Quest for the Best Episode 4: Ported Enclosures (Klipsch R-100SW Review)

Quest for the Best Episode 4: Ported Enclosures (Klipsch R-100SW Review)

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Greetings from audio architects. Today, is episode. 4, of the quest for the best subwoofer, edition. And today we're going to be featuring, a ported, subwoofer. By klipsch. Stay tuned. Hello everyone, today we're going to be looking at ported subwoofers, and what they can do for you i chose the klipsch, r100sw. I went ahead and purchased it because. It's a very popular subwoofer, at an entry level, into klipsch's, ecosystem. So this is a great way to learn not only about clips as a brand. And about ported subwoofers. And how they can benefit. Your system, so if you haven't heard of clips yet, stay tuned later in the show, and mark casaband, and i are going to go over, all things clips. So unboxing, audio equipment in general is one of my favorite things to do i feel like it's like christmas every time so i wanted to share that experience with you, i'll try to be quick but i kind of want to show you what's in the box, how it comes packaged. And what to expect, initially, when opening this awesome subwoofer, by klipsch. Assisting me with opening the box is my, super cool. Dagger thing that i got at renfair, last year, i miss friend. Affair. Possibly, overkill, for this project, but. Why. Not. Work like a charm, all right, time to see what's in the box. All. Right. All right here we go so first things first we got a power cable and a user manual right on top. All right for one snow box inside a box it's just pure subwoofer. With some foam, but it did come very well packaged. So i'm not too worried about, any damage or anything due to shipping. Because, eclipse, did do a really good job in packaging. The actual subwoofer. All right let's. I'm gonna grab it by the porthole all right guys. It does have some weight to it. All right so there's nothing else inside the box so let's go ahead and take a look at the subwoofer. Itself. Oh wow, it's got some. It's a good size. So over here okay. Okay so it does have. Some, feet on the bottom, reported, subwoofers, actually not too big, and not too heavy, so. I think it would fit in most people's applications. It comes with a beautiful, black, wood finish. And. Let's go ahead and open her up. All right nice. Grill with the logo on it and, look at, that. That beautiful. Copper that everybody, loves, so much. It's a 10 so it's not going to be super huge, but i expect, some output, out of it because, i mean klipsch, is known for amazing, sound, and. I have a feeling, that even though it's a 10 inch subwoofer.

It's Going to hit pretty hard, so let's take a look at the back of the sub, nice good sized base port in the back it's got a volume control. It's got a crossover. It's got the auto on button, you can control your face from zero to 180, and of course, some, line ends so i guess now it's time to go play with it the klipsch, r100sw. And its reinforced. Mdf construction, reduces, cabinet, vibration. For less audible coloration, and improved, sonic accuracy. Giving you a pleasant listening, experience. Exposed, fasteners, a low profile, magnetic, grille, and a scratch resistant. Textured wood grain vinyl, give the r100sw. Subwoofer, a polished. Modern appearance, that perfectly, accents, klipsch's, entire reference series speakers, the spun ring copper, injection, molded graphite, woofer cones, are exceptionally, light, while being extremely, rigid, providing, remarkable. Low frequency, response. With minimal cone breakup. And distortion, to give you deep clean bass. The built-in, all-digital. Amplifier, of the r100sw. Subwoofer, delivers, 150. Watts rms. And 300, watts peak power with high efficiency. And true to source accuracy, reproduction. As i've mentioned in videos of the past, ported enclosures, do not require, that much power, to deliver high output, the subwoofers, gain, low pass crossover, and face controls. Ensure the low frequency, tones blend with the other speakers. And establish, the ideal. Level of bass for your room. Line level lfe, rca, inputs provide maximum compatibility. With standard home theater receivers. Let's go ahead and take a look at the rew, measurements. And then we can go ahead and listen to the base and watch that woofer flex. Okay everyone here is the rew, measurement, for the clip subwoofer. Right off the bat what stood out to me was that spike at about 32, hertz. Then i realized, it's the room. So this goes to show how important, room treatments can really be with proper room treatments, i would not be having that kind of anomaly, in the measurement, so taking that away. This subwoofer, would naturally, start falling off at about 60 hertz. But not really drastically. Fall off till about 32-33. Hertz which it is what it's rated at and on the other end it didn't fall off to about 118, 120. Hertz. Which is a natural fall off, overall. This subwoofer, is very punchy, since it is a 10 inch sub, however, it does go deep, and low, i was very impressed. It just goes to show the output that a ported enclosure, can provide you with so now let's go ahead and take a listen to the subwoofer. And watch that baby. Flex. Do. All right guys i am here with mark casavant. Senior vp for klipsch. How you doing today mark. Very well, thanks mike how are you, i'm good i'm very good i'm so glad you were able to come on. The episode, and discuss. The. R100sw. That i just got a chance to really play with and have a lot of fun with. Starting off would you, who would you, recommend, this to who would be the best, customer, for this subwoofer. That's a good question. This is an entry, level. Value performance, subwoofer. For us. Typically. A. 10 inch sub that has really great performance. For this price point, um. They're meant to, kind of, dominate. This price point and. And here's, the customer, that we're intending for this somebody who. Really, hasn't thought about a subwoofer, maybe, hasn't.

