Online Class: “Talk Crafty To Me” T-shirt Tutorial | Michaels

Online Class: “Talk Crafty To Me” T-shirt Tutorial | Michaels

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Meghan Rodenhouse: Alright hi everyone For those of you who don't know my name is megan with sawgrass technologies, we are a sublimation company. Meghan Rodenhouse: And we do a little dabbling in printable vital so before I get started, while we wait for everybody to come into the room, please tell me your name. Meghan Rodenhouse: Where you're from and if you've attended one of our classes in the past or now we've been doing these classes for a few months now, so i'd love to see where you guys are all at with your knowledge of sublimation. Meghan Rodenhouse: So I can better tailor this class to what you all need to know moving forward, and if you watch any of our academy videos or our Facebook live videos let me know as well and it's going to reach over here, so you all know. Meghan Rodenhouse: I am looking at the computer here, but we have a computer on the side here, where I am monitoring your comments and your questions, so if you see me looking to the side, that is what I am looking at so i'll be trying to monitor and answer everything as we go, so that no one gets lost. Meghan Rodenhouse: Berlin Berlin nita said it's your first time and she's excited sloan says completely green I like that that's a really cool way of saying i'm new here.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So i'm gonna let all these comments kind of come in for a little while before we get started, so that nobody misses out on any of the fun stuff that we are doing today. Meghan Rodenhouse: tiny discovers Silhouette last night she's very excited That is fantastic galaxy is new JESSICA got her sawgrass last week that is awesome to hear and she is brand new rhonda says love learning new things Marietta is new. Meghan Rodenhouse: diane says she's watching before diane I appreciate you coming back even though you wash me before, so thank you very much, sherry is new. Meghan Rodenhouse: Lisa just got the printer in the mail today is also so that we have a lot of new users here and people who are excited to get their printers and their silhouettes out of the box and get learning. Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see the guy looks like in now is new, as well, so great, so we have a lot of new people, so what i'm going to do with this classes, yes i'm going to teach you how to use sawgrass. Meghan Rodenhouse: Parts of Silhouette how to use our sawgrass creative studio but i'm also going to give you basic information about printing on vinyl and basic information about sublimation so when you all go to do these projects.

Meghan Rodenhouse: You know exactly what you're doing outside of even what i'm teaching you today. Meghan Rodenhouse: Sophia is new Kathleen is purchasing a sawgrass this month that is awesome to hear. Meghan Rodenhouse: All right, so felicia from michaels is saying hi to everybody so let's get started, so what we're making today is this super fun shirt. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to let going to go to the up close camera so this talk crafty to me sure that I am pretty sure everybody in this group, probably relates to. Meghan Rodenhouse: So we're going to be making this shirt day the really cool part about this shirt in particular is that this is all made out of one sheet of easy subway vinyl so no layering. Meghan Rodenhouse: No, no masking none of that this is just one sheet of vinyl and it's super easy to make alright so looks like everybody's in here so i'm going to head into the computer so right now i'm at sawgrass That is our website i'm going to click on creative studio.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Now creative studio is our sawgrass design platform, and you can be a premium member of creative studio or you could be a free Member. Meghan Rodenhouse: there's a lot of elements that we use and create a studio that you can use for free for more elements, you can use a premium membership either monthly or annual i'm not going to get into any that, though, because that is not the point of today. Meghan Rodenhouse: So in creative studio We have hundreds of templates that you can use when designing on the product. Meghan Rodenhouse: Because I am printing on eight and a half by 11 sheet of easy suddenly vinyl using my easy subway inks I am going to head to the blank design canvases and I am just going to design an eight and a half by 11 sheet of paper because that's what fits my needs for this project.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: So i've got my sheet open now i'm going into design and, as you can see here our designs are broken up in different categories. Meghan Rodenhouse: I am heading down to frames and water colors. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to head over to page two and I want this swash of color in particular so i'm going to shrink this up. Meghan Rodenhouse: I want this to be just under seven inches The good thing about the project we're making today, is it doesn't have to be exact, so i'm just going to stretch this out a little bit there we go 6.87 inches.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to go down to the rotate barred i'm just going to rotate this a little bit, so what I want, as you can see, on this design is kind of a. Meghan Rodenhouse: pattern, so I have this now i'm going to go back into my frames and watercolors bar of my design tool and i'm going to select this swatch of color. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to shrink this up a little bit. Meghan Rodenhouse: Later this i'm going to move this up, so I can see my workspace just a little bit better shrink this i'm going to rotate it just a little bit. Meghan Rodenhouse: A little sensitive.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And going to have this layered slightly on top of the blue portion of this design. Meghan Rodenhouse: Now i'm going to go back and select this blue portion again. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to shrink it up. Meghan Rodenhouse: Go here it's going to rotate it back just a little ways. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to put this underneath.

Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go underneath that pink layer Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to send this behind my pink layer she's you can see they're starting to overlap, on top of one another and looks like we might have a question. Meghan Rodenhouse: So crystal wants to know what the name of this site is this is called creative studio you can access it on sawgrass so sawgrass Inc COM and click on creative studio and the top of your toolbar and that will bring you to this design space. Meghan Rodenhouse: tanya said that she's not sure how to get into Silhouette don't you worry, we will be showing you how to get into Silhouette and how to use some portions of Silhouette throughout this tutorial.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so and I want to finally do one last pink layer here. Meghan Rodenhouse: it's going to move this down a little bit. Meghan Rodenhouse: Is a scale bar to shrink. Felicia - Michaels: yeah see you lost.

Felicia - Michaels: Your part apologize, we see that megan has lost her style, so please bear with us, thank you. Felicia - Michaels: And just real quick since mega does not have sound for. Felicia - Michaels: us to get into your Silhouette studio definitely visit. Felicia - Michaels: silver studios COM. Felicia - Michaels: Or you can actually visit Silhouette USA COM i'll put the link also into the chat. Felicia - Michaels: We hear you now.

Meghan Rodenhouse: You got me now okay cool. Meghan Rodenhouse: We always have to keep it fun around here so last week equipment wasn't working so this week is an audio issue, but the equipment is still has time to break so standby. Meghan Rodenhouse: So while we were waiting somebody had a question which was a great question someone wanted to know, can you create designs and something else, like can BA and import them. Meghan Rodenhouse: To be printed by the sawgrass So the answer is yes, you could technically make a design save it as a PNG import it into the gallery section of creative studio as if it was a picture. Meghan Rodenhouse: and put it onto an item and creative studio you can definitely do that you could also make an item in canvas Silhouette cricket photoshop save it as a PNG to your. Meghan Rodenhouse: desktop and think for a second to your desktop and then drag it into your sawgrass print manager smart folder we haven't gotten to print manager, yet in this tutorial but, basically, what I prayed manager is it's a software as a color rip software.

Meghan Rodenhouse: That speaks to your design platform and the printer so it helps to make sure that your colors are accurate, when they're printing. Meghan Rodenhouse: So it does work within creative studio, but it also sets up a folder on your desktop so that when you drag an item into it. Meghan Rodenhouse: You don't have to go into creative studio and it regulates your color when printing so there's two different ways, or you can kind of get designs in a different software printed through your.

Meghan Rodenhouse: sawgrass printer I would not recommend printing just directly to the printer because when. Meghan Rodenhouse: You are in your software and you go press print, you will get that option, because your software generally will read the sawgrass printer as if it's any other type of printer. Meghan Rodenhouse: I would not recommend just printing directly to the printer that way, because your colors can be off so make sure you go through our saga our sawgrass print manager, so your colors are regulated, and I hope that made sense. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so somebody says that they are trying to design with me but i'm going a little bit fast so i'm going to slow down a little bit just so everybody who is actively working with me can be sure to stay on track, so thank you for letting me know allows going a little bit fast. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: I think we have another question here.

Meghan Rodenhouse: yeah it looks like the question I just got asked, I kind of just explained so that's cool. Meghan Rodenhouse: So I have all my swatches in here now I just kind of want to make sure that everything is the same size that I want it to be so i'm just going to do some shrinking up here. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to. Meghan Rodenhouse: bring that forward. Meghan Rodenhouse: Can I select. Meghan Rodenhouse: This.

Meghan Rodenhouse: bring that forward. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to select this. Meghan Rodenhouse: and bring it forward so now I kind of have my. Meghan Rodenhouse: My colors the way I want them i'm going to click select all that's going to grab the entire image and just going to shift this a little bit because it was a little bit off centered. Meghan Rodenhouse: And going to shrink it up just a tad.

Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to select select all the only way to stop having everything selected is to on select select all. Meghan Rodenhouse: So now we have our background, the way we want it now we're going to move on to text so if you go over to the text bar at the side of your screen.

Meghan Rodenhouse: You go into creative studio That is where we House all of our creative studio bots we want chewy for this one, and we have a lot of fans We have hundreds of funds in here so. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm just going to try to skip ahead to the correct page and i'll tell you which page chewy is on For those of you following along at home so chewy and our tech section is on page 10. Meghan Rodenhouse: So, someone has a fantastic question when in the select all mode do we have a way to see what the overall size of your item is. Meghan Rodenhouse: Currently, we do not, that is an excellent question, and unfortunately that's not something that we are at that you are able to do at the moment, but we are constantly making upgrades to our creative studios, so I would imagine that in the future, you might be able to. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so now, I want to select chewy.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to go to all caps. Meghan Rodenhouse: going to expand this font. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to fill this in white. Meghan Rodenhouse: going to select my text again i'm going to go to the size here and there's two ways, you can increase your size, you can pull it this at the corners, or you can go in your toolbox here and increase it, so I have talk and now, what I want to do is create a shadow on.

Meghan Rodenhouse: On here, so the best way from what i've learned. Meghan Rodenhouse: Oh, someone says they can't hear me so Is anybody else having trouble hearing me. Felicia - Michaels: I can hear you. Meghan Rodenhouse: And says. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay felicia says she can hear me and says that she can hear me so um.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so i'm not sure why this one person is having trouble and i'm really sorry but, since everyone else can hear me i'm going to keep going and hope, there are no overall audio issues that are impacting more people. Meghan Rodenhouse: So I have the word talk now i'm going to duplicate it. Meghan Rodenhouse: So go to select the word talk and I click duplicate.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So what i'm going to do here now is creates a shadow. Meghan Rodenhouse: underneath this word, so I know there is a specific color I want so i'm going to select the text that is going to end up being my shadow. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to go over to fill color now the cool thing about this version of creative studio is that we kind of work with hex codes, so instead of trying to.

