Revolutionizing collaboration & communications w/ Intelligent Communications through Microsoft Teams

Revolutionizing collaboration & communications w/ Intelligent Communications through Microsoft Teams

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You. Welcome. Back to another episode of teams on air you're, joining us for a very special episode we've, taken teams on the air and now, we're broadcasting live. From Enterprise, Connect in Orlando, Florida if you don't know what Enterprise Connect is it's, a 27-year. Conference, that brings industry. Experts, analysts, consultants, vendors and customers together to talk about issues, in, enterprise, communication, and collaboration this. Week we want to show you a couple of things first we want to show you lorries general session where she talked about is team, collaboration, ready for enterprise communication, then, we'll also show you an interview with Ilya book shine who can talk about some of the innovation, around shared devices personal, devices and mobile and then lastly we'll, take you behind the scenes of Bob Davis's, general, session where, we'll, go a little deeper to some of the announcements made here at Enterprise connect so. First let's get started and celebrate, our birthday take a look at this video. It's. Been again since Microsoft teams launched. Since. Then teams. Everywhere, and of all kinds are communicating. Creating. And. Achieving. Small. Businesses, are diving deeper. I'm. Able to use it to communicate. With, everyone I need to and it ties in to SharePoint it ties in to your files it ties them to Outlook so, it actually sends Outlook. Notifications. When something, is using. Your name and it also will keep. All your data right where it already is, multinational. Organizations. Are collaborating, better it. Just allows us to work, throughout that day to make the day productive, because, it's not just one person, trying to resolve a problem we're trying to complete a task suddenly. We've got the full, power of the Mott MacDonald community, right, at your fingertips, and teachers. Are reaching, the students. We. Can hand them assignments, we can deploy documents, to them all within the same interface we can communicate with them which pushes their engagement, up and all, of that is integrated, all the way across office, 365. You're. Able to communicate. With the teacher you can video chat with them you can call them through there you can message them and you're, able to get quick, results. Microsoft. Dean's is the hub 15 woo. So, whatever work you're doing and.

Wherever You're doing it let's. Just move together. We. Announce as many of you know that we were taking Skype for business and, bringing, that into, teams, so, within office 365, the. Skype for business, client. Goes, away and teams becomes the hero client, going forward, and that's because we believe that collapse and communication, are inextricably, linked, and going. Forward we continue, to look and say how do we build on this foundation taking. The decade of learning, from the Skype infrastructure. Being, able to build this next generation platform. And be, able to truly roll this out sitting, on top of the. Office productivity, suite we're, a year into this and just have a lot of really terrific production. Use, cases and stories, you, know ranging from small companies up to the largest companies in the world today. We just put out a case study from General Motors General. Motors is now using teams and it's really exciting to see how they're using it but. There's one recent, story that I just love that I wanted to share with you all today and it's a company called Red Lion hotels, and Red. Lion hotels, was, a Pacific. Northwest, Regional, Hotel chain with about 60 hotels, and in, a three year period they, went from 60 hotels to 1,100. Hotels, becoming. A national, chain and they, realized that they needed the tools to actually help, them in this journey they, needed to change the way they were communicating break. Down from just using email, and point-in-time communications. And really. Focus, more on ad hoc. Real-time, collab, that they, could do knowledge share really quickly they, could find the experts, they could keep the whole organization. Moving along this journey and so, they chose teams, because. They were already using the office 365, suite they, had power bi they, had a juror and with, all of it together it just really made sense and they could also plug in their third-party, applications.

