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Price of my Knives

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How's it going guys I just want to make a quick video just, talking. About, knives. That I made and the. Reason reason I'm making this video is because I, get a lot of questions what I do with my knives that I make if, I sell them what's, the price that I sell them for so this. Will be just kind of quick run, through, what. The prices, are for my, knives that I made so, the first one is a, Karambit. That. I made way way back about close, to three years ago and. This. Is where it. All began. This. Is where my youtube channel began, I still, have it I'm not gonna sell it because this. Will remind me where I started, so here. It is. Second. Life that I made was, Huntsman. Csgo knife and, it. Was, requested. On youtube because. Of, the first knife that I made the Karambit it resembled, the csgo. Karambit, and I, had. An idea why, not make all the csgo. Knives, for, the csgo, fans so, this. Was a second, one that I made I still, have it. I did, not heat-treated, because. I messed up on a fooler so, this, side this. Side folder, looks pretty good I mean okay. But. This side I messed up it's, pretty. Big so I never, sold it I kept, it for myself and. It. Just hangs on the wall just. To remind me where I started. Third. Knife that I made was the csgo, shadow. Dagger I never. Sold it same thing I'm gonna keep it for. For. My memories, hangs. On the wall, this, one is made out of 5160. Steel. It, took me 45 minutes to, do one side with. The file jig you know the bevel and, so 45, minutes, 45 minutes flip, it over and on this side I started, using the disc. Grinder and. Grounded, on ground off a lot of indents, start using a file jig to fine, tune it so this. Was my third knife. The. Fourth knife that I made was the csgo. M9. Bayonet and I, traded, that one with. Mr., Barnhardt, I tried, to sell it at first but didn't. Have any buyers back, then I was not known, so. I traded, it with mr., Barnhardt, and he made me. The. Milwaukee. Bandsaw. Little. Table, and a wall mount I have a video that you could see of, how, it looks like so it, was a trade and I back. Then I felt, like it was a fair trade so, still do. So. Mr., Barnhardt, has that knife.

The, Next two knives that I made were from. S35vn. Stainless. Steel one. Of them was for my brother the, other one was for my coworker. For. My brother I just charged, him, $140. And. Just. For the materials, that I use and, for. My coworker I charged him $250. For the finished knife next. Knife is the vipera invader, and I. Sold. This knife, to, a gentleman. Okay. So the co-worker, that I sold the hook, knife he. Had. A job up. In the mountains and the, inspector, he was a Native, American Indian. And he, was. Interested. In making knives out of a stone. Or they take a I. Forgot, the name of the. Stone. They use or the glass or some and they chip it out and. He. Was very interested in that type of knife but the. Co-worker, that I sold my gut hook knife to he. Was a foreman, and he, talked, to this Native. American, Indian, who was the inspector, for our jobsite and told, you know they were just talking around, and he stated that I make. Knives so. Mr.. Wesley. Got. Interested, and wanted to see what kind of knife it was and. I, showed. It to him and he got interested and. He. Wanted to buy from me so we were, working there a couple of nights and. I think. He spoke to his wife that, he wanted to purchase the knife from, me and, we. Were working in the area where, there was no cell phone service. I sold. The knife to him for, $350. Later. On that night when, I left, out. Of that area and got, into the area where there was a cellular. Reception, I received. The. Message. In my Instagram, and his, wife contacted. Me she wanted me, to sell. The knife to her so, she would give to him on Father's Day because father, days Father's, Day was approaching, but because there was no cellular. Service. I could. Not read her a message therefore I just sold the knife but it would have been cool or. Whereas. You, know if I saw the message I would have told. Mr.. Wesley that I sold I just just sold the knife so I'm sorry I can't sell it to you and. Later on the knife would be would, have been presented to him through, his wife so that would have been cool but he, didn't work out but he said he said that either. Way the knife, ended up in his hands and he was very satisfied, so. That knife was sold for $350. Since, that time I made two more vipera invader, knives and both. Of them got sold for, $550. Each next. Knife is the Anglian, knife way. Back. British. Infantry soldier, contacted, me he lives in Britain and. He, asked me to make him a really beefy, knife very, thick knife. So. He could use it to break glass and stuff I don't know what he used it for but he. Drew up three. Images that. You. Know just for me to choose from and, I chose one of them and I redrew, and I sent it back to him and, told him to cut it out of the paper you. Know make sure it fits in his hands because everybody, has different sized hands. So, he. Liked it I made it for him it, was made from a one tool steel I. Shipped, it out to him I got paid I charged, me I charged, him $250. Plus shipping. He. Said that at that time he was in the process, of buying a house and couldn't, pay I more. For that knife so I worked with him and I lowered the price for like, I said for $250. And. I think I charged him $25. For the shipping so. Shipped. It out to him and I never. Heard from him again so I don't know if he ever got it I don't know if he's alive, hopefully, he is so. That. That's the end of that story never, heard of him again next, knife is cs:go bowie knife and it was requested by csgo. Fans, I sold. That knife to my fourth, cousin four hundred hundred twenty dollars next. Knife is a Krauser knife I sold. That knife for $200. And. Bagged. An eye I was starting, to get. More. Popular I guess on, Instagram, and YouTube and this, gentleman, contacted, me from Kentucky, and said, that he wanted a knife for me exactly. Same one so I. Started. Working on it, didn't. Sleep a lie and I remember, finishing it like 2:00 in the morning and. He, he, said that I wanted, done by September and, I had only like, maybe. Three, weeks to. Finish that knife while I was working so I I, put, in a lot of hours. And. I, got it done before the deadline and. I. Sent. Him the all the information. To working. You, know the building, and everything and she. Said oh no ship. It to me and I'll pay you once I get it and I said no no that's not how it works you pay, me first and then I ship it to you and he, disappeared. So I tried to sell that knife couldn't, sell it I, gave. That knife I shipped it to my previous. Supervisor, that, I worked. With and he was really nice to me and, he showed me how to work, with metal and metal lathe and stuff, so. I as, a you. Know courtesy, to him that's thing saying thank you I shipped. It to him for free and he was very excited. To receive as, a gift and, he was very appreciative. And. Later, on when I went on, vacation to Massachusetts.

