Sadhguru at IIM Ahmedabad (Full Video)

Sadhguru at IIM Ahmedabad (Full Video)

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Today we have with us a man who needs no introduction as I would invite the crowd I will. Dive. Right into the questions shall. I say something but shortly. Well. The. Question is definitely. There in a lot of people's mind why a moment. Like this how. This came about. In. The last 36. Years that, I have been active with people. There's. One constant, refrain from, people, thousands. Of people have asked me the same question that. Is. That. Grew when I was 20, where the hell were you you. Came, when I'm 60. If. You came when I was 20 I would have done this that and something else. I've. Been hearing, this from so many people continuously. So. We thought we will step out and talk, to people who are below 25, years of age and. That's. Why you turn truth and, the. Fundamental, of this is. See. What we call his life, this. Life you, may have so many ideas, about it so. Many emotions, and thoughts about it but. Essentially, this life is a certain, combination, of time. And energy we. Have a certain amount of time and a certain amount of energy. Time. Is rolling away for all of us, if. You sit here it rolls if you do something it rolls if you sleep it rolls if you're awake it rolls, whether. In. Wakefulness, or sleep in, work or laziness. With. Your way in dynamism, or lethargy time. Is rolling for everybody. In. Tamil, there's. The, term that is used for death is kala mai tongue it, means his time got over such, an appropriate, description. After, all, that's all that happened time got over, so. Time is getting over for all of us as we. Sit here it's, not the clock which is ticking it. Is our life, which is ticking away, you. Cannot control it you can't slow it down you can't roll it back no choice about this it, rolls forward for all of us no matter what we do what we don't do, but. Energy, is something we can manage when. We talk about energy, this. Segment, of life that, we refer to as youth, when. You are in this segment of life your. Energy, as is, at its highest exuberance. Most. Youth do not understand, this they. Think they are going to be like this for always, you. Just have to pay attention to, the old people, they were not born like this. They. Were also, used. Slowly. You. Know volume. Gets little down not me. Otherwise. Slowly, the intensity, of energy volume, gets lower and lower if. You just observe how they sit and stand and walk you. Must know you're going to get there very. Fast actually. So. When. Your energies are at their peak. If. Only if you brought little more clarity, and. Balance. Into your system. Well. This. Energy could work for you in a miraculous, way. This. Exuberant energy can, do, wonders, in human life, or, it. Can cause disasters. In human life the. Same enthusiasm and, energy has. Taken people's lives, I am saying, this because I, grew. Up in, 60s. And 70s. By. The time they were 35, at. Least, 12. For sure other - I think they also went. By that way. 12. To 14 people that, I knew and who were dear to me they, all died before their 35, years of age, simply. Somebody overdose, somebody, drank themselves to death somebody, killed, themselves on the motorcycles, somebody. Fell off the rocks. All. Kinds, of things. It. Is the same exuberant energy which, got them into these things, the. Same example, and, if it had a little more balance and clarity they, could have done wonders, but, unfortunately. This happened it's not only in terms of death it happens, in so many different ways disaster, is not always, in the form of death life. Didn't take off that itself is a disaster. So. When. You look at this see. Every human being every individual. Has. An innate genius within them the. Question, is only will. They find an appropriate, ambience, within, themselves, and around. Themselves to, unfold their genius. This. Unfortunately. In this world does, not even happen, to 1% of the population this. Is my estimate in your institution, if it is more you must tell me but, generally, in the larger population, not even 1% of, humanity, manages. To unfold, their genius, simply. Because, concerns. Of earning a living survival. Some nonsense, takes them up they fall in love. Something. Happens, either. Outside situations. Don't cooperate or inside. Situations, don't cooperate. So. What. I am looking at is, if. Only, if we can increase this percentage. Let's. Say in this generation, from 1% to 10% we. Will have a phenomenal, world because. You cannot, create a great world or a great nation, or a great society you, can only create great human, beings if you, create great human beings great. Societies, and nations and world will happen it's, a consequence. We, cannot create the consequence, but the source of this is human, genius must unfold, only. Then you, will find human beings functioning. At a level well. Beyond, what we normally consider, as normal, it. Should become normal, it's it's normal, for a flowering, plant to blossom.

Similarly. It must be normal, for a human being to unfold, and blossom their genius because, it's in it it. Is only looking for an atmosphere, where, it is possible, to do that can, we create that in the society maybe. It's a long way off but can, we at least create it within ourselves that, if, you're willing is possible, in this generation that's why I'm here with you let's, see what we can do. That. In, essence answers, the first question which we had planned for you so. But. What, we have tried to do is we have tried to so, be a representative, of the student community and we. Have taken their questions, and actually tried to divide them in themes and several. Themes have cropped up and we. Received. Theme wise during, this conversation, the, first theme that cropped up was about ethics and morality and. Even. Though this wasn't, the exact formulation of the problem there were versions of this and the, version was that, if Sadhguru could go back into the past, not because, of yogic, past but if there was a time machine and, with. Foresight. A bit. Knowledge about what happened during the world war ii would. Sadhguru, kill baby Hitler is. The first question that co-op problem. Would. I kill, the baby, Hitler. Knowing. That six million Jews could be saved. Say. Yeah. Adolf. Hitler is, a consequence. Is. Not the cause of World. War two. In. The sense. There. Has been centuries, of hatred, about. The Jewish people, it's. Not it did not suddenly crop, up because. Of Arab Hitler well, he used it politically, to do all kinds of things that's a different matter but this. Hatred has been endemic, in the population. Not. For one or two years for. Literally, eighteen. Centuries, it's. Been alive. Now. Adult. Hitler became, a representative of, that hatred and, he. Consolidated. That hatred, organized. It in such a way that it, became a mega. Disaster but. The disaster, has been unfolding. For a long time, forever. People, have been accusing Jews of being. A Jesus killer and wanting. To get them in so many ways they've been persecuted not in one way every. Generation has. Small-scale. Persecutions. Happening, in various societies across, the that, part of the world at least not here so. When. Adult Hitler came he, saw what, you are accusing of adult Hitler, his competence. Everybody. Had the same hatred, he. Organized. His hatred into a very competent. Results-oriented. Thing. Any. Number, of human beings have come who, are as much, tyrannical. As a dull fiddler fortunately. They were not as competent, I.

Don't. Know if he studied in I am. Because. His, organizing, skills are extraordinary. You. Have to look, at that if, only if he had organized, this. Not. Against, a particular community but, for the well-being of the world what a fantastic organizer, he is so. His competence, is what we'll be talking about hatred. Was there in the society, he. Organized, it and made. It into an end result of a disastrous, kind, see. In, every, generation there are tyrants, fortunately. They are important. Fortunately. They are everywhere don't. Think they are not there every day I am meeting thousands, of people you, should see what kind, of mindsets people have how. Much endemic, hatred, they have for somebody that they do not even know including. Me. People. Who have never met me people who have not had a word with me they, have so, much hatred so, what's the problem you not even seen me at. But. No. So. This endemic, hatred is bred in the society, in the form of religion, in, our society, in the form of caste creed. Ideologies. See. Everybody. Is focused in adult Hitler I am. NOT trying to belittle what he did he. Is one, man, so. Many people caused pain to each other but. He is one man who organized. Human, pain like. Nobody, else he, made a machine out of it, in. In a real organized, way like an industry, he. Did not do killing. Just for killing sake he made a killing industry, you know proper. Industry, actually they set up factories of death. So. Never before, nobody, organized, it but don't ever think, nobody. Had those intentions. Nobody, had those same emotions they had but. This man organized, so would you kill the baby Hitler no, it wouldn't help because, another guy maybe with competence, would have come up you. Never know so. What. We need to work at is, we. Need to work at as, I was telling you a culture, of peace. This. Is important, we. Never worked at culture of peace only when he explodes, in our face we, want it solved otherwise. We're just going about our business the. Way we are driving on the street is violent, alright he's. Not fast, it's. Just violent I wish, they were driving fast if, they were skilled they would be driving fast they, are unskilled, and their violent, drivers. Violence. Means you you don't mind if somebody gets hurt isn't it hello. Violence. Need not necessarily mean I'm going to throw a projectile at you I don't, care if we go get hurt, this, is violence isn't it, so.