Budgeted, For subwoofer. But. Once they get a taste of what a subwoofer, can do. For their, audio system their home theater system. That this is an easy step for them, to get into. Enhanced base performance. And, enhancing. The sound of their main speakers, because it takes the burden, off of them for, the lower base frequencies. And, higher level, sound output. Which, really. Reduces, distortion, in an audio system, and gives a really satisfying. Sound, you can make any speaker, sound better with a good sub. So this is a customer, who. You know maybe, isn't, emphasizing. Their audio system that much. Maybe they're just thinking i'll just get something to make the tv sound better, or something, to, play my records with or whatever, maybe i get powered monitors, but. They just, may have not. Before, experienced, good bass and, this is uh we're trying to entice them a little bit with an attractive. Package, that. Has. Really good performance. Now, um, this whole, this whole episode is about uh ported, ported subs. So, um what would you think the benefit, is of a ported, sub, in, this size. In this, kind of category. Dad i know obviously right off the bat i noticed that, it's loud, you know for a 10. It's for a 10-inch subwoofer. It gets pretty loud and i and i put it up against music and a movie. Um. But, i should have put it up against john wick i haven't i haven't done that yet but uh. Um, i put it up against, the avengers, and a couple other things, uh and. Actually if you did, if you uh are into, doing some bass tests blade runner 2049. The very beginning. Oh my goodness. That'll. I've got i've got one for you mike um. You know it's funny i've got some young, kids and like they're just getting to the age where. We're starting to watch, star wars together. Okay so. Have you seen uh the rise of skywalker. Of course, of course, okay so you know where palpatine. He raises, up the. New generation, of star destroyers, like out of the ground, whatever. There is some, deep, bass. In that and uh. That's a new little test for me i mean. It's, pretty deep and and. Uh of course i discovered that at midnight when i'm watching it and everybody's asleep so i panicked you know turn everything down, but uh. So. You know this that's an example, of. You know you could be watching a movie, and missing, out. On some very, specific. Effects, that, the director, intended. For you to hear and experience, and feel and maybe even create some emotions, like dread. Or. Fear, anxiety, whatever the way they use bass is it's fun, i mean in some movies, it's to get you energized, you know it could be music playing you know the soundtrack, the thump. Of the the music. And it without a sub you can really be missing that and um, you know our new not to detract but our new generation, sound bars. Have, serious. Subwoofers. As part of the system. Okay we're going up to a 12 inch, sub with our ammo sound bar so, we're bringing real sub performance, to those categories. And then with our powered monitors. We want to make. So you mentioned ported, so i'll get into that. A ported design, in our opinion, is critical. At these entry price points to extract, the maximum, base extension. Base, output. And, low distortion. We think there's no alternative. A base reflex, system, well designed. You know a proper, base alignment. Will give you. Um. And i'm going to do it from your perspective, with the base extension, what we call, what we design, for which we, we term optimally, flat.