I Met up with him and saw. That knife again and, it. Was nice to see you the knife again, next. Knife is source knife, CSS. 1.6. That. Was a, challenging. Knife for me to make because it. Would have been easy if I had a milling, machine I, would have milled out all the. The. Handle part and that where the blade goes but doing. It all by hand. He. Drove me crazy a little bit I didn't show it in the video but that, was a lot of work removing a. Lot, of steel and, that, knife I sold, it for. $400. And if, you want to see the person who bought, this knife you could go check it out on YouTube, he posted a video of unboxing, it next. Life is tanto, kukri I drew. That one up and I seen a lot of people make kukris. But I've never seen anybody make a tanto, kukri so. You. Know once again I throw. It up on a piece of paper and just get the just and I just and until. I got tanto. Kukri out of it and, it. Took me a long time to make it but I'm. Very proud of it it came out really nice and the gentleman, that bought it from me I sold. It to him for, $1,000. I I. I. Paid. $250. For the leather sheath I had to go drive. One hour each direction, to, drop off the the knife and then pick it up plus. The $250. I, think. With the materials. And everything it, came out to be. 450, to 500 dollars just in materials. On. Top of the, driving. And everything, so the. Second, cookery, that I made, I sold, it for. $1,600. And, with that knife I made more profit next. One is CEA's go butterfly knife I. Didn't. Sell it still, have it hangs on my wall. It. Was requested. Since. I made the all. The CEA's girl knives or started, started, to make all the Sears girl knives this. Knife was heavily, requested, to be made and. It's. Doing pretty good on YouTube channel it's getting a lot of use on it so didn't. Sell it still have it the. Reason why I went with the. Damascus. Steel knife is or, the blade is because. The. Next knife that I made the tanto, knife I, I. Did not work with a Damascus. Steel before, therefore. I. Wanted. To experience. On a knife that I wasn't gonna sell therefore. When I make made a knife, that I was gonna sell it. Work it, came out nice and I, tried. To. H it before, he treating, it and it, it, becomes like a dull, dull color, nothing. Pops out but when you he treated, the. Steel becomes harder, and, the. Damascus, steel pops, out at you so up, to this point you could see this, is hardened, steel and this is not hardened, steel you. See how. This. Part right here doesn't. Have that, great. Detail, where this one does. So. This, was experiment, knife with. The Damascus, and that's why I made it and. It's. It's okay I mean it's, not perfect because I used the grinder. To to, do all them cutouts, and, as you can see a. Bunch. Of little spots. Where I missed but. I'm. Not selling this one I'm keeping it. Like. I said the next one was a tanto, knife and. It. Was for the gentleman from, York he. Wanted a custom, knife one-of-a-kind. And he. Doesn't want me to make another one like that so he would be only person, to have it. That. Knife I sold for, $700. And. The. Damascus, steel that I bought I bought, a think. It was maybe. Two inches wide by, I. Want. To say it was about, 12. Or 11 inches, and for. That Damascus, steel I paid.

$270. Somewhere, around there so I used pieces, from. That steel to make the tanto, knife and then I made a the. Butterfly, knife and I, practiced, on this before I made his knife, and. That. Knife came out really nice I know I got a lot of. Mad. People or, whatever, that. I made the sheath, out of Kydex. For that knife I understand. That. It. Doesn't go with that kind of style knife but, you. Go with what the customer wants, or how much money they have to pay. So. The. Customer, didn't want to pay more for more, fancier, sheath so, I he. Went with kayaks sheath and he's, very happy with it and when I went to New, York on vacation I, met. Him again and I held that knife again so it's. Very pleasing, to, hold. Your, work. You. Know the knives that you made once again, once they leave your hands, and, it was actually nice to meet him too later. On he bought another knife from me next. Knife is serrated knife. It. Is the most popular, and it's the most requested, knife, that I made everybody, once there everybody. Wants to get their hands on it I, made. It for my niece and she, wanted to give that knife to her future father-in-law, and. He. Was very pleased to receive that present, since then he got into knife making. And at the wedding he. Came up to me and presented. Me with a. Letter. Opener that, is made out of iron. Wood. Since. Then I believe, I made four, more or five more Saraya knives with different style of handles. And. Yeah. Like I said it's very popular, knife, and each, of those I sold. For a 550, dollars plus shipping the. Next one is the mask is cured ashy I had. A couple of pieces left after. I've made a knife a tanto knife and, csgo, butterfly, knife so, I had little piece left and I decided, to make a cure dashi out of it the. Person, that wanted to buy from me didn't. You. Know backed out out of it so for a long time I couldn't sell it and. Eventually I sold it one of the customers, that lives in Los Angeles for. $200. But. He offered me. 250. For it he gave me a little extra so from now on I sell those for. $250. Each since. Then I made, three. More next, one is csgo Karambit. One. Of the guys that I know he. Wanted the knife he's, electrician, him on a knife to strip the wire so, I made, a knife for him and. He. Said he was gonna use, it and abuse it so I, make. It too fancy, for him and I sold that one for us fifty. Or seventy-five dollars, next. Two knives are vulture, Karambit knives, so. Two people, ordered those for me and both, people backed out of it both. Of them so I, couldn't. Sell those and, finally, the person that bought a. Damascus. Steel carry dashi from me he. Bought one from me and I sold it to him for $600. The second. Knife it's an interesting story, so. This. Person contacted. Me and said I want to buy. The. Karambit, from you I said okay so I made it for him as I. Was about to be finished with the knife. His, fiancee, contacted, me and said that. My. My, fiancé. Is gonna contact. You on Instagram, and. He's. Gonna tell you that he's backing out of the order, because, he's, getting ready for the wedding and. He doesn't have enough money to purchase it but, she said I would like to purchase that knife and I, would, like to present it to him as, a gift, so. I said all right a couple of minutes later I get. A message from him and. He said a brother, I, just. Want to tell, you that I'm sorry but I can't buy the knife from you and.

