October Event 2018 — Apple

October Event 2018 — Apple

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Oh. Oh. I. Love, it, the. More I know New, York the more I think of, it I like. The sightless, sound and even the stink, of it I happen. To like. What. I have to give the world my louse. And, the undertaker starts, to. Ring my bell. I, don't. Oh. Thank, you. Thank. You. Well. You. Thank, you, thank. You. Good. Morning, it, is so, great to be in New York. We. Love. New York and it's, so great to be here with all of you New. York is home to, one of the most vibrant, creative, communities. On the planet. And, so it's only natural that, it would have a very special, place in our heart at Apple, today. We are especially thrilled. To be at the Brooklyn, Academy of, Music. This. Is. This. Is a historic. Center for the arts for. Over a hundred, and fifty, years, it showcased. The work of adventurous, and cutting-edge, performers. All, around the world while serving the creative. Community here, in Brooklyn. Apples. Focus, has always been, on. Providing. People the tools to unleash, their creativity, that's. Why we're here today to. Talk about our most creative products. And of, course that, all starts. With. The Mack. But, Mac was the first computer, that was designed, for creativity. And it's become, one of the world's most essential, creative, tools. We. Are in all of, the creative things that people do every day all, around the world with the Mac, so. We made a video of, just. Some of these special people and I would love to play it for you now. We. Are so inspired, by these people and how the Mac has played, such a vital role, in their creativity. People. Love, the Mac and they, use it to create all kinds of, amazing things every, day, so. It's not surprising to, see that the Mac continues. To attract so, many new customers in fact. Over. Half of Mac buyers worldwide. Or new to Mac and that number is a remarkable. 76. Percent, in China. We're. Adding, millions, and millions, of new customers every. Quarter, bringing. Our total, active. Installed, base to a new, major, milestone. Of. 100. Million Macs. But. What's. Most important. To us is, that in survey, after survey the. Mac continues. To be rated the number one in customer satisfaction by. Far, we. Are just so. Incredibly. Proud of this. Of. Course one of the drivers, for Mac's high, customer satisfaction, is Mac. OS. Mac. OS is the soul of the Mac with, its beautiful and easy-to-use interface, we. Just released Mac, OS Mojave and it, is the best version of Mac OS by. Far and people, are really loving it. Great. Care has been taken to, refine. The look and feel and add, more capability. All about preserving, its legendary. Ease of use. Mac. OS Mojave, brings, new features, that have, been inspired by a pro users, but. Designed, for all of us from. The new gallery, view which allows you to scroll, through your files and find, exactly, what you're looking for, to, the dramatic. New. Look of dark mode which.

Helps You focus right, on your content. We've. Got a feature called stacks, which, is a brand new way to make. Your desktop, clutter-free. I, really. Needed this and it's really cool, and. An. Entirely, redesigned. And, personalized. Mac App Store, Mac. OS Mojave helps, your users get. The most out of their Mac, whether. They want a powerful, desktop experience, or the, freedom that comes with a portability, of a notebook our. Customers. Love, their Macs, and, they. Especially, love, one. Mac in particular. One. That they take with them everywhere. They go and. Use. For everything. They, do and, that. Is. The. MacBook, Air. When. Steve pulled, that macbook, air out of that envelope. It. Was clear, that things would never be the same. The. MacBook Air is groundbreaking. Incredibly. Thin wedge-shaped. Design. Not. Only influenced. The rest of the Mac product, line for years to come, it, changed, the industry, it. Had. A breakthrough unibody. Design and. New, technologies. Like the first all flash architecture. And it. Was the very first thin. And light notebook, with, all-day battery life. MacBook. Air truly. Embraced, the notion that less. Indeed. Could be more and. It. Redefined, the modern, notebook. In the process. Unlike. Any notebook, that's come before or, since. MacBook. Air has become, the most beloved, notebook, ever. It's. Time for a new, MacBook Air. Why. One, that takes the MacBook, Air experience. Even. Further in, the, areas that are most important, to our customers and. Of. Course. What. We all want, in a MacBook Air is a. Retina. Display. And. I'm. Incredibly. Excited today, to, introduce, an. All-new. MacBook, Air with. A Retina display, and a. Whole lot more and. Here. It is. After. Nathan, dreams. Something. Is happening. Neverland. Just over, there. This, is, the, new MacBook. Air and I'd. Like to bring up laurel, agro VP. Of hardware, engineering, to tell you all about it Laura. I'm. Really, excited to be here today to talk to you about the MacBook Air, every. Part of the product has been redesigned and re-engineered. Every. Detail has a remarkably. Precise, fit and finish, and. Everything. You see and touch has. Been carefully, refined it's. Absolutely. Beautiful. Now. It's Tim said the number one feature Custer, z'm had wanted in a MacBook Air has been a Retina display but we've made the display, better in every. Way. The. Familiar aluminum, bezel. Sorry. About that the familiar aluminum, bezel of the current MacBook Air is. Gone. The. New air sleep design takes the display glass right, to the edge of the enclosure, forming. Borders that are 50% narrower. It. Features, a 13.3. Inch display, which, is the perfect size for such a portable, notebook and. When. It comes to resolution, we've, taken the pixels and quadrupled. Them providing. Four times the resolution for, over four million, pixels. So. Both text, and images, are sharper, and more detailed, and. With. 48% more, color those, images, are more lifelike than ever. All. Of this comes together to give the new MacBook Air a Retina display we, know our customers are going to love and. Even. With this narrow or border design we, were still able to keep the FaceTime camera at the top of the display which. Is exactly where you want it when making a FaceTime call and. Now. With the group FaceTime, feature in Mac OS Mohave you, can invite all your friends to the conversation. Now. Next the, MacBook Air has another, new feature that customers, have been asking for and that's. Touch. ID. So. Now with, just the touch of a finger you can unlock your MacBook Air. Buy. Something cool on Apple pay or, use. Touch ID with a third-party app like one password. With. A durable, sapphire, crystal, surface, we've, put the touch ID sensor right, into the keyboard and to. Enable touch ID the, new air comes with, Apple's t2 security, chip. T2, features a secure, Enclave which, protects, touch ID information, but. It also ensures that software loaded during the boot process has. Not been tampered with offering. The air the most secure, boot, process of any, notebook. Teaching. Also features, a sickness, SD. Controller, which. Has automatic. On-the-fly, data encryption, offering. The most secure, storage of any, notebook, so, you can feel confident, that your files and data are safe. In. Addition. To security t2. Has a whole host of other features it. Has a redesigned, system, management controller it, has an audio controller, which delivers, wide stereo, sound and an.

