Question Period: New Brunswick election, Oceans Protection Plan — September 25, 2018

Question Period: New Brunswick election, Oceans Protection Plan — September 25, 2018

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Under the new veterans charter which, we increased, the the PIAA supplement. That. Was the focus of my attention as minister and a. Vast majority, of veterans receiving, the permanent, impairment, allowance, have. Operational, stress injuries it's, been something the Canadian Armed Forces has, been struggling with I talked about it on the, twentieth anniversary of, the crash of Swiss Air the first time I ever heard operational. Stress injury that's. Why we were opening, operational. Stress injury clinics not, administrative. Offices, that people still don't use it's. Amazing, they're still talking, about those, issues that shows they don't understand, it mr. speaker. So. As. I said last week if that. Minister, showed, some leadership Mr, Speaker I would. Rise in this house and thank him on behalf. Of my constituents on behalf of veterans, to. Show that if a mistake, is made within the department, he, will own acknowledged. And rectify. That mistake and. If. They don't they. Will hear us every. Day because we are, listening to Canadians. We, are listening to, military, families and veterans who. Are discouraged, are disappointed. It's. Time for them to show ownership mr., speaker, stop, this shameless treatment, for Christopher, Garnett. Shizune-sama. Remember. For Winnipeg more, is. Thank You mr. speaker you know it's, it's interesting to see the former minister take, the type of position and he has been somewhat consistent and I'd like to point out that consistency, but first I said, in opposition for years while he. As a minister. Allowed. Those. Offices. For vets in every, region of our country to be remained, close, even, though hundreds. Have thought thousands, of veterans called, upon Stephen, Harper and his government in him, as the minister to reopen those offices, and he completely, refused. To, listen to what the veterans, actually, had to say mr.. Speaker but, there is a difference, between the concerns, in the Liberals you see we value, our veterans. And the need for privacy. I'm. Having. A hard time hearing, the question, I just want, for. Normally. I just want to remind the members when the speaker stands normally it's quiet. Normally. I just. Want to remind everyone I'm trying to hear the question and I can't because of the heckling going back and forth the Honourable member for would it big north, yes, thank you mr.. Speaker you, know the. Conservatives, back in. 2010. They'll remember mr. Bria mr.. Brell was an individual, that had some issues with regards, to the Conservative, Party mr.. Speaker and because. Of that the minister, at the time goes. And gets all sorts of briefing, including the medical history of mr. breem and then, there's information, that was leaked to the media dealing. With this case bottom. Line is is that the Conservative, Party had, to apologise, for breaching. The privacy, of a vet I'm wondering, if the member would across, the way would not acknowledge that. There is it is important, that we protect the privacy, of our, veterans. Good question. Now. I had a hard time hearing the question I'm hoping I don't have a hard time hearing the answer the, Honourable member for Durham mr., speaker the member from Winnipeg North said we should apologise, to veterans he should apologise to veterans for roading their trust with putting a murderer ahead, of Patrese. He. Also said, they'll, value, our veterans. He's. A veteran, he served as an air traffic controller, I thanked, him publicly for his service as I will today I think all parliamentarians.

Value. Our veterans, but. Right now with the giardiniera case only the Conservatives, are listening, to our veterans mr. speaker they, are outraged, by the fact a mistake was made and rather, than rectify, the mistake, we. See privacy. Concern we suggest, where we're not serving veterans by serving, someone, who never wore a day in uniform, I asked. That member, who has served to go speak to the Winnipeg police to. Volunteer, firefighters, outside of Winnipeg and, ask them. Whether. We should be respecting. A victim like Katherine Campbell by, helping her murderer or, rectifying. The error that was made at Veterans Affairs. Questions. And comments, hysterical, Martha, that, beats to be famous I remember, Fred beats me Tina's coming. Thank. You very much. Given. That my colleague was Minister for Veterans Affairs I would like to know in his opinion which should be the criteria to, use to. Determine eligibility for. The. Child of a veteran to, receive benefits or not in the. Case that is before us why. Mr.. Gagne would not meet those criteria the. Honourable member for Durham. Thank. You mr. speaker and I would like to thank the Honourable, member for, her question Canadian. Armed Forces and, I've been proud to do, some veterans work with the member from Abitibi, to miss coming and I appreciate that good. Question, the. Determination. On benefits is a subjective, one so, someone, at Veterans, Affairs made, a decision, it. Was a wrong decision mr.. Speaker because there are no programs. Whatsoever. For. Adult, non. Dependent. Children. Mr.. Gagne, was in his late 20s, mid. To late 20s, when he committed, a horrific, crime he was not a dependent, child. Even. If there was a dependent. Child mr. speaker most, of the programming, either family based counseling, or. Some, programs, with the child directly. Relate. To stress. Operational. Stress. Transference. Injury, from. The veteran, in the home the mom or dad that has an injury that can. Affect the Wellness of the family Mr Speaker I support those. Programs. This. Is not a circumstance, where those programs would be eligible, because, the. PTSD. In the, words of the killer's father do. Not come from his service, in uniform they, come from committing, a horrific, crime, as an, adult. That. Minister, should get to know the files in his own department, before, he embarrasses, himself day, after day defending. A clear. Resuming. Debate the Honourable member for, Brandon, Soros I want to remind the Honourable member that he'll have ten minutes to give his speech and the questions will take. Place after we return the, Honourable member. Thank. You mr. speaker today our conservative, caucus is shining a giant spotlight. On an egregious error that. Needs to be rectified. Since. The news of a convicted murderer receiving, assistance from, veteran Affairs Canada the, reaction, from veterans and everyday Canadians, has been swift and, overwhelmingly. Negative. Some. Are in shock that such, a thing could happen one. Would think that a person who approved, this paperwork would have immediately took this, up the, chain of command had said something, must, be done I would. Hope that they said the policy, should be changed and the decision, must not stand. Well. No one faults the original crafter of the policy, as who. Could have ever imagined, that Veteran Affairs funding, could, ever flow to a convicted murderer. There. Is never a wrong time to do the right thing and the, house is now seized with, this issue. We. Are here now and let's, deal with this matter once, and for all.

