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Hi. Everyone thanks for joining us for cloud next on air. Exciting. To be part of this new virtual format, though. It does make it a bit harder to hear if anyone laughs at my container jokes so. Maybe we'll skip those this time and, get right to the point we, are excited, for what we have in store for you over. The coming weeks in, just. A few minutes Thomas will walk you through some of our new product, initiatives. But. First I wanted to share a few words about where we have been and where I see, us going. Like. Many of you we've been trying to figure out how to be helpful in this moment, the. Pandemic. Combined. With the racial justice, movement happening, all around us, has. Made us look at the world with new eyes, it's. Been an opportunity to, challenge our established. Ways of working, and chart, new patterns. This. Is something we have experienced, over the last few months at Google. While. Building products, across distributed. Teams was a new for us doing. It during a pandemic with teams working from home brought. Additional challenges, this. Experience, allowed, us to put our own tools, to the test and make good, use of our, infrastructure, investments. In. The process, we gained deeper, insights into what, tools will be helpful, to others. From. Building exposure, notification. Technology, and helping. Public health authorities, monitor. And allocate, critical, resources. To. Deploying Chromebooks, to underserved, populations, to help bridge the digital divide. To. Making our meet video conferencing, available, to everyone, I'm, proud. Of how Google and Google, cloud have stepped up in these moments I'm. Equally. Proud of how our customers have met the moment and I'm honored that we could assist, for. Example, we help companies like Colgate, Twitter. And Netflix, make. The work from home transition, easier, for thousands, of employees. We. Helped, retailers, like Lowe's and Target, scale to meet increased, demand. We. Helped, hospital. Systems like HCL healthcare take. Better care of patients, and, we. Helped millions of children from Italy, to Indonesia, to Indiana, learn, online and. We. Help governments, deliver a broad range of social services, from. Processing, millions of unemployment, inquiries. In Illinois. And New York to. Keeping the judicial, system up and running in Peru. The. Goal was always to help you help, yours. Your. Customers, your, clients your employees, and your, communities. Now. We are focused on helping organizations.

Adapt, To the changing world. This. Economy, start to reopen it's, clear, we are returning to a world much, different, than the one we left. It's. Too early to know exactly. How these changes will work but. There are three Trans BC first. The. Future of work will be more digital, we. Are already, seeing the long term actuation, of businesses. Moving to digital services. Including. Increased, online, work, education. Medicine. Shopping. And entertainment. These. Changes will be significant, and lasting. More. Than 75% of companies say they plan to accelerate, their digital transformations, that means. More investments, in cloud. Recent. Estimates show public cloud penetration, increasing. To 20 percent, by 2023. Second. The future of work will be more collaborative. As. Large teams and organizations know. Collaboration. Is key to success. Companies. Are now investing, to keep teams connected, and create, community, virtually. Using. Tools like cloud productivity, suites and media, conferencing, we've all been able to successfully transition, to work from home, but. We are still working, from, a foundation that, was made around, conference, tables just a few months ago the. Next phase will be more unstructured requiring. A Saltine must in creative, solutions, and evolve. Our tools to facilitate collaboration. Third. The, future fork will be more flexible, since. School's earliest, days we believed you don't have to be at your desk to get work done a, pandemic. Has reaffirmed, that work is not defined, by a physical place, can. Happen anywhere in a, survey of us CFO's more said co-ed will have a lasting, impact on improving their work flexibility. As we. Adapt to new models of working, it, will be important, to create moments for serendipitous, encounters. Knowing. That some of the best innovations start. From a conversation, over lunch or, while. Making coffee in the break room as, work. Becomes more digital. Collaborative. And flexible. Customers. Will turn to the cloud to innovate, for future growth and to navigate economic. Shifts they. Need a technology partner who, can deliver security.

