Rebuilding Workhorse Tuf Automatic Head Screen Printing Vlog

Rebuilding Workhorse Tuf Automatic Head Screen Printing Vlog

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Let's. Pick up where we left off let's repair the printhead. Howard. My press tag left, a list of things that needs to be done to the press so let's go ahead and tackle that okay, so my next move is to this, is printhead, number one this, is what. Is considered, the stroke stop it generally, has a lever. With. A little, swivel. Nut on it that. Hold this in place the. Previous shop as you can see it's a little marred up here they just had a bear bolt and a, piece. Of rubber in there so the idea, is this, goes forward the cylinder, kicks. This forward, so, the squeegee is one of the V squeegee, styles, it floods, kicks, it forward and into that's a print and it comes back and then here, this, is what stopped it this whole. Make. It stop if you're only doing a. Little. Chest print so this is stuff this, has to be replaced. We're going to replace four, of them out of the, six just, to be safe, head, number one in particular this whole rail this, is just a huge. New. Piece of aluminum. We're, going to replace this and a handful, of other things I'm. Going to go head. To head and show you what needs to be replaced with each one of these so. It's using the blowout gun to clean up some. Of these threads and, just. Some of the ink that's all over the place and I. Noticed that it did start eating up some of the paint on the press I'm. Not going to go too crazy with, cleaning. Everything up. However I did take the blow out gun to clean up some. Of these areas here I think, I'll do that for the rest of the press but for the most part I'm, not gonna do teaching much cleaning up but I am just gonna clean some of these threads, and in parts. Just, to make sure that they're, not all gummed up with ink here, is the part of the press if. A power will get off of me where, the little standoffs, go and they're missing I have, no, idea, why that's, interesting isn't it there. We go I'll. Put that standoff, on there and, then. Put our lever on now, we're good to go we have four other spots wrong, but it go ahead and install these pretty simple hey we got our standoffs, installed. Okay. So ear, tech number one this, needs the most repair, it, needs to cylinder replace, the well replace, I'm, going to show you guys how to go about taking, these heads apart it's fairly simple so, the first thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna flip this thing upside.

Down. Okay. You guys saw I flipped it over I'm using a couple two by fours. There are flip, switches and control knobs at, front of the head that you do not want to turn, this thing over on and. Destroy those so the first thing we're going to do is we're. Just going, to disconnect. This hose. Here all you do is you push it in you. Pull the hose out then we're going to loosen. Up these. Little ratchet, levers. This. Other side here it doesn't have the lever so I'm gonna have to get some vice grips for, that. Come. Here Apollo. And, before. Slide this off you can tell that the, spring here, will either need some adjustment, or replace it altogether, because, it should just stay towards. The front when, you put your screens in here push it back and then, it moves forward but, we'll look into that, here in a moment so we're just gonna go ahead and slide this back. We. Have our main. Hose that's feeding these, cylinders. That hold there. Are the stream clamp cylinders. So. We're going, this thing back. And. We're gonna set this guys right now the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take this stop, block which this is one of them that needs to be replaced, so. There's. Old one there next, thing I'm going to do is disconnect these hoses and, unscrew. This bolt here and, this. Hose clamp here that hold the, stroke cylinder in place and this thing is supposed to it's. Supposed to move back and forth like this so that way it. Will be able to recenter, itself and I'll show you guys what I'm talking about okay have my crescent mentioned going to loosen. This nut which holds down the cylinder. Next. I'm going to undo this hose clamp. All. The way. There. We go just go ahead and set that aside next, thing we have to do is remove, these hoses, here again. You just push. In the. Fitting here and then you pull on the hose sometimes, these hoses will be a little stubborn so you might need to take a wrench. Without. Clamping, your hose depress. The shoulder of this quick. Fit this pushing style and, then. Just pull your hose down now. It looks like they had zip. Tied this to it there's. Go ahead and cut. That. I'm. Looking at the other heads they don't have that on there but maybe that's a good idea. So. Now the stroke cylinder is free next, thing we're going to do is go to the front this symbol it and pull. The carriage out here we are at the front of the head there are four bolts that hold, this entire assembly, on it's a half inch so. I'm just going to break. Those loose and pull, them out. What, I'm doing is making, sure that there. Is enough of the frame rail up. The heads that way when I take this off the. Whole thing is not going to drop down on those control, knobs and switches. Okay. All of our bolts are out so. I'm just gonna slide this out of the way you have to be careful because there are the hoses that activate. The the, clamp down nobs, or. Excuse me the. The. Screen's clamp cylinders. So. I'm gonna set this somewhere, where. I'm not stretching these lines too much. That. Should be fine we got enough slack. Now. The next thing I'm going to do or, make sure that these hoses are out of the way at. This point. I'm. Quiet, the whole periods out the Frog. Before. I can carry this carriage. Away okay. One. Of the things I have to do is disconnect these two hoses here, they. Activate, the flip cylinder so I'm going to pull this. Fitting back. Pull. The hose out there's one of them and I'm just going to replace this whole line because it's nasty. And. The. Hose needs replacing anyways. And.