Meghan Rodenhouse: use my dial and fish around here for what color I want i'm just going to click into my hex code and I know because I wrote it down earlier, the hex code I want is a 8781. Meghan Rodenhouse: And you click enter. Meghan Rodenhouse: And that gives you the color that I want so in order to make this a shadow what i'm going to do is make it slightly larger than the text that will be in front of it so i'm going to select this well, it turned back White for some reason.

Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to make it just a little bit larger. Meghan Rodenhouse: And as you see right now it's layered on top I don't want that so i'm going to go back into my sidebar here and click send backwards and that will send it behind. Meghan Rodenhouse: What the text I want it behind so it's a little bit too big So there we go i'm just going to shrink it up a little bit.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And now it gives it this drop shadow look and i'm going to just move it a little bit there we go. Meghan Rodenhouse: So my first word is done. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, whoever was having audio issues reloaded and they're happy and they're fine now so that's good. Meghan Rodenhouse: So now i'm going to say the first word is done, the easy part is that moving forward we're just going to repeat the exact same steps that we just did so i'm going to go back to text go back to chewy. Meghan Rodenhouse: And in all caps. Meghan Rodenhouse: The word craft you.

Meghan Rodenhouse: going to make this a little bit larger. Meghan Rodenhouse: And because there we go it's right in the middle, I want to a little bit larger than the word talk so i'm going to go to fill color click white. Meghan Rodenhouse: click it again click duplicate. Meghan Rodenhouse: And now i'm going to type in the hex code I want. Meghan Rodenhouse: us why because it's in caps. Meghan Rodenhouse: know why is acting all crazy for me right now.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Go. Meghan Rodenhouse: select this and send backwards, so I could do one of two things I could keep selecting the word chewy and typing over and over or what I could do is I could select the word crafty. Meghan Rodenhouse: click duplicate. Meghan Rodenhouse: move it down so it's already in the right size and font that I want. Meghan Rodenhouse: And just make these minor changes. Meghan Rodenhouse: And this way also I don't have to keep fishing for my color.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So there are a few different. Meghan Rodenhouse: sheets that you can use when using creative studio to make your life, a little bit easier. Meghan Rodenhouse: um let's see how can I get swatches of the hex codes, I wrote the time being, the color I want and creative studio so currently right now there's not really a way to save swatches what I do, and I know it's that's.

Meghan Rodenhouse: it's not ideal. Meghan Rodenhouse: So what I do when I want to save a hex code is um I just I write the number down and then I type it back, and when I need it. Meghan Rodenhouse: One of the things you can also do is if you're looking to match a specific swatch color and you're not sure what the hex code is what else sometimes do is take the image.

Meghan Rodenhouse: From creative studio download it to my computer using this right here the download button, we can use the download button right here. Meghan Rodenhouse: Save that to my desktop put it into photoshop and then use the dropper in photoshop to find the hex code color and then put that hex code color and creative studio. Meghan Rodenhouse: It is a workaround It is like I said not ideal, but it is a way to try to get that hex code color that you want. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: So i'm going to just one more time. Meghan Rodenhouse: The word me.

Meghan Rodenhouse: going to select background. Meghan Rodenhouse: Some backwards going to move this a little book on think. Meghan Rodenhouse: This out a little bit, so there is our design talk crafty to me, which I think is very appropriate for this crowd.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So now what i'm going to do that I had everything the way that I want it. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm just going to select all and i'm just going to shrink it a little bit, because it is rather close to the edges of my paper. Meghan Rodenhouse: And I click on select all and now i'm going to print so i'll hit the print button. Meghan Rodenhouse: first thing I need to do is find the right printer which is right here. Meghan Rodenhouse: It is a US letter size really important to note, we are not going to mirror this item.

Meghan Rodenhouse: For those of you who are new to sublimation when you generally sublimate something, you have the item and your transfer paper that your image is printed on. Meghan Rodenhouse: What you normally do is you take that paper put it face down on your item and then press it and then the design that you created gets mirrored. Meghan Rodenhouse: On to your item so that's why generally when you're working with sublimation you will print your design mirrored so that it comes back to you. Meghan Rodenhouse: When you are working with easy suddenly you are printing directly onto the vinyl you are then cutting that vinyl taking it in placing that vinyl.

