Ph.D. Ceremony Fall 2017

Ph.D. Ceremony Fall 2017

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Ladies. And gentlemen please, welcome your, fall. 2017. Georgia. Tech graduates. Students. Please, rise for the, president's, party processional. Well. Good morning with. The audience please rise and remain standing for the singing of the national anthem, which. Will be sung by the Georgia Tech Chamber, Choir. Can. You, see. By. The dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly. Please, be seated. Well, good morning and welcome. I'd. Like for us to take a moment to recognize the, veterans and, active service members in the audience if you, have served, or are serving in, the military in, any, branch would. You please rise and be recognized. Thank. You for your service at. This time I'm pleased, to introduce mr. Nishant, Zachariah, a doctoral, degree candidate. Who will give our reflection. Thank. You Perry president Peterson. My. Fellow graduates. May. I be so presumptuous, as to say that, I know what you're thinking as. You walk down that aisle found. The seat that was assigned to you pulled. Open the commencement booklet to the page which had your name on it you realized. That this day is finally here the day, that you've been working so hard for has, finally arrived, and as, you look to the list of names on that list on that page you. Also realize, that you're probably going to be here awhile so. I know I stand, between you, and celebration. With family and friends so, I'll keep my musing short the. First story I want to share with you comes, from this past October, I just defended, five months earlier and was working with Northrop Grumman and the, team that I was working with had, a vacancy, which needed to be filled I still. Remember, the interview of the person that we ended up picking he was a hard-working 38. Year old man a father. Of four would. Work diligently. To provide for his family, I remember. Going home that night just. Being struck by the immense, weight of the privilege, that, I had just experienced. Here. I was a five-month-old. Grad, interviewing. Somebody with a decade, more experience, to work on my team that is, the exact, same privilege, that each of you will experience, as you walk out those doors as a graduate, of the top-50 institution, in the world privilege. Intrinsically, is not a bad thing but. Whether how. We use it and whether we use it to lift those around us that defines how. It is how it is perceived. Today. We. Stand at these heights of academic, formal academic success. And. This, peak buffeted, by the winds, of success, let's, never forget the, valleys from which we have ascended. Think. Back to those moments before, your qualifying, exams, before, your preliminary exam, before the proposal presentation. And dissertate, and defenses and in, each of those moments it was the people in this room and those, who couldn't be here today that, lifted each and every one of us out of that, none. Of us stand in the Solidarity, of ourselves and, so let's in this prideful, moment never forget to be humble I'm, reminded, of what CS Lewis said when he said that humility. Is not thinking less of yourself it, is thinking of yourself less. One. Of the things that I think we need to think about is. The. Fundamental, humility. That. Each of us have have experienced. Through this process I. Would. Ask each of us to think back, to. How much we know now relative. To when we first walked through these doors.