Now. When the news went public about what happened, what had happened I thought. There had to be a terrible mistake I, agree. With the Minister of Veteran Affairs when he said that. People are frustrated with, how this happened I know. He understands, this that. This is inappropriate. But. What I don't know is. If he wants to change the policy. But. Like most Canadians, I shake my head and wonder. How could. A convicted, murderer, be. Able to receive funding from Veteran Affairs Canada so, he could go through private. Treatment while, in jail after. He brutally, killed an off-duty. Police, officer. But. Somehow it happened. Veteran. Affairs cannon is actually paying for his private treatment. Somehow. The promis'd review of why this was carried out is, taking, weeks to finish, and. Somehow the Prime Minister saw fit to stand up in this house and refuse to answer questions. Well. I have news for the Prime Minister knotti, not only will our conservative, caucus continue, to stand up and ask the tough questions we, will force him to vote on it. We. Want the Prime Minister in the entire liberal caucus, to support our motion to report, revoke, Veteran. Affairs funding, that is going to take to pay rather the, private treatment of a convicted murderer. Someone. Who never served a day in the Canadian Armed Forces, he. Never wore the, uniform, he. Never served our country, and. Most. Certainly is not entitled to any private treatment paid. Through, veteran affairs. With. This motion we. Want the prime minister to send a strong message to. The entire veterans. Community that, what happened is wrong and it. Must be fixed immediately. It'll. Also be an opportunity for every member to be, on the record on where they stand and if they want to fix this egregious, application. Of the, Veteran Affairs policies. And. We. Have to seriously think, that. If we do not revoke this funding what, sort of message will it send to, veteran, out, there who is wondering how this. Could have happened. The. Quote retired sergeant, Colin, to.

Quote Retired. Sergeant, Colin Saunders who, organized, a protest this year on, Parliament Hill over veterans benefits he said and, I quote in. This circumstance, I find, it really hard to chew on that we're spending taxpayers. Money like. That to, help someone when. We also have veterans that are having a really hard time getting treatment, through, back, certainly. There's a lot of veterans whose, family members need, help or, need services, and they're, not getting, it and, quote and. He's. Right. Sadly. There are those who are currently appealing, decisions, on why they are not receiving benefits, but. Yet Veteran Affairs has, the funding to pay for PTSD, treatment for. A convicted, murderer. To. Stress the failure of how this happened, if the. Convicted, murderer had, in fact served in the Canadian Armed Forces he. Would have been kicked out with, a dishonorable, discharge. And. He probably would not have ever received, benefits. But. In this case because. The convicted, murderer wasn't. Actually a veteran he. Gets to, continue to receive assistance. To. Quote another veteran Patrick, Cousineau, who. Is the founder of pause for, thought, which. Helps place service dogs to veterans who need them. Said. And I quote how. Can you have a department, who, will bend over willy-nilly and yawn to support that. Who. Will drag its feet toward supporting, service, dogs for veterans. He's. Absolutely right. This. Is the government that had almost three years to ensure that veterans suffering, from post-traumatic. Stress. Disorder, can, be paired with service dogs and, we just learned that there will be further delays as a result of their inaction. Our. Veterans deserve programs, and benefits designed, to meet their ever-evolving, needs, and yet, under this government we. Have seen nothing but more backlogs, and delays. The. Liberals have repeatedly, demonstrated they. Don't intend, on honoring, all the. Promises, they, made to veterans, during the, 2015. Election. Campaign. Well. We are not here debating the promises, the Liberals have failed, to implement we. Are here to, rectify a very, serious, error in the application, of veterans. Benefits. This. Decision, is wrong on so many levels and the, longer we take to fix it the, more veterans, and Canadians, will continue to lose faith in the. System, they. Are losing faith in the prime minister who, had the gall to tell veterans quote they. Are asking, for more than we can give and, quote, not. Only did he give that flippant remark he, refused, to apologize for it. The. Reason why that comment stung and made people's blood boil is that we see waste and out-of-control. Spending on, a weekly, basis, today's. Debate is, just another example of misplaced spending, that should never have happened. While. The Liberal government just wrote a four and a half billion. Dollar check to a Texas oil company, they. Have a very difficult time keeping. The promises they made to our veterans and, the. Veteran community is, paying, attention. They. Will not soon forget the, prime minister's comment, or. Overlooked, payments, to, provide private treatment to, a convicted, murderer. They. Are deeply upset that after the prime minister promised not, to take veterans, to court he. Did exactly, that. They're. Angry that he didn't keep his promise to establish, lifelong, pensions, as an. Option for injured veterans. Well. I know the prime minister does not like facing, these tough questions, that's, what, Parliament is for, he. Can continue to throw insults and downplay. The whole fiasco, but. We will stay but. We will not stay silent, we. Are here to hold the government's feet to the fire and make, them accountable for, their actions. Shrugging. Off let's, put, strugging. This off pardon me and pretending, that it doesn't matter will, not make this problem go away. We. Want the funding to cease immediately, and, we. Want the policy changed. So this situation, never happens again we. Would. Be shirking our responsibilities. As parliamentarians. If, we did not fix, this in the, most expeditious.

Manner. I implore. My liberal colleagues to. Vote in favor of this motion, stand. With us. Send. A strong message that, funding meant for veterans should never go to, convicted, murderers. Let. Us be united, in condemning what has transpired and, pledged, to never let it happen ever. Again. The. Honourable, member for Brandon, service, will have the five minutes, of questions coming to him when we resume, debates. Statements. By members declare. Asad the deputy the, Honourable member for Saanich, Gulf Islands, Thank. You mr. speaker it's an honor to rise today in this place and I begin by acknowledging we, run the traditional, territory of the Algonquian, people's second. Corner Co sword we pass the oceans, we we. Are here today because today, at the University, of Victoria it. Marks. The beginning of the, historic, program there, is the launch of a long-awaited. Historic. First, the. First, the world's, first law, program. A degree granting, program, in indigenous. Law and. I couldn't, be more honored to be able to recognize, today I would have liked to have been there with them but, John burrows who, holds. The Canada Research Chair and indigenous, law Val. Napoleon. Who, is also, engaged, with, this issue as the law foundation, chair and Aboriginal justice, and governance are launching. A program that is rooted, in the earth looking. To indigenous law, as well, as common, law to, direct Canada's, future to them I say hi cm. I. My hands to you all honor, thank, you language. When. They have their duty, that the Levin you mister. The Honorable, member for Ottawa van you. Mr.. Speaker its national coaches day in fact their coaches, for, all they do for our kids and our communities, as a mother of three children who. All have marvelous, coaches, I have, seen firsthand, how important, they, are in shaping, our youth, polakov. I laser, through, their work coaches. Contribute. To make Canada, a healthy. Country feeding. In the Olympics our coaches, are always there to support inspire. And guide us, not only in sport but in life as well we, know that most coaches are volunteers, who contribute. Their time to, help our youth from across the, country to, learn I lost, its immense in that so. This, week it's our turn to encourage. Them let's say thanks, to them thank, you from the bottom of, our hearts for all the good they do it's, all members, to celebrate. Coaches. Using, hashtag. Thanks. Coach mo, click Messi. Coach. Middlesex. Mr, Speaker we knew that agriculture, is the backbone of the community and economy the. International ploughing match was held last week in chatham-kent. Near, paint, core on, 850. Acres of land in Lambton. Kent middle sights this. Annual event is one of the best in Canada that, celebrates, our agriculture, industry and, provides, learning experiences, for urban rural. Folks and thousands. Of school children mr.. Speaker it would not have been possible without. The help of 1000, volunteers who. Dedicated, time land. And resources, in particular I, want, to thank Joe Murray hello Lucia, Laprise for. The coast farmers, and co-chairs, Leon. LeClair and Derrick Kenneth the. Ipm was, a great, opportunity to, showcase, one, of the most productive agriculture. Areas in Canada, and talk. About the career opportunities in, agriculture. Industry. Thanks. Again to, all the volunteers. Central. Notre Dame Mr. Speaker I rise today a memory, of a truly great man reverend.

