Reviewing The Wii U And Every Launch Game

Reviewing The Wii U And Every Launch Game

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00:00:03:05 - 00:00:45:19 Rich  Oh, hi, everyone. Rich of review tech USA  here and I finally have my wee you video.   This is the new we you I bought  from a reputable eBay seller. 00:00:46:05 - 00:01:06:05 Rich  It was not new they said it was new and box and  it looked like this but even though I got scammed   it worked and I decided to do it. Overview video   anyway. So enjoy the footage of me  getting scammed by an eBay seller   and I also decided to do a quick overview  of every single launch game for the wheel.

00:01:07:09 - 00:01:51:03 Rich  It's a hell of a video.  Enjoy bird breasts. Some of   I hate people yo. I get less even try to  put the tape back on Oh, come on, dude. 00:01:56:14 - 00:02:14:07  Rich It's   oh, man. Boy, did they. Ah ha ha ha.   Oh, I am so, so so complaining about  this. Look at the top. Look at the top. 00:02:17:15 - 00:02:21:19 Rich  Oh, man. Do they really think I'm that stupid?

00:02:24:02 - 00:02:49:19 Rich  Thank God I bought this through PayPal.  Anyway, holy shit. People are such liars.   People are such liars. Oh, man, don't  you just love my brand new we you new   inbox that I got that looks totally brand new  and not like it's refurbished from GameStop.   And someone tried to spin it off is brand  new to take more money out of my pocket   because they knew it was new in-box  to be able to get more money for me. 00:02:50:01 - 00:03:08:23 Rich  Man, this is such a great new and box cut.  It's not new in box. It's not new in box.  

It's used. The eBay seller lied. Look  at the listing. Here it is. Brand new in   box. Nintendo Wii U. 32 gigabyte  Super Mario 3D World Deluxe app. Like,   what would you think when you saw that? You  would think that it is brand new in box. 00:03:08:23 - 00:03:32:16 Rich  But here is where the seller got me and  they're covering their own ass. Look at  

the description. This is brand new in-box.  All items are in original wrapping. Original   owner daughter never used. Now it goes from  being new in box to just being never used.   One very light scratch on console by not  on screen. Hardly noticeable missing pen. 00:03:33:02 - 00:03:58:12 Rich  Does this sound brand new and box never used. I  just I. And then it had a pin for the parental  

controls. It was locked behind them. So it  was definitely used without a question. At   best. This eBay seller, maybe they bought it.  Refurbished from GameStop. They thought the box   was in really good condition and they could just  swindle someone and say, oh, yeah, it's brand new. 00:03:58:12 - 00:04:17:19 Rich  It's never been used and hope they never  open it. But at least the console works.  

So there's that. So I got screwed  over, but at least we could have some   Wii U gaming fun, huh? I spent a lot of money  on this. Okay. So moving right along for me,   getting screwed over by the eBay  seller. What the hell is the Wii U? 00:04:17:20 - 00:04:48:05 Rich  Well, I'm going to give you the Cliff Notes  version of what the console is. It was released   by Nintendo in 2012. It is the successor to the we  and it was a huge giant flop. It was a giant turd   in Nintendo's toilet that they want to forget.  When it came to mistakes that Nintendo made with  

the Wii, Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that the  we lacking HD capability held it back against   the Xbox three 60 and PlayStation three and  with the Wii U they wanted to remedy that. 00:04:48:11 - 00:05:11:02 Rich  And tablets around 2012 were a big thing even  Android tablets. So they put a screen on the   controller which had really bad battery life. A  lot of developers including Nintendo didn't know  

what the hell to do with the Wii U gamepad screen  so they just let you play the games on the screen.   So if someone's watching a football game on the  TV you could play your games on the Wii U gamepad. 00:05:11:02 - 00:05:33:12 Rich  Yay! On top of that, you needed to have the Wii  U GamePad to use the EU and the Wii U GamePad was   expensive if something went wrong with the because  it was 140 bucks because it had a screen on it   and kids like to play Nintendo consoles  and that controller would break   so you couldn't use your WI  you if the Wii U gamepad broke. 00:05:33:12 - 00:05:58:07 Rich  And on top of all that, for the limited  capabilities of the Wii, you keep in mind   this was Nintendo's eighth gen system. So in  theory it was going toe to toe with the Xbox One  

and PlayStation four. It was slightly more capable  than the Xbox three 60 and PlayStation three,   but not by March. So it really was just as  capable as the seventh generation consoles. 00:05:58:13 - 00:06:29:20 Rich  So Nintendo was asking eighth generation  money for a system that pretty much was on   par with the seventh generation offerings  from their competitors. It was an absolute   recipe for disaster. And even though I  actually like the Wii U better than the we   and it has backwards compatibility with the we  and all of the we accessories, it was by far   Nintendo's worst selling home console at just  13.56 million units sold during its lifetime.

