Public Television Blockchain against the counterfeit

Public Television Blockchain against the counterfeit

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Systems original, nonstandard, not. Has , conditionally saying four. Aspect: economic aspect o which. After all are public basics this. All institutions this the prosecutor's office this. People in this and you mean that. Will be more and non-state. Now we have to discuss us it. Serious and main becomes all. Very impressive to such general. Estimates of course they are. Come where that annual volume trading. Within countries they somehow we will estimate and here. Volume is evaluated of the order ten. Percent so trade here this / c>. Approximately sti these these ratings / c>. Solutions general problems this gives and not. Their work in more than igor anatolievich. Would border close yes well from those same most. Y us will decrease to it would seem that would of course. Cosmetology and y manufacturers and. Problem counterfeit y us occurred. Effectively and exactly then this was there. Here crisis and world in our economy. Oh Products which cheaper will. Poor little provided mean. Place justify date problems. Which is but it really is well here. Fifth-tenth to starts. Of the set of textbooks pencils so next. But in the tutorial A single history so but. To the person to the family to go with very scanty. Rubles and not for 2000 well of course goes.

Dinars of course will go to and in this. The sense of understand say life. Customs not law enforcement. Family and family decide by going to then that on. Say to cheap we'll buy if simplify. This question therefore not deciding. Social in state I. Will evaluate and can be so say will enter. Discussions forever not deciding large. Life support us level and. Solve very serious question. Our look exactly not color and rather even. Half a trillion dollars can only. That was heard same does for many this. Probably on coming five can be. And next produce this is counterfeit. Bad not always bad but very often and. Again same less than but in same most 90th. Expensive in end ends that same most Windows. Was too expensive volume office too. Get <:: then the counterfeit. But I would like refine our. Using I'm flying and stolen as in. This case using someone else. We are fighting when client it does not matter. Say example conditional that's this. It's harm then counterfeit in cheating. Buy 00: 10: 59.650> is ready to understand. Genuine products or no gas yes here. Me vladimir mikhailovich y you have. Data no whether who pot device. Base to base mutually dreams and in Russia. Dangerously imagine if 60 percentages. Is if let's say not. Countries underdeveloped say Africa I. Of the whole family and on the fact receive some. Places medicinal preparations preparations and second. Place <::: of course same electronic.

Devices color there more 200. Billion also 00: 12: 09.459> straight be staggering. Poisoning products which were. Saw diagrams but there also significant. Very high in general such. Trading brands so next they to. Alcohol end ends same most. Counterfeit decomposes society. At breakdown consciousness on care your. Health on this society decomposes. Because that people when buying color: even. Need beat poisoning like. Society and so clear all / c> good. Society with high developed legal. In relation in <: c: to. Is harmful to some corporations then. And so <::: : here involvement. In fight with counterfeit <: c: <:::: solution. Or antonych more one aspect I. Was on meeting by. Like and well it's clear yes then same most. These questions are solved and can be from there. Agree <: 17: ha Mykhalych. There would us simple question all this. Submit whether you your pirate site for. Answered 50 to 50 they. Sites stands huge problem then is. Situation which population is experiencing. Decades already exactly only. 98 year 3 crisis survived but that. Population in these situation should / c>. Yes it should Understand your everyday. Everyday everyday problems this. Before total as family hold y. But when I I say this I say o volume. Poor little secured population in. Completely 00: 19: 14.660> some here. Population community here I. I say that no public. Y n effects at eyes no Well here. With smoking took yes <:: name. Airport where in it's see hour no. An individual a smoking room name and restaurants. Which and society whole harm. So problem Egg so it. Human to 1 yes of course this to bring. Effectively to this the moment how much. Score yes no but us as general then from. Sociologist he factor examinations. Relying here by <: my: sensations <:: <: c:. In the general then used lines saying. Counterfeit it becomes all more. My cardinal in here to. To Unfortunately is not enough effectively. Counterfeit smugglers if <::. So you can call they are more than. Motivationally u them is result. Therefore when 30 and to. Advanced here it turns out here dmitry. Insufficient success existing. With which the fact in mode in solution this. Pape 00: 23: 29.730> volume that in principle after all. It's enough hidden not worse on. These stores mass in come in. Droplet droplet wholesale streams go. This it can be such such strong. Drugs catch street small raster. Thread or this of course well yes but. Would be us scale pro this is enough. Of the detective rogue who who will be caught here.

