Rich Dad Poor Dad Before You Quit Your Job, Best Motivational, Inspirational, Full Audiobook Part 3

Rich Dad Poor Dad Before You Quit Your Job, Best Motivational, Inspirational, Full Audiobook Part 3

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Rich. Dad's before, you quit your job 10, real life lessons, every, entrepreneur, should know about building a multi-million, dollar business by. Robert T Kiyosaki. Money. Does, not make you rich. Lottery. Prices are often, in the millions, of dollars simply, because there are millions of people who want to become rich by, being lucky I find. It interesting that this process, of getting rich is not only the riskiest, of all methods, with the worst odds of winning but. It is a process, that does not increase, your financial intelligence, at all in fact. Winning. The lottery often, reveals, how low a person's, financial intelligence, really, is the. Following, are stories, about people, who used, the process of luck to, become millionaires. Two-time lottery winner living. In a trailer. Winning. The lottery isn't, always what it's cracked up, to be says Evelyn, Adams who won the New Jersey lottery not, just once but, twice to the tune of, 5.4. Million dollars, today. The, money is all gone and Adams, lives in a trailer I won. The American, Dream but, I lost it too it, was a very hard fall it's, called rock, bottom says, Adams. Everybody. Wanted, my money everybody. Had their hand out I never, learned, one, simple, word in the English language no. I wish. I had the chance to do it all over again I'd. Be much smarter about it now says. Adams. A poor, boy who got lucky. Ken. Proxmire was a machinist, when he won $1,000,000. In the Michigan lottery he. Moved to California and went into the car business with his brothers, within. 5 years he. Filed for bankruptcy. He. Was just a poor boy who got lucky, explains, Ken's son Rick. Living. On food stamps. William. Budd Coast won sixteen, point two million dollars in the Pennsylvania, Lottery but, now lives, on his Social Security I wish. It never happened it was, a total, nightmare says, post a former. Girlfriend successfully. Sued him for a share of his winnings it, wasn't his only lawsuit, a brother. Was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill him hoping. To inherit, a share of the winnings other. Siblings. Pestered, him until, he agreed to invest in a car business and a restaurant, in Sarasota, Florida two. Ventures, that, brought no money back and further, strained, his relationship. With his siblings. Post. Even spent time in jail for firing, a gun over the head of a bill collector. Within. A year he was 1 million dollars in debt he. Admits he was both foolish, and careless, trying, to please his family, now. He lives, quietly on his monthly Social Security, check and food. Stamps. What. If you lost a billion, dollars. Years. Ago a reporter. Asked Henry Ford a billionaire. When a billion, dollars was worth much more than it is today. What. If you lost everything. Ford's. Response, was I'd. Have it back in less than five years. When. You contrast, Henry, Ford's, response, to, the responses, of the lottery winners I believe. You get the difference between the process, of becoming a millionaire by luck and that. Of becoming, a billionaire by being an entrepreneur. A question. To think about. After. Reading Henry Ford's response, I often, ask myself if, I, lost it all how, much would I recover, in five years if. My, past is any indicator, each time I hit zero and I, did hit zero a number of times I came. Roaring back making, much more money than I lost, I've. Not made a billion, dollars as Henry Ford did but, my businesses, have had income, in the hundreds, of millions of dollars in my. Opinion, the entrepreneurs, process, is the best process to, get rich because, it, is also an educational. Process to, achieving, great wealth if, you have the heart mind, and stab, enough for it. Pouring, the foundation. The. Educational, process of, becoming an entrepreneur, requires. The entrepreneur, to learn and gain, experience, in the five levels, of the BI triangle.

Once. A person becomes somewhat, proficient in all five levels life, is pretty good. Me about 10 years as an, undergraduate, student of, the business school of the streets to attain, a basic, level of proficiency. Can. A person attain, proficiency. At all five levels faster. Absolutely. One. Of the reasons for writing this book was to simply inform, you of the levels if. You know about the levels it makes it easier, to focus your learning activities, and personal. Development level. By, level. Why. Cashflow. Is the base level. Most. One of the entrepreneurs, focus, on the product, level the, top level of the bi triangle. While. Product, is important. Looking. At the bi triangle. You notice that cash flow is the base level with the most area, allocated, to it. When. I first started, out as a professional, entrepreneur, I used. To get excited looking at new products, or ideas, that. Is how I got caught up in the nylon wallet business, the. Nylon wallet, was just one of about 50 different product, ideas, we considered, some. Of the other ideas were wooden puzzles, sugar, packets, with Hawaiian pictures on the packets wrapped in a burlap box a magazine. And even, candy bullets packaged, in a box that, said bite, the bullet as, you. Can tell our sea thinking ability, was unlimited. As. Soon as we decided, on the nylon wallet, as our product, the, three of us began designing its packaging, again. This, required, sea thinking which all three of us enjoyed, it. Was not long before we, were hitting the streets looking, for investors. Most. Potential. Investors, were polite and took time to look at our product, and its packaging, then. If, they were interested, they all asked the same questions, may. I see your numbers what. Are your projections. When. We did not have the answers we were turned down and turned. Down quickly. Even. Rich Dad turned us down but, he did not turn us down politely, he. Was furious. Kicking. My two partners, out of his office he closed the door behind them and gave, me one of the most severe, reprimands. I have ever had from either of my dads I have. Written about this incident, in other books so I will not retell, the details, of the story yet, the lesson is worth repeating, the. Lesson is. Successful, businesspeople, and investors, the, numbers, are very important. Today. Older. Wiser, and much, wealthier, whenever. I am asked to evaluate a new product or business I do the, same thing those investors, did to me years ago I asked. For, the numbers. This. Does not mean I am any better at reading or producing, numbers today than I was in 1978. The. Difference is I asked for them and then, asks someone who was trained at reading the numbers to, go over the numbers with me my. Level of expertise, is the communications. Level and I, do go over that portion of the business plan carefully I am.

