Sadhguru 2018: Ambition to vision | Hemant Kanoria with Sadhguru in SPIEF '18 |

Sadhguru 2018: Ambition to vision | Hemant Kanoria with Sadhguru in SPIEF '18 |

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Good. Morning. Ladies. And gentlemen, and. A. Very. Warm welcome to. Satguru. Here, I'm. Sure that all of you must be wondering that. What is this session all about you have, two. Indians. On. The panel, one. A spiritual. Master and, another, business, person and what are they doing here early, in the morning at, st. Petersburg, International. Economic. Forum which. Is all about economy, about business, about networking, and the, topic is ambition. Division. I'm. Sure it is going to be a very interesting one it, will be participative. It, will give you different perspectives. In life. Which, is not only about business because, business, has to, be holistic and, so, therefore this will give you a perspective. Which, is different, where you can conduct your day to day life in. Business and, whatever that you do I would. Like to start with the introduction. Of Sadhguru. Most. Of you, know about him you have read about him you have heard of him on, the YouTube, and many, other forums. He. Is a spiritual. Master a motivational. Speaker author. Philanthropist. Sadhguru. Is spoken, at the United Nations. Millennium world. Peace summit, in 2000, and, has also addressed, the World, Economic Forum, four. Years in a row from 2006. To 2009, a prof, paralytic, author, he, has spent over 100 titles in, different languages. Sadhguru. Is a mystic, and yogi, who, is one of the most revered, persons, in the world Sadhguru. Graduated, with a bachelor's, degree in English literature and after, college Sadhguru. Embarked on a career as a businessman, and that, is how he is here at the center st. Petersburg, International. Economic. Forum. He started, multiple, businesses, including, a poultry, farm brickwork. And a construction, business and was a successful. Businessman, by, the time he was in his mid-20s. But. Then in 1982. At. The age of 25, he had as its be a spiritual, experience that made. Him realize that, he had to reevaluate his, life and priorities. He. Was sitting on a rock in Chamundi, Hill in my soul in India south. Of India when, he had a very intense. Spiritual. Experience. That, lasted, about four and half hours, that. Changed the course of his life in, 1983. He started, conducting yoga classes in my soul in. 1992. Sadhguru, founded the Isha Foundation a. Nonprofit organization. With. An objective of, offering, yoga, programs, around the world today. The foundation has over 5 million volunteers, and offers. Yoga programs, not, only in India but also in countries like United States England.

Lebanon. Singapore. Canada a Malaysia and now Russia, has also been included, over. Time the foundation has also become actively, involved, in various, social, and community. Development activities. It, works in tandem with international. Bodies like the, Economic and Social Council, of the United Nations in. 2003. The foundation, established, action. For rural rejuvenation, which. Aims to benefit, 70, million people in, 54, thousand villages across the state of Tamil Nadu in South India under, project, green, green. Hands, the, foundation, aims to plant 114. Million trees throughout Tamil, Nadu and increase, the forest cover in the state to, 33%. Unlike. Many other gurus Sadhguru. Does not believe in providing answers to the questions Ryder. Radha he believes in assisting, the, seekers to find answers on their own. This, unconventional. Style has, endeared, him to the, masses, and resulted. In a huge number of followers, what. Impresses me most about Sadhguru is his ability to bring, to break down complex, problems. Into, very simple parts, and then facilitate. The, person, to find out solutions, for himself. Even, the, than. To give solutions, to people he. Adds his hallmark wit, and wisdom, to, every conversation which, provides. A different dimension making, it a memorable experience, for every, listener. So. Friends ladies, and gentlemen I all. I request. You all with. A show of hands, with a clap to welcome a guru. Subtle. I will start with some questions and. Let. It be like a conversation you, can please give, your views because you like to hear more from, you than to ask questions. My. First question to you would be Sadhguru. You are an extremely revered, and world. Acclaimed mystic, and a spiritual, leader. Mystical. Is having. An experience, in discovering. Truths that. Are beyond, human understanding could. You please share with your with, us your. Discovery, of yourself. And the human understanding. Do. You being very, ambitious. This. Is about, ambition. - vision. Good, morning everybody. How. Do I said good morning I. Thought. You're not on talking terms with me already. See, we must, for. This question that you're asking. We. Must understand, what. Is the basis, of human experience. Right now. The. Way you know the world and yourself. Is. Only because. Of the five sense, perceptions, of, seeing. Hearing. Smelling. Tasting. And, touching this. Is the way you know the world and. This is the way you know yourself. Folks. Right. Now if, you. Those. Off if you fall asleep don't. Do it okay. In. Case you fall asleep. Suddenly. The first thing is I will disappear in your perception, and. Then. If, you go more. The. World will disappear if, you go further even you will disappear. Well. You are there the world is there I am here but, in your experience everything. Will disappear. Simply. Because the five sense organs have shut down, so. Your entire experience of life including, yourself, is, happening, because only. Because of five sense organs. So. These senses, are. Very good, instruments. For one survival. But. If you want to know the nature of life they are no good because. They. Only give you a comparative. Perspective with, everything. You. Know what is light only. Because you have seen darkness. You. Know what it sound only because you have felt silence, you. Know what is led only because you've seen the other color. Everything. Is only in comparison because. The. Feeder which, is the sense organs right now if you see, this part of my hand you cannot, see this part of my hand this, is so with everything. If. You take even a grain. Of sand you can see only one part of it so. Always with bits and pieces of information you. Are trying to make the whole, the. Whole will not happen that way this. Kind of information is, good, for survival, process it will help you to survive alone survive, on this planet but. This, will not allow you to know the nature of life for, example. What. You call an owl in Russian all. The, bird. With, it. Sober. So, if. You and an owl sit, together and. Start an argument, as. To which is life and which is darkness. Where. Will it go. Where. Will it go, endless. Argument. I'm. Asking, who is right you or the owl. Who. Is right here or the album. Hello. Both, no. See. You. Learn to say both, either. Because. You're. In the diplomatic, corps. Or. You have a successful, marriage. In. These two areas you just have to learn to say both both for everything.