This Is all over the place we, need to see culture, is not something, that you can build overnight. Slogans. You can build overnight, you, can do anti, demonstrations. Overnight you cannot, build a culture overnight, it takes a lifetime of dedication, to, bring that about nobody, has shown that dedication, everybody, wants immediate solution, when something explodes everybody, will scream once, it's over they go about their business so. It, is very important. I want you, to understand, adult, Hitler's can be born just about anywhere, just. About anywhere because, the culture, of, disliking. And hating other people who are not like you is. So. Rooted in the society, it's, just a question of he, must do an MBA here. I'm. Giving, compliments to the institution, it's not. Completely. Edit but the main issue over here so is that you tackle the root causes rather. Than manifestations. Of the yes, exactly. So consequences. Cannot be dealt with it, is the process we need to address. So. The youth of today have a bit. Of confusion about the whole spirituality. We. Believe, that the basic tenants, of humanity, like. Justice, equality fraternity, should. Be enough, to, be a better human being and if, you are a better human being and if, you are happy by yourself, does. There is there really room for spirituality. Please. Repeat those three values. Justice. Equality and fraternity. Justice. Equality, and fraternity I, want. You to understand, this, these. Are wonderful, thoughts, but. With horrible results, on this planet. Because. People. Who talked about this. Well. Marx. Spoke, about it angle spoke about it. Joseph. Stalin spoke about it. But. Joseph Stalin. Killed three times more than adequately. Am. I correct on the number or your disputing up not, disputing, the number. Will. Come to that I am. Saying you. Can carry any number of values. But. You will see people will learn to subvert their own values, in so many ways depending, upon how much pressure is put upon them, so. Instead of morality. Instead. Of. This. Kind of moral structures. It. Is better that, we fall back on our humanity which is more reliable and always there. If. We want to fall back in humanity, if you'll give me a couple of minutes ok. So. What is it that is setting as a part why is it I must, think that, there must be fraternity, because first of all I think you and me are separate, now, I am trying to build Brotherhood, isn't, it so, first. Of all I think the. Way you are is. Whatever. Now I am trying to include you but for, how did you come to this you, have come to this simply. With little bit of accumulated. Information in. Your mind the data that you carry which, is your thought process your entire thought process is coming from limited, data, now. This data is, the feed for, your intellect, because. You understand, somewhere, maybe, not. Articulated. In your own mind but, you fundamentally, understand, the, nature of your intellect, is it. Will always make you under separate, because. That, is the nature of the intellect only. Because the intellect is functioning, you have a discriminatory. Mind, that you can discriminate, that, is him this is me otherwise. You won't be able to discriminate the other, dimensions. Of intelligence, which is in human being are all unifying, in nature. Instead. Of going into those dimensions, of intelligence, and functioning, you, are using your intellect if I ask you a simple question, would, you like your intellect, to be sharp or blunt. You. Must choose I'm going to bless you right now. You. Want it sharp. Because. Intellect. Is a cutting instrument. So. You use a knife to put, people together you. Will. Leave it in tatters believe me, you. Use a knife to cut things that's. Fine to. Handle material aspects of life you use a knife because, you want distinction, when. You handle people if you use a knife maybe. With the best intention, you will still cause. Enormous, damage. This. Is the unfortunate. Manifestation. Of the. Principle, of communism, there, is no more compassionate.

Expression, Of humanity than communism do you understand you. Can you can tell there. Is actually, in philosophy there, is no more compassionate. Expression. Because. Everybody. According, to their need not, according to their greed is a fantastic, idea but. Wherever they try to implement, it what. Happened, was, enormous, violence simply. Because it's an intellectual idea, and the. Intellect can only cut, if. You try to sue with a knife, everything. Becomes status this. Has happened repeat, again, and again but, there's another dimension of intelligence within you I will skip in, yoga we look at human, intelligence as sixteen parts I will, not go into it the, last part of intelligence, is referred, to as Chitra. What. This means is an intelligence. Without an iota, of memory, in it why, is this important, east see, you are who you are and I am Who I am only, because of the memory that you contain within you isn't it you are. Separate I am separate how that. Is one silo of memory this is another silo of memory when, I say memory it's not just what you remember and don't remember, there, is evolutionary, memory there is genetic memory there is karmic, memory this varieties, of memory the, very way you sit and stand is because of your memory yes. The, very way the shape of your nose is the tone of your skin everything, is memory so, what you call as myself is, a product, of a. Huge amount, of memory memory. Allows. You to do many things in the world but, at the same time memory. Is also my boundary, this. Is my friend this is somebody. I do not know how because, I remember this one I don't remember this one it's memory which decides, who is mine and who is not mine what, is mine and what is not mine so. There is an intelligence, within you which, is beyond memory, if. Only, if you dip into that dimension, of intelligence in. Your experience, all boundaries. Have disappeared, in the sense if you sit here right now in this hall and even, for one moment even. For one single moment if, you experienced, all these people, just. As the way we experienced the ten fingers of your hand as a part of yourself after. That do I have to tell you morality, fraternity. Equality, this that when, you see somebody as a part of yourself when you have known somebody as a part of yourself there. Is no need for any principle, or any morality this. Is what spiritual, process means spiritual. Process, means you, begin, to experience, something, beyond, your physical nature why. This is important, is physical. Nature can only happen, in defined boundaries without. A defined. Boundary, there, is no physical process isn't it this. Is my body, that is your body how, come because this is a boundary, now. This is my mind and that's your mind because, there is a boundary but, there is a dimension, of intelligence which, has no memory if you enter that dimension, you, will see that, there. Is no memory because, there is no memory but still your alert and alive because. Of that there. Is no boundaries, this can be explained in so many ways see. If you do something very intense, if you do like this and just, hold it like this you can check the experiment, just for, 20 seconds vigorously. Rub your hands together with your eyes closed. Hold. It about 3 inches away from each other. There's. Something happening between your two hands or you didn't try that you don't believe in experimentation, oh that's. Fine. Did. You did. You see something between your hands, there. Is a certain energy why, I am saying this is right. Now your definition. Of this is me and that is you has, come like this it. Is see, how do you know can we do another experiment, ok, your. Right hand it's that your left hand is, that you, yes. Yes. Touch, the chair on which you're sitting is, that you how. Do you know this what. Tells you this is me and this is not me. No. No no. There. Is sensation, here there no sensation, here isn't it essentially. It, is the boundaries of sensation, which tells you what is mean what is not me, what, spiritual, process means is you, get your life energies, into such an exuberance, that, your. Sensory, body expands. If. Your sensitive, body expands, everything, with within the boundaries of your sensation, you experience, it as myself right.

Now This water and this tumbler is definitely, not you but, if you drink it it becomes you isn't it this many kilograms how did it come something. That was outside now, is within the boundaries of your sensation, now, if all these people or within, the boundaries of your sensation, even for a moment. If. You actually experience. As a part of myself, after. That do you need morality. I. Guess. The main part was that the question. I think got lost in translation because. In, essence you guys were both talking about the same things I thought you were speaking he was picking an English wasn't, true. But translation. Is not always just language. It's also intent okay. He. Also implied, that if, people. Start, looking at other people not as other people, but, as humans, but how will you do it according. To me the. Knowledge that we are all humans, is, essential. To us see it between human, beings that. This problem happens we. All know we're humans if, you were a tiger I wouldn't fight with you in, essen again, in essence we are seeing literally the same thing which is coming from different, fronts. We. Are all humans, the, fact that certain people have not acknowledged. That we are humans now is the cause of this problem I don't think they have not acknowledged, they have acknowledged, and repaid, different, kinds of humans not, really within. A family there's a lot of fight going on brotherhood, fraternity. Equality, but. More. More. Clashes, are happening, within the four walls of a home. In, a family then between India and Pakistan believe, me. And. No you. Your little frustrated, you can ask me more questions. Huh, I'm. Generally, not frustrated. By this it's just that the. Example, which you have just given that there are more clashes which happen is it happening or not then outside, is. In. Essence first of all it is not. Essentially. Fact-based because, it, doesn't take into a it's as one an assumption of how many clashes occur. Between India, and Pakistan the, second, is it, assumes, that clashes, which are occurring within the family are.

Of The same magnitude, the. Magnitude is. Different because we are not armed. Within. The family and we. Have no intent, to kill alright, we have no intent to kill but, clashes. Are happening, isn't it emotions, are happening, of. They're happening or if you believe of everyone, as your, extension. Of your spiritual, being what, clashes, also, not say spirituality. Is not a belief that is where you're wrong, so, you think spirituality. Is one more belief like your values, your, values are made up by you spiritual. Process is not made up by if you sit here and breathe, what. We exhale the trees are inhaling what, the trees are exhaling or inhaling is. It the fact or is it my idea. It's. A fact now this fact is only intellectual, but, experientially. If you sit here and actually. Experience, one half of my lungs is actually hanging out there which is the fact if, you, experience, this after. That do I have to tell you don't cut the tree. Say. There. Is there. Is human, thought this. This whole thing comes from the fundamental that. We, have made human, thought far more important, than the reality of the existence. Human. Thought is very small, because it is just a consequence, of little data that you have in your head isn't it all, the, thought that you have he is coming from the data that you have gathered, whatever, data I have gathered whatever you have gathered whatever all of them put together have gathered is, still a miniscule. In this existence is it so hello. You. May be a PhD, but I'm asking you, is it a mini school so, with such a small, piece of information you. Are coming to conclusions, which is not right, that is why spiritual. Process, means you, don't attach, any importance, to your own thought and emotion, you. See how, to dip, into those dimensions. Of humanity, which, is not, defined, by boundaries, of your physical nature this. Is what spiritual process means spiritual.

Process Is not a belief system it, is not an ideology, it is not a philosophy, when, your experience. Of life is. Little, more than your physical nature, then. You use this corrupted, word spirituality. While. Answering the last question you talked about memory, right, so my, question is if, all we are doing so so what's your, view, should. We have an all income, and compassing. Memory or should, it be a memory less being, you, know because if we are a memory less being then, there's no concept of future and past. There's. No relation between actions. And consequences. Talk. About experience, that, doesn't exist now, how does this idea come memoryless, being. You. Talked about Sita, that. Has I said memory. Less intelligence. And, intelligence. Which is beyond memory I did, not talk about a memory less being because if there is no memory there is no individuality, of any kind, isn't it so. That's what the point is, to. Be an individual, memory, is important, but because we have memory, issues. Not memories, important, memory is the basis, of your individual, nature it. Is individualism. Important, like, being. The. Individualism. Means. Your, trying trying to make a religion, out of yourself. There. Is no individualism. It. Is a privilege though. We. Are part of everything here, if. We don't understand, this we'll get the point when people bury us that. We are a part of everything right, now we stand up see, your existence, here is like a pop up on your computer computer. Screen you pop up for two minutes and you go okay, in, the life of this planet you were just a small pop up you'll, go poop and poop that's, it. You. And me right, now when we are here we think we are this but, all this countless number of people who came before us you think they were idiots, they, were also like you and me big people but. All topsoil now isn't it so. Anyway, we. Have no individuality. Individuality. Is, an assumed thing, this. Is a great privilege creation, is given as though we, are part of everything we, are allowed to experience, life as an individual, how fantastic, it is we, are greatly greatly. You. Know grateful. To, this process, because. It allows a little bit of individuality for this fewer years, that we here these, years in the life of this planet is really nothing two seconds, they calculate, something after. The billion years whatever it's been here so. If two-second pop-up, assumes. Individualism. What is that. It's. A privilege that we have some, sense. Of individual, experience, otherwise, we would have no experience if there was no memory ok. So, if you dip into cheetah does. My individuality, completely. Vanish, no. When, you dip into it it gives you an experience beyond, the boundaries of your individuality. Because. Of the sea you are in this country or an Indian but, can you travel out, if. You travel out you are not an Indian anymore, still. Am you still not just, the same way I am still, the same person but, I am no more limited, by the boundaries, of my physiology and my psychological, structure anymore this. Gives me a larger, sense of experience. We. Want to the, mythology.