Pretty Good at the communications. Level but not that good at the cash flow level, but. That is not an excuse, for me to ignore the cash flow level or any, level, for that matter as an. Entrepreneur, and an, investor, I need. To know the entire business, not, just the parts of the business I am interested, in. If. A wannabe entrepreneur. Asks, to show me a new product, the first question, I ask is do. You have financial, projections. Or. If, the business is an established, business, I will, ask do, you have financial, statements. Again I asked, these questions not. Because I am great at numbers but, as a test of the one of the entrepreneurs, knowledge, of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If. The wannabe entrepreneur, does, have actual numbers or projections. I will, ask someone else whose strength is in accounting to come with me to interpret the numbers, the. Numbers tell a story and I need someone, who can read the numbers and interpret. Them to tell me the story, as. An entrepreneur, I believe, it is very important, to tell your business story in numbers. It's better to, pay early. If. You are serious, about becoming an entrepreneur an interesting. Exercise is, to, hire an experienced. Accountant, to help you with a proposed, budget, and cash flow analysis. Even. If you do not go through with the product or the business the, exercise, will, give you a better idea of what it costs, to start, and run, a business. Once. You know your budget you, will have an idea of how, much you will have to sell to, support the business the. Experienced, accountant, may, also point, out expenses, you may not know about I. Wish. I had done this exercise before. Starting, my nylon, surfer wallet business I might. Not have lost as much money as I did. The. Cost of hiring a trained accountant, for guidance would, have been a drop in the bucket compared. To the money I lost, more. Important, the money you spend for an accountant, will be priceless in your educational, development, as an entrepreneur, if. You, ask most accountants, I am, certain, they will tell you that most entrepreneurs lack. Knowledge of accounting, laws and practices and, are, horrible, at record-keeping. Their. Lack of accuracy, with numbers, may, eventually get them in trouble it. Is this lack of knowledge that, eventually costs. Them even more money in. Other, words pay. Them a little early rather, than pay a lot more later. I created, the boardgame. One. Of the primary reasons I created, the cashflow boardgame is the, reprimand, my Rich Dad gave, me back in the 1970s. For. Most of my life Rich. Dad had been emphasizing. The importance, of the numbers and I, sincerely, thought, I understood, them it. Was not until he chewed me out when, I lost so much money that, I began to understand, why he put such emphasis on, the numbers, today. I understand. The. Game serves, as a communication. Bridge between you and your accountant, it, will not make you an accountant, the, game will give you the advantage of being more familiar, with, the tee thinking, into a thinking, logic, of the accounting, profession. If. You are like me weak. At the subject of accounting, the numbers I strongly. Suggest you, use the, cash flow games as an educational, tool. Again. Before. Quitting your job to, start your business I recommend. That you sit down with an experienced, accountant, and go, over a budget on what, am a cost to, start and operate, your business. If. The numbers shock you simply. Take a deep breath and sleep, on it for a night or two. Give yourself, time to expand, your mind around, the costs, the. Cost of starting building. Or growing, a business is often. More than originally, imagined. Keep your job. If. The costs, frighten you off then. Maybe being an entrepreneur, is not for you, high. Expenses, are an everyday challenge in, business, taking. On that challenge is. One of the most important, jobs of an entrepreneur, it. Requires, a lot of a T. P, and C, thinking, power to, solve these challenges. Personally. I do not like the challenges, but, every, time I have taken them on I have, become a better wiser. And more confident. Entrepreneur. The numbers. When. One of the entrepreneurs call, looking for money they, fall into two categories, one. Those, with a business plan and financial. Projections, two. Those. With nothing, if. A person comes with empty hands, it either means they are very early in the process or, they. Don't have a clue what they are doing or both. Talking. Only about the product, without financial, projections, indicates, these people have not really thought through the process, if, I'm interested I may, suggest they. Go back to the drawing board follow, the bi triangle. As an outline, and then, hire an accountant, and come, up with a business plan which, includes.

A Set of numbers. One step to raising money. Whenever. Someone asks how. Do I raise money for my business I respond. By asking do. You have a business plan a, good. Business plan with a great presentation, can raise the money you need a bad. Business, plan with a poor presentation, can lose you money. This. Does not mean that the numbers of the business plan are cast in stone the. Financial, results of most startup, businesses, do not typically, follow the plan or precisely. Meet the projections, the. Process, of creating a business plan with numbers is an, a thinking, and T, thinking, process, that causes. The entrepreneur, to think through the venture in more detail, and then, put, it down on paper. Remember. That a successful, business is created, before, there is a business. The. Plan does not have to be elaborate it can be very simple a plan. Simply, lets the potential, investor, see, the thoughts inside, the mind of the entrepreneur. Also. It, allows the investor, to know that the person is serious, about the proposed, business. Again. Even. If the business does not take shape the, process, of thinking through the creation of a business putting, it down on paper and matching. It with numbers, that tell the same story is an, excellent, educational. Process, and reality, check it. Begins to balance, school smarts, and street. Smarts. A story, a, number. Of years ago a young man called me and asked for an appointment when. I asked for what purpose, he said I have, a business proposal I would like to present to you, are. You looking for investment, money I asked directly he. Stumbled, and haltingly, said yes, I am. Normally. I do not look at businesses, at this early stage yet. I was curious and agreed, to meet him for lunch a, week. Later I met, him at a local restaurant, he. Was well dressed and had an impressive, looking business plan as I. Said I am not good at reading the numbers yet. I do my best to listen to the story the numbers and the plan are telling me the. First thing I look at is the salary and wages line, of the financial, projections for. Me that. Is where the story begins. This. Young man had himself down for a one hundred twenty thousand, dollar a year salary, my. First question was why.

Do You need such a high salary from, a business that does not exist, well. That, is what I am being paid at my job today he replied a little indignantly. Besides. I have a wife and three kids in, school it's, the bare minimum, I can live on. Ok. I said, and continued. Looking at the business plan as I. Said the, business plan and the financial, projections tell a story. The salary, requirement. Line was, introducing. Me to the lead character, the hero of the story I was. Gaining a glimpse into his brain how, he thought how, he spent money and the, priorities, of his personal life, seeing. His salary requirements. And getting, into his head I felt, he was still thinking like, an employee looking. For, a high paying job, as. Far as I was concerned the. Lunch was over I had. Seen enough just, by getting to know the hero of the story I knew. That, I did not want to invest in his business. Relating. The financial, statement, to, the bi triangle. Not yet ordered lunch and I still had to be polite I looked, next at the other expenses, of the business and how they related to the bi triangle. In. Other words my, first step was to call on my P thinking, mind I needed. To get a sense of who this person was in front of me my. Second, step was to call on the C thinking, a thinking. And T, thinking minds and create. A relationship between, the financial statement, and the five levels of the, BI triangle. My. Next question, was. Do you do for your current employer what. Is your job I, am. A McCain engineer, by training he replied I work, in customer service tracking. Customer orders, through our system, that. Is where I developed, my product, let. Me tell you about it. In. Just a moment I said I just have a few questions about your projections. Pointing. At the line entitled, advertising. And promotion, I asked. What. Is this expense, for ten thousand dollars a month what. Is your marketing plan, oh I. Haven't given that much thought yet my, plan is to hire an agency and let, them handle our marketing. Have. You had much experience in, sales or marketing, I asked, no. I haven't he said I've. Spent most of my career working on the internal, systems of a business that. Is where I got my idea for my new product it, will revolutionize order. Tracking. Have. You talked to an intellectual property attorney to. Protect your idea well. I have looked but I really have not found one yet. In. Your plan. You only have four thousand dollars for attorneys, fees why. Is that, well. I wanted to keep my expenses down, later. On when, money comes in then, I'll hire more attorneys for. Now I think. $4,000. Is adequate, to get me off the ground and. Who. Helped you with these projections, I asked I do, not see a line for accounting, expenses, oh you're. Right I forgot, that expense, how, much do you think should be allocated to accounting, fees I don't. Know I said I'm not an accountant, if you really want to know you. Should ask one, how. Do I find a good one, you. Can call my accountant, but he is very expensive, and may be more than you need at this stage Oh. Said. The entrepreneur, I'm, trying to keep my expenses down I'll look, for a cheaper, accountant. Lack, of real-world experience. Although. This was hardly an in-depth look at the business I had heard enough of the story. Eventually. I did get a look at his product, which never, should have happened if, he had had an intellectual, property attorneys, advice, he. Did not have me sign any document, saying I would keep the product a secret a big.

