Publishing Content Consistently With an Editorial Calendar - Side Projects #2

Publishing Content Consistently With an Editorial Calendar - Side Projects #2

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Hey it's sean mccabe welcome. To side, projects. With, Sean. And Corey Miller how's. It going Claire hi it's. Going good it's a little slightly. Into the day and feeling, good. We. Were gone, nobody, knows do we tell them. Nobody. Knows nobody, knows anything we're recording like ahead of time so before, all of the shows and stuff launched on Sean west TV we've. Been recording these we actually like we're. Off for a week there but nobody, sees nobody knows right no. One even knows so it's only a week as far as anyone knows it's only been a week and. How's. It going you last we checked in with you you're working on vlog. Ology, which we can show people here. Vlog. Ecology, is Corey's, website, vlog, ology. Comm, and. Last. We checked you were trying to launch. This how's it going well. I mean it's completely, different from the last time you saw it as you can see there's. Actually a sidebar there's navigation, and there's actual content, that you can go check out it's, all there well it's not all there it's the. Initial. Shipping, of it is there so look, at that. So. What I did between, our, last call and now is. Is. I took the first two sections so start in story I had, all of that already written out and I. Made. All of that into pages and, all that was good to go and I made the images and. Did. A bunch of tweaking and all of this stuff and and, shipped it with start. And story I'll. Call them sections, done, and and. Then as since. That point every Friday I've been uploading, or. Adding a new article. A new page so. Last week I added one on the truth about gear and tomorrow as, of. This recording there's. Another one going out and they're, being uploaded and added to the site so welcome, a lot of work good job thank you thank you feels so good feels, good to ship it and, obviously, it's not done, there's, plenty plenty, plenty to do and plenty plenty, of work to be done but.

I've. Already gotten a lot of really really good feedback, and. People, being helped, and. Just. Been good so, this. Video, right here or you know this episode, if they're listening to Shaun West TV as a podcast, which, you can do at Shaun West TV, slash podcast. And this, happened to be the first episode, they were listening to or watching what, is vlog. Ology, and who is it for, vlog. Ology is a website that, is a, Resource. Center. For. People who are wanting to get started with vlogging but aren't really sure where to start or have. Already started vlogging but kind of need to break through the mental barriers that, often accompany, getting started and continuing. With vlogging. So vlog. Ology is kind of the one-stop-shop, for. Getting. Started vlogging and continuing, vlogging, in, a way that is impactful. And meaningful and, allows, you to make. Great vlog, content I'm. Glad you said and continue, vlogging because it's easy to start something it's, difficult, to follow through show up consistently and, it looks like that's, something that you account. For here as well yeah yeah. And, from. All of the people that I've talked to you over, the last. Technically. Over the last couple of years but most recently since I've started vlog all G is, it's. All this like initial. Mental barriers, it's the I'm not interesting, what. Gear do I need to have I feel like I have to have all this gear I have to have it all sorted out I have to have it all ready to get going, and that's. That's, what stops people, because. They see all of the all of the fancy stuff all of the the people out there who've been doing it for years or who are videographers, or filmmakers, or whatever and those. Are the ones that are really popular and so. They want to do something where they're putting out vlogs and they're doing video but they see all of that and they get intimidated, by it so I'm, kind of trying to. Bring. The bar a little bit lower for people to. Actually do something meaningful. And and to do something well, but. Also to get started, at any point, so would. It be safe to say you helped them go from wanting, to vlog actually, doing, it and doing it consistently, yes. Awesome. So you, you know last we checked in you you launched it, and you. Know not everything's ready but you launched what you have and you've committed to showing up every week and adding. A new lesson so, how's that been going so far you know what's next what are you working on yeah. That's a really, good question I'm so I'm feeling good about it the.