So. We. Know that. Eliot, was written by Homer right, a blind. Guy he. Wrote that there are 14 thousand horses. But, since we know that he could not have seen it for himself we. Believe that there is some sort of. Historical. You. Know storytelling. Going on there. Would. You say but but nowadays all. The scriptures. Religious, scriptures are taken as gospel, so, should we also believe that there, is myth. Making in in, the Ramayana in Mahabharata. And that. Taking, them as gospel rather, than just work of literature is wrong, I I, don't, see anybody taking Ramayana. And Mahabharata is a gospel. They. Cannot because, they'll. Get freaked out with confusion. Because. There are all kinds, of people in Mahabharat, the. Best sort of men the worst sort of men in between every kind of man and woman is, their hundred thousand characters, how can you make a gospel, out of it, so. You said storytelling. I I don't know if you've seen the byline of youth in truth not, the seriousness of gospel, but the playfulness of gossip because gossip, has always been reliable. Know. At, any time in history nobody, went by the official, version whatever. The official version came people asked, around with their friends and relatives what happened when, five people said five different things people learnt, out of their wisdom to, extract, some truth out of the gossip. But people always relied, more on the gossip than the official version isn't it so it's not just today always however. Given, that this gossip, can lead to a transformation, of this truth to, an extent, where it's lost forever do. You think that's troubling. See. First, of all you're questioning, did it actually happen right so. We are saying that the, same argument which you have given is the, argument which is usually used these days to say that. Buildings. Which were constructed by the Mughals were actually. Not, mobile. I hope. Okay. However. That's was it being misinterpreted, completely. Now. Say. If, you come further south, people. Are questioning whether, Rama existed, or not, okay. This. Is a just a question of poor, memory. When. The entire nation, has been talking about it for thousands, of years, now. The problem, is your trust, in printed, word is more, than the spoken word that is the whole problem but. You must understand, this is a rural culture, we always transmitted, most significant.

Things Orally, you may, you may think it's insignificant. Because it's not written but. Anybody can write it down people. Have written it down now now it's a printed word but. Now somebody, questions, did Rama exist, or not not. In one place in entire culture, when everybody, is talking about the same story with minor variations, here and there it. Could not have been just made up by all the people since I guess I guess his point was also by bringing in the Iliad example, the same that the. War, on Troy did, happen but, the fact that Homer, says that fourteen thousand horses were there is, clearly not truth maybe, not maybe ROM did exist but. Other. Facts. Which are hardly, aware, after, all Indians, we, we. Invented, zero. We. Have certain freedom in using number of zeros we're. Taking liberty with that don't. Say. See. Whether whether, six seven thousand years ago whether hundred, thousand, men fought or ten. Thousand men fought doesn't. Make a difference the. Way the story is said in this country, is not for, its facts, but, for its truth. You're. Trying to bring out a certain truth the. Fact of it whether a hundred thousand men for ten thousand men what what does it matter you don't have to manage that war today each over. So. The important, thing is what is there for me to learn from that all right if. If, that's a question mark we can go ahead with that I guess that was his point itself, that when you look at religious texts as you. Would learn they don't call them religious, texts this is nation's. History. So. Let's say if you look at another piece of literature you. Would derive, learnings, from it literature, is different histories, different. Literature. Literature. Can be friction. History. Is written in. A dialectical. Way so. That it's, always relevant for you I am, saying 6,000, years ago whether a man existed, or not what's my problem. Unless. He has something to contribute to my life today isn't it however, if history has been written and the facts of the history are not clear, see. This is what I am saying the. Fact is like this. Suppose. 6,000. Years ago Rama. Had. A wife whose, name was not Sita what's, my problem. You're. Not questioning whether the name was, not only the name I am saying okay, he was not his father's, name was not that it was something else he was somebody else what does it matter very even question the sequence of events over here you. Can see. Sequence. Of events also you can question but what I am asking is a 6,000. Year old drama, if. It got a little mixed up it, is not your problem the problem, is just this is, there something. For us to get from that, that's. All the thing is now, why, we are worshipping Rama in this country, is he's. Not a super success. He. Is a serial disaster, if you look at it yes. Even. Today is having real estate issues that's why you brought this up. But. It. Is not today alone it's. Not today alone right from, the beginning of his life he's in trouble and trouble and trouble and trouble, he's. Rightfully, a king, he. Is coronated, at the age of 17, or 18 he. May marry a. Princess, and, within, a 1 or 2 years he's.

Sent. To the forest they. Didn't go to the jungle for picnic, as. Some. Of the television serials, are showing Rama Sita doing. All that, no. It is a it. Is a like you know throwing, him out of the kingdom from his power and everything that. Itself would have shattered a man but he settled down there but. Rama is also, an insecure, person who. When. When, Sita came back to him first she sucked river he will come there don't jump first let's kidnap her no. Now. You are changing. Then. Now you are changing the sequence of things. First. Let's kidnap her all, right. Now. This, Sri Lankan people come and kidnap his wife and go away after. All after all he is a king. If. Somebody. Steals his wife and takes her away some 3,000 kilometers down south there's. No GPS to even find out where is Sri Lanka all right at, a time like that being, a king you could have found a local solution. There. Would be any number of women to marry the man he's a king, but. He. Goes in search of her not, with a big army just him and his brother like, ordinary people if. A man has to walk 3,000. Kilometres, down south not knowing where she's whether. She's alive or dead or what's happened, then. She, must mean so much to him yes, or no otherwise, why what a man walks up that, distance. Now. He. Goes there he, forms a Tamil army don't forget this and then. There. Is a fight kills. Hundreds, of people burns down a beautiful city gets. Back his wife. Comes. And settles down before, this I will tell you he goes for a year of penance in Himalayas, his. Brother asks are you crazy, this, man stole your wife and, now. You're doing penance for his death. He. Said he, had ten basic, qualities, Ramana. Killing. Those nine which were horrendous qualities, I know, penance for me no repentance for that but. He, was also a great devotee and I killed that also so. One year of penance the man goes for this, is not a. Victim. And, then he settles down and his wife is pregnant you must understand, for a king his, wife is pregnant means, it's not just about a child, it's a progeny, for his empire and the many things involved no. Sonogram, so he doesn't know whether it's a girl or a boy or boys or girls or anything but. Once again a political, situation evolves, where he has to send his wife to the forest which you are saying is in security. So. We can even begin from the first point in which after, he rescue Sita Sita. Has to sit through a fire to prove that. She, is pure. For. Whom, so. That other people will accept because, Rama cared about how people, saw Rama. When he came back a random, movie in your kingdom said. That Sita, I am NOT like Rama who will keep a woman in my house who, might have a child which is not mine, for, this Rama sends, a vicita, again. To the forest that that. Is the insecurity, you talk any point Rama wanted, his, people to love him no. No let's come to this properly. Today. In our country there are many kinds of things I'm. Asking, you do, you want a leader for this nation who, puts the people of this nation about his own family and his personal love, I'm. Asking you, or. Do you want a great rashtra at any cost to my son. You. Want a man who. Puts the. Citizens. Of this country. Above. His family this. Is not a jest another woman for him he, went and fought a battle for her walk 3,000 kilometers this is not just another woman he, is living for her but still he.

Sends Her back to the jungle when she is pregnant, knowing, fully well that it. Could be his future. For this kingdom and, he. Is putting seeds is not just about adobe this is what your mistake you're taking these things literally when, adobe said what it is being said these ordinary, people are talking like this, ordinary. People have no trust in the king that he, he's just brought some woman from somewhere and she's, made of our Queen, because, queen is, seen as a mother to, the we, don't want such a woman as our mother that's what they're saying she, went and lived with some men somewhere, this, is what the people of those times are saying so. If the King says I don't care what you think I allow my wife and keep her that. Would be not a good thing not a good administrator so. He's putting, his, people, about, somebody. That he loves very very, dearly and she's, pregnant, it's. Not a small thing for him it means a world but. Still he. Sends her to the jungle this. Should be bowed, down to this is why we bow down to the man. No. They. Say. No. No no. No why he, has something to say please so. There are different types of responsibilities. Of you as a person, as a king there are different responsibilities, and as a human, as a, family. Member you have different responsibilities. Now you can't just throw. Away your wife and send, her to a jungle, it's. It's like just objectifying. Her it's. Not treating her like another human, who's pregnant who need different. Things that have promised her different things well. Then you, are against Gautam Buddha you, are against Rama everybody. But, you need to understand, this in the right context. That is, if. This woman didn't mean anything to her he, wouldn't have traveled, down to Sri Lanka what, a battle and brought her back isn't. He. Is pride you know God he could have got a hundred, wives around him if he wished but, he went for this person who means so much to him, moving. On no, no you must see the words that he uttered. You, must see the words he uttered about Sita what she means to him how, he cried, to Lakshmana, and what he said, actions, are we more important, why are you reading all these evil intentions, in his mind that, he, did not express anywhere, he. Did not express without words we can say anything as. Far as you are concerned you, know only what you've read you, don't know anything else about his life neither me nor you all, right so. From. What you read nowhere, does it say that he was insecure. No where does it say he went for his pride no, no. No everywhere, it says very clearly let. Me tell you the, reason why he, is worshipped today though. Life, through disasters, have, two disasters at him the. Man never became resentful never. Became hateful, never became angry he, did, not become a recluse either he, went about fulfilling every, duty that he has to do with, a personal, pain and grief that he is carrying all his life the.