And Clear indicator, of this, wannabe entrepreneurs lack. Of real-world experience. My, own lesson, learned, if. I had liked the product I could, have simply taken his idea and taken, it to market, how. Do I know this, painfully. I know this lesson because I made the same mistake he, was making in. 1977. I should, have patented, my nylon shoe pocket wallet for runners but, I decided to save a few dollars by, not hiring a patent attorney, that. Is why after coming, up with the idea for the cashflow board game I did, not tell anyone about the game except, for Kim and my, engineer, behind the game the. First person I went to find was, an intellectual property attorney. This. Is one more example of turning, bad luck into good luck because, of my inexperience and, my desire, to save a few dollars by, not patenting, my nylon, wallet, I subsequently. Lost millions, of dollars that. Bad luck was turned into good luck when I learned from that mistake by, patenting, my cash flow board game, one. Reason why the legal, level lies just, below the product level of the BI triangle. Is that, the entrepreneurs, ideas, are often. The company's, most important. Assets. The. Attorneys, job is, to protect the company its, products, and its, intellectual, property before. There, is a product or a business. To protect your ideas, your. Most important, asset. I know the. Young engineer, looked good he, had the look of a successful business leader his. New product looked promising, yet. I said, no, I don't think I will invest in your business the. Cash flow level of the BI triangle. Had revealed his strengths and weaknesses, as an, entrepreneur, in the. End I was not saying no to his product, or ideas, I was, saying no to, him he. Still had a lot of homework to do, although. The product looked promising the. Entrepreneur, story, did not he. Might succeed but, I had my doubts if he. Did succeed I doubted, if he had the ability to grow, the business to a point where as an, investor, I could, get my money back so. I passed on the opportunity to. Invest with him. There are no bad investments. My. Rich Dad often, said there, are no bad investments, but there are many, bad investors, he. Also said, there. Are no bad business, opportunities. But, there are many bad entrepreneurs, in. My, opinion, this young engineer, had a great idea for a great new product however. His. Ideas, about business, were not so great. What. Rich dad wanted, to pound into our heads was, that the world was filled with mega, million-dollar, opportunities. The. Problem, is that, there are more mega million-dollar, opportunities. Than, there are mega, million-dollar, entrepreneurs. That. Is why the cashflow. Level of the BI triangle. Is so important, it. Tells the story not. Of the opportunity. But of the entrepreneur. This. Is especially true in the creation, phase of the business when. The business is not yet, a business. Flags. One. Reason why your banker does not ask you for your school report, card or your grade point average, or what, subject, you majored in is that, a banker, is not, looking, for a measure of your academic intelligence. Your. Banker, is looking. For your level of financial, intelligence, which. Indicates, your, level of financial, responsibility, how. Much you earn what. You spend your money on and how, much you keep. When. Looking at financial projections, or better, yet the actual, financial numbers from an existing business I have, learned to look for similar, indicators. When. Looking at the numbers forecasts, or actual, there, are certain items that are red flags for me. Lag number one, extravagant. Salaries. You. May have already noticed that, I looked at that line first it, tells me a lot about the entrepreneur. One. Thing it tells me is what is more important, to the entrepreneurs, the. Business, or their, personal, lives. Many. Many, times I have, met entrepreneurs, who rape starve, and torture, their business rather, than feed, and nurture the business a friend. Of mine consulted, with a building maintenance company, in Denver that was having cash flow problems, the. Business had, great contracts, with offices, and apartment, houses to, keep the parking areas swept in summer and free, of snow in winter with. Low overhead and, high margins, the, company should have been doing well, instead. The, business was always, in financial, trouble, upon. Further inspection my. Friend found that the owner had expensive. Ski chalets in Vail, and Aspen, with, the accoutrements, doodads. To, match on top. Of that the, company had flashy cars, and threw lavish, parties, all at, company, expense, to. Make matters even worse he. Had been lying to the IRS and the state tax department, and his, actions, were starting, to border on tax evasion rather, than tax avoidance. When. My friend recommended, that he sell his houses and his cars cut, back on his spending and hire, a high-powered, accounting. Firm to beg for mercy my, friend was fired.

The. Owner still thought there was something wrong with the business this, is an extreme, example of an entrepreneur, putting his needs before the needs of, the business, the. Numbers, of the business told, the story of both the business and the. Entrepreneur. Flag number two good. Expenses, and bad, expenses. This. Is one, of rich dad's most important, lessons he. Said the, reason so many people are poor is, that they are poor spenders, in other. Words there, are good expenses, and bad, expenses. He. Also said, the. Rich are rich because. They have expenses. That make them rich the. Poor are poor because. They have expenses, that make them poor. Regarding. The subject of entrepreneurship, he said most. People are not good entrepreneurs, because, they are savers, rather, than smart spenders. The downfalls, of my, nylons, surfer wallet business was my desire, to save money and not spend. $7,000. On patent attorney fees. Saving. A few thousand dollars cost. Me a multi-million. Dollar business, my. Lesson, was to learn to spend money that made, me money. A friend. Of a friend has always had a tough time in her business over. Lunch with her she, told me she was spending $50,000. Redecorating. Her apartment, when. I asked her if she owned the apartment she, said no I don't, have enough money for a down payment so, I just rent. When. I quizzed her as to. Why she would spend so much money on a property, she didn't own she. Got angry well. I need, to have a nice place to live at. That, moment I believe, I got a glimpse of what caused, her business struggles she. Simply spends, money foolishly. One. Of the reasons the bi triangle. Is named, after the B and I quadrants, on the right side of the cash flow quadrant is that, an individual. Must know how to spend money and get, that money back, with a respectable return. On the, right side of the quadrant. One. Of the reasons people on the E and, s side of the quadrant have a tough time as entrepreneurs. Is simply. That they know how to work for money but, they do not know how to spend money and then, have the money come back with, more money, this. Ability, to spend money and have, your money come back with more money is essential. To entrepreneurs, and investors. On the B and AI side of the, cash flow quadrant. B. 1997. And 2005. The real estate market, boomed, even. Though the market boomed I met, many individuals. Who invested, in real estate and, failed, to make any money, to. Me this, is a signal, that this person does not know how to spend money and have, the money returned, with, more money, these. People may. Not make good entrepreneurs, or they, need to work on their business skills. When. I look at the numbers of a business I am, looking for this ability to spend money and have, the money returned, with, more money this, is an essential skill. Flag number, three, money. Talks. Rich. Dad said there. Is a big difference between a business and busyness. The. Reason, most people do not make good entrepreneurs, is that they are busy, and work hard but, they do not make any money an, entrepreneur. Must make money the, money shows up at the cash flow level. Of the BI triangle. A, few. Years ago I read, an article about a couple, who were both laid off both. Were highly, paid marketing, executives, with a major New York firm making. Over. $250,000, combined, income. After. A year, in their own business, as marketing, experts, their, business, earned less than. $26,000. Why. I. Suspect. One reason was that as high, paid corporate employees, they, were never held accountable to the bottom line of the company they worked for as. Entrepreneurs. Owners. Of their own business they, had to be very accountable, they.

