves. You. Only your work is only an expression of what you are nothing, more than you can ever happen unless you, enhance, this. What. You do can never be enhanced. Enhancing. This means there, are many ways to look at it I'll put it very simply considering. That I have to catch a plane. See. When we say intelligence, today, because. Of English, language and. The. So-called modern. Education, the. Kind of education, that most of us have gone through is, just, education. Which was designed to produce obedient. People. Not. Intelligent. People it, was not designed to cultivate geniuses. It, was designed to curb your genius and make, you into obedient, person so. That you can take orders, from Her Majesty's, service. Yes. Essentially, it was created for that purpose. Maybe. You're useful in some job but. It will not allow you as a human being to really blossom to, create something it. Is created, for mass production, of something. Whatever, that is there, are some interests goals, set up by other people, how, to produce nuts, and bolts for that large machine, that we have created is, how, the education, is structured, this, is not cultured. For, individual. Enhancement, this, is not cultured, for see if you are looking at anyway. Children, schools, are called nurseries. Isn't. It a nursery. Means, what humans. Provide conducive. Soil, for, this plant to grow its fullest, possibility, this. Is the aspiration, for every life. Whether it's an earthworm, or a. Grasshopper. Or a tree, or a bird or an animal, all. Of them are aspiring, to become full-fledged life, isn't, it. But. The problem is we, know what is a full-fledged grasshopper. We. Know what is a full-fledged earthworm, we, know what is a full-fledged bird we, don't know what is a full-fledged, human being. Because. For the human being. For. Every other creature there are two lines which Nature has drawn within, that they live and die for. The human being there is only bottom, line there is no top line.

Because. There is no top line, people. Are suffering. Or. In other words what. You're suffering is not your bondage, as people are telling you what your, suffering, is your freedom. Because. Nature has left you free you, can be anywhere you want right now see, if you if, you were born as a tiger, you wouldn't have this confusion, you know you. Won't sit and worry will, I become a good tiger, or not. If. You eat. Enough, food you will become a good tiger. There. Is no confusion will, I end up as a pussycat, will I become, a great tiger there's, no such problems, for a tiger there. Is no such problem for any other creature because. For all of them two lines are fixed you eat well you will become that, but. You eat well this, will not become that. This. One has come without a top line so, you it is left to you to determine what, this should become, when. Such a freedom life has offered to us. This. Is the greatest possibility, upon. This planet at least of the life that we have seen this, is the greatest possibility, isn't it instead. Of exploring, it we trying to fix it all the time this is this this is that we. Are trying to fix the top line but. Tell me whatever. You are right now would you like to be something more you. Must. Tell me right now otherwise I will bless you. If. That something more happens what. You. Want something more if that happens what more. So. You. Seem to be wanting to expand, an installment, slowly. So. Let's say I will make you the king or queen of this planet. Don't. Look at me hopefully. Does. It look like I'm going to commit such a blunder today, no. Suppose. You become the king or queen of this planet, will you be fulfilled, I'm asking. You. Will look at the Stars isn't, it yes. Or no this. Is the nature of the human being because. You are not looking for more you're. Looking for all and. All. Cannot, happen physically, if, you're. Looking for all, this. Means you're looking for a boundless, goal, and, in. Finite go you. Are looking at infinity, and going. In installments, this. Is a terrible crippling process. Yes. You're, looking at the infinite, your goal is in finite, nature but, your approaches installments.