Wesley, Oak who passed away on September 16th, at the age of 96. Going. Up in Notre Dame Bay River no was one of the last World War two veterans, from Newfoundland and Labrador having. Served in the 166th. Newfoundland, field regiment. He fought mainly in Italy was, also active in England and Africa, he spoke openly but, the time he spent serving has, provided us with honest, stories and the hard truths of, what war time was like after. Serving in the war he was ordained as a minister in the United Church for 22 years serving. God and his congregation one. Thing that Reverend oak will always be remembered for is a fundraiser, he did for ganders heritage, Memorial, Park he raised. $35,000. At the age of 92 and at, 92, he, also went, skydiving at, 10,000, feet, he. Leaves behind his wife Myrtle, with whom today he would have celebrated his. 72nd. Wedding anniversary, we will always miss you Reverend oak and for making this country better and safe. Honourable. Member for Elmwood grants kkona :. Northeast Winnipeg are fed up with scam phone calls they're among the thousands, of Canadians, that every year are harassed on the phone by unscrupulous con, artists some, fall victim to these schemes losing, their life savings, and their sense of trust in the world around them my, office is receiving, more and more reports of these calls the, people on the line pretend, to be in a position of authority a threatened, legal action if their target doesn't agree to pay a bogus, feed some. People are getting one or more calls a day and they're, reaching their wit's end while, Canadians are encouraged to report these scams to the RCMP, s Canadian, anti-fraud, centre too, often they're met with a busy signal when. That happens the information, that should help international, law enforcement, fine, and shut these guys down doesn't. Get to where it needs to go clearly. The Canadian anti-fraud centre needs, more resources to do its job protecting, Canadians, from, these ill willed and irritating, invasions, of their privacy I call, on the government to do so thank you. Remember. For Sidney Victoria, mr.. Speaker September, is Disability, Awareness Month this. Estimate that 50,000, Canadians, have this disease. Which. Is the third most common movement disorder falling tremors and Parkinson. Disease those. With Estonia suffer from painful and voluntary muscle, contractions, on any part of their body including, your arms leg space and vocal cords on top, of this physical pain those with dystonia often, experience, depression anxiety and. Social phobias, mr.. Speaker there's a low where awareness, of the stone iya and the biggest challenge him can be getting the proper diagnosis. There's. No known cure for the disease but. We must raise the awareness this. Disease has been brought to my attention but, if by a fellow Kay partner Jason young he, was instrumental in getting the world's largest fellow in Sydney laid up low for the month of September, to raise awareness to.

Those Who live and fight this battle no, no you're not alone and, it's my hope that together we can, promote educate, and find a cure for this terrible disease. Honourable. Member for Edmonton, Manning, mr., speaker over the course of the summer I had, the pleasure of speaking to thousands, of incidents. One such group was the Nicaraguan. Community, whom I had the pleasure of meeting with, traditionally, the, situation, in Nicaragua, has continued, to deteriorate. Over. The past months and the Ortega regimes continue, to resort to violent oppression of, the, Nicaraguans right, enforces. Appearances, assault, and even murder are tragically, being employed to prevent people from protesting. This mess and condemnation from the international, community have done a low and has. Frustrated. Many of my Nicaraguan, constituents. That's why I was happy to sponsor their. Petition, e 1804. Calling, on the government to sanction. Members, of the otega regime with Canada Magnitsky. Act I encourage. All Canadians, to support this supporting petition, and concrete, steps to. Take and the, tragic, events. See. Mr. Thank. You mr. speaker today September, 25, is, franco-ontarian. Day for. Those in the house who might not know it. Franco-ontarians. Are Canadians who live in Ontario and, speak, in French. Today. Is a day to celebrate the, francophone, community, and its history, which goes back to over 400, years it's. Also a day to reflect on our past at, the start of the 20th century, Frank Ontarians were unable. To maintain, French, in schools, following. The adoption of regulations, 17, which imposed English, as, the only teaching, language in Ontario, schools, but. Thankfully. Franco-ontarians. Protested. And then created, their own school, system to. Help keep their communities. Whole, today. We're. Franco-ontarian. Identity. Is dynamic, and strong. Thanks. To those who speak French, Thank. You mr. speaker the. Honored, member for Nichol belts. Mr.. Speaker today I'd like to share some excel news with, you about the success, of Farkle, city high school which, I attended.

Okay. It's from Canada and the US and were selected, as the recipients. Of the right now 18. And 18 smarter, football program, the, school was all for congratulations. From arguably, one, of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks. Mr. Preston Manny Manny, Taboada yep, mr.. Manning is an ambassador for, his sport and he personally sent a video congratulating. The school for winning this grant. Movement. That recognizes, and rewards teams, for implementing, smarter, tactics. On and off the field I wish I congratulate, the faculty, the students, at finical state Jumeirah but, the part is not easy please join me everyone, in wishing an excellent, school year and a. Successful. Sports season, that faculty day go Patriots go happy. Franco-ontarian. Day. Member. For dolphins swan, river nikola. Mr., speaker on the evening of August 29th, RCMP. Corporal Graham Kingdom was sought while responding, with, his partner to a reported, break and enter at a rural property near our Knoll Manitoba, corporal. Kingdom was transported, by ambulance and, then in a star's helicopter, to receive treatment in Winnipeg, fortunately. The gunshot wound was not life-threatening. And he is now back at home with his family, many, people deserve recognition for. Their work that day the, emergency, medical responders, stars air ambulance, the riding mountain national park wardens, the Rural Municipality of, Harrison Park and the RCMP communications. Team I also, want to acknowledge the strength of local residents who rallied in support of their community during, this conducted, a dangerous, manhunt, through the night resulting. In the arrest of four suspects, I am, grateful for the bravery of each of them along, with corporal Graham kingdon and all the other officers, of my constituency, don't want to thank them for all they do to protect our communities, Thank, You mr. speaker. R-remember, for ferritin. Mercy, mr. president, which, my level Thank You mr. Speaker I rise today to offer my, sincere. Thanks, to all New, Brunswickers, who.