The. Main things that are happening on an ongoing basis, right now are I'm. I've. Kind of caught up to myself which, isn't really, that great but I've kind of caught up to myself of what I had written already so I'm writing new articles, each week as I'm, going like, I. I, really, one of the things that I need to do I'm starting. Up a new accountability, with someone this next. Tuesday. And and. That's to help keep me on track with getting stuff done before the day it's due which, is literally. Today like this morning I finished the thing that's going out tomorrow and I, haven't even finished all. Of it so. What's what's your goal here where do you want to be with the, content, buffer oh. The. Content buffer uh well, obviously you don't want to be in a place where you're. Finishing something the day before it goes out. Yeah. I mean I'd like to be I mean, because it's weekly so I'd like to be at least two ahead I mean the last time I mean last week I didn't even have to think about it all I had to do is format the page and ship it so having. Something like that is to, me really valuable so. The. Main thing that is held me and this is the the same sort of thing but the main thing that held me back this week was actually making a video. So, one of the things that I want to do for this week's video I mean this week's lesson. Was to actually make, a mini vlog, with. My phone because the point the point of this week's article, is. To. Get the best camera, is the one that you have with you that allows you to tell the story that you want to tell and so. My, whole point was like I'm sitting here vlogging, and I've got this you know mirrorless camera that's got the lens and it looks really nice I need. To just prove, my point and use, my phone and make a video but that held me back because of I was like I couldn't film couldn't, film it didn't make time to film it so that, held me back so if I, can if I can get to a place where I'm like okay I've written the content and I, do it. Sit down and actually do it when I plan to do it this like I sat down and I wrote it in, less. Than 30 minutes so. It's not long, I just need to actually schedule that, into my time and be held accountable to that so that's what I'm having people hold, me to and I'd. Like to at least be two weeks ahead and not not be doing the whole night before thing that would be four weeks, that's. What I'm gonna prescribe here, is you're, doing weekly, you've. Got to do it man like here's. The thing no. One's seeing this right now because right, we're, recording this in advance and we're recording this in advance and I'm building up this huge content. Buffer because. I want. To be disciplined, with this I care, about Sean wisc-tv enough, to, be consistent, and to be consistent I have to be disciplined and build, up that cue and release, it when I can I know I can sustain, it not just like oh I can scramble at the last moment, and get it done but realistically. If you are always scrambling, at the last moment, you're not sustaining, yourself and you're, the energy behind this you're the person who's making it happen, so. It's it's literally, just the goals that you're setting for yourself right now you. Get the lesson done the day before because, that's. That's. That's. The deadline yeah that that's when it has to be done right well, but if you had a goal of I, have, to have two. Completely. Done, the. Day before right, and that's not that's not ideally, where you want to be but that's a good stepping stone so maybe. You have your accountability, partner, kind, of hounds you and they're like all right I'm, expecting, on Thursday, since you published on Friday I'm expecting, to complete. Finished, proofed. Error. Typos. Free posts, in my email inbox personally. Yeah one of them goes out tomorrow but, you're giving me two and then over the course of a month you, eventually build up for extra posts, yeah, and this is actually something that we had talked about on our last, call was the. How, I didn't, set deadlines for myself and the moment, someone I had someone say okay this is the deadline. It. Would I was, ready to ship within a week like, I and, and so I recognized, that in myself I. Think, I just allowed. Myself to get to you laughs on that so well let's let's start out listen. Right now the next, week the next time we have this call, not. Only will you have posted, something but there. Should be one extra in the queue, so. I'm gonna ask you that the next time we do a call so, you know that going up and. Speaking. Of us kind of holding, back content, getting ready for releasing, all of this. You. Know we've got a sabbatical coming, up we're actually going to be launching Shauna's TV immediately, following the sabbatical you'll, be seeing this or, listening.