Flexibility. And solutions. We. Are tried and tested for this moment over. The past few years companies. Around the world have, turned, to us to help with their digital transformations. And the, reinvention. Of their business models our growth. Reflects, that as we. Shared in our q1 results, the, cloud business grew more than 50% year-over-year, and, as. A run rate of more than 10 billion dollars a year, we. Continue, to invest whether, its opening additional. Cloud regions in Italy Spain. Chile. And Indonesia. Hiring. Great talent, or offering. The most advanced, technologies. Last. Year we were proud to launch and toss a cloud next this. Year we are announcing a new solution, that, allows you to keep cloud workloads, private, by. Encrypting data anytime, even while, it's in use we'll. Also introduce a multi cloud analytic. Solution, powered by anthos to make moving between clouds even. Smoother, I'm. Going to turn it over to Thomas Korean our Google, cloud CEO, to tell us more about these plans but. First let. Me thank all of our customers, and partners who, put their trust in Google cloud the. World may be changing, but, our commitment to helping you innovate for the future is stronger. Than. Thank. You. What. We're seeing today is, that there's this new technological revolution. Taking place, we. Have a holdout, districts. Across. 140,000. Employees we're. Building, brand new businesses, and spaces, we haven't been in before, we, don't need to worry about all the details that aren't core to our product and that frees us up should use modify, specific, things. Leveraging. Speech-to-text, API, with, an 80% reduction in. Processing. Time now, our team can look at hundreds, of calls a day minutes. Instead of weeks we. Have migrated. 180. Application. To the cloud in 2019. Our employees, are able to access petabytes. Worth of data at their fingertips you. Can be quicker than everybody else you're on an enormous competitive advantage, and that's where Google cloud has really really helped us. Thank. You sundar. We. At Google cloud, have been touched by the many ways in which people. Have worked so heroically, through. This pandemic and we've. Been grateful for the work that our, organization, has been able to do to, support, institutions. During this period of great change, while. The process of recovery, will be gradual. Were. Committed, to helping organizations. To. Reimagine. Their. Businesses, as they. Emerge from the pandemic our, mission. At Google cloud has. Been to exhilarate. Every. Organization's. Ability, to. Digitally, transform, their. Business, and to. Reimagine, their. Business, through. Data powered innovation. We. Offer three. Important, capabilities. To. Enable this. Distributed. Infrastructure, as a service, a, digital. Transformation platform. An. Industry-specific. Digital. Transformation, solutions. Let's. Start by looking at. Infrastructure. As a service. Our. Vision, for infrastructure. As a service, is. To offer customers. Advanced. Capability. Compute. Storage. Network. That. You can elastically. Spin up through. An API or through a console. Secured. With a variety of advanced. Security capabilities. That, protect, your. Data and your. Business applications and. Managed. And monitored through. A single pane of glass we. Offer this. Through. A global, network, of cloud. Regions, which, are high scale, and designed. To be highly available and resilient, and. Designed. To operate, as a. Network. Of warehouse, scale data centers, that, look. To. A, programmer. Or a customer. As a single. Extraordinary. Large, computer, we. Provide for environments. In which you, can use our, infrastructure.