And So, the CEO Greg, Mount, he did, something that I just think is fantastic and, he, put an email auto-responder on, that said should, you send this to teams question, mark and we, was really trying to force, and change the behavior of his employees to make sure they were right sizing, email, inputting, the communication, where it needed to be and so, teams has really been foundational, to, their growth and it's exciting to see their success. At. The pace of business, today and the evolution, of business in a digital world there's, a strong desire to move faster. Hawkins, employees have traditionally, communicated. Through email through frequency. Conferencing, tools our. People, at Mott MacDonald, use Skype for business online, every. Single day you've got the full power of the Mott MacDonald community, right, at your fingertips, Microsoft. Cloud voice services, make it extremely easy for employees, to collaborate. Since. All of our employees are using Skype for business we're introducing, teams across the organization, as well it puts the, communications. Right, alongside the content and that's what you really need for cooperation, without. Having to travel you know we can come together much quicker make, decisions, and an important factor is how we're able to communicate, with and collaborate with our clients, and our partners. The. Reaction from people has been incredibly positive they can share screens they can share files they can work collaboratively on documents, we're driving that editing, on the fly within, the team's environment, so, the entire team can see that editing the, ability to use it across multiple, devices and multiple modalities, is, important, to us the data is secure people can only see while, they're invited, to see my, number one use feature is the animated gif we're, trying to drive a cultural, change in terms of how people collaborate work together each, of the channels is customizable. And extensible. It's that ability to, configure, your channel as you need it, we've started use the pipe recording feature in Microsoft teams meetings once the recording is finished it appears in the channel so you can easily refer back to stuff this expense to employees is very important, because it supports, our vision of a giant walking with, intelligent, communications, were really excited to see employees, flawlessly.

Communicate, With their colleagues and their customers, a community, tool has to scale, across the globe, Microsoft, is right in the middle of that the, way that teams operates, is the way of our world today and where it's going versus. The way that maybe the corporate world operated, before. So. When now we're here with Ilya book sighing thanks for joining us today I really. Want to know about all the announcements that we made with teams and our native devices, tell me more what's happening sure see that very first thing that we're, super excited about is teams. Actually coming. To a broad range of devices and when I say teams I mean the native team's, experience, coming. To every device that, people really need at work, and. Along, with that we're. Actually also, bringing natural, language, interaction. Through. Cortana, in times to all of those devices when, we think about devices, we think about personal, devices things I would use and, shared devices things we may be used together in a in a conference room so, starting, with personal, devices probably. The most commonly, used communication. Device is a desk phone and we. Are partnering, to bring, out a new generation, of phones that natively, run teams the exact same user experiences. You would have on the PC the mobile phone now, on your desk palm the. First, of these devices is gonna come from Yale Inc it's the phone I have on my desk the T 58a and that's. Good we followed shortly by a phone from Audiocodes, and later some of our other partners all. Of these phones have a beautiful. Big touchscreen I can, scroll. And move through, the whole team's experience but, they also have a dial pad a handset all the things you would expect from, a phone and. So not only can you call, people but. One of the things I love is I can have the meeting scheduled, up on that nice big beautiful screen right, in line of sight have, it there all day, nice, well, I you noticed you talked about the dial pad but honestly I can't remember anybody's, phone number so can I be able with the skills feature, and Cortana, be able to just say call Ilya yeah absolutely a one of our key focuses, and bringing, teams to devices is to make everyday tasks, easier mm-hm so I said I've got my meeting scheduled up on the screen of, course I can just join any meeting with one touch right on the phone but, like you said sometimes you need to call people, and most. Of the time when I do that I actually have to call multiple, people at once well. Of course you can pick up the handset and dial a phone number but, because we have Cortana in teams you can also just ask Cortana to do it for you well with Cortana all we have to do is ask. Called. Delando Coleman, and James, Skye. Cortana. Heard me is, doing exactly what I want it's, just, that easy nice. So whether you pick up the handset where you hit the speakerphone instead, of getting that decades-old. Dial tone you. Actually get Cortana, and so, I can say called, the lambda and James and instead. Of hitting 52. Keys for a three-way call Cortana, I'll just do it for me and, it's not just calling all the, skills that we have in teams also. Come to devices so I'll be able to do things like ask who, the lambda is and get all your information all. Those same skills now on a wide variety of devices okay, fantastic now, you talked about these personal devices, yeah tell me about what's happening in the shared devices space sure, so this is an area I love I've been working in meeting room devices, for a while and again, it starts, with that really. Exciting, foundation, of bringing teams to every device so.