Played. A role in the. Success. Of the, election, which happened last night to all candidates. Congratulations. For, working. So hard over, the last few weeks thank. You to all the, officials, who, also, did their part at the polling, stations, thank you for being there for our candidates, and for the political parties lastly, I would, like to thank, all of the, volunteers who, worked tirelessly over. The, last few weeks, volunteers. Helped, our candidates, so much during an election campaign. Volunteers. Donate. Their hard-earned dollars. Volunteers. Make sandwiches. And cook dinner volunteers. Provide, energy, and support for candidates who are tired as they knock on doors and make phone calls everybody. In this chamber I know. Appreciates. The work of volunteers who, support them on the campaign trail to our volunteers. Merci, beaucoup. Honourable, member for Ruth beef mr.. Speaker, for this first gender-equality, week I decided to capture the thoughts of some young people on the benefits johnnesha. Van a 5th grader from Jack minor who happens to be my son that, gender equality week, allows us to ensure that all people are recognized, for, what they do for Canada, and that people can be successful no, matter their gender fate. Johnstone a fierce trans feminine and, non-binary, Twitter, follower of mine so, that is an opportunity, to applaud the progress that we've made but to be honest about surviving, and thriving under. The harsh realities, of patriarchy. Transphobia. And other, forms of oppression and to ensure that the voices and realities, of gender, diverse and marginalized. Communities, are centered, in the fight for gender equality and, lastly. Brianne, Alou called a grade 6 female student, at captain, Michael vanna vazhi said, that this week is important, so that society knows, that, no gender, superior, to another and that we are all equal mr.. Speaker our young people get it happy, gender, equality week. Members. For, electric. Mr.. Speaker this, week we celebrate just, that we, celebrate women's equality and, conservatives, are proud advocates, for the equality, equal and fair treatment of women as, we celebrate this important week however we are confronted, by a very grave atrocity, that the Liberal government fails, to acknowledge the. Prime Minister has signed off on giving veterans benefits to a man who viciously killed an off-duty police officer, over. And over again in question period the Liberals continue, to defend Chris Garnier the killer a man, who brutally murdered off-duty police officer Katherine Campbell during. Women's equality week we should be celebrating, women like Katherine, Katherine. Was a young woman who overcame barriers in. Order to work in a male-dominated field of law enforcement. Katherine. Served her community as, a volunteer firefighter for, ten years and Katherine. Served as a role model to many many, people women and men alike in. Defense of equality conservatives. Will continue, to call upon this government, to, respect the memory of Katherine, Campbell, we, ask the government to reverse its decision to grant veterans, funding to the man who brutally took, her life. The Honourable, member for Bonavista, pure infinity. Mr. Speaker I rise today 200, mister he'll be late the resident, fortune in my writing mr.. Link is a decorated, Second World War veteran, who celebrated, his 100th birthday on August 12th, mr.. Lake was an act of military service for five years from 1940, to 1945. After. Two years of service in the military you see he, went home for leave on. His journey home mr. Lake was aboard the SS caribou. As it was attacked by a German u-boat and sank on October 14 1942. In, the capital street mr.. Lake went on to serve in the invasions of Sicily. Salerno. Anzio, and Normandy, and at the end of the war in Europe he volunteered, to go to the Pacific but. His request was not granted he, was told we, think you've had enough mr..

Speaker On behalf of all of the residents. Of Bona disturb your eternity and indeed all Canadians, I want to thank mr. Hickey lake for his service and wish, him all the best in his 100, year. May. Of 2016. I warned the government to protect Canadians. From CRA telephone. Scams from India their, inaction is obscene, the, government, has over 60,000. Recorded, complaints, around fraudulent, calls from criminals, impersonating. CRA agents, demanding. Payment threatening. Legal action even, incarceration. Millions. Of dollars have been skimmed but still nothing from the Liberals they never do the hard work well, the prime minister was an Indian he was more concerned about the optics, of his junket, and his dress rather than doing anything to protect Canadians, from fraudsters and organized, criminals, stealing, money from Canadians, why did he not raise this issue the, Minister of Public Safety's, and deference and incompetence, with respect, the Canadians privacy, protecting, these victims of scams is nothing, short of scandalous, and out of touch I encourage, all Canadians, to call the minister at six one three nine. Four seven one, one five, three two. Honourable. Member for Milton. To. Congratulate, Blaine hit. 22. Seats the most seats in the legislature, last night I like, other Canadians, we're watching this election, closely, and we see this as proof that New Brunswickers, stand, with Scott Swan Ontario, Manitoba and, would fight against, the Prime Minister's, party. That. The people of New Brunswick will, not be bystanders they. Use their voice and, chose, to fight back against, an unfair, tax plane. Exit his entire Progressive, Conservative team worked tirelessly over, the campaign, trail putting New Brunswick, was first and committed. To meet their environmental, obligations, without. Digging deeper, in the taxpayers, pocket, we look forward to working with them. The. Honourable, member for Glengarry Prescott, Russell. Sir. Please not mr., speaker September, 25, is, franco-ontarian. Day today. I had the opportunity to, celebrate this great day with. The Minister for Canadian. Heritage and multiculturalism. At the les, Kyle High School in. Rockland. Where ancestors. Would be proud of the. Sense. Of initiative and craze and creativity, which, our school words have shown in organizing, the celebrations, we've come a long ways since regulations. 17, since the creation of our school boards and since the fight to save multiple Hospital but, we must remain resilient thank, you to organizations. Like lakpha, Prescott, Russell the, assembly, de la Francophonie the, know tell you the kolaks and all, of our partners, who are doing essential, work to not only preserve but also promote franco-ontarian. Communities, mr.. Speaker today is saw that these students Atlas Cal and in. Ontario are, ready and willing to take up the torch and lead the way towards a better future. Happy, franco-ontarian. Day to all. Oral. Questions, Katz Jones Oh how long about shuffle up to show the leader, of the Opposition. Mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister's record, on Veterans, Affairs is abysmal, first. He forced veterans, back to court in order to prevent having to pay them the benefits, he promised, then, he left over three hundred million dollars, in funding. On spent. On veteran services and the backlog, for veterans waiting to, have their benefits, processes. Risen by over fifty. Percent but, to, add disgusting. Insult to that injury the. Department, is now using, veterans, money on, a convicted, killer, well the prime minister finally do the right thing and cancel, these benefits. Mr.. Speaker the health and well-being of our veterans, is their top priority I have. Reviewed the department's, findings on this issue and. I am directing, them to. Ensure the, services, received by a family member of a veteran are related, to the veteran's service and where. They are not that the case be reviewed, by a senior, official I am. Directing, the department to immediately, address its policy, of providing treatment to family members under, extenuating, circumstances. Such, as conviction. Of such, a serious, crime. The, Honorable, leader of the opposition order mr.. Speaker the, summer has passed and, after, the Prime Minister guaranteed. That, the trans Mountain project would be started, this summer the, thousands, of out-of-work energy.