Technology, In, Google's, cloud regions. In. Your, data center, something. Called hybrid, cloud on, top. Of other cloud, providers. Multi, cloud and, even. In the telecommunications. Mobile. Edge computing, environment, you, can use our infrastructure. In, any, of these contexts. With, a single, open. Programming, model and API. Recognizing. The demand, for. Our cloud. Technology in. Many, different parts of the world and, from. Global, multinational. Customers, we. Broadened, our region footprint, we're. Now live in 24, regions, and, 73. Zones, globally. Allowing. Us to service customers in, over, 200. Countries around the world we're. Also proud of our continued, commitment to, renewable. Energy we've. Been the largest procurer. Of renewable. Energy and we've, been hundred-percent. Carbon, neutral for, many years. We're. Very pleased to introduce a, number of new innovations. In our. Infrastructure. We've. Made significant. Enhancements. To our compute, solutions, to. Both improve performance. And. Improve. The, price, performance or, the, cost value, of compute. With, a number, of new, compute. Offerings, as well. As support, for large memory shapes, we're. Also pleased, to introduce bare-metal. Services, to. Run, compute. Environments. That require the. Performance. And. Capability. Of a bare-metal environment. We've. Introduced, a number of new capabilities for. Storage, with. A high-performance, highly, scalable, elastic. File system, further. Enhancements. To our persistent, disk solution, and. Enhancements. To our. Archival. And storage, footprint, in. Networking. We've, introduced, new capabilities. Enhancements. To a CDN, offering. Further. Improvements. In cloud armor, our Application. Firewall and. Evolution. And enhancements. Of our, network intelligence offering. That, allows your customers to, optimize. How. You run traffic, on our, global network. We. Made further optimizations. For se. P2. Support very large si P environments. As largest. 24, terabytes in, our cloud and we. Help you migrate. And, modernize. IBM. Mainframe. UNIX. Workloads. Windows. And Oracle, workloads, into. Google cloud, all. Of this is managed through a comprehensive. Data. Center, assessment. Migration. Tools. And, methodology. To. Make it easy. Cost-efficient. And, quick. To. Migrate, workloads. To Google, cloud. We. Recognize, when you move workloads to Google cloud that. Security. And privacy are, important. Areas, of risk and a, concern, for customers, and so. Very pleased to introduce a, number of new advances, in security. And privacy. First. We're. Introducing. A new, capability. Called confidential. Computing. Confidential. Computing, allows. You, as a customer to, run. Workloads. In Google. Cloud and to. Ensure that data, is not. Only encrypted. At rest and, in transit, but. Is even, encrypted, while.

It's Being processed. This. Gives you the ability to, ensure, that all, your data is protected. All the time. When. It is being processed, with, Google. Secondly. We've introduced, a number of solutions, to protect, and, give, you threat visibility. For. Intrusion. Beyond. Corp 4-0. Trust. Access, to. Applications. That are web-based in. Google cloud and even at your premise, and on other clouds and. Lastly. To make it easy for, our customers, to ensure. That their, cloud, workloads, are running. In compliance, with, either, industry. Standard, requirements. Or. Your. Own IT. Organizations. Compliance. Standards, we're. Introducing, something called a short cloud which. Allows you to ensure that your, cloud. Is running in compliance, with these. Operational. Requirements. And that. You can then use that to, a test that you're, operating, a cloud in compliance. With industry regulations, in. Addition. To security. Google. Also has a, very. Firm commitment, to, privacy, of your. Data. We. Recognize, at Google cloud that. Your data is your. Data and no. One else's. When. You move data into, a cloud. We. Do not sell, your data to any third parties. We. Do not use it for advertising. We. Only use, it to. Deliver the, cloud service, that. You are consuming, in Google, cloud, we. Guarantee, the integrity of your data by. Encrypting, it at rest. And. In transit and. With. Confidential, computing. Even. When it's being processed. With. Access. Transparency. Access. Justification. And, access. Approval. You. Have sole, control of. Who. Can. Access, your data and you. Can even deny Googlers. Access. To your data. No. One at Google has standing, access to your data and you. Have sole control, of the, location. In which. Your primary, copy your. Secondary, copy and any. Backup, maintained. Finally. With. External, key manager. You. Also can, maintain the. Encryption. Keys. Off-site. From Google an air-gapped. From. Any employee, at Google all. Of, these standards