Found Out that their marketing, skills in the corporate world did, not translate, to financial, success on the streets. Suddenly. They, found out that owning a business does, not mean simply working hard and being busy, owning. A business means. Your activities, show up directly, on the bottom line as money made and money, lost. Rich. Dad would say an employee. Can, be paid for being busy, an entrepreneur. Is paid for results, the. Results, are often, known as the bottom line that is, why the cashflow, level is the base of the BI triangle. As rich. Ahead said you, do not need a safe deposit box for, excuses, to. Me certain. Red flags indicate, the entrepreneur, is stuck in a part of the developmental, process, will. The entrepreneur, learned, from the process and move on or keep. Raising the same red flags. Red. Flags occur in life as well as in business whenever. Someone gets stuck in their process, I have, noticed that life sends up red flags of its own they. Can be warnings, such as bad health bad luck or bad. Relationships. Rich. Dad said red, flags are warnings, we, can choose to heed the warning and learn or, ignore. The warning if. You do not heed the warning, the, process, may change directions on you and a new process, may begin. My. Real dad smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day the. Red flags were flying for most of his life he. Did not heed the warnings and was eventually diagnosed. With lung cancer he. Finally quit smoking but. It was too late one. Process, ended and a, new one began, his. Next process was a battle for life a battle. He lost a year, later. Countable. There. Is an overuse, statement, that goes money. Talks and BS, walks, where. Money talks the, loudest is on, the bottom line of a financial statement as an. Entrepreneur, you do not have to be an accountant, but, you do need to be accountable. Before. You quit your job, please remember, two things, one. Employees. And advisors are not responsible. For the bottom line. Entrepreneurs. Are. -. When. You look at the cash flow quadrant people. On the E and s side of the quadrant are not required, to have financial, statements, however, financial. Statements, are required, by people on the B and I side why. Because. Money talks and the, story it tells is, of, the financial, acumen of the individual, in the B or AI quadrant. These. Individuals. Are measured. By their financial, success in the B or AI quadrant. Think like a CFO. If. You would like to improve your financial skills at the cash flow level, of the bi triangle. I strongly. Recommend you, get the cash flow game and play, it often the game. Teaches you to think like a CFO, a chief. Financial officer. An important. Member of any, entrepreneurial. Team. Stops with, the entrepreneur, a. CEO. Or entrepreneur. Cannot pass the buck making. Excuses or blaming, subordinates. Is never attractive, the. Buck stops with the entrepreneur, or CEO, that. Is why the cashflow, level is the, base level of the BI triangle. That. Is where the Bucks stop as. An entrepreneur, you, are the person responsible. For the entire bi triangle. So. Before. You quit your job always, remember, where the buck stops and, that, money talks. Rich, dad's entrepreneurial. Lesson number six, the. Best answers, are found, in your heart not. In your head. Six the. Three kinds, of money. What. Did you learn in Vietnam, asked, rich dad I learned. The importance, of mission leadership. And the team I replied. Which. Was the most important, the. Mission, good. Rich, Dad smiled, you'll, make a good entrepreneur.

Marine. In early. 1972. My. Job was to pilot, a uh-1. Huey helicopter, gunship, in Vietnam. After. Two months in the war zone my, co-pilot and I had flown several missions, but, had not yet encountered enemy fire, this. Was soon to change on the. Day I finally met the enemy things, were already very tense for me we. Flew with our doors open and the, wind shattered, through the aircraft. Looking. Back at the aircraft carrier our home. I was, once again reminded. That this, was a war zone and my school days were, over, for. Two years I had trained for this mission, I. Knew. That each time we crossed the beach and flew, over land there, were real live enemy, soldiers, with real guns and real bullets waiting, for us, turning. To look back at my crew of three two, machine gunners and a crew chief I asked. On the intercom are, you guys ready, not. Saying anything, they simply gave me a thumbs up. My. Crew knew I was green and untested, they. Knew I could fly but, they did not know how I would perform under, the pressure of combat. Initially, there, were two helicopters. In our flight about. 20 minutes into the flight the lead aircraft had, to turn back, apparently. There were electrical, problems, we. Were told by the powers, that be on the aircraft, carrier to. Continue, and to remain on call in the area, you. Could feel the tension mount, in our aircraft, because, the lead aircraft had, the more experienced, pilots, they. Had been in combat for over, eight months on, top. Of that their, aircraft carried, air-to-ground rockets, my. Aircraft only, had machine, guns as, the. Lead aircraft turned, and headed back toward the ship the anxiety. In my aircraft was, very real, none. Of us liked, being out there alone. We. Passed over some of the most beautiful, beaches in the world and headed, north we. Had dark green rice paddies to our left, blue-green, ocean, to our right and white, sand, beaches below, us suddenly. Over. The radio two, army helicopters, broadcast, that they needed help they. Were in a battle with a 50 caliber machine gun, in the hills beyond, the rice paddies, being. Close by we, responded, and began, flying toward their location. Flying. Just below the clouds we soon saw the army helicopters, in a firefight with the machine gun on the ground, there. Was also a lot of small arms fire coming, from enemy troops in the area.