Can, You count one two three four five quickly, and arrive at infinity. One day, you. Will only become endless counting, isn't it. So. If you're longing for something in finite, this. Means you're longing for something without boundaries. You're, longing for without something without boundaries, means you, cannot approach, it with, a dimension. With boundaries, when I say dimension, with boundaries, see. Everything. Physical, physical. Is possible, only if, there is a defined boundary, isn't it, now. This, we call a physical body because. It has a defined boundary if we, pull out all the boundaries then. This is no more physical isn't, it, physicality. Is, a consequence. Of boundaries. But. There is something, within you, longing. To become boundless. If. This longing to become boundless, if you give it an unconscious. Expression, if it, finds a very basic, physical. Express, we. Call the sexuality, all. You are trying to do is something, that is not you who you're trying to make it a part of yourself it. Seems to work for a moment and after that it doesn't if. You find an emotional, expression, for this we, call this love this. Again the same thing something, that is not you you're, trying to make it a part of yourself, if. It finds a mental expression, it gets labeled, as greed ambition. Conquest. Or simply, shopping. If. It, finds a conscious, expression. Generally. We used to call it yoga but in New York City. Little. Afraid to use that word because immediately all of you start. What. People are doing in the Time Square even my start I start doing it right here it's just next door no. Yoga does not mean twisting, and turning your body, yoga, means you, learnt how to obliterate. The boundaries, of your individuality. You. Learned how to erase. Why. Should i erase not. That you should erase because, there is no boundary, it is only your. Psychological, structure. Which is giving your boundary right. Now when you sit here. You. Are absolute, isn't it this, is me that's you 100%, but. Try. This and see close your mouth hold your nose like this for a minute. You. Will know that this. Is not absolute, this, has to. Transact. Continuously, isn't, it what. You exhale the trees are inhaling what the trees exhale you are, inhaling. If you. Stop this transaction or in other words for, those of you who are pulmonologist. One, half of your lungs is actually hanging out there on the tree isn't it. One. Half of your lungs is out there because, this cannot function without that. Now. This. Is not just on the respiratory, level, every, subatomic, particle. In this body is in constant transaction. With everything, in this cosmos, otherwise. This cannot exist for a moment so. Here we are sitting, on a round planet and the damn thing is spinning on top of it and in, the middle of nowhere you don't know where it begins where it ends here we are sitting, and doing all this talking. Obviously. A million, forces, that you don't even understand. Are keeping. You in place isn't it yes, or no, if. You don't know you, go up a mountain or, dive into the water you will understand, what I am saying if. You go up a mountain your brains will fill up with water if. You go down your. Blood. And brain will become full of air, all. That's happened is little change in pressure so. The whole lot of forces even. Managing, and keeping, you in place and in, one. Piece isn't, it if. All the pressure is taken out we may become bits and pieces too. Much pressure we may become something else not, just pressure on, a million. Different ways this. Is right now being supported. By too many things you're, on life support I am saying. Constantly. Otherwise, this cannot last by itself, so. Anyway. There is no boundary, for, this life to exist the life within no space even. The body knows this only, your mind doesn't know this.

Your. Mind thinks you're an absolute creature, by yourself. So. When you consciously erase, this boundary, in your mind this. Means you, can sit here and experience. Everything as yourself, if, everything. In. The universe you begin to experiences. Myself then. We say you're in yoga, or. We say you're a yogi this, means a union. Has happened, you have successfully, erased. What is the use of this this, means. There. Are different dimensions of intelligence, within us unfortunately. Our education, systems, are, using, only one aspect of it which is called the intellect. In. Yoga, we, identify. 16. Dimensions. To human mind. These. 16 dimensions. Are seen, as four parts, we will look at these four parts this, is called as body ahankara, Monessen cipta, Buddha. Means intellect. Intellect. Must be sharp otherwise it won't work, but. It is the sharpness of the intellect, which is cutting you up every day. Not. Because intellect, is a bad thing if you don't have a steady hand a sharp knife is a problem, isn't it. Why. We don't give a knife to, a child's, hand is not because the knife is dangerous because, a child doesn't have a steady hand. In. The last 24, hours what do you think have knives saved, more lives or, taken more lives. Surgeons. Please tell me. So. She is saying because we are all here they are all saved. It. Has saved many lives in a few irresponsible hands. It might have taken some lives but. Knife, is not dangerous, sharper. It is the better it is hello. Yes. So, intellect, is not the problem, sharper. It is the better it is an, unsteady, platform, then. It starts cutting you up it, either cuts other people are cut you up. The. Next dimension of the intelligence, is called ahankara ahankara. Does not mean ego as most people think it, is the identity, because. The nature of the identity, the certainty, of the identity. Determines. How you intellect. Functions right. Now I say I am a man. The. Stronger, I said the. More my intellect, will try to protect my masculine, nature if. You say I'm a woman it will start protecting that if I say I'm an Indian need to start protecting that if I say an American it, protects that to what extent, even. To the extent even, if it costs my life its. Okay but. My Indian s or my american-ness. Or my manliness, must be protected at any cost, this, is what a hunk ARRA does to you because, the identity, how you take the identity there. Is an entire system, of education in, India which. Is about training. A child how. He, should groom, his ahankara, his. Identification, how. He should groom it in such a way that it is beneficial, for him and beneficial. For everybody around him how to groom, once. Identification. There is a whole process, unfortunately. We've given up everything we. Get stuck to something or Dada so. Identity, is the hand which holds. The. Knife of the intellect, how, steady, it is how subtle it is we'll determine what the knife will do.