00:06:29:21 - 00:06:51:11 Rich  And yes, I know the virtual boy is  a thing, but the virtual boy is not   a home console. It is not a home  console. Why do I have to say that   every time I talk about this and here is what  the Wii U itself looks like, a giant black,   shiny scratch prone slab of Nintendo  love. Look, I've mentioned this before. 00:06:51:11 - 00:07:11:17 Rich  I actually like the Wii U better than the  we especially because it's fully backwards   compatible with the Nintendo we  and it has HDMI in its HD. But  

the design of the console from a form  standpoint leaves a lot to be desired.   When you look at the Nintendo Wii U was  sleek. I like the stand that it had for it. 00:07:11:17 - 00:07:42:05 Rich  It look nice next to your TV where it would mostly  collect dust because mostly soccer moms bought a   wee and then they never touched it again after  we sports. But it was a good looking system.   The Wii U is just kind of there. All  right. Let's take a gander around this big,   beautiful plastic piece of Nintendo beef. It  comes with an optical drive slot because the Wii U   actually utilized Blu ray discs don't try  to play a Blu ray movie in it, though,   because this is Nintendo and they  wouldn't do things like that.

00:07:42:06 - 00:08:09:14 Rich  You got an eject button for the Blu  ray drive. You got your power button,   your controller sync button. And under  this big, beautiful plastic door here,   you have an SD card slot and two USB  2.0 ports the SD card slot could take an  

SD SD card up to 32 gigabytes. And if you wanted  to deal with the super slow USB 2.0 external drive   you could actually store games on  one of those two up to two terabytes. 00:08:09:19 - 00:08:29:06 Rich  On the rear of the console, you have the  AC adapter port because the Wii U had to   power supplies one for the gamepad and  one for the system. You also have an AV   out which utilizes the same a port and  cables that the Nintendo we used. So if   you're using the same television and you  upgraded to a Wii U, you were in luck.

00:08:29:06 - 00:08:49:12 Rich  You didn't need to buy new AV cables,   of course, because the Wii U is fully backwards  compatible with the way they have the Wii Sensor   Bar Connector. Right next that you have HDMI out  because the Wii U could output HD resolutions up   to 1080 P and then you have a fan to cool the  system in two more super slow USB 2.0 ports. 00:08:49:13 - 00:09:10:16 Rich  And there you have it folks.  That is the Wii U. It is a system  

it is plastic. It is uninspired and confused,  just like Nintendo was during the we use   heyday. So what are the specs of the Wii  U? What are the specs of this supposed   eighth gen beast that's supposed to go  up against the peers for the Xbox One? 00:09:10:23 - 00:09:34:02 Rich  What does it have under the hood, Richard? Oh,  it's basically an Xbox three 60 on steroids. It   features a triple core PowerPC based CPU, two  gigabytes of DDR, three memory which games can   only access one gigabyte of that. The other  gigabyte is meant for the operating system   and it has a custom AMD Radeon GPU. I'm not  going super detailed with the specs on this. 00:09:34:11 - 00:09:58:22 Rich  It's a seventh gen console on steroids like  Nintendo. I get it. You wanted to get into  

the HD era, but you shouldn't want HDR like  your competition was about to do. A year after   you dropped the Wii U, you come out with the  system to bring back the core gamer. That's   still a step behind your competitors. Upcoming  consoles the Xbox One and PlayStation four. 00:09:58:22 - 00:10:25:20 Rich  So think about what you did. Nintendo, you  made a system to compete with the Xbox Three 60   and PlayStation three. When Microsoft and  Sony were moving on to the PlayStation four   and Xbox One, what the hell were  you thinking? But ah ha. You know,  

Nintendo had an ace up their sleeve, right in that  ace up their sleeve. That was the Wii U GamePad. 00:10:26:10 - 00:10:47:17 Rich  It had a 48 EP screen that you could play  games on, and they were hoping that someone   could figure out what the hell else to do with  it. And excuse me for a second. I'm going to go   a little bit regular car reviews here. And now  it's time to talk about this tech boy fix as   thick, as thick as thick. 00:10:49:20 - 00:11:20:13 Rich  Thick as oh, this is the Wii U gamepad.  Nintendo thought that this was going to be  

the system seller here it wasn't. All  right. So Specs first, the gamepad has a 6.2   inch screen that has a resolution of eight 54  by four 80 yes. For HP, it is a touch screen,   but it is a resistive touch screen, not  capacitive meaning that it's sensors   pressure meaning that it's not going to be  as accurate as a capacitive touch screen. 00:11:20:14 - 00:11:49:04 Rich  It has a front facing camera which I think  literally no one used dual analog sticks,   which are actually quite nice. It has nine axis  motion detection via a three axis accelerometer,   a three axis gyroscope and a three axis  magnetometer. And the gamepad supports NFC  

so if you're into amiibos, there's that. You  could you could use those. The nicest thing about   the Wii U gamepad is the screen, and not because  the thought of innovative things to do with it. 00:11:49:04 - 00:12:12:20 Rich  No, you could actually just play games on  it. I was actually playing Sniper Elite   V2 on the Wii U GamePad screen and it was  great. It was fine. There was no latency   to the screen even though it's only four 80, P has  a really crisp picture with good viewing angles.  

