Question Period – January 27, 2020 (with English interpretation) #QP #cdnpoli

Question Period – January 27, 2020 (with English interpretation) #QP #cdnpoli

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Oski bridge city councillor Frank Montero, to, his second battle with cancer. Frank. Came to Canada as an immigrant from Portugal, in his teenage years he dedicated. His life to service, and was a proud, member of our Portuguese community. He, was the first Portuguese. Police officer, in Ontario, and the first, Portuguese city, councillor for, Cambridge. Frank. Always, stood up for the residents, of Ward seven in the city of Cambridge he. Championed initiatives. For more outdoor recreational. Sites the development, of our downtown cores, and improved. Community Safety he'll, be remembered fondly as of course a police officer, city councillor but also as a mentor, and friend, Frank. We. Miss you on behalf, of Cambridge, on behalf. Of Canada, thank. You opener, God Oh Frank. As. We embark in this new year and in this new Parliament, I'm honoured to rise today on behalf of the wonderful citizens of Red Deer Mountain View as. A farmer, weather. Is always top of mind and this crop year has seen challenges, that Albertans haven't, faced since the 1960s. But, beyond the cold an unpredictable, moisture, that we always face we're, also dealing with other issues that governments. Can control, our. Diminished, competitiveness. In world, markets due to disjointed. Trade strategies, a carbon. Tax on agricultural, producers, where the costs can't be passed on to consumers and, a non-existent. Strategy, to, ensure that our environmentally. Conscious farmers, have the tools necessary to. Feed humanity does, lie at the feet of our government, that's right our agricultural. Producers, need, resolutions. To non-tariff, trade barriers an, energy, exemption, for drying of grain an, acknowledgement. And respect for. Their environmental. Stewardship, to the rest of the world Thank You mr. dear. The. Stormers century, hit bluefin ad just over a week ago and, while back home Newfoundlanders, are still cleaning up the remains of Snowmageddon. 2020, i wanted, to take this time to thank those whose dedication and, hard work can't, go unrecognized to, the medical and hospital staff, paramedics. Heavy, equipment operators, hydro workers, RNC. RCMP. And of course members, to the Canadian Armed Forces thank. You for everything you've done to help keep our communities, and our people safe to every person who hope to get a senior, or persons with a mobility issue to. Anyone who checked on neighbors family, members and friends to those of you who took someone in who lost their power to, those who offered, food to people or volunteered, their time to, help those less fortunate thank. You there's, not enough time to thank every person who deserves it but you know who you were and sold, to you I say thank you for, showing this country, and indeed, the world what, true Newfoundland, generosity. And spirit, looks like colleagues. I invite you to join me in thanking, the people of Newfoundland, and Labrador. The. Honourable member for, Lac saint-jean, on. January. 21st, what, was supposed to be an ordinary snowmobile. Excursion, in our region turned, into a horrible tragedy, tragedy.

Bringing, Together France. And Lac saint-jean every, winter we proudly, show off our region to, the world. Hospitality. Is part of our DNA, particularly. For, our French brothers and sisters and that is why we feel so much empathy this. Accident, never should have taken place not, in our region's not. To our guests and not to our friends as the. That's the member for Lac saint-jean I would, like to on behalf of everyone, in my region express, our deepest sympathies, to the families of the snowmobile. Ists who perished, and I'd. Like to think, about, the rescue personnel who, are continuing, their search as we speak and who, are allowing. These families to grieve properly and, I'd. Like to talk about the courage of Benoit lespinasse, who died trying to save these people he acted bravely knowing, the dangers because in our region we leave no one behind Thank, You mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker last. Week Governor General's Judy Payette was in Jerusalem, with, a delegation from members, of all parties in the House of Commons at. Yad Vashem world. Leaders came together in the State of Israel to, commemorate, the 75th, anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz an international. Holocaust Remembrance Day, today. The Governor General and the delegation are are at Auschwitz, for another commemoration. Dassai. Moon, in a world plagued, with rising. Anti-semitism and, hatred, our leaders, came, together to, remember some six million Jews and millions, of others who. Were assassinated. By the Nazis, and their allies we, have adopted the IRA definition, of anti-semitism, but. We know there is much more we need to do to, confront one of the world's oldest, evils, I asked. All members of the house to join me in commemorating. Those killed in the Holocaust, honoring. Those survivors, and loudly, and clearly saying never. Again. Member forward pick metals make, maple, ridge. Mr.. Speaker I joined. The people of maple ridge in congratulating our hometown, hero Larry. Walker. Over. 19,000. Former major league baseball, players, Larry is only the second, Canadian, to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Larry's. Family has a long history with, baseball, in Maple Ridge back, in the 40s and 50s Larry's, father and grandfather, played for local teams in what is now Larry Walker field, Larry. Was a bad boy for his dad's team but, more in stress interested, in hockey at the time. 1100. Baseball, he, returned, to baseball. In the, middle of the 80s and he's, signed, with the Expos. Thereafter Devon, gold-gloves was an all-star, five times he, was a fan of the number three he. Wore the number 33, he. Was married at 3:33. P.m. and. He is the, 330. Third member of the Baseball, Hall of Fame where. The members please join me in congratulating Larry. Walker. The. Honourable, member for Punk check sugar, I'd like to begin by thanking the people of Pontiac for putting their trust in me and allowing, me to serve as their voice in this House of Commons for a second, mandate yes. Five. Years ago I promised, voters that I would fight for their needs and interests and I intend to keep this promise thank. You from the bottom of my heart though, Mr, Speaker I, am. Speaking today to recognize, and thank the, firefighters, from, manawa key who, were, sent on a 31-day, mission to Australia on January 6th to support those are defining these disastrous, fires these, firefighters are doing everything they can to protect people, and land, in Australia and, they deserve our utmost respect. Seimone. Bordello alas santosh michelle, be de, Jonathan. Bell now be so and their managers Gary Pearson. Mark lousy, millennium Bob thank you for your courage and devotion utterly proud, of Canada's firefighters, who have travelled Clark cross the globe to be part of these relief efforts for, fires that remind us of the immediate and urgent crisis, that is climate change thank you mr. speaker. Oh. Boy. Sahil, book many budding, sale, go, hey Fox why sing then cry lo this, past Saturday, marked the beginning of Lunar, New Year for the vet nummies Chinese. And Korean. Communities, it, is a time in Canada and across the world to celebrate the year of the rat that is sure to be a year, filled with wealth and abundance, according. To the legend the rat used its quick wit to, ride in the ear of the Ox in a race to the heavenly gate in Lefter, the finish line to earn its place as the first of the zodiac animals. The, rats arrival, uh sure xin brand new beginnings, in Scarborough, Agincourt, friends and families will be enjoying festivities. Filled with beautiful red decorations. Delicious. Meals and the gifting of Lucky Red pockets, may, all Canadians, have a year filled with joy, prosperity. And good health thank, you. Mr. Speaker I rise today to acknowledge a very important, organization in my riding Edmonton Center sayst the sexual assault center of Edmonton Sease, is a not-for-profit charitable.