Man Went about doing the best he can do for, his brother of the day if, this is being accused of being as, Pride and this. There. Were strong reactions, to that question but I believe. I think that's a nice segue to the next one which is one. Why do you say it's a reaction. At. Least. You. Had once said that people should not react to injustice, but. This country, has been based, on civil disobedience, movement. Did. I say they should not react to injustice. There. Was a court of you like, what said, that, people. Should not why don't you just read the court and so forth paraphrasing, like this maybe. You read a quote was I should. Not react, to India justice. Yes. Yes. But. I did not say you should not respond, sensibly, we, we want to know why. What. Context, because, the context, is I am, differentiating, between. Human. Response, and human reaction, if. I react, I will, only cause one more injustice, right. Now what I think is injustice I will, feel angry, and I will do one more injustice, but. If, I see this injustice is happening, and respond. To the best of my intelligence, and my capability, there, could be a solution, defined. Reaction. Yes, reaction. And response have, clearly defined all along. Is. It not important, that you respond, consciously, rather, than rely reacting, violently we completely agree with this right. I'm. Glad you serious, face is gone you're laughing now we can come. So. This. Was you good at somewhere that religions. Have, nothing, to do with the lynchings that have been going on around. But. If, we see the facts of, members. Of a particular minority. Community. Are being, targeted by. The perpetrators, who, identified. Themselves with another, religious, community, and if. These are the facts then how can you say that religions. Are not connected. To the lynchings. Say. Probably. You're just going by the television reports, just. Go a little further into that so. Read your book as well. Book. I'm talking about lynchings, yeah. So in your book you have mentioned that you went to a village and, all, these men was your friend and you mentioned, that no. I will tell you the incident properly you don't water this down I. Will, tell you that incident, properly. Will. You give me in two minutes all. Right. See. I was. Living, in a remote part of Karnataka, Karnataka. Is generally docile peaceful. Place it's. Not a very activist. Kind or violent. Kind there's no religious, frictions. Happening, it's very docile. People. One. Day I just write down into the village and the big crowd. And. What. Is it I just park and go and see the beating, one person, like you can't imagine, with. All kinds of things whatever they get. I try. To stop they just brush me aside and said you don't get into this as. I saw, within two three minutes the man died. Don't. Know who he is. Those. Days in the villages nobody wore trousers normally. They wear either short sword OTS and things like that this guy had trousers, and some kind of dirty looking shirt. And. Somebody. Thought he's a child lift up. Right. There they killed him on the, dug a hole right outside, the village where everybody can see and the, buried him right there because nobody, has any, fear that, this is going to be a murder this is going to be pursued.

There, Is no such, thing. They they, think it's their right to do, that I was. A poor till then I had never faced a situation like that in my life I was just 22 23, so. I wrote. Down to the police station which, was just about eight eight, or nine kilometres from there. This. Policeman, thought, the sub-inspector was, my senior in college so, I knew him so, I went to him and I just saw this you have to come and do something he. Said you do not get, into these things I said what they. Kill the man I can show you where he is buried this body is right there. Nothing. I, try. To talk to the local MLA he. Said please you don't get into this. When. I really, looked at it then. It happened after three four days late. Night around 1:30 I am coming from Mysore city to my farm on. A remote road is a very remote, place you know it's in the hills I ride. Him young. People are standing there with fires burning, with sticks and rods and everything oh this. Out the motorcycle, comes means, if. You don't identify yourself. You would be killed too right there without a question. Because. The rumor is gone around somebody, is doing child lifting, there's, a local dam coming up they're sacrificing many children. Nobody. Knows where the hell is the dam, nobody. Knows if anybody, ever lost a child in the region but. Just, this rumor goes around, then. When I really look at it I saw another, one like this which happened, for, some stealing, that happened another, one where. He was beaten but he did not die, when. You really look at it every. Year in this country over 40,000. Children go missing. So. There is a paranoia, in the villages, especially. Girl, girl, children who go missing they, just never found found never, ever found, so. Tomorrow, if my child disappears, what, do I do hold, on a fire and sit there and praise it. So. First. Thing. Is to react in such a way, if. My child is stolen is it an injustice. To me hello. And. Never to find the child again not knowing what happened with that alive or dead if they die in front of you it's okay but.

They Just disappear, and you don't know whether alive, or dead you know what the parents go through so, there is a paranoia, about, this the, same thing happens if somebody steals any animal, or if. The cut a tree in there this is what happens when you use gossip, as your source of information. You. Are just misinterpreting. The whole thing please I have to say this, where. Is gossip as you, you think the whole script the, all the literature. Or whatever. The history that we are talking about is all gossip, no no I don't, going. Back to the point no no why are we referring, to that now. You're. Referring to remain as just gossip I am NOT referring to that same point you only, said that there was a rumor going around. Obviously. See, you're calling, it gossip but, I am Telling You this is fear. This. Is fear of a, population, who, are not protected, by any law except their own stuff they. Are on their own don't. Think some police force will come in a helicopter and save your children there, is no such arrangement, when. There is no arrangement like that they make their own crude, arrangements, unfortunately, I have, seen somebody. Says one, cow is stolen immediately. 10-15 boys get on the bicycles, and ride in different directions, one. 30 40 kilometres this if. They catch the guy that's. The end of him right there not, because curve, is religion, simply, because it's economy with. Two cows I am making. My life if, you steal my cow my children will go hungry tomorrow, morning so, they will fight so. This is cause. The. Law has not spread itself to every inch of geography, on this land you must understand, this even, today in, a big city I'm telling you if something, happens to you if you want to file a complaint you, will have to take the local MLA somebody, else a businessman who know somebody by, yourself, you can't find this, is the reality. Somebody. Who has no basis, in his life does. This imply mob justice, is valid. How. Are you saying these things do I look like a ninja for you then. Why are you asking that question I am telling you. This. Is the problem the problem means we, don't want to understand, the reality, in the pain of the people we, just want to make a judgment on them I am, saying, unfortunately. Nobody, has provided them a way. So. They're doing their own things when, mob enforces. Something, this, is the unfortunate, way it will happen do. We want this to happen absolutely no but. Do, we have means to stop it right now till. You make law available, to everybody and quick justice, to everybody, I am telling you people will do their own things, if, you think they should not do because you are living in the safe. You know enclosure, of a wonderful institution you, don't understand, what it is in a village when my child was missing what do i do what. Do i do where do I go. You. Don't know I have seen people women, crying and beating their breasts and walking around because the children are missing they don't know where they've gone finished. Can. I speak yes, sir. So. You. Have talked in general about, the lynchings that have been happening and we don't deny that they. Have been happening throughout the history they have been happening in this country, and our inability to bring. Them to the judiciary, is the cause but I am talking about a specific ID, or a I got, which have increase, recently, and which have facts that they have been increasing, recently, it's not about my. Cow getting steamed it's about there. Is a car somewhere out there it's, been killed and now I have to Lynch for that there is a difference in mentality and, it has not been seen before definitely. There is it's not that it's not been seen before it's. Right now being reported because. This. Is one of the strategic political strategies, that's happening in the country it's not also about political, strategy, or there are many incidences, which have not been reported by media but are still happening at this research being going on about about, that so whatever we found, out about the lynching are just like few percentage, of that it's, a very small percentage what you found out till. Now in this for years because basically this is all focused, towards this particular government all right so, in this four years 42, lynchings, have been reported, out of these 12 lynchings, are supposed.

To Be, more. What. Do you say religious. Basis is there to it 12 of them out, of 42, but. Over. Three and a half to four million, bovine. Animals, in this country are stolen, every year and they. Smuggled, across both the borders now, western, border has become very tight because of security issues largely. It's going through the eastern, border when. This who is losing these four and four million cows you must see this whose, economy, is ruined somebody's economy, is ruined his family economy is ruined isn't it because animals went away over. Three, and a half to four million animals are stolen in the country every year and anyway, for your information. Every. Year in four, years 42, lynchings, have happened 12 of them have a religious, connotation, to it for sure there's no cause that is reported that is reported, but. What is not reported, is every, year over, hundred. Uniformed. Men including. BSF, soldiers, are lynched. And killed by, the cattle, smugglers. That's. Totally different, it's not doing that into it that's totally a different issue no. No please wise it is connected, right so. This is not justice, please let us why just. Because somebody wears a uniform he, is easy supposed to die I am just saying let's not connect these two issues only Regis. Security. I want you to understand, when there is a large-scale, crime, going on. When. There's a large-scale, crime going on four million animals means. On this, side of the border they are approximately ten to fifteen thousand rupees across. The border they're between thirty to fifty thousand, rupees I want, you to calculate the numbers you are the business guys all right I won't, get the numbers right please get me the numbers, with. You so when I've been happy please, understand, this these cows don't fly. They. They. Have to be walked all. Right these, cows these animals, have to be walked or transported. In trucks only, small, amount, is transported, in trucks rest, of them are walked in the nights okay. From, across the country four million animals when. Such a large scale crime is happening you. Think there will be no reaction at all when. Nobody is caught, by. Change now right, now I said. Few years it is not now it is only reported now it's always been happening I am telling you if, they have reported, only 42 lynchings, I will. I will you know I am on camera but I am telling you from my experience of, rural India I would. Say anywhere, between 200. To 500 lynchings, have happened in these four years and. Similar. Numbers are much bigger numbers, have happened in the past because. Unfortunately. This. Is how things. Are enforced, in this country, you. Have to change it means you have to create, an enforcement, mechanism, that's available to everybody in United, States they say an average time, in which a police car arrives is three minutes and 20 seconds even, if it's in Montana, average. Time in, New York City they will arrive within 30 40 seconds, armed, men not. Just handguns, if you open their boot they got a short gun they got rifles they got works, now. A lot, of welding cycle. Grid and policemen, come, you think he can handle this 1015 youth or 100 youth were indulging. In this violence he, is not capable of handling. So. Can we create a nation, where, law can be enforced, or are we just going on accusing, each other you did it I did it I did it you did it what's the point if, you want to create a law-abiding nation, the. The. Instruments, of law should, be strengthened, we, are talking about police reforms, for 25, years where the hell are they. To. Wrap up the argument, here, allow. Me I'll be. So, you what, are you suggesting is that mass hysteria is, pretty. Common has already existed mostly. Because of say you can give see you can give name sitting, in the comfort of your well-to-do.