But. The fact is. Either. You. Can be right or the, owl can be right or both can be wrong but both cannot be right. We, are talking about which is light and which is darkness what, I see is light or what the owl sees is right, it. Is just that. The. Owls eyes, are, designed, for. His survival, your. Eyes are designed for your survival, both. Of us are not seeing the reality of what it is a. Human. Being of all. The creatures on the planet we, are supposed to be the peak of evolution on this, planet. And. This, is the reason we have, added. The term being, too human. When. We said being what it means is we know how to be. That's. One thing most human beings are not displaying, right now but. Actually what, this means is we, have the necessary, intelligence and, awareness and consciousness, to. Know how, to be. If. We knew how to be. The. Instruments, of perception within, us which is beyond survival, would be open to us. Because. Most human beings are only busy doing, something, all the time, even. Now many of your messaging, something, to somebody. You. Think this. Is some kind of intellectual. Circus. But. What you're missing out is you, stopped being a human being a, human, being means you. Know how to be if. You knew how to be. Then your perception would rise beyond, five senses, then. You would perceive life the way it is not. The way it is necessary, for your survival alone. So. Essentially, when, human, beings move, from the mode of survival. To. The mode of direct. Perception. Then. You see things that you never saw before, they. Were always there but, you did not see it so. What does it mean to be a mystic. Being. A mystic means one. Day suddenly, you realize what a bloody fool, you have been all your life. Yes. Because. Something. That was always there you did not see it and today you saw it you. Feel like a fool but, everybody, else worships, you has a mystic, that's. The anomaly. In the world. But. That. Guru they are all of us and you know so many people we, spend our entire lives, trying. To find out that what is the reason for this existence, of ours, trying, to discover. I thought you spend your life making money, coming. That's. But, still we go inside our being as you mentioned, we, try to this. Try to find out that what is the reason for this exist existence, you, are a very successful, businessman, at the age of when you are in your mid-20s, you must be having a lot of ambition so. What was it which converted, your ambition, into a vision, and you, move from. Being a business person into. A motivational. Speaker a mistake, the realization, which you had and when you went on this journey of self enlightenment. How, do you think that you can share this, with us that, whether we want to many, of us would like to see, that how we can create a balance, between our, spiritual. Being or realization, what we are and also. The, business that we are in and how we can conduct that so what ambition, envision. Say. As human beings. Wherever. You are you. Want to be something more than, what you are right now. If. You know only, money you're thinking more money if, you know wealth you're thinking more wealth if you know power you're thinking more power if. You are no knowledge you're thinking of more knowledge, if you know pleasure you're thinking of more pleasure, whatever. May be your currency. Essentially. Every, human being is longing, to be something, more than, what they are right now. If. That something more happens of course, something more if, that something, more happens of course something more, suppose. I. Make, you Hemant. The, king of this planet. Now. Don't look at me hopefully I. Will. Not commit such a blunder but. Suppose. I make you the king of this planet or the ladies if I make you the queen of this planet. Would. You be fulfilled. Might. Look at how, to be the Emperor, of Mars, also the solar system, and, the universe and the many galaxies, if you get 10 galaxies, the remaining, another, thousand. Galaxies, so. It is in the very nature of human being, wanting. To expand, how much expansion, will settle you for good if, you look at this carefully right, now you. Will see you. Want a limitless, expansion. Or. Somewhere. There. Is a longing within, you to. Become boundless. So. Once you understand, your longing, is not for more your. Longing, is for infinite, you. Want in finite expansion. A tremendous. Goal. But. Through. What means are, you approaching. This. Your. Desire, is fantastic. You want to expand, infinitely. It's, a fantastic. Desire but. What means are you employing, this to. Get there. Well. Let's say you're driving your car. Whatever. A BMW. Or a Mercedes, or whatever, and.

You Saw the moon and, you felt like going there. Maybe. Sometimes, they do Theismann's, will encourage you use you write like a lot and you'll get to the moon if, you try very hard, you, may go beyond the moon but you will not get to the moon with. A car if. You want to go to the moon you need a completely, different kind of vehicle, so. Right now through physical, means I'm saying physical, means because. Everything. That you know through five sense organs you, can see hear, smell taste, and touch, only. That which is physical in nature. When, we say physical. The. Physical is, possible, in the universe, only. Because of a defined, boundary. If. There is no defined, boundary, there cannot be physical, we. Call this the physical body because. There is a defined boundary if you remove the boundaries, of this body it, is no more physical in, nature. Physicality. Whether. It. Is the smallest of the largest there. Are boundaries without. Boundary, there is no physicality. Right. Now as we looked at this you, have a longing, to become boundless. This. Means you have a longing, to. Touch. A dimension. Which is beyond physical, nature. Touching. This dimension. Beyond physical, nature is. Unfortunately. Today described. By. The most, corrupted, word called, spirituality. Spiritual. Process, does not mean looking up or looking down. Spiritual. Process, means you. Touch a dimension. Beyond, physical, within yourself. Because. Once you touch a dimension, beyond the physical, the, longing to expand, is gone because the boundaries are gone right. Now you imprison. Yourself and try to expand. You. Identify, yourself, with the limitations, of your body and then. Try to expand. So. The most fundamental, thing that one has to do if, they want to really go. In this direction is, this. Is a fundamental, process in the yogic process is. First. Thing is you. Do not identify with. Your knowledge. Because. Your. Knowledge whatever, it may be if. You have read the libraries, on the planet, still. Your. Knowledge, in cosmic. Scale. It. Is a miniscule. How. Much ever you know it, is just a miniscule. But our ignorance is boundless. So. We always start the. First step, of yogic processes, you. Begin, to identify with. Your ignorance, you begin to identify with. What you do not know. What. You do not know is a limitless process. Because. Human mind, essentially. Works around the identities. That we have taken if. You identify with, your knowledge. Only. You think you're great, other people, see that you're conceited. Because. You have identified, with your limitations, it. Looks like a great thing for you but people, around you observe, you closely they see this, is a big problem, the. Moment you are identified, with your ignorance, you. Have set. The gates open, so. That always. Your intelligence. Is working, towards a limitless expansion. If. You are looking, at a limitless, expansion. Not. Incremental. Expansion. That. Is called vision. If. You are doing a constipated. Version, of that that's, called ambition. So. That means that as people, they, discover. Themselves they, develop themselves and, then from ambition which, is having. Boundaries they move into a boundary-less. World. And that is vision so, would it be right in understanding, it in simple, terms like that or it is too simple. It's. Like this suppose, we, imprison, you in a 5x5, cubicle. You. Will desperately want, to become free from this. So. Tomorrow, we will give you freedom into your ten by ten cubicle, you. Will feel wonderful just, for one day and. Again, you'll feel horribly, imprisoned. We. Will release you and your 100 by 100 cubicle, you'll, feel great for three days again. You will be in the same condition it. Does not matter where, I set, the boundary, the, moment you realize, there is a boundary, there, is something, within you which wants to break the boundary there. Is something, within you which doesn't like boundaries. So. Are you going to address it we. Installments. And, spend. Your life wasting. Your, time thinking, the next boundary, is going to be the ultimate boundary. Or, will. You sit here and understand, right now that. Whatever. The size of the boundary, I will, feel constrained. Once. You understand, this you understand. That, you have to explore, a dimension, beyond physical, otherwise. You. Will always be in some kind of boundary, even. The planet is a boundary, even, the solar system, is a boundary even, a galaxy, is a boundary there is something, within you. When. We were just walking. Then. The only mode of transportation were, our legs. Our. 50 miles was. Like a limitless, space. Once. We started driving automobiles a. Thousand. Miles was. Like a limited limitless, space once. We started flying airplanes, ten. Thousand, miles was, a limitless space, once. Mr., Yuri came. Now. A. Million. Miles is, still not a limitless space isn't, it, so. It. Depends, on your capability. As. You, get empowered, you find however.