You could definitely see how the Wii U GamePad  was the rough draft of the Nintendo switch. 00:12:12:20 - 00:12:30:06 Rich  Without question, the battery life on  the GamePad was about three to 5 hours.   I would say more so on the three hour side,  depending on how bright you kept the screen.   So for a gamepad, its battery life  kind of sucked and out of the box.   This is the only controller of the  Wii U came with the Wii U gamepad.

00:12:30:07 - 00:12:58:23 Rich  And to make matters even worse,  the Wii U system is dependent on   you having a working with you gamepad  so if you're Wii U gamepad brakes,   you better get ready to fork over a decent chunk  of change to replace it. Now, to get a Wii U   replacement gamepad would be about anywhere  from 110 to $140. So it's not as expensive as   I thought it would have been, but it's still  a lot more expensive than a regular gamepad.

00:12:59:06 - 00:13:17:16 Rich  So when you bought a Wii U, you better  make sure your kids don't drop that big   expensive controller or you're going to have  to put out a third of the money to replace it.   What were they thinking? Making a console solely  dependent on a singular controller? Jesus Christ,   Nintendo. All right. So what about the  innovation, Rich? Come on, it's Nintendo. 00:13:17:16 - 00:13:38:02 Rich  They're the same company that had my grandma  swinging around a white dildo in her hands   pretending she was playing tennis. They have  to have something here. And yes, they do it.   It's not good. Though. Well, Nintendo thought  the big selling point was going to be using   the Wii U gamepad and incorporate it with the  gameplay experiences like with Nintendo Ireland.

00:13:38:18 - 00:14:06:02 Rich  I'm going to go more into this when I go over  Nintendo land. But there is for example, there's   mini games, the Legend of Zelda battle quests. You  use a bow and arrow you move around the gamepad   using the accelerometer to aim. It's something  that could be done on a smartphone. Nintendo was   hoping this would be the next revolution for  the WI family, hence why they called it BYU   confusing naming and people  thought it was just a gamepad.

00:14:06:02 - 00:14:23:22 Rich  Add on for the original we. But anyway however,   unlike the we move to we u gamepad was nowhere  near as approachable and easy to use. You   didn't just oh I need to swing the Wiimote  like a rocket. I'm going to swing it like   a rocket. I need to hold it like a baseball  bat. I'm going to hold it like a baseball bat. 00:14:24:05 - 00:14:43:08 Rich  This was look down at your new  game pad. Look up at the screen.  

Look down again. Turn the Wii U gamepad this  way. It was not approachable. Grandma's. We're   not going to want to do this. They are  going to smack you across the face with   the white wi mote dildo if you try to  make them play with the Wii U gamepad. 00:14:43:08 - 00:15:11:10 Rich  It was confusing and it wasn't fun. There is  one positive, though, I will say about the Wii   U gamepad. It is the most comfortable controller  I have ever used. I'm including the dualsense for   the PlayStation five, the series x controller.  It is just so damn comfortable to hold and use. I  

have a little bit of carpal tunnel and it doesn't  flare up at all when I use the Wii U GamePad. 00:15:11:13 - 00:15:34:12 Rich  I definitely can't say that about the  Nintendo switch because it's ergonomic suck   unless you get a satisfying gaming  grip link below in the description.   Shameless plug. They also have gaming grips  for the new Nintendo switch. All right,   which makes it more comfortable to  play. Tell your dad about it. But   whether I was playing Super Mario 3D World  or Sniper Elite V too were Call of Duty.

00:15:34:23 - 00:15:56:00 Rich  I really enjoyed playing all of the games with  the Wii U GamePad. So for all of its other flaws,   at least, it's really comfortable and  playing games on the Wii U GamePad screen   is pretty enjoyable to a useless and obsolete  feature now with the Nintendo switch existing,   but back then it was pretty cool. Well, all  right, that's enough about the consulate's self. 00:15:56:00 - 00:16:06:06 Rich  Are you're ready, ladies and gentlemen,  because we're about to take a look at   every single launch title that came out  for the Wii U. Oh, dear God, help me oh. 00:16:09:15 - 00:16:34:19 Rich  Assassin's Creed three. Another  console poor came to the Wii U launch   lineup this time it was Assassin's Creed  three. Unfortunately, the game looked a  

bit low rez compared to other console ports,  which is really sad because at that point,   the Wii U was approximately seven years  newer compared to the Xbox three 60   and the Wii U gamepad was underutilized,  according to most reviewers of the game. 00:16:34:19 - 00:16:58:15 Rich  You could use the gamepad as a minimap to  help you identify enemies and find objective   locations. You can also press the touch screen to  whistle to call your horse over to you. Oh, oh.   And you know how much I appreciate horse  touching. Oh and it's an Assassin's Creed   game. You play a little bit, there's a cut  scene, you play more, there's a cut scene. 00:16:58:16 - 00:17:18:04 Rich  Oh, look, I'm going to totally stealth for the  climb up the side of a theater like an asshole,   and no one will see me. How? That's the  thing. I don't know. Then there's a cut scene.  