To This a couple weeks after we've already been on sabbatical but, Cory. You've, got a sabbatical coming, up and. For those that don't know this Shawn Wes team we all take off every. Seventh week and, that's. Just for rest, recharging. Side. Projects, if you will, so. Hey if you want maybe you can use that time it's like oh well, how am I ever gonna get four weeks of content ahead you, know how, am I gonna get four weeks of content in the queue like I have, a job it's not like they're just gonna give me a week off where I can do, whatever I want. It's. The weight that, is your case so that is the case maybe, you could use that sabbatical. To get. Super head like maybe you could do all four in that time the. Part, that's holding me back and this is all just excuses and I acknowledge this and I'm gonna relay, this to my accountability, partner the, the stuff, that I get stuck on is the technical, side of things and, the. The point of shipping, early well shipping, early the point of getting the kind of MVP, the Minimum Viable Product. Out was. So that I stopped overthinking. And I just got it out, so. It's I'm starting to get into the more technical side, of things so I'm. Writing articles for the, gear section, and then after that is recording, and so I'm gonna start talking about frame. Rate and I'm gonna start talking about you know used versus new and common, gear and talked about audio and recording so it's gonna be a little bit more technical, and. Yeah. Research is research until it's procrastination, um and, so. That's kind of where, I get stuck is like okay if I sit down I mean so, what I need to do is I need to schedule, out set. Blocks of time where it's like this is research, writing, time and then, just do it I know all, of the things and, I'm. Actually. It's. Not like overly technical because, the people who are gonna be looking at the site they. Don't need the technical, they need the stuff to just help them get started and to help them get rolling and to continue on so. I think I'm just overthinking it and I'm. I'm, getting, too much in my head and I, just need to kind of. You. Know literally set okay, at 10 o'clock or at 5 o'clock a.m. or whatever for an hour this. Is the time I sit down I write you, know set up a couple timers and and just, make it happen because again I wrote the one that for, tomorrow I had, it written and sent off for proofing, within, 30 minutes from starting, so it's not like this I'm sitting down for you. Know seven hours to write a single page like it's not it's not like that it's just is me getting on the ball and making it happen this. Is not technically side project, this is more like main. Project, which is your show and visible details that. Was kind of a similar situation where, you know you know when the show goes out and it's like well the day before I got to make sure I've. Got the episode and it's cute and all that and then we said well let's, let's put the deadline even sooner, than that and we'll, say if the show isn't ready and uploaded, and all of that by you, know the Tuesday, or the Wednesday before the Saturday it goes out then, oh well, it's gonna have to go out the following week which would be horrible, and so like I, did. That type of thing end up helping out with invisible. Details your show yeah. It all it helped having it like in a tangible, place where I could see like so in our editorial. Calendar, it shows, we, have it set up so it shows record, date published. Date and then the date that the whole thing is due so. As of right now and, I might end up pushing this back but as of right now we. Record on a Friday and then, everything. That you know the recording, the upload or, the recording editing upload, proofing. Highlights, and takeaways all that's due the following Thursday which. Is today, and. Then it goes out on Saturday, so, having that and seeing actual dates and knowing that these are the times, and the. You. Know this is how it's set. Has. Has been helpful I mean last week we had not this week last week we had it done I think, on Tuesday, because we were so on this week was a little bit more we. Had a lot more going on this week and, so. It's. You know everything is getting done today but. Are you using a sauna for vlog, ology, no. I'm well, I just downloaded. And I just bought things and so I'm starting to incorporate, things into my, processes, to do project, kind of application, yeah yeah things three I have, a sauna set up for like personal projects. And, I don't know why it's just never flowed, for a personal, thing. Um, and again. Maybe that's just the investment, to be put, into that sort of a thing to actually, set up a system for that I've, really, enjoyed getting. Things, sorted, out just cuz I like the simple interface and it allows me to do stuff so I.