First Of all for open collaboration, spaces we have our very own surface, hub and, just, in the next couple of months we'll be doing an update bringing, the full Native, teams experience, to the hub Wow, moving, from that we've. Got our Skype room systems, which you and I both know and love we. Actually launched, those here, about a year ago at the enterprise connect show we, will be doing an update that brings teams, out to. Every, Skype room system every, Skype room says Wow so for customers who already purchased, the Skype room system will their devices be updated, absolutely. So this, is going to be an update that we put out very. Very soon for, the Skype room system software and all, of our systems from all are now, five partners, will. Then be able to join teams meetings, that, by the way is the, other thing we're very excited about we have two new partners two new devices for Skype room systems so, of course the device that was out first, was, from Logitech, and that's had huge success in the market that, was joined by Polycom, Crestron, and then at this show we're announcing availability. Of the really cool integrated. Lenovo device I've, got a console, audio computer, all built in and then. The HP device the HP is a really modular, device so it's available with, a standalone, console. Screen computer and an audio module, on that computer all, those devices will be able to join teams meetings and all. Of those devices will get Cortana, in, teams so even. When you're in a room you'll be able to just touch a button and say add the, LAN de to my meeting no more having to scroll. Through names, or type on a keyboard, just, ask Cortana to do that for you nice so the personal. Devices and the shared devices that all have the same capabilities. But are optimized, for the scenario that they're in that's right and because they're both running teams we're, also gonna do some better together scenarios. So we're also announcing that Skype room systems will be getting an update that, enables proximity. Detection hmm, and so you can walk, into any, room not. One that you've scheduled, any room with, teams on your laptop, around your mobile device and pull. That Skype room system into your meeting it'll show up in the new team's pre join screen not, only is it really easy to pull in the Skype room system Wow because, we know you're in the same room your. Laptop. Or mobile will join in content only mode no more annoying howling, when, you've got multiple devices, joined, nice, so the intelligence, isn't oh I guess location. Aware right so now wherever, you're going the device can actually be smart, enough to know that there's a Skype room system or a surface hub which, sure that you can connect to it's four, teams meetings, we're, really bringing. That intelligence, to the device and then across the visor all right so that's. Great to hear about all the things that are going on with the phones and the Skype room system are there any other innovations. That our partners are bringing yeah, our partners continue, to amaze us with their investment, in teams in skyping systems and the innovations, they bring so, at this show jointly, with Logitech, we're, announcing a cool new update, to their conference. Cam series, of peripherals, and it's an integrated, device, speakers. Microphones, the, cool, new thing is, that it actually will have the intelligence to, detect, people even, partial. People in the lens field. Of view and, not. Only will, it then be able to frame the picture on the people in the room well I'm not staring, at like tiny little people at the end of a conference table but. Because it detects people it also keeps, a count of how many people in the room and it'll, pass that back to Microsoft teams and so for IT administrators. One of the really key goals is figuring, out how rooms, are utilized and, will be able to give them the data they need with, a count of people in, each meeting Wow so you, know if I, can think about this you can not only see how many times the room has been scheduled, how many times that it's been ad hoc, someone just walks in and then you can see how many people are physically in the room so you can get a lots of rich information on, you we.