Large The boundaries, it. Is still a limitation, so. Only lack of empowerment gives. You this thing. That small. Boundary, too big boundary, is going to settle my problems, it is not going to settle and because. Human, life is a limited, amount of time if. You go in these installments. Nobody. Ever gets, to infinite, nature through installments. It is like counting one two three four five and one, day I will get to infinity, no you will only become endless counting, so. This is the way of ambition, that you will become an endless counting. And, in the end you, still don't have the number that you want. So. I think that basically when we are talking about the, human. Boundaries, and the, way that we think about it it's all limited. By our thinking, similarly. Now you know on the planet all, the leaders about ten fifteen twenty years back they started, the, drive towards, globalization. And now. We see that some of the countries. Are, wanting, to recoil. And say that globalization is, not the right thing to do in our ancient scriptures. In India we, have always believed, in velocity, of Bhutan become that means the whole whack world is one particular family and globalization. Was, talked about thousands. Of years back now, this there is a movement towards, going back looking within the country just, protecting, the country and do, big globalization. So, do you think in this particular world, where we are talking about businesses, we are talking about human, to, get unfettered. And start, thinking beyond boundaries to pull back and do. To be globalization. And get, into their own countries with protection is that a right thing and how will you suggest. That what should be the way forward. Can. I tell you a story. There. Is a story in the yogic lore a. Monkey. Slipped. Into, somebody's. House and. Found. A jar full of nuts. With. A very, narrow. Neck. So. It put its hand and grabbed. So, many nuts tried, to come out the hand was stuck. All. It has to do is drop of you nuts. But. It's. Ambitious. Not. Willing, to drop those few nuts pulled. And pulled but the hand won't come out. Another. Senior, monkey, came. And. Said, you, drop all the nuts listen to me just stop it isn't know should. Just drop all the nuts get your hand out so. He dropped all the nuts got the hands out. Together. Both, of them picked up the jar and turned it around all, the nuts came out for them to eat. There. Is very, scientific evidence. That monkeys, are evolving. There. Is no such evidence about, human beings. They. Keep going up and down because. With. The human being, Nature, has left a lot of it in, our hands, because. We are the most conscious, life on this planet. For, all the creatures, nature. Has drawn two lines for, the human being there is only a bottom line there's no top line, so. Are. We going to just bounce, like ping-pong balls up and down or, are we going to rise, this. Is a question, mark. So. Individual. Human beings, when. They're driving leadership, situations. Some. Will drive it up some will drive it down. It. Doesn't matter what policies, you are seeing today. Political. Policies, which. Come from their own fear of maintaining. Their political powers, and positions, of. Controlling. Borders. Building. Walls, sanctions. Variety. Of things to divide. All. These things will fail simply, because of technology. Because. Technology has. No borders. Technology. Is going to go all over the place and. It. Doesn't matter you think you belong to this nation, but. Your communication. And your transaction. Where. It is in the world you do not know okay. So. It. Is a certain phase. It. Is not that. The world is moving back to control no it is not so, well. When. People. Who are been in a position of advantage. When. They feel their advantage, is slipping away, they. Are making some Corrections, or, so they think. But, that won't last long, so, globalization. Then is an irreversible, process so, I think that that is not going to go back and, now the age, of internet and with broadband.

Speed That everyone wants things to be done instantaneously, and. Especially, the new generation, which is coming up and the older generation people. Are still grappling with and getting used to that instantaneous. World but, whereas the new world the new generation. They want everything, because it is all SMS, is whatsapp, internet, so the whole world is moving at that particular speed and therefore. The, ambition, which, the younger generation, they have achieve. Something very. Quickly and fast is. Also, causing a lot of stress, to people because when they are not able to achieve then. They have despondency. They, become depressed they, commit suicides, or they get into drugs and drinking, so. What is your suggestion that how does a person balance. This, speed, along. With and the eagerness, to achieve, something very quickly and, that time that it will take because it's a natural and normal force, so, how would you suggest that people should live. Their lives. See. One thing is very, clear, because, of this. Online. Globalization. Even, if physical, boundaries are still not removed on. The net it is globalized. Because. Of this you will see across the world. You'd. Particularly. Below. 25, years of age youth. You. Will see a. Whole. Lot of them are, not, ambitious. In, the sense that your generation, was. There. Not thinking what can I do for myself, they. Like to anyway, wear their trousers, stone they're, not thinking of you, know. Expensive. Clothing they just have, to buy an old pair, of trousers and tear it up and it's pretty fashionable. So. They're always, thinking, about these days their aspiration. Is how to make a difference. This. Is a significant. Change in the world, you, will see the younger generation, is not thinking about how to make a living they. Are thinking, about how to make a difference, because. When. You were growing up making. A living was a huge challenge. Now. Making a living is not a challenge at all and further. In, the next 15, 20 years time you will see making. A living will not even be a challenge for most human beings on the planet I, hope, that happens very quickly for, the whole world, when. Making a living is not a challenge. You. Will see the, human focuses, to words they want to make a difference. Well. This wanting, to make a difference, need to be curated, over a period of time, there. Is a lot of wild ideas there, but. I think they will trim themselves, as time, goes by as. Practical. And impractical, achieved. Through things. Will happen but, you will see among, the youth the whole lot of youth are thinking, how to make a difference not how, to earn a living, which. Is a very positive change this, means the world. Is. Moving towards definitely, from ambition division. So we see that in the next generation, and as we go by the years because also there's a theory, that everything in on, this planet, is available. In abundance so there's no shortage, so therefore the business economics, the. Way that people conduct their businesses, and they plan that because earlier, the, planning used to be always there, then there are shortages and how to deal with it so therefore the economics, and the pricing, policy, used to be very different but, if you talk about a world where there are no sort shortages, there, is a lot of abundance, then, the pricing, policy, the business, mechanics. And dynamics. Will also be very different and will change, so. What, is your view about this world which is of abundance. Or are there shortages, or are we not being, able to utilize the resources in. A proper, and optimized, way. The, human societies. For. Last, many millennia. Have. Always been, structured, around scarcity. Of something. Scarcity. Of food scarcity, of housing, clothing all. The things that we normally need, on a day-to-day basis, always, it's been scarce.