So. You know if you have a sealed system, inherently, it's going to have lower maximum, output. And then the roll off. It'll it'll be, more gentle. But the problem is, that, deep bass, is is. Low enough in volume where your ear may not pick up on it so we believe. That, for an optimally, flat. Base reflex, system you're going to get higher. Output, in general, and then yes it may roll off a little faster. But, those critical, base frequencies. In the, let's say the 40 to 20 hertz range and i'm generalizing, for all of our subwoofers, but in, this case let's say about 30 hertz, you're going to have more output, at that frequency. Also, with less distortion, so, the nature, of a ported. Uh, design, is that. The woofer, becomes, loaded, to the air chamber, and then through the port releases, the deeper base frequencies, it's almost like a two-way, base system, the upper frequencies, are emitted on the front and then the lower frequencies, via the tuning frequency, the system, are emitted through the port or the passive radiator because they're both base reflux. It's at that point where the woofer, is. Well coupled, to the air, and then it doesn't, work itself to death for those deep frequencies, it actually moves a little bit less, at the tuning frequency, so. That's the secret to less distortion. So the woofer, is, better coupled to the air, at those deeper frequencies, it doesn't, work as hard. To, you know move that area. The excursion, is reduced and you know by the design philosophy, of clips. High efficiency. Low distortion. Greater dynamic, range. Um. Better. Sound quality, if you will. So a bass reflex, system for us is the only, way to go with these, um entry price points and then of course as we go up in the range. We, take advantage, of that even more, with the benefits, of power horsepower. Volume, of the enclosure. Size of the driver. In an entry-level, sub. You are taking every dime. That you have available, in the budget for the development, work to, optimize, the amplifier. The driver, and then of course how they play. With, the enclosure. Itself. You know so all of these elements, have to be optimized. So that your total performance.

Is What you are. Specifying. So it is this balancing, act that. I don't know if many consumers, are aware, of the magic, and i'll say it the magic the engineers. Work in the background, to get. Really great performance, at these really affordable, price points it's it's rather amazing, what you can accomplish, and not have to spend a ton of money. So, as you can tell. I like subwoofers. I'm an enthusiast, for subs i i kind of have that rep in the company, you know. But um. Yeah it's only because of um, paul klitsch i mean he, he uh, really invented. The the low distortion. You know uh fully horn loaded, uh, woofer system, and then, in our theater. Systems, we have, horn loaded subwoofers. So. Um, clean, deep bass, it's an art. And a science, and we we take it seriously, so, i may have provided a little more information, than you were asking for but ported subs we just don't see. A, better alternative, for high output, low distortion, and deep extension. I i completely, agree and i, actually, like the fact that you gave so much information. Um. Because uh people need to hear this stuff you know people need to understand. What they're getting into. Now, how i felt about. This so because i don't come across a lot of 10 inch subwoofers. Usually it's like 12. 18, stuff like that. So for a 10 inch subwoofer, i felt it had, incredible. Bass. It uh, it got low enough i mean as we discussed. Before the show uh i did rew. The the sub and it started to fall off at about 33. Hertz, which isn't what it's around what it's rated at you know. So. A 10 inch subwoofer, hitting 33, hertz. At a at a nice optimal listening level that's pretty good, you know and then. Um i i did notice it was a. A little bit punchy. Which is a good thing, you know. Because. That's for. I'd say that's more for when i'm watching a movie i like to feel, the bass, so to speak. So it did peak around, 60. I. Wrote it down 62, hertz. That's where the the kind of the curve peaked. And then it fell off at about 137. Which is great. So, i mean it already, fantastic. And. You know it was a nice curve, and, like i said i put it through the ringer today, and i was impressed. I mean it did great. Did great on movies. Okay. You know. Because normally a ported sub i'd probably. I would more, more than often than not throw it in a home theater situation. Because just because of the like you were talking about the. The base output and the bass extension, and all that. But. As far as music goes. It did really well i threw a little bit of everything at it and it was, it was keeping up and it was it was tight. So. Actually. It's uh, for entry level at what two. It's like 2 39, i think on amazon right now i know it's normally, about 3.99. At like best buy and on your website but yeah amazon for some reason is, i don't know i don't know if they're running their own sale or something but. They uh, they're they're they're you know 239, right now and, i, that's an incredible, price. Mark, like that is still must still be christmas in july, it's obviously. Because. Um. That is incredible. Even at 3.99. You know even at 3.9, that's that's an incredible price point for a clip. Subwoofer, and, the cool thing about clips is that when you say clips a lot of people there's a lot of brand recognition. You know most people will be like oh yeah absolutely, you know the copper, or they. Or the you know great great sound, or that pro media system that i'm so in love with, you know it, it's it's one of those things that. That.