Workers In this country have been left disappointed. We are now nearing, the end of September, the Prime Minister promised, that he would introduce legislation that, will allow the, Trans Mountain project, to be built will, he introduced, that legislation today. Mr.. Speaker what. We heard yesterday from, the leader of the official opposition. Failure, was completely. Demonstrated. Yesterday when. The official, leader, leader of the official opposition, complete. Disregard, for the course complete. Disregard, for the environment and, complete, disregard for, the consultation, with indigenous, people. Focused. On getting this project back, on track in, the right way, Thank You mr. speaker order. The Honourable house, leader of course knows that her side has other turns and so I got spurred a wait for the hose and allow those. Who have the floor to speak and not be interrupting the Honorable leader of the Opposition, mr. speaker, the Minister well knows that the previous Conservative government, saw four major, pipeline please. Under. That. Wasn't the question the, question was the. Prime Minister guaranteed. That this project, would be started this, summer he also promised. Legislation. That would provide a path for the trans Mountain project to, be built it's, now the end of September, will, the Prime Minister introduced, that legislation today. Mr.. Speaker let's talk for the failed record. Of the Harper government to build a single, pipeline. To expand, our global, non-us. Market, when, they got in office in 2006. Many, 9%. Of Alberta's, oil was sold to the United States when. They left office in 2015. 99%. Olive oil was sold to, the United States we, are focused, on expanding, our global, market, so we can create more jobs for the middle class so we can get a proper price further bird as well and continue, to grow our economy in the way that were. Wrong. Mr.. Speaker, on this side of the house we. Conservatives. Think. That trans Mountain is essential. And critical for, the economy of all Canadians, but what is the Liberal government doing. After. Having sent 4.4. Billion to, Houston, they seem pleased with the, postponement. What. A liberal. Failure. Can. Deliver government, give us a date when, will work begin on Trans Mountain.

Mr.. Speaker we understand, that, the, investment. In the trans mountain, pipeline. Project, is in the national interest, that's why we. Are moving forward, on this project in the right way making, sure that we are respecting. In other, obligations. To meaningfully, consult. With indigenous. Peoples, at the same time having a plan. In place that allows, us to protect the coastal communities allows. Us to take action on the, effect of the tanker traffic on the umbria marine environment, we are committed, to getting this project in the right of a speaker a. Seller. On mr.. Speaker, you have noticed, that. They. Can't, tell, us when, the government, will begin work on Trans Mountain, mr.. Speaker, the Prime Minister. Does not believe, in Canada's, energy. Potential. No. I think. That the Prime Minister wants to see it eliminated. On. This side we have a plan. Destructive, and realistic, plan does, a government agree. That. We should. Bring, in legislation, make this a national, project. The. Previous, government, cut corners. They. Disregarded. The environmental. Regulations and, they, ignored the. Indigenous people's, right to be meaningfully, consulted, and the result. Not a single, kilometre. Of pipeline, built to, get our resources to. The global market we, are gonna do things differently, we, are going to consult, divinity indigenous peoples we're going to make sure that we're taking action or protecting. Coastal, communities, then we taking action to reassure that the impact of the tanker traffic is meaningfully. And properly. Considered, that's one of ab deputy, that removes. Canary. Burst. There's. A message being delivered to, this government, from the Union of British Columbia Indian chiefs they're calling on this prime minister to cancel, is directive to redo his failed, process, on the Trans Mountain expansion. Doubling. Down on getting, through the same flawed process to. My paying the courts, bare minimum standard, does, not qualify. As, a meaningful consultation do. Liberals understand, that it takes much much more to, meaningfully, consult with, indigenous peoples. Our government, understands, that no relationship. Is more important, in our government, than, the relationship, with indigenous leaders we. Have committed to moving forward on this project in, the right way, we, have instructed. The enemy, to, undertake, the review that was denied by. The previous, Conservative, government. To factor, in the. Impact. Of the marine shipping on the marine environment we will be announcing the rest of the plan very very shortly mr. speaker. Remember. Mr.. Speaker, this, rhetoric. As we just heard with the minister and then there are facts, we. Have two, parties. Who, want whatever, the cost to force the expansion, of trans mountain, they. Want to do the absolute minimum, to respond to the federal. Court of appeal and worse, they. May want to do away outright. With consultations. With, indigenous, communities. They. They. Have to hold, consultations, meaningful. Consultations. With the people who will have to live with this pipeline and, the risks of leaks. Did it not understand, that if digitus people have rights under land. The. The. The, issue that the member, of the NDP, is, not, focused, on is, that we need to make sure that. We are expanding, our global, market, for overnight to the resources, that, is why it is very important. That we do it in the right way which includes, meaningful. Consultation. Indigenous. Communities, at the same time making sure they, were protecting. Our environment that we are looking after the issues that Court, has identified it. Is very important, that we reduce our dependency. On the single, customer that we have which is the United States to a sell over oil resources did. I have a theory by James, the. Honourable member for, BTB, she keeps. Pay what. Be done no. Matter what and, his Minister adds that. That, this that. Canada I will not be able to accommodate all, indigenous concerns, what, that means is that they, have decided to, willfully, violate. Their, constitutional, duties. And obligations. Mister. Mister, speaker, sounds, like a most important, relationship. Doesn't it why, doesn't the Prime Minister just say the truth and tell, indigenous, peoples that he doesn't give a fuck about their, rights. The. Honourable member for objectivity be James the manova t use an experienced, member and knows that that is on parliamentary, language. And I'd asked him to withdraw, the word and apologize. Mister. Please down to. Mr. speaker, what, is happening is so insulting. That. It just. It. Makes me so angry but, I do withdraw. The word I. Sincerely. Thank, the Honourable, member. Mr.. Speaker we have a tremendous. Amount of respect, for. Indigenous. Canadians, from coast to, coast to coast, since.