have, been, vetted, and. Accredited. Against. International. Norms. Now. That you've heard about our commitments, on global. Scale infrastructure, as, well. As security, and privacy, let's. Hear from Spotify. On how. They using our infrastructure. To scale, their business globally. More. Than just a music, company these days our mission, at Spotify is to connect, two million creators with a billion, fans so that's very exciting it's, also a huge challenge the. Problem is bigger than just the number of fans that we have is also the amount of content, that we have at peak working. Per. Day we were reaching this with tipping point where the current system, wouldn't scale it and, that's where Google Cloud comes in. Google. Cloud takes care of a lot of the complexity, of our business we don't need to worry about the infrastructure, we don't need to worry about all the details that aren't core to our product and that frees us up to, do, specify. Specific things. Being, creative being innovative, experiment. Faster, and the results weightless, moving. To Google Cloud in their platform really, freed us up to accelerate. Our development, and we, kind of skyrocketed, we have a first phone belief that we can, together, with google build the, best cloud for us. Built. On this global, scale infrastructure, is our. Digital transformation. Platform, which. Provides you a number of capabilities to modernize. Your. Applications. To. Process, data at scale, for. Analytic, purposes and to use. Google's, machine learning, tools. To, understand, data in new ways, for. Application, modernization. We've. Made many, enhancements. To. Our anthos, technology. And we're. Proud to introduce those, to. You today. First. When. You run anthos, in. Your, data, center in a, hybrid cloud mode we. Provide, you the capabilities, not just to run Antos, on, vmware. But. Also are introducing, a bare, metal version. Of anthos which. You can run in, your, existing. Hardware. Platforms, whether. They are by Cisco, Dell, HP, or, others. We've. Also broadened, Anto. Support, to. Allow you to run anthos not. Just in Google Cloud but. Also on, eight of us and we. In preview, on Azure, we. Allow you also, to use anthos, not, just to run cloud. Native. Containerized. Workloads, but. Also manage, virtual, machines, so that, you can mix both. Greenfield. And, brownfield. Workloads. In a, single, system. Finally. We're, bringing anthos, as a foundation. To mobile edge clouds, and we'll. Talk about that just a little bit later on so we've, broadened, our, commitment. Anthos. Not. Just in Google's cloud but. Providing, you a single. Way to, deploy. Secure. And manage, workloads. Brownfield. And greenfield in your. Data center and hybrid, in.

Google Cloud on. Amazon. And azure and, even. Out on a telecommunications. Edge anthos. Gives you a great. Platform. To. Modernize, your application, estate, we. See us delivering, three important. Capabilities. With anthos, first. It, provides, you a comprehensive. Framework to. Help you modernize, your development, practices, it. Helps you improve. How, quickly you can develop, bills how. You promote, bills, how. You manage, and scale your entire, development, pipeline and, is, based on years of experience, that. Google has in providing. Some of the industry's, best software, practices. In, developing. And scaling. Cloud-based services. We. Complement. That with, an, operational. Set of tools that, lets you run. Monitor. Secure. And manage applications. Not. Just in Google cloud but. In a hybrid, and multi. Cloud way in a, single. System a single. Pane of glass and, with, a single set of, operational. Practices, and policies, this. Gives you a much. More consistent. Way in. Operating. Your, cloud. Across. Multiple, cloud, providers and. It. Gives you a customer's. Choice in. Using. The cloud provider, that best suits you. Because. Anthos is based on open source and. Technologies. Like kubernetes, it allows. You to. Optimize and. Maintain. Choice, in the, adoption of, cloud. Technology in, your, organization. We've. Also standardized. Within anthos two, important, additional, elements, one. Is a set of operational. Best practices, things. Like site, reliability engineering. Which. Are designed to give you a best. Practice, in how, to do DevOps, and how. To modernize. Your IT organizations. Operational. Practices, we. Also give, you a data-driven, framework. To. Understand. How. Best to adopt, and, modernize. Your application. Environment, and using. Benchmarking. That. Compares. Yours. Did, your, data center, and operational. Practices, the industry, benchmarks, you can make very. Specific decisions. On where. To start and where. Best to adopt anthos, all. Of, these advances. Have driven. The, adoption, of anthos, very, quickly. The. Second, piece of our platform, is our, data and analytics, portfolio.