I. Got. A wedding coming up and I said it's, okay it's, okay bro you know wedding, is more important, he, could always get a knife later on. So. Once. I finished, the knife and I start, showing an Instagram, he contacted, me goes man the, person is gonna get that knife is gonna be one lucky person I said oh yes he is and. Once. I finished it I held that knife with, me until their, wedding I believe it was in, August, so. A couple of days before the wedding maybe a week before I shipped, it out they. Had. They. Had this I don't. Think pre-wedding, everybody. Got together and. They. Exchanged, presents and, stuff so he said uh actually. She sent it she, sent me a video of, her. Presenting, the gift of him so take a look, okay and I mean open the presents useful. And so far. It's. A. Yeah. Yeah Oh. Plastic. Knife here. Oh. The. Knife I gave you. Horse. We would like butter. Just. Save just. Saying. Yeah. No. Seriously. Good. No. Wonder he wasn't talking to me for a long time. Wow. I. Watched. Like him make this knife Wow really he, videotapes. Himself making, knives and like like. All his knives are like. I. Gotta. Thank him. Look. Like in the holster a, knife. In a holster Sarah, what's. The Sikh holster. He. Didn't want to tell me who he. Sold it to I was like whoever is getting that's yeah. I was like whoever is getting that it's a pretty lucky person he's like oh. That's. A perfect set of good job. I. Love. Watching videos like that. The. The first emotion that you see when a person sees their knife for the first time that that's what makes. Me happy, next. Knife is the csgo default, t knife I sold, that one for. $550. This. Knife was the first knife that I had to put on a on, a handguard, so. It was, it. Was challenging, but I made, it work next. Knife is a Blake knife, I made. That knife for my coworker he, wanted a knife, that he could use to strip, the wires he's, an electrician, and, he. Was very excited to see that knife. He. Uses at work at, home everywhere. And. Of course he D. Energizes. The system, before he strips the wire so he does not get electrocuted, I know, I'll get a lot of comments saying that. He's. Gonna get electrocuted but, when. You work smart you don't get electrocuted. Blake. Knife was sold for, $175. It's not a knife but still it's one of the. Things. I made in. My youtube, channel on my youtube channel so, I still. Have it it's a bottle opener. And. I'm. Not gonna give it away or anything so, it's for me to keep. Next. One is mr. Barnhardt's, cleaver I did, not make that cleaver. I only restored. It or shaped. It altered, it whatever you want to call. It. Was very controversial, video, that. That's, why I had to make a second, video. Explaining. What I did I did not make that video because I got my. Feeling, good feelings, got hurt by. All the comments I just got tired and tired of replying. To those, people that this. Is why I did this is what I did and I. Just, decided to make a video where I explain everything, and. That. And. Hopefully. Those people. Understood. What I did with that cleaver, and, like. I said I didn't, make that video for. Because. I got, really hurt. So. That cleaver I only charged mr., Barnhardt. $180. With. The materials, and everything I know I didn't charge a lot but. Unexpectedly. That video, had a lot of views and I made, up my profit, in through. The YouTube. Revenue so I'm. Pleased, next. Two knives are Falk knives mr.. Falk, contacted. Me and he wanted for me to make two knives one. Would be for him and one, would be for he is a friend, that got, him into hunting, and he. Does very exotic, hunting, like alligators. And stuff so. So. Basically he, wanted he liked the.

