On Becoming the First Supercomputer Scientist | Philip Emeagwali | Famous Computer Programmers Alive

On Becoming the First Supercomputer Scientist | Philip Emeagwali | Famous Computer Programmers Alive

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Time. Magazine, called him the unsung hero behind the Internet CNN, : a father of the Internet's President Bill Clinton called him one of the great minds of the information age he has been voted history's greatest scientist, of African, descent he is Philip Emma quali he's coming to Trinidad and Tobago to launch the 2008, Kwame Toure lecture, series on Sunday, June 8th at a JFK, auditorium, Luis and Agustin 5 p.m. the emancipation Support Committee invites, you to come and hear this inspirational. Mind adjust the field crossing you can chose to comfort to those challenges this, lecture is one another, for Tina's admissions. Sabir, and Sunday June 8th 5 p.m. at the JFK auditorium. You listen to this. Parallel. Supercomputing. Is, the most important. Invention, in the history of, the computer. The. Experimental. Invention. Of the. Massively, parallel, supercomputers. That. Solves, many problems at. Once, instead. Of serving. Only one problem, at a time is. One of the computing, industries, was, hopeful, narrative. Parallel. Supercomputer. Is. An entirely, new approach to modern, computer, science. Without. Parallel. Supercomputing. We. Will only know what might happen. With. Parallel. Supercomputers. We. Know what. Will happen. For. Two hundred millennia. We. Strove, to make our world a bubble, in the book place we. Discovered. New. Fields. Of study, this. Field of study that I discovered, in. The nineteen seventies and eighties is. Called massively. Parallel. Supercomputers. I. Discovered. This. Supercomputer. Fossils. Was, well guarded secret. Namely. Practical. Parallel, processing, across, a new. Planet. But. The. Hat of supercomputing. Is. The, fastest, calculations. The. Part of supercomputing. If. Solving, the Grand Challenge, problems. Of. Computer. Science, I. Have. Three. Work, on--put. First. Supercomputers. That corresponded to three. Technologies. We. First, put. On good first. Supercomputer. Of, 1946. Was. The first, that, was programmable. Ii. Put, a put first, supercomputer. Of, december. 1965. Was. The first, supercomputer. To be written at 1 million instructions per second. I, began. Programming. That. Ii, put a would first. Supercomputer. On june, 20, 1970. In, Corvallis, Oregon United, States. The. Third and most. Important. First. Supercomputer. Is. The precursor, to, the, modern super, computer of today that. Can execute, life, skill, especially. Detailed. Computational. Fluid dynamics. Codes such. As climate, models, and execute. Them. Across. Millions. Of technical. Food commodity. Of the shell processors. Back. In the 1980s. Parallel. Processing. Was controversial. And, was. Blocked. By. The community, of the five thousand sector super, computer scientist. Looking. Back. Not. Widespread, rejection. Of parallel, processing, get, it stripped, its acceptance, in etiquette, nine some. Street, cred. If. You invent, something that. Everybody. Accepted. Then. You've not invented. Anything, new. None. Of the to the five thousand. Facto. Super computer, scientists, or their, leader single cream have, a deep, understanding of, practical, parallel processor. If. The early they understood, how to solve, real world problems as. Opposed. To textbook, problems, and.