Always-on, Processor, that, enables hey Siri. Next. The. Keyboard where, we've gone way beyond just adding touch ID the, new MacBook Air has our latest generation keyboard. With keys that offer four, times the stability, over, the previous generation creating. A modern keyboard, with a more precise and responsive. Typing experience and. Backlit. With individual, LEDs, behind each and every key for, more accurate, illumination, and. A. Modern. Keyboard does he deserves. To be paired with a modern, trackpad, so, we've replaced the old diving board version with, the new force touch trackpad, it. Has 20% more, service area which extends, the functionality of. Multi-touch. Gestures, and with. Pressure sensing, capabilities, and have, to feedback it's quieter, and more, capable. So. This delivers, a trackpad, experience. That Apple is known for. Whether it's in dorm rooms or lounging on the sofa at home we know customers, spend a lot of time watching videos on, their MacBook Air so, we wanted to make a better sound experience. Our. Acoustic engineering, team has made huge, strides in audio performance, in all of our products and the, MacBook Air is no exception. It. Is 25, percent louder, it has, two times more bass and wide, stereo sound in. Addition. It has a three microphone, array which. Will make those group FaceTime, calls crystal-clear, and it. Also improves, the voice recognition of, Siri and. The. New MacBook Air NEADS next-generation, i/o. So. The new MacBook Air has two, Thunderbolt, 3 ports, so. From charging to, data transfer, to, video out it's the, most versatile, port ever and there's, a whole host of devices, you can connect from. Thunderbolt. And USB see external, storage. Up. To, a 5k, display, or. EGP. Use that, accelerate, graphics, up to 17. Times so the new air can connect to just about anything. So. Now let's talk about the specs. There's. An eighth generation dual-core. CPU, along. With the latest Intel, integrated graphics and. It. Also supports, up to 16 gigabytes of faster, memory which, is double the capacity of, the, previous, air. And. SSDs. That are up to 1.5, terabytes. In capacity, and, 60%. Faster, so. Macbook air delivers, the performance you need for, all of your everyday tasks. Now. The MacBook Air set, the bar for great, battery life in a thin and light computer, and the, new MacBook Air is no, exception. It. Has the same great 12 hours of wireless web browsing but, now has up to 13. Hours of iTunes. Movie playback. Engineering. Teams that Apple love, a great challenge and so. We thought what, if we could add all these amazing, new features, while. Making the MacBook Air even more portable. Well. The, team responded. The. New air has an unbelievable. 17%. Less volume than its credit. And. It's. Incredibly. Thin, it's, just fifteen, point six millimeters, which, is ten percent thinner, than the previous air, and. Yet. With. All these new features the, new MacBook Air weighs just. 2.75. Pounds. That's. A quarter pound lighter than, the previous air, perfect. For the notebook you want to take with you everywhere. So. That's the new MacBook Air with, a stunning, 13 inch Retina display touch. ID advanced. Security, a force, touch trackpad and, so, much more and. With. All the care and attention that we put into design and engineering, our, team's work just as hard to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly, in fact. On the new, MacBook Air we use 100%. Recycled, tin in our logic board and we, have significantly. Increased, the amount of post-consumer, recycled plastic. In our internal, components, such, as the speakers but. There's, one big goal that we've had for, many years. Every. Mac enclosure, is made from aluminum. Now. We use, aluminum because it has incredible. Strength durability. And. Its. Sheer. Beauty now. To achieve that we've had to rely on mining, high-purity or, that. Is until, today. Apple's. Metallurgy, team has designed an aluminium alloy that, uses excess, aluminum from the production process, delivering. The same great characteristics. We expect in all of our products and this, is a huge, breakthrough. So. We're really proud to say today that every, new MacBook Air is made, from, 100%. Recycled. This. Helps reduce the carbon footprint, of the new era by nearly 50% and, makes. It the greenest, Mac ever, so. To hear more about this alloy and all of the new features of the macbook air we've created a video that I'd like to play for you now. When. MacBook, Air was introduced, it defined, what an ultra-thin, ultralight, notebook, could be. With. The new MacBook Air we're bringing many of our most advanced, technologies, to this iconic design. The. Powerful new features in Mac OS Mojave come to life on the incredibly, vivid and precise Retina, display. It. Contains, over 4 million pixels which, provide remarkable, clarity high, contrast, and brilliant, color.