Handles, From the to gut hook knives that I made very very long time ago but he. Did not need the, gut hook part on it so I redrew, those, knives and. He. Liked the design and, he liked the handles, from the gut hook knife so that's what I did I used those those. Kind of handles, and, that. That's what came out those two, knives. And I named those knives after his last name which. Is mr. Falk so. Both. Both, knives were. Sold each for. $550. Plus shipping next, knife is the updated, version of the Anglian, knife that or the the british infantry soldiers, knife and that. Knife got sold to mr., Barnhardt, for. $400. So, right now mr. Barnhardt, has. M9. Bayonet he. Has the. The. Cleaver and the. Updated, version of the. Anglian. Knife and the. Last one is stingray, cleaver I sold. That cleaver, for. $625. It, was, made out of 1075. High carbon steel. That. Is pretty much it guys I. Just. Just, finished. Finish. The, expendable. Knife. And. As. Soon as I finish, editing the video you will be out. So. You'll. See it pretty soon. So. Now that you know the prices that I sold my knives for, if you notice, from the very beginning, I did. Not charge a lot for the knives that I made and the, reason there are two reasons why I didn't do it one. Was because, my skill. Level was not, that. Great and. So. I kept, my prices, down and because. I have a youtube channel and. Because, of the ads that are played on my videos. I get. A little bit of revenue from that and that kind of compensated. For, keeping my prices, low but. So. Let's, say the tanto, kukri, right I I. Sold. That one for $1000, the first one and. At, that time. The. Revenue that the YouTube was doing okay and, so. It, kind of reimbursed, me for the time and everything that I lost so I think. I, spent one when I made the second, tanta cookery I kind of kept track, of the time and I, spent like 30 hours hand, sanding, it so. Before. He tree I went from two twenty, three twenty, four, hundred six, hundred grit, sandpaper. And, then, after he tree I went. To. Twenty-three twenty-four hundred six, hundred eight hundred, twelve. Hundred and I went. 2500. On and grits on it so, that's why it took me thirty hours to hand sand plus the, shape. And then grind. In it. It has a very difficult. But. Very, difficult bevels, on it so that's. Why I had to go back and. Use. The the file jig to line, up all the the. Angles, correctly, because I'm, still learning how to grind. On the BET on belt. Grinder, so I couldn't achieve, the. The perfect shape. Of the bevels, from. The belt grinder and like I said I finished, it up on, both on both I. Could. Crease I finished it she finished off the, bevels. With the file. Jig. Later. On what. Happened, I started raising the prices on my knives because. At. That time. YouTube. Revenue, went. Down, to a point where people. Were, watching my videos and they were not seeing any ads in my channel so I had. To by, that time mine craftsmanship. Level, increased, and, I had to raise my prices in order to stay afloat in this, knife. Making business. So. Basically, I had to compensate what, I wasn't making on youtube I was. Compensating. With the knives, that I made on the side and what, I decided, was.

To Stop. Making. A lot of videos on YouTube and, started, making knives, for. The customers, this. Way I could kind. Of keep the same ratio. Of income, coming in and then. Lately, YouTube. Started. Going. Up again with the ad revenue, and. But. I already took a lot of orders so I had, I still, I'm still. Have. I still have a lot of knives to finish, for. The customers, that are waiting for their, knives so. That's. Why you haven't seen a lot of videos on YouTube but. Like. I said right now I, thought. Up my knives so. Medium. Price. Knife is, $550, plus shipping. Like the Curie dashes, are $250. And the. More fancier, knives are it. Just depends on what steel I use and, how. Hard it is to make so. The. Price goes up from there but. Like I said when. You're beginning, making knives and selling, them, nobody. Knows you so you can't charge a lot plus your your craftsmanship, is, not at the I'm, not at that level but, once. You made a few knives and, people. Start to notice. You for. Your workmanship. You could raise up your prices and. You'll. See for how much how, far you could raise your prices because they're they'll come a time or a level of, the prices that you'll. See people either back out or, someone. Will agree to pay that price and some won't so you might back down on your price and find. A sweet, spot so for me right now like. I said the serega knife is a very. Popular. Knife, and, I found that most. Knife makers, sell their fixed blades for around, $550. Of course, if the I. Use. Damascus, steel which, is very expensive then I would raise my price by a lot more so. Hopefully. You guys enjoyed, this video and I open up your eyes to my, prices, and. I. Don't. Know what else say I. Guess. I'll see you with the next video. Which. Is going to be this knife so. Take. Care guys bye.

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Hey great job

It's so sad to hear that people are backing out of the orders that they do. Wtf is going on with humanity? You put a price on your art and suddenly they are surprised? Great work by the way my friend

Right? I cringed at the backing out of a sale. It's not like he can undo the work he already did. Even worse the guy who ordered and literally tried to scam him out of the knife for's hard to believe such people exist. :/

You're an awesome knife maker. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

What currency are these prices in?

Yankee dollars


Wow it's been a while how r u

still waiting to have you make a some knives for me wish u would do custom orders again

I miss your videos, I have learned a lot from watching them.

Sure with the butterfly knife u could trace out the blade and replace it. But then u don't have it as a learning purpose, wont have that speciality to it tho.

Cadê as novas facas Tely ?? Like ❤️

Всегда приятно посмотреть на красивую и очень качественную работу..всегда жду новое видео..и тихо завидую :)

It is always great to see fellow makers be successful. Well deserved buddy, keep up the great work.

Thank you Steve. I know for a fact there will be one person who will count up the $ for all knives and think I am a rich man...where as both you and I know how much goes back into knife materials and tools. It took me two years to pay myself back the money I took out from my savings to start making knives. Still to this day I keep buying tools. I have still to buy a 2x42 and an oven...and a surface grinder...and a milling machine...and many many more toys.

you should make yourself a nice 72x2 belt grinder it really makes things a lot easier and it will save you a ton of time

One day...

Love ur vids and all of ur knifes especially the 1 for next video

Hang in there bud. Your videos inspired me when I was starting out. I still think your knives are way underpriced. You should charge a deposit or something, to help stop them fakes. All the best man.