Organization. Comprised, of 40 staff and Eddie 80 dedicated. Volunteers, who do admirable, work helping. Those who lives have been impacted, with by sexual, violence, they. See clients of all ages, genders. Ethnicities and. Sexual, orientations. Given. The diversity of their clientele, it is clear that sexual. Violence is a societal. Issue that, impacts, everyone, the. Work is an easy mr., speaker but it is essential, and as a husband, a father and a grandfather I hope, to see the day when, sexual violence, will be eliminated, from our societies, and our vocabularies. And, organizations. Like sace will be a thing of the past thank. You to the executive director Mary Jane James and our dedicated, team at safes for all that you do we, see you and we appreciate you. Mr. Speaker I, rise, today to address this house concerning. An event that has dominated the hearts and minds of Canadians, since the early hours of January the 8th I referred, to the downing of flight PS, 752. And the loss of 176. Lives, including, 57. Canadian citizens, and 29. Permanent. Residents just. Saying these numbers brings to mind the pictures of all who died on that fateful day and the. Many family, members and, loved ones who have been left behind, their. Loss is a loss shirt, by our whole country. To. The families, and loved ones who lost so much please. Note that our grief is your, grief and your, grief is ours and we, will be there to support you today, tomorrow, and, for as long as you need us on. Behalf of the Iranian Canadian community I want to extend the Prime Minister our heartfelt, and sincere. Thanks, for his strong leadership on, this file and for, the commitment of time he made to reach out and support. The families in, closing, I call, for this house to join me in holding Iran fully. Responsible. For this tragedy and I called for full transparency accountability. Compensation. And justice. For the family of the victims Thank You mr. speaker. Hye-won, went, to the polls and with a record 75. Percent, voter turnout, presidents. I was reelected with nearly 60%. Of the popular vote, the election was a victory, for all Taiwanese, and demonstrates. The robustness, of Taiwan's, democracy, it. Is also a reminder of a strong links, between Canada. And Taiwan. With. More than seven point nine billion, dollars, in annual bilateral, trade. Taiwan. Is Canada's, 13th, largest trading, partner, as one of the most dynamic economies. In Asia freer, access, to Taiwanese, markets, means new, opportunities, for Canadian businesses. Now, is the time to take the next step towards free trade with Taiwan, now, is, the time to commence negotiations. Towards. A foreign investment, promotion and protection. Agreement between Canada, and Taiwan. Mr.. Speaker yesterday, basketball. Legend Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna died tragically, in a helicopter crash Kobe. Bryant was one of the best to ever play the game and his record speaks for itself five, championships. MVP, Finals, MVP 15-time. All-star and, Olympic, gold medalist, it, wasn't just these impressive achievements. That made him basketball, royalty its millions there, was a way he played the game his, grit unmatched, talent determination. And focus. Earned, him the nickname the Black Mamba derived. From what is widely considered the deadliest snake, on the planet Kobe. Changed the way that people view basketball. His work ethic and his Mamba mentality, inspired, countless people, to work harder to, achieve their dreams and goals not just in basketball, but in their everyday lives Kobe. Bryant has forever left his mark in the hearts of basketball, fans and in the souls of millions around the world while, he is no longer with us a spirit lives on, Kobe, thank you for everything may, you and Gianna both rest in peace and I, wish Kobe and Jana's family and friends my, deepest condolences thank. You. Strathcona. Mr.. Speaker today is international. Holocaust, Remembrance Day, and the, 75th. Anniversary. Of the liberation of, the death camps, we. Join with survivors, all around the world to remember the atrocities, that were committed against, them their, families, and their communities. It's. Important, to remember those who are murdered in the survivors, of these unimaginable. Crimes, but. We must also commit, to standing, up against, intolerance and hateful speech wherever, we find it. We. Are seeing a rise in divisive. Rhetoric attacks. On synagogues, and religious freedoms, it. Is more important. Than ever to say never. Again, and to, put meaning to those words, Mr. Speaker we must stand. Together for the rights and dignity of all people and together.

We Must act to call out prejudice, and hate wherever. We see it it. Is the only way, we, can truly make, never. Again a reality. The. Honourable member for Laurentide labelled. Mr.. Speaker. 75. Years ago the world discovered, a new scale, in terms of the horrors of war, 75. Years ago to this day we. Discovered, a Auschwitz. Within. Its walls more, than 1 million, men women and children were, murdered because. Of their religion. They. Were killed. Because. They were Jewish today. It, is, our duty to, honor. The, memory of the victims of this genocide. We. Have also the duty to honor the, memory of survivors. Some. Of whom are still with us whose. Lives were, shattered forever. We. Have the duty to remember their emaciated. Faces, of those, who. Were subjected. To forced labor violence. Terror, and grief, those. Who, survived, Auschwitz. Will. Never forget it, we. Also all have the duty to never, forget it we have the duty to fight. Anti-semitism. At every, opportunity. So. That this black. Mark on our, history stays, in the past. Today, is international Holocaust, Remembrance Day today. We remember one of the darkest, chapters in human history, and honor, the remaining survivors, it. Was on this fateful day seventy-five years ago that Allied forces liberated the largest, Nazi. Death camp Auschwitz, Birkenau. Unspeakable. Evil took place there and elsewhere as, the president of the Knesset said, the, gates of hell were open wide for, all to see by. The end of the war six million Jewish people, murdered. With. The recent increase in violence, against Jewish people in North America and around the world today. Is a stark reminder that, we must always combat, anti-semitism. Racism. And, bigotry in, all its forms we. Here in this chamber and all Canadians, must stand up to those who spread hate also. We cannot ignore the risk posed by indifference. Evil. Wins when good people do nothing, together. We must stand in solidarity against. Anti-semitism and, bigotry in any form in, any place around the world today. We renew our solemn pledge never, again this will be allowed to happen, never, again. Little. Dale. Mr.. Speaker on this, first day of our return to Parliament I rise, to recognize the. Tragic, event that occurred on January, the, downing. Of Ukrainian. Air flight 752. Over. Tehran my, riding of Willowdale joins. Many other writings, across our great country that, have been grieving, the loss of innocent. Lives this. Event has, struck at the heart and soul of our nation because. In, every passenger, we, saw ourselves or, our, parents, grandparents. A friend, or maybe, a neighbor we. Have mourned deeply as, a country, because. They were us and we, are lesser, as a country, without them enriching. Every. Facet of Canadian, life the. Outpour, of support from. Friends and strangers, alike of, all faiths and communities. Has, been overwhelming. It, reminds, us why. Canada, is the.