Meghan Rodenhouse: On to your item, this is not traditional sublimation this is vinyl it is sitting on top of my shirt so you do not mirror when using easy suddenly, so I want to make sure that I do not mirror my item in my mirror is unchecked, so I am good to go. Meghan Rodenhouse: When it comes to product, we are printing on to heat transfer vinyl so I select that. Meghan Rodenhouse: And then, when it comes to color mode, this is important as well, there are two types of color mode when you have an sd 500 printer.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Either photographic or vivid photographic is ideal to use when you are printing a design that has a photograph on it, that is because it helps to regulate skin tones and colors. Meghan Rodenhouse: vivid, is what I would use if using a graphic or design that has colors that are contrast to each other that you really want to pop and bounce off each other, this would be one of those designs slash there is no photo on this design so i'm going to click bid. Meghan Rodenhouse: And it would be really, really nice if I had the printer plugged in that's going to help to so make sure your printers plugin turned on when you want to print. Meghan Rodenhouse: So there we go so so in wanted me to repeat, which for photo so, for, if you want to click with if you want to print a photograph use photographic as your color mode makes it easy is that the name of the word photo is right in the name, so it makes it a look a little easier to remember. Meghan Rodenhouse: just give me a second, because now it's going to read the printer since it was not initially plugged in. Meghan Rodenhouse: So someone wants to know if we can use any printer, and that is a fantastic question so.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Creative studio is designed to work only with sawgrass printers creative studio spl, which is our sawgrass print manager, which is if we could look here is what is on our screen right now. Meghan Rodenhouse: And the printer are all working together so when you're working with creative studio you can only print to a sawgrass printer. Meghan Rodenhouse: Now, someone might be wondering what, if I am not working with creative studio What if I want to work with photoshop curl draw Silhouette any other design platform. Meghan Rodenhouse: There are other companies that make printers that you can turn into sublimation printers the downside to that is that they're not made for sublimation so inconsistency, believe it or not, for sublimation verse is. Meghan Rodenhouse: laser jet printing are very different in consistencies so the problem is, if you convert you're most likely eventually going to clog your heads.

Meghan Rodenhouse: and converting does take a lot of time and energy and troubleshooting So if you want to get a sublimation I would definitely recommend just getting a sawgrass printer. Meghan Rodenhouse: It comes with a two year warranty and lifetime support, as long as you in the two year warranty is good, as long as you're using sawgrass Inc. Meghan Rodenhouse: Because our inks are made to work with our printers and if you were to put different inks and. Meghan Rodenhouse: chances are again, you might clog the lines or break the printer, in which case, our support team really can't troubleshoot that because it's basically a foreign object in the printer, so I would recommend going with the sawgrass printer with sawgrass inks, but that is just me. Meghan Rodenhouse: But when it comes to automation in general, you need specific sublimation ink in order to make it work. Meghan Rodenhouse: And something else is incredibly important for those of you who are new to sublimation is for traditional sublimation, which is when you put an image directly inside of an item, so you run your fingers over it, you don't feel it it's baked into the item.

Meghan Rodenhouse: The item needs to be polyester or coated and polyester we recommend 100% polyester because that helps to trap the molecules and make the item bright I would never go any lower than 65% polyester. Meghan Rodenhouse: So today is video we are printing on to essentially vinyl that is a vinyl that is coated in polyester this shirt is actually cotton. Meghan Rodenhouse: So this is a workaround to be able to put sublimation designs onto cotton you sublimate onto the vinyl and stick the vinyl on to cotton, but general traditional sublimation is us with 100% polyester items.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And I hope that was explained well if someone has any questions, please let me know but back to our tutorial i'm going to click print. Meghan Rodenhouse: And let the printer do its magic. Meghan Rodenhouse: So, once this item prints out of it is very important to know that you're going to have to dry the inks on it. Meghan Rodenhouse: So so much know where you can find a sawgrass printer you could find the sawgrass printer at my goals arts and crafts COM they do sell our printers on their website and just so you know everything that we're using today in this tutorial all came from michael's. Meghan Rodenhouse: So i'm gonna let this print and it's a little bit loud so i'm just going to let it do its thing and then we'll talk more about our next steps. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay.

Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see. Meghan Rodenhouse: So heather says i've heard you can sell on to easy suddenly instead of printing directly on it. Meghan Rodenhouse: No, I would not because what's going to happen is the back of this sheet is. Meghan Rodenhouse: He activated So if you were to sublimate an item using traditional sublimation paper certainly a design using traditional sublimation paper.

Meghan Rodenhouse: On to this paper is going to require heat to do so, in which case the back of this paper will this vinyl the back of this vinyl will be activated the glue on it will be activated. Meghan Rodenhouse: And it's going to end up sticking to the plastic coating on the back, so I would definitely not recommend doing that now, you could say, well, what if I take the backing off. Meghan Rodenhouse: put this on my shirt and then sublimate you could do that, except that, then you wouldn't be able to cut your image, unless you want an image that is. Meghan Rodenhouse: eight and a half by 11 just on your shirt and you could do it that way, but I would not recommend sublimating on to the vinyl I would recommend printing on to the vinyl.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So currently i'm not using regular sublimation paper, this is easy assembly vinyl that we are printing on that's a very good question. Meghan Rodenhouse: So if you want to use easy suddenly vinyl and you want to print onto vinyl I recommend using the easy suddenly vinyl if you want to do, traditional sublimation. Meghan Rodenhouse: On to 100% polyester coated item I would use our sublimation paper that we offer here or any other paper that is made for sublimation.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Our paper is true PICs so tr U P IX Meghan Rodenhouse: I would definitely not use a regular paper because regular printer paper is just going to absorb the ink and you're not going to get as much coming out onto your item where sublimation paper is made to temporarily holding and then, when he activated put it on the item. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so back to this, so this is easy suddenly finally printed on and what a difference right i'm going to try to get a close up of this so you guys can see. Meghan Rodenhouse: A very big difference in the way that these colors look. Meghan Rodenhouse: That is because, when it comes to sublimation whether it's on vinyl or paper, it takes the proper time temperature and pressure under the heat press for the colors to be activated so it's always going to print out very light and you won't see that color pop until you press. Meghan Rodenhouse: Now, with traditional sublimation on traditional sublimation paper you can print slap your paper on your item press and be done. Meghan Rodenhouse: With easy suddenly, it is a little bit different for starters, when this Prince, it is a little bit what so what we're going to do is we're going to put this sheet underneath our heat press.