Boy, there's another cut  scene, another loading screen,   another cut scene. That's Assassin's Creed three.  It is assassin's cut scene three. Oh, my God. 00:17:18:05 - 00:17:45:14 Rich  Oh, and it's an it's an Assassin's  Creed game. You really want to play   Assassin's Creed three? You can get this  on the switch to moving on. Oh, oh, of   course. Touching Call of Duty. Black Ops two black  ops two had a unique selling point when it came to  

the Wii U. It had the ability to let two players  play online and not have to share the TV one   player would use the Wii U GamePad, and the other  one would use the TV to play the game online. 00:17:45:14 - 00:18:10:17 Rich  While sales numbers were never released to  the public, it's rumored to have only sold   23,000 copies. And Activision employee  called the numbers, and I quote here,   abysmal. And I would agree So how the  hell does Call of Duty Black Ops to   play on the Wii U? It occasionally  hits 60 frames per second. I mean,  

it's fine. It looks just like it would on  the Xbox three 60 or PlayStation three. 00:18:10:17 - 00:18:47:01 Rich  But honestly, your best bet is to just play  Call of Duty Black Ops two, either on your PC   or via backwards compatibility on your  Xbox series console but hey, unlike the   Nintendo switch, at least the way you got a  couple Call of Duty installments, am I right?   Yeah. Don't play them though. Did play Call of  Duty somewhere else Darksiders two While most   hardcore Nintendo fans demanded a new legend of  Zelda for the Wii U, which they got right when the   system was on its way out with Legend of Zelda,  Breath of the Wild, they got Darksiders two,   which many at the time considered to be as  close as you could get to a Zelda in terms 00:18:47:01 - 00:19:15:00 Rich  of gameplay. Unfortunately, the  game suffered from a large amount of  

screen tearing when playing on and off  the TV and on the gamepad. Overall,   Darksiders two was reviewed as a great homage of  the Zelda series and received mostly great scores,   but it was riddled with performance issues. And  look, I absolutely love the Darksiders series,   and Darksiders two is a great game, but it doesn't  play great on the Wii U frame rate issues galore. 00:19:15:00 - 00:19:38:13 Rich  And yes, there is a decent amount of screen  tearing on top of that. This is another title   that you could get on the Nintendo switch or  virtually anywhere else. So as a video game,   I highly recommend Darksiders two, but I  cannot in good faith recommend the Wii U   version Epic Mickey to the Power of two and man,  this game was a huge disappointment unfortunately.

00:19:38:13 - 00:20:08:02 Rich  Epic Mickey to the power of two  didn't take advantage of the gamepad,   only displaying a map and giving you quick  access to some abilities in-game. Now Disney had   projected the game to sell over 2 million units  worldwide, but the game failed to reach 600,000.   It went on to ultimately sell only 529,000  copies. This led to the demise of its developer   Junction Point games and put the final nail in the  coffin when it came to the future of the series.

00:20:08:02 - 00:20:27:07 Rich  So here's how this game works. Mickey has a  paint brush. He could either shoot, paint or   paint thinner, and with paint he can make  an object appear. And with paint thinner he   can make an object disappear. You also have  a partner called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,   and with Oswald you figure out puzzles in this  puzzle platformer. But there's some bad news here. 00:20:27:08 - 00:20:50:18 Rich  If you don't have a friend to play with, the  A.I. that controls Oswald is really dumb,   and Oswald is a complete idiot. On top of  that, the game is littered with issues like  

weird camera angles, a choppy and inconsistent  frame rate, and somewhat frustrating controls   and combat. Great idea. Bad execution sadly,  I'd say avoid this one ESPN Sports Connection. 00:20:50:19 - 00:20:55:00 Rich  Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, jeez.  This is this. This is hell. 00:20:58:01 - 00:21:42:22 Rich  Oh, God. So here we go. Another Ubisoft Wii U  launch banger. Remember we sports? Of course  

you do. It was the packaged game that came with  every week. It was sitting at 82.9 million homes   across the world. And Ubisoft thought it would  be a great idea to capture some of that magic.   But the game shed its. Yeah well Nintendo  life gave the game of four out of ten   saying ESPN Sports Connection's biggest problem  is that it feels like it was slapped together in a   matter of months with seemingly little interest to  exist beyond merely existing Someone had to make a   motion control tennis right noble perhaps to take  one for the team like that but families looking 00:21:42:22 - 00:22:12:14 Rich  to replicate wee sports magic this hardware launch  are better off with a ticket to Nintendo land.   They couldn't have said it any better. All it is  

is you take wee sports for the wave you suck  every ounce of life out of it. And that is   ESPN Sports Connection. There's nothing  to it except the cart racing. It's   take all the fun out of Mario Kart and that  is caught racing and ESPN Sports Connection. 00:22:12:15 - 00:22:38:05 Rich  If God himself tells you to play this game,  you tell him no. You avoided at all costs.   Next game please. FIFA soccer 13 joy while the  gamepad did feature unique gameplay elements   that could only be done using the gamepad  screen. Overall, most reviewers felt the  

ability to touch the screen to pass the ball and  send supporting players on runs was frustrating. 00:22:38:05 - 00:23:09:09 Rich  And this was due to your own fingers blocking the  screen and gave FIFA soccer 13 a six out of ten   saying and I quote FIFA 13 on Wii U is a  decent game and uses the gamepad intuitively   but it's not really FIFA 13 wait until  next season and yet it's a soccer game   or a football game depending on where you come  from and I don't really know much about soccer   I kicked the ball around seem fine I'm  sure there has been many soccer games   since that you should play instead  of this it's almost a decade old. 00:23:09:21 - 00:23:42:04 Rich  Moving on game party champions if you can even  call this a game. Oddly enough, Game Party   Champions is the fifth game in the game party  series. It included eight mini games, ping pong,  