Put. Yourself in your advisors, shoes and ask yourself, would, you choose to work with you I can't. Answer that for you but, I know for me that's. A resounding no each. Of our advisers demonstrated. A certain sense of grace a certain. Belief in not, what was but. Rather what, would be I would. Ask you to reflect that grace when you become the subject matter experts, in the room, when. People look to you for leadership reflect. That grace. Today. Each of us wear on our chests, the, emblem of the Georgia Institute of Technology you, see it right behind us -, let's. Never forget that that wearing, that emblem is a privilege on it it says progress and service. Let. Us serve with, humility and progress. With grace. Congratulations. Class of 2017, god bless. Thank, you to shop and good luck to you and your future endeavors. Graduates. Members. Of the faculty and, staff distinguished. Guests, families. And friends. It's, my great pleasure to, welcome you to the 250. Fourth commencement, exercises, here, at the, Georgia Institute of, Technology. This. Weekend's, commencement, exercises, recognized, the summer and fall graduates, and this. Morning we'll celebrate the graduation, of, 360. Doctoral, candidates, while. The cynics afternoon, will honor. 1450. Master candidates, and tomorrow. 1,350. Undergraduate. Degree recipients. As, we. Celebrate, the, successful conclusion, of, one chapter of your lifelong, education. It's. Important, to acknowledge that you've not done this alone, with. Us today our families. Friends, and colleagues, whose. Helped, love, and support have. Helped make this day possible, in. Addition. With, us today our faculty, members who've, guided, and mentored these, students, sharing. With them their time their, wisdom and their expertise. In order, to help each and every one of them reach, this important, milestone. With. The members of the faculty please, rise and be recognized. Thank, you. At. This time I'd like to recognize several, members, of the stage party and, I, ask that you hold your applause as they, stand when I call their names and wait, until I finished, introducing them all to recognize them. First. Dr.. Bonnie ferry vice provost, for graduate education and, faculty development, and, today's mace bearer. Not. Very good start guys. Dr.. Charles, Isbell executive. Associate dean of the College of Computing. Dr.. Carol Collett Rella associate. Dean Ivan, Allen College of, Liberal Arts. Dr.. Bruce stiff though chair. Of the School of City and regional planning College. Of Design. Dr.. Peter Thompson, senior, associate, dean of the Ernest J sheller jr., College of Business. Dr.. Robert Dixon professor. School of chemistry, and biochemistry, in the College of Sciences, dr.. Steve MacLaughlin, Dean of the College of Engineering.

Miss. Katherine, Murray rust Dean, of the libraries, and vice provost, for academic effectiveness. Dr.. Leslie Sharpe associate. Vice provost, for graduate education and, faculty development. Dr.. Steve cross executive. Vice president for research, dr.. Archie Ervin vice president. For Institute, diversity and mr.. John Stein vice, president, of student life and dean of students and miss. Rita pukowski registrar. Thank you for being with us today. This. Is a momentous, day for you as graduates and for your family and friends who are here celebrating with, you you've. Worked very hard to, earn your degree from one of the best institutions. In the country and in some fields, one of the best in the world. Our. Georgia Tech faculty here, in Atlanta. And around the world are engaged in research collaborations. In more than 100, countries, the. Institute has global centers, in Costa, Rica Panama, and, Singapore. And a, new joint campus, that we've recently, established in, Shenzhen, China and. For. More than 25, years Georgia. Tech has had a campus in Lorain, France. Many. Of you have partnered, in research with the potential, to change the world at Georgia. Tech we pride ourselves on, being trailblazers. Who drive real-world. Change, by. Embracing, challenges, thinking. Critically, in developing. Innovative solutions. To some, of the most pressing problems facing, our. Society society. Today, you. Will join others, this. Morning to, help address those problems. So. As I deliver, the commencement address this, is a bit of a new role for me and a, great honor we've changed the format a little, bit recently because of the increase, in the numbers of masters, graduates. That we have. I'm. Usually the one introducing, the speaker and many. Of you have heard the saying that the speaker today needs no introduction. Well. Today that, would be me, so, let's just skip that part. Over. A 40-year education. Over, a 40-year. Career. In, higher education, I've. Heard quite a few commencement. Speeches and, I've come to realize that. Some of the best ones are the. Ones that have shared from the heart that. Offers some inspiration, and that, are short so, the staff this morning I'm going to go for all three. First. Congratulations. On a job well done, your. Degree is special, Georgia. Tech is special, and you'll, care carry, forward, many, things that you've learned here. At the Institute. We're. Proud of you and you, should be very proud, of yourselves, and a. Bit relieved. While. Georgia Tech is an academically, demanding place. Many. Of you have, managed, to balance your studies and research with. Engagement in leadership, positions and other, activities, here, on campus and in, our community. You've. Accomplished, a great deal and I, was wondering, what, it was that I could say to you that, might help you in your future endeavors. After. Some reflection I, decided. That there were three things that I'd like to talk to you about this morning and that, may be important, to you as you. Move forward in this next step in your career. These. Are first the need, to keep learning. Just. Because you have a PhD doesn't. Mean you're finished with, your education. Second. The importance, of partnering with others, and third.

