Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | May 6

Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | May 6

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Well. Good afternoon. The. Trends, are, heading in the right direction, the. Number of new cases, continued. To decline, I've. Said many times at this podium, any. Reopening. Of our economy, will. Be gradual. Measured. And safe. As we. Watch the trends carefully, every day as we. See the number of new cases inch, downward. We've. Been preparing. Preparing. To get more and more of our economy, working again. Safely. And cautiously. Because. When it comes to reopening, our economy, I'd. Rather be safe than sorry. We've. Been working around the clock to. Make sure we're ready, we're. Using this time to help, businesses. Adapt. To. The new environment we, face. That's. Why over the past few weeks we've. Laid the groundwork, for the, gradual, and safe, reopening. We. Released a framework with. Clear Public Health criteria, to. Meet before proceeding, to each stage of reopening. Working. In partnership, with our health and safety associations. We've. Released over, 60 workplace, safety guidelines, to. Help businesses, protect, their employees and customers. To, date, we've. Allowed the, reopening, of select, businesses, that. Could operate safely. We're. In constant discussions. With. Our chief medical officer, of health and the, command table and health, experts. We're. Taking the time to, get it right and, today. Following. Consultation. With. My cabinet our health. Officials, and key, stakeholders, I'm. Prepared, to announce that as, of Friday May. The 8th at. 12:01. A.m., garden. Centers and nurseries, will. Be allowed to open. So. Heading into Mother's Day this weekend, please, be sure to support, your local garden center and nursery, and pick. Up some, nice flowers for all the great mums out there. Furthermore. As of, Saturday May, the 9th at. 12:01. A.m.. Hardware. Stores safety. Supply stores will. Be allowed to reopen, this. Means people. Will be able to shop in stores as, long, as these. Businesses, follow strict, public. Health measures, to. Protect staff, and customers. The. Same workplace safety requirements.

That Apply to grocery, stores and pharmacies will. Apply to, these stores. Those. Include, physical. Distancing. Contactless. Payment, options, and sanitizing. Surfaces. They. Can also continue, to offer curbside, pickup and delivery. We're. Also expanding, essential, construction, to include, demolition. Work related. To essential, construction, projects, and multi-unit. Residential, projects, such, as condos, and apartments. For. These buildings below, grade work will, be permitted an existing. Above grade projects, can continue, so. We can keep adding more housing, and creating. More jobs on, the, path to, economic recovery, for. Non-essential. Retail businesses, we. Also have some good news today as of. Monday. May. The 11th, at 12:01. A.m., retail. Stores with. The street entrance will. Be allowed to provide curbside. Pickup, they. Will have to respect, public health measures in the, same workplace safety guidelines, as well we'll. Continue working, to get more businesses, and services, online as, safely. As we can I want. To be clear all, public. Health measures, remain, in place and will. Be strictly enforced we. Can't take the progress, we've, made for, granted and we. Have seen in other jurisdictions, that. Moving too fast. Ignoring. The advice given. This. Virus, and even, giving it an inch, can set us back, so. We will move forward but. We will move cautiously, we. Will move with, cautious, optimism. And together. We. Will get through this my. Friends, we. Are at the start of a long road and a, long journey of recovery the hard. Work of rebuilding, what, we have lost is still, ahead of us but. We will be there for you we, will be there for, each other and together. We. Will get the job done thank. You and God bless the people of Ontario now. I'll hand it over to Minister, Fedele. Thank. You premier, and good afternoon last. Month our government, announced 50 million, dollars to, help businesses, find solutions. To retool their operations, and help, in the fight against, kovat, 19 today. We, are very proud to announce that Oakville, based, Vioxx. Technologies. Is the, first successful. Recipient. From the Ontario together, fund, with. An investment, in a high-speed, manufacturing. Assembly line to double their production, of disinfectant. Wipes this. Is just one example of, businesses. Stepping up through, the Ontario together. Web portal, and we will have more to announce in the coming weeks we'd. Also like to thank those businesses, that are now safely, operating, or preparing, to open their doors soon. Including. Ontario's. World-class, manufacturing, and, auto, sector. We. Know that Cova 19 and the, difficult, but necessary steps. We have taken to protect public health have, taken a toll on businesses. Across the province and we. Know about Ontarians. Want to support, their neighbors, during this difficult time. That's. Why we are making it easier, to support local, mom-and-pop shops, by, allowing retail. To offer curbside. Pickup, and delivery and opening. Garden centres nurseries, hardware, stores and safety supply stores for, in-store. Purchasing. Easing. Restrictions on. Essential, construction. Projects including. Multi-unit, residential, construction projects, like apartments. And condominiums. While. Ensuring, that proper, guidelines as, provided. By the Ministry of Labour are being followed. Last. Week we challenged, businesses, and Ontario, to work with their employees, and their customers and, put, the proper guidelines into, action, so we can protect health and safety as we reopen, the economy, in the. Last few days the people of Ontario have, shown they are ready to do their part to make sure we, can open safely. This. Is part of our stage-by-stage. Approach. To reopening, the economy. Supporting. The next phases of Ontario's, action, plan the new Ontario, jobs and recovery committee will continue our, ongoing, active. Discussions, with, the businesses, and key sectors, across the province to assess. The impact of coalbed 19 on the economy. Minister. Philips will now provide an update on the work that is underway to plan, for the recovery thank.