It. Was easy to tell the difference between the rounds from the 30 caliber guns, that the troops carried, and the heavier 50 caliber rounds from the machine gun, the. Tracers, from, the 30 caliber small, arms fire looked, like hot, red orange specks zipping, up against, the dark green sky, the. 50, caliber tracer, rounds looked, like flying ketchup, bottles I took. A very deep breath and kept, flying. Watching. The battle as we flew closer I kept, hoping the army helicopters, would destroy the machine gun and not, need our help but. No luck when. One of the army helicopters, was hit and fell, from the sky I knew. We were going to be part of the fight as. The smoking helicopter, spiraled, to the ground the tension, climbed even more in our aircraft. Looking. Back at my crew I simply. Said clear. The decks make, the guns hot we're, going in I. Did. Not know what we were going to do I simply. Knew we, had to be prepared for the worst. The. Second army helicopter, broke off from the fight and went down to pick up the crew of the first helicopter. That. Left us a single, aircraft with, only 30 caliber, machine guns about. To face an estimated, 15 troops with guns and a, 50 caliber machine gun I wanted. To turn and run I knew. That it was the smart thing to do, yet. Not wanting to appear like a wimp to my men I kept, flying toward the location, of the, 50 caliber machine gun, I was. Now flying on pure bravado, and hoping. For the best. With. The two army helicopters, out of the way the, ground fire turned on us, although. It was far away seeing. Real live rounds, being fired at me was a sight and feeling, I will never forget. My. Crew had been in this situation before. Their. Silence, told me that, this was a particularly, bad situation. To be in as, the. First 50 caliber, rounds came up short of our aircraft, my crew chief tapped me on the helmet pulled, and turned my helmet so we were face to face and said, hey. Lieutenant do. You know what is bad about this job. Shaking. My had i feebly. Said no. Smiling. His broad toothy, grin the, crew chief on his second tour in Vietnam said. The. Problem, with his job is there, is no second, best if, you. Decide to fight either, we are going home today or those, guys on the ground are, going home but. Both of us aren't going home one. Of us is about, to die it's. Up to you to decide which one of us that is them. Or us. Looking. Back at my Gunners, young, men of 19, and 20 I spoke. Into the intercom again, and said you. Guys ready, both. Young men gave me a thumbs up as all. Good Marines are trained to do they. Were, ready, they. Were trained to follow orders, regardless. Of whether their leader was competent, or not. Realizing. Their lives were in my hands did not make me feel any better at that. Moment I stopped, thinking only about myself, and began, thinking about all of us. Silently, I shouted, to myself, think. Should, we turn and run or should we fight. Then. My mind began feeding me excuses, as to why we, should turn and run you. Are a single aircraft there. Should be at least two aircraft, isn't. There a rule saying you cannot fight unless there are two aircraft, the. Lead pilots, are gone they. Had the Rockets no, one will blame us if we turn and run maybe. We, can go down and help the army pilots, yeah. Let's go help them then, we don't have to do our job then, we have an excuse, for not fighting, we. Were on a rescue mission we, saved some army fliers yeah. That, sounds good. Then. I asked. Myself. What. If we miraculously. Win, what. If we beat that 50, Cal and live what. Will we get, the. Answer came back we. All might receive some medal, for bravery we'll. Be heroes. What if we lose the. Answer came back we'll. Be dead or captured. Back at the two young Gunners I decided. Their lives were worth more than a medal on a ribbon so. Was mine I admitted, to myself being. Brave and stupid was, ruled out, the. 50 caliber rounds, were flying closer to us the. Gunner on the ground was, increasing, his accuracy, with every shot, back.

At Flight school we. Learned that a 50 caliber round had a greater range than a 30 caliber round, we. Had 30 caliber, machine guns that, meant he, was going to be able to hit us long, before we, could get to him suddenly. A burst. Of 50 caliber rounds, zoomed, just, past my window, without. Thinking I banked. To the left and drove, toward, the ground to increase the distance between the enemy gunner and us. Since. I had no idea what I was doing I decided. It was time to think. Flying. Straight into the machine gunner was certain death as my. Aircraft was diving toward the ground in a sharp left bank, I used. My radio and broadcast, to anyone, in the area, this. Is Marine helicopter, Yankee. Tango 96, 50, Cal located, need, help out, of, the blue a loud, clear confident, voice crackled, through my headset. Yankee. Tango 96, flight, of 4 marine a 4 SRT, be returning. To base have, extra, ordnance and fuel on board give. Us your position and, we'll give you a hand. Relief. Ran through our crew as i radioed our position, to the Marine Corps pilots, of the Jets in a. Few minutes I could, see four specks flying, low to the ground coming. To our assistance. Seeing. Us the flight leader radioed, before. We get too close fly, back toward Charlie and see if you can draw his fire, once. We see his tracers, we'll take care of the rest, with. That we, turned and once again flew, toward the 50 caliber machine gun, once. His tracers began flying at us again the wing leader of the four Jets radioed, target. In sight in less. Than five minutes the 50, caliber machine gun, was, no longer a problem my. Crew and I were the ones who went home that night. In teams, same, mission. There. Have been many times I sit, quietly and reflect on that day, although. I said thank you over, the air once the fight was over I still. Wish I had, had the chance to meet those guys in person shake. Their hands, and say, thank you, we. Were on different teams from different ships, but, we all shared, the same mission. All wars, are horrible. War. Is simply, humanity, at its worst, war. Is a time when, we use our best technology. And our bravest people to. Kill our fellow human, beings, during. My year in Vietnam, I saw, the worst of humanity. I saw. Sights I wish I had never seen I also. Caught glimpses, of a spiritual, power a dedication. To a higher calling I would, never have witnessed, if, I had not gone to war. When. The term band of brothers is used to, describe the bond between soldiers, I wonder. If someone, who has never fought in a war can. Ever know what that bond feels like, for. Me it is a spiritual, bond dedicated. To a higher calling, something. Known as a, mission. Mission. Statements, in. Business, today it, is very fashionable, to tout ones mission, statement, the sole driving, purpose for, forming, the business, after. My Marine Corps and Vietnam experience I have, remained skeptical, each time someone says the.