Klipsch, Is always, has always been synonymous, with good quality. So. Um, why expectations. Yeah we appreciate that and and you know um i, i'm in the forums, and i keep up with all that and, you know um, there are a lot of enthusiasts. In our forums, and, you know some might say oh you know eclipse. Yeah they're great for their the mains and the surround speakers but, uh. We we, got into the subwoofer, business, in the 90s, because. There were some brands, out in the marketplace, that, made um pretty expensive, subs and they were actually sealed designs or maybe push pull type of design. And. They had a hard time keeping up with our higher, sensitivity. Systems, like you know back then people were building home theater systems with our fortes, which, are almost 100 decibels, with a lot so, you need some subs that, really have high output. And then, they don't break a sweat. While they're delivering, the goods for a home theater soundtrack. So that is why we got into the subwoofer, business because we, we determined, we're gonna we're gonna launch, a line. That has, real high output. And really, low distortion. And, so this is interesting, because specifications. A lot of people will go on specs they'll look at power levels they'll look at extension. In the base. And this, that still doesn't tell you how the subwoofer, sounds. You know you can measure. You were talking about your measurements, and and, you know we we have truth in our specs i mean our measurements, uh we, we relay those you know through our specifications. So in in this case it's minus three db point it's listed as 32, hertz so that aligns with your measurements, and. What's interesting, is pop proper, placement, of a subwoofer, can get you even. More bass extension, i mean with your room gain, in other words. Setting them up in your room. Uh relative to your listening position, you can actually get enhanced, output, versus, raw measurements. In a. Open, space environment, a free field. Measuring space. And. Customers, may or may not know that but, you know if they can. And. This is probably. Somewhat common knowledge in the industry but maybe not with, consumers. If they can put the subwoofer. In their chair. Literally. Put the sub in their chair run a test town, run a base frequency, or do the crawl. And then walk around the room. Just walk around. And, listen. For where the base is strongest, along the, border, of your room. That's where the subwoofer, should go, that's where you put the subwoofer, because it's that relationship. That, acoustic, coupling, of, you know that corner, to your chair you know so. That's where you put the sub for optimum. Loading. Into your listing position. It's where it has the best grip on the air and and you, with a 32, hertz. Extension. You still can get usable, bass, you know into the 20s. Sure and a lot of these soundtracks, i mean you might be really surprised by you know like the soundtracks, we just mentioned where, that feeling. You know that physical, sense that's where the frequencies, start to move you. Rather than tickle your eardrums, it becomes a physical sensation, so the deep bass, really becomes a physical, experience it's a lot of fun, and then another way. To have a lot of fun with it is maybe two subs. Because, that can smooth out, the frequency. Peaks and valleys in your room and make it a more even response, in your listening position, so maybe a couple affordable, subs. Rather than one expensive, one get a couple. Maybe. Lesser models, because that's going to give you really good base performance, so you know customers can experiment, a little bit given their budget. But. You know, thinking of the budget-minded. People out there, we all are we're all budget-minded. Sure what can we get, for our budget, and, to get the optimum, performance, level, uh and bass response, can make, a modest.

Home Theater system, just sound, luxurious. You know it's it's kind of a. I don't know it's like, um drinking craft beer you know it's like you can have. Some things just the best, you know. So, when it comes to movies home movies right now i think, people don't want to skimp, on their home entertainment. You know absolutely, to be, great. Not good, i want it to be great. Well, i'll tell you what i think that's a good segue, to talk about. Um, what's what's your big daddy sub like if you were if you were in if you had. A good budget, you know to be spending on a subwoofer. That could, definitely. You know. Give other companies a run for their money. What is your flagship. Subwoofer, that someone with. You know. That isn't on a budget, you know a tight budget, would would like to indulge in. Well it's, funny you ask that because. Uh. Any of our own team members that are watching this will probably chuckle, at. Because they could predict the answer. We are working. On a. Well there are all kinds of nicknames, for it within the company, i think i termed it when i first saw it i called it man that thing's a beast you know we're working on a. A pretty serious. Subwoofer, to keep up with. Our. Most efficient, loudspeakers. And even, some of our, prosumer. You know cinema, product that you can put in your home, so we have some projects that are in the works but, let's talk about right now. So. There, you can drop, you know two grand, whatever, on a decent sub these days heck you can spend a lot more than that you can spend four grand you can spend. Eight grand, you can spend a lot of money on some subs. And. If somebody has that kind of budget i would say. What i would do is with in your room instead of one monster. Sub, that you can barely fit through your doorway. Right. Much less lift, okay. Now you have to have your neighbor to help you. So. Right now i think. This. The incredible, performance, value, sub, right now in in our lineup, is the spl, 150. And the prior, model was the r115. Sw, so this is a a, pretty reasonably, priced, 15, inch, sub, it's, you know a little right around the thousand dollar price point. I submit, and with the base extension, that it has i mean this thing will go below, 20 hertz, and play, all night long, i mean the thing is efficient. Get two. Okay. Two of those. Uh instead of the, whatever. You know sub. You know, we're gonna eventually, come out with our super sub and it's gonna be thousands, of dollars right and then i'm gonna recommend for people with k-horns.