You. Thank. You very much Minister Fedeli today. We see more light at the end of the tunnel we. Are getting ready to reopen the province when it's safe to do so guided, by the best health and science, advice I want. Every, person in Ontario to know will support, employees, and employers, every, step, of the way, this. Is one of the top concerns that we hear from the business community and it's a focus of the jobs and recovery committee, last. Night I participated, in a Durham Small Business Roundtable hosted, by Minister Sark area and McNaughton, the, small business owners and representatives of, boards of trade had very practical, questions, looking for guidance on how to open and how to keep their employees, and customers safe, it's. Top of mind for them and it's top of mind for us we. Are providing clear, workplace, safety guidance so businesses, know what they need to do as. The premier mentioned more than 60 guidance documents, have been released and they, can be accessed at kovat 19. Ontario. CA. Our. Advice, comes from the wheel world we're. Learning from the experience, of essential, businesses in our provinces that have remained open during, the pandemic, and I'm grateful that businesses. And organizations, have responded, to our request to share lessons learned including. Emergency childcare operators, and retailers. It. Also includes, the government's own retail operations. Back. In March I spoke to George solace the LCBO. CEO, and we asked him to monitor closely what was working and what wasn't, so that we could take those lessons for, our broader reopening, strategy, keep. In mind the LCBO has large and small retail facilities, in urban and rural areas of the province as well, as extensive ecommerce, logistics. And warehouse, operations. Among. Other things they've implemented extensive. New cleaning procedures, provided, their staff with personal, protective equipment and studied. Flows, of traffic within their store to encourage physical distancing, now. As we'd expect there's always robust, conversations, about the specifics, but the LCBO, and the union that represents their, employees ops who have collaborated effectively, on shared. Goal of protecting staff, and customers. The. Learnings that we're gathering will help other businesses, as we build on our team Ontario, approach in the reopen phase our approach. To reopening will be methodical so. That all of the efforts will not go to waste we. Must continue to work together and we must continue to be open to learning by. Being patient diligent. And determined, we'll get through this together thank. You. Go. To the. Phone line for questions just, a reminder one question, one follow-up first, question. First. Question, comes from Christina, Tenaglia from, cp24, please, go ahead, hi. Premier from have a bit of a long, start, here but this is the gist. Of my two questions I, want to ask you about long-term care homes in the province the majority, of long-term care homes in the province 58, percent or private, I spent. The last two days at Orchard villa long-term, care home and retirement, home in Pickering, between. The two homes 65. People have died the greatest number of deaths in the province and soon, there will be a 66. Our, Tricia pump is an 86, year old resident, she was on that heartbreaking. Cover of the Toronto Sun on April the 23rd, staring. Out the window, at her daughter and you mentioned. That day how you were touched by that photo, she. Is coping 19 positive, she, will, die perhaps today, I have seen her her death is imminent, the doctor confirms this this. Is a private home with the history of failing to comply with provincial rules her family says and these. These for-profit homes, a former, manager of a private home that we chatted with says these, are for profit they're about the bottom line my. Question to you is when do you say enough, is enough we, are going to end the business, of, caring, for this province is most vulnerable and I'd, like to point out too as well Elizabeth, whet lefur the. Serial killer nurse spent. Most of her career in which she killed six people at, a private. For-profit home. Well. First. Of all casino my my heart and prayers go out to the family, it's. It's, heartbreaking, and I, remember, that picture and I remember that that days as, well. And I, know. The system is broken first of all the, system is absolutely broken, we. Are going to fix it but, we have to make sure we take care of the the crisis, right now and if.