I don't charge in advance this way a customer has no say in when the knife should be finished.

Tely, how can I get in touch with you to have a knife made? I've gone thru a few YouTube guys but their version of a "Custom Knife" is only as "Custom" as they want...So, I'd like to start talks about the knife I'd like made...Look forward to hearing from you...Keep up the great work...

+SLAVIK TELY ...Not the answer I was hoping for but...Thank you for the very fast reply and the honesty...Hope you do well in all your endeavours...Shalom

Gabriel I am booked right now and to be honest I don't want to take anymore orders. It's a lot of headache. I want to make knives and sell them to who ever wants them.

Still wish I could afford to buy a knife from you .

You sir are an inspiration to me..thanks for your channel

What kind of person orders a custom knife (or anything custom) and then refuses to pay for it?

Oh, there are plenty...believe me. I got burned not once or twice.

Hang in there Slavik it will all come together some day ,and these flakes that keep coming your way it's there lose, the world is full of none achievers like those losers bailing out on commitments . Happy Trails .


J'ai commencé à suivre ta chaîne YouTube il y a 2 ans de cela, depuis je fabrique mes propres couteau et je compte en faire mon métier, you make my future... Traduct in French to English. Just continu like this, some people really love you

Matis Fuste traduction ( almost ) : i start to folow your chanel two year ago, now i make my own knive and i planing to make it my full time job

Well, i wasn't wrong with my "... greater than 550$... - guess" for the stingray cleaver. Thank you for your videos :)

Seems like a lot of people back out of paying. Why not ask for a non-refundable deposit before you start your work?

Been wondering where you've been. Glad to see some content again. Think you'll ever try making any Japanese style single-edged blades?

Man u are awesome... When i saw one of yours videos for the first time all i want to do was knife then i realize that... Work with metal is what i love.

How rude to back out

Hey Tely im gonna be honest with you i havent seen your videos in a while i just saw this one i decided to ask you if you could make a video off you making a Katana or a Claymore Sword I would love it

I try to make knives that I have a customer to sell it to. Right now I don't have a customer for Katana.

Your british soldier knife video made me believe i could make my own knives. Changed my life

You're a good guy T...Screw those Brits! Next time one calls, charge them a K!

+SLAVIK TELY ...Ok pop, but I'm half Irish!

Be nice, you never know what happened to him.


you are a nice Person:) god bless you

Now I know to watch all of your ads I'll watch every single one that pops up

You are the best. Thanks.

About the Barnhart cleaver - as I think I said on your video - if HE was delighted with it, then who the hell else has anything to say about it? And he WAS delighted!

you should make a more serious balisong, sandwich contruction with caged bearings.. and not curved :P

0:16 "This will be a kinda quick run through" *makes a 32 min video*

I remember trying to buy the krauzer knife from you. It was actually the first video of yours that I watched. But when I asked you about it you said you didnt sell your knives.

You are a highly skilled knife maker Slavik, in my opinion I think you sell some of them very cheap for the amount of hours put into them, all the best from Down Under in Oz!

big Slavik

A new series of knifes added to the CS:GO game and they looks very nice so check them if you want to make more knifes


Slavik please make a Rambo First Blood knife, is mother of survival knives.

Great to see you uploading again. I've missed your content :)

Always amazed by your knives , they are just pieces of art ! They are all different too love your work man ! And the prices for unique blades like yours is totally justified I believe , not overpriced by any means . Keep up the beautiful work

That tanto Kukri was absolutely worth a grand or more, loved it! Amazing handle. All those numbers you threw out are really fair. People backing out astounds me! A chance to get one of your pieces? I can't believe anyone would pass on the opportunity. Man, that unboxing, priceless- What a surprise, still smiling. That's the kind of stuff you can't buy with any amount of money. I know exactly what he meant the feeling you get watching you make a piece of art like you do, you can't understand what it's like being on this side of your videos man, there's no question to how much you put into your work.

The knives under your hands beginig to turn into the art ... i always wanted knife from you. But the type of knife i want will cost about 2000$, which i can't afford. So ill keep watching your videos to learn somethink and maybe try to do it next time. I wish you to have interesting ideas with styles of your knives and have good customers.

good afternoon tely, excellent work, you could create a jagdkommando knife

Best of luck .

Slavic made your website and there put your knives and price. Make it easy for all of us.

i spend much time seeing your videos, i like

One of the best YouTube knife makers

Good to know :) Can I get the skiz of the bottle opener ?:)

I don’t know but... your voice gives me that ASMR vibe

Can you make a Leon Kennedy knife?

You ar great! Thanks for the video bro!

Thanks good Video for people that are beginning in the adventure. Can’t wait for the next one. I have learned a ton from watching your videos.

you are awesome!!!

did you mean obsidian 03:50

I thought the exact same thing

"I just wanted to make a quick video" 30 mins long

Oh my, your channel growed so much, congrats! I remember watching you in the beggining. I used a printscreen of your Vipera knife as a wallpaper for the longest time, i loved that snake eye on the handle. It's really rare for craftsmen to show their prices, kudos on that. I wish someday i'm able to buy a knife from you. Cheers.


Been watching for ages and i love this channel thanks for cool content.