Mission Of our business is, my. Skepticism, causes. Me to wonder how much the word mission, is just, that, only. A word. Wins. One. Day I was flying near the DMZ the. Demilitarized. Zone that used to separate, North Vietnam, from, South Vietnam. Looking. Down upon the carnage, raging, below me I noticed. Something that deeply disturbed. Me, returning. To the aircraft carrier that night I raised, my hand during the debriefing, and asked, why. Do their Vietnamese, fight harder than our Vietnamese, are we. Fighting for the wrong side are, we fighting for the wrong cause, needless. To say I was threatened, with a court-martial for such treasonous. Sounding, words to. Me I was, not being treasonous. I was, only asking a question, I was. Simply expressing an, observation. Something. I had noticed since arriving in Vietnam, it. Seemed to me that the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese, soldiers, fought, harder, tougher. And with, more tenacity than, our Vietnamese, soldiers, from. My perspective the, Vietnamese, soldiers, on our side did, not seem to fight as hard, personally. I did not feel we could count on them I often. Wondered if we stopped paying them would, they keep fighting. To. Be fair there were many US soldiers who were not there to fight either, many. Were draftees, who, were unlucky, enough to be drafted if. They were offered a choice of a plane ticket home or to stay in fight many. Would, have been on the plane. Halfway. Through my tour I realized. We, were not going to win, we. Were not going to win even though we were better equipped had, the best technology. Overwhelming. Firepower the. Highest pay and well, trained men and women I knew. We, were not going to win simply. Because our side, the. South Vietnamese as, well as the Americans, lacked. A strong enough, mission, a higher. Calling, a reason. To fight we. Had, lost our hearts at, least I had. Lost mine I did. Not want to kill anymore I was, no longer a good marine, my. Experience, in Vietnam proved, to me that the, stronger, mission wins the. Same thing happens. In business. Of poverty. Most. Of us know that men and women of religious, faith have taken vows of poverty, in support, of their spiritual, mission when. I was a little boy my dad explained, to me that his friend a Catholic. Priest had, taken a vow of poverty. Asking. Him what that meant he said he. Has dedicated his, life to God and God's, work that. Means money is not to be a part of his life he lives, an austere, life in the service of God. What. Does austere, mean I asked. Tiring. Of the thousand, questions a child asks, my, dad's answer, was never. Mind what austere means you, will find out later on. A number of years later I found, out what austere meant sitting. In a classroom for new Marine Corps officers, the, instructor, explained, to the class that, throughout history men. And women of war have, also taken, vows of poverty. Director said in the feudal times many, Knights took a vow of poverty, in order, to be true to their calling they. Did not want money or desire, worldly, goods to interfere, with, their dedication to God and King. Before, joining the Marine Corps, I was, a ship's officer on an oil tanker, for Standard, Oil of California I, was. Being paid over $4,000. A month which was a lot of money in 1969. Even. Though I was draft exempt, because I was sailing for the oil industry a classification. Known, as non-defense, vital, industry, both. My dads encouraged. Me to serve my country in time of war, as. A Marine Corps officer my. Pay dropped to less than $300. A month. In that classroom, listening. To the instructor, reminded. Us that throughout, history men. And women of war took vows of poverty I finally. Found my definition. Of the word austere, the, definition, my, dad did not give me some, years before.

Three, Kinds of income three. Kinds of money. There. Are three kinds of income one. Ordinary. Income, two, portfolio. Income, three. Passive. Income. My. Poor dad worked for ordinary, income the, highest taxed, income there is my. Rich dad worked, primarily for, passive, income the, lowest, taxed, income. These. Terms, for the three types of income actually, come from the Internal, Revenue Service, the. Tax department taxes. The three incomes, at different, rates an entrepreneur. Has, the opportunity to work for all three types, of income and needs, to know the differences, because, the different tax rates can, make a huge, difference to, the bottom line I. Mention. These incomes, now not, to confuse you but, to distinguish, them from the discussion, on the, three different types of money I am, about to discuss. When we were in high school rich. Dad taught his son and me that people work for three different types of money they. Are one. Competitive. Money to cooperative. Money three. Spiritual. Money. Come. Money, to. Explain, competitive, money he said we, learned to compete early in life we. Compete in school for grades we, compete in sports and we, compete for the person we love at. Work we learn to compete for jobs for, raises. For, promotions, for, recognition, and for. Survival, in, business. Companies. Compete, for customers market. Share contracts. And good, employees. Competition. Is survival. Of the fittest, doggy-dog, most. People, work, for, competitive, money. Cooperative. Money, to. Explain. Operative money he said in sports. And in business, cooperation. Is known, as teamwork the. Richest, most powerful entrepreneurs. Have built the biggest businesses, in the world via. Cooperation. They. Become more competitive due, to the cooperation of their team most. Entrepreneurs. Of large businesses, are great, team leaders. Spiritual. Money. Explaining. Spiritual, money was a little bit more difficult, he, said spiritual. Money is created by doing God's work work. That God wants done its. Work being done in response to, a higher calling. Not. Understanding, what rich dad meant I asked, him you, mean like forming, a church, his. Reply was there. Are entrepreneurs who do form churches, just, as there are entrepreneurs who, form charities, both. Could be examples, of working for spiritual, money but. Spiritual, money is not, restricted. To simply a church or charity. For. Years this category, puzzled, me and I, often had discussions, with him on this subject, during. One of these discussions, he said most. People go to work for money nothing. Else they. Do not care if it is competitive. Cooperative. Or spiritual. For. Many people work, and money are just, a means to an end if you. Paid them twice as much to not work many, would, take your offer. Mean they would not work for free I asked. With a smirk, no.

Definitely. Not if. You did not pay most people, they, would move on looking, for another job they. May want to help you and your business but, they have bills to pay and families. To feed they. Need money any kind. Of money they. Would choose their job depending. Upon which one paid the most and had the best benefits. So. Is spiritual. Money like loving your work and doing what you love, no. Smiled, rich dad doing, what you love is not what I mean by spiritual, money, so. What is spiritual, money I asked, is it, working for free no. That, is not it either, it's, not about working for free because, spiritual, money is not really about money. Spiritual. Money is not about money if it, is not about money then what is it about, I asked. It's. About doing a job not. Because you want to do it but because it must be done and you. Know deep down in your soul you are the one that is supposed to do it, how. Do you know you're supposed to do it I asked. Because. It disturbs, you that no one else is doing it you may, say to yourself why. Isn't someone doing something about this. Could. It anger you I asked. Oh yes. Said, rich dad softly, it, can, also sadden, you or even break your heart it. May seem like an injustice or a crime, to you it, probably disturbs. Your sense of decency it seems. Unfair and. Injustice. Most people have these feelings, about something in their life I asked. Yes but, most people don't, do anything about it they. Go to work and say, things such as why. Doesn't the government do, something about it or they, write letters to the editor and complain. But. They don't do anything about it I added. Quietly. Rich, Dad said in most, cases no. They. May talk about it they, may complain, about it but they do little. About, it after. All they, are too busy at their job earning. Enough money to pay the rent and saving. Enough money to, take the kids to Disneyland. What. Would happen if they did do something about it I asked, what, might happen. If. They were truly committed, to solving the problem, I would say that the invisible, forces of this universe of God, might. Come to their support. Magic. Might happen in their lives this. Is when spiritual, money comes into play but. It is more than money, people. You never met before come, to join forces with you not. For the money but for the mission. Why, do they join you I asked, because. They. Are on the same mission that. Was. About all I could handle that day I had, a test of the next day and my mission at the time was, to get out of high school. Giving your gift, about. A year went by and once, again I brought, up the subject of spiritual, money, if. I simply work on a problem, I know needs, to be worked on will, that bring in the invisible forces the. Spiritual, money. Rich. Dad laughed and said maybe. And maybe not, I'm, not the one who makes those decisions I will. Say this one. Of the keys to attracting, the invisible, magical, forces is, to be dedicated to giving your gift. What. I responded. With a jolt giving, my gift what, do you mean by a gift a, special. God-given, talent, Rich Dad replied, something. You are the best at a talent. God gave especially. To, you and. What. Would that be, I asked, there. Is nothing I know of that I am the best at, well. You, have to find it, does. Everybody, have one, I'd. Like to think so, smiled, rich dad, if. Everyone. Has a gift why, are so many people below, average, I asked, rich. Dad roared, with laughter at, that question, finally. Composing, himself he said because. Finding your gift developing. Your gift and giving. Your gift is very hard work most. People do, not want to work that hard now. I was puzzled it. Seemed, to me that if God had given us a gift it should be a parent it should, be easily accessible when. I asked, rich dad to clarify this he said, great. Doctors, spend years in school and then, practice for years developing, their gift great. Golfers, have practiced, for years developing, their gift while. There are the exceptions, such as child prodigies, most. People, have, to dedicate their, life to finding, and developing their gift. Unfortunately. The, world is filled with gifted, people who, never develop, their gift. Finding. One's gift can be hard work and then, developing, one's gift can be even harder work and that. Is why so. Many people appear, to be below, average. So. That is why most professional, athletes practice. Harder than amateurs, I asked. They. Dedicate, their life to developing. Their strengths and skills in order, to develop their gift rich. Dad nodded. Once. Again I had, heard more than I could handle the. Discussion, was over but. I remembered, the lesson. Good is the, enemy of great.