Your Responsibility. To give back a. Georgia. Tech PhD. Means something, it'll, open doors but it's up to you, to go through those doors, you. Now have a very deep knowledge in, your degree area, but. The world is constantly, changing. How. Many of you have one of these. Really. It's. Incredible to. Think that. These were invented and became. Commercially, available just. Ten years ago. What. Did we do before then, how. Did we manage our time, how. Did we live our lives I. Often. Say when was the last time that you, heard someone under 30 say, I don't, know. They. Whip this out and say just a second. One. Of my favorite authors is Thomas, Friedman an American, journalist, and Pulitzer Prize winner who's also a New York Times columnist. Because. Of his extensive research. He. Has, because. Of his extensive research, he's, become known as a futurist, in, 2005. He, wrote the world is flat in, 2008. He wrote hot flat and crowded and, in, 2011. He, wrote that used to be us he. Mentions Georgia Tech and two of these books and not. Long ago I read his latest book thank. You for being late an optimist. Guide to thriving in the age of acceleration. In. His, latest book he, talks about the rate of technological change, a subject. He frequently, addresses. To. Illustrate this he, takes a look back at 20. 2007. When. This iPhone was, commercially, available. He. Noted that in addition, to the iPhone. AT&T. Invested. In software, enabled networks big. Data emerged, open. Source software platforms. Were introduced, Facebook. Expanded. And Twitter was started, Google. Launched the Android the. Kindle, was first introduced, IBM. Began building Watson. The. Clean power revolution, began, and the, cost of DNA sequencing fell. Dramatically. And Intel, introduced, non silicon, based materials, into microchips. Allowing. Moore's law to, continue. Now. I suspect that many of you in the audience are familiar with Moore's law this. Is the hypothesis. Developed, by Gordon Moore in 1965. That, forecasted. That the number of transistors in a. Dense integrated. Chip, will. Double, in approximately. Every two years and, while. Its doubling, represents. An arithmetic increase. This. Change, results. In a much greater change, in the.

Rate At which information, can, be, created, and new. Knowledge, generated. This. Doubling, or arithmetic, change, has, created, a near geometric. Increase, in the rate of information, generation, in. Many. Ways Moore's. Law is a physical, representation, that, can serve as a microcosm, of our society. Today in. The. Early 1960s. My, father worked on the equipment that provided, real-time or. At least at what we thought then, was real, time information, about. Stock quotations. He. Used to take me to work with him and as a child I tested, vacuum tubes in the equipment that he serviced. Within. Just a very few, very short, years when. I was in junior high school those. Vacuum, tubes were replaced, by transistors and, he, lost his job left. Behind by changes, in technology. We. Often see the same thing happening today where. Things that we think of as current technologies, are being, replaced, at an ever-increasing rate. It's. Been said that the rate of knowledge generation, doubles, every two, years. This. Means that about half of what our incoming, freshmen learn by. Time they graduate it's. Obsolete. Now. It doesn't quite work like that but that's a good representation, and, it, helps us understand, how important, it is that you continue your, learning experiences. In. His, book thank you for being late Tom. Friedman, gave a shout out to AT&T and, to, Georgia Tech for our partnership. In the online masters, of science and computer science or OMS, CS, there's a couple of folks in the audience wavin, so I assume they're in that, program. The. Program has grown from three hundred and eighty students, in the first cohort four, years ago to, nearly six thousand students this fall in. Fact. Its rapid growth is one of the reasons that we've decided to separate, the master's ceremony, from. The ph.d ceremony. This morning and, it's. Interesting to note that. There are many students, in the. That, program, that already have master's, degrees and, in, the first, cohort there. Were 16 that, had PhDs, but they, realized the importance, of continuing. Their learning experience. The. Second thought I'd like to leave you with this morning is the importance, of partnerships, whether. It's in higher education business. Or international. Relations more. Can be accomplished, through partnerships, than, in any other way. One. Great example is the partnership we have with Emory University, in our biomedical, engineering, program which. 