How time flies..... first one to now..... thanks you! I really enjoy every of your show

I think you should always charge like 20$ to 50$ or even more money ,depending on the price of it, beforehand so they dont back out of it or if they do you at least have a kind of a compensation. Thats how it always works with this stuff. If they have the money to afford a knife like that wouldnt mind paying you 1/10 of the price beforehand.

Make the Crocodile Dundee knife

Pls, legend to portuguese

the lowest price you should put is 1000 no matter who you sell it to,they are unique

A true craftsman knows what his work is valued. Respect for opening up and sharing.

That's beautiful man . Loved seeing him open up his knife he wanted from you

Hy . I am waching all of your videos. Really enjoy watching your dedication to each and every knife you're making. If possible can you please tell me what are you using to prevent the rust on the knives? Thanks. Please messege me in private on Thank you. And keep posting the great job you do .

3:44 - obsidian might be the word you were looking for. It is basically rapidly cooled lava

Man. I am a knife collector. I have many different type of knives, I try to make my owns sometimes but my friend, be sure. One day I am going to order one from you!!!

High quality equals high prices

Im actually very surprised at how low his margins are on these. Absolutely a humble dude.

You are very inspiring! Love your style. I have been looking around on YouTube for a DIY file jig. Are there plans or a video that you recommend?

You are Very Talented and Hard working Person And I love Your videos God bless You

You are truly an amazing craftsman and artist. Beautiful knives! Thanks for sharing

Man for your great talent you price your knives very fairly. I would like one but I have bought too many microtechs lately

Cant wait for the new vid :)

"Im keeping it" *smirks*

Amazing talent Slavik! My favorite knife maker. Thirty hours hand sanding omg! I look forward to every video. And also like someone said in a previous post about what a nice guy you are. I agree!

Respect man, you're an excellent craftsman creative artist and above all a nice person, love your knives and hope to see you make an Egyptian Khopesh with your style

Most likely

I'm so happy to see you again sir.

thanks my nigga you are the one who inspired me to start making knifes

Great to see you again after long time

Great Video Slavik! I think I need to raise the prices on my knives lol But I agree as far as the skill level, I am just starting out and didn't want to charge much for my knives, my wife tells me otherwise lol....

I'm sure somebody already mentioned this somewhere, but the knives (and other edged things like arrowheads) made by chipping an edge from the material are usually made from flint, though I've seen people do a couple of other materials with a similar method. The process is called flint knapping.

Well done bro. Keep it up and thanks for sharing

cheer up, mr. Tely... you look so sad when talking about the cleaver... I know it won't be easy but hope you will soon overcome that...

The expendable knife is just amazing my dear. Such a brilliant masterpiece of Craftsmanship : - )

my wife tells me the same thing

+Stizzer123 Yeah, I've seen obsidian done that way as well, and even beer bottles or other thick glass.

Grey obsidian “blades” are also made from knapping

look up Aaron Gough

Thank you for the compliment

Didn't know about this formula, reading about it sounds like its a very good inhibitor for rust. Thank you

I use EDCi formula

Thank you Mike. It was a joy watching wedding video

Contact me on Instagram

Can we see the wall where all the knives hang? :D

Buen video amigo

we miss you

Hola me llamo Luka Un pregunta que tengo una duda de una cosa de los cuchillos y navajas cuando haces la hoja del cuchillo la parte de abajo lo de agarrar el cuchillo no se como es la parte que hay dentro para hacerme unos cuchillos y navajas

The artwork you create is DEFINITELY worth way more than what you charge, sir. Keep them coming.

So good to see you. Oh, and your Native American friend wanted a knife made from flint.

What type of filing tools do you use, like a curved cut, single cut, etc..

Говори по русски плиз

come on man , when you upload a new video making knife ??

very good quality knifes!!!

These stories are really intriguing


Michael Batts I just thought the same o.O A regular GOOD knife out of mass production already costs that much so you should definitely ask for more money mate. Your knives are unique handmade - charge them for what you are doing!

Cara vc manda muito bem nas facas!!! Parabéns!!

Never heard of this guys voice before now that I have wondered if he smokes guess I’ll never know

would it be possible for me to buy a custom knife i have the template and i would be willing to pay upfront or half upfront or how ever you wanted to do it?

ok that is fair still love your knives :)

I am not taking orders.

Where is the video of the second Tanto Kukri?

It would be the same exact video with a different handle. Why make two identical videos?

Obsidian is used for those stone(glass) knives. It's volcanic glass, very sharp, probably material from which you can make the sharpest edges of all materials. It's sometimes used by surgeons for precision cuts.

caraca achei q n tinha br ;-;

Включи Русские субтитры

Watch my 100,000 subscriber video

I like your work, you do not have shipments to mexico df

Thats none of your business but NO he doedn't

Love your videos and editing. My blades look like a child made them compared to yours. Gives me something to aspire to.

I really love your first project is karambit.and you said will never sell it cause it part of your stories

Could you make another Krauser knife? And how much

wr is the knive i asked for , the persian knive??!!

Love you´r videos i hop you will continue

True words buddy! I am also a knifemaker and I can understand every detail of your experience. Keep goin´on buddy. Ciao

Wow. !!! You've got a great thing going now. Congratulations , You say your backed up right now with orders that's awesome. !!! Just some info for you. If you find yourself with a lot of knifes on hand a Co. Called BLADE HQ ,Com they market your products and sell for you. You would have to contact them for all the basic information. Your well on your way now. Good luck and hope to continue seeing videos.