Actually Made a whole project, in. Things, and things things, three for. Tomorrow's. Article. Page, lesson. And. That. Was really helpful to go okay yes this needs to be done this. Needs to be now at this time this, is what needs to happen after, that and and, so on and so forth so yeah, that's the app I have it on for, Mac OS and and. Also for iPhone it's it's really great highly. Recommended. Well. But I mean at the end of the day it's just like it doesn't matter the tool if you don't have a system and so, the, next kind of process and that is kind of figuring out what is my system for that again this is I mean I just got it a couple days ago so. So. Maybe what do you feel like you know you. Know what you're gonna do moving, forward as far as the content, output. Yeah. I'm gonna talk with my accountability, partner and and, talk. About case so what's. Do you at what time and, and. How. Far ahead I need to be so I want to get at least four weeks ahead, and, then I want to. Have. Certain dates where you know the thing that I'm working on that week is is, due and done and ready to go by so speaking, of deadlines you could also say. Well, if I'm committing. To to. A week where, one of them goes out one goes in the queue I know that. In four weeks I will, have my four week buffer and so you can can actually look at the calendar and say. Here's. My deadline have. Four week buffer by one. Month from today. Yeah. Deadlines are super important for me and. Again. We talked about this last time of you, know if it just kind of exists. In the ether, and it doesn't really matter like it's just kind of invisible, then it doesn't matter so. Having a set. Date. Time. Whatever, it is where, those things are set, and then also broken down so it's not just like project, you on this date, Siri. Remind me like you, know that doesn't work it's like here's. When the final thing is do you but here's all the subtasks and when those things are due and all. Of that so. So. I don't we working we get to my favorite part of the show go. Ahead. The. Question, segment I. Love. I love questions going so, I don't know if you have any questions if you have questions but I'd love to do up into whatever topics you want to do. So. This. Kind of actually, follows, this. Whole conversation, so. I've. Actually paused. Okay. Hmm, I have. The question but it needs to have a little bit of content so, when. I first launched, the site I had a email. Signup so people get on a list and it's. A shadow' newsletter, of sorts so if someone signs up they, start getting the emails and then if like after two weeks after that person, signs up another person signs up they. Start at the beginning, of those emails and start getting them one by one so it's not like I send out a newsletter every Wednesday and everybody gets it so, some people wouldn't think of that as an autoresponder. Sure. Right I like. To think of it I call. It a shadow newsletter, just because I can keep adding to that thing. It's. Not complex, it's not segmented. It's, just what it is right now in, the future I'd like it to be more segmented, and put some more working to it but, I've.

Put That on I've, put, adding to it on pause because I've been sending out an. Actual, broadcast email, at the end of the week went, so tomorrow I'll do. The next page and then, I'll write up a quick email saying hey the next one is up go check it out and so that's kind of like people at the end, of, it right and, for people at the beginning they're getting this kind, of weekly email, and. I started thinking about it the other day and I was like let's a certain, point, the. Content, adding section, of what. I'm doing is going to end right, all of the pages are going to be there I'll probably add some more I've already written down a list of pages that I want to add topics. I want to add at a certain, point it's gonna get to you okay, now. It's done and. The. The, desire, for, a little bit more bigger, context, the desire was to have this website be, our resource. Kind of like a static resource people could go to people, could access people, could learn from and. I. Wouldn't have to have an ongoing. I, wouldn't, have to have my fingers in it you, know on an, ongoing basis, right just. So it could kind of be there but, I started thinking about it and I'm I'm kind, of. I'm. Wondering, if I should reconsider that where. I. You. Know should, i reconsider having. Regular. Content, added to the site one to bring people back and. To. Send other people to, or, is it what. It'd still be would it be okay, be. Okay am. I am i, shooting myself in the foot to just be like okay I have, all these other things happening, in my life I've got work I've got other, things happening. But. You, know I want people to get as much. Value of it as they can and here's. All the stuff should. I consider adding, a blog. And. Then having those things that are add to the newsletter or whatever or should, I just add to the newsletter as I go stretch. Out the newsletter you, know maybe make it like a year long you know add 50 articles you, know 100 articles or something like that and I know the same as the vlog ology, lessons on the site or different currently. No they are different okay. Okay great great yeah so they're they're their own thing is I kind, of like to think of it as a supplement so. Some of the concepts, may be the same but I'm I present, them in different ways I don't. Want something to be like a blog ology boom here you go here's all the lessons but if, you want to be you could say like you, know hey want some weekly, encouragement. To stay track exactly sign it for the newsletter and then boom there on the shadow newsletter, yep, exactly exactly. Um and. That was kind of the vision for that was to. Have this thing where psychic aid the site's here but I'm getting this stuff every week to kind of remind me to. Keep going to, kind of push forward get some ideas you know all of this stuff so but. On a site. Aspect. My. Question, then with all of that context, is should i reconsider. Adding. Regular content to the site such as blog posts since, right, now I'm kind. Of doing that anyways, but they're gonna be the evergreen pages. Here's, what I would say yeah. You have the rest of, vogue, ology mapped out like the the structures, there right these sections, here you've even planned them out you, know what they're gonna be you know you're you're writing them you're going to release them. Create. The Evergreen version, and then. Let vlog, ology, be, and evergreen resource, have, your newsletter signup on it send.

