Rакета или ТоRпеда? VW Touareg R - мощный немецкий гибрид.

Rакета или ТоRпеда? VW Touareg R  - мощный немецкий гибрид.

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Today we are testing the Tuareg R, a large hybrid German, in theory, it should become an alternative to the eight-four- liter alternative to the large mantra engine. I will not flow along the tree. We all know that today we can focus on the main things and understand the alternative or not. You are watching a two horsepower program. My name is Raoul.

We all endlessly love Volkswagen and trust the information that it provides to journalists and regulators, but from time to time we check this information. And right now we will look at how much it can really drive on a full charge.All night I charged this car, but not that I was sitting next to the Dynamo car, but nevertheless plugged it into the outlet and this is true for eight eight and a half hours at us our battery was charged with wet dreams and the Volkswagen concern, the mileage on a single charge is fifty-five, fifty-nine kilometers. This is a more thorough and more real measurement, it says that well, not fifty-nine, but forty- four, forty-eight, somewhere you should count on such a figure . And here, perhaps, it's time to discuss the characteristics of the total power of the power plant four hundred and sixty- two horsepower. Torque seven hundred newtons due to

what? The B300 petrol turbo engine with a capacity of three hundred and forty horsepower is enhanced by an electric gearbox motor. Its capacity is one hundred thirty-six horsepower. After shrinkage and shrinkage, three hundred and sixty-two come out. At the same time, the declared dynamics are five and one up to a hundred, the maximum speed is two hundred and fifty and up to one hundred and forty, the car can be accelerated on pure traction. The car also has a battery, it is installed under the

trunk, its capacity is fourteen and one kilowatt hours. What's in reality about the speaker with a discharged battery? Acceleration to one hundred five and five five five and seven seconds. Four hundred two meters thirteen and seven. Acceleration to two hundred kilometers in twenty seconds. Unfortunately, I already measured the acceleration of a charged battery in icy conditions, so I had to limit the acceleration to one hundred kilometers, it turned out to be five and two seconds. In terms of consumption, everything is very different in the generator mode , and it can be up to fifteen hundred liters. In hybrid mode at a speed of ninety about seven liters per hundred kilometers. We are now entering the track, I turn on the

cruise control at a speed of ninety kilometers per hour and we will try to understand what actually is, especially considering that right now the on-board computer for some reason tells me that there is only twenty nine kilometers. Well, maybe he has some kind of internal algorithms. He looked at how I got to last night and thought yes no, well, twenty-nine is my best forecast, because you can't drive like that, the guys need to. Okay, let's start checking. Our channel of bias has long been suspected . Which is of course true? More recently, we were caught in the fact that we incorrectly check the emergency braking systems . Because German radars can only see metal obstacles, but vinyl cardboard and metallized film do not. But step by step it became clear that

not everyone in the gardens understands radars and not all Volkswagen do not see obstacles. For example, they will indicate the Ukrainian nova. When this is so qualitatively, that it is easy to recognize obstacles on cruise control and braked reliably and on time at a speed of up to thirty kilometers without cruise he, too, all has turned out, but really butt And now let's see what happens if the car is moving in front of you, then it rebuilds into another lane and an obstacle arises in front of you, here it does not come out yet , although we also drove according to the good Ukrainian tradition, not observing any distance, in the hope of a miracle. It even

started to happen, but there was not enough stopping distance. In any case, the Touareg performed very well in this exercise . I have an absolute miss here between one on-board computer and a second on-board computer between one monitor and a second monitor, because on the big monitor they tell me that we have a reserve of twenty-five kilometers left , I will remind you once again, from twenty-nine and on the speedometer I I see that we have already covered twenty kilometers. Thus, having lost four kilometers of electric mileage on this monitor, we gained twenty kilometers of a real test, and here I am already beginning to believe that perhaps, perhaps, we will drive fifty kilometers on one charge . It's cold outside, disgusting and unpleasant, but you need to take out an MTPL insurance policy, that is, civil liability is okay, use the services of our partner, this is an online financial insurance service . Everything will be fast. The most interesting offers will be selected for you . This means that the balance of price and quality, as well as a lot of interesting and useful buns that you will receive in your policy will be added . And also do not forget to follow the promotional offers that will save you up to forty percent of the cost of insurance. But besides , do not forget about the promo code when you enter it, you will also receive an additional discount of fifty hryvnia. A trifle, but

nice. The link is found in the description for my video. Usually all-wheel drive is just fine. Hybrid versions are not always pure mechanics stories. Often all-wheel drive is provided by an electric motor mounted on the rear axle. And almost always this negatively affects the off-road capabilities of the car, and in this case it is great that it looks like a crutch even in the world of hybrids. It has one electric motor and is integrated into an eight-speed automatic transmission. Thus