Best Country in the world indeed. We, have experienced, Canada, and Canadians. At their very compassionate. Best. To. All those who have lost loved ones know. That, your country, shares. Your, grief Thank, You mr. speaker. Following. Discussions, among representatives, of all parties in the house I understand. That there's an agreement to observe a moment of silence in, memory of the, victims of Ukraine. International, airline, flight PS. 752. Is, a Viennese honor that dictators. To. Rise members, to rise. Oral. Questions, casio, allah the. Honorable leader of the opposition. Mr.. Speaker on January 8 57, Canadians, lost their lives when Ukrainian flight 752. Was shot down by Iranian. Missiles I want, to thank the Prime Minister for keeping me and the official opposition and, all Canadians, informed, throughout this process but there are still of course many unanswered. Questions I can, the Prime Minister update the house as to whether there has been progress made on returning Canadian, remains home and what, steps are being considered to bring the perpetrators, of this attack to justice. Speaker. The downing of flight PS, 752. Was a truly a national, tragedy and I think remember. Opposite, and indeed all members in this house for supporting, their, communities, as we all grieve to a very difficult time we're, committed to supporting, the families and loved ones with. Our priorities, continuing, to be transparency. Accountability. And, justice I. Told. President rouhani, directly. The Canadians, expect and demand full, cooperation from. Iranian authorities that. Means respecting. The wishes of the families, in regards, to burial, I can confirm. That the, families that have wanted burial in Canada, are receiving, it so, far and, we, continue, to expect full transparency and. In full investigation. From Iraq. Honourable. Leader of the Opposition I thank the Prime Minister for that update now, here at home this government, has overseen more than 100. Billion dollars, in canceled energy projects, and across the country wages, have stagnated and, haven't, kept up with increases. In the, price of consumer, goods food, bank usage, by people, with jobs is, up. 27%. Now this Prime Minister has an opportunity to show that Canada's energy sector is open, for business will, he do the right thing stand with energy, workers, and approve, the tech resources frontier.

Mine Or will he stand with the activists, and celebrities, who are trying to shut it down. From. The very beginning we demonstrated, the Canadians that we understand, that you can't make a choice between protecting the environment and growing the economy we, need to do them both absolutely. Together and that's how we've, both moved forward, on historic, protections, for, our environment, for our natural, natural. Beauty while, at the same time we, have created, jobs we've, seen the, economy, grow we, will continue to do just that we, will continue to go through rigorous assessment. Processes, and, make choices that are the right ones for Canada, for now and for into the future our. Believe is the opposition, this. Prime Minister has made the choice to destroy, Canada's. Energy sector cancelling billions, of dollars worth of profit, out of projects, and chasing, billions, of dollars of private-sector, investment out, of the country and it's starting to have an impact the IMF, has found that, Canada's economy is growing at a much slower, rate than our international. Competitors, this Prime Minister's recipe, is to borrow more rack, of debt chase, away private-sector investment all to, fund a massive, increase in government, spending does, the Prime Minister realise that that has been a recipe for disaster in, literally every, country, that it has been fried. Mr.. Speaker over the past five years we, made a very different, choice than conservative, governments. In the past half, we, chose instead to invest, in, Canadians, rather than looking to balance the books on the backs of service, cuts to, Canadians, we've invested, in the services, that Canadians, need to, help them through times of anxiety, we've, increased. The, candidate child benefit, to, families, that need it which has lifted hundreds. Of thousands, of people including young people out of poverty, we will continue to invest in the growth and the services, that Canadians, need the. Honorable leader of the Opposition mr. speaker, in our cities across this country gang crime, committed with firearms is, a serious concern yet the Prime Minister's all in the approach is the, lazy approach of asking people who are already following all the rules to, follow a few more. Rules it's much harder to, track down illegal. Guns it's much harder to, stop the flow of smuggled. Firearms, and it's much more difficult to, infiltrate gangs, and hold them accountable but that is the difficult, work, that conservatives. Are prepared, to do here will the Prime Minister admit that asking, honest, law-abiding, people, to follow more laws will do nothing to stop crying. The, speaker far too many families, in this country far, too many communities in this country suffer.