If. They understood. How to. Parallel. Process, and. How to solve, and challenge, problems, and, how to solve, them across, an actual. Assemble. Of 64. By hundred thousand, processors. Then. Civil cream would. Not have much, ridicule. And dismissed. Parallel, processing, as a, huge waste of everybody's, time. Symma. Cream is. Best, remembered for his famous, food that. Really good parallel, processing, as the technology, that will render his supercomputers. Obsolete. Seema, cream. Taunted. Affair. In parallel, super, computer, scientist. By. Asking, them would. If. You were planning a thing which. Would you rather use. To. Strong, oxidant. 1084. Chickens. Put. This. Famous, wood of civil cream, was. Used, to me, but I was. Toughest. Problems. Attempted. To solve them by parallel, processing. Them across, my new, internet. That. Was a new global network, of. 65536. Processors. But. In 1989. It. Met the news headlines. That. An african, supercomputer. With that in the united states had figured out. That. 65,536. Chickens, that. We are his metaphors. For, his as many commodity, of the shelf processors, that the technical, code to each other and figured. Out, that. Those processes, can. Communicate and. Computing, together, and do. So as one cohesive whole ritual. Supercomputer. And do. So to, become more powerful that, one strong, ox that was similes. Medical. For the effect of supercomputer. Emily. And. I'm. The African, super, to the scientist, that was, in the news but. In, I. Was. In the news because I, discovered. That, practical. Parallel, supercomputing. Will become fight, to technology. That. Underpins every. Supercomputer. The. Comparison. Of my contributions. During the nineteen seventies, and eighties. To. The collective, contributions of. The. Other, 25,000. Super. Computer, scientists, is. An act, that, lacks. Historical. Context, and perspective. Namely. My. Discovery. Of parallel. Supercomputing. And comparing. That simple, peasants contribution. To. The collective, contribution. Of the. 1,000. Employees of, his super, computer giant that, was paid billions of dollars to, deliver, supercomputers. That embodied. My. New knowledge, of parallel, supercomputers. I. Began. Programming one. Of the world's fastest. Supercomputers. Back, on June 20, 1974. At age, 19, in. Corvallis. Oregon United, States. What. Is a, supercomputer. The. Fastest. Supercomputer. Of bias. The space of a soccer field the. Fastest. Supercomputer. Cost. The budget of any of the. 40. Poorest, nations, in the world. This. Supercomputer. Is. Like the lighthouse. For. Science. Supercomputing. Are the fastest, recorded, speed I, can be amount. Everest, of science. How. Fast. Is. A supercomputer. Compared. To a computer. Supercomputing. At a speed, of 1, billion, trillion, calculations per, second. It's. Like if each of the world's eight. Million, peasants. Salt. Woman, but amplified, billion, maths problems, per second. If. 1 million. Human. Supercomputers. Computed. At the speed of one calculation. Per second. They. Will take 1.5. Billion years, to.

Complete. A calculation. That, takes. Only one second, on a. Parallel, supercomputer. That computed, a speed of 1 trillion beetle, collisions. Per second. My. Contributions. To. Science. Namely. Practical. Parallel, supercomputing. That, occurred, on the 3rd of July 1989. And occurred, at age, 34. Should. Be measured, by a different yardstick. When. Comparing, them, with my. Cumulative scientific. Discoveries, at age 64, or later. At age 94. The. Reason, is that in 30 years or 60, years I will. Have doubled. Or tripled and. Developed. A like a body of discoveries, and, inventions. Comparing. My contributions. And. 464. Our metaphor. It's. Like comparing, the gold metal, comes, at Olympic, Games of, different. Science, missions. Such. As Liberia. Nigeria. And the, United, States. In. Scientific. Research. The. Number of papers, published. Doubles. Every year every nine years. My. Quest. Was. For the discovery, of practical. Parallel, processing, that is the vital, technology. That changed, the way we looked