Being Appointed to this office, at this this department. I have been reaching. Out to indigenous, leaders, before given. The court's decision and. I will continue to do so as, I said earlier mr. speaker there, is no relationship, more important, to our government, than, the relationship with indigenous peoples, and we will move forward, on this project in the right way making, sure that we're meeting our constitutional. Obligations, to meaningfully, consult with indigenous the, Ottoman, or zile and Powell River well. Mr. speaker this certainly doesn't feel like respect, to many indigenous communities, across this country. Keeps. Our calling, for this prime minister to accept the federal court's decision, once, and for all and cancel. The expansion, of this disastrous, trans mountain pipeline and take, a project how. Can, this government. Stand in, house in this country, and say that this is their most important, relationship. Mr.. Speaker like, like. All other Canadians, there are diverse. Views, among, indigenous peoples. On the transport, and pipeline expansion, expansion. We respect that and we value that, there, are a number of first nations communities, that have assigned benefit. Agreements, because they see the value of this project, and there are other communities reduced, it and we will work with all of them because we understand, that try, to build a consensus, is something that is important, for a project such as this to, move forward in the right way. Remember. From Milton Thank You mr. speaker mr. speaker Christopher. Garnier was convicted, of second-degree murder when he murdered a female police officer, by the name of Katherine, Campbell. Apparently, he now suffers from PTSD as. A result, of committing. The murder Veterans. Affairs Canada is paying for services, for mr.. Garnier, the, murderer has been put to the front of the line while. Our men and women who served our country are, not receiving benefits, because they're still waiting mr. speaker what I'd like to know from the Minister of Veterans Affairs will. He do the right thing and cancel, the benefits that mr. Carville. Mr.. Speaker it is moments, like this that our commitment to our veterans is tested, we. Can not, discuss. The, treatment, of this. Individual. Without discussing. The treatment, of the father without. Discussing, the treatment, of the veteran and. I stand before this house as someone who will not infringe, upon the privacy, of that government we. All know because of their. Because. They did it before they. Played with veteran's health records, like they were playing cards we, will not even, in this most trial. Order. Yelled. Number from Milton. Well. Mr. speaker what can I say on August, 31st this, Minister, the Minister of Veterans Affairs indicated, that he was going to ask his department, what had happened and get to the bottom of it he told the newspaper report, that it's, taken, 25 days, to get to the bottom of this no Minister may, admit speaker I served, as a minister, and as, a result I know that, you can get this information in, 24, hours, not in 24, days Mr, Speaker I want to know this very specifically, will, people who are receiving, benefits. That have committed heinous crimes, like murder their. Payments, taken away retroactively. Once. Again I cannot, discuss, this case. Discuss. This case without infringing, upon the privacy, of. Not. Play games with, veterans. I. Not. Even. In this move trying, and egregious of times when. The son of a veteran. Popular. I will. Not turn my back and, for any veteran who is watching, this debate let them know this, government. Order. Order. A la. Laaaa. App if, you take the rest more the, unprofessional of the Vaska mr., speaker. In. 2017. Christopher. Garnier was found guilty of, the, second-degree, murder of, Constable, Catherine Campbell. This. Man is reserving, benefits. From the Department, of Veterans Affairs. Well. He is in prison and has never served, the Canadian, Armed Forces, this. Is a disgrace, for our country, for, our veterans. And for, the memory of Constable. Catherine Campbell. Can. The Prime Minister, finally, shoulder, his responsibilities. And put, it into this injustice. Immediately. The. Honourable Minister the. Extenuating of, circumstances, we will stand by our veterans we, have shown that time and again we.

Have Shown that time and again mr. speaker when, we increased. Benefits, for servants. We increased. Services, we. Have reopened. Offices, we've increased. That we. Have. ID card, Mr Speaker we, will continue. There's. Most trying, of times Thank. You mr. speaker an Arab deputy. Of. The busca. Mr.. Speaker the facts, are simple the. Minister, of Veterans Affairs, is. Presently. Paying, for the treatment of Christopher. Bell yay even. Though he killed close. To both Katharine, Campbell, this is quite simply outrageous. The. Campbell family is angry veterans. Are angry, Canadians, are angry, we are angry, this. Just doesn't make sense the. Prime Minister has the power to put an end to this injustice and do, it what is he waiting for. The. Honorable Minister it's. As many people in this house have expressed their outrage Canadians. Have expressed their outrage but, our outrage, will not factor into the treatment of veterans our, age, should not factor, into, justice, and into, laws we, will stand, by our veterans mr., speaker even now even the, most extenuating, of circumstances. We, will stand by our veterans the. Honorable, order. The. Audible member for Bradford Brant me today by The ministers or our obvious. Order order, order order, the. Members started a little early I'm gonna ask him to start again I will never forget for Brant mr., speaker today. The coments, in the debate around, the, Chris Gagne case shows. A, clear. Lack, of leadership and, the, ability that, this Minister has and the, Prime Minister to. Intervene, and stop. This. Outrageous. Situation. Where, this mur is receiving. Veterans. Benefits, this. Is not a theater, today for this minister to. Pat himself on, the back. This is a place where. We asked. Him to, solve this now or, resign. The. Honorable, Minister, of, Veterans Affairs, order. Mr.. Speaker for 10 years. This. Was used as a place, with. People on that side of that house cut. Benefits. Cut. Services. Most. Offices. Took. Away, an ID, card, from, veterans. We. Will continue. To, stand by our veterans we, will continue, to, rebuild a department. That was there the Honourable. Member for Bradford Brandt mr.. Speaker this Minister, continues. To, defend, the, indefensible on, this, guard a case. Katherine. Campbell, was brutally, murdered put. Into a compost, bin and dumped, under a bridge this. Is a one-off situation this. Is a mistake, by Veterans, Affairs to make this decision in the first place yet, he, and the Prime Minister will. Not even speak, to the issue of addressing it, as Canadians. Are demanding, as especially. Veterans if he's, not willing to do this it's, his place in this house to, reside his position. The. Honorable. Minister of Veterans Affairs mr. Speaker we cannot discuss, the details of this case without discussing, the case of the veteran and, we will not we. Will not, discuss. The case we. Will stand by the, veterans, in this country even in the most extenuating. Of circumstances. Even, in the most egregious. Of circumstances. Even in these circumstances, where. The son of a veteran is convicted, of killing a police officer even now, we, will stand with that veteran, mr., speaker. That. Was my, wound. Appetit but hey. When. They bought trans Mountain the Liberals also, acquired, the Puget, Sound line which sends bitumen to the US and. The. State of Washington's, Environment. Department, is. Worried. They're criticizing, the. Serious, inadequacies. Of the plan in, case of a spill. They. Want to, know what will happen if this heavy but children hits. The, sea and threatens. Species. Such as salmon, and killer. Whales. Even. The Americans, are afraid of the liberals when it comes to the environment.

Mr.. Speaker environmental. Sustainability, is at the heart of everything that this government does the decision with respect to the Trans Mountain pipeline, originally, was, based on an assessment with respect to the environmental considerations. We've done enormous. Amount of work with respect to issues associated with diluted. Bitumen and, spills potentially, in the water we've done an enormous amount of work on ensuring that we are protecting, the coast preventing. Spills we've done an enormous amount of work on recovering the killer whales and working, to ensure that the measures are being put into place we'll more than mitigate, the impact of the tag excess, tanker traffic mr., speaker this project is being done in an environmentally responsible way, that advances, Canada's economic interests honourable, member for skeena Bulkeley Valley you know when the Liberals bought a 65, year old leaky pipeline most Canadians, thought they definitely would have a super-duper. Cleanup. Plan in case of an oil spill will a parent not Washington. State is raising, the alarm saying, the Liberals emergency, planet has quote major. Deficiencies. In critical areas to protect salmon. And whales it's, like the Liberals went out and bought a 72. Pinto no airbags, no seat belts instead kids hop in let's go for a ride no, parent, would do this so why did the Liberals, burden. Canadians, with this old pipeline, didn't, even bother to keep the receipt for four and a half billion dollars and don't have an emergency plan to clean up a spill. Mr.. Speaker, some. In the house like to engage, in theater we like to engage in facts. Can be handled, in an environmentally, sustainable way. The oceans protection, plan is addressing, concerns, with, respect to spill prevention concerns. With respect to spill response we've, released three peer-reviewed. Studies, with respect to the impacts, on marine environment, we've done an enormous amount, to ensure that we're protecting the marine environment killer, whales and other species this project, is being done has been, constructed in an environmentally, suspenseful. Way we are balancing, the economy, in the environment ensuring that boat. Order. Order. Have to secure the long guy central. For. It okay I will. Ask the outer limit before it'll go a such a bath to remain calm. Christopher. Garnier brutally, murdered an off-duty police officer by the name of Katherine Campbell during, sentencing, the judge stated, that mr. Garnier punched her in the face he, broke her nose he strangled her to death and he, treated her remains like garbage direct, quote the, Prime Minister claims to be a champion, of women's rights why. Then has he signed off on granting, veterans benefits, to. A man who never ever ever, served, a single day in the Canadian Armed Forces but. Killed an off-duty, female, police officer, why, is that okay. Before. Mr.. Speaker my, heart goes out to the family constable, Campbell they, should not have to endure this they. Should not have to enjoy this case being brought out for political expediency. They. Should not have to endure it Mr Speaker we. Will continue. To. Stand, by, our veterans we. Will continue, to stand by our veterans as we have every day in this house for, the past three years mr., speaker thank you.