, the car has remained a classic four-wheel drive with a center differential torso. Which can transfer up to seventy torque to the front axle and up to eighty percent to the rear. And all this time you observe how, with a large torque reserve, our platforms literally burst from under the wheels in all possible configurations , we have another milestone. We drove thirty kilometers. Taking into account the start information of the on-board computer, at this moment our car should have switched to the operation of an internal combustion engine long ago , but nothing of the kind, because on the large monitor I can still see that we have an electric power reserve of sixteen seventeen kilometers, which is very funny and now attention to the multimedia monitors, the on-board computer, because right now we have the last golden kilometer of electric run and, as you can see, the car on a full charge, drove forty-six kilometers and immediately after that the internal combustion engine turned on. We will now drive in a hybrid mode, while I will try to recharge our battery using recuperation, and as I understand it, perhaps partly due to the fact that part of the motor's energy will go to charge this very battery. And this, of

course, should be reflected in fuel consumption. A very successful development from Volkswagen is the ability to save battery power. That is, you can choose how much electric mileage you need at any given moment and reserve it. Here you have a full battery, you press a button. For example, I want to save the entire battery charge until entering the center where you can only move on electric traction. You are welcome. Volkswagen provides this.

In this case, you can choose a mileage of twenty kilometers by ten, thirty or I repeat again, as much as all forty- six kilometers. And at this time, the car will only use the internal combustion engine. For about twenty kilometers, I recharged the battery by the way, about twenty kilometers. Power reserve. At the same time, the price of the charging itself was fifteen and three liters per hundred kilometers . Let me remind you that the fuel partner of our project is the Klo gas station network, use the company's application , there you get discounts, there you get access to advanced services, if you use them, then your life will become better and more modern, I know that there will be certain discussions The way it drives is that it's obviously heavier than the classic Touareg, heavier than the four-liter diesel Touareg, but guys, let's face it. What are we discussing? We are

discussing the HV handling of large, bulky, tall and heavy off-road vehicles, handling where, in the northern and in a traffic jam in Bessarabka, Borispolskaya, where some individuals are trying to play checkers in four lanes. And in general, what is handling for an ordinary ordinary driver? It has nothing to do with the controllability of sports, the controllability, the weight of the car, the controllability of the car's thrust, well, as if higher mathematics, or rather in geometry versus geometry, in one parallel straight lines do not intersect, in the second they intersect and in general everything does not look like each other. friend, so I think that, for example, four liters B eight rulitsya approximately the same against the background of a good car, in principle, I would say that in any way. But if we are talking about large, powerful SUVs, about German, powerful ones, then comparing them with the Japanese and Koreans and the hybrid diesel, most likely, is more popular from the Japanese in almost all disciplines, so if I were you I would not worry about the fact that weighing two hundred kilograms will have the most detrimental effect on the handling of your car. And if you go to the

race track, then, most likely, this very weight will destroy the car a little faster than the one that is lighter, if we compare the two again, we know that we tested on many channels, so we decided to take it for you at night. When you can see how much time designers and engineers have spent creating premium lighting. And interior lights. Especially considering how many settings the manufacturer offers you . And here we must admit that it looks cool practical horror flying on the wings of the night.And if you add smart light amplified by a night vision camera , then you will understand that even a non-hybrid installation, a car with two wheels is already in the future, where no pedestrian will be hurt when meeting with. not a lop-eared bunny

This is a very controversial car, because according to my feelings this car was created not only for customers, not only so that they get used to and adapt to the transition to pure electric traction, which, according to Volkswagen 's plans, will come in two thousand and thirty no also created and for the manufacturer should equalize the temperature in the hospital and show that, in general, the concert emits less harmful substances into the atmosphere precisely thanks to electric and hybrid technologies. Thanks to this , Volkswagen will save billions of euros, or at least reduce the number of fines that are now hitting the modern auto industry with some incredible figures . And it's not a joke. Many concerns are simply forced to withdraw from production entire lines of their cars that do not comply with euro standards and which do not fit into the emission standards for enterprises and factories. These are huge numbers, and it certainly makes the automotive world poorer. We see fewer models. We

see fewer interesting models. Everything is striving for unification. And this is not regrettable, sooner or later, we will really get just a few concerns, a single platform or several single platforms, on the basis of which all living things will be produced. At the moment, it is not yet clear whether these will really only be electric cars, because in every test I do not forget about the Toyota concern, which is very strongly promoting hydrogen engines, and recently Japanese concerns have been uniting their efforts around the preservation of internal combustion engines. They believe that you just need to switch to