The, Eighth generation dual-core. Processor, is powerful, and efficient while helping to achieve all-day. Battery life. The. Apple t2 security, chip delivers, advanced security and, Hayes theory to MacBook Air. Along. With the touch ID sensor it, enables, Apple pay and allows you to unlock your Mac with just the touch of a finger. The. Latest generation Butterfly. Keyboard, is backlit and, provides, more stability precision. And responsiveness. And. The. Much larger force touch trackpad has. Built-in force sensors that allow you to click anywhere and experience, a finer level of control. -. Ility speakers deliver, significantly, more volume, and bass for a fuller sound and wide dynamic range. Thunderbolt. 3 integrates. USBC, into the most powerful, and versatile port ever and. For. The first time the unibody enclosure is, made from 100%, recycled. Aluminum, to. Accomplish this we invented, a new custom, alloy it's. Designed, to use fine shavings of recaptured, aluminum, that re-engineered. Down to the atomic level this. New alloy is as beautiful and robust, as any we've used before. And it makes MacBook, Air the greenest Mac ever. With powerful new technologies, and an all-new design and three beautiful finishes, the, new MacBook Air not only reimagines. But our most loved map can be but. Also how. It can be made. What. A huge leap forward for MacBook Air. So. The new MacBook, Air is configured, with eight gigabytes of memory a 1.6. Core i5 processor with. Turbo up to 3.6, and, 128. Gigs of storage. And. We'll start at 1199. Making. It the most affordable retina, Mac we've ever offered. You. Can order it starting today and. It. Will be available next, week. So. That's the redesigned, re-engineered MacBook. Air so, whether you're a student a writer, an entrepreneur. Or simply. New to mac we. Think you're going to love it now, back to Tim. Thank. You Laura, what a fantastic. And beautiful new MacBook, Air I can't.

Wait For you to get your hands on this I really think you're gonna love it. Now. There's. Another, small. But. Mighty. Mac. Our users, have, been waiting for, and. Here. It comes. Like. Money. Now. I'd like to introduce, you, to Tom Berger our head, of Mac product, marketing, to tell you all about the new Mac Mini Tom. Thank. You Tim I, can't. Wait, to tell you about the biggest update, ever to, the new Mac Mini, now. I'm sure you've noticed that we've given it an awesome space, great finish for one we, know our Pro customers, are going to love that, but. To this. New Mac Mini is an absolute, beast on the inside, here's, why, the. Number one thing our customers wanted us to do is give, it more powerful, processors. So, now every. Mac Mini starts, with. 4 cores. Taking. Performance, to a whole new level but. We didn't think that was far enough so. We're also giving, Mac Mini, 6. Cores processors, as well. And these. Are mobile parts no these. Are higher power H Generation CPUs, with, faster, graphics - so, the performance, boost is incredible. Making, the Mac Mini up - wait, for it five. Times faster, than before. Think. About that five times faster, ripping. Through traditional desktop apps like logic, and Photoshop and, workflow. Apps like, mainstage, and compressor, making. This by far the, most powerful Mac Mini we've ever made. Next. Up is memory now. The previous Mac Mini went up to 16. Gigabytes of memory, so, naturally, the new Mac Mini goes to 32. Gigs of memory but. We didn't want to stop there either so, the. New Mac Mini can now go up to, 64. Gigs of memory. And nowadays this memory faster it's also on SO dims something. We know our Mac many customers, will really appreciate. Next. Up is storage, now, many Mac Mini customers, depend, on the speed and reliability of, SSDs. So. Now every Mac Mini has. All flash, storage. With. SSDs, that are up to four times faster and. Capacities. Up to 2 terabytes and. That's. Double the capacity of the previous Mac Mini and, every. New Mac Mini also, has the Apple, T 2 security, chip with, as many new features including. HEV, see video, encode that, get, this 30. Times faster. It's. Incredible, so. The cool wall is powerful new technology the, new Mac Mini has an entirely new thermal system with double the airflow while still being super, quiet and. Finally. Connectivity. Mac. Mini customers, love having, lots and lots of ports and the, new Mac Mini delivers, with. Gigabit ethernet for. Count them for Thunderbolt, 3 ports an, HDMI port 2, USB ports it, can connect to almost anything and. Not. Only that you, can configure the Mac Mini with. 10 Gigabit Ethernet as well for superfast, networking, performance. So. Now the Mac Mini is a much faster way more, capable Mac desktop that, allows you to choose your own display keyboard and mouse but. The Mac Mini can go so much further. Small. Yet powerful, the Mac Mini is the perfect component, for many creative uses like, running mainstage, and a sound rig for live performances, or, using. It for the production of a live interactive art performance, as students. Are doing today at the California, Institute of the Arts or.