For. Chiku team interfere. Mr.. Speaker. For. Two weeks now we've been interrogating the, government about the case of Chris Gagne, a criminal. Who was receiving. Assistance, reserved. For. Courageous veterans. All. We see is liberal, inaction. The Conservatives, showed leadership, when. Serial, killer Clifford, Olson was. Getting his old age security, we saw that, we put it into it when, will the Minister shoulder, his responsibilities. And when will they intervene, personally. With. Respect to Christopher, w. Mr.. Speaker once again, even, in the face of a political, expediency. We will stand by our vets we. Have spent ten billion, dollars in three years on, our veterans and their. Families. We, have increased. Benefits, we, have increased, services, we, have increased, staff we, have reopened. Offices, and we've, given them back their ID cards. Mr., speaker even, in the most trying of circumstances we. Will stand, with our veterans. Order. Number. For Chilliwack hope mr., speaker they may stand beside Chris Garnier but we will stand with the victim. Years. Old he never served a single, day in the Canadian Forces, yet this Liberal government is using veterans, benefits to pay for his PTSD, therapy. PTSD. He developed, because of how he, killed the victim, the prime minister has had a month to end this outrage, so, when will he finally, do the right thing and guarantee. That not a single cent more will, go to Chris Carney. Mr., speaker those, on the other side of the house at ten years to do better by our veterans and I wish we could only accuse, them of inaction that might have been easier but, it wasn't an action mr. speaker it was vast member finola member for bruce gray owen sound not to keep interrupting in spite of how strongly people feel on these subjects, we have to have debate. That elves one side to speak at a time and show respect for this institution in. This place not. A Minister of Veterans Affairs this 20 seconds later in. Ten years they stood time and again time and again in ten years and they, cut benefits they, cut services, they closed, offices, they cut stock and they even took away their ID, card I wish, we could accuse him of a an accident, mr. speaker, the.

Honourable, Member for Chilliwack hope order. We. Are not talking about a, veteran, we're talking about a 30 year old murderer, who never spent a day in, uniform. The prime minister could have ended these payments, with the stroke of a pen instead, he, endorsed, them but we know where the Prime Minister stands but tonight every, member of this house will be given an opportunity to tell Canadians. Where they stand will a single leper, O Member of Parliament stand, up for what's right or will they endorse the Prime Minister's, plan of paying veterans, benefits, two convicted murderers. The, Honorable, Minister of Veterans affair indeed, mr. speaker one of the people at the center of this is a veteran he's, a veteran, and that veterans family, and, even in this even, in the most extenuating. Of circumstances. We, will, stand, with that veteran, as we. Have stood with veterans, every. Day but we have voted for increases. To veterans benefits, to, veteran services, when we've reopened offices. When we have increased, staff every. Time we vote on the side of veterans even in the most trying of circumstances, mr.. Speaker, honourable. Member for Essex, Canadians. Expect the Liberals to secure a new NAFTA that defends our jobs and key sectors, a new, poll shows Canadians, also want to deal that defense access, to affordable prescription, medications. But, according to reports negotiators, are considering, u.s. proposals, that will lead to higher drug, costs for Canadians, and for, public drug plans I think it my constituent, Cheryl every, year she must pay thousands, of dollars out of pocket for heart and blood pressure medications. Will the Prime Minister commit that nafta 2.0, will not raise the cost of drugs for, Canadians. Without. Proud Canadian czar for public health care system and we're gonna defendant, we, also know that the affordability, of an access to prescription drugs, remains an important issue for all Canadians, we'll, continue to work with the provinces, territories, and our partners to lower drug prices and, provide timely access to medicines, this, is an important issue for our government and we've said such during the NAFTA discussions, our government, will always stand up for Canadians mr. speaker, remember. For Victoria, our Charter. Of Rights and Freedoms Canadian. Courts have given women the right to choose medical. Assistance, and dying lgbtq. To rights collective, bargaining, rights and more, and while, the notwithstanding Clause, is part of the Charter so far it's always been used sparingly, maybe. No. Longer Canadians. Are telling, me just how disappointed. They are that the Liberals refused, to even study, the use of the clause which, lets legislators. Of course override, their rights so what we want to know is this why won't the Liberals even, allow a study, of this notwithstanding Clause, so we can better protect the, charter rights of Canadians. Our. Government, has been very clear we think the notwithstanding Clause should only be considered in the most exceptional, of, circumstances. We, think that the government's, responsibility, is to stand up for, the Charter rights of Canadians, that's, something, that this government, mr. speaker, will, always do we've expressed publicly our, dismay when the government of Ontario, was considering, using the, notwithstanding Clause, our Toronto, caucus stood firmly against. That position, and will continue, to defend mr. speaker the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on. The web did you take the nickel Valvo member for nickel belt. Mr.. Speaker on franco-ontarian. Day, we. Joined the francophones, and Francophiles. To celebrate, culture. Language. And tradition the Franklin. Ontarians. Can, the Minister for tourism. Francophones. Who. Went to a school in, ordinance to make an announcement. Could. Did she inform this house of, the, good news that she shared during that visit the, Honorable Minister well. Thank you mr. speaker I want to, congratulate. The Honorable member for nickel belt and I join my voice to his in celebrating. In green and white to franco-ontarian. Day. Today. I was at Nikodim they shall school and I met with 310. Students, to announce 7.5. Million, dollars, for. The 700. Francophone, schools, and 300 Anglophones. Minority. Schools in Canada so, that students have access to cultural activities, as a government we believe in our official languages, and we believe in our children.