In. Any given society, everybody. Having, access to all of it is, rare. Always. One, set of people have access to it another, set of people don't, have access to it, well. This. Entire. Philosophies. Of. Economics. Of communism, other things came up because of haves and have-nots. If. There was no haves and have-nots, no, such philosophy, would be needed because. The number of have nots were. Overwhelmingly. More than, the number of number, of haves that. Is why this. Some kind of balancing, act, became, a necessity. So. If. Abundance. Comes, what. Becomes most significant. Is. Responsible. Usage. That. Is what becomes most, significant. Aspect, of human life, everything. Is available in abundance but how do we use it. Responsible. Usage, becomes, the key element. Which. Is what we are trying to work towards responsible. Usage of everything, right. Now on 5th of June. Worldwide. We are launching a campaign on ban, on single-use, plastics. Plastic. Though it's one of the most, phenomenal material. That we have created which. Can be recycled over a, thousand. Times if you wish or a million times if it's properly maintained. Unfortunately. Has become the scourge of this, world, today. People are saying I don't know if the statistics, are right but it, could be somewhere near that they. Are saying by 2050. There will be more plastic, in the oceans than the fish. So. Irresponsible. Usage has happened, with abundance, but. A, time. Has come we're, responsible, usage, will become the key. Only. Then abundance, will pay very. Positive, dividend, I think. Definitely, that. Awareness, is beginning, to happen not, fast enough it's never fast enough but. It's beginning to move, in that direction so, one, simple thing we are looking at is, responsible. Usage when. I say responsible usage. I'll. Tell you how simple, the problem, is and how complex, it is at the same time. We. Will I, have been assembling a group of people which. We will be approaching shortly in a month or two with all the data and solutions, for, example. The. Bottles, the bet this is glass bottle this is very nice the. PET bottles, the plastic, bottles we, produce half. A trillion that is 500. Billion, bottles a year we. Use them throw them and next year again we produce 500, more, 500. Billion more bottles. Some. Of the large companies let's, say coca-cola. For example. It's. Very easy to recycle this bottle but. There. Is a paper. Label a label, coca-cola written, on it that paper. Label, is a problem, when. You when. You want to recycle, you are supposed to remove that label how, do you remove that in India women. And children are employed to remove those labels, for recycling, but, in the rest of the world there is no such labor force so if, you recycle with the paper the, plastic, gets downgraded it, can't be used as a bottle again, all.

You Have to do is print. That coca-cola with. The biodegradable. Biodegradable. Die, directly. On the bottle. It's, a very simple thing but. That simple, thing won't be done till, you put sufficient, amount of pressure. This. Is the kind of challenges, we have in the world they're very simple. Responsibility. If it comes, responsibility. Is a key word for the future, I've been openly declaring this this, entire movement, that what I'm doing. In the world is a, movement. From. Religion, to responsibility. From. Looking up for solutions, to looking inward for solutions, both. For our own individual, solutions, and the, solutions, for the world it's. Time we looked, at, ourselves, as, more. Responsible. Creatures, because, abundance is coming if. Along. With abundance, there is a responsibility. Then. That's going to be disastrous, so. That is the key element we need to change a more conscious, we have existence. So. I think that it makes as, we, understand, what you are mentioning, and saying that, it makes more sense for businesses, to. Make their models more. Responsive. More responsible, and seeing, that how they are in a position on, tribute. The, words also the development of the society and not do not, to damage that it, so a balance is very important, but that is where it is a very difficult task because. The balance for someone may be different, for from. The perspective, of balance for someone else so. How what are your simple. You know what a simple, solution. That you would provide, for. Balancing. The, life for, a person both from the perspective of, the business and also. Being responsible to, society, and to be in a position to contribute, in a positive manner. So. I wouldn't, I. Would. Encourage you towards balance. Because. Everybody, will claim that they are doing a balance thing. That's. Not the solution for, example I said, this you. Know portal bottle, example, it. Doesn't take a genius to, understand. That, paper and plastic, will not mix in, recycling. Why. Is it that I have to point this out to you why. Is it that you do not know, is. It because you lost the balance of your mind. So. Everybody, is talking about we used coal then, we use oil then, we use something else nuclear, and, now, we are saying Oh Solar is the solution. Why. We. Have always been a solar powered life the. Very planet is solar-powered, why. Is it that we are not looking at it. We. Have to go through this entire process of, destruction and then when. Our life is threatened, we will look at it does. It take a genius, to understand. That, right now you. Just come out of winter in Russia into.

Summer Does, it take a genius to understand, this heating, is provided by solar energy, hello. Does. It take some kind of a scientific genius, or any sensible, man if he looked up he knows he wants the Sun to come up and it makes a difference, so. The only thing was technology, of converting. That into usable, force that's, all that was needed it, would not have taken 150, years for us to recognize this. Recognition. Would have happened. The. First ray of light after winter, you don't know isn't it everybody, knew how. To make it into technology. Make make certain about me take certain amount of time so what, we need is not balance. What, we need is clarity, of vision that. We see things for what they are well. It may take some time to develop those things that's fine but, we must see things clearly as they are isn't it is. It very difficult to understand. That. You and me and everybody else here, or just, a piece of this planet, right now sitting here hello. Or. Do we have to bury you only, then you will understand, you're a part of the planet, which. Way is it but. Most people understand, only when you bury them, till. Then they won't understand, that's, a problem. So. What is needed is clarity. Once. We have clarity, action. Will take some time that's okay. So. As they also now talk about the, gods particle, in the quantum, biology on. Matter. Energy. So. And you, know there are lot of, theories. Which are going on lot, of pieces, which are being written on it and, so there was some where people, saying that you know there is a god particle and. Human. Beings have come from there and therefore it also confounds. And confuses, people that whether there is a God there is no God whether, you have to follow spirituality. Some people have very simple, meaning for spirituality then once they have a couple of drinks they are in high spirits then they feel that, the spirituality, has evolved under him so basically how, do you define this god particle and. Because, science. And god. Particles, are being combined, together so he, is, complimenting. Russians, saying you're very spiritual. No. You. Did it. So. Let, as I already define this. What. You're referring to a spiritual. Is a dimension. Beyond the physical. Is. It true as you, sit here. Everything. That's physical, about you you gathered, from outside is the truth hello. I'm. Asking all of you. This. Physical body is, just a fruit the division, the, food that you've eaten is just a piece of this planet, isn't it you. Gathered, this slowly you did not drop from heaven just like this so. What is physical, about you. Is. An accumulation from, outside. Whatever. You accumulate, but. The most you can can claim, it is mine, you. Cannot say it's me, so. If you know you gathered, physicality. You must be something more than that. That's. Something, more unfortunately. Got labeled as spirit all right, so. That's gone distorted, and now, it's stored in a bottle I understand. That. But. If. You touch a dimension. Beyond, physical, nature within yourself, this. Is a spiritual, process. Spiritual. Process, does not mean looking up. Because. First of all I want, you to understand, we are on a round planet and the damn thing is spinning all the time, if. You look up inevitably. You are looking up in the wrong direction. You. Not only not. Looking up you. Are incapable, of knowing what is up or what is down in this cosmos, is. It somewhere in this cosmos, marked, this, is this side is up there. Is no such thing then. What will you do Russians. Are looking up what will you do with the Australians. How. Will they look up. So. There, is no up and down. So, looking, up looking down is. All, fear driven because. Of fear and uncertainty. We. Have done. Some certain, things talking. About the god particle, god particle the. Higgs. Boson as it's called it's an e you know it's a boss from your state but. He's become a boss on what to do. Now. We. Must understand, that, all. These, things are, just. Footprints. Actually. The scientists, themselves are describing it as a footprint, they. Have not seen the real thing they, only see the footprint, I must. Tell you from my experience. When. I was in, the university, I volunteered. To do Tiger census, in the southern Indian forests. Every. Year there's an opportunity like this that along. With the Forest Department they. Will give you a certain area, where. You go and count, the number of tigers in the forest.