That's decide and as me it seemed you can. Not suppression a control for facts. A more exist is enough good. Manufacturers shipments paths. Wholesale country we now / c> to. This technology also really. Are interesting vladimir. Further if anything here in this. Here creation negative image. Distributors will help generally add up. That's of gas lures because. Reported y here same occurs. So y us you need because <::: 09: 9090 you. Well we will cite example america bad there. Government so next but under duck fact. With master maedoff to my water the famous. Means mavrodi American which. Dollars has attracted after all,. They as o people which saved. Armor us half already to these pores. That's the main thing perhaps I will add digits. Yes but for all countries this is not enough. Our population to different form most. Affect interests people yes and. Or requirements start movement. And positions and in this meaning I supported would. Participation <:: all true we namely this. Of course Understanding rights Consciousness. Not on sufficient level exactly therefore. Public which will be well as we. Video times of the project project stop and fake. I I suggest now its and. Movie let's look at alex. Thanks to good quality brand cross. Her works beautiful creating photos. Max alex it Unfortunately not exception. To shortening cash fees not. The photographer anna 00: 31: 46.970> however, without / c>. This not change then new photos anna. Counterfeit we represent stop for .. A I Artists c all countries world. Destroyed remain undetected more. Depicted problems existing in this. Project novelty in tom that we we attract. Public first queue I I will explain. Y any point Earth ball then is we not. In service is as performers so and. Rightholders call. Expert participation because that as. Rule this error can be this here. Automatic names in automatic. Of course same law enforcement bodies without. Fight counterfeit this can so. Naturally as you said disallow. Signals came namely from the final. To the seller <::: 47: 49: store then. To the manufacturer possess 2000 this / c>. Me while clear except one where. Understand but all about it heard here I. Occur and as would yourself to yourself. Can to values boys same is enough. Rule is associated 00: 36: 50.670> Crypto currency and. And protect the data Transactions from shaft. Intentional interference or. Destruction from to that today is known. Violations or alleged facts from. Trading brands given this information. Information shell in system and it to. Of the system here more one aspect also could. Would be concentrated after that as. I allows in branched network. Of the to which which narrow circle. How much society will be is ready work. Mass mood want say that.

Slowly are drawn some large. Is dedicated to c activities here not. Project here such we need advertising videos. Enter here as it will leave with using what. Support states this already that then for. Of new to ministries. That will become you can do so on the problem. Questions Enlightenment all here all. In front of color public figures. How much I I know that's developers this. Of the new to it you came out and. Both world ether so say and. America russia much less than here. As times then that here will understand this same. Is a characteristic thing already y them so say. As far as I know I know to how many we know. Now already 00: 42: 15.620> finance. With Parties States a here is whether y. Propaganda again same shoot and lazy. Heals heals and society. Work with this system you know here. Of interest it is firms whose. Large firms large firms of nowhere. A also interest and those who. Explain Metro to as this system will be. Is so and there is a system that. That practically excludes option. Requests for. When then you can randomly as someone and. Consciously search such options and in volume. And such is beneficial for entrepreneurs but. Now it about on estimates 2 y them. Estimates shows that multiple times. So I I say that me as to. Economy you Sincerely Altruism. But why without altruism nowhere. You understand: all is equal to we must in any. Case consumption then on sion to 5. Will be night components. Construct which will bring. Artist not so and us career sim for. Motivation any of sides system. Limited then is Well can be not. Can to any there attribute. Fully we consider that this perfectly. Cope and all and total corpse no. Developed sent, have <:: I plan and as / c> same and well in. Which we need originally. Moderation because requires huge. Will be small but moderators and a. Question <:: here here role in here. Structure some some. Of this signal to he no one not was. Layers first most simple. Signals relating to products or trading. Program list this is. Here stage when on basis mass. Me it seems even more important than 1. The development of our <:: <: <: c so here as times this o. The problem is and for its decisions <:: I think that to.

It development when using good. Potential and and Developer is will.

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