Skee-Ball, water gun, mini golf, air hockey,  hoop, shoot football and baseball. It's the worst   game out of the launch lineup. It currently  holds a 24% on Metacritic and Nintendo life   gave it a one out of ten saying game party  champions is, to put it nicely, a bad game. 00:23:42:04 - 00:24:03:22 Rich  So you're wondering how I feel about game  party champions personally. You know what you   do. You find someone that you hate, you despise  them. You go on eBay or you go wherever a flea  

market and you pick up a copy of Game Party  Champions for the Wii U. Then you sit them   down. You force them to play air hockey using  the Wii U GamePad and they will torture them. 00:24:04:02 - 00:24:25:07 Rich  They will suffer more than they've ever suffered  in their life. This is something that should   be used in interrogation rooms. This is the  worst game I have ever played on any platform,  

ever. This is not a party game. This  is not a video game. This is a vile,   horrible piece of shit. Avoided  at all costs, please. Thank you. 00:24:25:22 - 00:24:44:22 Rich  Moving on. Just stands for. Not that  I was expecting a lot, but the Wii U   gamepad is mostly put aside while playing  this game. Ubisoft did, of course,  

try and implement the GamePad while you danced  around, but most players found it to be awkward.   This, however, is one of the games that  help keep sales of wee motes alive. 00:24:45:03 - 00:25:07:13 Rich  Players would hold the WeMo in their hand  and copy the character's dance moves on the   screen. At the time, just dance was a major  success for Ubisoft, and Ubisoft showed its  

dedication to Nintendo when it released  the final we game ever. Just dance 2020   that's over 13 years after the we was  released and yep it's more just stance. 00:25:07:13 - 00:25:27:05 Rich  You follow the moves on the screen the  more accurate you are the higher you score   I rather play Beat Saber  in VR, but that's just me.   New Super Mario Brothers you with new Super Mario  Brothers you Nintendo brought Mario out of the   standard definition world of the we and into the  HD world of the Wii U. New Super Mario Brothers.

00:25:27:05 - 00:25:56:12 Rich  You was the third highest selling Wii U game  with 5.3. 8 million units sold worldwide   and a new version called New Super Luigi sold 3  million units worldwide just seven months later   making seven of the top ten best selling Wii  U games revolve around the Mario franchise,   and it's another new Super Mario Brothers  game. If you've played them on the Diaz,   the 3D, US, the We, or on any other Nintendo  platform, you know what to expect here.

00:25:56:12 - 00:26:18:11 Rich  Don't go out and buy a Wii U for this  because you could actually get the same   exact game on the Nintendo  switch right now. Buy it there.   Ninja Gaiden three Razor's Edge. Razor's Edge was  a console exclusive at the time of its release.   Its an enhanced port of Ninja Gaiden three that  includes all the DLC from the original title,   as well as introducing players  to a new way to select weapons. 00:26:18:11 - 00:26:40:12 Rich  Using the touch screen on the gamepad. The  game received mostly mixed reviews at the time.   Kevin Orden from GameSpot said it's harder  and more varied than its original release.   But Ninja Gaiden three Razor's Edge doesn't  reach the greatness of its forebears. Well,  

you know what Kevin Von offered? You  could stare at my review Tech USA Holes,   because I thought this game was friggin awesome. 00:26:40:13 - 00:27:05:23 Rich  I think its frantic, fun, hack  and slash gameplay at its finest,   so much so that instantly I went and purchased  the ninja guide in Master Collection Trilogy   for the Nintendo Switch. I can't  recommend this game enough.   Go buy it for your switch right now. Nintendo  Land when Nintendo releases new consoles,   they tend to release a game at launch that  will demonstrate the concept of the new system.

00:27:05:23 - 00:27:33:08 Rich  And in this case the we use gamepad  functionality Nintendo Land features   12 mini games based on existing Nintendo  game franchises such as The Legend of Zelda   and Zero that each use a different  function of the GamePad as of March   2020 Nintendo Land has sold 5.2 million copies,  making it the fifth highest selling Wii U game,   which is kind of obvious because it was  a packaged game for many Wii U systems. 00:27:33:09 - 00:27:56:09 Rich  Well, how does a play like a bunch of mini games  that you would play in a cheap Android tablet that   you would get off the Google Play store for about  $0.99 each? Or maybe they would even be free. Hey,   I know there's people that love tomorrow's  Ninja Castle and using the Wii U gamepad to   throw ninja stars, but it's just really awkward  and feels really dated to play Nintendo Land.