Use. More than one so you can fly through video, encoding, faster, and applications, like compressor, and, on. A movie set as Paramount, Pictures is doing in the filming of Rocket Man their, musical fantasy about Sir Elton John or, use, Mac we need to compile code from a MacBook Pro so we can do other tasks. Or. String a number of Mac minis together so, you can form your own build farm, or. Rack, thousand. Of them together like. Mac. Stadium a company, that has nearly 8,000, Mac minis eight thousand, that, developers, use to, make some of your favorite, apps like, candy, crush Shopify, they. Wanted more, they run 24/7. And data, centers around the world it's. The very definition of, mission. Critical and it all runs on Mac Mini. So. That's the new Mac Mini with, all these great new features. The. Entry config has eight gigs of memory a, 3.6. Gigahertz quad-core, processor, and, 128. Gigabyte SSD and, it. Starts at just $7.99. And, when, those performance, and features is by far the best best, value that we've ever offered in a Mac Mini you. Can configure it up to 64 gigs of memory a higher, frequency core i7 processor, up to 2 terabyte SSD and, with, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, you, can order it starting today and it'll. Be available next week. And. Like all of our products checks all the boxes on, the environmental, checklist and. Like. The new air we're using more and more post-consumer, recycled plastic. In parts, like the foot and. Every. Mac mini enclosure, is made from you, guessed it, 100%. Recycled. Aluminum. Helping. To reduce its carbon footprint, by nearly 50%, so. That's, the new Mac Mini, it's the biggest update ever and we can't wait to get it into the hands of all those customers, out there that are so passionate about the, back Mini and now, back, to Tim. Thank. You Tom and, thanks, again Laura, the. New MacBook, Air and Mac Mini they are absolutely. Amazing. These. New Macs are going to help our customers, be even, more productive and, more. Creative. Now. There, are ways that Apple. Aims to. Inspire creativity. In, our, users. Including. In our, stores, the. Mission, of our stores has, always been, to, enrich, the lives of our customers by. Educating. And inspiring them, to go even further. One. Of the new ways that, we're, taking their creativity. Even further is through, our today at Apple sessions. To. Share more with you about, the latest on, today, at Apple I'd like to invite up Angela. Good, morning. It. Is so great to be back in New York. And. We especially, love being a part of the creative energy, here in Brooklyn this. Is what we're trying to replicate all, over, the world you've. Heard us talk about retail. As our. Largest product, how. We think about the architecture, as our, hardware, and the. Experience, inside, like. Our software. We. Call it today at Apple. We. Started with the things that are core to Apple's DNA things. People most use the devices for and trust us to teach them like, photography, music gaming, and app development, and as. Apple continues, to develop curriculum like, everyone can code and everyone can create we. Embed these lessons, and techniques, into. Our today at Apple programming, for, all customers, including. Educators, and entrepreneurs. And. We. Hold all of our sessions in all, 505. Retail locations, like. It Apple Cote I central in Macau which opened a few months ago. Here. Customers, are attending a session called photo walks where, they learn new features, like portrait, lighting and depth control while. Exploring, the city together in a, real social, way. Or. AppleCare castle in Seoul which, opened this past spring where. Customers, participate, in labs our, most advanced, sessions, like. A music, lab called building your sound co-created. With Florence, of Florence, in the machine where. Our creative, pros help customers, compose, a song using, GarageBand and. Also. This month as a part of you code week we hosted sessions, like Swift on iPad, and Xcode. On math teaching. Over. 2000. Coding sessions, throughout Europe. And, at Apple Piazza Liberty in Milan which just opened this past summer customers.

Are Loving sketch walks where. They learn to capture the city through drawing and painting on ipad and we're. Especially thrilled, when our sessions inspire customers, to go even further with their passions, like, Sara here who after attending a few live art sessions, and a lab, in Florence, Illustrated. And published, her first children's book and. As. We continue to push the design of our flagships, to be even greater gathering. Places where everyone is welcome we're. Also creating. Global. Platforms. For local, talent. Photographers. Musicians, developers, an artist share. Their creative, gifts this. Month in partnership, with the big draw festival, local, artists have been leading sessions, in our flagships, globally. Teaching. And celebrating. Drawing. Like. Josh Cochran a local New York artist who's leading a session across, the street this afternoon. Since. The launch of today, at Apple only, 18. Months, ago, we. Have held over. 18,000. Sessions, a week attended. By millions, of curious creatives, around the world. And. With. The newest release of the Apple Store app, we've. Made it even easier for, you to find out what's happening, near you. Just. Tap. On the sessions tab and. You'll. See a spotlight, of the, newest today at our sessions, in your city. It'll. Also recommend, sessions, based on the products, that you've owned and. Signature. Programs, like, music labs kids, hour and photo, walks. That's. A quick update on today at Apple our new in-store experience, since we launched, but, we're not stopping here, today. We're. Announcing. 60. Newly, designed sessions. Video. Video. Music, and design have all been expanded, and we're adding walks and labs to most categories and of, course we're using Apple's, latest technologies. Like, they are in series, shortcuts. We're. Creating our first video lab called, small screen magic co-created. With video maker Zach king you'll, learn how to shoot and edit fun videos using the clips app we're. Also introducing. A new photo lab called fun family, portraits, you'll lose use live photos, to capture action. Experiment. With filters, and use, Apple, pencil to make your portraits, even more fun and. We're. Introducing, a design lab called drawing treehouses, co-created. With architects, Foster, and partners where, you'll learn architectural. Principles, through the lens of fantasy, and. For. The Mac we're launching a new pro series like, this video lab called color and mood with Final Cut Pro you'll. Learn how to use color to enhance the visual feeling, of your footage and. A. Music lab called, advanced, beat making, with. Logic Pro where. You'll sample, audio design. Sounds, and program. Different styles of beats. So. That's a sneak peek of a few of the new sessions launching in the new year and to, further scale, today at Apple in every. City every day, in every. Store were, also, upgrading. Our existing, fleet, creating. Forums in over 70, stores a year like, this recent, renovation, of Apple Covent Garden in London just. Reopened, a few days ago and they're live-streaming, the event today and. Will. Continue to open flagships, designed to amplify today, at Apple around the world in June. We opened our first flagship. In Seattle. Apple University. Village and on, November, 10th we're launching today at Apple. At. Our first store Apple, icon Siam in Bangkok, Thailand, and we're, excited to be a part of the creative energy in this city and a. Few weeks later we, open Apple seans Alizee. With. One of our grandest, forums in Europe to further in further. Be a part of the creative Renaissance, in Paris and. Just. Like all of our Apple products we continue, to minimize our environmental footprint, in fact. All. Of our retail locations. Run on a hundred percent renewable, energy. We. Feel that today at Apple could be retails, greatest, platform, for enriching lives it's.