Or, Cornwalls. Or fortes. Or some, maybe rf7s. Get, two. One there one there because. You're always going to get a better, experience, in your room with dual subs. But right now, the value performance, equation. With spl, 150, oh my gosh, it's hard to beat i mean talk about diminishing, returns. You know and, if you have the money. I have four, in here okay. So. Four you know what happens when you double your surface area, with a driver double your amplifier, power. If you go from one sub to two. You get. Six decibels. More output. Okay. Identical, subs. So. From one to two, you get a lot of bang for the buck all right you get, six more decibels, you get more grip on the air in your room, i submit you might even get, a little more bass extension, just because of the room loading. And then. You know, if you're gonna, do it again. To get six more decibels, you have to go from two. To four. You gotta, double it again right. So, that's what i have done in this theater room. And you know movies like fury. With the tiger, tanks, and the sherman tanks or, movies like midway. Or. Um. Of course john wick. The latest star wars any of these movies with i mean even. With u571. That's a classic, for okay. Submarine movie. That's where it becomes a, a, a room shaking. Sensation. And, you're no longer. Where's the sub, it's a wall. Of, base, that. It disappears, when the lights are off. You are no longer. Nitpicking. Well where's the sub that's that that's, it's in the corner it's it's a little boomy. And it's it's creating weirdness. You know when you have the subs, spread out in your room. You're immersed. You are just. Thrown, into. The. Uh. Do do you have them, do you have them set up uh in the two in the front two in the back. No. No they're all up front. Oh wow, and, and i have one dedicated, sub. Right here by my desk that's. Dedicated, for the surround channel so. Now people might think well why, why, you know well here's why because it started with the movies like the matrix. Do you remember the the scene where. The helicopter. Blades. In its slow motion, while they're firing into the building, sure so the helicopter, blades, swoop around, in the surrounds, it's like. And there's a lot of low frequency, in the surrounds, you know and when dolby digital came out suddenly we had bass in the surround channel so. And of course with. True hd. Dts. Master audio, and, atmos, there's there's full. Bass response all the way around, but, you know subwoofers. Dedicated for the channels is not a bad idea and, so here you know here's a recent example, where i was like holy smokes there's a lot of bass behind me. On netflix. Uh. The, f1, drive, to survive, series have you seen any of that yet no i haven't checked it out yet, it's fantastic, it's in 4k. You know ultra hd it's an atmos, you know you can stream it, i was watch i've watched the whole thing twice you know two series i've watched them both twice so. Unbelievable. Track, sound. And the cars, and the pits, and there's a ton of rear. Information. Like, the bass is behind me. And and, you know a lot of people say well bass is omnidirectional. Yeah for music for the most part. But in, movie soundtracks. When you can get the bass. To follow, the, the surround. Information. That makes it even more exciting. I mean movie theaters have subwoofers. Behind you also dedicated, to the surround so, it can be fun if somebody does a dual sub setup where they can have one up front and one behind if they want to dedicate it to the surrounds i mean it can be a little tricky how to do that, how to make sure it's the same signal, but. In general, two subs up front are gonna give you a full enveloping. Experience but i am not the typical. Uh our team says you are not the typical customer, mark so you know don't don't think that your, your approach, is like for everybody, you know. But uh. Well i think you've definitely given people. Different, options. You know. I think the, dual subwoofer. Setup, is probably the smartest, idea. For. Anybody, that wants, some nice bass, and to spread it around the room, correctly, you know. Um, i've i and i've noticed that you know i i, ran a one, subwoofer, setup and right now. Downstairs, in the theater room we have a two subwoofer, set up. And, it just makes a huge. Huge difference, you know just just. Because, certainly, what we'll cook. Let's say you have a big couch, you know and you have someone sitting on the far left corner. That may be missing out on those low ends. You know, and, or it could be the reverse. If they're near the wall, they're getting all the base, and you're not getting much at all, sure. You know i also want to clarify, this for for our listeners, that. It gives you the ability. To even. Clean up the base even more because what you do is with dual subs you can turn them down. You know, you still want to channel balance, the bass with your surround, channel so, you actually, can have those subs working, less hard.