Meghan Rodenhouse: We are not going to press down we're just going to hover so i'm going to put my press back into place and it's going to hover on top. Meghan Rodenhouse: of our easy suddenly vinyl so that that ink starts to dry and I put it under here it's this heat press is set to 311 degrees. Meghan Rodenhouse: going to have it under here for about 45 seconds and let the ink dry up that's important because we're going to be running this vinyl through our cutter.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And you know how the cutters are it scans it runs the blade over everything and has a chance to smudge our image and we don't want that so just like let it dry for a second. Meghan Rodenhouse: And you'll see when I bring this out of the heat press the colors will start to pop a little bit compared to before, when I put it in that's because that heat is starting to activate some of that ink. Meghan Rodenhouse: um. Meghan Rodenhouse: So someone is had a great question they said they tried sublimating on to a dark 100% polyester shirt the image didn't show up what happened. Meghan Rodenhouse: What happened is sublimation works best on white or berry light colored polyester items and you see here the color has been brought out a little bit. Meghan Rodenhouse: That is because it's not like screen printing screen printing puts down a layer of white and then puts your design, on top of that layer of white on your item.

Meghan Rodenhouse: sublimation uses cm why K ink cyan magenta yellow and black it doesn't print a white ink or toner so when you have white in your design it reads it as blank space and it just doesn't print on that area, so it's best to have a white or light colored shirt because when you put your design. Meghan Rodenhouse: On to that will call it a shirt. Meghan Rodenhouse: It needs that white to poke through in order to make a white area now also any shirt color you have underneath a traditional sublimation design. Meghan Rodenhouse: is going to impact the way the color is look so like I said bested you 100% white or a very, very light color now we're able to use a black cotton shirt today, because we are printing on too easy, certainly in vinyl which will sit on top of our shirt and is not traditional sublimation. Felicia - Michaels: It mega this felicia just kind of help you out a little bit you speak a little bit more to using different cutting machines and how that would work with the different cutting machines.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Sure, give me one second please shut this computer. Meghan Rodenhouse: Is is low on battery my. Meghan Rodenhouse: isn't in here it's probably at my desk for at my desk sorry the the computer that we have. Meghan Rodenhouse: hooked up to the zoom call is getting a little bit low on battery so there he's gonna run and grab that so.

Meghan Rodenhouse: When it comes to using other so the I will admit I have not used any other cutters when doing these projects, I have solely stuck with Silhouette what I will say is that. Meghan Rodenhouse: If any other colors have the ability to use a type of PIC scan sheet and then you are fine and you should be good to go because we're going. Meghan Rodenhouse: To put. Meghan Rodenhouse: This image on our pigskin sheet pick a picture of it and load it into Silhouette.

Meghan Rodenhouse: um oh great question. Meghan Rodenhouse: someone says. Meghan Rodenhouse: Can I use a small portable heat press ooh I would recommend. Meghan Rodenhouse: If you're talking about the handheld one like an iron type of thing i'm no, I think I know what you're talking about i'd recommend no because, like I said before, proper time temperature and pressure pressure is key it's hard to regulate pressure on handheld press when using a.

Meghan Rodenhouse: cold call it a factory press i'm not sure what the exact a press like this that clamps down and has a regulated pressure that's really what you need, because if you have on even pressure your design is going to come out on even. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, let me just see here because, like I said, we are. Meghan Rodenhouse: We got 8% hopefully he gets back here in time.

Meghan Rodenhouse: With with our. Meghan Rodenhouse: So we don't lose you guys okay so i'm going to move on with the cutting aspect of this, so what i'm going to do is stick this on to our PIC scan sheet. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: So we have this on our PIC scan sheet now.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And no, I am not going to press it, but what I am doing is i'm just using this as an extra table, so I can take a picture of it, you having a hard time finding the thing. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay we're only 8% so it needs to be. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, keep looking while work sorry about that i'm not sure where it went. Meghan Rodenhouse: So what i'm going to do is i'm going to take a picture. Meghan Rodenhouse: And I need some height, I need some good lights.

Meghan Rodenhouse: yeah you don't have a steady hand. Meghan Rodenhouse: So I. Meghan Rodenhouse: Have what is a PIC sketchy so pigskin she has registration lines of the Silhouette will read on it, so you can get a scan sheet at michael's. Meghan Rodenhouse: Let me see down here.