Think Will be really valuable cool, all. Right so before we go the, last question that I want to ask is about mobile scenarios, and you, know you're sometimes, like, you said you know you're walking in. Between meetings, and one. Of the devices that you always carry with you is your mobile device so tell me how that can be brought into the meeting well again it starts with teams the. Team's mobile, app is, really. Really full-featured, it's everything you get in teams desktop, it's become for, me the first thing I do in the morning when I grab my phone is I now look at teams yeah that's where all my work-related, stuff is what, we're doing is investing, a lot in that experience, to, make it richer. When you're in teams meetings, so, used to be that maybe, at most you could join a meeting and get audio what. We're announcing here, is you can join, the meeting from teams mobile and actually. Control, PowerPoint, content, you, can share your screen on your iPhone or iOS device and you can share the video from, the devices camera so you can really be, totally. At first class citizen, in that meeting all from your mobile Wow so from your mobile phone you can livestream. Exactly. What you're seeing to the other media online meeting participants, absolutely, fantastic, well that's a lot of features, and a lot of intelligent. Capabilities, built, into the devices so thank you for you, and your team and, our partners for doing such. A fantastic job so thanks thanks, Belinda. We. Also had the team's on-air podcast, studio where I had exclusive, interviews, with some of my colleagues and some of our device partners to talk about the latest innovation, that's happening we've. Made over thirteen, billion dollars investment, in artificial, intelligence AR. VR, speech, technologies. Whiteboarding, technologies. And even telephony, if you'd, like to learn more about these interviews, and hear them make, sure you rate and subscribe to, our podcast in, itunes google play or anywhere podcasts, are available this will be exclusive, bonus content. It's, time for, intelligent, communications. Intelligent. Communications. Is a broad, and long term vision, for our industry, and Microsoft together. With our ecosystem. Of partners is so, excited, to lead the way our. Vision. For intelligent, communication. Builds. On the amazing. Work our entire. Industry. Has done and continues to do around. Unified. Communications. But, with intelligent. Communications. We, now forge a new path a, new. Vision for what we should expect from. Our communications. Tools, hi. We just wrapped up the Microsoft, keynote here at Enterprise Connect and I'm here with an exclusive, backstage. Interview, with Bob Davis our corporate vice president, of office 365. Bob thanks for joining us today it's great to be here to Londe for my second. Interview of this conference that's right, Bob was actually on our podcast so. If you want to check out that interview make sure that you download the team's on-air podcast, last. Year we were here at Enterprise Connect and we showcased a lot of innovation, with teams and Skype, working. Side-by-side together, and we also, launched. The Skype room system what have we done in the last year yeah it's been an incredible, year of progress. It's, it's fascinating, to look back but you, know last year we. Talked. About a meet, well since that time we talked about a new, Skype, back-end, infrastructure, we launched, intelligent. Communications. We've. Had cloud video, Interop, we've. Introduced. New hardware. Device partners, just an incredible, amount of change, during that time but, most importantly, has, been our one-year, anniversary, of teams last, year, on this, day we. Launched, Microsoft, teams, we g8 it and it's just incredible, to look at the progress since then and when we launched it we really talked about it as just a chat based workspace, but. Now it's really a hub for teamwork and, we've, introduced. Intelligent. Communications. And most importantly our, communications. With, our collaboration, together, during that time forming. Intelligent, communications, I was really the. That we've delivered at the conference this week this, week we announced a few DES lighters in our intelligent. Communication vision, how are we advancing on, that vision. Yeah, well it's it's useful to think just, how far we've come in one year but the advances, that we've made in, artificial, intelligence and, machine learning and, the product really shone through in the conference I, agree. One of the things that I, think there are a lot of components that go into the intelligent, communications. Vision talk to me about what, are the investments, that we're making yeah, well well first first, off we've got the office graph and we've, brought.