You Don't mind and a hand this over to the the Minister of Health thank, you. Well. It is a heartbreaking situation what's, happened in a number of long-term care homes the, deaths are tragic and, we certainly. Are express, our condolences to, the families, but. We are taking action we. Have asked for the assistance of the Armed Forces they, have come in to five, long-term, care homes to. Provide nursing, and, infection. Control. Protocols. We, also have hospitals, that have come forward willingly. Have, come forward to send in their staff to, make sure that, the, staff levels are up that there are people there to help, with nursing, with cleaning, with, infection, control, feeding. The residents, there's a lot of work that we need to continue, to do and as. Such. Time as the Armed Forces that need to leave we, are going to continue to work with our hospitals, to make sure that we can go into the long-term care homes to, stabilize, them to bring back the, staff that. Have left to make sure that they come back to make sure that they're properly staffed, on an ongoing basis, but, of course there will be questions that will remain afterwards that we will have to deal with but right now it's, very important. That we deal with, caring. For the essential, needs of this, very vulnerable population. In our long-term care homes. Thank. You minister. Thank You Minister premier what I'm wondering is as the minister noted and, you said the system is broken we do have to fix it I'm wondering about the aftermath, of all this I mean do you support, in some, capacity ending, the privatization. Like, it's a business of caring for vulnerable, people do, you support the end of that well Christina, as I've mentioned before when. We look at this we are going to need federal. Support, and, we. Weren't in the financial. Spot. To. Be able to the fund the whole system, but I'd. Love to sit down and I've mentioned this to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime, Minister we. Need their support they've, done a great job, supporting.

Us In so many other areas and we're very grateful for this but. This. Is what keeps me up at night Christina, these, are these long-term care homes and every single morning first, call is, the. Status of long-term care and I'm. On the phone constantly with our health table. I mean, constantly. Trying. To make sure that we we fixed the system and. We're. Making a little, headway but I'm the, first to admit the system, was broken the. Ship had cracks in it when we inherited, it and it's, been going on for decades not about one government by the way either I'm not, going to point the fingers at the previous government or the government before that the. System is broken we are going to fix it, next. Question. Next. Question comes from Mark Douglas from 680, news just, glad thank. You a question, for premier Ford we heard some great news this afternoon for the retail sectors, that were mentioned in terms of their reopening. Dates I'm wondering, when restaurants. Might be able to expect the same kind of good news for when they'll, be able to allow patrons, to, come back and have a have a meal in the restaurant yeah. Margaret so many so many restaurants and we all, restaurant owners right but pretty well everyone, knows, a restaurant, owner and and, it's, it's, tough right now for them they're they're, holding on by their fingernails I, just want. To tell them just just hang in there we're, gonna be there to, support you we've put other supports, in place and, hopefully. Sooner, than later I, can't, give you a definitive. Date. But I have an idea why don't I pass this over to the Minister of Economic Development that's. Putting these lists together but, as quickly as these numbers come down, we're. Gonna be able to open, up and in practice, social distancing, and I've talked a lot of restaurant, owners they already, have their, plans in place when, that mat day comes and hopefully, it's going to come, sooner than later. Thank. You premier mark we take our advice from, the chief medical officer of Health our Ministry, of Health and our Ministry of Labor what, we can say to the restaurant, groups. Right, across Ontario, is go to this website and, begin, to prepare atze Ontario, dot CA. Coronavirus. And, you will see about the, third third, link down you will see from. The Ministry of Labour the requirements. This is a sector-by-sector, set. Of guidelines so. Start. By going, there and understanding. What, your business will need to do to help with social distancing, and and, be prepared thank, you. Follow. Up for, our mr., Minister. Phillips or administer Fedele whichever of you feels may be best qualified the. Extension, of the emergency, orders, will, keep most of the doors closed. Beyond. Victoria, Day long weekend now with the exceptions, of the retail, stores that were mentioned this afternoon, has. The, provincial. Government run the numbers on the, economic, impact to. The prevent, to the Ontario economy. By. Keeping the bulk of the emergency, orders in, place across. The long weekend, and what is that what are those numbers what is the financial impact. Forecast, to be what. I'll do to answer your question they're all three of them are highly qualified now I'll hand it over to the Minister, of Finance on that question. Thank. You premier so, we will continue to take the best health advice with regards to timing and and as we talked about in our framework earlier. We'll will move forward in an in, a systematic, fashion to make sure that that openings happen in a safe way this isn't just. To to, open the businesses, but it's because the businesses have to have customers, and the. People of Ontario need, to have the confidence that we're doing this in such, a way that they can feel safe and that's why we'll, be led by the health, and science advice in terms of the impacts of the economy on the economy obviously there are significant, impacts it's one of the reasons why, unlike. Other governments in Canada we did. A reef or casting, and and looked at what, some of those implications, could be you can be assured that we, review those on a regular basis and, and look as well to the private sector and their understanding of the impacts we. Will by, August as I always have provide, a full, update every, quarter so that we update on the specific economic impacts, but but again I would echo what what Minister Fedeli said I think the important message to businesses, is to look, to the guidelines, that are available on the website he talked about look to, getting prepared there. Is was some good news I have to say in the last short while for restaurants. As you know one of the things that we did as a government was changed the regulations, so, that they could deliver beer, and wine and liquor with their orders we made an amendment to a regulation to make that easier so we'll continue to, do those things that we can do to allow, their businesses in that takeout, and pickup fashion to be successful, but, we'll move forward in that in that phased, process and.