It's. A very interesting affair, for a young person. So. I went, there spent a few months in the jungle. All. We saw is the pugmark. By. Reading the pugmark, taking, the image of each size of it we, say ok it is this same tiger walking, into different places, by. Looking at another bookmark, we say ok this is a male tiger this is a female tiger like this we go about. It. Doesn't matter how many hundreds, of pugmarks you have seen when. You face the real tiger, all these, pock marks vanish from your head. That's. The experience. So. It, doesn't, matter how. Many, footprints. Of these, things creation, and the source of creation you have seen when. You encounter, the real thing all. This will vanish. It. Will believe, me. Now. As you mentioned about you, know you were brave enough to go and. Get. Into the forest for the Tigers but everyone, would have that fear that if they get in they, might be killed by the by. The tiger so therefore this is guilt, anger, hatred, fear. Which is there inside every person and you. Have also mentioned in your books and also, when, you have had discussions, with people and, taking. Classes how. To manage, this guilt, anger hatred fear, is it coming out of some, kind of a deep down, now. Something which is disturbing, people, it's, insecurity. And, how to overcome, that now. You're becoming very European. Because. This whole psychoanalysis. You're. Trying to analyze your, problems. The. Simpler, way to look at it it's. Just this. If. Your mind. If. Your mind took. Instructions. From you I. Repeat. This again to all of you if, your, mind, took. Instructions. From you. Would. You keep this, mind. Joyful. Or miserable. You. Must choose right now I'm going to bless you. Joyful. Isn't it. For. Yourself, it's very clear you want the highest level of pleasantness what. You want for your neighbor may be debatable, but. For yourself it's, hundred percent clear that. You want the highest level of pleasantness. Why. Such a simple, desire is not being fulfilled. Simply. Because. You. Have not taken charge of your body nor your mind nor your chemistry, nor your emotional, structures. Because. Fundamentally. You, have. Not. Read the user's, manual for, a very complex, machine called, human mechanism. Without. Reading the user's manual, blundering, through it and then. You're thinking why is anger, coming why is misery, coming why's frustration. Coming why stress coming. These. Are all different expressions, of the same thing your, mind is not taking instructions from you. Is. It very clear today from modern medicine, that. Every. Human experience has. A chemical basis to it. So. Joy is one kind of chemistry misery. Is another kind of chemistry stress, is one kind of queer chemistry. Tranquility. Is another kind of chemistry agony, is one a kind of chemistry, ecstasy. Is another, kind of chemistry or, in other words, this. Is one big chemical, soup. The. Question, is only are. You a great soup or a lousy soup. That's. All the question is if. I give 10 people the same soup, making ingredients. Do you believe they will turn out the same kind of soup, so. Why is the lousy soup come. No. Skill, of soup, making yes. You. Did not read the, instruction. Manual, uses. Manual, for, this complex, mechanism. You've, been given a super, super super computer, and you, don't know where the keyboard is and you're struggling with it and then you're analyzing your problems, endlessly, there's. No need to do all this rubbish if, your mind takes instructions, from you I'm, guaranteed, that you will keep yourself blissful, I am. Very sure of that what, do you think hello. Will. You or no hundred.

Percent. Therefore, you have given a very simple solution the, people need to have the control of themselves and if, they do that that they would be joyful, and well no I did not say control I. Am. Talking, about liberation. Not control. See. People are thinking they should control, their mind no your mind needs to be liberated from, all kinds of rubbish. Because. It's controlled, it's constipated. If. It's constipated. It's just full of okay. This. Is what is happening, what. Is needed is not control what is needed is liberation. So. Fundamentally. Not. Understanding. The mechanics of, life. We're. Trying to blindly. Do something, with it it's. Like this. Let's. Say, you. Do not know how to ride a bicycle. These. Days bicycles. Are all in single stand but you remember, during, your time there was a stand where the back wheel is up so. You sat, on a bicycle and just pedaling, a standing. Bicycle. But. Suddenly it came off the stand and started rolling. Stretched. Out or no, hmm. Yes. Because, you don't know how to ride it started. Moving faster, fear or no, you. Started going very fast terror or no yes. But. If you knew how to ride the bicycle, faster. It went, more. Wonderful, it is right. Now that's a whole thing with people if, life, doesn't. Happen fast, enough for them they. Are frustrated if, it happens faster, they, are terrorized. Tell. Me what's the solution, tell, me one thing that human beings are not suffering. If. They are poor they are suffering their poverty, you. Make them rich the suffer the taxes. If. They are not educated they suffer, that put them to school non-stop, suffering. They're. Not married to suffer that get them married I. Did. Not say anything ladies, are laughing. Tell. Me one thing that they are not suffering. So. They are not suffering, life. They. Are not suffering, life they, are suffering. Their own faculties. What. Happened, ten years ago, you can still suffer. What. May happen day after tomorrow you already, suffer. This. Does not mean your suffering life your. Suffering, to most. Fantastic. Faculties, of being human. Which. Is a vivid sense of memory and a, fantastic, sense of imagination, you, suffer. What happened 10 years ago you. Suffer, what may happen day after tomorrow. This, means your suffering, your memory and your imagination. You are not suffering your life. So. What, is the solution the. Solution as, you said is spiritual, you, drink vodka, half. Your brain is frozen then. You feel good so, what, you're saying is if you lose your faculties, then, you will be fine we. Can as well remove half your brain and, you will feel great believe, me I, was. I was, in Mysore in southern India I was. Just entering a building to see someone and. An old lady whose or 75, years of age a small built lady she. Came to me with, a big, wonderful, smile, on her face and said how, are you doing I said. I'm doing wonderful ma'am how, are you doing. And. She went about. I don't. Forget people's face inside don't. Record, their names but I never forget faces. So. I don't know this lady but then I went up and after about 20-30 minutes I come back again. She. Comes up to me and with a big smile on her face she says how are you doing. Little. Weird just now you asked me but. Then again I said I'm doing wonderful, then, somebody next to me explaining, to me oh it's, very unfortunate the lady has lost her memory I. Said. She's doing fine. She's. Doing great she's, I don't, think she smiled like this all her life now, because she's lost her Faculty, of memory she. Smiles, wonderfully. So. For most people, who, are not even able to sit in one place peacefully, if you remove half their brain they will sit peacefully.