Homes You can give these names it's mass hysteria tell. Me any of you ladies I'm asking you suppose your child is stolen and you. You know that you may never find how. Will you react you. Will, go wild, all right don't, call it mass hysteria this, that this, is absence, of law enforcement. Be. Or also agreeing with that that, it is strong, but why are you calling it mass hysteria as, if it's some kind of an ailment I mean, this is caused because people, don't have enough information or, they believe in rumors or because. There. Are rumors, but why are you ignoring, every. 40,000, children are stolen it's not a rumor it's a fact for. Nearly 4 million cattle, are stolen it's not a rumor it's a fact legal, enforcement needs. To be strengthened, the fact that these things. That. Is all I am saying but, you pick up one sentence, and you say supporting lynching how can you say that this, this looks like I. Am. NOT supporting, Lynch against, lucky one important, thing is these. Are things which we came across which, we felt that you, can ask me there is there is no problem asking any question, he wanted to know what was the context, this is the lyrics all right because as you pointed out people should not react to injustice had a very different context, they. Must respond, sensibly, in, a conscious manner human, being means one, significant. Aspect of who we are is. Cp2 the same things animals, do we. Are born they are born we, eat they they, reproduce, very produced, we sleep they sleep we, die they die we. Do the same things only. Difference is we can do these things consciously. If. We give up that one consciously. Acting, we're just one more creature on this planet so. I am why was making the distinction if you react you, will just express, your animal nature in some way so, this whole lynching business is just a reaction but. At the same time people are helpless, they have no other way, there. Is no other way you can go and file any fire and hold this paper in your hand you will not see anything happening, in a village. You've. Said that all, men and women are equal we all believe that why. Should you believe. Like. There is no disagreement, here I thought, it's the same species what do you think it. Is but. You also said that you, cannot imagine your, own household, without a non-working, mother. Did. I say that. Yes. No. My. Mother's mother was working more than anybody, else. She. Took a lot of pride in doing her work. Okay. Let's come, to the major, point so. Unlike. Your, mother my mother she's also working mother. The. Woman have had a choice right, my my mother had a choice your mother had a choice but, that's not the case with everyone. Right, so the main point is that of agency, right. And then, believe. That the agency, is being, taken away because of, the. Gender of the. Person so, they. Are. Not allowed to decide, what, is what, is happening site will expecting. Expectations. Are there when you don't fulfill expectations. There will be some price to pay but, that is so for everybody that, is, see I am NOT trying to say there. Is not been a certain level of exploitation, there definitely has been but. Don't once again react to that and do reverse job, all you, have to do is. Educate. Educate, educate just. Leave it you will see in a generation everything, will change this, is the first generation of women, in this country who stepped out please. Understand, women have stepped out and doing so many things in the world not, because of your liberal, ideas, it's, only because of technology.

Because. Technology is, leveled the, playing field technology, has taken away the significance. Of man's brawn, isn't. It so man's. Muscle, has become insignificant simply, because of technological, development, not because of some liberalism. Or feminism, or whatever it, is only because of technological. Development, women, are able to step out and do the same things that men were doing in the past or even, for, the men it is new to sit in the office and do this. Otherwise. They were digging something all right once. The machines, came man's. Muscle, became insignificant. Because. Of that there is a way so just allow a little more time rather than doing something in a rush in a reactionary, way and breaking the social structures. Because. If you break them do you have a better alternative. That's. A question right. Now you are talking about your um. You who didn't want a working mother my, mother was working all the time and she was very proud of what she was doing, and she was the most respected, person in the family. Only. Thing is only. Your idea of work is how. Much did she earn. It. Was not significant, for her. The. Rupees and paisa were not significant. For her her values, were totally different. Again, I think, intent. Of the question got mistranslated. Tremendously. Why are you so. Would. You say that you, know you only mean. The reading, the question and how can it be miss translated. So. We can talk, about you know the changing gender structure, in the workforce and all that but, do you feel that you, know all the major movements, feminism, civil, disobedience, anti-apartheid. Anti racism these are responses, or reactions. See. Anti-apartheid. Is a different, dimension, altogether, alright, that's, a different thing. Similarly. We. How. Is it different see it is a an, engineer. An engineer. Discrimination. Alright. Between. Men and women, things. Responsibilities. Were divided. It. Is only when. It so happened, that our. Values, became purely, economic, suddenly, we thought women. Are at a disorder, disadvantage, if, you go to the village and see men and women are working on the field as equals, well. She will do planting he will do digging does it mean to mean to say in equality he. Has more muscles so he does that kind of work she, has another kind of strength so disease does this and, well. You brought my mother into the picture. Now. She had, four children. When. You have four children you have a project on hand. All, right well. It's an important project she did a good job on me. The. That. Kind that I was if, she did not tend to me constantly, I don't. Know what I would have become, all. Right she. Did a good job on me and I'm glad. Not. By domineering, presence, but, simply, out of her loud you could not do. Anything that she won't like simply, because he will simply sit there with a tear in her eye and finished, everybody's, finished in the house. That's. All she, never said one word she never, scolded anybody abused, anybody beat anybody if we did something that was against. Whatever, she thought is good for everybody, just. One tear appeared in her eyes finished we were, everybody. Got fixed, absolutely. So. She had that kind of power and she exerted that when. She had to because. She did not earn money she seen failure, to anybody I don't think so I don't think. No. No when you say working mother, and a, non working mother it's. A wrong description. They're, working, only. Thing is they may not be getting paid for it exactly. How you say that react and response are, nuanced, versions of the same forward, working. Non-working, Harney, ones, so. We're talking about you know the gender roles that are usually associated and. And, what the expectation, is say if if a woman wants to work outside. Anyway. There is a biological, responsibility. For some reason, nature. Is trusted, a woman more, than the man and. Interested. No. Interested. This responsibility. Of. Manufacturing. I am using the word manufacturing, intently intentionally. Manufacturing. The next generation. Using. This one of the most important. Things that needs to happen in, human societies, hello. If. We don't do this properly it. Doesn't matter what kind of management techniques, you learn is. It going to work in the society, I'm asking, so. Now once, you have a child. Human child is not born like other preachers you drop you, know a cow drops a calf and immediately it starts running around a human, being is not born like that human. Beings needs nurture. Now. We are in a society where. The first generation, has stepped out to work outside.

Once. Again because of technology there again started, working from home which is a very good thing actually, but. They stepped outside but, we don't have social structures. To, take care of the young, ones. You. Leave your children into somebody's, hands and go you. Know what all damage can happen you know how America, is suffering for this though, they have lot of structures, and laws about how children should be taken care of in, spite of that I'm, just I'm just saying this because just. A few days ago they brought this child who's eight year old girl from Ohio, an Indian couple. When. The child was young they left this. Child usually teenage, students. Take. Up this babysitting, because. They need some extra money so this. Is called as what they shake them like this what's it called there's. Some term for this that, they shake the children like this when they're crying so, that they quite not so, this, girl was shaken like parenting. Bad. Parenting, no no no the babysitter's, the babysitters, are known to do this there is a term technical, term for that because, there, are so many thousands, of cases where children have been damaged because of the shaking so. This pine got damaged and this. Girl the left side got paralyzed, and. They. Brought this girl to me she 8 year old girl now we are putting her through various, things she's beginning to walk but her speech is not there so, many troubles. Normal. Child, but. A 17. Year old girl who. Came there to do. Babysitting, she's, just got, irritated with this baby crying and she shook her so. Child a human, child needs. Not just nourishment. It, needs somebody to play with somebody to laughs somebody to smile somebody, to love and hug and kiss the child till. We make such arrangements don't. Be in too much of a rush because will damage a whole generation of people we. Need to make those are inventions. See. Just. Now just. Now this society, has just, beginning, to more away from, joint family, structure, where, we had the luxury of grandmothers. And arms and this and that all that is gone nuclear. Families, have come just husband, wife children now, there is no support system nor, is there an organized. Support, system either by the government, or private agencies, nobody has come up with a real-time. Support, system, for young children where. Are you going to throw them and go when you go to work I don't believe he's meaning you throw them and go I am says it I did. Not say he means that, are. You taking everything like, I didn't, mean he I mean, I didn't mean he said that I mean, to say suppose. I have I am a woman and I have a job and I have a child what, do I do. When. The society doesn't make arrangements, what do I do with my child where, do I live in whose hands. Because. Of positive time, and because many might. Also have questions over here will have to open the floor for questions. Will, be opening the floor for questions right now so, people in that quadrant. But. You, should not translate, their questions okay. I have a question that uh, if, I, if. I say if I get a seat at I am and my parents are very happy and then they congratulate, me for my hard work but, the same thing if I do not get a seat they are like you will get what God intended, for you, so, if already everything. Is predestined, for, me why do I take, up all this effort to even work hard no, no. It. Is not predestined they are just they, just have a system, as to, how to address the failure. They. Don't want you to get totally frustrated. And agonized by something that did not work this, is God's intention just, enjoy the God's lap okay. This is a this. An effective way of creating. Solace this. Is not a solution but. This is a solace this is a psychological, process that. Somebody is. Trying to diminish. Your suffering, for that moment so that you, understand, you, are in greater, plan that's why we didn't get the admission. Namaskaram. Sadhguru, my. Question is everybody, has got their own dream especially, related, to Korean but, sometimes the dream of a child goes against, the willingness of his parents, a child, who want to do something and his parents want him to do something else what. Should a child do in this situation should. Should. He go against, with, his own dream against. His best parents. With his own dream or should, he kill the dream inside him and obey, his parents. Are. You the child son. No. Luckily I am NOT. Well. We. Must understand, this. If. What we want to do is. Not in already, laid out path, if. You want to do something different. If. You think you will ever do it with everybody's, approval, it'll, never happen all. Right. At. The same time somebody. Has born you somebody, has brought you up somebody, has educated, you somebody, has in, many ways they lived their life for you can. You just reject, them do what the hell you want, No. So. You. Must understand, the parent, and child relationship. Is that of love. You. Must increase, the love volume, and, do. What you want to do. Now. The problem, is when you when they say no you, will get angry and, say nasty things.