Hey Slavik, I’ve been looking around for a knifemaker to hire. In around hopefully 2-3 months, I would love to give you a commission. I have a high budget, and I would like to know approximately how much a 7 inch blade, 12 inch total Tanto knife made from your best quality steel (Perhaps Carbon V or 1075) with a black plastic or extremely dark wood handle and Kydex sheath would come around to? I’ve got a complete diagram with measurements and examples ready. As I said, it’ll be a little bit before I ask you to do it, but I would like to know now so I don’t get my hopes up. Thanks~

SLAVIK TELY Aw that’s too bad... well- thanks for getting back to me.

Last Kukri I sold was for one thousand six hundred dollars. Stainless steel would cost more. I am not taking orders.

You have to live through it to understand it.

I don't smoke and never been drunk nor did any drugs. I am not a loud guy that is why I speak in a low volume.

I love the butterfly knife most

The couple’s present video actually motivated me to make knives like u.... would be pretty difficult for a jeweller to make knives though

Hey I just heard what you said about the guy not paying you when you already made it, it's so annoying when people do that, make them pay half up front and half when it's complete.

That Karambit was the first knife you ever made? That's amazing for your first ever try, was that really your first attempt at making a knife? I started by making a shitty little basic knife, probably akin to a bushcraft knife, very simple. Subbed.

Fujibayashi Nagato syempre balisong parin para astig

it was easy to say balisong but its ok to use that word if you want!

Fujibayashi Nagato right, it has many names but the popular one is balisong, we also called it batangas knife because it was invented in the batangas philippines

it was not really called batangas knife we called it balisong it mean broken horn!

Fujibayashi Nagato also known as butterfly knife or batangas knife

I really like your demeanor and attitude. Please keep up the great work and I wish you overwhelming success.

Yes it was my first knife I made.

SLAVIK TELY thx for the know how plz check out my channel.

Is this iron solid or ordinary?

Where are you man , make a video , we are waiting every single day

you should do this full time.

Please put out another knife video soon. You got all these subscribers so quickly because we like to watch you make knives.

Id love to see you do Chris's short machete from Resident Evil 5

“Quick video” 32 mins later

Could have made it much longer...if you want

I am waiting for my leather guy to finish the sheath. Video is ready. Just need the sheath.

Telly. Wassup man? Love your vids. I love that Karambit. I’ve learned much from watching. You rock!


Bush craft knife would be awesome , and sell like crazy

Obsidian is the stuff those knives are made of

Thanks for the heart tely :) but just like they used flint for arrow tips right grizzly?

Family Friendly Name Obsidian and Flint. Obsidian is easier to work than Flint, because it's a Little softer. I prefer obsidian though

Very interesting video, every sold knife has a story behind, you get in contact with a lot of different people. That trade was really unfair, the m9 was value the table, mount wall and another bandsaw. However keep going, you give a lot of inspiration to a lot of people

Beautiful collection. Priceless

I'm financially fucked but yo your knives are sick I have to buy a knife from you imma start saving up + I thought the cheapest knife was 500+ dollars I was surprised of how cheap some of your knives because I know knife making is pretty pricey and extremely time consuming amazing work man I really love your work!

"quick video" -30 minutes later... hahaha

man you can make knives, but i gotta say...those are some expensive ass pointy bits

+Keyboard Warrior of course

Yeah, i understand. But he sells them. Every thing have a buyer.

+Keyboard Warrior yeah well I didn't say that did I, I just pointed out that in my opinion that are a bit expensive

Maybe they are, but you can't make them, do you?

Alguien me puede explicar que no entendí nada

You think they are expensive? Do u know how much time, sweat and money goes into them? I made a few knives myself a while ago and believe me, to get it to perfection takes some serious skill amd patience And people who can appreciate that are more than willing to pay this price

One day I will buy a knife from you im like 14 but I will do it. Nice video!!

Telly, I love your videos, and your knives look amazing! I hope that some day, I can get you to make me some dual knife set.

Love your work! I'm into knife making myself but mostly forging. Just subscribed!

Man, I only wish I could have the money to buy a knife from you! Don't let the haters get to you ! I really like that soldiers knife

Thank you.

The price is not to discuss when I see the quality and the time spent creating these wonders ... the price we forget when we hold one of your knives in hand.I would like to easily choose from France models not yet sold.

I would love to have in my collection at least one SLAVIK TELY knife ... it would be a dream and an honor ...

I can't believe how cheap you sell them for. I love the knives you've made so far. Can't wait to see what you create next.

Vales verga men :v, pues resulta 1ue hay muchos que dicen que el precio les parece algo caro, pero cuando observas el tiempo, y lo que cuesta hacerlos, pues ya comprenden el porque. Saludos

I want one of ur knives so bad. You do some good work.

19 min 34 sec ... NO.1 Tell they guy who got the Karambit for his wedding that ordering something from a maker and then telling them I can't pay you is a fucking low, low, low, end way to go! I lost all respect for him the second you said that. I know how long it takes to remove stock with a hand file so I respect that time and your effort. This guy is a 110% douche! NO.2 Tell him that when you cut something ... you should cut away from you *NEVER TOWARDS!* My elder brother taught me that when I was 10 years old. If he cuts towards his body he should not have that knife ... unless it's a training blade with no cutting edge.