The. Problem, is. With. The problem, that you have created you have also destroyed, the possibility. If. You destroy possibilities. You will be peaceful if you're dead you will be very peaceful. This. Happened, I must tell you. You. Heard of him yes an Indian man. Met. His friend. From, 25, years ago in, the university, suddenly, the matter of the 25 years so. He invited him home for dinner the. Friend came for dinner and. Shankaran. Pillai his wife was serving, the dinner. Every. Time Shankaran, Pillai needs, something. He. Refers. To his wife as, my honey my, sweetie pie my. Darling, and, kukuku. My boom. Whatever. I don't, know what you say in Russian. Then. After the denies over the friend is leaving and the friend said you are having an amazing life, aren't you. Shankaran. Pillai said what are you talking about, he. Said see. I've been married for 15 years we. Can barely, look at each other. But. The way the. Endearments with, which you're referring to your wife as, my honey my sweetie pie my, cuckoo cuckoo my boo boo boo all, this. Chunkin. Place and have you lost your mind oh man. I forgot, her name seven, years ago so. If, you lose your faculties, sweetness. Will come out of you very unfortunate, when. Everything is good, you. Must be wonderful isn't it that's. Not happening simply, because, the. Complexity, of human existence you, have not learned to handle you. Are hoping, that, if. You were like an earthworm you would be peaceful, yes. If. You had the brain of an earthworm you would be very peaceful I must tell you this, just. This month about four, or five weeks ago a. Television. Anchor in, southern, India committed, suicide, by jumping off. A fifth, floor window, she. Fell and she died young, woman just 34, years of age she left, a note, I hold. Nobody, responsible. For my death and. In block letters she wrote because, this went viral on the Indian television and everywhere she, brought in block letters my brain is my enemy these. Are our words. Your. Brain is. The great greatest, gift, you have is. Your brain right now but. Your brain is your enemy simply, because you did not read the user's, manual how to use it. This. Is why ni engineering. Right. Now we are going about spreading, this inner engineering, this, just means you. Have the users manual, how, to engage this body how to engage this brain so, that it works for you not against, you you, must understand, you may call it stress you may call it anxiety and, all the other horrible things you said about anger, hatred jealousy, this.

Just Means your, brain is working against you that's, all when. It'll kill you we don't know. But. Usually people say that you know they don't use their brains and as it is human. Beings they use their brains anywhere between 10%, to 40% to the max so. As you mentioned that you know there is a school for taking. Out some part of the brains and people will be, happier, and joyful, I think that that that should be the solution so we need to go to doctors, and find. Out some surgical. Take. Out people's brains they will be happy. Know. All, possibility. Of human will, be lost if you take out the brains this. Is the biggest asset we have compared. To other creatures. You. Are not as, ferocious, and strong as a tiger or an elephant or something but, we dominate, this planet we got brains. But. Now you have not learnt to use it for you you are using it against, yourself if. You use it for yourself, and. For. Everything else around you if. Human, intelligence, works, for. The well-being of life on this planet, believe. Me in, a very brief time we will find solutions for everything but, you are facing on the planet right, now largely, it's working against, them. So. The users manual is something which is important, that's what I'm trying to give you. Coming, back to the ambition, in the vision part of it usually. Ambition. Is, usually, connected with sense of arrogance, and deceit that people RDD so that is what ambition, is all about whereas vision, seems, to be more worthy and Noble and, when, this topic was chosen from ambition to vision so. Would it be right, or propriate, to say that it is basically, from, greed or from. Arrogance, that you are moving to, a better, path or moving. Higher up in to, achieve, being more noble and more worthy, in whatever a person wants to fulfill but, these are just words which has been misconstrued. And. Misconceived. People. Who think they are noble and they, are morally right, and correct are the most conceited, people, on the planet. Those. Who think they are very good or. Insufferable. You can't even be with them. So. Essentially. Let's define, ambition. And vision like this ambition. Is exclusive. Vision, is inclusive, that's, all. Do, not go, into any other qualities, it. Is inclusive, and. Inclusiveness. Is everything, inclusiveness. Is not a philosophy, and ideology that, I took up or you, take up this. Is the nature of life when. You breathe, you're, including, you, cannot help, right. Now you may not like somebody who's sitting here but. Unknowingly what they are exhaling you're inhaling isn't, it there's. No problem there. Is no problem with life. Exclusivity. Has, come only and the level of your intellect, rest. Of the life has really no issue about. Exclusiveness. Rest. Of the life is anyway inclusive. Everything, about, life is inclusive. Only. Your, intellect, is exclusive, because, you have forgotten how, to use, your discriminatory. Intellect. When. I say you've forgotten, how to use your discriminatory. Intellect, if. I ask you a question would. You want your, intellect, to be sharp or blunt you must choose I'm going to bless you right now. You. Want your intellect sharp or blunt. Hello. Sharp. So. You understand. Your intellect, is like a knife it's a cutting instrument. Knife. Is good to cut knife, is good to dissect, knife, is good, to open up things. But. Suppose this is the only instrument, you have even. When you want to sue something, you, use your knife to sue instead of a needle. Then.