You Know they can, be, even turned down and they're barely. You know they're not working themselves, to death to give you, good bass. Because you're trying to overcome, weird. Standing. Mo uh you know scanning waves or room modes you know where their peaks and valleys and you can't overcome, that no matter how you, how you turn this up you start, talking about room interaction, i mean we could spend a whole session on that you know how to optimize. Base in a room. But um. That's where the two subs help because then they're not working hard, and, i would emphasize, i mean this is really part of the clip's design philosophy. Low distortion. Optimal. Dynamic. Playback, you know so. You said. Uh with the movies that really, had, good response, you know as far as maybe transients, i would i would hope you know dynamic, impact. And then with music you want clean deep bass extension. Not distortion, whether it's bass guitar, electronic, keyboards. Whatever. Your musical. Taste is, and when i said earlier you know, specs just don't tell you, what a subwoofer, sounds like they just don't, they'll, you know what's funny is base extension, curves. They include distortion. You know, the mic doesn't know, sometimes. If that's, clean bass, or if that's distortion. You know with the. Sound pressure. So. You know, what what base, you want, you want it to be clean. Natural. Musical, not, distortion, laden. So, um. You know when you when people take measurements, it's like that is. Part of the story. This is the ultimate. Measuring, device. And, that's some type of problem with rew. It's um. Sometimes, people get discouraged. About their speakers. Because they see. A um. A bad let's say a bad, you know measurement. And they'll be like oh man that's that's a horrible speaker because it measured better, and then i just got to say how does it sound. You know how do you like it, how do you like it and that's that's the cool thing about audio it's that. Everybody's, ear is different, everybody ear, like some someone might love clips, and then, the next person might love calf, next person might love, you know martin logan, it just depends, on the ear, you know i don't think, and then some people are just you know, uh, you know brand loyal, you know doesn't matter what it sounds like as long as it says clips on it you know or it has a copper. Cone. And that's fine too i mean, that's, if someone, you know is loyal to the brand because the way it looks. Hey more power to them that's more sales. But. I think that eclipse, has always put out a, clean product, and, i know um. Since it's in since its uh, conception. Uh klipsch has always stood for something. You know, it's always stood for quality it's always stood for. You know, the cut the bs, right, that's basically, the, is uh. That's his mantra, you know. So. I'm i'm really glad i was able to. Get my hands on this 10 inch subwoofer, and try it out in my environment. And, and see how it works in my environment because i i, tried it in different. Rooms, i tried it in different, you know applications. And it performed, really well, so. I definitely. You know, to to the audience i definitely recommend, it. If they're looking for something. Uh. Just, basically, something to enter, the eclipse ecosystem. And to and to get kind of a feel for the quality that klipsch has, this is a great, great product because not only the price point. But like you said base extension. Quality. Build, it looks good you know it looks really good it has you know that classic, clips look to it. So but but then again, then again you guys are kind of changing it up because with the fives it didn't come with the copper. So, you guys. Is that something you're going to start kind of doing, or is that something only for the heritage, series. The heritage, inspired, line, versus. The reference, or reference premiere, line, so. You know our, our engineers, they focus on. They will custom engineer. A product, it's purpose-built. You know, so. Your point. And. You know there are a lot of designs, out there but a lot of subwoofer, designs, and i'm not here to say one is the best, but i i know for us what our what we deem our bet is our best approach and, you know you can take. A ported sub, is not a ported sub it's not a port itself i mean, you have to execute, well on the engineering, side, to make sure it's optimally. Designed. Because it's easy to build a bad design, you know, yeah, there are plenty of them out there, oh there are. I, i just, you know thank you for your comments because. You know if, i had uh one, message i wanted to get across, is that, you know eclipse. We're very. Committed. To our founding father, who. Did everything. Based in engineering, quality of engineering.