16 years ago didn't exist and, today is ranked, number one in the country and in. Fact many of the recent scientific. Breakthroughs, have occurred, at the interfaces, of different, disciplines. Another. Great example of, these partnerships, is the, recent announcement, by the National, Science Foundation, of the. Engineering, Research Center here, at Georgia Tech and cellular, manufacturing. The. NSF is investing, 20 million dollars in phase 1 of this project, and all. Told with the industry commitment, the commitment from, the state the commitment, from the, National, Science Foundation, this, will be somewhere between an 80 and 100. Million dollar endeavor, a consortium. Of universities, led. By Georgia Tech but. That includes the, Technical, College System of Georgia and. Several. Other institutions, from around the state, the. Goal will. Be to design and develop transformative. Tools and technologies, to, produce low cost high quality living. Therapeutic. Cells. A broad range of life-saving. Medical, therapies. This. Would, not be possible without. Partnerships. The, partnerships, that we have with Children's, Healthcare of Atlanta with. Emory University, much. Of which is taking, place in the, Krone engineered. Biosystems building, where. We are targeting 12. Different types of diseases and at, least 55, specific. Conditions, that are affecting, the human health. The. Breadth of the expertise, of the researchers, involved in this project is enormous, and, again. Signifies. The importance, of partnerships. Think. About how you can have how you can take the information that, you gained here at Georgia Tech and have. The greatest possible, impact, it. Will be through partnerships. Seek. Out those partnerships, and you'll, find it not only rewarding, and productive. But. Immensely gratifying, and. Finally. I want, to talk to you about giving back and not. Giving back in a financial, way but. Rather investing. Your time your, energy and your effort in the, lives of others as others.

Many. Of whom are here with us today have, invested, in you a, number. Of people have helped guide me throughout my career one. Is Ken Gaudi who is the assistant dean of engineering at, Kansas State University when, I was an undergraduate. He. Like me was one of a relatively, few who pursued, a degree in mechanical engineering, and. Competed. And varsity athletics. Ken. Invested, time and me and guided. Me through some difficult, times, when. I decided, that I wanted to pursue a PhD in, mechanical engineering, my, wife and on Val and I were, 29 years old and had, three children, can. Help me find a faculty position at Texas, A&M where. I could support my family and work, on a PhD, and I would never have been able to accomplish that without his guidance and his mentorship. Another. Person, who invested, in me is Ray Bowen the former president, at Texas A&M University. Ray. Was the president, was selected, as president when I became a new to Cartman hit and he, has impeccable integrity. And, a straightforward person. Who addressed, problems, head-on and has, always been someone that I admire, and. A, third person, who's, invested, in me probably, and perhaps without knowing, it is. Dr. Mary Sue Coleman who's, the former president, of the University. Of Michigan, she's, now president, of the Association. Of American Universities, of, which Georgia Tech is a member. Throughout. My career she's, advised me and provided, key insights, on a number of issues and were. Privileged, to have her as the commencement speaker for tomorrow's undergraduate. Ceremony. All. Three, of these individuals, invested. Time, in me. Through. Their investment, I was able to learn and grow and, their. Investment, came in many forms, often. I suspect, they didn't know or realize, that, they were investing. Instead. They, just made time for me in their lives not. To talk about technical, subjects, but, to humanize, their leadership through. The examples, they set forth in the, way they interacted, with others, including. Me. Now. Each of you have worked alongside your, major professors, and our, other fellow students, and, you'll. Now take that knowledge and expand it at other. Research, universities, or, in labs or, in industry, government, or, as an entrepreneur. Some. Of these people that you've worked with has, have, undoubtedly, made. An investment, in you and hopefully. You. In them, and, while. I