It's. Used by many many organizations, around the world to. Understand, data, to. Make. Operational. And, business. Decisions. We. Have very pleased, to, introduce today. Some. Important, new advances. The. First is. Bigquery. And the. Ability to run bigquery, and, use. It to. Analyze data. From. Azure and, Amazon. In. Other words from. Just big queries user interface, you. Can now query, data in Amazon. And Azure without. Having to move that data to. Google Cloud so. You can bring. The power of bigquery analytics. To. Where your data sets, without. Having to pay expensive. Egress, fees in moving. Their data from. Other cloud providers to, Google it is, a representation, of, Google's. Continued, innovation, and commitment. To multi cloud bringing. You the, best analytics. And data warehouse technology. To, where your data sets as opposed. To requiring you, to move their data to Google Cloud we. Also recognize, a number, of industries, whether that's in retail, or financial, services, you, want to do an analytics. On real, time data and we. Have brought in and improved, our, streaming. Analytics capability. To support as much. As a hundred parallel. Streams, with, bigquery. To. Make it easy for analysts. To ask questions, and to. Understand, data we've. Added, natural. Language, query interface to bigquery that's. Integrated, with Google, sheets as, well. As you, can integrate it with BOTS to. Make it easy to automate how. Queried analysis, is done. With, bigquery. To. This analytics, foundation, we've. Added two important, advances, this year first. We. Recognize, that you may have many different, data sources in many. Different clouds, and even. On your premise to. Give you consistency. In how you, view data. Across. All these sources, to. Have a consistent. Set of data definitions. To. Expose, these different, data sources through. A data API on, top. Of which you can do. Dashboarding. You. Can build, operational. Workflow, and you can, integrate. Data-driven. Applications. Into. Your business we've. Taken, looker. And, integrated. As a foundational. Element of our analytics, portfolio. To. This enterprise data platform, we've, also made advances, in our machine learning portfolio. One. Of the very important, elements, of what we're trying to do with machine learning is to. Give you a machine learning pipeline, and a. Single workbench, in which. You can develop, models. Test. And, validate. The models and, promote. And scale, these models, in exactly. The same way that. You could think of your software development pipeline. It. Makes models, easy. To manage. Easy. To scale and, easy. To validate. Now. That we've described, some of the capabilities for a platform. Let's. Hear from a Lee being securities. Investment. Management and financial institution, Goldman. Sachs on how. They're using our, technology. To transform, their business. Goldman. Sachs is a place where macroeconomic. Events, are studied, and analyzed, where transactions. Are conducted where risks are measured we're. Approaching brand new problems, building, brand new businesses, and spaces, we haven't been in before, these are big moves for us we. Are a wholesaler, of risk we, need to be measuring, factoring. Analyzing. And monitoring, risk, how. Do we maximize the, compute, power how, do you execute things faster. It's absolutely. Imperative for, us to be on the leading edge there and pick, partners who we can really rely on in those domains. Google's. Capabilities. Are so extraordinary, the, way that we factor compute, cycles the way that we express our technology, that's. Been transformed dramatically. You. Basically, have all these building, blocks already, existing, that Google provides you that, helps you to beat a product faster it helps you evolve faster, Google's, been able to both meet our needs in the moment and it also be a great thought partner about where this could go over time. Gee. Sweet is a, product, that seen, enormous adoption.