14 min 11 sec ... The Tanto in Kydex. That guy has not used that blade! I can tell you he hasn't due to the scuff free finish it still has. I will video my main CRK pro-soldier and show you the state of the powder coat on it! And the kydex it comes with is not done in the aggressive *SNAP* style retention either ... I have to be honest and say that I would never pay $1500 to a back-yard maker who can not tell me the RC of the cutting edge. And please do not make excuses about a lack of equipment. You do one blade and send it for testing ... if it comes back at 57 RC then you know you can follow the same protocol and tell your potential customers that your blades are 57 RC. You will not get over 60 RC with your guess / tap / by eye back-yard maker method. In fact you will be lucky to get over 55 RC! 6 min 57 sec ... *RC testing* His blades are a consistent RC 63! Some people who do not understand sharpening theory (most of them) will whine about 63 being hard to sharpen (jaw breaking yawn). So aim for RC 57 and keep em all happy! I am using DMT stones and if you have seen my custom bevel geometries with a centered apex with the 0.1 micron edges ... you will know that *RC 63* does not change my facial expression!

Bey slavik tely what raise r u


Yo slavik i have been trying to contact u but u dont answer i wanna buy two vulture karambits

+SLAVIK TELY ok my bad brother

+SLAVIK TELY I am not here to make enemies either. I think you do some good work considering your equipment limitations. The reason I watch these accounts is because I have been in the market for an American custom made blade for some years now ... but I have *NOT* found the right guy yet ... I have only one custom blade and that is my Kukhri that I had made in Nepal. But I oversaw the entire process. Especially the heat threat (which came up RC 59 when tested back at home) and took my own wood for the handle and my own German 5160 stock to make the blade to my template. Price approx $60 for the work. American makers look at what I want made and even though I am supplying my own S35vn stock and micarta they all want to get close to or over $1000 on the price! Which I am clearly not willing to pay. Custom knife makers are a funny breed! All the English ones I approached didn't like that fact that my design is clearly a weapon and mumbled some retarded shit about being more bush-craft oriented with their knives. Some one should remind them what pre-gun powder battle fields looked like for millennia. Edge and impact weapons. Bunch of fucking snow-flakes! The Karambit wannabe is a douche though! 110%! You do not make orders and then fuck the guy over on the payment.

Matt...I am going to leave it to you to tell him that. I am not here to make enemies.

I was wondering if you can make a krauser knife made of Damascus steel with antler handle and maybe a bottle opener at the end. I would like one very much

what a nice guy!!!

I agree! The best reward is to see the video of the guy opening the knife. I love when my clients send me videos of them opening the box.

You need to upload more

+SLAVIK TELY i understand

I need more time

У меня субтитры на английском только

Plz make that karambit knife which i told you about man....

Славик, красивые Ножи у тебя, тоже бы заказал у тебя один

MatrixWarrior98 Same goes for an Aston Martin. It’s still expensive. And that’s not to say the price shouldn’t be that you know, it just means it’s expensive to that individual person’s financial situation.

My advice is that if someone asks you to make a knife for them you should ask for a 50% deposit up front which is non-returnable. That way they are less likely to back out, but if they do you still get paid, and then you can sell the knife to someone else and get paid again.

Right now if someone backs away from the purchase, I will never sell then my knives ever.

thats actually the new knife that came to csgo a while ago, they called it talon

My friend, your amazing. ¿Where can i buy the Krauser knife? Im mean it.. i really really want it man, i have the 200 USD please ): i use to play Resident Evil and i loved that knife im a serios buyer. Good Night (:

+SLAVIK TELY it break my heart men, please tell me, ¿when can you do it?, im a big fan from México, i send you a big hug and ill be wathing your answer. (:

Pola si slagao, cuj ima vijencanje pa ne moze da kupi noz, ne seri jbt. Sta se zeni ako nema. Ide na svadbu k'o riba bez kurca. Hhaahha to ti pricas onako kako bi ti voleo da bude, zanimljivo. Uvek zakasnis sa tim rezbarenjem.

Basically the price of your knifes = (material cost) + (100% of the material cost which is your labor).

+SLAVIK TELY Who taking orders??

Diego Yañez no means no.

Maybe it has been asked before, but when you handsand before heat treat, why going up to 600 if you start from 220 after heat treat ? Just go up to 220 before heat treat, no ? What I do is grinding everything with 80 grit, then heat treat, then it's final grinding with 80, and then I jump to 400 grit to clean everything and I start handsanding at 240 grit.

+SLAVIK TELY oh I see, I wad wondering why you didn't grind after heat treat.. but it makes sens since you spent time with you file jig to make everything flat before But why going so high in the grit before heat treat and starting low after that ?

But you grind with a belt grinder. I am speaking to people that do not have belt grinders. After heat treatment I do not grind my knives. They are finished in their shape and edge thickness.

+SLAVIK TELY oh, so a higher finish before heat treat prevents the formation of scale ? I didn't know that Yep, I've heard and seen that stainless steel are easier to polish, at least they take a better mirror polish

Sometimes scale is hard to remove from high carbon steel. As for stainless steel, I sanded it to 600 and after it came back I picked it up again with 600 and went to 800. Stainless steel is easier to work with after heat treatment than carbon.

+SLAVIK TELY I see, that makes sense Actually that was also my way to do it when I didn't have a belt grinder, but I only went up to 220 grit

It's not that higher finish prevents scale formation but after heat treating, I don't have to deal with scratches from lower grit sandpaper. I try to get to a finished steel before heat treating.

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