encourage, you to develop your potential, to. The fullest, don't. Forget to thank those who, have helped you along your path. The. Question, is how. Can you now take your, expertise, your, experience, and your, time your. Energy and your wisdom and invest. It in others. The. Best way is to, guide, others. If you, have as you, have been guided. One. Of the great privileges, of my career has been the served as the president, here at Georgia Tech and one. Of the highlights of each academic year, is to, take part in presenting, you our graduates with your diplomas. When. You leave the McCamish pavilion today. Do. Not think of this as an, end but, rather as a beginning. Think. Of all you will be taking with you and know. That, as you go and throughout, your career and your, life you. Will be representing. The. Georgia Institute of Technology wherever. You go, you. Will be forever linked, to this institution and to the people who've invested in you as. Much. As you've already accomplished. You, have so much more potential, ahead of you and I, which East I wish, each and every one of you all the, best in your future endeavors. Congratulations. And Godspeed. We. Now come to the time that you've been waiting for the conferring of your degrees, the. Moment of walking across the stage represents, the culmination of much work and achievement, for each of our graduates as, I. Call the name of each graduate, doctoral. Candidate, and as. His or her advisor, comes. Forward I. Ask. That the advisor and the students, process. To the stage where, they will be hooded. After. You receive your hood provost. And executive vice president for academic affairs, Rafael.

Bras Will, congratulate, you with a handshake and present. You with, your diploma. At. This, time I'm pleased. To welcome dr., bras to the podium. Where. He will present the candidates, for the doctoral degree. Good. Morning. The. Awake you. Ready. Will. The candidates, for the doctoral degrees, please rise. Mr.. President, I have the honor of presenting to you the candidates, for, the doctoral degrees, who have completed, all requirements, for, those degrees upon. The. Recommendation, of the Faculty, of the Georgia Institute, of Technology and, by, the authority, of the Board of Regents of the University System, of Georgia I, confer. Upon, each of you the, degree of Doctor, of Philosophy with. All the rights privileges and. Responsibilities. Thereunto. Appertaining. Congratulations. On earning georgia tech's highest, degree. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Doctor. Tapa miok bhattacherji. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Charles, C CAP. Dr.. Michael eggs and er gray, the. Doctoral advisors, are dr. Chang Jung Karen, you and dr., Aaron Ames. Dr.. Philip Matthew, Bryce, the. Doctoral, advisor is dr. Charles, C camp. Dr.. Jung Jin, Kim. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Demetrios, and mattress. Dr.. Luis miguel, munguia. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. David, Albert Bader. Dr.. Jung Cho Park. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Demetrios, n max. Dr.. Robert, Samuel. Penta, the. Doctoral advisor, is dr. doone. Horan Xiao. Dr.. Paul Antonio. Khan Dainius lisanna, the. Advisor is dr. Chang, Zhu. Dr.. Lou Wong. Advisor. Dr., Irving, King Jordan. Dr.mohammed, Mahdi, Hasani, the. Advisor is dr. Karl, Jacob. Dr.. Nathan, Andrew, Rohnert, the. Advisor is dr. Susan. Thomas. Dr.. Rachel Diane, Simmons. The. Advisor is dr. hon, June Jo. Dr.. Megan Cecile. Farrell, Fairbanks. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Mann, Oh Oh plant. Dr.. Chang Chau gay, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Chang, Chu. Dr.. Candace Meghan, hovel, the. Doctor'll, advisors are dr. Lakeisha Jay Tate and dr., gilda a Barbie. Know and doctor, young taking. Dr.. Jessica, Cheng Joyce, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. mark, our presence. Dr.. Illya, Cole the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Craig, Richard, forest. Dr.. Jonathan, Gerald, Lyon, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Ravi, Bellamkonda. Dr.. Cheryl, Lao, San. Immaterial. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. edward a Bochy. Dr.. Maya Jacobs. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Elizabeth Diane, minute. Dr.. Yu Jiang Chen. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Emmanuel. Konstantinos, and Tanaka's. Dr.. Siddharth Choudary, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. henrik, i Kristensen.