Designed, To encourage human, connection, inspire. New learning and unlock. Creativity. And creative, thinking for all generations, and. Today. At Apple is brought to life by our 3,000. Apple creatives, and the entire, retail, team whose. Passion, energy, and commitment. To humanize technology. Helps. Unleash, the creative potential in us all thank, you so much back to you too. Wow. No. One else has anything, like, today at Apple in, addition, to the 3000. Creative, pros we, have over. 70,000, team members, that, are dedicated, to help you get the most out of your products, and they, are the best team on the planet. I am. Moving to New York. Now, let's talk about another. Powerful. Creative, product. IPad. I pet, is a magical. Piece of glass that transforms, instantly, into anything you want it to be, portable. Versatile. And powerful, while, at the same time be. Incredibly. Easy to use we've. Now sold well over 400, million. IPads. Making. It the most popular. Tablet, by far no. One else is even close but, what, you might not know is, we've. Sold more iPads. In the last year. Then. The entire, notebook, lineup, of all of the biggest notebook, manufacturer. This, makes iPad. Not only, the most popular, tablet. But. The most popular, computer in, the world. Pretty. Phenomenal. Now. IPad, line today it's comprised, of the iPad Mini the iPad. And the iPad pro the, iPad. Mini and the iPad, are most affordable, iPads, and they bring versatility. And capability. To, as many users, as possible, while. IPad pro pushes. The boundaries, to. Deliver our most cutting-edge. Creative. IPad experience it, includes. Our most advanced. Technologies. And our highest, performance. IPad. Pro delivers, so, much capability. To our users, and we have, been absolutely, amazed, at, the, creative, things they've done with it. That's. Why we created, iPad, pro. Today. We're. Announcing an, all new iPad, pro. Instead. Of it's, going to push what, you can do on iPad. Or on, any, computer. Even. Further and here. It is. This. Is, the, new iPad, pro, and, to, tell you all about it I want to bring up my colleague. John Turner's, vice president hardware engineering John. Thank, you Tim I am thrilled, to be able to tell you about this new iPad pro it, marks the biggest change, since, the original iPad and we have made it better in every, possible way, in fact this really is the iPad we dreamed about building from the very beginning, we've. Always felt that the iPad should be all about this all, about the display and in there's new iPad pro we have an LCD that stretches, from edge to edge and top to bottom now. We achieve this design by rounding the corners of the display using the same pixel masking, and anti-aliasing. Technology that. We introduced in the iPhone 10 are just. Like in the 10r we. Call it a liquid Retina, display. It. Is packed with our most advanced, technologies, like wide color true, tone promotion. And of course support, for Apple pencil and this. All comes together to deliver the most accurate, responsive. And beautiful, display we have ever made, now. The narrow border design gave us an opportunity to take a fresh look at our iPad pro sizes, the. Original 10.5, inch iPad pro is an amazing, device it offers plenty of area to get your work done an enclosure, that's large enough to support a full-sized keyboard but, it still just one pound and super portable it really has been the ideal option for most of our iPad pro customers, so, we decided to maintain that perfect footprint, but give you an even bigger display, this.

Is The same take anywhere size you loved in the 10.5, inch design but, now with an 11 inch display. And, it has a quarter, million more pixels, but. Of course for customers who want to even larger canvas we also offered the twelve point nine inch display all, that real estate makes multitasking. And working with Apple pencil an incredible. Experience well, this new iPad pro we're able to offer that same large, screen experience in a much more portable package and this, is the new twelve point nine inch iPad, pro. It, is dramatically. Smaller in fact it's. Now almost exactly. The same size as an eight and a half by 11 piece of paper. And. It's. Not just smaller it's also thinner these new iPad pros are just five point nine millimeters. Thin in, the case of the twelve point nine inch that's nearly fifteen, percent thinner than, before, so. All together that means this new twelve point nine inch iPad pro is an incredible. 25. Percent less volume than its predecessor. It. Fundamentally. Changes. The experience of using it you really have to hold one to understand it and we think when people do many more folks will move up to the larger size it, really is the, ultimate iPad. And. That's especially true because it now has face. ID. Done, on iPhone, 10 face ID set the bar for intuitive, seamless. And secure authentication, but. It's even better on the iPad pro on, iPad. Pro face ID delivers, facial authentication, that is more secure than any tablet, or any. Computer, with. A simple glance you can unlock your iPad. You. Can log into your favorite apps and of, course you can even pay for something with Apple pay. Now. Face ID is enabled by the true depth camera which is tucked away into this thin bezel it, uses depth technology, to deliver greater security, and accuracy, than any 2d, face scanner, but. Bringing it to the iPad pro meant we had to optimize the cameras and even had to retrain the underlying, neural networks to work specifically, in all the ways that you use your iPad, portrait. Landscape. Attached. To a keyboard, and no matter how you use these new iPad pros they are always right-side. Up. Now. With support for face ID you might have noticed there's no longer a home button wellnow home button means that all those familiar gestures, from the iPhone 10 now, come to the iPad so, for instance you can swipe down from the upper right hand corner to get to control center you. Access the dock by swiping up from the bottom if. You continue swiping, up and pause you get to the app switcher and, you. Can even swipe along the bottom edge to quickly switch between your most recently used at. You. Can work with two apps at once using split view you just drag an app up from the dock to the side and then you can easily drag and drop between them and. Slide. Over get you a quick view to another app like, when you need to quickly respond, to a message there's, always plenty of room to get what you need done. This. New iPad experience is all about making the most of these large displays, with, space for creativity, and to work with multiple apps at once and all, that is possible because of what we put under the hood because.