No. You should not react like that you must respond, by. Increasing the, love volume, when. You increase the love

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Three guys didnt act like IIM ... middle guy arguing baselessly and not listening to facts. Just opposing not learning from him.

Felt like lynching but by the end I didn't know who was lynching who! hehe

I would like to say something, but before I do so, I want you to understand that I have no idea who Sadhguru (BABA) is and nor do I know these 3 students/ex-students from IIM. So, before I started to watch this video, I tried to refrain from making judgements about either of the parties and disregard any bias against them. I suggest you do so and watch the video again. You will find out that all the things that you are complaining about the students hold equally true for the BABA. Secondly, all of the people judging the students so frivolously for their mannerisms also need to do the same thing for the BABA. He is, essentially, shunning them down or belittling them in the entire video. Using nice words, humour, or nonsense logic to prove your point does not mean you are right. For example, one of the phrases that the BABA used was, "Why would a king walk 3000 kilometres to search his current wife when he could marry anyone new he wants from his local surroundings?" *sucking Ram's d*ck a little too much* There is no proof this ever happened, exactly what the boys were trying to convey. He used humour, gullibility or naivety on the audience's part to manipulate the answer. Why is there so much discussion about a few forms of literature (it is a literary work and not the history of the nation because of the missing physical evidence)? Both the parties are to be blamed for this prolonged discussion about religion. Religion, spirituality, and whatnot should never hold more importance than even a single human life (basic humanity, logic, morality, equality, etc.) The only point the students wanted to stress was people confusing spirituality with religion and how it is harming the Indian society, where the common man is often susceptible or even gullible to a certain extent because of a lot of societal issues (education, poverty, diseases, famine, male chauvinism, female suppression, extremist religion based-lifestyle, overpopulation, lack of informational resources for younger minds, etc. (this list is longer than the entire comment) So, I would suggest my fellow brothers and sisters open their eyes and start criticising a 60-year-old BABA rather than picking on 3 young students who just want some answers/opinion as to how can we move forward as a country and as a race. They are not trying to show they are superior to him but they are so tired of him being lost in his own translation, that they might seem impatient at times. That will happen to you if you are trying to talk about how Ramayana was just another work of fiction while the person you are discussing it with talks about how big Ram's di*ck was during his exile in the forest. At this rate, Harry Potter will definitely be the new Hindu God in 3018 because some old book said so. (He turned white after a dip in the holy Ganges which will still be filthy if it exists at all.) Hey, if Krishna can be blue and Hanuman can fly with mountains in his hands, what is stopping us from playing Quidditch? Thirdly, for everyone talking about culture and respect to elders, SHUT THE FUCK UP. We are in 2018 for f*cks sake. How does it matter how the students are sitting in front of a BABA they do not believe blindly in? You are brainwashed to the extreme and I suggest you guys watch the series Wild Wild Country before watching anything else. And might I suggest FIght Club, later on, to rub that spirituality itch of yours. I am not trying to offend anyone who listens or follows this BABA. For me, he is just another long-bearded guy who is trying to get rich by conning people out of something they might not understand. The extremely controversial beginning of his fame, the death of his wife (Mahasamadhi=death), the 2016 net worth (almost $23 million) of his non-profitable foundation's assets just based within the USA, there is a lot more to this guy than what meets the eye. This net worth estimate is just from one country so you can imagine how much more money this BABA actually has. It took me 20 minutes to google about all the controversies surrounding his rise to the top and I suggest you do the same rather than fapping on another one of his stupid videos. If he really wants to help people, he must donate quite a lot of his land and assets to the homeless and debt-ridden people of our country rather than talking about hocus-pocus spirituality and power of your own body, mind, and soul. Recently, I am growing tired of all the people speaking about the power of the human mind or how everybody has a certain potential. F*ck spiritual potential, we are what we are, and what we do. Morality is more important than spirituality and humanity is more important than religion. P.S. - Most of the people nitpicking on these 3 students also seem to have fared really badly in their CAT exams.

The Middle Finger with a Dildo is a Dumbest IIM screwup to be.

#Sadhguru thrashing "3-Idiots"

notice the 3rd guy, how he sits in front of an elderly person itself shows his...

Blind guy writing things what ???

How IIM People can wear chappal in a conference, Do People of IIM A goes to Campus Interview like this. Man the companies are shit who give them such a huge package. Are these management students or Arts students??? Even Arts students dress up properly.

The guy in the middle has serious obnoxious behavioural issues...he and the guy in black shirt need to be taught how to behave in front of a learned man. No doubt why these people end up slogging in swanky offices but never contribute anything for the country in an impactful way !

There is nothing intellectual abt his argument. The students r not saying that the Ramayan is just a story, they are merely saying that while the essence of the story might b true a lot of the details r simply mythology. He's not able to understand that cultural narratives and mythologies r redacted over time. He simply keeps reiterating that the whole story is literal. Where is the evidence? U can interpret that ram went to save his wife because he loved her, we can interpret it as pride. It's all subjective. He's not making a sensible argument, something is not true just because u insist on it

Very poor and disrespectful body language of the student moderators. Its a shame that an institution that boasts of high standards isn't teaching basic courtesy to students.

Super sadguru...

I am startled to see these guys, especially the center and right ones, being so disrespectful to somebody like Sadhguru. Wonder how these people will treat their fellow colleagues and sub-ordinates in their organizations!

Hote did these 3 stooges got admission in IIM?

These idiots don't even know to sit in front of elder person who is thousand time successful in terms of knowledge, money and reputation. See these stupids leg positions. I wonder what they re learning in such a prestigious organisation.


I WISH SADGURU live 100 years more and guide people to right direction........

Out of all the questions you could come up with, these IIM monkeys came up with a question on "If you had a time machine, would you go back in time and kill baby hitler?'" Immaturity and dumbness at its best. While watching this video, I felt an incredible need of slapping the third guy with long hair and spectacles. Have some manners when you address Sadhguruji or a any other person who is more learned and wise than you can ever be. The middle guy is a hopeless cause who believes he is the father of philosophy and was trying really hard to prove he has a superior intellect. The third guy is clueless af. It would have been better if their prominent professors took the Q&A.

those three ideot students doesn't know how to respect the elders

I wonder what the gesture by Sadguru Jee means at 0.25 seconds.

sadguru you are my inspiration

Sadhguru should have a faculty of his own at IIMs.

Very rightly, the Christian world conveniently hide themselves behind Adolf Hitler over massacre of Jews. They refuse to accept that this hatred was created by Christians themselves.

If such is the standard of IIM, thank God, I never even tried for it.

I am so sorry to see that a top institution of country is producing such kind of students

what'a waste of an opportunity ! All these students did was waste of their own time. They could have asked so many constructive questions and helped so many of us. Deeply disappointed at IIM students :)

IIMs do have many Students with a Tag, Indian Idiots Management.

SADGURU'S answers were ''perfect''......he took those ignorant morons with limited understanding & depth to smithereens. excellent rejoinders by the SADGURU to those HALF-BAKED INTELECTUALS. KUDOS TO SADGURU.!!

These students are highly immature and has no patience sadguru is trying to answer their questions in an elaborated way so that everyone like us also have some clearity in life,it seems students are just trying to complete this task rather gaining the knowledge from this respected man,m so blessed that I found sadguru and get all my unanswered questions with so much patience and love Students take a note ,have some patience and respect towards him

Disappointed in these 3 IIM students especially the middle one and the right one ( sitting like a boss ). They thought they were superior to him in knowledge just because they are highly educated management students . There side of debate was so dull and uncheerfull .

Our students of IIM who were trying to grill Guruji on ethics , moral etc... etc... did not know that Cross legged sitting in front of an elderly person is not respectful .

this guy in the middle needs a quick slap right onto his Face ..............

black shirt ale ki phat gayi

Too many ads breaks the flow...

Bich me jo baitha hai cutiya hai , dekhne se lga tha phle he ..! IIM me hai be vrwe wo v ek bhot Knowledgeable person ke samne ( Sadhguru ) aur niche dikhani ki kosis kr rha hai !