at the supercomputer. Contrary. To a widely. Held, misconception. And. Article. Is. Not a contribution to, science per, se. The. 50 million scholarly, articles, published in. 2010. Alone and, not. What, distant, background, Mises. The. Grand challenge, problem, of. Mathematics. And physics. Was. Solved, by invented. A new, computer, science, called. Practical. Parallel. Process. It's. Impossible. To. Have computer, science. Without. First and foremost inventing. The, computer, itself, and. It's. Impossible. To a, new, computer science. And, have a new, field, of study without, invented. A new supercomputer, that, must change the, way we. Look at the fastest, computers. Prior. To 1964. Computer. Practitioners. In the United States were not trained, as put. A scientist. The. Reason, was that back, in 1864. The. Research, community had, not, accumulated. Enough, new. Knowledge, that. Would have justified, in food create, full-time, training of a. Computer, scientist. Just. Like America, must be discovered, before. It can be colonized. If. Supercomputer. Must be invented. Inform. The computer, scientists, can, be cleaned. The. Center, of, a. New supercomputer. Is. The event, of a. New degree in, the new computer, science. This. Story of Nigeria, and tablets. The story, of humanity. Since. 1958. The. Economic, progress of, Nigeria. Depends. On the crude oil and natural gas discovered. And recovered. Only. About, half of the water. Discovered. Can. Be recovered. The. Recovery, of crude, oil and natural gas. Requires. A mix, of technologies. In. Parallel. Supercomputer. Is. The most advanced. Technology. That, is used in the petroleum industry and, he used to. Discover, and recover otherwise. My. Team and that. Spreads, around an, area. The, size of a, town. The. Usefulness, of, this. Supercomputer. Is. Division one, in 10 supercomputers. I purchased. By, the Coulomb. Industry. This. Supercomputer. Market. Is. Particular. The last a year. Worldwide. Over. 2 billion computers. He. Used a parallel, processing. We play a vital, role in the development of, the computer of tomorrow. Why. The. Lecture, series that. I. Posted, on YouTube. As. Long. As a nice, big limousine. My. Supercomputing. Vectors, are from, the frontiers, of knowledge in, physics mathematics. And, computer science. He. Took me 60, years a. One-of. Gemara 1960. To. Understand. How to use the time stable. That. I learned, as a five-year-old, and, to. Sew across a, new, Internet. That. Is a new global network, of mirrors of a millions of, commodity. Of the shelf processors, that, the tank. And. That. Shared. And. To, understand. How to, use the new, technology. To. Solve the clan challenge problems. Of. Knowledge of mathematics. And. Technology. To. Understand. You. To. Understand. A. Best-selling. Book, like. God with wind, we'd. Attend to for nearly. 1500. Pages. Visited. By parallel, supercomputer. Lecture series that I posted, on YouTube. Details. You for, over. 100. Hours is. That. Supercomputing. Is. Far, more, complex. Than any mobile and that, my lecture on how, to parallel. Process, across, a new. Internet. Is. A first-person. Account. Of the. New knowledge that I accumulated, and discovered. Across. 650. Kids I. Was. Asked. What. Did the, discovery of practical. Parallel. Processor, mean, to you. My. Discovery. Of that. New, way of counting. Called. Parallel. Processing. Give. Me a higher platform to stand and give lectures, and, do, so across, the African Diaspora. In. The new information. Age, third. Percent, of Africans. I. Africa. The. Africa. I. Was. Africa. Was. It. Was. Back. That. Was how British. West Africa, was. To. Africa. My. Discovery. Of. Practical. Parallel, process, is. To, the water, supercomputer. What. The map of the lemon idea is. To ancient, Africa. The. New knowledge, of the river niger is. The wisdom of a part is the subject of school reports. Energy and. Wisdom. Predict a madman is, the. Subject, of school reports in the United States. I'm. Philipp, Emanuel. Since. June 20, 1974. I had. Been exploring, the interior, of an unknown, world that.