These New iPad pros are powered by the all-new a 12x, buy on it and this thing is a monster. Just, like the a12 in our latest phones it's built on our latest, seven nanometer technology no. Other tablet, laptop, or even desktop, has been able to make this leap forward, and it offers a huge job in both performance and energy, efficiency but. Since this is an X chip it means we went bigger than the a12 much, bigger in fact this new a 12 X has more than 10 billion, transistors. Well. What's more, incredible is what we've been able to do with all of them the. A12 X features an 8 core CPU, with, for performance, cores and for high efficiency cores, and, with our latest generation performance. Controller multi-threaded. Workloads can now leverage all eight of those cores, simultaneously. The, results of all this are pretty, amazing, single. Core performance is up by 35. Percent compared, to last year's already really fast iPad pros with. The increase in core count and gains in efficiency, multi-core. Workloads are now up to 90, percent faster. This. Is a huge, step, forward and here's, another way to think about it these iPad pros are faster than 92 percent of all the portable pcs sold, in the last 12 months including. The most popular, core i7, models from the top manufacturers. Now. Of course our X chips have also always been about big graphics, and these new iPad pros do not disappoint, the, a 12 X Bionic, has an all new Apple, Design 7 core GPU that, delivers, two, times the performance of the previous generation, and this. Is great compared to our first generation iPad the graphics, in these new ipad pro's is now, 1,000. Times faster that. Is, not. To. Put it another way the iPad pro delivers, Xbox, one s-class graphics, performance and a, product that's 94%. Smaller and there's, no AC cord required in. Fact. Like all of our iPads it delivers amazing all-day battery life. But. Of course we didn't stop with just incredible CPU, and graphics on board, the a 12x and coming for the first time to an iPad we, have our latest generation of, the knurl engine and just like, in the a12 the, knurl engine is capable of delivering an, unbelievable. 5 trillion, operations per, second, which. Is all in service of delivering incredible performance. In core ml tasks so, with that these, new iPad pros aren't just faster than your last computer, they're also smarter, and more capable, so. Apps can do some amazing things like photos which uses machine learning to classify, and organize your photo so you can always find what you're looking for and it also stitches, together all those photos and videos to create those amazing, memories but, other apps can take advantage of this as well, like. Pixelmator, photo choose, a neural network derived from over 20 million image bears to, determine how to intelligently. Enhance your photos just like a pro photographer would. And. Our chip team has done so much more with a 12x dedicated. Hardware blocks deliver, high performance, and high efficiency, in everyday, tasks like, capturing, images and, shooting video there, is simply nothing like this in other traditional, PC chipsets, and this. Year we have a new fast storage controller, on the a 12x which enables, up to, one terabyte, in storage capacity. You. Think this is really going to help to free up those creative Pro workflows and that, new fast storage controller, also enables something else that's really big because, a high performance computer deserves, a high performance, connector, and so in these new iPad pros we're, moving to USB see. This. Brings up, this. Brings a whole new set of capabilities to the iPad pros like connecting. To accessories, that change how you use your iPad cameras, musical, instruments, or even dots or. Connecting, to high resolution external. Displays up to 5k, and. With USB C you can connect to these data accessories, and displays, at the same time we think our Pro customers, are really going to love this and also. For the first time on these ipad pro's we now support charging, out over USB C so you can even charge your iPhone when you're on the go. Now. One, of the most important, in game-changing, accessories, for the iPad pro has been the Apple pencil with, its lowest latency sub-pixel. Precision. Force and tilt sensing the Apple pencil is absolutely, the tool to reach for whether, you're retouching, the photo jotting. Down notes or, sketching and, with, these new iPad pros the second-generation pencil, has been completely, redesigned the. New, Apple pencil attaches, magnetically to. The iPad pro it. Automatically, pairs and starts charging wirelessly.