The The, devastation of gun violence we, have taken many, initiatives, to. Counter that whether, its enhanced, background checks, for requiring, sellers, to check licenses, of anyone who wants to buy a gun we've invested, over 327. Million dollars, to, address the gun and gang violence we, will continue, to strengthen our gun laws by, banning, dangerous, alt weapons and working with provinces, territories, and mayor's, to keep community, safe but the bottom line is Mr Speaker we will, strengthen gun control, conservatives. Want to weaken it the. Leader of the opposition. He. Just said we'll actually have an impact on people who are already criminals, mr. speaker. What. This Prime Minister. Canada. Has dropped, three. Places. In. Transferee. Transparency. And - this isn't, surprising because he's interfered, in the justice system, can. The Prime Minister. Realise, does he realize said that this is hindering. Canada's, reputation. Internationally, the. Right honourable the Prime Minister. Canada. Will, continue to show abroad just, how important, it is to invest in communities, - best in families, and to, take. Positive steps, globally. Be. It by fighting climate change. Showing. The importance, of. International. Trade. And the rule of law as. Part of international, bodies, we will continue. To, work to ensure that Canada is strong, on, the international, scene by, helping Canada Canadians, here at home the. Honourable member for Betty Chablis Thank. You mr. speaker. There. Is a programmer, from, such, a home who will be deported, if the Minister of immigration, doesn't take steps from, Cameroon. She. Has. Received. Many job. Offers, and. This. Type of success, story needs to be encouraged, the. Government of Quebec wants to keep her in the country and Santorum has mobilized, to, keep her here will, the Minister use. His discretionary, power to, grant, this. Woman a temporary. Permit. To remain in the country until the situation is, regularize, the. Right honourable Prime Minister. Decisions. In, terms of immigration can have an impact and, we. Examine. Each case, on, merit, fairly, following, Canadian law each, case, is unique and. Everyone. Is treated. Professionally impartially. And. Decisions. Are clear we are aware of this specific case. We cannot, speak. It to it because. Of privacy concerns don't. Remember for Sansa. Hos, EV. Is. An. Example, and there should be a, change, made we can't afford to lose a woman like this who is so qualified. Who, is trained. Who speaks French who can is prepared to work in the regions and to. Meet the needs at. Home companies. Are having trouble. The. Flight will leave at a p.m.. Tonight will the Minister use discretionary, power to allow. The. HOS AVA to remain in the country, the, right honorable Prime Minister Mr. Speaker we. Ensure. That each case is assessed in partially, and in, a fair way and this shows just how important, it is to have an immigration system that, works, to. Bring in people from across the world to. Build a better society for, all. We. Know that, immigrants. Contribute. In. Canada, and we will continue to, defend. Immigration. Multiculturalism. Pluralism, in this country and the respect we have for all people who wanted, to come here to build their lives and work in Canada. First. Nations kids want a historic, victory in, the Human Rights Tribunal the tribunal. Found that the government discriminated. First Nations kids and denied. Basic, health care services and, the, Liberals are continuing. To take these kids to court. The, Prime Minister's had four years to resolve the situation. Children, continue to suffer and the. Liberals spent millions of dollars on lawyers will. The Liberals stop. Taking. Action against, children and, start. To provide. Equitable. Services. There. Are honorable Prime Minister the, reconciliation. Is something of importance not just to this government but to all Canadians, and that's why we have taken so many historic. Steps to move for the, relationship, with indigenous peoples, in, this country, we, have ensured, that we're respecting, Jordans principle, under, the last year's of the previous government zero. Cases. Were approved under Jordans principle, and since. Then hundreds. Of thousands, of approvals, under Jordans principle, have made a real difference in the lives of, indigenous, children, across this country but, we recognize there is much more to do that is why we're continuing to work hard every day to, create better opportunities for, indigenous, families the. Honourable member for Burnaby, South taking. First Nations kids to court is not respecting, reconciliation. For. Many years the Liberals promised. To. Put in place pharmacare, but there is still nothing. That's been done cannot. Afford the medication, that they desperately, need and the, Liberals are telling them to just wait, well, we're not gonna wait we've, announced that our first bill that we're introducing in this house will, implement, Pharma care for all based, on the Canada Health Act principles, now will, the Liberals continue, to tell Canadians, to wait or.

Are They ready to work with us to bring in Pharma, care for all. Know. Canadians. Should have to make an impossible, decision between buying food or medication that's, why we've done more to reduce the cost of. Drugs. In all. Of. Among, all governments we will continue to take action, we. Are currently holding discussions with, the provinces and territories to, put in place a, system. Based, on the Hoskins. Report. We are reducing costs, at for families by. Taking. Further action, and we are setting up the, Canada, pharmaceutical. Agency, we will continue, to reduce the cost of medication, for all Canadians, remember for Edmonton, Riverbend, Mr. Speaker we now have two confirmed, cases of the corona virus, in Canada, there's. Still justifiable. Reason to be concerned about the current measures in place health, officials, stated that there's a likelihood of other, cases in Canada respectfully. To the minister. Is a plan knowing, that more cases are likely and how can Canadians, be assured that this spread is being properly contained. Mr.. Speaker and I will say that the, risk to Canadian remains if Canadians remains low our systems, continue, to work extremely closely together, and collaborate, which allows us to have quickly identify, people who have the virus and treat, them appropriately we'll, continue to monitor the situation and, add resources, as necessary Thank You mr. speaker well, member for Edmonton Riverbend, misters. Mr. speaker the national emergency, antiviral, stockpile, was created, to ensure that antivirals. Can be accessed, quickly, in response to, an influenza, pandemic, Canadians. Need to be sure that, the government is maintaining enough antiviral. Drugs to treat people and keep more people from getting sick can, the Health Minister confirm that there's enough antiviral. Drugs in the national emergency, stockpile, to address a proper possible. Broader outbreak. And. I thank the member for his excellent question in fact there isn't a particular, antiviral.