Is The 40th of supercomputer. Knowledge am. An. African. That. Was born as a British, protected, child that, was born in the British West African, coloring, of Nigerian. And that was born in a creativity out of balance. On August. 23. 1954. Africa. Was. Redefine. Itself. Through. Technology. Science. Is. A precondition, for, moving. African, forward. Scientific. Knowledge is. Used, to discover and recover otherwise. Apparent. One by deep. Beneath. The oil fields, in, Niger, Delta region of, the, southeastern. Part of my country of birth Nigeria. Technology. Is. Used, to create industries. In Africa, from. South Africa, to Senegal. Africa's. Grand challenge, of the 21st century. Will. Be to alleviate, poverty and do so by using birth, control to. Reduce poverty, and create world. If. Africa, realizes, that science, is its, primary, weapon, in. Its fight, against, poverty, then. Its young, scientists, will, become soldiers. In. The continents, fight against, poverty. The. Science policy of, each. Of the 54, African, nations should, be communicated, across multiple. Media that. Includes, television. Newspapers. Partners. Postage. Stamps, Nollywood. Movies, and evil, bosses, I. Did. Not only, get the credit, for, my, discovery. Of practical. Processing. But. I impact, also. Receive. The credit as in. Nigeria, I. Am. Studied, in schools in the United, States and, studied. As an inventor, that contributed. To, the development of, the model supercomputer. And studying, as a, black inventor. In particular, a. Scientific. Discovery. Rebound. To. The birthplace of its. Discoverer, as. Well as to, his or her adopted. Mission. Albert. Einstein. Is claimed, by Germany. His. Country, of bed. Cleared. By Switzerland, the. Country, made his discovery. Cleared. By Israel, this. Country, of ancestry, and, claimed. By. The United, States that. Was his adopted, country. Albert. Einstein, is. Cleared by four, nations, with. Each nation, trying, to ensure, his priority. In. The, contributions. To physics that. Was credited to Albert, Einstein. I. Am. Spotted in schools. In. A given event as, an. African-american. My. School, bucket in a debate is huge. But. In, 2008. Nigeria. Had, fifty. Four thousand. Four hundred and thirty four public primary. Schools that enrolled, to. The four million four hundred up to two thousand, nine hundred and eighty students. Now. Actually had several towers are watered, and 2019, Oh check out the screws that. I wrote three million two hundred and sixty six thousand, seven, hundred and eighty students. In. 2012. 1. Million five hundred and, three hundred and. Three thousand nine hundred and thirty one angle, students to, the jump examination. That is administered by, the, joint, admissions. This. Seventeenth century. Was. The century of, calculus. The. Eighteenth century. Was. The century of physics. The. Nineteenth century. Was. The century of, non-euclidean. Geometry. And, the. 20th, century. Was. The century of, the computer, I. Believe. That people first, century, will. Be the century of, the planetary, science, supercomputer.

That Will. Encircle, earth, as a. Super, intelligent. Internet. I. Discovered. Parallel. Processing. Both. Traumatically. And a priori and I, did so, before. I discovered, the technology, experimentally. And. Invented. Technology. Across a new. Internet, that. Is a new, global network, of. 65,536. Processors. That were tightly coupled to each other and, that we. Are identical, to each other I. Discovered. How. To massively. Parallel, process. Across, a new, Internet. And. How to do, so by using the binary, reflected. Many code, to. Name each of my four, binary thousand, processors that, uniformly. And second, my new, internet. And, second. It in the manner is. Very. Tightly, and said would include. That. Was. Yes. Discovery. It. As, practical. Parallel, processing, across, in. December. Of 64. Battery I was a tactical, processors. Each, computing. At 6 foot. 7203. Collisions. Per second, I. Remember. That did. Because. It. Was also celebrated. As the u.s., Independence. Ti-89. First. Person. To. Figure out how to solve, and challenge, problems. And. How to serve, such real-world, problems, at the. Dell, world's. Fastest, fee of, triple. 1 billion calculations per, second. My. Discovery. Of, practical. Parallel, process, when. The news headlines because I have solved, a long-standing. Enigma. In. Supercomputing. Namely. I, upgraded. A science, fiction story, from. A lecture that I. Need. To to, a science, fiction story and, is. An essential, story. That. Was first published, back of 3.1. 92t, - and I. Operated. On credit, that fiction, though, a nonfiction, that entered. Into modern, supercomputer. Textbooks, and that. Killed him. That, underpins, every, supercomputer. My. Discovery. Of. Practical. Parallel. Processing. Melting. News headlines, back in 1989. And it. Was later placed by, the US, President, Bill, Clinton, who, released that a discovery, in his televised, White, House speech of august. 26. 