ecological fuel, but these engines, which we dearly love, need to be preserved. Save not only because we are used to it. Save not only because the corporations understand how to make money from it. But also save in order to save jobs. We all have very little idea about ourselves how the automotive industry will change when internal combustion engines disappear . This means that around the world in the next ten years, not millions, but tens of millions of people who were involved in all related industries may be laid off . The motor is difficult, cooling for the motor is difficult. Exhaust

for a motor is tricky. What will companies that make cooling systems do? What companies will do is release classic brakes. How will they cope with all this and how will they live? Today, the manufacturer claims that through recuperation, the brakes and brake pads can last the entire life of the vehicle. This means that the brakes can live for ten, twelve, fifteen years. How much should the brakes cost then? If the manufacturer earns on them once every fifteen years. I think that the

number of brake systems produced will decrease, which means that they will increase in price tenfold, and the most important thing is that tens of millions of people who will be fired later will not be able to buy cars, because they do not have there will be money, there will be no earnings. And so far this vicious circle can not be broken in any way. Given that we understand that progress cannot be stopped, that automation penetrates very deeply into the spheres of life and that very soon robots will replace ninety percent of human work. And here we are already running into those most important economic stories, which are called guaranteed income, when a person receives money for nothing, for nothing, because the economy works, but in order for the economy to work, this person must receive the money go and spend on gadgets, on food, and so on, and so on, and so on, and here, in principle, it is also not completely clear how all this will work. because planet Earth is heterogeneous countries are heterogeneous one thing the first economy in the European Union is one thing Japan and another thing Ukraine is why I think that it will become a niche car that will be a transitional car and that in fact we have a crutch walker that will help customers, consumers and the concern itself move into our bright electric future, bright, hydrogen future, or at least partially bright, ecological future. At the moment,

it is obvious that the end of the internal combustion engine and this complex system is only the beginning of this very end. Because in Ukraine, we do not see electric vehicles that are being stamped by Volkswagen at full speed. As soon as you leave Ukraine, you suddenly realize that the Germans have long been offering European consumers not only ID3 and ID4, but if we are talking about the Chinese market, then there are already whole lines of golf courses, and a jet, and whatever else. which moves on electric traction. Yes, those cars are

also obsolete. Yes, hybrid technology against the background of Tesla or the same is, well, not even the last century, but the Jurassic period. This is some kind of relic fossil, this is a parallel world that exists next to the future. There

is Tesla, there is ID4, and there is Tuareg R and cars with an internal combustion engine. And all this nonsense can simultaneously move on four lanes on the Borisfor highway. And here is a very important signal for me about the volatility of the entire automotive market. We all

seem to be moving and switching to electric vehicles, but the speed of each carmaker is completely different. And very often we realize that this brand has gone a hundred years ahead, this one is forty years behind. And this has hope, if they don’t do too much. Volkswagen is struggling to avoid the fate of Nokia by occupying ninety percent of the mobile phone market at one time , and then everything changed thanks to two or three key technologies. Now Volkswagen realizes that it is very far behind and all those billions that are, or are not, are now simply burned up in design bureaus that are trying to jump into the last carriage of electrical technologies, and at such times, of course, new and completely unexpected opportunities appear for concerns that earlier turned out to be strong middle peasants or generally producers of some consumer goods. Look at Hyundai. Today, no one considers it to be a manufacturer once. Secondly,

those electric vehicles that are currently produced by Hyundai in the future can completely change the brand's positioning altogether . At some point, it can turn into a premium one and plug the former brilliance of the German four into the belt . And I am absolutely not exaggerating. Look at an American manufacturer that has been trying to produce one electric pickup truck for about three years now. They have already done it and handed it over to the clients. This brand

is called rivian and today its capitalization is greater than the Nissan concern. And all this rests on two whales. Beautiful teen. A beautiful story. An American's dream is to own a cool futuristic electric pickup truck. But you look at the expectations of the customers. You look at the expectations of the current generation. Они все хотят получать электрички, они все хотят получать футуристический дизайн и они все хотят получить автопилот. Они хотят получить гаджет, а не автомобиль. Если мы посмотрим

на компанию Volkswagen, она точно так же пытается в этом направлении. Но не так быстро, как новоделы. Не так быстро, как компании, которые появились с нуля, возможно, немцы медленно запрягают, а потом ей покажут как надо. И есть у меня небольшая надежда, что так и случится, потому что когда я смотрю на Тайкан это уже продукт. Когда я смотрю на Nissan Aria, это уже продукт. Когда я смотрю на ionic five,

это уже продукт. Когда я смотрю на я что это хорошие качественные костыль, который должен доковылять меня до продукта. Но рано или поздно это получится. Ну, по крайней мере, любители Volkswagen должны в это свято верить

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