Dr.. Jean Lee, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. James, Matthew, reg. Dr.. Tanner Shree Mitra. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Eric, Edmund Gilbert. Dr.. Abhinav, Naren, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Nicholas, Teamster. Dr.. Christopher Lee Simpkins. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Charles, Lee, is Bill. Dr.. Bharat Ramakrishnan. Srinivasan. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. mustafa. Ahmad. Dr.. Scene chang the doctoral, advisor is dr. meyer hero, Naik. Dr.. Tao to, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Katzen, Phu. Dr.. Mallory Elise, flowers. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Daniel, Charles, mattis off. Dr.. Caroline. Todd Burkhardt, the. Doctoral advisor, is dr. Valerie, Thomas. Dr.. Ian Lee. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Phillip Paul Shapiro. Dr.. Women, you. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Valerie, tongs. Dr.. Wayne Ralph. Drew's the. Doctoral. Advisor is dr. Stephen, W you Suleman. Dr.. Sen Yong the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Tibor Behcet's. Dr.. Mohammed, el beigey, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Daniel, Castro. Dr.. Dana Marlow, hobby, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Brian, stone, junior. Doctor. Allora re Raymond. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Dan, Emmerich. Dr.. Wen wen Zhang. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. superjet. Guhathakurta. Dr.. Christina Nicole, Harrington. The doctoral. Advisor is dr. john Allanson. Dr.. Wayne who. The. Doctoral advisors, are dr. Ravi Subramanyam. And dr., at La Atta suit. Dr.. Monk jaiswal. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Peter, Thompson. Dr.. Joshua Ryan. Gerald. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Boris. Wolinski. Dr.. Reagan, Renee Lawson. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Lewis a Wheaton. Dr.. Pamela Ruth growth. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Kim, in common. Dr.. John Philip, Marshall, hail, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Carol, s. Dr.. Yi Liu. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Yi, Dan. Dr.. Maria Mercedes, Pozzo, Bui the. Doctoral advisor is dr. emmanuel. De Lorenzen. Dr.. Hussain Rafiq, Suhani, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Kim, M calm. Dr.. Ray Xiang John, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. you, hang why. Dr.. UFA Jew. The. Doctoral advisor, is dr. Johan, wah. Dr.. Lin M cha. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Michael. Guzman. Dr.. Cody Shan Clemens. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. mark, Edward hey. Dr.. Ishwar e Jiang, Khan were, the. Doctoral advisors, are dr. Brett D wick and dr., Michael Lacey. Dr.. Joseph Donald, Walsh the third the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Luka. DSC. Dr.. Thomas Matthew, Gable, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Bruce, and water. Dr.. David Randall Keene the doctoral, advisor is dr. James, Roberts. Dr.. Chen yuan, Chang, the. Doctoral adviser is dr. David Citroen. Dr.. Michael, Stephen Demetria. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Paul M gold, bars. Dr.. Yuan, Zhang. The. Doctoral advisor, is dr. G, gang Zhang. Dr.. Gregory Thomas, Richards. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Adam. Nip amuck Oh. Dr.. Amy Michelle, Aaron, worth, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Pamela. Peralta, yaaaa. Dr.. Aaron Lee Gaara, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Giri, Janata. Dr.. Caroline, Bradshaw. Hoyt the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Christopher, W, Jones. Dr., - Shan Wong, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Robert, and Dixon. Dr.. Smith uh sorry. Janardan. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. kenneth, branagh. Dr.. Maria. Cynthia, Martin, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Stefan, a France. Dr.. Adam, Michael, McCollum. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Krystof, J Farney. Dr.. Sabiha, Runa, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Christine, Payne. Dr.. Yuan Li. The. Doctoral adviser is dr. David Goldberg. Dr.. Zhi Hao Li. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Julie, Lee Ann Swan. Dr.. Carl Morris. The. Doctoral advisors, are doctor hyeri, a AIA and dr., Shi ji Dae. Dr.. Chi Chi so. The. Doctoral advisors, are dr. Shabbir Ahmed and dr., Shu Sun. Doctor. Cui Ben Chang. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Satish, Kumar. Dr.. July Dean, the. Doctoral advisor is dr. Nazanin. Assyriko. Dr.. Wrenn David. Jerry and the. Doctoral advisor, is dr. Vladimir, chakra. Dr.. James Vincent, galati, jr.. The. Doctoral advisor is dr. Walter, ADA, here. Dr.. Timothy Bryant, qualm the. Doctoral advisor is dr. rau, art Amala. Dr.. John Coon no the. Doctoral advisor, is dr. Jean, Luc Ibrahim. Dr.. Christopher, mark, Oberstein. The. Doctoral, advisor is dr. Shu pin Wang.