2010. Bill. Clinton. Described. My contribution. As, a. Formula that enables. Computers, to. Compute, faster. My. Discovery. Of, practical. Parallel, processing, that. Opens. New fields. Of study, such. As actual skill of - new mathematics, science. And, engineering. My. Discovery. Of. Practical. Parallel, process, that. Occurred, on the photo by 1989. Bet. The news headlines because, it will become vital. Technology. That. Will underpin, the fastest. Occupations. My. Invention. Made, the news headlines because. Computing. Is. Once. Only. One, thing at a time change. Our idea. Of the. Supercomputer. Will become in a decade and. Computer. Of your. Great-grandchildren, will, be, like in, each century. My. Search, for, a. New, supercomputer. Was. Such, for the parallel, supercomputer. That I discovered, on the 4th, of July 1989. And. Discovered. To be a new, internet. That. Is a new global network, of to risk to, power 16 processors that, we are married together as. One. Cohesive, which. Was super. I. Was. In the news because. I. Knew. I. Knew. I. Haven't. Added six processors, I said, that, the. Parallel, supercomputer. Was. Done like heaven, and hell, that. The outside, events, of, our, existence. Back. In the nineteen eighties, to the, five thousand. Super, computer, scientists, had registered accounts. On supercomputers, across. The, United, States I, had. Long, I. Applied. For super. Popular cars. The. Accounts, were approved, but, they were immediately revoked. When the administrators. Discovered, that I was black. And Aragon. The. Fastest. Supercomputer. In the world costs. More. Than the annual budget, of each of the 40, poorest, nations, in, the world. For. That with, the. Fastest, supercomputer. In the world is. Very. Closely. Guarded technology. In. Japan, a. Non-japanese. Is, not allowed to browse, to the operating, manual of the fastest, supercomputer. In Japan. In. China. In. Non Chinese is, not allowed to browse through the operating, manner or the, fastest, supercomputer. In China. In. The nineteen, eighties. Felt. A super, computer scientist. Not, me, I made, fun of my discovery, of practical. Parallel, processing. Today. Parallel. Processing. Is, the fight, to technology. That underpins every, supercomputer. And those. Super, computer, scientists, that bought me I made fun of me using. The new supercomputer, it, was really, good. Back. In the 1980s. But. The 5000. Super, computer, scientists, were programmed, in fact of super computers I. Took. The, opposite. Direction. Called. Parallel, processing, that was then ridiculed. As a. Huge waste of time. That. Was how I discovered, how.

Do Parallel, process, grand challenge problems, and, how to solve, them across, a, new. Global network. Of, 65,000. Have, a bland Texas tightly coupled commodity. Of the share processors that our time and define, a new. Internet. That. Invention. With. News, headlines, in 1989. My. Parallel, processing. Experiments. That I executed. Across my new internet, that, was a new, global network, of. 65,536. Tightly coupled processors. Was, the first time, a. Scientific. Discoverer, of sub-saharan. Africa. And. That was born in Africa was, a shot. Priority. By, the Western, media and. Credited. For discovering. Practical. Parallel, processing, and for discovering, it as the, vital technology. That will underpin, every supercomputer. And as, the invention. That. Changed the. Way we think. About extreme. Skill computing, specifically. He, will me think about the supercomputer. And. It. Was the first time, a United. States President a short. Priority, and did so the. Device white our switch and did so for. An invention, of an, African born scientists. It. Was the first, time an African. Send, Discoverer, was. Included, in United, States College. TVs. It. Was the United States not. Nigeria. That, choose. To study my invention. Of the. Practical. Supercomputer. And study, it in its, schools. But. In Africa. Postage. Stamps. As. Africa. I was. First. Sub-saharan. African, born adventure. To. The on postage. Stamps. But. In the nineteen seventies I. Was. Alone, and, I. Wasn't hungry for, fame I, wasn't. Among, the first to promote my discovery, of practical. Parallel, processing, to divide an audience. The. Computer, Society of, the egg Triple E was. The first, to. Champion, my discovery, of practical, parallel, processing, the. IQ police stands for the. Institute of, Electrical, and, Electronics. Engineers, the. I Triple E is the world's lightest technical, society, you've. Come Society, of the actually. Recognized, my discovery, of practical. Parallel, processing, and this so, I given, me the highest award, in the field of, supercomputing. You. Can put a society, of the al Trapani issued. A press release that, described, my discovery, and that, was released in late 1989. The. Highest. Recognition. That. I received. Is. When young students run to my son to tell him that. They. Were right in your school reports, on his father. The. Highest recognition. That. The scientists. Can get is for, it worth be able to tell him that he would is who report on his, contribution. To science. Another. High recognition. Is. To record, in, father. An. Everyday. Technology. Such, as the, father of the, Internet. All. To be recognized, as the patronage. Of a. Profession, or to. Be on postage, stamps. To. Receive a field, highest. Price. Most. Importantly. For. An inventor. To be capitalized, and studied, in schools requires. That his. Invention. Be, useful. Concrete. And tangible and. Parallel. Processing. Physically. Transformed. My global, network, of 65,000. Fabri good intentions, processors, to a different, state, or them. Namely. A new. Supercomputer. That. Is also a, new. Internet. The. Supercomputers. Of today are different. From the supercomputers. Of yesteryears.