Out The 50 plus shadow. Newsletters, you know in an autoresponder and, just. Let that be a thing right like ask, people, to share let the word of mouth spread. They. Don't need to know like Oh Corey's not sitting here writing this every single week like you already wrote it and it's it's valuable, whenever, someone reads it and at. Some point a year, into the future they. May stop getting newsletters, and that's honestly fine I would let vlog ecology live as an evergreen resource. Just. Like this, the. Overlap book is an, evergreen resource, but, what do I do right. Now you know I'm promoting it in my, content, in my shows and the other things that I'm doing that's. A great resource anyone, who wants to start a business while, they're working a full-time job that's. Gonna tell you how to make the transition not the leap not, the hope it all works out but the really practical, stuff right, there that was a pitch for. My evergreen resource that lives in one place it's. In a bunch of different formats they can read they can watch they can listen, but. There you go right so then you go back to your normal daily. Recording. Yourself on a vlog, and then, you, work you. Weave log ology, into, the narrative, like you know I saw something in the yesterday, people, saying they're enjoying, the vlog they want to start but they're kind of scared you know that's I made. Vlog ology for you you, know so you just you weave it into what you do and just let it be an evergreen. Resource. That's. Super helpful and, and. I mean and doing things like the emails like I can sit down and knock out an email in 10 or 15 minutes because it's usually something that either someone, sends it a question and I answer the question or. You. Know I I just think of something or something that I went through or you. Know I sat here and I you know I was out walking around I forgot my camera and so I pulled out my phone and added, it you know I ran out of battery or whatever so I guess I can do those sorts of things as I go and I, feel comfortable adding to the newsletter cuz that's, you. Know that's great so. I like, the idea of having vlog ology be evergreen and just having that be a thing. So. That's super helpful um. My. Next question, is, this. Is relevant to me right now because I'm in the. Writing, process for. The gear section, and. Something. Really really interesting that happened once, I shipped it is I started watching the analytics, right so I've got analytics, built in and all of this stuff and, and. I. Started watching you, know where people were going and what they were looking for and. After. The homepage, the, number, one viewed page was this the truth about gear which at the time wasn't. Available. Right because I didn't ship it at launch and since. Then if I go and look through all the analytics, since I shipped, it and between now its. Homepage because that's usually where people goes front, page and then, like the next three, are our. Gear. Pages which only one of them is available so people are hungry for gear people are hungry to learn the technical side of things right and. I'm. So. There's two questions here. The. The gate the gear game when. It comes to you video and when it comes to vlogging is. Treacherous. Like, when I first started getting started. Thinking about vlogging it, took me months to actually, get started because. I was, just doing research research. And research and research and, looking and trying to find the gear reviews and watch the videos and all this right so, I want, to help people circumvent. All. Of, that. But. I don't want to turn into like, just. A gear review, type of a thing so, people just kind of hit it and go um. Now, that being said. This. Is what people are looking for so, how, do i balance giving. People what they want which is the, gear such as what are the best what's the stuff that I should save up for and. Wanting. People to not get caught in the trap of doing, gear.