The guy in the centre is the one for whom zero was discovered.If zero has a face it will look like this stupid guy sitting in centre representing the quality of student in iim ahmedabad

First of all i salute sadhguru for being calm and for the instant replies and explanation he gives for any questions thrown at him. Well done sir. Now regarding these 3 idiots they had already madeup their mind to Put sadhguru down but what a disaster? Their parents might not have come out of their house for many weeks or months in shame. These kids don't have any manners nor respect for elders. The guy in the glasses look at his expressions and his posture in the beginning and in the end after sadhguru hammered these idiots repeatedly. The guy sitting in the middle educated fool was acting smart , trying his best to prove sadhguru is wrong but look how sadhguru kept on hammering him again and again . These idiots are bias which can be clearly seen and they talk of justice , equality and human rights. Besharamo.

Whenever I hear about the story of Rama and Sita, I just cry inconsolably. The day Rama and Sita are erased from our collective memories is the day the idea of India will cease to exist.

i am luckiest one who listen this at the age of 19 and literally it's changed me thanks sadhguru ji

IIM .. After watching this and the way the students of IIM asking questions , I feel It is high time to windup all IIMs in India....

I thought about: 1. Why Joe was called to ask a question and given opportunities for a followup while others didn't? 2. When coordinators knew the question why didn't they ask Sadguru directly? I think they wanted this Joe to rage, disrespect and bring in religious discrimination with a bad attitude. It was all a ploy to begin with, a big setup. But Sadguru amazingly caught on to this very quickly... Sadguru is truly amazing. These so-called educated people lack very basic decency and ethics, disappointing to see what the current education system is doing to the students.

The whole issue behind bad mouthing Rama is to justify not building the temple again. No one criticized Rama or bad mouthed his actions before the Ayodhya issue. This is all a means to show Rama as a villain and pervert the minds of Hindus, so that the temple isnt built.

Those 3 basterd! Right now India is India bcz of this kind of uber cool youth and disrespectful about our own culture..

Are they confusing the meaning of Gospel? Gospel means teachings of Christ. Not "Gossip'

He dont let them finish thats a great strategy now I can also become a guru because IIT is hard thanks

is this what IIM-A has become? hope not. these 3 are hopefully errors in admission

I thought you have selected the best students from your IIM to be part of the panel, who can articulate better and ask relevant questions with clarity as the discussion progresses. If this is best you have, then it's a shame we assumed IIM to be the top management institute of country. You can imagine these guys will become leaders in the organization they join in future just with an IIM tag and their ignorance and arrogance may perhaps be at its peak. If the level of student is such, it tells me how they know (don't) to engage in a meaningful discussion. Oh dear, I will perhaps recommend MBA from IGNOU distance learning program than what these guys seems to be learning there :)

3 frustated guys

Amazed how & why IIM could have this level of shallow, entitled, disrespectful & immature students. Questioning is fine- but ridiculing own fabric of culture is pathetic- to say the least. Utter waste of time -this could have been such an elevated level of conversation except for these losers- i so wish someone had told them to hold off the hollow discussion & leveraged the enlightened presence of Sadhguru. Also , the way these kids are speaking, the tone, posture, eye contact, crossed legs facing Sadhguru is so sad - reflects who they are.

Haa..ha..actually 3 Idiots...check them out...

IIM, Ahmedabad.....such a bad example of Indian youth. Who are the 3 jokers? Please name them. Would want to know and meet them. They do not deserve that time with Sadhguru..

See these idiot guys don't know how to sit in front of sadguru....third stupid guy sit there just for show attitude....

These kids even had minimum common sense

With doubts , ego , ignorance the three idiots , look how they are sitting, talking& asking , by whom they are selected allowed to sit on Dias ,are they able to know what they are exploring their foolishness.

Frankly speaking I really enjoyed this more than other Sadhguru's Youth and truth movement videos mostly because of the 3 student who were actually not ready to accept what Sadhguru was telling which made Sadhguru to go in deeper dimension/levels to explain them which made me more clearer to his ideas. The questions covered over Ramayana and Mahabharata was also very interesting. By the way the student in the middle seems to my eyes much a look alike to cricketer Rohit sharma :-) !!!

I have seen sadhguru interview with a neuroscientist, from America... And even after being a scientist he tries to learn more things from sadhguru like he never knew and with showing huge respect... And see the students of iim ..what r they trying to prove, they had just made up there mind, that anyhow they were just going to argue to prove him wrong....

Stupid guys

I am glad that IIM students have done this. They are just voicing for the young minds in India.....Sadguru is no ordinary guy. he has a mission. It is these podiums that he needs to carry the mission and convey the message. More divergent and negative view, the better it is for his mission. Congratulations IIM guys. Indian students by far the best students in the entire world. However, unfortunately, western thought, culture, ideology is very appealing. The very language we use is western...however, as long as we know that is just a medium, one can still start appreciating Indian values, and educate themselves in Indian roots and history. The very reason I like the movie Three Idiots...Amir Khan did a wonderful job. I am many IITians and IIMs started to think different. I was one of them three decades ago, times were different. (KGP'84). I always respected Indian values and what India stands for in the world.

IDIOTS who jsut cleared the exams and read a books

Please stop commenting about these students. They did what they are capable of, iam sure it was a great learning. Please don't interprete my comment.

Well i do train the IIM grads before they enter IIMs, they crack the CAT as they are good at Math. Most of the times these kids (majority of them) even lack basic general knowledge, they do not realize they were speaking to a man who has probably mastered the Ramayana and Ramchartitra Manas. These guys wont be able to tell the basic difference between the above two scriptures. I work with some of these so called great MBAs, not taking away efficiency on work front from them they are lethargic and will form opinions on data which is on surface and will pretend they are the best. Silly interview, Sadguru was patient and that shows the difference in character between these clowns and man with knowledge

when wisdom meets dumb brains!

I am embarrassed on behalf of that school who is responsible for producing these three rude disrespectful obnoxious idiots. How sad for them to be in the presence of greatest yogi on earth but be blind to it .

No manners at all...

The guy in the centre is like Around Kejriwal of IIM.... Thinks he is smart but can't be compared with the a nail of sadhguru

Are there idiots in IIMs too?

Representing IIM or Christianity?

These guys use mics and you still can't hear them clearly while sadhguru uses nothing but speaks loud and clear...

Proved that IIM has more way better brain than NALSAR-Hyderabad ...

That schmuck on the right with glasses and long hair thinks he is better than everyone else!

Two people are siting irrespectively and want to debate sadguru.. first of all themself they should understand how to bahave in society..

I really appreciate the black shirt man

The first rule we should put in India is that like saudi arabia ,,No question blasphamy on God.. Religion is the talk of belief where from these idiot come from.

We need people like shadguru ,,,A person equivalent to 100 graduates..

They dont even know how to sit properly in front of elders and basic dressing sense. Ye teeno ko chhant ke yahan baithaya h kya :D

Dumb guys of IIM.. I don't know how they entered IIM, their IQ and logic is ZERO.

Hey iim's u r just are a machines to score hundred percentile Without heart without respect without subtle understanding of nature and it's ways U just want facts as u go solving pie charts and DI UR whole life

जय श्री राम

Going through the comments ...... Everyone just bashing those 3 students ... Its sadhgurus intelligence , experience, awareness ....which is just next level stuff....... Where these 3 seems foolish ..just imagine yourself conversing with these three ..they are less foolish now when compared to conversation with sadhguru

3 dumbos.....

Namaskaram Sadhguru

How students in these institutions are becoming leftists af

Does that guy sit in the same way during conversation with his parents

nonsense questiones

I am so totally disappointed at the quality of questions and substance of rejoinders from both the sides. If the Kids from IIM Ahmedabad were immature, the ridiculous spewing of pseudo-wisdom was disgusting. Just because a man is an expert in verbal diarrhoea which both the speaker and hearer don't understand, don't make for knowledge, erudition or enlightenment.

At 22.50 the guy said the knowledge that WE have.. and i was laughing

I can see frustration on black formal shirt

These guys have painted IIM in v bad light.. pls read bhagwad geeta/ puranas .. trying to read them and everytime i learn something new!!


Very enlightening words by sadhguru

Not to judge anyone but the questions asked to Sadhguru were mostly stupid. And it appeared that these questioners were not even listening when Sadhguru was explaining.

I feel like they are wasting his time and life

Thank you so much Sadhguru!!

Unfortunately, the guy in the middle, just doesn't get it!! :(

Such dumb children. My 4 yr old can ask better questions. What a wasted opportunity on their end.

Why did you choose these moderators? Is this the best you could get? They were so arrogant. I have nothing against they were very disrespectful.

*Important Note To Every Viewer* Put aside everything like How those 3 ppl were ignorant or rude etc..etc. Put aside how these type of ppl still exist or the patience of Sadguru. Stop reading other comments to see if others agree or not Stop all the judgement. Just For Once Try to accept that don't know and just try to understand everything what Sadguru is trying to explain, take in all the essence, take in all the subtle teaching of how to think to experience that *Chitta* and what point he is trying to make. Appreciate that you have learnt something useful & that it will help you to be better that what you were before this if you try to implement this with yourself. You don't need to make it a duty to spread this or share this just enjoy the essence. People who are destined will find their way for sure. All the best.

Man i bow down to sadguru's patience. This initiative of youth talk is actually exposing how dumb our ivy colleges are, generally speaking. JNU, NLU, NALSAR was the worst. With this trend we are actually moving towards our own end and mind you we are culture, we are philosophy not a piece of land or religion.

Dear Guru, being a great believer in your values over the years, I have a humble request! Being from an urban setup, maybe I dont understand how the lynchings actually happen. But, why cant we as a society collectively condemn them and take strict actions if we have proof of the same. I believe both the criminals, as well the this mindset of mob lynching should be condemned from our beloved nation. I believe a beloved person like you would be the right catalyst for that change. :)

Hats off sadhguru..but poor iim students

@Akash Pawar​ so who should we trust youdumb

what is with that attitude guys?