There. Are two books I recommend to, friends who are dedicated. To becoming the best they can be in life I strongly. Recommend both, books for anyone dedicated, to becoming a great entrepreneur. The. First one is good, to great by Jim Collins, we. Have read and held study groups on this book five times, each, time. Our group started the book in depth it seemed, like we were reading a different book. The. Opening, line of good, to great says, it all Collins. Begins, by, stating good. Is the enemy of great. Keeping. With the subject of finding ones gift we, all know the world is filled with good business people good. Athletes, good, parents, good workers, and good, governments, but. The world has, a shortage, of great, business people great, athletes, great, parents, great, workers, great. Governments, and so, on, why. For many of us good. Is, good enough if. My Rich Dad were here today he. Would say bringing. Out your gift is about, bringing out your greatness not. Just, what you are good enough at. Good, to great is filled, with lessons essential, for big and small businesses, in our. Study groups each person. Seemed to find a lesson that was written just for him or her for. Me the, lesson that hit me the hardest was the lesson that greatness, is a choice, it. Is not about being gifted, or talented, or more fortunate, than others it's, about a choice we, all can, make. Being. A person who has been average and below average, for most of my life the. Idea that I had the choice to change, all that was, a message from the book that went straight to my heart and my soul. Overcome. Your resistance. The. War of art by, Steven, Pressfield is, another, book for anyone who wants to make the best of their lives, the. War of art is about, the self saboteur, in all of us Steven. Pressfield identifies. Resistance, as that, force inside, each of us that holds us back I know. This character named resistance, well, except. In my case my, resistance comes, in different characters, with different names in the. Morning my resistance, goes by the name of Fat Boy as. I awake look, at my clock and say time. To go to the gym, immediately. Fat Boy says oh no not, this morning you're, not feeling, well besides. It's chilly, outside go. To the gym tomorrow, Fat. Boy is the guy inside me that would rather eat than, exercise. Myra's. Since comes disguised, in many different characters, I have, lots of them in, addition, to Fat Boy another. Character, is lazy, husband, this. Character, often says things such as why. Didn't Kim do this or do that, another. Resistance, character, that runs my life is financial, slob who, is always saying why. Check the numbers. After. Financial slob, has his say then, lazy husband, says Kim, will you check these numbers as you, can tell fat, boy financial, slob and lazy, husband, are close, friends of mine we. Are together every day. Pressfield. Calls it resistance. I call. Them my buddies. Steven, pressfield's book, is about overcoming your resistance, by tapping into your creative power your, spiritual, allies your, angels, or muses, I would. Say this book is essential, for entrepreneurs. It, is not a book for people who simply want to get rich quick like. Good, to great the war of art contains. Many priceless lessons. Yet, there is one lesson that, pertains, directly to. This subject of giving one's gift it. Comes from a chapter entitled, professionals. And amateurs and says. Aspiring. Artists, defeated. By resistance, share one trait they, all act like amateurs, they, have not yet turned pro, to. Be clear when, I say professional, I don't, mean doctors, and lawyers those. Of the professions, I mean. The professional. As an ideal the. Professional, in contrast. To the amateur. Consider. The differences, the. Amateur plays for fun the, professional, plays for keeps to. The amateur, the game is his avocation to. The pro it's, his vocation, the. Amateur plays part-time the, professional, full-time. The. Amateur is a weekend, warrior the. Professional, is there seven. Days a week the word. Amateur, comes. From the Latin root meaning, to love the. Conventional, interpretation. Is that the amateur pursues, his calling, out of love while. The pro does, it for money, not. The way I see it in my.

View The, amateur, does not love the game enough if. He did he, would not pursue, it as a sideline, distinct. From his real vocation, the. Professional. Loves it so much he dedicates. His life to it he, commits, full-time. That's. What, I mean when I say turning, pro. Resistance. Hates, it when we turn pro. In overnight. Success. Writing. About the success of the Rich Dad series, of books a news, journalist, said this, author is an overnight success only, three, other books in the history of the New York Times bestseller, list have been on the list longer than Kiyosaki's. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, most. Authors write for years and write, many books and never, make the New York Times list. The. Words overnight. Success, and author. Always, caused me to chuckle I do. Not consider, myself an author and I, am certainly, not an, overnight success. I am. Simply someone who found, my mission I have. Been working on this mission for years and have, partners, who share that mission, being. An author is just, one of the jobs I perform, in order. To fulfill that mission I really. Wish I did not have to write ever. Since, failing English in high school at the age of 15 because I could not write I have, had a deep aversion to. Writing for years. I hated, writing it, was the hardest thing I had to do there. Are many other ways to communicate, that are easier for me and I would rather do like, audio or video recordings. Or live, appearances. In spite. Of this Rich, Dad Poor Dad has been a best-selling, business book, in America for many years. Lance. Armstrong, has won many Tour de France races, but, his biggest battle was conquering, cancer, at the peak of his career, in. Comparison. If it's cold outside, I won't go to the gym, Armstrong's. Level, of professionalism, and love, of his sport are an inspiration to us all regardless. Of what our game is as. He said in his book it's, not about the bike I, was. Beginning to see cancer as something, that I was given for the good of others, all. I knew, was that I felt I had a mission to serve others that, I'd never had before and I, took it more, seriously than. Anything in the world. It's, not about the money. Another. Question, I am asked by journalists, is why. Do you keep working if. You have all this money why. Don't you just go on a permanent vacation just. As. Lance Armstrong, states it's not about the bike for. Me it's. Not about the money it's about. The mission, in. 1974. Seeing, my poor dad's sitting at home watching TV a broken. And broke, man I found. My mission. Watching. My dad sitting there I could, see the future not. Just for him but for, millions, maybe, billions, of people worldwide in, the. Next few years by. 2015. It, will become more apparent that throughout. The world there. Are millions maybe. Billions, of people, just, like my, dad, these. Are smart educated. Hard-working. People who will need government, support for food, shelter. And medicine, this. Is a worldwide, phenomenon. Affecting. Every, country in the world even. The richest of countries, such, as the United States, England. Japan. Germany. France and. Italy. In. 1974. I realized. The problem was that too many people like, my dad were, depending, upon the government, for life support, my. Rich Dad had, seen the problem, growing and that Social, Security and Medicare, were going to be massive financial problems.