Research. So. I'll give you the. One sentence version and then we can unpack it can. Give. People what they need in a package, of what, they want. So. Now we, don't want to like wrap. A green, salad in hot wheels wrapping, paper right and give it to a kid they're not going to be super happy okay. You do have to deliver, on what. They want but. You can you can put in there what they need so, here's the reality, you. You won't do well fighting, against, what they already want they. Want the gear for. Whatever reason, they think they need the gear they think that's the most important, thing you, know it's not but. You don't want to fight that it's, like you, know they. Teach you to use. Your, your opponent's, momentum you, know in fighting right. You you want to use their momentum when, they're coming at you like I give, me the gear you're like I got the gear like like in your face on the homepage it's, like BAM, like. I got your gear guide right here like. Roll, with that go, with that momentum, because that's what they're looking for, so you. You you roll, with it you go with their momentum and then, within that you weave in what they need like, you, got to deliver you got to deliver what they need but it has to be in a package, of what they want if you if you try to package. It in what you know they need they, won't recognize it because it's not what they're looking for. Right. I'm worried, that tomorrow's. Is. Is is to, click, Beatty and doesn't, deliver on what they want but. It's what they need and. The. Following, week is going to be what they want so, this. Is me. Break it down so break, it down, so. Tomorrow I'm. Doing it and I guess this doesn't matter I'm still thinking kind of chronologically, the end result is it's. Gonna be there. So. In the gear section the first the first one is the truth about gear and that's, that. Technology, is outdated by the time you get it so trying to get the latest and the greatest and trying. To find the best of the best the best is it it's. It's a losing game when it comes to tech like you, don't need the newest of the new and the best of the best because, it's. Already outdated like, you can you can get stuff that's not. As new and still tell a great story and, then this one it's. It's kind of click Beatty but, I kind of love it. It's. It's, on the, best camera for vlogging right so, that's. All what, is the best camera and the, answer, to that is the. One that you have with you that allows you to tell the story that you want to tell I think, that's ok, ok. Thank. You. You. Might like if you're really concerned. You. Might just be very, explicit about like here's. The camera I have and when, this camera, is with me that's the best camera, but, right, this isn't the best camera, in the world and, that's really subjective because, the best camera for someone else like let's. Look at a real example and, what you're doing here is you're you're. Say, she aiding the desire for the eye candy, right. Like that's all thing right there like I want to see a picture of the camera and give me a link you know so you're like here's, what Peter McKinnon uses here's what Casey Neistat uses, here's, what marques, Brownlee, uses you know and it's, like this is a red camera, and it costs, five figures, that's, probably, not for you but for him it's the best camera, because he has a really high quality tech, channel that puts, out videos in 4k or, you know even higher, right. But. That doesn't mean it's the best camera for you some days I just have this iPhone and like it, with every one of these you, show a picture of that you can even link it because, someone's like well I want, to put out super high quality 4k, tech videos like well BAM check out red like so in a way you're subtly giving these recommendations. And, satiating. The desire for eye candy while, all along weaving, throughout the message that the, best camera is the one that you have with you. Does, yeah that's really really good I'll need autonomy to make some adjustments, that that's but that's really helpful because then it's like I can, still say the thing but, I'm still, delivering, the message that needs to be delivered which. Is it. Doesn't matter if you have a red camera if your story, is garbage it doesn't matter right like you could have a really beautiful looking, terrible. Video that doesn't matter or you, could tell an amazing story with an iPhone and or. Android. Or whatever like whatever you have and. It's. Great so okay that's good. And. I and I'm gonna go into in the later I even, have a whole page dedicated to, common, gear used by vloggers, and that actually goes into my next question is should.

I And, I think I know the answer to this question but should I recommend gear that I haven't used but other people, that I trust have reviewed, and/or have said to be good so, for example the one that I use is not. A commonly. Used vlogging. Camera, and there, are like three. Two. Of which well one of which that I've used and then, there are a couple others that I haven't but are really common in the vlogging sphere, that, I haven't personally used but I can say hey here's the video filmed on that thing go check it out and this, is what you know kind of break it down that way well. The answer the, answer to the question would be dependent, on what. Your goals are for the lesson, so, what. Do you want to accomplish with, the. Common gear used by vloggers, lesson, why, why, does that lesson, exist or to put another way let's. Say I go Cory you should remove that lesson what's. The case that you want to make for like no this is why I think it deserves to be there. Well. There's two things for that one, is because. People. Are hungry for the gear and people, like to know what their favorite vloggers use. One. Because either their favorite vloggers won't, tell them or it's hidden in the description, or whatever so. Having. Just like a one-stop, place so the Peter McKinnon Casey nice that Sarah, deechi you know I mean these are all people that I follow but like. What is it that they're using and I might already know and so. Hey you know this is these are common like I've broken down I've looked at all of these ones and the most common, ones are you. Know maybe there's you know the ATD, or maybe, it's the you know the Lumix G H v or maybe it's the you, know so like just kind of give like a set, list like these are the common, ones there's a lot of uncommon ones but these are kind of the general, people. Are liking these ones so if, there is one that you want to aspire, to. These. Are these are reasonably. Good options for you so people can stop like trying. To do that this versus, this they just say here's. One that I can aim for I think it's 99%, good the one percent that I would tweak is at. The, end where you say these are good options for you you don't really know, right. But, if you're just like hey I'm, literally.