Developed, For this corona virus as it is relatively, new but I can tell you the Canada's, research community, is working closely with our international partners the, fact that we have a copy of the live virus allows, us to continue that research and our labs are well-prepared to be part, of the international solution to finding immunization. Thank you. The. Honourable member of Hirshman dr. bascomb mr., speaker as. My colleague mentioned a few moments ago we learned this morning that Canada. Has a second. Case of corona, virus people, are increasingly, worried, the. Government must act quickly mr.. Speaker can the Prime Minister tell us what the, plan is to ensure, that Canadians. Are protected, from this new virus. The. Honorable Minister of Health. Thank. You mr. speaker Ontario has. Identified. A, second. Case. Of corona, virus in Toronto, the second person is a member of the, family. For. The person in the first case both are isolated. And are receiving care. We. Are fighting against, this virus in Canada, and the. Risk of an outbreak in, the country remains low Thank You mr. speaker the, Honorable member first mentor Athabasca mr.. Speaker the, Minister of Health herself, mentioned, that there could be other cases identified, in Canada, since. This, is clearly, both a federal, and provincial. Matter. Can. The Prime Minister tell us what steps have been taken with all, provinces. Including Quebec, in order to prepare, to, face the, corona virus. The. Honourable Minister of Health. Mr.. Speaker I will reiterate. That the risk, of an outbreak is low we are collaborating with, our partners. Our. International, and, our provincial, and territorial partners, to make sure that we track, the spread of the disease that we identify, individuals, who are at risk of contracting the disease who, are positive for the disease and we will continue to do those efforts, diligently. To make sure that we contain the spread within Canada and that we take appropriate measures internationally. With our partners Thank You mr. speaker, before. Caribou Prince George's, to speaker every day thousands of passengers from china and asia arrive at our ports of entry vancouver. Montreal, toronto oftentimes. They board domestic, flights and connect throughout canada. And north america calling, the coronavirus a grave situation China, has quarantine, whole, cities, and millions, of people the. W-h-o has now listed, the global threat as high the safety, of Canadians, is currently dependent, upon screening. In China and the infected passengers. Self-reporting. Mr Speaker when will the government institute a real plan that, includes enhanced. Screening process. Our. Government, has been well ahead of the World Health Organisation's. Strategies. In terms of screenings, at ports of entry we, have multiple, measures to alert travelers, from the affected regions about, what to do if they suspect that they have the onliest illness, we have trained our CBSA, officers, to ensure that they have the tools they need to support people who may be ill and we have worked with partner. Airlines to ensure that there's information on, flights, we will continue to monitor the situation and, add additional measures, as necessary, Thank You mr. speaker the, Honourable member for Oakridge or sorry Aurora Oakridge is Richmond Hill on. December, 31st China, alerted the World Health Organization.

To Several, cases of pneumonia and then on January 7 who, announced, that they had identify, a new virus, corona virus originating. In Wuhan, China days. Later China, announced, its first death from the virus as of. Yesterday the death toll has risen to 81, with almost. 2800. Cases, confirmed and, Beijing. Has quarantined, more than 50, million, people mr.. Speaker of the 50, million people in quarantine how, many are Canadian, and, what is this Prime Minister doing to bring them home. Thank. You very much mr., speaker and this is an opportune time to remind Canadians, to register, with the Global Affairs Canada website to let people know when, they're leaving the country having, said that I'm working very closely with my ministerial counterparts. And our international. Counterparts to, make sure that Canadians, who are abroad in the affected, areas have the resources, they know to get the support from our country to return we'll have more information as a situation, evolve and I commit to all Canadians, to complete, transparency thank, you very much. The. November for Billie Jean bleep. Mr.. Speaker. The. Bloc, québécois. Defends. Aluminum Workers and. Not. The multinationals. The. Government, has not offered the same protection, to these workers, as it, did to for Steel Workers they're. Putting in place. Ideal. Conditions. To delocalize. And hinder. Investment. And. To. Replace them with a Chinese aluminium, products. Which are producing, far more than Quebec is Tessa, is the Prime Minister trying to, take, an advantage. Of the, weakness of the. Conservative, Party that, they, wouldn't otherwise put into place the. Honorable Deputy Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker our government. Defends. Aluminium. And aluminium workers. We. Have fought. For a, complete, lifting, of tariffs, u.s. tariffs on aluminium once, the new trade agreement, is ratified we, will have guarantees. That, 70%. Of aluminium. In. Automobiles. Under NAFTA, comes from North America at present. 0%, in of, aluminum, from cars, must. Come from North America. 70%. Is far better than 0 the. Honourable member for Bennelong bleep. Quebecers. Understand, too mr., speaker that aluminium, has. Faced, a dumping, and, from. Mexico and that'll be considered, too North. American, and that's the problem. People. Are saying that the block is going to be refusing, a support but now the government, seems to be. Wanting. To remove. From. A bill these. Very. Important steps, so. I have a very simple question for the prime minister if there are proposals that have been made to, resolve the issue of aluminum, in Quebec, wood, will he show some open-mindedness. Set to resolve the issue the, Honorable Deputy Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker allow. Me to quote the. Premier of Quebec, mr. Lego with, whom I spoke this morning and who, knows just how, important, the agreement is for, Canadians. He. Said in December I think. That the bloc québécois must. Defend, the interests of Quebecers. Because. It's in the interest of Quebecers for this agreement to be ratified and adopted, it's, a good agreement for, workers, and, corporations. In Quebec, I agree. With premier Legault. The. Honourable member for laksa. 70%. Of parts. Protected. Not aluminium, five. Projects. To expand, aluminium, products were predicted. Before, the. Signing of the agreement and, to now they're in jeopardy. Steel. Is being pretty, better protected, than aluminium, with. What. We need our jobs at home. Does. The Prime Minister understand. What. The, the measures that are contained in the agreement that is signed the. Right at the honourable Deputy. Prime Minister, Mr. Speaker we fully understand. The implement, implement. Implications. Of this agreement which is a good, for Quebec and Canada, this. New NAFTA agreement is. Good. For Canada and for, Quebec and. For. Our economy. The. President, of the illumina Association, of Canada. That this new agreement is on the right track deer. Oil. Mr..