Again They should look. Look to the rules and get prepared we certainly want to get the economy open. As soon as we can but only when we can do it safely, next. Question. Next. Question comes from Travis. Dhanraj kind of Global News please, go ahead. Either. Premier question. For you today and. I think the, last. Few months had given us all perspectives. A lot of perspective, and with that in mind I'm just wondering about the announcement, the, press release that came out from your office about these license, plates and that you're not, going forward with the design was. This, battle over license, plates worth, it with this perspective and also was it worth the taxpayer, dollars that were spent well. Look these plates. Are real, honestly Travis, not, being top of mine for me over. The last little while what. I can say is, we. Got feedback from our stakeholders and we're. Following their their advice, will, not be moving forward with the new plates for passenger, vehicle use and further. Work is needed if, we're, to move forward with the new plates and and, right now Travis. I'm, just, not ready to put any more resources towards. This and we'll. Run through all the inventory of existing plates, we have and, also. Look at ways to use the new plates for non passenger, vehicles, we. Have over. 31, other categories. Of vehicles. We, can use the licenses. On and I just want, to mention about, the money there there's. No additional, cost to the taxpayers, on. This. My. Next question is as for you as well QP. Put out a release today saying two, thousand eight hundred and ninety two health care workers have been infected with coded 19 at. Fifteen, point eight percent of the problems with Kovac cases, and they say, five, have, died that, were saying that these long progress, masks, and 95, gnat masks, and other PPE have, not arrived supplies. Our role in hospitals, and long-term care settings. Why. Are these workers still fighting, for the PPP, that they need, months, after. Your. Government said that they were going to have everything what they need well. Every, single hospital in every single long-term care has, PPE, all they have to do is call. The hospitals go through another Avenue but long-term. Care I think I've stood up here almost every single day we, have PPE, when. I was informed the other day about the gowns I. Came, right out and told the people where. We're, falling short on gowns but we still have them but, that's one of the areas that we're focusing on domestic supply, but. Any long-term, care facility. That. Does not have PPE, just, call just. Absolutely, call and and I'm up here every day saying the same thing. They have, PPE that we can ship within, 24 hours and, probably. Vast, majority, of the cases at. The latest 48, hours but, again I think we've sent probably. A half a dozen letters to. Long-term care homes. I guess, we'll send out another one saying the same thing. Phone, and. Keep. Track of your PPE and we'll, have it there in 24 hours because we have it. Next. Question. Next. Question comes from Natasha, McDonald, from Radio Canada just go ahead hi. Premier I know Dasha um, Ontario. Mist it's a testing, target, for a second day in a row with, 12,000. Tests yesterday. Yesterday. You blamed medical. Officers of health many. Reacted, by saying testing. Is a provincial, responsibility. So. What's your response to that and are you blaming local, health leaders for a, problem. That your government, should be fixing, well. Let's, be very clear I don't want to blame anyone and, Tasha. You know people expect, me to push the system the, people of Ontario expect. Me to push the system and it's never personal, never, ever personal, because, I personally I think public. Health and is. Doing, a fine job but. When I see a graph and you. Know you see 70 percent roughly, doing. A hundred percent of the testing. You. Know or 80 percent of the testing something's, wrong and if, I sit back and I don't push these regions, who. Else is going to push them and. To. Be to be very fair we had an in-depth conversation last. Night and, and. This, morning with, our healthy man our Ministry of Health and. That. We're working hand in hand we just want to work with them, they. Do have a responsibility, to do coordinate. Testing. And maybe, we'll make it very clear when, the. Province puts, down a provincial, order to, get everyone tested. We. We mean it, get, everyone tested, in long-term care and then, go to retirement test, all the health care workers.