Just Curating. A list for. You of, common. Gear that that is used by bloggers I'm. Just letting you know like, I just put all of it together for you so you can see and check it out for yourself, but, you're not endorsing, it either way you're, not saying this would be great for you you're not saying this is bad or you know you're just saying this, is what people you it's literally like here's, a list that I curated, yeah. Should. I affiliate, link those, yeah. I mean, you did the work of finding the resources so, percent. Here's where you can find it on Amazon like that's that's, doing someone a favor you, know yeah here convenience. Yeah. And, that's kind of what I'm what, I'm wanting is, to have this be a place where people are like okay I want, to just get the short cut I want to go I don't want to look anywhere else I just want to go and. And see what people are using see, the common stuff and a name for this thing or get, started or whatever so that's super helpful. Okay. So the next question is kind of a bigger, question it's, like the bigger question, you, know what I realized too is like go ahead we were. Hmm. That's. My new thing we're gonna explain it to people I. Mean. You could if you wanted to whenever. I'm talking I'm like I'm on a roll and Cory goes go ahead and I'm like but. I I was. So. We do they, I say all the time I've gone. Anyway. I, think we had maybe, potentially, toured around with the idea of doing. 30-minute. Calls for side projects, right I'm fine, with going long but I wanted to see what you thought like what's. The format you want to go with here I actually. Like. That and I. Feel like that maybe that can you, know be kind of a little teaser for the next time is right I feel like entire, next time the, entire next call we. Could talk about monetization, because I know one, for, me that's something that I'm kind. Of wrestling with and trying to figure out what to do but I know a lot of people when it comes to side projects, they either struggle, with the idea of monetization they've, been told not to monetize, their sod prep side projects or, they just don't know how they don't know how to think about it and I. Have a lot of ideas and a lot of ways I could but, I just need some clarity, on that you know. So. I mean, I I feel like the whole next one could be about. Shh. You know should i monetize should, it be its own business how much time it needs to be dedicated, so. On and so forth let's do that I like that I'm happy with that yeah cool, well then, go. Ahead and wrap up here thanks for joining Cory we'll, be back next week it looks like we're gonna talk about, how. Or, should. You and when do you monetize, your. Side project, so I think that's gonna be a really fun one if you're new to Sean west TV go ahead and hit that subscribe button. As well as the notification, bell we go live, regularly. On this channel so we'd love to see you we'll be back next week with this show but every single day so that means tomorrow with. More videos.

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Yes! I want to see how you would monetize this. Cant wait!

I was hoping you would say that the best camera is the one you have! Totally agree.

That is such a good point Sean because my weeks are planned on what im going to create but I wait until THAT day to create the art, record and edit the timelapse, AND upload and post to social media. And i found myself cramming to get it all done in one day that the quality of my work suffers. Last night i created some lettering work that I wasnt completely happy with but unfortunately I had to just go ahead and post it cause I ran out daylight and out of time. Its so frustrating plus I work a full time job. I try to do it in the morning before I go to work but its def not enough time. I need about 12 hours to get out quality work but in the morning I only have 4-6. Im prob being too hard on myself because other people love my work. But I cant HELP it im a perfectionist lool. Sorry that was pretty long if you read all this thank you. But I didnt expect you to. I just had to get this rant out of my system lol I guess my question is: What's the most effective way to plan out my daily content?

Yo, Cory is a natural procrastinator lol. I can be too so I noticed the similarity. You gave him great advice that will simplify his work life. Great interview.

Always Simone

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