And We hold that. Close to our hearts, today, i mean. We, really. Take it seriously. And, we think it's so important, in today's. Modern age you know. If you invest in audio, it should be an investment, it should be a lasting. Satisfying. Purchase, and that only happens, when, you get a quality, product, and not many people that many companies, have those roots, you know a lot of companies, are just, they've been bought and sold. 10 times over. You know they're. They go to the they go to the, the lowest bidder, you know for parts. You know and i know for your heritage, series, you you put everything together in uh was it hope arkansas, right. Yes it's the original, facility. Where he, founded the company, it was originally. A us army property, and then after, uh world war ii he acquired, it and then he. Made it his home, so pretty cool and, it's it's a. Custom, wood crafts. Uh crafts people. Shop you know i mean, um. There there are employees there that have been with us, well over 35, years. Some over 40. And. Considered. Family, you know um, i i've known them as long as i've been with collection. It's it's it's interesting, you know it's almost. It's almost like the land that time forgot, when you go down there it's it's amazing, it's uh the pilgrimage, you know the pilgrims, still go there. Really i mean we didn't this past spring but, hopefully. Next year. In a year, soon. Whenever things settle down a little bit out there in the world, yeah. Um. That, dude that's awesome so. Hold on i was gonna, i'm gonna have to cut this out because i totally lost my translation. Okay sorry, we're gonna ask you for no you're fine you're fine. Um. So. When can we expect, to hear more about this, mega sub, that you guys are built. Because that's something i, was just thinking about in the back of my head i'm like okay. I wanna i wanna know when i when i can actually hear about this. Is this something that's going to be slated, for, fall, or, winter or we'll talk about. Well, yeah it's it's it's going to be further out than that um just because, um, a, lot of development, work that uh, we're doing, uh for other lines as well, so.

Yeah We've got a calendar. That is. Kind of, a long-term. Look. On. Development, projects and and, some of it does really involve research. To go with the development, and this is one of them. Because this is not going to be a me too. Subwoofer, you know if it's a flagship, it's going to be something that, our engineers, really, pull together, to. Work on and perfect, and it's going to be something fairly unique. It's not going to be something, that. Other people have tried, or attempted, and this is just going to be. This is not going to be a play in one upsmanship, this is going to be order of magnitude. You know. Something that will last. For a long, time. It's gonna come in different, sizes, or is gonna be one size. Well i i think that uh, we've talked about a couple, to accommodate, different, models within the range you know of our larger. Main loudspeaker, systems. You know a lot of people have asked for. Something for the. Klipschhorn. And, you know a lot of the customers, that we have who. Are part of the pilgrimage, and. The heritage museum, and just our, historical, society. They've even. Ventured, into the uh, fully. Folded horn loaded. Uh subwoofers, that um. They they have actually. Adopted, or adapted. For home use. So. And these are big, these are big enclosures, you know these are, not exactly, what we, we would. Deem typical. I mean for a typical, consumer. But. What what, i'm talking about is a little easier to handle, but still, um. Uh. I would just say a state-of-the-art. Subwoofer, design. So. I would. I'm not going to uh commit the engineers, to a date because, you know i'll have to answer them after this, but, it's something that's in the works. And you guys, will let you know i mean the reviewers, they'll they'll get the heads up, on it it's something to look forward to but we've got a lot of projects in the work you know, in the works i should say um. So. And, the way things have been going we're, we're pretty pleased, with um. The response. To our newest products, we've been sensitive, to. The times we're in trying to really, focus on affordable, products, and for people who, maybe just never would consider. An all-out, home theater system like what you and i have been talking about. Sure um the power the powered monitors, for example, the subs, uh the sound bars. The um. The lifestyle, products the the new, in-ear. Wireless. The new generation. True wireless. Headphones, and in-ear, phones and. Mclaren, products, so you know our team is very focused on let's make some product that are, affordable, luxuries. If you will. Absolutely. And then uh. Keeping. Obviously, the fires lit on our. Larger, systems our state-of-the-art. Products that will continue, to. Uh work on you know that the legacy, and heritage of the company, and you know outrageous, subwoofers, because people. Well they would expect some of that from us so, and you know by the way the powered monitors you know the fives or, you know any of the other, models. This kind of, i think started with you, the conversation, with