Speaker The Liberals carelessly, rushed through changes, to Canada's, criminal justice system, in bill, C 75. Conservatives. Raised concerns, over the impacts of the bill and how, it would impact and. Harm. Victims, of crime legal. Experts, warned the prime minister that is poorly drafted legislation. Would. Result in guilty verdicts, being nullified now. In Ontario, we see that is indeed the case what, is the prime minister PI need to do now, that criminals, are being set free and victims, will have to go through painful retrials. Due, to this government's, incompetence. Justice. Baker. I thank the Honourable member for his question I would also like to welcome back the Honourable member from BOCES ruled I will, go so far mr. speaker as to say that I missed his sense of humor. Mr.. Speaker we introduced a number of important, changes in Bill c75, to make our criminal justice system more, efficient, more fair and more just amongst. These were the where the the ways in which juries, were selected, to increase, transparency, mr., speaker, and to address long-standing, concerns, of Canadians. As regards. This process, we're aware of the Ontario Court of Appeals ruling and we will continue to monitor the situation and. Before. Fundy, royal, speaker. That's just not good enough the Liberal government's, poorly drafted bill, c75. Means criminals, are, now facing, retrial, and victims of crime will. Have to relive the horrific situations, yet, again in court this, is a significant. Failure this Liberal government to protect victims we. Already know that the sloppy implementation. Of the bill will. Lead to retrials, in Ontario. When will the Prime Minister act before, more criminals, go, free. Justice. Mr.. Speaker, was the federal government's, view that the interpretation, act in the case law provide, that amendments, to jury selection that. Amendments, of the jury selection process should. Have been applied as, of the date c75, came into force, federal, prosecutors, adopted, this approach and we're happy that the Ontario Court of Appeal has agreed given. That the lydic there is litigation an issue I've tasked my department, and legislative, drafters, to ensure that temporal. Per business provisions, are always considered as we move forward. The. Honourable member for Charlotte Bruce Terrell, mr.. Speaker in. 2005. This. Is a special. Question that. I have today Marilyn Levesque said killer was found guilty in 2004. Of having beaten. His partner to death in addition, to stabbed and stabbing her 12, years later he. Was going to parole with some very questionable conditions. The. Government threw, at the parole, board has given him gave him permissions to obtain sexual, services even though they knew he had was, a killer with who had a problem with the women, why. Would. Have the board given, this kind of permission to an individual, like that. Thank You mr. speaker and I thank, my member, opposite for the question and I joined him in expressing, our deepest condolences the Levesque family in this tragedy, Public. Safety is and must be the main consideration, in all for all decisions and the proles Board of Canada makes these decisions independently, based on a long-standing, criteria. Established, to promote safe and effective reintegration. Of offenders into society, in this, case mr. speaker the Commissioner of Correction services and the, chair of the parole board have agreed to jointly conduct a full investigation into, all of the circumstances, that led to this tragic, case to ensure that all established, protocols, are, followed and that lessons. Are learned. Few. Years ago Volkswagen. Was caught lying about its vehicles, emissions, and we know this because, the company pleaded guilty in, the u.s. in 2017.

But Here, in Canada we had to wait three years before, charges, were laid three, years, the, Liberals didn't report anything to the RCMP, and they, offered a backroom deal to, avoid a trial, does. This complacency have anything to do with the fact that Volkswagen. Lobbyists. Visited, the offices, of the, Minister, of the Environment the, Minister of Transport, Minister of global affairs the minister of innovation, and the Prime Minister's Office. Thank. You mr. speaker. In. This. Affair. The. Trial is totally independent of anything that happened in ministers offices. The. Company. Now has to pay an unprecedented, fine, to the Government of Canada it is six, times higher than, the highest environmental, fine, ever imposed and. That money. Will go to projects. That protect the environment the Honourable member for Vancouver, East, mr.. Speaker the liberal tax changes, gives, the most benefit, to those who need it the least Barr, plan caps, the tax changes and saves, enough, to pay for dental, care for Canadians. Making, 90,000. Or less a year, the, Liberals delay the vote on their, scheme. So does, that mean that they'll work with us to, deliver dental, care to millions of Canadians, who need it or will. They just keep focusing, on the wealthy. And well-connected. To. Make. Sure that our tax system ensures. That people pay the appropriate amount of taxes, we've, of course reduced taxes, on middle-class Canadians, and our most recent approach is to make sure not, only the middle-class Canadians, but those at the lowest end of the income scale. Have, the opportunity, to have reduced taxes, through, our tax changes nine million Canadians, will see reduced taxes, and we believe this is important, helping them to be able to afford the things they want for themselves and their families. Number. Four Sidney Victoria. Mr.. Speaker, being, the first-ever megamom, Member of Parliament who, is also a member of the S Casone First Nation I want, to acknowledge the significant, role you did as people have played in Canada's, history our. Government, is committed to working together to advocate for indigenous, languages. And for, the well-being of indigenous. Peoples across Canada, can, the minister of Canadian Heritage update. The house on what, this government is doing to protect and, promote, indigenous. Languages. Minister. Of canadian, heritage. Thanks. For sitting Victoria, for his excellent question mr. speaker this government is committed to reconciliation. With indigenous peoples, and this, is why our government is investing, to strengthen and revitalize, indigenous languages. Our. Government created. The first indigenous. Languages, act in the history of this country and, that is one further step towards, reconciliation thank you for Central Okanagan. Nicola. Mr., speaker when British Columbians, read about the scourge of money laundering stories, of women being prostituted. Billions, being, whitewashed, through casinos, and real estate they, expect, a country, dedicated to the rule of law not sit idly by that's. Exactly, what this Liberal government is done last, year it promised only ten million dollars, to help provinces. Prosecute, money, launderers, but that money hasn't been spent how, can the Liberals find 12. Million dollars for law. But can't find any money to prosecute money, longer.

I'm. Very pleased to hear that the the member, opposites, renewed our new interest, in dealing, with money laundering, keeping, in mind that during the previous Conservative, government they closed all of the integrated proceeds of crime unit and in fact Mr Speaker we have budgeted, of 172. Million dollars for, the RCMP, FINTRAC, NCRA. To, establish, new enforcement, teams we've been working very closely with the provinces, to rebuild, the capacity, that law enforcement needs to deal with the scourge. Speaker. 40,000, veterans are, trapped in, a benefits, backlog. Boondoggle. Of this. Government's, own making. Unable. To access the medical benefits they, have earned many. Of these veterans have. Been waiting over two years, for. Decisions mr.. Speaker there, was no backlog, in, 2015. And, 2016. A simple. Question. How. Many veterans. Are. Currently, waiting, longer. Than 16. Weeks. Which is the standard for a decision on, their benefits. Appreciate. Monica Madhava colleagues concern, but, I wish he would have had the same MO and a concern, when, he and his government fired, a thousand, veterans, affair, workers. That. Is what happened and we have hired 700, the, the, application. Process has. Been, practically. Doubled about twice as many people apply for. That. This situation, will, be rectified by. Hiring people and taking, care of veteran. We. Really started off well and it was going well I just want to remind everybody that I was really proud for the first three quarters let's, not ruin the last quarter. And. Both sides I'm not pointing out one side or another I just want to remind everyone when. Someone's asking a question we have to listen when someone's asking, a answering, a question we, hold them the same courtesy the. Honourable member for Carlton Trail Eagle Creek if, you ask any small business, owner they will tell you dealing, with government, contracting. Is a. Disaster. Only. A government lawyer could dream up these contracts, in, its 2019. 2020, departmental. Plan public. Services, and procurement, Canada, promised, to, advance the contract, simplification. Initiative, and produce, a highly simplified, contract. Model, if P SPC is successful. It would be make life easier, for the hundreds, of small and medium-sized. Businesses, who contract, with the government will. This contract, model be ready in the new fiscal year. Thank, you very much for the question, mr. speaker, as this is the first time I am rising the house I would like to thank, the. Residents, of Oakville, Ontario for. Electing, me to be there. We. Are looking at our regime relating. To procurement, and government contracting. I have, taken over from, my colleague, and are examining our processes. On this, area and we will move, forward with an intrusion. With integrity thank, you so much. General. Member from agency glue hub and. 2015, the Liberals were elected on a promise to run small deficits, in order to invest in infrastructure, now. In 2020, the deficits, are enormous, and the infrastructure, investments are, hard, to find, this 180, million dollars that was promised don't, take my word for it the PBO confirmed, that infrastructure, investments, remain. Unchanged. So. Billions, of Canadian dollars of infrastructure. Investments, are missing, mr. speaker. Will. This big spending, Prime Minister the biggest spending prime minister in the history of Canada tell us how he managed to lose track of those billions of dollars. No. Parliamentary. Secretary.