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As The newest members of the, Alumni class, of, the Georgia Tech Georgia Institute. Of Technology I like, many of you have the opportunity to experience some of the benefits of the Alumni Association as a student for, me it was participation. In the Georgia Tech ambassador's, program and the student foundation that exposed me to the power of the Georgia Tech Alumni Network for. You perhaps it has been participation, in the Student Alumni Association. Or through mentor jackets the nation's largest student. Alumni mentoring, program, if you, are already engaged with the Alumni Association, via the Student Alumni Association. That's great continue. Your involvement through young alumni programs, if, you were a student mentee, now, take the opportunity, to serve as a mentor to students, a few years behind you if, this is your first exposure to the Alumni Association, take it from me there, is no better time to get connected than shortly after graduation, with, an array of programs and resources geared. To your alumni a global. Network of alumni. Networks. And affinity, groups relevant. Opportunities to leverage the resources of the Alumni Association abound, you, have now joined ranks with more than one hundred and fifty four thousand fellow graduates, of Georgia Tech who not surprisingly are, some of the most impressive accomplished. Intelligent. And capable, people, on earth your. Georgia Tech Alumni Association, stands ready to facilitate, your ongoing connection, to Georgia Tech and its incredible, alumni. With. Whom you will develop relationships, that I can assure you will last a lifetime, undoubtedly. One, of the most important, ways to stay connected to Georgia Tech is through participating, in roll call Georgia. Tech's Annual Fund for excellence, now, before you get nervous I want to give you some good news and recognition. Of the fact that we know that it can be difficult to give as you are just starting your career your fellow alumni who, have come before you are personally donating twenty-five dollars in each of your names for, this year so consider, yourselves covered next.

Year, Please make support of roll call an annual tradition whether. Your gifts are big or small your support, combined, with tens of thousands of other proud alums provide, Georgia Tech with the resources, it needs to be relentless in its continual, pursuit of excellence and as a result we'll, ensure that our alma mater future, will always be brighter than its past again. Congratulations. And welcome to the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Thank. You David and congratulations. To our newest, group of PhDs. At. This time the, Georgia Tech Chamber, Choir will, lead us in the alma mater followed. Immediately by, the faculty recessional. The. Graduates, in the audience are requested to, remain standing, as the platform party. Recesses then. I invite, all of you to join in one. Of the best known fight songs in the country, the ramblin wreck of Georgia Tech, afterwards. I welcome, all of you to, attend, the, president's graduation. Celebration in, the Student Center ballroom. Shuttles. Will be available to transport guests, the entire afternoon departing, from the east entrance of the McCamish pavilion. For. Our newest graduates we have a special, treat as you, exit, the McCamish pavilion this, morning the, whistle will blow several, times in your honor, thank. You have, a wonderful day and congratulations. Ah. I. Treat, you all good fellows who, come from pardon, here I'm a ramblin. Gamblin.

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