Meghan Rodenhouse: To want me to log in on this computer. Meghan Rodenhouse: Oh there it is right it's very to run of our eyes okay So hopefully we won't lose you guys then write down there is a plug perfect, so what i'm going to do is i'm going to email this picture myself. Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: Perfect good we're good we won't lose you give me a second here just to make sure that it is, it is actively charging. Meghan Rodenhouse: um.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: So yeah so what we're doing with the pig skin she is. Meghan Rodenhouse: we're going to put our design put our put our print out on the PIC scan sheet like I said before, I took a picture of it with some height. Meghan Rodenhouse: The important thing is having good lighting and steady hand and being directly on top of it and felicia put a link to the PIC scan matt. Meghan Rodenhouse: where you can find it at michael's in the chat so what i'm doing now, and this is kind of a workaround what we're doing is i'm going to email this to myself, so I can put it on my desktop and throw it into Silhouette.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So that is currently being sent perfect. Meghan Rodenhouse: So while i'm waiting for that to get to my email i'm going to open up my cameo. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to.

Meghan Rodenhouse: load up my cameo. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to unload and reload I think it's little bit crooked. Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go perfect so now it's loaded in and we're going to. Meghan Rodenhouse: Just hang out for a second here, while I go into my email and grab this picture. Meghan Rodenhouse: So. Meghan Rodenhouse: Give me one second.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so opening up my email and i'm going to save. Meghan Rodenhouse: This image to my desktop. Meghan Rodenhouse: So it's been saved now what i'm going to do is i'm going to. Meghan Rodenhouse: Open up Silhouette studio. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to go over here to this PIC ski i'm gonna make this a little bit larger so it's easier for you all to see go over to this PIC scan matt in the sidebar i'm going to hit that. Meghan Rodenhouse: Import pigskin image from file.

Meghan Rodenhouse: gonna find it on my desktop click open. Meghan Rodenhouse: Continue continue. Meghan Rodenhouse: So now my design is pulled up on the PIC scan sheet so here's where things. Meghan Rodenhouse: get a little bit.

Meghan Rodenhouse: test testy because the pig scan sheet it's great but it's not perfect, so we're going to do a little bit of playing around here and make everything come out the way we wanted to so i'm going to select trace area. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to draw a square. Meghan Rodenhouse: I want to get this kind of as tight as possible around here without cutting out any of the vinyl.

Meghan Rodenhouse: let's go squish this in here this a little bigger. Meghan Rodenhouse: And now I want to kind of fill in this area with yellow. Meghan Rodenhouse: just give me a second is kind of lagging. Meghan Rodenhouse: Really lagging.

Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see try doing it again. Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go. Meghan Rodenhouse: play with my fresh oh not know why it's. Meghan Rodenhouse: Why it's not reading it. Meghan Rodenhouse: let's I told you last week, I had.

Meghan Rodenhouse: ish oh so someone says why yellow it's just it's just a way that Silhouette fills it into read, where the lines are it's something to do with the color anything that we do. Meghan Rodenhouse: um so one new phil color salad phil and trying to. Meghan Rodenhouse: Let me back out of the program and go back in because it's just really lagging on me. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm back out. Meghan Rodenhouse: Back in. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm going to re import my image.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: it's gonna go. Meghan Rodenhouse: yeah there's something wrong here because it keeps.

Meghan Rodenhouse: something wrong with the program it's really freezing up on me. Meghan Rodenhouse: The top bar is of my computer is over it. Meghan Rodenhouse: gonna. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm gonna quit it and go back in. Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Alright, one more time. Meghan Rodenhouse: So someone says they don't have a cameo only a cricket, how can they do this so i'm not really quite sure about what products cricket has if they have a PIC scan sheet, you should be able to print. Meghan Rodenhouse: From here and then put the image on a PIC scan sheet for cricket and then run it through the cutter. Meghan Rodenhouse: So the thing is, we make these this vinyl this easily vinyl we partnered with CESAR and Caesar as a partner with Silhouette so that's why this kind of meant to work together.

Meghan Rodenhouse: But if you had to pick scan sheet for cricket that you could use and crickets design space that could be your workaround for it. Meghan Rodenhouse: Alright, so let's see if it's so finicky up here but let's just see if we can get get past it. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay.