What, You live is tatters this. Is the human condition right, now because. Our education systems. Have. Become purely, intellectual. Now. People, are using their intellect, even to put things together and they're, making it into many more pieces because, with, the knife you're trying to unite it's not going to work. So. You cannot, have vision. With, the knife knife. Is discriminatory, that's how it is knife. Will cut things into two pieces knife. Will not make two into one it. Cannot do that's not the instrument there. Are other dimensions of intelligence, within the human being which, have never been made use of which has never been addressed by, by. Majority, of the people so. This is what we want to bring particularly. To the leadership in the world that. You. Must access, dimensions. Of intelligence. Within you which, are not exclusive. Which are naturally, inclusive, I. Think. That this is a very very simple, perspective. And a very nice perspective to put down the, ambition, and mission and I think that it will be good for all of us to remember this especially in our world. Where we are economics, and business where things seem to be very complicated. I would, now Thank, You Sadhguru I would like to now, throw. Open to, the floor any questions, that anyone has so, just a couple of questions because we have will, be running each time so here he is trying to inclusive. Just. A couple of questions. Hello. Thank, you very much for being here and thank. You for your interesting. Story. My. Question would be a, rather personal. When. You, find. Your. Vision when you are on the route to your vision to finding your vision sometimes. You're. Already there and you see people around you who, are seeking for the same thing so. In a way they are asking. For your help and, you help them and you talk about these things and you refer. For. These. People to somebody, like you for. More knowledge about this but. Also you see people. Around you who are not. Asking, for that help but, you can see, that they desperately, need that do. You think that, it's. Better to leave them in, peace and be as they are before, they find. This, needs. In them to, go for help, or do, you think that. We. Should pursue them, to, find this help. Hello. Okay. See. It's, not always a. Question. Of home. You can help and you cannot help. It, is just that you. Are a life first. Then. Our mind is. That so. You're. Living so you have a mind isn't it.

It. Is not the other way around because you have a mind you're living know you, are living so, you have a mind. The. Nature of body, is exclusive. Yes. Your bodies yours my body's mine this is exclusive, this, cannot be very inclusive. The. Nature of our, intellect, also is like this I have. My thoughts and emotions you have your thoughts and emotions this is exclusive. It's. Perfectly fine. It. Is just that life is inclusive. So. How. Deeply. You're identified. With your body and. Your. Thought, and emotion, will determine, how exclusive. You are. If. You are identified, with the life that you are you will be naturally, inclusive, so, somebody, else who is suffering this. From. Their own from their own exclusiveness. Exclusiveness. Means. You. Built. A wall for, self-protection and. If. You build a wall for self-protection, it. Also becomes, a wall of self imprisonment. Well. It may take some suffocation. To realize, itself, imprisonment. But. It will come now you're talking about a person who doesn't seem to realize but suffering. Suffocation. Well. If, you give them a fresh a breath of fresh air they, will realize so. Don't try to advise them don't try to send them to me. Just. See if you can smile at them maybe. Hug them if they allow, or. Do something which is an act of inclusiveness. So just the way you are if. They see you exuberant. And joyful. They. Will look at you initially, thinking what's funny about this what's wrong with her, but, after some time they, want to be like you. That. Means they want to break their walls. When. They want to break their walls and they don't know how then. Only help when. People don't want to break their walls if you offer help, that's. Going to be ridiculous you know. Yes. I'm, good on the master, yeah. I'm, very, happy to. See you here. It. Is. Wonderful. That we can listen, to you and talk to you we are, talking. About ambition. And. Ambitious. Men as, a. Rule has, a very, big. Ego. Is. It important, to, kill, your, own ego, but. How can you do that while remaining, a, member, of the human society go. To your. Office and so on. If. You if. You show me your ego I'll kill it right now. Do. You know where it is. You. Know I don't know but I still, feel the. Body and. That's. It so, you don't, know because you have never seen it you. Assumed, it because ego, is a fall guy you. Know what's a fall guy in Russian. What's. A fall guy. Now. You. Need somebody to, hang. So. Whenever. Whenever. You do wonderful, things who did it I did. It. Whenever. You do something nasty who did it mr., ego he did it. So. You are working, towards becoming a schizophrenic. This. One thing you must fix, within. This there, is only one person. This. Is an individual, an. Individual. Means. He. Is indivisible, that, means he's not further divisible, you. Must decide right now is. There one person or two people inside. Only. One person yes that, means you're healthy. If. There is more than one person it means you rate the schizophrenic. Or you're possessed. You. Need either a psychiatrist. Or an exorcist. There. Is only one, person here. Sometimes. This, person, is wonderful. Sometimes. This person is nasty, sometimes.

He's Observed, sometimes, he's intelligent, this. Is what you're seeing so. Because, you saw four different qualities, if you give it four different names you, will become sick. So. You must see this if, you see I'm. Being nasty would. You correct yourself. You. Definitely will but. If you see mr. ego, is being nasty well. You can never fix that guy because it doesn't exist so. Don't. Invent these words these are all Indian, inventions. In. India we have thousand, identities, within you don't, get into that mess there is only one just. You you. You, and you alone, if, you do wonderful, things it's you if you do nasty things it's you, if you're, feeling fantastic, it's, you if you're feeling horrible, it's you if. You fix this one thing that, you are responsible, for everything that you are you. Will see 90%, of your problems, will disappear remaining. 10%, can take care of it for you. So. Thank you thank you Satoru. Thank. You for such insightful. Conversation. And, also. Making things so simple for, people for people, to be in a position to follow it and thank. You everyone thank you friends ladies and gentlemen, it was a great morning and I hope that you all enjoyed. It and got different. Perspectives, and eyes thank you. Thank. You very much all of you for. More. Videos please, subscribe. Press. Bell icon and never miss an update.

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Tejas Laxman yes but this is all charade. There is no "consciousness" besides or beyond which we have. No "true self". What would that be? I can decide for myself what is my true self. He is selling these things, which in my opinion are all nonsense. He is simply so obviously lying that people dont even notice it, because its what noone expects. Thats his trick, lying you right in the face. Like David Copperfield. He just says he is 'enlightened'. I could say Im an alien or an archangel..Thats why I think he is dangerous.

+Hein Mick lol he himself says not to believe in him because again it becomes a belief system, he wants everyone to seek for the truth not believing in anything so the whole yogic process is to make you experience the consciousness within you which is your true self.

Chandan Banakar I know. I dont want to talk you out of it. I was once a believer of Osho. Basically this is the same. Same basic concepts, same argueing, same stories. I wouldnt have believed for my life Osho was a fraud, if someone would have told me. The problem is when you see through it, it can feel like you were mentally abused, not much unlike a sexual abuse. Because some people just give these gurus their minds and hearts so easily. Know what I mean? Thats what they want.. Take care.