Here We are we, got these hoses taken care of we're. Gonna set those aside for now and let's. Remove our carriage and then look, at the wheels on the workbench. What's that. Yeah. I, remember, that. Okay. Now that we have the carriage, all taken, care of cylinder, replace we're. Going to replace this grille first, thing you have to do is remove. These hoses here they go to the. Screen clamp cylinders. Set. This guy out of the way the next thing we have to do is remove this rear stroke, filling there clamps you can see there's a little water in it that's why, that. Cylinder. Stroke, cylinder number one is going out. However. This is a 7/16. Bolt. Keep. In mind that the back of this is a supposed to wiggle that's. So the cylinder can flex and it's, kind of recenter, itself and does that at the rear and the front so. What's going to be sure to put this back just the way it is let's, go ahead and remove this. It. Looks like they have a little bit of Loctite or, something on there to keep it from backing out we'll. Use a little bit of blue loctite. Here's. The other one looks like it's a locking. Nut and has a little nylon, in the front so we'll be sure to put that upside down in the front we'll. Go ahead and set these aside. Here's. Our little. Clamp. Or. Hold, down see. They have a little bit of grease, here at, the back of it you probably. Toss some. On the new railing the. Next thing we have to do is remove this. Row the entire rail itself looks. Like it's four bolts here two, here two, at the front plus button do. Don't. Let, me. Drown. Don't. Let, me. Try. All, right so the next thing I'm going to do see, what is up with this spring. Might. Just need replacing, or, it might just be, bent. Up a little bit I'm. Gonna press this forward take, my life. Hopefully. I can grab the back of it. Yeah. All right it looks like at some point this, spring was over. Bent a little bit and hopefully I can straighten, this out okay, I was able to take my. Vice grips and a pair of pliers looks, like I straightened it out pretty good, coiled. Up a little bit hopefully. This will do the trick let's. Install it and see. Now. That I've gotten this far last thing I'm going to do to this printhead, is I'm going to replace. These two rear. Clamp levers so I'm going to go ahead and flip this thing over. Mazz. Will go ahead and reconnect. This clamp. Here or, this. Hose Apolo. Shut, that off just make sure we got a good connection. Push. It right in there. Yeah. And we're gonna get the dog off the leg all. This here we're replacing so, I'm just going to pull that out, toss. It aside. That. Is not for you to chew on deed. And, I'm gonna throw the lights and the dog doesn't eat so. The next thing I'm going to do is replace, these, rear screen. Clamps, this, part the the rear screen, plant, you can move it forward or backwards to. You. Can use different frame sizes. So. Here are my clamps. Here. My two little knobs I'm going to use let's go ahead and try and remove these things so, I think for this first one where I'll do is I'll take the, vice grips. Clamp. It down real good and then, I'm going to use, the. Knob itself. To. Undo, this let me disconnect, this, and, get it out of the way. Robear. Dad. The. Other sides are gonna be a doozy. Because. The lever broke off.

Okay. There, that goes, here's. Old one we'll get rid of that. Take. One of these new ones once, I get through the, aluminum I'm. Gonna put just a touch of thread Locker on the tip here I'm. Go ahead and put one of these little knobs on it when. I got a chance to read this through, a. Little. Go ahead clean that up. Get in there. Thankfully. Out on this now. At this point I'm gonna have to be pretty quick before, that it's. Red locker dries okay. You, got my 9/16. Let's. Lock, this bad boy down. Thread. It in there steep, as we can. That. Should be pretty good now. Once that thread Locker dries. Other. Thing we'll be just, as tough to remove as the. Other was it's, not practically, impossible now. Let's take our. 9/16. Wrench and, we'll, grab our. Channel. And. We're, basically going to repeat the process, except. This will be a little. Bit more of a pain in the ass. Well. That's. Not good. Okay. So I'm, gonna have to do is I'm gonna back, this thing out and then reverse. This thing out because, obviously. We just broke it hanging, up this back out a little bit it's gonna grab my wrench here hopefully. I can. Back. It out. So. Let's go ahead and move this guy back forward. Drop. Up our. Threadlocker. Here. Put. It down on the inside. I'm. Gonna tighten it until, it's. My snug, then. We'll let the. Threadlocker do its thing so, I'm gonna go ahead and tighten this up make. Sure we're plenty far away from this aluminum, because we don't want that to lock in there and. That, should about do it I'm gonna go ahead and take this hose I'm gonna cut off this little. End, piece, here it's got a little bit of an indention. May. Or may not have to do this I just, like. Doing that because to. Me it seems like. That's. Gonna make a, better. Connection again, five. Other, heads to, do. Thanks. For tuning in guys I really appreciate it, if you're new to the channel be, sure to subscribe if. You're in the market for screenprint supplies or equipment, these are promo code mica designs, at Katz's fit screenprint,, they will get $5 off your screen, printing supplies or equipment purchase. And, we'll help support. Our channels that way we can continue to make videos such as these for you until next time guys we'll, see you later.

2018-12-30 13:55

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This by far was the longest of all the processes setting up the press. I tried to record as much as possible. I hope this helps.

like a boss


I am selling my workhorse. same as in video. I'm in so. cal.

BTW, got any youth and or sleeve platens you want to sell?

If you have FB, you should post it up on Used Screen Printing Equipment. There are a couple groups with a similar name, and digitsmith dot com is another good one.

Nice job

Thank you, Andrew.

Great video man replace all the springs if not it will jump when your trying to Clamp your screens down when your registering them.....

Thanks! My tech, Howard, mentioned that if they do move, the adjustment nut in the back will help as well as far as how the angle of the rear camp is pitched.

hi what the carriage air cylinder bore size and stroke length pls? at 11:7 and the flip cylinder bore size and stroke length at 9:00 thanks

Mikey Designs & Silk Screen thank you

I'm not sure, but I can use my dial caliper and let you know at a later date when I get a moment.

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