Intelligence. Through the office graph to many of our security. Productivity. And developer, products, we're, bringing, that same intelligence. Capability. Leveraging, the office 365, graph to. To. Our. Communication. And collaboration experience. Things, like being able to find people who might be able to help you on a project, being. Able to bring people into the meeting just by simply saying their name the. Ability to, to. Translate. And transcript, some of the information. That we have in in. Microsoft, teams have been extraordinary we've, also been investing. Heavily I mean we have 13 billion dollars. Of investments. We also have a hundred, and twenty million people that use office, 365. And our ability to take. The, signals, that those 120 million people are using every, email, every. File, every, message. That, they send and serve that up to individuals, to help make them more productive, is. Is an example of some of the investments that we're making yeah, you talked a little bit about how that's changing, the landscape of connecting, with people but paint, a picture of what intelligent, communications, could unlock infer for collaboration, yeah we demoed quite a few of those today if you think about things like translation. And breaking down language, barriers it's, amazing, to have people, be able to communicate in their native language, from. Anywhere, and be able to use that information. You, know to be able to to find information, to have people be able to communicate. We. Also introduced, blur on. Stage, today and blur, allows you to as you know to, blur out the background, maybe. When you're at home and maybe there's a distraction, going on in the background you're at a coffee shop or, maybe you're even in your office and you have confidential, information on the whiteboard being. Able to blur that out allows, people to participate. And connect in a meeting with, confidence, which. Is which is really which is really great we've, also introduced. New devices that bring insights into a meeting so it's very easy to connect, using the devices but not only just connect but also gain, information, like how many people are in the meeting you, know how many people were invited how many people are in there how frequently, is that meeting room being used all exceptional, information, that we can serve back to our customers, to help them make these spaces more. Valuable to them I know in your role you talk to a lot of customers, and they're. Really excited so tell me what you think that they're most excited, about, yeah. We, have over, 200,000. Customers. Using, teams right now that's up from 125,000. That we had just six months ago we. Have 70% of our enterprise customers using teams and parallel and what they, are excited, about is the ability for people, to connect from across their organization, in new and creative ways and really, help transform, the way they communicate, and collaborate I love that and I'd really like to understand your experience as a leader of leaders, and a very large organization how, has teams transformed, sure, yeah well yeah, well I I do have a large. Organization. And in the past there was always this sort of command, and control structure, where, you know I would, say, something it would filter down through my organization it, was rare that I would get information about, what was really, happening on, the ground level and my team works directly, with customers and so knowing. What's happening. Directly. With customers is absolutely, invaluable to me and so we, have really. Flattened. The organization, using teams and that doesn't mean that there aren't still reporting, relationships, that exist but, I am absolutely, in to know about what is happening at every level, of my, organization and that makes that that's, incredibly.

Valuable To me for. Example we have a channel for. Customer engagements, and when, people, are working with a customer, you know you notably customers asking questions that you just don't know but, being able to post in that channel and bringing the power of you, know hundreds, and hundreds of people in my organization to, help contribute, to solving the problem, or or answering, the question the customer had is, is. Just so empowering before it was trying to find the right person that can help with that it was just if you think about it especially now that we use teams, if, you think about how inefficient, that the old way of communicating, was it just makes you think that they're you know you just could never go back to that yeah. Well, Bob thank you my last question before you go I know that, we've, position. Microsoft. Teams as the hub for team mark and we really look for teams that are inspiring that have a true sense of purpose and. And. Have great people on them so if you could be on any team because you're a great person and. Any. Size shape or function which team would it be well, I'm just gonna go back to a team that I was on in, my youth so in high school I was on a soccer, team for my for my high school actually we were we, were quite good we didn't we didn't like win the state championship or. Any with anything but we were really good but I always remember playing, on that team because. When. We operated. As a team we could we could actually do amazing, things we were much better than the. Sum. Of our individual, parts right like, our coach would call out a play and we, would run that play to perfection, maybe six different people had to touch the ball before it before it scored or something like that and I, remember, the feeling of, absolute. Joy when we would run, that play to perfection, and so you, know I think about that at work like what does it feel to be like in a great team and and. Having. That feeling of where everyone is contributing and it's nice but again, with Microsoft teams actually get everybody to contribute way as they haven't been able to in the past yeah it's been amazing and, so just. To wrap up we had one. Year of teams and we advanced our intelligent, communication and vision so thanks Bob my, pleasure Thank You dill on it. Before. I leave I want to share a really, exciting story, about, 40 companies submitted, an application for, Best in Show Enterprise Connect six, finalists, were chosen and, dunt-da-daaaaa, we. Won. It's. So exciting, and I'm so proud of the team for such an awesome job that they did not only here at Enterprise Connect but, also back in Redmond just, delivering on the innovation, to make Microsoft. Teams an awesome. Solution, alright. That wraps up this week of teams on air or hope you enjoy the show we'll be back in two weeks to talk about direct routing, where we'll have a guest Nikolaj to go a lot deeper into the technology and the innovation that were shipping alright, see you in two weeks. You. You.

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