Meghan Rodenhouse: If this isn't working I tried quitting my other programs, and hopefully that that helps me out so i'm going to select a trace area. Meghan Rodenhouse: There we go now starting to fill in. Meghan Rodenhouse: Alright perfect so go.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So now what i've done is. Meghan Rodenhouse: I selected my trace area I went around here I selected salad phil and then threshold so threshold. Meghan Rodenhouse: uses this yellow just it kind of helps to fill in from the Center to the outlines to help the program read, where the outlines of my designer so I moved my threshold up to 89% and that's helped the program figure out where all my cut lines are for this design. Meghan Rodenhouse: So what I want to do now is do trace and attach.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And as you can see now there's a red line all around the outside of this. Meghan Rodenhouse: Of this design this red line is showing me where the cameo is going to read in order to cut this product so i'm going to go over here you can't see it, because my computer is all messed up but i'm going to go over to send. Meghan Rodenhouse: OK. Meghan Rodenhouse: And now, what i'm going to do is plug in my cameo. Meghan Rodenhouse: To my computer. Meghan Rodenhouse: let's give it a second to read so someone says that cricket does not have a PIC scan sheet.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And that the paper size, the vinyl size might be a little bit too big anyways. Meghan Rodenhouse: You could always just cut it by hand if you have more simple designs our equipment failed last week, I had to cut a design with scissors so it's always an option, but not the ideal one. Meghan Rodenhouse: um. Meghan Rodenhouse: Can you explain the difference between cut and cut edge all hold on one second.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Because my son button is covered up here. Meghan Rodenhouse: Of course it's. Meghan Rodenhouse: So my son button is underneath everything I need here, give me one second I just need to X out of some programs, and hope that that helps me here. Meghan Rodenhouse: not sure why it is acting up the way that it is. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm trying to click escape.

Meghan Rodenhouse: To make this a little bit smaller that'd be great but it's. Meghan Rodenhouse: course not working for me i'm so with Silhouette out, so we can go back to the computer so. Meghan Rodenhouse: With Silhouette the send button to to to cut is right underneath all my bars here. Meghan Rodenhouse: On my computer. Meghan Rodenhouse: Oh Alex who's going to come here and help for a second. Meghan Rodenhouse: and see why my computer is frozen like this.

Meghan Rodenhouse: see if we can get my view to shrink up a little bit, so I can print it. Meghan Rodenhouse: Once. Meghan Rodenhouse: up.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Alright, so, while Alex is trying to help me, so I can shrink this up, so I can Britain The good news is I already have one cut so if this doesn't work I can at least show you how to eat it and how to press it. Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see um will this be available later to be the answer is yes, it will be available on michaels YouTube channel within the next 24 to 48 hours Oh, thank you Alex see Alex is the best um. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so great, now we have this send button available again thank you Alex for your help, so i'm going to click send.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And right now the cameo is reading the PIC scan she's reading the registration lines, so that it can cut this design the way it's supposed to. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm gonna let it do its thing. Meghan Rodenhouse: All right. Meghan Rodenhouse: scared a second and i'll unload it. Meghan Rodenhouse: Perfect so that's there before I go ahead and press this when i'm going to do. Meghan Rodenhouse: Is come over here and just press my shirt for a few seconds.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Just to let some of the moisture out of it. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm still wants to know the differences between cut and cut edge I don't see cut edge I get I think you're wondering between like trace outer edge and trace and attach um. Meghan Rodenhouse: it's really the same from what I from what i've worked with it, which we interest in the outer edge and Tracy and attach it I press, both when working with the program both have worked for me. Meghan Rodenhouse: But again, you know i'm. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm an expert in in sawgrass and sublimation i'm not a total expert and Silhouette I can answer some questions related to Silhouette but not a ton because i'm still kind of learning it as well, so hope that helps you in any way. Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm after I press send what I select to cut watch our press send it all worked itself now my cut setting was added to it that's what you're wondering for my blade.

Meghan Rodenhouse: i'm. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so. Meghan Rodenhouse: So my design is cut. Meghan Rodenhouse: and Meghan Rodenhouse: take it off the mat. Meghan Rodenhouse: And i'm going to. Meghan Rodenhouse: Have a weeding tool and the other room but i'm going to just try to do it my finger here.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Here we go. Felicia - Michaels: megan I think I understand the question I think what they're saying when you sent it through Silhouette once you hit send it'll automatically give you the boat over it lies to Sean is definitely worth the machine is going to cut, I do believe that's the. Yes. Meghan Rodenhouse: gotcha yeah so yeah when I press send. Meghan Rodenhouse: it's just showing me exactly where the machine is going to cut my image. Meghan Rodenhouse: So I know.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Otherwise, I could go back into my design space, and I could make any changes that I need to change. Meghan Rodenhouse: So i'm just. Meghan Rodenhouse: pulling this off the backing.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so there it is like I said multiple colors multiple different designs and layers and tax all one sheet of vinyl. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay. Meghan Rodenhouse: So now what i'm going to do, I press my item pre press it to last one of my strout i'm now going to lay it down on top of my shirt.

Meghan Rodenhouse: And I want to make sure it's Center but doesn't the totally Center because everything's kind of going back and forth, so I have it now, where I want it to be on my shirt. Meghan Rodenhouse: Now i'm going to take a piece of blow out paper or technically it's called newspaper paper, but no do not use newspaper that's. Meghan Rodenhouse: printed on it's just a clean sheet of paper what i'm doing is i'm going to put it on top of my design before I press. Meghan Rodenhouse: Because when I press sublimation ink it turns into a gas and we don't want those gases being caught on our press, because then there's a possibility that, when we press our next item, it will reactivate and go on to our next item so.

Meghan Rodenhouse: that's why I put this paper down to to keep those gases from being released and getting on our press, and we are going to press this at 311 degrees for seconds. Meghan Rodenhouse: Okay, so we got about five seconds left and basically what's happening is this is activating the colors and it is sticking ch TV backing to our shirt. Meghan Rodenhouse: There it is you know i'll bring it over here, so you guys can get a close up view of it. Meghan Rodenhouse: So talk crafty to me.