Speaker. After a summer of failures, this, Prime Minister still has no plan to get trans mount and built Conservatives, unveiled their plan complete. Indigenous, consultation. Immediately. Enact, emergency legislation, request. To stay and appeal the federal court ruling and pass. Bill, s 245. Clarifying. The pipeline, is under federal jurisdiction we. Have a plan, while liberals just, delay will, the government adopt, the conservative, plan and bring, jobs and investment, back to Canada. Thinker, after, a decade, of failure. The. Official opposition is, silver, repeating, the same things, that they have done for a decade complete. Disregard, for the federal court's ruling, completely. Disregards. Taking, action, on the environmental, sustainability including, the protection, of the coastal, communities complete. Disregard, to engaging, indigenous. Peoples, in a meaningful dialogue we, are going to move forward on this project in, the right way, responding. To the issues that relevant. To the supposition and we'll be announcing that plan very shortly, thank you remember for Kamloops thompson caribou mr.. Speaker trans mountain, pipeline, is critical, for the forty three First Nations with, benefit agreements, and many, others. Yesterday. The leader Canada's, Conservatives, announced a comprehensive, plan. That, makes use of every. Tool in the toolbox, to get this pipeline that built this, includes, meaningful. Consultation, with, indigenous peoples, which, they didn't do when they just simply sent a note taker when, are the Liberals show some leadership and, announce a real plan instead. Of dithering, along. Mr.. Speaker government. Understands, that. Getting. Our natural, resources, to global, market, non-us, market, is very important. To, create jobs, and, and, grow our economy but, we've got to do that in a responsible, way and that, is possible way is to making sure that, we are respecting. The, environment that, we're taking action on protecting, of other, marine environment. The same time in a meaningful consultation, with. Indigenous peoples, we recognize, there's diversity, of opinion, among indigenous, peoples. And we respect, that and we will continue to work with all of them, thank you Laura ball member for four hills Conservatives. Unveiled our plan to build the Trans Mountain pipeline, expansion to the public yesterday our plan addresses, all of the risks to build this pipeline right the Liberals have a choice they, could continue to delay, this project and in doing so.

Their Record of failure or they. Can follow the Conservatives, plan use every, tool available to them to get this pipeline, bill, when, will the Minister start doing his job to get Canadians, back to work you get the trans mountain pipeline, expansion project. Underway. What. They announced yesterday was, the deportation, of a decade of failure which. Is to, the north the. Direction, from the course ignore, and disregard the, course disregard. The environment, in this regard the, consultation, with indigenous peoples, if, they follow the proper procedure, mr. speaker they might have put probably would have built a pipeline. To get up resources to the global market ninety-nine, percent of our oil is sold. To one customer which is the United States Mr, Speaker we need to diversify our. Natural, resources market, and we're gonna do that in a proper, right, honourable. Member for for health. Pipeline. Companies, invest, billions of dollars in consultants, and environmental, assessments, and that is just to table, their proposal, they've. Made these investments under conservative governments because they knew conservatives. Would champion, these projects, but, under the liberal watch. Not one, single. Major. Piece, of our oil infrastructure, has been proposed, and that is in three years, when. Will the Liberals understand, that their failed policies, are not getting one inch of pipeline. Built when, will they do their job get the trans mountain to my black expansion would. The. Speaker I think, it, was beneficial, for the member to understand, that the decision. Made. In 2014, to exclude. From. The only being the, review of the marine shipping and, this impact on the environment was, done under, the Harper government and Court has been very clear, that, there was the wrong decision to. Make, we are going to correct that we have got to the NAB to, consider, the, effect of a shipping on the marine environment and we will move forward on this project in the right way because we understand, they're, creating, jobs and, protecting. The environment, go ahead power of a member for Vancouver Kings where thousands. Of Canadian, families have, lost loved ones to an overdose, epidemic this, government, has failed to stem health. Professionals, Canada's, chief public, health officer the president, of the Canadian Medical Association, big. City mayors and police, chiefs all want, to decriminalize, and regulate substance, use to, save lives instead. Today. We see the Prime Minister sign on to the failed war, on drugs approach, demanded. By Donald, Trump Wow are the Liberals truly, so desperate, for a new NAFTA, that they're prepared, to put Canadians, out rent lives at risk to. Get it of. A minute stay at home. Protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is my top priority we, are in a national public, health crisis, when it comes to the opioid, epidemic and, we've seen the tragic, numbers that were released last week the numbers are more than numbers mr. speaker these are lives of Canadians. Substance. Abuse is an is an international, problem and the global call for action will help us move forward 130. Countries have signed on to the declaration, and we certainly want to be a part of that conversation if, we're not around the table Mr Speaker we certainly won't be able to effect change. That. Values, the Honourable member for said nothing mr.. Speaker today. To the surprise of, the international, community and experts, of the Liberals, endorsed, at the devastating. War. On drugs put, forth by President Trump. Trump. Told. The UN would no longer be supporting, multi-coat lateral, ISM would be cutting, international, assistance and, would be opposing, the International, Criminal Court.

He. Doesn't even want to promote human rights anymore so. Instead, of trying, to please the Trump administration will. The Liberals take a stand and condemn. The. American presidents, dangerous rhetoric. Painful. Minister. Protecting. The health of Canadians, is my top priority as Minister of Health we. Are currently in, an opioid crisis. A national crisis and we are facing it last. Week the figures came out and they were tragic, they're not just figures but we're talking about lives that are being lost in this country the. Use of illicit, substance, is a world issue, a global, issue and a cult. We. Need to act globally. Country. Signed the Declaration and we acknowledge that, there. Are different positions it. It's. Impossible to make change without being around the table. Ferris. Has been doubling down on his ridiculous, answers, to our questions his. Apartment has gone out during question period and has, stated that going. Forward Veterans. Affairs will no longer provide treatment, to any veterans family member who is in federal, or provincial prison, but, the question, is this because. The minister has stood here for days for 29, days and not answered this question will. He must

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It is time for a vote(in Congress )to vote Trudeau out of OFFICE... Now.

Don't negociate with Trudeau ans his gang , they are proved traitor to our nation.

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The NDP guy is wrong about the 1972 Pinto not having seat belts. We had one..I remember the seat belts vividly.

The minister of natural resources now claims that " we need to properly consult indigenous peoples on the pipeline so that we can "do things the right way" Well that;s nice, but the current Liberal government had no intention of doing that prior to the supreme court halting the project and then citing a lack of consultation with said indigenous peoples. This is similar to the guy that gets found guilty of murder, and then all of a sudden finds God. I'm all for the Kinder Morgan pipeline project, and the fact that this thing hasn't been built at this point is ridiculous,

Veteran minister is absolutely wrong

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32:40 THEY LOST THE POPULAR VOTE!!! The parties that supported a carbon tax got a combined vote total of 55%. The Liberals alone got 6% more that the PC's. That is certainly not evidence that the people of New Brunswick are against a carbon tax. This is a new low for a political party claiming a mandate when no such mandate exists.

We don't run our country by popular vote. Normally the party losing would concede. More ridings are against carbon tax. The fact that the PCs made such a rise compared to last election shows that there is a growing sentiment against the liberal agenda, i.e. carbon tax and taxing the hell out of us.

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