the powered monitors, having a subwoofer, that would go with, power monitors because the powered monitors are for a customer who may not want an audio video receiver, or an external amp it's trying they're trying to simplify, their lives too right. Well i think you definitely, nailed it with the hdmi, arc i mean that that definitely. Uh. Knocked. Most. Powered, speakers, out of the out of the running right there. So by adding that kind of technology. To your speakers, you it just. Made it so much better, you know and, as we discussed earlier i did do a, a review video on, the. Uh the fives, which. I am going to do a, uh. A a redo, on, because i i do want to spend more time with them. I i think it wasn't, uh, fair. That i didn't get the chance to spend. You know. A week or two just just experiencing. Them you know i it was a quick thing, and. It wasn't in my own space, so. Just just for the record. Um. You know, uh, as far as aesthetics, go, that, that that, isn't gonna change, i still think they're beautiful. I think i called them uh. I think i called it's the black the batman, black. Because, it's so dark it's so dark that it was batman, black, i love it, but uh yeah aesthetically. I won't change my mind i think they're beautiful, i think they're great i think you guys did a great, job. You fit a lot of technology. Into a small, package, because, i mean next to you they look kind of look i mean they kind of look bigger in that angle. But yeah, when you're holding on to them i mean they're not that big, you know they're not that bad at all yeah, they're they're. They're easy to live with i mean, um. Totally, totally like. You can put them anywhere, and they come in different um, different styles, and stuff so, yeah i'm definitely going to take a second look at them and doing another video, as well.

Uh Just to. Kind of give, more of an in-depth. Um, analysis. On. Um, on the sound quality, and the versatility. Because that's another thing i didn't get to do i didn't get to try them out uh i didn't get to, plug them into my setup and use them for movies you know to replace. Sound bars and stuff like that so, that's another thing i'd like to do as well. Only because. Like i said they, they deserve a more fair chance than just a quick. Review, with a five-minute, listening you know that's not that's not fair. So. Um. I'm officially, retracting. My opinion. Of them for the time, being. And on, the, whenever i can get my hands on a couple i will. Um, definitely. Definitely do this again, because like i said i i want to give them that chance. Um and i think they deserve it you know they're they're an innovative, great product, this is something that we've all been waiting for you know something. Cutting edge, in in the, powered speaker realm. So. Yeah i'm super happy about that um, mark thank you so much for joining me and taking the time to. To give everybody, all this awesome information, about subwoofers. And, um. I definitely. Think that this, like i said this r100. Is. I think a great, starting, point, or even even the 12-inch, version. Of, this of the subwoofer. Is a great starting point for someone getting into. You know home theater, and building the first home theater, because realistically. They can build. An entire, 5.1. Or 5.2. System. Around your products, and not spend more than. What like fifteen, hundred seventeen hundred dollars you know. I think. I think that'd be reasonable, um, if they do a couple floor standards, a center channel. And two rears, and if they want to get fancy they can do the. The atmos that, sits on the. Thing or really want to do at most they could i'm sure, that we could finish them out but, yeah for like a simple 5.2. Um, you guys can outfit them for anywhere, from you know like i said like 1200, to 1500. Is reasonable. It's a lot for the money it's a lot of performance, it is, it is. And and gosh klipsch has their their die hard fans i'll tell you what i see them all the time on instagram. Um. Yeah, klipsch, definitely. The copper club is is, heavy, you know. So. Thanks for heard that. Thanks so much brother i i really appreciate you coming on the show. Um we will definitely talk, again. And maybe we can talk again when uh, when i do the, the fives, part two. Thank you again. My pleasure, all right, bye-bye. Okay everyone, i know that ran a little longer than expected, but i want to thank mark casavant, for coming on, and truly explaining. The culture of clips. And the benefits, of a ported enclosure. So thank you again i was truly honored to have you on and i hope everybody got. Something out of our conversation. Because i think that we kind of covered a lot of bases. So, anybody that was wondering about a portrait enclosure, hopefully now your. Questions have been answered, anybody still wondering about portrait enclosures, please feel free to reach out my email is always in the description, below. As always if you enjoy the content. Smash the like, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell to get notified any time i put out new content, stay tuned for the next episode of quest for the best, subwoofer. Edition. You.

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