00:27:56:10 - 00:28:16:07 Rich  You have to remember the Wii U GamePad  is a resistive touchscreen and honestly,   Nintendo lan I even had fun with back  in the day when I first got my Wii U.   But looking back at it now in 2022,  this wasn't the watershed game that   was going to get people to run to the Wii U in  droves like we sports was for the Nintendo Wii. 00:28:16:17 - 00:28:38:21 Rich  Okay. Moving on. We have a lot more games to go  over. Jesus Christ, Ubisoft, you're back again.  

This is Rabbit's Land. Long before the rabbits  would team up with Mario on the Nintendo switch   in Mario plus rabbits kingdom battle, the rabbits  failed to reach a larger audience on the Wii U   with rabbits land a game that outright ripped  off Mario party but ultimately sucked even worse. 00:28:38:21 - 00:29:02:00 Rich  And again, another Ubisoft Wii U console  exclusive that received mixed reviews   and gave it a five out of ten, calling it  a mediocre party game mini game collection.   And that's exactly what it is. Sure, some of  the mini games incorporate the Wii U gamepad,   but who cares? This is more shovel where garbage  from Ubisoft trying to cash in on Wii U gimmicks.

00:29:02:05 - 00:29:27:07 Rich  Quality over quantity. Ubisoft learned. Hey guys,  am I going back and forth between Ubisoft left and   Ubisoft, my say in Mario and Mario in the  video here? Yeah. Yeah. You know what?   Potato. Potato. You're going to deal with  it. Don't like it. Eat my ass. Oh, finally,   another game. I could actually recommend Scribble  Notes Unlimited. Now, here's a unique game that   was only made better when played on the Wii  U GamePad, and it really actually worked. 00:29:27:07 - 00:29:50:02 Rich  It featured a combination of the Wii U GamePad,  touch screen and physical control options.  

Using the gamepad to summon objects made the whole  experience seem even more immersive. Overall,   Scribble Notes Unlimited for the  Wii U. Received great reviews.   Nintendo Life said this is the  kind of game that looks great,   controls well, and provides a whole  heck of a lot of family friendly fun. 00:29:50:02 - 00:30:09:00 Rich  And you know what? They are 100% right  because this one does kind of slap you   could pretty much type in any object you  could think of on the Wii U gamepad minus   you know things like a dildo and they'll appear  on screen and then you could use those to solve   puzzles. I love the art style. The gameplay is  brilliantly done and Scribble Notes Unlimited. 00:30:09:00 - 00:30:33:22 Rich  It's definitely a game. I could  see myself playing with my kids.  

And now it's time for a sing party. So it's  spreading that new cruise. I'm leaving today here.   Oh, Jesus Christ, this game sucks. All  right. What they were trying to do with   this game is bring the experience of going  to karaoke night at your local bar home. 00:30:33:23 - 00:30:57:12 Rich  But what Sing Party failed to do is bring  the feeling of singing your drunken heart out   to the Wii U. The game received overwhelmingly  crappy scores. IG and said, and I quote,   the functional karaoke mechanics and effective  gamepad integration make sing party a passable   option. It's not for those gamers looking for a  little musical accompaniment to their parties.

00:30:57:12 - 00:31:26:11 Rich  But a weak tracklist festers underneath  sing parties, accessible, bland exterior,   and without an adequate progression system  to encourage repeat play. Sing Party misses   its leap for gaming greatness. Oh, for Christ's  sake, they're being kind to it. Look, I'm not a   karaoke aficionado here. But I could. I  could probably see this avoid this game  

at all costs. Go on Amazon right now and buy  the cheapest Chinese knockoff karaoke machine. 00:31:26:16 - 00:31:50:12 Rich  Get an app for your phone, get an app for your  tablet. Get get an app for your ass cheek.   Anything else? Anything. And do karaoke  on that. Enjoy a karaoke experience there.   Go to a bar, have a few  drinks, get a buzz, sing there,   do anything else except play this game. It is a ga  big karaoke experience. It shouldn't even exist. 00:31:50:14 - 00:32:13:19 Rich  Skylanders Giants at the time of release, Andy  Robertson from called Skylanders Giants  

for the Wii U. The quote unquote definitive  version of the game. The reasoning behind   this was the ability to create a family game  night where two of his kids would play on the TV   while he would take control of the game pad  that displayed mission details and player stats. 00:32:13:21 - 00:32:38:02 Rich  And let me tell you something, I was  pleasantly surprised at this game,   and I think Activision should reboot this  series. The starter pack that I purchase  

actually comes with this little USB  device called the Portal of Power.   And you get these three figurines. There is the  Jet VAC character, cinder undead or tree recs,   and each of them have different abilities  and you place them on the portal of power.