At Long-term care I don't. Know how much clearer we could be but, it's not about going, after someone personally and, if. They take it personal, and I apologize. But let, me tell you I. Everyone. Has to be held accountable I'm accountable for. This whole province and I'm. Going to push the system and. Will. Continue to push the system until, we get the numbers. Premier. Logo eased some restrictions, on long-term care long-term, care homes yesterday where there are no outbreaks, he's allowing for, caregiver. Visits, and walks, premier. Many seniors, are depressed, they're, isolated. And that has negative health impact. So. Should Ontario, follow Quebec and allow families, to be with and care, for their loved ones well. I respect. Francois, eligos, decision. Or a premier local I should say. But. We aren't ready yet we. You, know that that's how the the spread started, that. You know the the seniors, and, the elderly folks in the long term care they didn't they didn't have it it's, people. Coming in visitors. And and also, some. Of the health workers being, going. From place to place. I, can't, allow that right now it'd be massive. Risk to. The whole system again and we'll, get to that point but I just want to make sure we get the the, green. Light from the chief medical officer but we're I truly. Believe we're nowhere close right, now to. That point next. Question. Next. Question comes from at Victoria Gipson from I politics, please go ahead. Hi. Premier, earlier. This week Toronto's. Associate, medical officer of Health asked your government to consider the, guidance issued in British Columbia around providing prescription. Alternatives, to street drugs and whether it be adapted for use in Ontario, given. The hundreds of suspected overdoses in, the city through this endemic, and dozens of people who have died your, office says this isn't something currently, being considered can. You explain your thinking on that sure, I'll pass out over the Minister of Health thank you. While, different provinces, choose different, paths and that is not something that we are considering, in Ontario, right now it may well work for BC but we have our own mental. Health and addictions, plan that we are offering services, online, to, people and that, is for both mental health issues as well as addiction issues that. Shows very promising, action we, have a number of lines that are available to people with different issues and at different ages that is Ontario's. Choice and that's the course that we are going to continue to follow. Yeah. The. Medical officer of health, of one of Ontario's, local health units in, Kingston, Frontenac Lennox, and Addington has. Asked, along with their mayor for, your government to give them more autonomy, around blessing restrictions, heading board touching.