Yeah well I don't know if there's anything such as enlightenment .. I just like the fact that the guru himself says I don't have to believe and I can remain a skeptic .. besides .. he gives a fresh outlook on life I don't care

George Baratheon I know it may all "sound" very nice what he says, but really thats all he has. Point is he isnt enlightened, there is no such thing. And he definitely cant lead anyone to 'enlightenment' by telling them how stupid they are and that they should improve themselves with his methods to be like him. Imho.

George Baratheon yes iv'e listened to him quite some time. Many talks. Its all repetitive and kinda stupid imho. His basic concepts are simply a lie though and he is using nasty persuasion techniques to manipulate people. So I dont see a reason to further listen to this idiot. Please beware of this fake guru. Thats what he is.

Hein Mick even if he is the type of human you think of, pay attention, maybe you can learn something from him... Even if he is wrong, test his words and than talk with your experience, not with your opinion - created only with your brain.

Chandan Banakar the lie is his declaration of him being "enlightened". He is very clever and knowledgable but he definitely is an impostor. What is he really saying? All he does is putting others down and argueing about why he is right. Right about what? That he is enlightened and has all the answers. But its all soap-bubbles. Theres nothing really concrete in it, only very rarely. J. Vasudev was a business man before he decided to become a guru. Its all a lie.

What's the lie ..

I see ...u seem to be the greatest mind ever then .. hahaha u seem to think everyone else than you is easily decievable ??? Get real and a little straight ...

Thats what shocks me actually. Obviously this "guru" is very good at lying and deceiving people.

I just paused to comment that it was a very good introduction.

Hein Mick I think we hear different things when we listen to him speak. Maybe you are wrong and just being cynical, maybe I'm wrong and I'm deluded, I don't know for sure and I'm fine with that.

Hein Mick I've never heard him say that only he has the solution, I've never got the impression that he trying to sell himself but I can understand the view that he is using bliss/enlightenment as a hook but I don't know whether his words are intentionally deceitful. If his inner engineering provides benefits for most people then that's fine by me. There are far more other "evil" people causing worldwide problems, our very way of modern ordinary living is destructive and insane, so I have no problem with being called stupid.

BonnieMan42 he isnt just helping people, he is selling himself foremost. Himself as an "enlightent being". Thats dangerous, no doubt. And evil.

BonnieMan42, thats what I mean. Just empty words. He's constantly telling people how stupid they are and that only he has the solution. But what is it? Improve yourself, evolve your mind to 'higher consciousness", etc,hollow words. He is doing much good right, but also to establish himself and his cult/commune. What he says is only soap-bubbles though. He is quite aggressively selling his methods/courses. Theres no enlightenment, he cant provide it for the masses, he's just another deluded guru selling stupid lies imo. Helping people is good, he should keep doing it pragmatically and leave out all that enlightenment nonsense imho.

I wish the world had more "imposters" like Sadhguru. His basic message is to believe nothing and see life for what it is - I cannot comment about whether his techniques work having not tried them, other than the freely available Isha Kryia but there are people who have and speak of the benefits, even if they are only psychological and health. I don't see why he would do these things only to make money - the man is relentlessly working, his work with Project Greenhands has literally changed the world's landscape and the words he speaks about the plastic problem here need to be heeded. Besides, people are idiots - we have the tools and resources to feed and provide reasonable comfort for the whole world if we put our minds to it, yet we busily engage in conflict, violence and inflicting suffering on other people, creatures and ourselves. "Idiots" is an understatement.

BonnieMan42 I think he is very intentionally lying. But I think he really thinks himself as superior to others, and he thinks he has superior knowledge. I think he is deluded though, at least regarding his basic concepts about the nature of reality. He borrowed so much of his 'wisdom' from the advaita tradition and other religious beliefs like hinduism etc. Many think these concepts reflect the truth nowadays, thats why so many of these 'teachers' use them. If watched many videos of Sadhguru, he always tells people they are stupid, only he is enlightened. And he always uses the same stories and persuasion phrases to put others down and make him look superior. I believe he has a severe narcissistic disorder. He wants to be like a god, like all gurus, but he's just a simple human being.

Vidya Babla, right, Im only wondering why? What is so special about Sadhguru's yoga technique? He is selling himself and his talks mostly. He claims to have the "technology to save all humans". Thats his meditation technique "inner engineering? What does it do? Is there something supernatural or occult about it? Its just meditation right? Well many others have that too. People fall prey to Sadhguru's 'personality', to his 'charisma'. Thats the problem imho. All I can tell he would be in jail here in Germany, and many other countries. We arent so easily deceived by charlatans. Believe me, we have MANY 'Sadhgurus" here in the psychiatry. Plus the death of his wife isnt resolved. But you treat this idiot like a god. Unbelievable.

Hein Mick. You may be right in your own way of thinking about the Sadhguru, but the fact is that thousands of people admire him for his work, so there has to be some good reasons for this !

I don't know him and you also don't know him personally so we can't make any definite judgement about him. I simply see that he is getting more and more popular in many countries. Besides spirituality, yoga, 'Inner Engineering' etc. he is engaged in many other environmental and social projects in his state. Cause of his wife's death is still a mystery ?

Hein Mick Ok, maybe it is a kind of positive lie right?

Milan Chlebak he never says anything really practical. He always refers back to the people, which are not right in his opinion, which have to improve. And he is always right. Pathetic..

Milan Chlebak theoretically yes. Everyone can talk like that. He has nothing real to say, just soap-bubbles. He is arrogant and unfriendly. All have to 'improve themselves' to become like him? With the yoga-techniques he is selling? He can talk very well, people are blinded by this. He is using the same empty phrases Osho used and many other 'teachers' use. Fact is he isnt "enlightened", thats a lie, and everything he says is based on that. Imo.

Hein Mick Respect to you Mick, but all I hear is that what he is saying is leading to true humanity, maybe he sounds bossy, but information is clear for me

Milan Chlebak lol he is always insulting his audience and his hosts. First thing he tells everyone, that they basically are like monkeys and have to 'improve themselves'. Thats not an insult? I think it is. Besides, he is a self-proclaimed 'guru', noone ever confirmed he is 'enlightened'. And that stinks, imho.

I don’t think he is insulting anyone, he is just showing us our new future

shivin shivin Im not disturbed thx. At least not as much as "Sadhguru" haha...

Hein Mick 2 comments at same time. Why dont you introspect yourself? You seem to be a little disturbed.

Great questions... from those two ladies... better answers as always with such clarity!!!

We all love to sudhguru..

nirmal kumar is

donde esta el manual? como se puede leer? debe ser un manual muy complicado y en términos que nadie conoce, existe el manual???????????????????????????????????????

I want to tell you that soul dosent exist and we .energy


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