Over The, past several years but. Hugely, exhilarated. Because. Of the pandemic as a. Commitment, to our customers, to, educational. Institutions and. Citizens. And people around the world we. Made Google, meat, free. And available to everyone in, the. World, we've. Seen enormous adoption. And growth of, Google. Meat, similarly. We. Took a number of capabilities of. Google's. G, sweets. Business. And Enterprise, Edition, and made. It available to. Consumers. And businesses, so. That they could do business without. Having. To pay for, basic. And enterprise, during, this pandemic. Responding. To customer, demand we also introduced G suite essentials. It. Integrates, meetings. Drive. Dark. Sheets, and slides to. Give you a great. Tool set if you. Are a company that's. Made a decision to. Run a different email system. All. Of these innovations, have. Driven adoption. Of G, suite to. Over, two billion users as, at. The end of last year. Now. We recognize that, collaboration. Constantly. Evolves. People. Want to find new ways to work. With people, within, their organization. And outside, of their organization. We. Also recognize, there are too many tools, making. It super difficult for. An organization, to manage, collaboration. In a. Secure. And manageable. Way, to. Make it even, easier for, you. Our, users, to. Adopt our. Technology. And to collaborate with one another we're. Integrating. More, of these pieces together. To give you not just one. Tool set but. To also make them better, together. Just. Two examples. We. Brought, meetings. So. You can have seamless. Communication. Audio. And video calling and meetings, from. Within Gmail and. We're, also now integrating. Chat. As a. Powerful. First-class. Enterprise. Quality, chat solution, within. Gmail so. We're not just bringing you new capability. We're, also integrating, these, capabilities, into. A unified, experience, that. Makes them very. Powerful and, easy to use. The. Third part, of our. Portfolio is, our. Industry. Specific, digital, transformation, solutions. We. Offer a, broad. Range, of, industry. Specific. Digital, transformation, solutions, that. Are based on, Google's. Expertise, in AI and machine learning and are. Designed, to apply, this. Machine learning expertise, to. Solve important. Business. Problems, in. Different. Industries. These. Not only help you save. Cost. Solve. Important, business challenges, for example fraud. In financial. Services. Demand. Planning, in retail. Quality. Inspection, in manufacturing. But. Also help you get, results quickly, because. You do not have to hire an army of data scientists. In. Order to get these business, solutions, for. Your. Organization. Let's. Start by looking at one of these industries, retail. We. Solve three important, problems, for retailers. The. Ability, to accelerate. How. You monetize. Omni-channel. Commerce. To. Transform. Your organization, into. A data-driven. Customer. Centric retailer, and. To. Modernize your. Core, retail. Operations. Let's. Hear from one of the. World's leading retailers. Carrefour. Who. Uses our technology. To. Modernize, their business I. Think. Therefore is a pretty, unique, company. We. Have a huge, transformation, program.

Underway To. Really bring. Innovation. To the food industry and make. Sure that what we do is better for the planet the way we produce the, way we distribute. But. Our main focus is ready to make sure that we, make good. Food accessible. To all and through, all distribution. Channels. It's. Gonna take a whole company, to make that change possible. We. Have holdouts. Districts, across. 140,000. Employees. Thanks, to Google cloud platform technology. We are redefining, the. Ways of doing shopping, developing. Omni-channel, value. Proposition, for our customers, we're. Extremely proud to, have Google as a partner, to empower. The food to, exceed its ambition. If. You're a communications. Company, we. At Google cloud, can help you in three. Important, ways we. Can help you monetize. 5g. And edge, computing. We. Can help you transform, how. You serve. Customers and, we. Can modernize your core. Network, operations. For. Instance, for, helping, a leading. Communications, company. Transform. Its contact, center, through. Virtual, agent technology, that. Streamlines. How, they assist. Customers, through. Voice as, well. As soft service channels. Answering. Questions and, assisting. Human, agents. Thereby. Lowering cost. And, improving. Net. Promoter Score. All. Of this constitutes. Our solution. For what's called mobile edge cloud. What. We're offering with mobile edge cloud is the ability for a, telecommunications. Company, to. Build a set, of virtualized. Network. Functions, and, cloud. Native functions, for. Your packet, core for. A EPC. And for. Your radio access network on, top of Google's cloud. We. Also offer a. Prepackaged. Catalog, of, solutions. Whether. That's for industrial. Internet, of Things. Smart. Retail, smart. Manufacturing and. Other solutions. These. Allow carriers. To. Work with Google. And our partners, to. Deliver edge cloud. Solutions. Whether, it's a private. 5g. LTE, solution.