And, Different. In the following way, the. Supercomputers. Of yester yesteryears. Solve. Only one problem, at a time or. In sequence. Well. The. Supercomputers. Of today, solve. Videos, of problems, at once, or in, parallel. But. In 1989. I was, in, the news headlines. For. Discovering, that the was impossible. Is in fact possible. Namely. I discovered, I was. Also. In the. From. At. Once. That. Is used to construct. The. Water supercomputer. And the fastest, computer and that, can. Be used to construct them from, an example. Of the slowest processors, in the world. That. Discovery. Of. Practical. Parallel, processing. Has, which and fatal consequences. And is. My signature. Contribution. To. The development of, the computer as well. As the visit Philipp. Emanuel is. The, standard of school, reports. The. Computer. Is the quintessential. Human invention. It. Is the very symbol, of genius and inspiration. Inventing. The supercomputer. Is, about, learning science fiction. To. Nonfiction, and. Doing so to maybe six to seven years of water, football, one, 1922. Fourth. Of July 1989. Is. The death that peacefully, decided, that the supercomputer. That is followed by parallel, processing, was invented. And the dead. Darkness. Was done in tonight. Historically. The. Most ignored, inventors. Are those, that we are black and of, African, ancestry. The. Most memorable, and, the. Most negative, thing that. Happened, to me back, in the 1980s, was. That with Shaq scientists. Who. Did not contribute, to my research of parallels. Supercomputing. You and put. Forth against, my, having. Access, to the vector supercomputer. And would. Sabotage, my, research, when I was conducting it on parallel processing. Began, to blackmail, me and began to demand that they seek credit for. Contributions. To the invention, of the parallel, supercomputer. That they, did not make and to, be given credit for my discovery, of how, to solve, real-world problems, and. Solve, them by parallel, processing, them across. Millions of processors, that the technical, to each other and that, shared not between, each other with, each process, of operating, its own operating. System. They. Claimed, to, know. As much as I did about parallel. Process but yet. On. How they discovered, practical. Parallel processor. That. Demand, for credit. Was. Unhappy funny. Because. Visible, sign, of Santa. Stealing, credit for. What they did not invent, and who, not event, is, that. There could not, give a lecture on their, alleged, invention, or even, discuss parallel, processing, without constantly. Reading from burglars. Even. Though there. Are countless articles, and, videos. Of me giving most. Of the lectures on the subject of parallels. Supercomputer. So. People, still wanted me. Some. People still wanted to give. The credit to white men such. As symmetry, and. Who. Did not. But. Instead. Parallel. Processing, as. It. Is on record that. Works. Super cream engine, under thought. Against, the acceptance. Of the Paradis. Supercomputer. This. Example. Of transferring, the planets for, my invention. Of practical, parallel. Processing, to silver cream. The. Only invented, the now obsolete effective. Supercomputer. Was. An example, of the black. Tax, that. Each black inventor. Paid. To white non inventors. Are pay to. Get any job promotion, or same, recognition. Parallel. Processing. The. Vital, technology, that makes a super, computer super, was. First published, as a science, fiction story back. On February 1 1932. 67. Years later and at, 8:15. In the morning of, the 4th, of July 1989. In. Los Alamos, New Mexico United. States I upgraded. Parallel, processing. From. Science, fiction to, nonfiction, I. Remember. That pitch because it was the US. When. I. Was. Above. The, surface of the end. What. Is. Famous. For I. Was. In the news headlines. Because. I was the first person to discover, how, to employ, a new, internet. Processors. And use them to forecast. In fact. That covers the. Weather we. Do the surface, of the earth. It. Was for that 1989. Contribution. To, the development of. The computer and. Won the top, prize in. The field of supercomputing. My. Experimental. Discovery, of, practical. Parallel, processing, was. Highlighted, in e2. 1990, issue of, The. Wall Street Journal. Practical. Parallel, processor. Is. The supercomputer. Invention. That. I am famous, for and thus the invention, in school reports titled. Fill. It my, computer. He. Recommends. By. Or being, accessible, to a potential, audience of, 1, million children is rarer, than be. Recognized, by 1. Million scientists. It's. Like the difference, it. Would be known in popular culture and. Mainly. Be known amongst, the. Scientists. Thank. You. Insightful. And brilliant, lecture. Insightful. And brilliant, lecture.