Now. This, is rooted, in what, is referred to as Manas, Manas. Means it's a huge silo, of memory. Memory. We recognize, memory, as eight different. Dimensions, of memory starting. From evolutionary, memory genetic, memory and conscious, memory conscious, memory and many, other aspects. Of it eight different dimensions, of memory when, I say, all. These different types of memory I'm. Sure, you don't remember how. Your. Great-great-great. Great-grandfather. A grandmother, look like yes. You. Don't remember that but. Their noses are sitting on your face right now. So. No your. Body remembers, 100%. Yes. Or no it. Even remembers the skin tone of your, great-grandmother, you. Might not have seen her you, may not remember but. It remembers, everything so, the amount of memory that every, cell in the body carries, is, a trillion, times more than what your mind can ever carry. We. Are thinking intellect, is everything, and thought processes, become everything, because this. Is, this. Is a European mess-up that happened to the entire world. Somebody. Said I. Think. So I am. Know, because, you are you may think. Yes. Or no which. Is first I'm asking you because. You are you, may think because. You become a such, a mental, diarrhea, that. All. The time thought is flowing you think, thought is even before you. Not. Because you think you are because. You are you. May think, like if. I want I move my hand where I want, I should. Be able to move mine mine where I want when I don't want I must be able to hold it here isn't it right. Now the problem is it's become like this. All. The time if. This happened to your body you, would look ridiculous, isn't it. Even. With the mind it is the same thing your only comfort, is others cannot see it. Yes. It's. Equally ridiculous, you, are you're, comfortable, because you think the person next to you cannot see it but if they pay enough attention they, can they. Can't believe me. Now. The, Manas is a silo, of memory, if you cut, off the connection, between the memory and the. Intellect, your, intellects fields suddenly useless. If it is not empowered, by memory. See. People lose their memory their, intellect is still intact but it's no use because. There is no memory so. These, are worth three dimensions, and the fourth dimension is called as Cheeta Cheeta. Is a dimension, of intelligence within, you unsullied. By memory there is no iota, of memory, in this what. Memory means is. Memory. Is the way you. Are setting up your boundaries. With. Memory you recognize, this is my friend oh I don't know who this is, that, is my relative I don't know who that is you're. Establishing. The boundaries, of your life with, your memory, everything. That you remember sits, a boundary for you isn't it you, remember, this is my country now, it's it's a boundary for you you remember this is my father, it sets a boundary for you you remember this is my husband, sets a boundary for you this is my child sets a boundary for you there. Is a diamond, intelligence. Within you which, is unsullied, by memory, if, you touch your chitta. In. The yogic law in. A very mischievous way, it, is said if. You touch. Your chitta god, becomes your slave. Because. The. Dimension, of intelligence which. Is capable of making a banana into your human being, if. It became a conscious, process you. Would definitely live, magically, isn't it other, people will think you're superhuman, but. I am Telling You this. Is what it means to be human to eat, sleep, reproduce. And die you. Don't have to commit such a complex, mechanism. Another. One. If. Peace, is the highest goal you. Must come as a earthworm and it's, very eco-friendly. All. Its aspirations are 100%, ecologically. Sensitive isn't, it, yes. Or no. If. You if you have a question, please. Yes. Namaskar. I'm sorry I have. A question about medicine, and law. In. My. Opinion a lot of physicians, make medical decisions with fear of the legal system and malpractice, suits. This. Fear affects, the physician-patient relationship and. Increases, healthcare costs. For. Example I know I've ordered some tests, for patients based on this fear and I've seen other physicians, do the same so. Can you please speak on physicians legal. Responsibility. In taking care of someone else's health and, what. Can physicians, as individuals, and as a social collective. Do. To overcome this fear. In. Ancient, India, it was always said, there. Are three things which. Should never be commercialized. Education. Health. And spiritual. Process. The. Moment you commercialize. These three things, they. Will take. The society, in a completely, different direction.

When. I say completely, in a different, action. People. Are telling me I have. No way to check the statistics they're, telling me the, food industry, on the planet is. Seven, point six trillion dollars. The. Pharmaceutical, industry, is seven point two trillion dollars, by. The end of 2017. They're. Saying the pharmaceutical, industry, will be well, about the. Food industry. This. Doesn't, look like we are creating, health on the planet right. We're. Eating more medicine, than food doesn't. Mean that we're doing great. Obviously. So. Somewhere, we've gone little off the rails and. I'm. Sure I know. What I say is not going to be very popular yeah, all. Of you have taken, a percent note isn't, it so. Your commitment, is to help, your. Commitment, is not to legal systems, your. Commitment, is to health and life of the person who sits in front of you at that moment or usually, they lie in front of you probably. Your. Commitment, is to that life and the well-being of that life. If. Legal, systems are such right now people are exploiting it in many, different ways for their own advantages. Let. It be so one, or two will suffer I know but. Suppose all, of you practice, medicine as it should be for the well-being of the patient I'm sure most, of the time that's your concern, but, sometimes, legal. Systems, other things take over if. You ignore those things undo it suppose half, of you have. Liability. Look. Cases, against, you then, they have to change the law right. Now only one or two percent are under the liability, so they won't change the law I'm saying, you, must become a majority. Then. The law will change obviously. But. Medical. Systems, healthcare. Your. Education, and the. Capability. To meddle, with somebody's. Life all this was given to you with. A trust, that. You will always keep the well-being, of that person above everything else let's. Keep it that way please. You.

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