These guys are from IIM or some mental asylum

Does IIMA does not teach how to sit properly while having discussions? That too when you are the one who wants answers.

What Spiritual process means is you get your life energies into such an exuberance that your sensory body expands, and everything within your sensation you experience that as yourself. Wonderful Sadhguru.

मुझे नही पता था कि IIM के छात्रों का ज्ञान और विश्लेषण इतना कम होता है।

so much intellect - and no heart. IIM people suck.

Black shirt guy I guess 10 year boy is more talented than you .

15:40 are they even listening or its all for name sake? Knowing English doesn't mean that anyone can question to any idol. It should had been teachers instead of them by being voice of students.

I stopped watching this Video after 56th Minute...Could not stand these 3 Idiots trying to debate it with the most revered Mystic of our times....I was watching few videos of Sathguru from Harward, Yale...could not even wink a minute, eventhough, I can replay them and see them...So intense were his talks...and this one...Shame on you IIM....You Desi's with Hindi Accented English....Are you for the will not even qualify to sit in Shit rooms...

Great lesson to youth ❤️❤️

A good session of questions and answers.

An ocean in front of desert. Desert is trying to convert this ocean in desert but not seeing the water to make himself green...!!!! I have lot of pity over these 3 guys.

So pathetic if those are the best of the best students of the country...shame on IIM and the country

Who is the stupid dean of this college.... students will show the culture of the to all you guys who did not make it to these schools...

Indian institute of MC

Surprised, how this triplet got admission in IIM

I live in Ahmedabad, I really hope to meet these three simpletons someday I will beat, strip and parade them over IIM road.

Shame Big Sham .. IIM Ahmedabad Big Shame .. R u taking donations or Minister Quota

3 idots of iim, sadguru is great

it's possible to educate an uneducated, with the condition he/she must not have a self-obsessed personality.

3 joes

Omg! What a shame ! Foolish kids with pair of shoes and shirt.

# MIDDLE PERSON keep using your brain, else you will be lost !

Yes .. look at the way he reacts , he thinks he knows everything ! Feel so bad for his parents

3 tei pakka bokachoda .. bolod er dol...bengalis hit like

See their sitting posture infront of elder

sadhguru is swag he just explained physical boundries with just 10 seconds of experiment and these noobs sitting beside him are arguing with it also.and second is crushing questions of them with just one short sentence replies.damnnnnnn

Sadhguru killed them :)

Had huge respect for Iim A..all vanished in an hour just by seeing these 3 idiots

Y r these students so arrogant all they r trying to do is prove SADHGURU wrong not to discuss positively and learn something!!

These people make it to IIMs??.

You should not translate their questions okay?

As m getting older m realising more educated people have less comman sense and less mannerism and behavioural issue and this is reason most are not having good personal lives M glad i have not been part highly reputed educational institution Such a stupid mannerless guys i have ever seen Totally lost respect iim a

They don't have patience how to they management our country n organisation

The title should be Sadguru owning IIM students

Perfect example for 3 foolish idiots (these guys might be on drugs) with Immature knowledge No patience to listen Arrogance Perfect example for convent boys without any real world problems and knowledge Earlier used to respect IIM's, these 3 idiots gave real picture about IIM's in no time God only saves those companies who are recruiting these stupids Really disappointed this is not expected from top IIM, instead of discussing real problems India/world is facing, these stupid guys just wasted Sadguru's valuable time

Who is that spect guy... trying to high & over on stage by their behaviour md moves towards guest... Such a nonsense child's they are

OMG!! What fools getting their degrees at prestigious IIM-A. They don't know a thing and nor they are open to see anything in light. Doom managers to the companies & subordinates who will employ/work for them!!

This 3 tried show their intelligence.they doesn't came to learn they came to teach.but look like fools

These IIM idiots looking illogical, they are talking as if stealing animals as legitimate and lynching the robber illigitimate because he is a human. You know, there is an animal mafia operating in the country, because somebody is consuming something and their main economy is selling meat, they want to have easy business. Mostly the trend is during the day they do the recce, during nights they steal cows, bulls, buffellows, goats, sheeps from the roadside (near) farms, a farmer painstaking grows their animals, these guys do the night rides, steals and transports to big cities to make an easy business. One idiot saying you cannot connect both, you cannot compare this that, but in their business they connect, compare every nonsense and cheat the customer.

IIM may be good in management but their students are living in their own lala land which has no connect with India!! Its better they go about doing their job rather than being into philosophy bcoz they are too prejudiced with their own thinking

I am still confused if this was a debate session.

3 idiots of iim... rata mar kar iim mai aa gaye .. lekin sadhguru ke level ki intelligence rata maar kar nai milti.... he has clarity...

These children maybe are illmannered and

In his life sadhguru would have not met such idiots.Shame on IIM and they need to think how these idiots got admission there.sad for d country

Its not bad parenting its called shaken baby syndrome Mr judgemental IIM. No difference inside or outside this institution. Same attitude what so ever jump on somebody n pass judgements

Left kid should learn how to seat in front of an senior. IIM

The middle kid is reacting as a lkg student

Dedicated to IIM - "गांड में दम नहीं, फिरभी हम किसी से कम नहीं।"

Guess IIMs need to teach manners to the students .. they never looked to seek answers rather more interested in pinning Sadhguru down.. and they are doing Mba to become a leader that too when they don't want to and interested to listen .. can't understand the reason for arrogance on their faces.. does getting into IIM makes you that .. Glad I didn't waste my 25 lacs turning into ppl like them ..

पापा कहते थे बड़ा नाम करेगा बेटा हमारा ऐसा काम करेगा.............लेकिन ये तीनों IIM intellectuals तो You Tube पे गालियां खा रहे हैं ।

Sadhguru is genius

sir in black shirt for sure u dont know how to talk to elders even michiokaku respected oh my god are u master sir i dont understand the way u sit the way ur expression do u show same to ur dad haha amazing who r u may be greater than worlds greatest scientist ......................oh mine this guy haha

Sadguru came to teach them management lol

Lol ye kya ho gya tumhari intelligence ka sath boys????

I liked the talk...the ‘interview’ questions were distracting though...

I am glad that there were such students who disespect the elderlies or gurus. Its how the gurus or elderlies reacted that counts. I can see the calmnest of sadhguru. Salute to Sadhguru.

Can someone ask these idiots _ Why would then a soldier sacrifice his life for the nation ?? why should he through his responsibilities as husband. son, father for the nations ? What kind of idiots were put on stage? I bet all three of them are communists, Congress, and APP supporters and that is why they love to see a King who can let the nation go into civil war for his love.

GOSPEL is what ??? That is collection of stories ?? Just because of English language is through the prism of Chritianity ? the phrase 'Gospel Truth' was used to equate any thing with Bible Stories which are used a gold standard. But factually they are themselves Mythology. They are questioning Shri Rama yet in the same sentence they use the term Gospel

If this is a sample of IIM A, the quality of education and intake is very bad. These 3 are complete idiots, yet most arrogant. who allowed them on the stage, actually who put them inside IIM?

i wonder if the middle guy has a girlfriend , if yes pity on her :P , and the one with spectacles looks like a junkie :D

Before having a good education one must have good manners & good character.

These guys don't need an answer, they just want to defeat Sadhguru... Waste of time for Sadhguru...

This is the side effect of India education system!... We lack analytical skill except in data interpretation in CATs.

Wonderful answers by sadhguru for all the questions. Great analogies/example reiterating his points, especially the one w.r.t travelling to other countries while still being an Indian, as he explained about spirituallity as experiencing outside of our physical self while maintaining the individuality. Wish the students learn the skills of utilizing the benefits of such speakers effectively, by learning from sadhguru's thoughts and perspectives rather than trying to showcase their opinions about events/history of this world.

As if 1984 wasn't a lynching, as if 1989 wasn't a lynching, as if what happened to the Brahmanas in Maharashtra in 1948 post Gandhi's assassination wasn't a lynching, there magnitude has been historically proven to be much greater than the ones happening now...SIGH!

The black shirt guy doesn't have the decency of how to sit in front of our elders... Is this IIM product???

Well, life is a combo of time and energy ; that's certainly true. But I just want to point out that, the statement 'we can't control the pace of time' is not true exactly. According to general relativity theory given by albert einstein, time slows down when you are very near to a highly massive gravitating object. At that point of space, your thought emotions biological processes also slow down. You do not get older much. People who saw the movie intersteller will understand this..

They are totally dumb, they are talking and asking about past, rather they may ask about life . past is past nonody can change it . They got opportunity to ask questions to sadguru but they try to pull him down they are totally waste. Go and do some high paid modern salvary. To be an educated and to be a literate is totally different things. Bunch of shit

Cant believe this kind of ful are created in IIM its their luck that they got admission in IIM bad luck of IIM

94 mins of enlightenment (assuming watch time was 100%) & people here in the comments are judging IIMA and those hosts... Wow! I think I'm getting the problem of our nation...

Hey guys pls first u need to learn how to sit.

One half of my lungs

Call me up I'll join you too

From the start these guys came on stage to destroy Sadhguru. No listening skill at all. Arrogance written all over their faces. No life experience, no social experience. Just plain idiots. Good luck in life boys.

What those donkeys trying to prove ?? Salo ko jutta see Marne ka man ho rha hai .. literally such dumbass student IIM have .

Ram can fuck dobi but didn't do he didn't terrorist

The middle person from those three guys is really slappable!!!

These 3 guys under confidence and less knowledge really make them nervous in front of Sadhguru

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