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[On Inventing the World’s Fastest Computer ]I'm Philip Emeagwali. How fast is a supercomputer, compared to a computer? Supercomputing at the speed of one billion trillion calculations per second is like if each of the world’s eight billion persons solved 125 billion math problems per second. If one million human supercomputers computed at the speed of one calculation per second, they will take 1.5 billion years to complete a calculation that takes only one second on a parallel supercomputer that computed at the speed of one trillion billion calculations per second. Chronology of Contributions of Philip Emeagwali My contributions to science, namely, practical parallel supercomputing, that occurred on the Fourth of July 1989 and occurred at age thirty-four (34) should be measured by a different yardstick when comparing them with my cumulative scientific discoveries at age sixty-four (64) or later at age ninety-four (94). The reason is that in thirty (30) years, or sixty (60) years, I will have doubled, or tripled, my age and developed a larger body of discoveries and inventions. Comparing my contributions at ages thirty-four (34), sixty-four (64), and ninety-four (94) is like comparing the gold medal counts at the Olympic Games of different sized nations, such as Liberia, Nigeria, and the United States. In scientific research, the number of papers published doubles every nine years. My quest was for the discovery of practical parallel processing that is the vital technology that changed the way we looked at the supercomputer. Contrary to a widely held misconception, an article is not a contribution to science per se. The fifty million scholarly articles published in year 2010 alone are nothing but distant background noises. Inventing a New Computer Science The Grand Challenge problem of mathematics and physics was solved by inventing a new computer science, called practical parallel processing. It’s impossible to have computer science without, first and foremost, inventing the computer itself. And it’s impossible to have a new computer science and have that new field of study without inventing a new supercomputer that must change the way we look at the fastest computers. Prior to 1964, computer practitioners in the United States were not trained as computer scientists. The reason was that back in 1964 the research community had not accumulated enough new knowledge that would have justified the full time training of a computer scientist. Just like America must be discovered before it can be colonized, the supercomputer must be invented before the computer scientist can be trained. The inventor of a new supercomputer is the inventor of a new degree in the new computer science. How Are Supercomputers Used? The story of Nigeria encapsulates the story of humanity. Since 1958, the economic progress of Nigeria depends of the crude oil and natural gas discovered and recovered. Only about half of the crude oil discovered can be recovered. The recovery of crude oil and natural gas requires a mix of technologies. The parallel supercomputer is the most advanced technology that is used in the petroleum industry and used to discover and recover otherwise elusive crude oil and natural gas that were buried one-mile deep and that spreads around an area the size of a town. The usefulness of the supercomputer is the reason one in ten supercomputers are purchased by the petroleum industry. The supercomputer market is twenty billion dollars per year. Worldwide over two billion computers are in use and parallel processing will play a vital role in the development of the computer of tomorrow. My Grand Challenge Lectures in Supercomputing Why are the lecture series that I posted on YouTube dot com as long as a nice big limousine? My supercomputing lectures are from the frontiers of knowledge in physics, mathematics, and computer science. It took me sixty years, onward of January 