And, Because. It's always charging it's always ready to go the moment you need it, tapping. The screen with the Apple pencil will wait the iPad pro and lunch instantly, into the Notes app and. This year there's a whole new way of interacting with the Apple pencil just tap twice on it to switch modes in notes. You can switch between your current tool and the, eraser and in, other apps this behavior will be customizable. Which puts even more control, into, our users hands. Also. This year we have a new smart keyboard folio, it, continues, to deliver a great typing, experience in a thin and light design with, no pairing, charging, or batteries, required and it's, even simpler to use it. Magnetically, attaches to the iPad pro and, it protects both the front in the back it, has a screen angle that is great in your lap and another, that's great at your desk. We. Think this is what makes iPad so unique no other device can easily adapt to your needs the way that iPad can on. Its, own iPad, is the most personal, and powerful, tool for all the things that you do most but. By adding just the right accessory, it totally, transforms the experience, add, the, Apple pencil it, becomes your sketchbook, add. The smart Keyboard it becomes your mobile office or. Add an external monitor and you have an editing day no, other device offers this level of flexibility, and. Not only is iPad the, is I've been amazing for all the things you do today but, also the, perfect tool for creating totally. New experiences. Like augmented. Reality. With. Its large display, and a thin and light design iPad is the best device ever created for AR. And, we've optimized. These iPad pros to make AR even, better we've calibrated the cameras and sensors at all of these components in a 12 X to, deliver realistic, graphics real-time, lighting and object tracking an incredible. Texturing, and reflections, and. With AR kit 2 we give out some hints surface detection and persistent, experiences. And all, of this comes together to completely, transform how. You can interact with the world around you. These. New ipad pro's are packed, with our most advanced, technology, there's, the new all screen, design with liquid Retina display, advanced. Face ID, the. A 12, X Bionic, chip delivering incredible pro. Level performance. For. Speaker audio and this time with woofer and tweeter pairs, in each corner they sound amazing and, they offer wide stereo, output. Gigabit. Class LTE, and ECM technology, and our cellular models, for, great, connectivity, wherever you go and, so. Many more features that make this our very best iPad and, we. Now have brand new designs for the Apple pencil the, smart Keyboard folio, and, USBC, which offers high performance, connectivity, to a wide variety of accessories. But. That said the, new iPad pro really, comes to life through the incredible, apps that have been designed for it and to tell you more about that I'd like to invite shawn prudent senior director worldwide developer, relations to the stage Shawn. Our. Developers, are amazing. Today, there are over a million apps specifically, designed to transform, your iPad into anything you need with just a tap and with, the new iPad pros apps you already know and love are going to look better and perform even faster than before, like. Procreate, for sketching an illustration. Capturing. Notes with notability, or. Using. More folio trace for architectural, drawings. But. With the performance, and capabilities, of the all-new iPad pros our developers, are going to be able to create experiences that, were not possible before, for. The first time, Autodesk, will be bringing the desktop engine of AutoCAD, to the iPad this, will allow customers to view and edit files that, contain hundreds. Of thousands of objects like you see here with performance, as fast as the fastest pcs. And this. Is Assassin's, Creed rebellion, from Ubisoft a fan favorite on the console coming to the iPad for the first time not. Only does the new iPad, unlock stunning, visual effects like ambient, fog and sunlight. Streaming through these windows but. It also delivers on the next level of texture and detail on everything, you see and it's. Running at an unbelievable, hundred and twenty frames per second, something no console, can deliver. DJ. Pro is used by millions of DJ's around the world and algorithms. Been able to harness the power of the a 12x Bionic, to deliver up to five times as many video clips that you can mix simultaneously. And using. CoroMill dozens. Of audio samples, can be key and beat matched in real time to. Deliver performances. That are perfectly in tune and on rhythm, unprecedented. On a mobile device. As. You can see I pad Pro delivers the power and versatility our customers, demand wherever they are now. I'd like to introduce you to two developers to show you what's possible on these new devices first. Let's talk about gaming, on the.

Large Hundred and twenty Hertz display, with pro performance, and for speaker audio iPad. Pro is the ultimate, gaming platform, you can take anywhere and here, to show you what they've been able to accomplish is Greg, Thomas executive, vice president at 2k games. For. More than 20 years NBA, 2k, has set the standard for, realistic gameplay and attention. To detail each. Year fans have been delighted to be able to experience the, NBA on their, consoles, and now. With this incredible, new iPad. 2k. And visual concepts, have brought that same console. Realism, to. IOS. Everything. We're gonna show you today has. Never, been possible on a mobile, device before. Choose. Your favorite team and players. Many. Of you may recognize Barclays. Center we've. Recreated, exactly, so that your, Brooklyn Nets feel right at home today. But. I see. My buddy Mike here has chosen the. World champion, Golden, State Warriors. If. But. If you want to play as Steph Curry you, can play a Steph Curry. Watch. The player with the blue circle, at his feet as the. Rest of the team moves across the court, using. Seamless, motion matching, and inverse. Kinematics. We're. Able to create an unlimited, number of, animations. All. At 60, frames per second. Okay. Let's, take a step back and look, at this beautiful arena. Even. The sidelines, and the thousands. Of fans are, individually. Rendered in high resolution. This. New iPad, is simply, amazing, and it, provides an experience that. Rivals, consoles, for the very first time. Ok. Let's. Take a look at a player, how, about D'Angelo. Russell. We. Meticulously. Recreate. Every. Single, NBA player, using. High-end shaders, to get all of the details to pop just. Look at his hair the, accurate, tattoos. The. Beads of sweat on his, skin. We've. Even rendered, his Jersey down. To the pin holes. Ok. Let's, get back to the game and see how the Warriors go. Oh. Nice. Move. This. Is stunning, and now we're able to add visual post, effects such, as anti-aliasing. HDR. Bloom and depth. Of field in, fact, you're rendering nearly. 6 million, pixels, at, full Retina resolution, with. No upscale. OK. We've got a little bit of time left in this game Mike. Why don't you show us what you got oh. Time running out Steph, Curry. Up. Buzzer. Beater. Nice. Shot. NVH, UK mobile we'll, see you on the court. Thanks, Greg that's, just a glimpse of the amazing, performance at the all-new iPad as you can see developers, will be taking their games to the next level now let's turn to creativity. We've. Worked closely with our friends at Adobe for over 30 years creating. Tools that have sparked entire new industries, and today, we're delighted to have them here to show you the feature of creativity. Please, welcome Adobe's VP of Design Jamie my rolled. I am, so excited, to be here today so at, Adobe the future of creativity. Extends. Beyond the desktop, creative. Professionals, want the ability to create, with, power and ease whenever. And wherever. Inspiration. Strikes a few. Weeks ago how did Obi max we revealed, Photoshop. On the iPad and we also previewed, project, arrow our new augmented reality design. Tool and today. We are super excited to. Show both of these, taking. Full advantage of.