For, Customers or. In. Your own central. Offices, if. You're. A financial, services, institution. We. Can help you in three important, ways. To. Accelerate omni-channel. Banking. To. Transform. Yourself, and how. You use data to run your business and to. Modernize core, IT operations. We. Can accelerate. Omni-channel, banking. With solutions. For. Digital. Banking. For. Speeding. Up origination. And. Automating. Processes around. Origination. And processing. We. Can give you a data. Foundation. For. Customer, analytics. Market. Simulation. And risk simulations. Measuring. And reporting, your. Liquidity, position, and. Through. Our high performance compute solutions. Modeling. A number, of market, indexes, and handling. Statutory. Regulatory, requirements. If. You're in healthcare, or life sciences, we. Can also help you in a variety of important, ways, we're. Helping Life. Sciences, organizations. Exhilarate. The process, of drug discovery and. Delivery. And distribution. If. You're a hospital, or. A provider. We. Can help you improve, how. You deliver, patient, care in a, secure. And continuous. Way and. Finally. We, can also modernize. The. Core, IT infrastructure. For. Life sciences, and healthcare institutions. We. Provide a variety of solutions whether that is genomic. Data management. Drug. Simulation. And analytics. For. Drug discovery. We. Offer with our partners. Really. Great solutions, for telehealth. To. Help doctors, take care of patients and to, help doctors, nurses, and, hospital. Staff, collaborate. Among themselves and. We're. Also working with leading, hospitals. And life. Sciences, organizations. To, modernize if core, IT, operations. One. Of these leading providers. Is. Humana. Let's. Hear from them on how they're. Using Google cloud to. Transform. Their, business operations. The. Work I do I love, so much because, I believe, in the, power of really, great healthcare it's. All about the members Healthcare is, filled full of these fractured, experiences. Customers. Call us patients, callers members, call us and you, can imagine a, team that's just buried. Under the weight of thousands. Of call, recordings, we asked how can we apply new. Innovative, technology. To be able to process those, interactions, with, automation, at a faster, pace that's what led us to Google, Cloud. With. The power of Google cloud infrastructure. Build time is minimized. Now our team can look at hundreds, of calls a, day in minutes, instead of weeks with, an 80% reduction in. Processing. Time that's right we did that there's been a great partner supporting, our members to help them realize. They're the best health potential thinking. Differently about healthcare. Thinking differently about how we do our business in, a way that hasn't been done before. We. Are introducing. A large. Number, of product. Innovations, and. Working. In incredible. Partnerships. With. Many, leading. Organizations. Around the world to, transform. And. Modernize. Their, IT platforms. And their. Business. We're. Very encouraged. By, all of, the momentum that, we're seeing and feel. Grateful, for, the opportunity. That leading. Organizations. Have provided us to. Help them, reimagine. Their business, and to, exhilarate. Digital, transformation. As they. Emerge from the pandemic. Because. Of the. Global, demand that we're seeing, we. At Google cloud are, investing. Aggressively in. Ensuring. Your. Success, as a customer. Or partner. There. Are many different, things that we're doing. Expanding. And specializing. Our global sales team.

Introducing. New mission-critical. 15. Minute response time support, a. Well-defined. Methodology. For. Data center, transformation. And a. Strong, and expanding. Global, partner Network. We're. Also excited today to, introduce the. Google, cloud customer. Community, an. Independent. Customer, community, in many. Different parts of the world they're. Designed to bring together you. Our customers, so, that you can learn from each other, give. Us feedback and, how we can evolve our products, and. Develop. Methodologies. To, transform. Your, business. We're. Accelerating a global, learning and certification. Curriculum. Expanding. A global customer, and developer, programs, and, working. With our, customers. And partners, not. Just to bring the advances, in Google Cloud but. To bring you the very best of Google and all. Of, the, innovations. In Google. To, you. This. Is a very defining, moment for all of us around the world to. Have the hope and the, optimism. To. Reimagine. Your. Business, as you. Recover, from the pandemic. We. At Google, take. Our responsibility. To. Support. You in that mission and, we're. Working hard. To deliver, you. Amazing. New product. Innovations and. Delivering. Them to you, through. Our global. Go to market organization, and, through. Our amazing, partners. We. Hope that. Together, we. Can find new ways to. Build, a bright. Future, for. Your business, and to. Transform, your organization, through. Technology. In the, years ahead. We. Want to thank each of you our, customers. And partners, for. The amazing, work you've done with us and, we. Look forward to further, deepening, our collaboration, with you in the, months ahead, thank. You. You.

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