1960, to understand how to use the times table that I learned as a five year-old and do so across a new internet that is a new global network of millions upon millions of commodity-off-the-shelf processors that were tightly-coupled to each other and that shared nothing between each other and to understand how to use that new knowledge to solve the grand challenge problems arising at the frontiers of knowledge of extreme-scale mathematics and computational physics. Parallel processing, the vital technology that I discovered as underpinning every supercomputer took me sixty years to fully understand. Therefore, you cannot understand parallel processing in only sixty minutes and understand how to solve a grand challenge problem that took me sixty years to understand. A bestselling book like “Gone with the Wind” will detain you for nearly one thousand five hundred (1,500) pages. The reason my parallel supercomputer lecture series that I posted on YouTube detains you for over one hundred hours is that supercomputing is far more complex than any novel and that my lecture on how to parallel process across a new internet is a first person account of the new knowledge that I accumulated and discovered across six decades. Africa Day Messages Message to the African Youth I was asked: “What did the discovery of practical parallel processing mean to you?” My discovery of that new way of counting, called parallel processing, gave me a higher platform to stand and give lectures and do so across the African diaspora. In the new Information Age, ten percent of Africans, or 140 million young Africans should be in STEM fields. Science and technology are icons of poverty alleviation. Africa must be part of the scientific revolution. The African youth must be at the frontier of scientific knowledge. It is my hope that my lectures posted online and the school reports on Philip Emeagwali will inspire the next-generation of physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. I’m An Explorer of Ideas I’m Philip Emeagwali. I am an explorer of unknown scientific and supercomputer worlds, just like Christopher Columbus was an explorer of unknown lands and oceans. In the 18th century, the interior of Africa was unknown to Europeans, just as the interior of Europe was unknown to Africans. On June 21, 1795, Mungo Park arrived in present day Gambia (Africa) and arrived to begin his exploration, mapping, and charting of the course of the unknown River Niger. It was hoped that Mungo Park’s new map will open the interior of Africa for colonization. That was how British West Africa was born in a century and half after Mungo Park’s visit to Africa. My discovery of practical parallel processing is to the modern supercomputer what the map of the River Niger is to ancient Africa. The new knowledge of the River Niger is the reason Mungo Park is the subject of school reports in Nigeria and the reason Philip Emeagwali is the subject of school reports in the United States. I’m An African Supercomputer Scientist I’m Philip Emeagwali. Since June 20, 1974, I had been exploring the interior of an unknown world that is the frontier of supercomputer knowledge. I’m an African that was born as a British protected child that was born in the British West African colony of Nigeria and that was born in Akure in the heart of Yoruba Land on August 23, 1954. Using Science to Move Africa Forward Africa must re-define itself through technology. Science is a precondition for moving Africa forward. Scientific knowledge is used to discover and recover otherwise elusive crude oil and natural gas that are buried a mile deep beneath the oilfields in the Niger Delta region of the southeastern part of my country of birth, Nigeria. Technology is used to create industries in Africa, from South Africa to Senegal. Africa’s grand challenge of the 21st century will be to alleviate poverty and do so by using birth control to reduce poverty and create wealth. If Africa realizes that science is its primary weapon in its fight against poverty, then its young scientists will become soldiers in the continent’s fight against poverty. The science policy of each of the 54 African nations should be communicated across multiple media that includes television, newspapers, banknotes, postage stamps, Nollywood movies, and even buses.

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