For The United States and the, world I could. See that the richest country, in the world could, become a country filled with poor people expecting. The government, to take care of them in. 1974. When, my poor dad recommended, go. Back to school and get your PhD so. You can find a job with good benefits I found. My mission at. The time I did, not know that I had found my mission all I knew, was that my dad's advice advice, I, used to listen to now. Deeply, disturbed, me. Seeing, my dad sitting on the couch watching TV. Unemployed. Smoking. And collecting. His government, benefits, I knew. There was something terribly flawed, in his advice. Times. Had changed but. His advice had not I believe. Seeing my father in, 1974. Was. Seeing the future. What you love is not enough. Very. Often I hear, people say I'm doing, what I love also I, hear people say do. What you love and the money will follow, while. This is good advice there. Are also some flaws in the advice the. Most obvious, flaw is the, use of the word I. One's. True, mission is about, whom you love it. Is not about you a mission. Is about, whom you do your work for it's. Not about working for yourself, in. His book Lance, Armstrong, goes on to say I had. A new sense of purpose and it, had nothing to do with my recognition and exploits. On a bike some. People won't understand, this but. I no longer felt that it was my role in life to, be a cyclist, maybe. My, role was to be a cancer, survivor, my, strongest connections, and feelings, were, with people, who were fighting cancer and asking. The same question, I was am I. Going to die. Not about you, recently. A friend, asked me to talk to his sister an office, manager, who had just joined a network marketing company he. Said she. Read your books and has, decided to take a leap into starting her own business with. A network marketing company, that's. Good I said, would. You mind talking, to her, what. Could I say he, was a friend so, I agreed. During. Her lunch break she, came by to meet with me so, why, did you join this company and decide, to build your own business, I asked, oh I'm. Tired, of the rat race I'm, not getting the head at my job so, after reading your book on the advantages of starting, a network marketing, business the business. School for people who like helping people I decided. To take the plunge so. I gave. Notice at work and will be out of my own in a month that's. Courageous, I said acknowledging. Her, tell. Me how you came to choose, the network marketing company, you're going to build your business with. Oh I really, like their products, their, training seems good but I really liked their compensation, plan I can, make a lot of money quickly. Okay. I said, reserving. My comments, about doing it primarily for the money what. Are your plans, the. Conversation. Went on for about another half hour there. Was not much to discuss, since she had not yet started to. Be fair to my friend I suggested. She called me in six months and let, me know how she was doing at, that point I thought, she would have more real-world, questions, to ask.

Six. Months of failing. During. The sixth month she, called and wanted to continue our meeting this. Next, meeting was not as pleasant, I'm. Not doing very well she, started nobody. Wants to listen to me nobody. Gets it they just closed their minds the moment I mentioned network, marketing, how. Can I make any money if they don't listen. Have. You attended the training sessions, the company offers I asked, no. I don't want to she, said angrily, all they do is, pressure me to practice selling, I don't, want to be pressured they, want me to bring my friends to meetings and my friends won't come. Ok. I said quietly have, you read any books on selling, or how to influence, people, no. I don't like to read, ok, if you, don't like to read have, you looked into a sales training course. No. All those, guys want is my money so, I refuse to give them any, ok. I said so, what do you want all. I want, is to work a few hours a week make, a lot of money without hassles, and have, the time and money to enjoy life. All. Right I said, now beginning to chuckle, to myself. So. Tell, me what I should do she said flashing. Her frustration, at me, go. See if you can get your job back I suggested. Are. You saying I can't build a business she, demanded, no. I am, NOT saying that. So. What, are you saying she demanded, you're, supposed to be the smart guy the, guy who writes all these best-selling, books tell, me what you see in me I'm strong, I can, take it, ok. I said, in a more serious tone have. You noticed how many times you have used the word I, know. She, replied tell. Me how many times I have used the word I and what the use of it means to you, well. I heard, you say I'm, not doing well I don't. Want to attend training classes I don't, want to read I refuse. To give any money. So I say I a lot so, what as, gently. As I could I said because. Building a business is not about you it's, about other people, it's, about your team your, customers, your teachers, and how, well you can serve them you sound, very self-centered. Very me, myself, and I oriented. Obviously. She, did not like what I had to say yet. She sat back kept. Quiet and listened. I. Could. Tell she had heard what I had said and was, processing, it. Composing. Herself she replied but, I really, do not like to read I really. Do not like going to training classes, I really. Hate, rejection. I hate. Close-minded, people who, do not get what I am offering them I hate. This emotional, pain I'm going through I hate. Not, having a paycheck. Slowly, I softly, said I understand. I have, had to go through similar feelings, I too hate, to read hate, to study hate, to train hate.

To Pay for advice hate. The long hours without pay but. I do it, why. She, asked because. I don't do it for me my. Work is not, about me it's. About them, so. You. Study because you want to do better for them your, customers. Yes. I replied, not. Just my customers, I study. Train, and practice, hard for their families, for their community, and for, a better world it's. Not about me or about the money it's, about being of service. Well. I want to be of service to she. Blurted out I'm, trying to help people, yes. I can tell you are you, have a good heart the, problem, is you. Must first qualify. To serve. Qualify. What, do you mean by qualify, well. Medical. Doctors spend years, in medical school qualifying. To serve their patients I do, not know of anyone who has quitted job as an office manager and the, next day is in the operating room performing, eye surgery, do. You know. She, said shaking her head so. That is why I need to read train, and practice it's. Not about me it's, about being better able to serve, other people. Our. Discussion. Went on for about an hour more, she. Did have a very good heart and sincerely. Did want to serve people she. Simply needed, to take time to gain the s

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