00:32:38:07 - 00:32:59:08 Rich  And as you place the character on there, that's  the character as you play is in the game.   And it's a really intuitive, interesting idea  and it works really well. And as soon as you   put a different character in the portal of  Power, they show up on the screen. Granted,   the game visually is nothing to look at. But it's  a pretty fun platformer with an interesting twist. 00:32:59:12 - 00:33:25:12 Rich  And I could totally see me playing this with my  five and four year old. Very unique game for kids,   and I recommend it if you could get your hands  on it. Sonic in All-Stars Racing transformed  

at the time karting games that didn't have  the word Mario in the title didn't set the   sales charts on fire. Unfortunately,  Sony's attempt at a Mario Kart clone   Little Big Planet Karting also failed to  capture the magic of its mainline game. 00:33:25:17 - 00:33:45:05 Rich  And it was time for Sega's Little  Blue Hedgehog to change all that.   The Wii U gamepad was used to display a map  of the course, a weapon camera and even a   rear view camera. Sonic and All-Stars  Racing Transformed was also the first   we use third party title to reach number one  on the sales charts during its release window. 00:33:45:05 - 00:34:02:18 Rich  And you know what? This is a pretty  damn good game. And at least for me,  

it was a really damn hard or a just suck at video  games. And I wasn't using the drift properly.   And I suck at video games and  I just wasn't playing it right.   And I suck at video games, but  it's a damn good card game. 00:34:02:21 - 00:34:21:17 Rich  The only complaint I have is I wish it was 66  instead of 30, but I'm sure that was a hardware   limitation of the Wii U. But if you could get your  hands on Sonic and All-Stars racing transformed,   I would say pick it up. It's fun. Tekken Tag  Tournament to win you edition. So what did  

Tekken Tag Tournament offer on the Wii U that it  didn't offer on any other version of the game? 00:34:21:17 - 00:34:46:10 Rich  Mushroom Battle Mode in this mode, various  emotions from the Mario series would fall   into the arena and it is a hell of a lot  of fun. This would cause players to grow   or shrink in size or take extra damage,  and it's really frantic and crazy and I   really enjoyed playing it. I wouldn't say  this mode specifically is a reason to run   out and get the Wii U version of Tekken tag  tournament too, but it's definitely a nice bonus. 00:34:46:10 - 00:35:04:14 Rich  The GamePad was used also to tap to pull  off certain combos and moves during matches.   So if you're more of a casual  player, that's a nice perk as well.  

Tekken Tag Tournament two looks gorgeous on  the Wii U. It's frantic, it's fun and it has   Snoop Dogg in it. What more can you ask for?  Put a mushroom up my ass and play this one. 00:35:04:14 - 00:35:31:09 Rich  It's awesome. But now it's time to discuss a  big giant turd of a game and that game would be   Transformers Prime Oh God. Transformers Prime was  based on the animated series of the same name.   It even featured the whole cast from the  animated show, which included Peter Cullen   as Optimus Prime and Frank Welker as Megatron.  It received fairly positive reviews at the time,  

which is somewhat surprising for a  game based on an animated series. 00:35:31:09 - 00:35:54:02 Rich  And even more surprising for a game that I feel  is complete crap. It has all the stuff you would   expect from a Transformer game. It's a third  person action platformer slash shooter, but it   just has really dull, uninspired gameplay. The  combat is exceptionally boring, and the visuals   look like something from the sixth generation  There is better transformer games out there.

00:35:54:03 - 00:36:24:05 Rich  Avoid this one warrior's Orochi three hyper   kind of sound like the announcer from  Soul Caliber. Soul Caliber or I don't   know why I did that. Anyway, here's a game  that mixed up the launch lineup of games.   This is a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors  and Samurai Warriors games. On paper,   the idea seemed great. Bring the fans of each game  together on a Nintendo console, but unfortunately,   most reviewers felt the game was an uninspired  port with a ton of missed opportunities.

00:36:24:05 - 00:36:47:09 Rich  Regarding the We use game pad, the producer of the  game spoke on the system's poor CPU performance,   saying four games in the Warrior Series,  including Dynasty Warriors and Warriors. Orochi.   When you have a lot of enemies coming at  you at once, the performance tends to be   affected because of the CPU he said.  Dealing with that was a challenge,   and I've heard that before about the  we use lackluster CPU performance. 00:36:47:09 - 00:37:05:20 Rich  And to be quite frank with you. I've never been a  big fan of the dynasty Warrior Series. You just go   to a big group of enemies, mow them all down and  go to another group of enemies. Mow, maul down,  

rinse and repeat. It bores me. Never been a fan.   This game is more of the same, and honestly,  the way you version doesn't run great. 00:37:05:20 - 00:37:36:22 Rich  Even if you are a fan of the  Dynasty Warriors franchise,   I would pick another game in the series on  another platform to play. Skip this one. But   now we're digging deeper into the pile of Wii  U launch title Asari with Wipe Out three. No,   this isn't the futuristic racing series from  the PlayStation. I wish it was. It's an insane  

game based off of the ABC hit game show, one  of the main complaints from reviewers at the   time was that this game literally didn't  have a way to fail during a challenge. 00:37:36:22 - 00:37:56:20 Rich  No matter what, you be forced into finishing  the levels, unsurprised only the game received   mediocre reviews and I don't even know how the  hell you could call it a game because there's   literally no consequence to anything. You  swim in the water, you swim on rails, you, it   puts you in the direction you need to  go. You cannot go in any other direction. 00:37:57:00 - 00:38:32:14 Rich  You could fall a billion times and not fail.  It's not a game night trip for the sake. A CD   was more of a game than this. Avoided at all  costs. What a piece of shovel. Where crap.  