A More regionalized, approach, you. Envision this happening or do you think the return to normal will be largely dictated from the provincial level, well. You. Know we have to run. The province, as, one one, group one unit that's, how we've ended up getting, the, numbers down a bit so, you. Know we can't, have people going rogue, per se and and. You. Know loosening up restrictions, in one area if, they loosen up restrictions, in one area well guess where all the people from Toronto, in the GTA are going if they want to go. Have dinner or whatever they're all going to flock to Kingston, and I don't think that'd be very fair for that jurisdiction, to. Have everyone coming in at. In, one shot like that so. We just we just have to stick together we've, done such a great, job everyone. In the province, of 14.5, million people, the businesses, you. Know health teams the, health workers everyone, has, stuck together so. The answer is no we. Have to stick together and together. We'll get through it next. Question, next. Question, comes from Haley Cooper from news past 10/10 just, go ahead, hi. Premier Dylan I wanted. To ask again about commercial. Tenants, and the province freezing, evictions, for, tenants, because we're hearing more and more about, landlords. Refusing. To participate in, the relief, program since you and I spoke about this last week. So if the province really has no intention, of freezing, evictions, similar. To residential, tenants can. You or Minister Phillips please explain, why without referencing. The, rent relief program because as I just mentioned, that program, isn't, really going to do a lot, for, these commercial tenants, who landlords, are refusing, to participate, well. Minister. Philips put the program together through, so he'll, speak on that. So. Yeah I'd have, to disagree the program hasn't actually been started. Yet it as the, federal government has said is going to be available, starting, next week so I think, we have to at least wait for. That program to be initiated, before we judge its its, relative, success obviously, we are pleased to see that the, federal. Government has expanded, the program and consultation, to include the gross rent so that now was, one of the concerns of landlords also to make sure that landlords that did not have, mortgages, would be available so that's another modification, of the program but I'll point out to you that and these were just out of the federal. Government press, conference this morning people, were concerned about the loans, program over 500,000, businesses have now successfully applied for, the federal government loans program people were concerned about the. Payroll. Support, program there's a hundred and ten thousand, businesses. That have now as of the numbers. Given out this morning by the president of the Treasury Board in Ottawa even. Part of that program so I think it would be fair to say that we should wait until the program is launched. Which will be next week to. Judge judge, its success and obviously we continue and. I spoke because I mentioned before to Dan Kelly from the CFIB on the weekend we continued, to speak with, with, those who are most directly connected, I mentioned I was on a, town-hall, session, with many, landlords last, night and many tenants, many more tenants in, the Durham area so as we hear those concerns we make sure the program addresses, it and we, were hopeful that the program will work and again the federal government is said it'll be available starting next week. Okay. My follow-up is for the premier and. I agree with Travis, that these past, few weeks or, past months rather have. Given perspective, but we do just want, some. Clarification on. This announcement regarding, the, license, plate. So, well, the blue license, plates the ones that, still. Haven't been put into the system they'll. Still be they'll. Still be sent out and also. Have. The white ones been. Being. Produced, and why. Can't the province, put the new slogan on the. White license, plate well.

Haley You. Know something again it hasn't been top of mind for, me, at all in this, situation. That, we're going through but, again. We, got the feedback from from the stakeholders, and. That. They're, saying that it's, it's not a hundred percent so I'm not putting any more resources, towards. Us it's, not going to call cost. The taxpayers anything and we're. Just going to move. Forward and the, existing plates that we have in stock we have thirty-one, other vehicles, that we can we, can put them on last. Question that. Question, comes from Cynthia, Mulligan at Sun City TV please, go ahead, hi. Premier, this, is a pretty big, announcement, today that all retail, stores, with, a three dance entrance, can open ads up, on day. It. Raises, some particular. Challenges for Toronto, though we're the most covered 19 cases have been found it still trout struggling to keep those numbers under control, and, I remember at the start of all this when kovat was first, coming, to Toronto that, massive, lineup outside a gaming, store with a huge, crowd are, you concerned that Toronto's, not going to be able to control. The. Streets where there is a lot of shopping Yonge Street Queen Street bleuer etc. I mean it would be far more easier, for more rural communities to do this then Toronto, is this a concern, for you premiere what a good conversation, with merit. Or Elance and I just want to give a shout out at the Meritor he's been an incredible partner a very. Collaborative, and very cooperative. So. I want, to thank Merritt, Orion. We. Had this conversation last, night and as. I said there's a tale of two cities within Toronto it's almost like the province. There's the downtown. Dundas. Square and, and Queen, Street, maybe. A lot busier but. If you go to a Tobago where I live or Scarborough, or North York. You're. Not going to have these big lineups, a matter of fact the retailer's of wish there, was four or five people waiting in line to get. Into their stores but I fully understand. Downtown's. A whole different, kettle, of fish and, meritorious. Going. To be putting in the proper protocols, and make. Sure that number one is the, health and well-being of, the, citizens of, Toronto are taken care of and he's done an incredible, job, being. A true leader in that arena. Premier. Do you think maybe in Toronto, there, should be some, added. Security, measures, for people, for, example should Torontonians. In the downtown core anywhere, anyway, be wary that. I'm. Going to leave that up to Mara, Torre to put those protocols in place and, I fully understand. Why. You're saying that Cynthia, look, I think it was Austria, I'm. Pretty sure it was Austria there's a story in Austria that said. You know they, were they were able to reduce the cases by over 90 percent by everyone wearing, masks. And when I when, I talked to a doctor, on the Health table, I said, well you, know not, everyone's going to be able to get PPE it's, challenging, getting in for the government he, said even a even, a scarf, would be better than nothing at, all, so, the. Recommendation. To be. Safe if. You wear a scarf or try to get PPE. Surgical. Masks then they're not devised doing. That especially in a crowded area, like. Downtown, Toronto, or Dundas Square. Thank. You everyone thank. You everyone.

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