Meghan Rodenhouse: As you can see the colors are much brighter than when we first designed this and print it now, the pressure setting is at a medium pressure. Meghan Rodenhouse: So someone says, do you have to use the mask for easy suddenly it depends, if you want to you certainly can, if you're using multiple different cut items on one shirt. Meghan Rodenhouse: This is one giant piece of vinyl so I didn't feel the need to use a mask since transferring it was very easy, but if you have multiple small things using a mask is definitely recommended.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Are there any other questions you guys have had a lot of awesome questions today and you've been incredibly engaged and I really appreciate that i'm glad that you all want to learn. Meghan Rodenhouse: So what is the name of the printer, this is an SG 500 from sawgrass tanya wants to know what a mask is so a mask is. Meghan Rodenhouse: Basically, a more or less a clear transfer that you put on top of vinyl after you eat it to pull it up, so that when you are going to put the vinyl on an item all the pieces of it stay together you don't have to individually put each one on your item. Meghan Rodenhouse: Here there is an easy suddenly mask that does come with easy suddenly vinyl that you can use.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So, so that is what a mask is. Meghan Rodenhouse: someone says they're ready to try easy subway that is awesome and speaking of easy suddenly because we are doing more classes and darn it I wish I had the item that we're making for next week. Meghan Rodenhouse: Next week, two weeks from now so on April 28 I believe that is Wednesday April 28 we have another class coming up, and we are not using a shirt this time you're using a hard item. Meghan Rodenhouse: It is a wall decor paddle that you can hang I painted it I got everything from michaels and what I did was.

Meghan Rodenhouse: made a design with easy suddenly to put on there and it looks really awesome so I highly recommend that you sign up for that class that is Wednesday April 28 same time same place Alex is actually going to get the item, so that I can show it to you all before we leave. Meghan Rodenhouse: let's see. Meghan Rodenhouse: tiny says her first class and she's so excited yay that's awesome i'm so happy, please tune in for more. Meghan Rodenhouse: Someone said this was fantastic I learned so much thank you, I am so glad so before we wrap things up, there are a few things that I think you all should know. Meghan Rodenhouse: The first being that we do have what is called the sawgrass Academy, it is absolutely free for you all to use we go over the basics of sublimation how to use sawgrass products and how to use sublimation.

Meghan Rodenhouse: In order to make a business and Alex Thank you so much, this is the item that we are making on the 28th. Meghan Rodenhouse: I again, this is an item that you can get at michael's the paint is not from michael's I did have to paint this myself. Meghan Rodenhouse: I use a heat resistant paints I highly recommend that you if you want to learn more about this go to the class signup sheet, I have the list of all the things that you need. Meghan Rodenhouse: If you want to make this, along with me on the 28th paint it ahead of time, please that will save us all a lot of time because paint does take a little while to drive, so I do have on there, what you will need in order to make this, so this is like I said decor wall hanger or the 28th.

Meghan Rodenhouse: So if you want to learn more about sublimation sawgrass Academy, you can find that at sawgrass That is our website that sawgrass I n you can take free courses to learn more about sublimation. Meghan Rodenhouse: You can also go to our YouTube channel to learn how to do literally every single button, that is, in our creative studio. Meghan Rodenhouse: You can go to the michael's YouTube channel where you can find the replay of this.

Meghan Rodenhouse: hour past classes are on there, as well as long as many other paths zoom classes, that you might have missed this class will be on there, within the next 24 to 48 hours we also here at sawgrass have a podcast that I host. Meghan Rodenhouse: If you are a vinyl fan, and you are a fan of mandy pro sparkle Barry Inc. Meghan Rodenhouse: She will be on the podcast tomorrow, it will premiere at 7am Eastern time on soundcloud it'll then be available at nine o'clock am. Meghan Rodenhouse: On iTunes I heart radio spotify tune in and stitcher tomorrow, you can also find a video recording of us doing the podcast on our website that sawgrass Inc COM, and you can find a bunch of different podcasts there as well.

Meghan Rodenhouse: The name of the podcast is ink differently, that is ink differently, and we also do weekly Facebook lives generally they are on Wednesday is because of michael's today, it was not today. Meghan Rodenhouse: Our weekly Facebook live will now be tomorrow, so we are having one tomorrow at noon Eastern time mandy from sparkle Barry is going to be my special guest and we're going to make an item using some sparkle berry designs that are in our creative studio right now. Meghan Rodenhouse: So wants to notice a cameo common different sizes and versions, the answer is yes, the cameo portrait is smaller than this, this is a cameo three the cameo for is currently available miles and there's also can yo yo is the big what.

Meghan Rodenhouse: Is your your products, you can get that all came, you are available at michael's I hope there is nothing I left out, if you this project or any projects, please hashtag make it with michaels. Felicia - Michaels: And i'll just so you would know I have put the link to her next. Felicia - Michaels: class in the chat as well.

Felicia - Michaels: Thank you all and have a great evening.

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