Historic. Investments, in infrastructure across the country, this includes building affordable housing. Community. Centers, libraries, bridges. Retrofitting, municipal, buildings and so much more including a commitment to high-speed Internet across, the country in, fact more, than 4,800. Projects. Are in progress or a plan more, than four times the previous government, mr. speaker in, budget, 2019. We have 2.2, billion dollars in the gas tax fund we're, creating, work for workers and as a result, families, and communities are doing better we're building a Canada of the 21st, century mr. speaker, green resilient. And modern. Yanomami. Reform okay. Mr.. Speaker, I'm. Convinced, that everyone in this house, shares. The, concerns. That. My. Constituents have about the coronavirus, we. All need to ensure that this, disease. Does not become, an epidemic and spread across Quebec in Canada. To. That end I would. Like to reassure, the, Minister that, she has the full cooperation. Of, the blood québécois. But. I would like her to update, us today about her, contingency, plan and to tell us the main steps, that have been taken to. Contain, and prevent coronaviruses. Spread in Canada the. Honourable Minister of Health. Thank. You for the question mr. speaker and I'd. Also like to thank. My. Colleague from the writing from oaken let. Canadians, know that Canadians, the. Risk is low to Canadians, and that we are working collaboratively with all provinces, and territories including, the, province of Quebec to make sure that, we are prepared. That our health systems are prepared and that everything, is functioning as it should, we'll continue to work with our international community. Including the World Health World Health Organization. And we'll continue to adjust our processes, as necessary, I have confidence in our public health system and I think the professionals, are working so hard to, ensure that Canadians, are protected. Mr.. Speaker the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Megan decided, to cut ties with the royal family and live independently. The. Young couple is leaving the monarchy to settle in Canada, so.

Much The better for them frankly, it's none of our business but. What is our business is, the question of who will pay for their security. Can. The minister reassure, us that Quebecers, will, not have to pay, for the security, of this royal couple. Central. Minister public safety, to. The member opposite for the question I I know this is a discussion. For many Canadians, the, Government of Canada is certainly aware of the recently confirmed plan of the duke and duchess of sussex, to step down from their duties and to relocate in canada on a. Part-time basis, this is a unprecedented. Situation discussions. Are taking place, between our, security officials, in the RCMP, and security. Officials in the United Kingdom as it relates to security obligations, and how, most appropriately, to cover these security, costs, there, has been no, decisions, made, at this time the ongoing. Security. Assessments, and threat assessments, are taking place thank you sir before. Calgary signal hill mr.. Speaker recently, a UN, committee is called on our country, to immediately, shut down three, major resource, projects, the, trans mount pipeline, expansion the, coastal, gas link pipeline, and the, site c dam now. These projects, have gone through years of endless environmental. Reviews and, they have the support of the First Nations in the communities, along, the lines who look to directly, benefit, from these projects, past. The Prime Minister today if he's willing to stand in the house, let. This unelected. Unaccountable. Committee. Of the UN, know that. This he rejects, this recommendation. And that he, sends a clear message that. It's full steam ahead for these projects. I think, your, insistence house, that it is of the utmost importance. That every project of us underway in. This country every natural resource project. Takes, input, it is done in a right in the right and proper way that it follows the processes, they worked we have worked so hard on with, an understanding that the most important thing that we can offer here as well to the investment, community is certainty. Of process, is a, certainty. That the process, goes well we. We, will continue, in that video to ensure that other. Projects. Are needed and seek instruction in the same way that TMX, has in, these days Thank You mr. speaker member. For Calgary nose, Hill. Inequality. In Canada, we have to talk about reliable. Access to fast affordable, internet, big. Telecom has, a stranglehold on the market with government, regulation, preventing, any meaningful competition. Or protection, for consumers every. One of us in this place regardless. Of stripe should be working to be on move beyond this archaic current state the Prime Minister is getting a lobbied hard to overturn, a ruling that. Would allow for more competition, more needs to be done but at a minimum will, the Prime Minister uphold, this rule. Here. That every, single member of this house is going to work together, to ensure that Canadians. Regardless, of where they live have access, to high-speed Internet it is certainly a commitment, by our government, backed by significant.