Your shape fitness evolve 2013.  So there's about 43 and a half   million of you that bought the we fit and it's  accessory the balance board so you know that   Ubisoft had to try to milk more money out of  your pocket with your shape fitness evolve 2013   to change your cash cow you you bastard we're  Ubisoft give me your money give me all your money. 00:38:32:14 - 00:38:51:23 Rich  So Ubisoft used the gamepad to display your  data for each of the 49 different workouts.   Well it's tough to actually get sales  numbers for this. It's safe to assume  

the Wii U version didn't sell well  and this put an end to the series.   Look I know I don't have the physique of a  Greek Adonis but I do like workout games. 00:38:51:23 - 00:39:27:22 Rich  But I like VR, like beat saber or superhot,  where it's engrossing and you don't feel like   you're working out and you're having fun  and breaking a sweat. This just feels like  

a workout. Instructional VHS tape from 1987. I  know a lot of people like these kind of games,   but this actually didn't sell well for the Wii U  and it probably killed the series Zombie You Are   the Game that was supposed to be the Wii U system  seller Zombie you sold a total of around 1 million   units for the Wii U and had some of the best  GamePad integration from a Ubisoft game to date. 00:39:28:04 - 00:39:55:17 Rich  However, there's an asteroid so that it will  get to it in a second. The player used the   gamepad to scan the environment and maintain  the main character's inventory. Overall, the   Wii U version received good reviews. Jim Sterling  of Stroke Toy at the time wrote that zombie use  

zombies were intimidating by comparison with other  zombie games. Sterling called it an oppressive   experience since players were diverted by the  gamepad while the game continued in real time. 00:39:55:19 - 00:40:11:22 Rich  But yeah, that's good and all.  You could consider it immersive.  

I consider it annoying I don't like  zombie you at all, and the game in   and of itself isn't bad. You want to know  what kills it for me? The Wii U GamePad.   Every single time you got to do something.  Look down at the pad. Look up at the screen. 00:40:11:22 - 00:40:31:10 Rich  Look down at the pad. Look  up at the screen. You do an  

inventory, look down at the pad. You want  to pick something up. Look down at the pad.   Oh, it's not. It adds nothing to the experience  except in convenience. You know what, though? The   combat's pretty good. The graphics are pretty damn  decent. It's a pretty good survival horror game. 00:40:31:14 - 00:41:05:05 Rich  But get the version for the PC Xbox One or  PlayStation four. Avoid the Wii U version.   The Wii U gamepad is not a selling  feature. It actually makes the game   crappier. And last but definitely not least,  thank God is Batman Arkham City Armored Edition  

it's Batman Arkham City, just like it was on  the Xbox three 60 PlayStation three or PC,   but with tacked on gimmicks for the Wii  U gamepad that you won't care about,   you could play Arkham City on the actual Wii  U GamePad, which is now an outdated feature. 00:41:05:05 - 00:41:25:10 Rich  Just get the Batman Arkham collection,  which is coming to the Nintendo Switch.   You can use the gyroscopes in the gamepad to look  around the room for clues like an idiot. It's   awkward and no one cared about it. Just use the  analog sticks to look for clues. Look, it's Batman  

Arkham City. It's a fantastic game, and some argue  it's the best game in the entire Arkham franchise. 00:41:25:10 - 00:41:48:22 Rich  But the gimmicks for the Wii  U version aren't worth picking   up. This version for the Wii U version  also suffers from performance issues,   and you could get vastly superior versions of  Batman Arkham City on a variety of platforms,   including the Nintendo Switch very soon. Great  game map port played elsewhere. Man, what a hell   of a journey. Making this wee video has been  see me walking through the entrance right here. 00:41:49:07 - 00:42:07:16 Rich  This is the mall entrance I walked  into to pick up my Nintendo Wii U   preorder. Back in the day in 2012. I had  a lot of high hopes for the Nintendo WiiU  

and Nintendo delivered on virtually none of  them. There was great games on the Nintendo   Wii U. Many classics that you could  now get most of them on the switch. 00:42:08:05 - 00:42:38:05 Rich  But this was Nintendo's biggest home console  failure. It wasn't that much more powerful   than the Xbox three 60 and PlayStation three.  And we were going into the PS4 and Xbox One era,  

and the screen mostly was gimmicky. Save  for scribble notes. Most other games   it just wasn't necessary. And when they made  the Wii U GamePad integral to the gameplay,   it just was really cumbersome and inconvenient. 00:42:38:07 - 00:43:05:18 Rich  So interestingly enough, Nintendo's  biggest home console failure, the Wii U,   may have been the rough draft for their biggest  home console, mostly success. The Nintendo switch  

let that sink in. Going back into history with  gaming is interesting. This is Rich Overview   Tech USA signing out. Have a good one. And don't  trust eBay sellers no matter what their rating is. 00:43:07:11 - 00:43:08:00 Rich  I'm proof

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