Funding, Over. 400,000. Households have, been connected, since we formed office and, Mr Speaker I can assure my honourable colleague that we are going to work very hard to make sure that every Canadian is able to benefit from the social and economic opportunities. That come with connectivity. Members. Would. Say james's, in aboya Headingley. The. Canada Revenue Agency. Revealed, in the serving. Canadians, better report that 83%, of. Respondents, had a service experience, that did not meet their needs now. Public, accounts show the Minister of National Revenue wrote off over. 4 billion, dollars. Well. Everyday Canadians, continue, to receive very. Poor service from her agency, can, the Minister confirm which corporations and, bill and billionaires. Are getting, this ministers sweetheart. Deal. The. Honourable Minister I. Want. To thank the independent agency, for its work the, agency, is taking, this into consideration in. Order to improve its service the, agency, is also committed to working in. Partnership, with other organizations to, better serve Canadians, across the country we've, taken such steps already, and, improvements. In terms of. The. Service centre calls will. Be implemented, we. Are, also looking into new tools, and technologies. To improve our, services, the government is persuaded that Canadians, will, continue to see improvements. So. That their needs will better be met, I'm Bailey North Thank. You speaker, this weekend, we saw Canada's, first presumed, cases, of coronavirus. While. This was, not unexpected, many. People, in my community of Dalian, ORS are wondering what, this means for them and their families, tomorrow's, border service officers, public, health officials and hospital. Staff have been working very hard to. Protect our citizens can. The Minister of Health please, update this house on the current situation and what, steps are being taken to, address, the public health impact of this virus, Honorable. Minister of Health Thank, You mr. speaker and I want to thank that member from Don Valley North for this question, Fletcher's, Jayla Canadian, and not projecting. Canadians is our priority, the SARS outbreak in, 2003. And we're well prepared to deal with this in Canada we're all working collaboratively at, all levels of government and we. Are sure that our system is prepared we continue, to work with the international community and the World Health Organization, to insure measures and our responses, are effective. Thank you very much the, Honourable member for Sherwood, Park Fort, Saskatchewan, for the, Christ is created, by coronavirus. Underlines, the importance, of effective, cooperation among. All peoples and governments on health matters so. Will the Government of Canada fight, join us in supporting, full membership, in the World Health Organization. For Taiwan. The. Honorable Minister for, Foreign Affairs mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the member for this question, we take the safety, and security of all Canadians, abroad very, seriously. Kadena officials in Ottawa and Shawn are working closely together with, their Chinese counterpart, to address the situation that, we are currently facing I spoke, with the Canadian, ambassador to China today. Service. To all Canadians, who may be affected in China, well. Member fur leads Grenville, Thousand Islands and Reed O Lakes mr.. Speaker as the results of this Liberal government's, performance in the previous, Parliament marred. By ethical. Breaches, and cover-ups the Prime Minister has mandated that his ministers, hold themselves to the highest, ethical standards, but. Now we know that they're in the process of awarding a sole-source, contract to. Former, Liberal MP, Allan. Rock tan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs tell. This house if he, believes that this blatant, example, of liberal, cronyism, meets, the highest ethical standard. Mr.. Speaker on this side of the house we're always going to follow the highest standard of ethical. Policy. Mr. speaker, and I think the member first question, if he has any recommendation. Or any policies, it would like us to consider will, be gladly listening to him as well. The. Honourable member for level Albania. Mr.. Speaker a former, Liberal ministers, receiving. A lucrative, consulting. Contract, from, this government without going, through a public call for tenders it, seems that the liberal, tradition of, cronyism is alive and well even in 2020. Mr.. Speaker Canadians, are tired of seeing, these private, favors given by the state. Why. Is the, Prime Minister again wasting, our money to, help his liberal friends.

The. Honourable Minister, as. I said earlier on this side of the house Mr Speaker we will, always. Uphold. The highest ethical standards. We. Are pleased, to be able to count on a great number of Canadians. I'm. Trying to hear the end especially. For members who are near the speaker when they show I really, have a hard time hearing the answer so I just want them to temper, their voice they could whispers, though but I just want to remind, them that when they show the, speaker can't hear the answer and that's really difficult for for, the speaker to keep, a handle on things the, Honourable Minister, of Foreign Affairs. Massey. Thank. You mr. speaker as I was saying we. Are ready. To hear from Canadians, so when it comes to, foreign. Policy if. The members across the way have any ideas we would be open to listening to them thank you. Member. For Orleans, mr.. Speaker the. Centre for greening. Government, was created in 2016, with. A commitment to reduce government, greenhouse. Gas emissions. By 40, percent between. Now and 2030. Can. The president of the treasurer reboard update this house on the center's progress, in, reducing. Greenhouse gas, emissions. The. Honorable Minister. Thank. You mr. speaker first of all I want to congratulate the, member for leans on her election and for her hard work we. Are setting an example that is our duty, and that's what we're doing by setting, an ambitious target of reducing federal government, emissions by, at least 40 percent over 2005, levels our. Plan is working and, we. Have already. Reduced. Greenhouse. Gas emissions by 33 percent and we've. Shown, that we can grow the economy while, protecting the environment, well member for Hamilton, center, the. Liberals promised that they'd stop the former Conservative, government's, practice of outsourcing, public sector jobs and wasting. Money on private corporate, contracts, but, a new report from the professional, Institute of the Public Service of Canada shows, that contracting. Out has doubled, over the past decade, this is 12 billion, dollars to. Private corporations for. Work that the public service can and should, be doing mr.. Speaker how does the minister explain, handing, over 12 billion dollars to. Their corporate friends. The. Treasury Board Thank, You mr. speaker growing, the economy by growing the middle class is exactly what this government's agenda is doing and for.

This We have the privilege of having a public, service of incredible, quality. Now in some circumstances. To improve the quality of services we need external, support and that's exactly what, this government has responsibility, to do from from time to time. The, Honourable member for, Senate, Gulf Islands. Thank you sir my, question is to the Prime Minister we are in unquestionably. A situation, of climate, emergency, globally, counted, a participant, caught 25, in Madrid and we all know, that this year, every, country, within the Paris agreement has to improve our target, we know we are not yet, on, a track, to hit the weak Harper target that we still have can. The Prime Minister is short of this house and, his cabinet, will not accept, new, greenhouse, gases, in the millions, and millions, of tons through, the giant, tech frontier, mine which must be turned, down. The. Honourable Minister of the Environment. Thank. You mr. speaker Dayan's, elected us to protect, the environment to grow the economy events, reconciliation. And create good jobs they, also expect, their government to oversee, recei oversee a fair and thorough environmental, assessment, process the, tech frontier project, is a major project that is under active consideration by. Our government under, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act a decision on this project must be made by February, 2020. We will consider a whole range of factors including environmental, impacts, very much including, greenhouse gases, we will consider advancing, reconciliation. And growing, the economy in making our determination, here great, pothole, violence. And. That's all for today if for a question period. I would, like to draw the attention of, vulnerable. Members the. Presence, in the gallery of his. Excellency. One Corrado, Cueto marques, interim, president, of the Bolivarian, Republic, of, Venezuela.

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