The Breakthrough, performance, of the amazing, new iPad. Pro to, show. You I've asked Chantel to join me on top Thank, You Jamie, let. Me show you the. Real Photoshop, on iPad. Photoshop. Means having the familiar tools you need right. Where you expect them here in the tool bar, Photoshop. Means having the full power of your layer stack and your adjustments, now. I want to make this flower in the middle really stand out so let's, add an adjustment layer and. We. Can find. A hue that really looks nice. Okay. Right about there and. Now. Let's, use the, brush tool and. I. Can come in here and color back on that mask and just. Reveal. The white petals below and I'm doing this with the Apple pencil feels, so smooth and intuitive, it's. Great to be right here with the canvas. Okay. Let's drop a blend mode on there and. There. We go now. This, is. Photoshop. Reimagined. For touch so. We. Have instituted. Many. Ways, to, have. Contextual, UI so, I can use this touch modifier. Under. My thumb to, switch between doing things I do all the time so duplicate. And move. Now. That flower. Looks nicely framed by those pops of yellow and. We're. Ready to go okay. So. Let's, zoom out and you can see this, full, bouquet it's made, up of 131. I've individual. Flower, images, and you'll. See that there's this really, intricate mask, applied, to the whole layer stock. So. That means that when I want, to make adjustments I can just dial it up dial it, down and, dial, right in to the saturation, level that I want to see. Great. Ok. Let's zoom all the way out and you, can see the sheer scale of this piece it is a, real, PSD, the same I would work with on the desktop it's, over, three gigs it's, a hundred and fifty seven layers, twelve. Thousand, by twelve thousand pixels and I'm zooming, through it at lightning speed, no lag. And that. Is thanks to working on this new iPad pro with, 8 cores of pure, power. So. At. Adobe. We know that you creative pros need to dive down. Deep into the pixel, level of precision but then, just as easily get right back out and see the full picture so, we've, instituted, a shortcut. On the Apple pencil just, double, tap get, right back out, double. Tap get right back in. Ladies. And gentlemen this. Is Photoshop. On iPad, just, like you've always wanted. Now. Let's talk about how, you can experience, your Photoshop, files in a whole new way. This. Piece is 9, feet by 9 feet when, printed, at scale and here. On the screen it already, has the power to awe and inspire but what if you, wanted to step into that redwood, forest well.

With, Project arrow now, you can. So. Let's, take a look at that same PSD. Here. In arrow and it, now has space. Between those layers and because. This, is augmented. Reality I, can, do things like bring in some, interactive, elements, like these butterflies, and I. Can set them to animate, when I start the experience, and now I, can. Use my, iPad, to become the, cinematographer. Of this moment. So. Now with Photoshop, project, arrow and iPad. Creatives. Can express, themselves in a whole new medium with. The tools they already know and love back, to you Jamie. Thanks dontel, so. That was truly. Amazing, and that, file created, by Isabel, the main was just gorgeous. So, to recap what, you just saw this was the real Photoshop, by, this I mean the actual Photoshop, engine running, on iPad, pro fully reimagined. For the simplicity of touch and the, precision of Apple, pencil soon. Creative, professionals, are going to have the ability to create and edit, high, fidelity Photoshop. Files on the, iPad pro we. Also showed you project arrow which, is our new augmented reality design. Tool and this tool will give designers. The, ability to use their, skills in Photoshop, to create next-generation. Immersive. Content, look. For both of these in the App Store in 2019. Thank you so much back to you. Wow. That was incredible, thank you Jamie and Chantal on ab pad pro these tools are powerful, enough for professionals, but easy enough for anyone to use and that's why we're so excited to be partnering, with Adobe on these and other next generation apps for, creative pros, this. Is what we mean when we talk about the iPad being a magical, piece of glass it can be anything you need it to be and what the next generation of apps from our developers, it's going to completely change how you get things done in ways, you never imagined, back, to you John. Thanks. Shawn those are some incredible, apps it's amazing, how much performance, we packed into these iPads we. Are so excited, about the all new iPad pro that. We made a video and I'd love to run it for you now. This. Is the new iPad, pro. It's. Unlike any iPad, or anything we've made before because. Everything, has changed. Starting. With the screen as an all screen that, goes edge to edge an impossibly. Thin profile, no thinner no thinner than that, yeah that then so. It's not impossible it, just required fitting a larger display into a smaller form including individual, pixels to create perfectly rounded corners reengineering the two depth camera system making the speaker's smaller but louder adding microphones, shrinking LEDs pushing, it all to the very edge so fits within that narrow border, with everything still weighing about a pound so. When you hold it the technology, seems to recede and you're left feeling like you're essentially holding light. That's. Because the liquid retina display is our most advanced, and responsive. Display ever there's, no more home button because, it is face ID the, most secure and seamless way to unlock your iPad it's been redesigned, to work in any direction so there's no wrong way to unlock it or.

Use It, it. Also is the most powerful and smartest chip we've ever made made, even smarter, by the Apple neural Engine now an iPad for the very first time. It's, powerful enough for Photoshop. Yeah real, Photoshop, and because, of the chip everything, you do like. Surfing the web messaging. At the same time dragging, and dropping is, faster, than ever and. Faster. Than 92%, of portable, pcs, but. That's not all we didn't just think about the iPad or the accessories, but how they all connect, that's why there are 102. Magnets, all precisely, aligned, to create a perfect, system. So. You can do this, and. Charge. Your pencil at the same time. Drawing. Or writing will feel as natural as well, pencil. Only, better because it's cylindrical touch sensor gives you more control like, switching tools with a double tap. There's. Also a new keyboard that snaps into place like this and this, which. Is perfect for group FaceTime, and with, USB see this, now, connects to that that, that and that this. Makes things easy even, if what you do is complex. IPad. Pro is more versatile more portable, more capable, it's. Like a computer but, unlike any, computer, this. Is the new iPad, pro. The, new iPad pro it's. Such a huge leap forward for iPad and for, computers, now. Of course like all of our products every iPad pro is made in ways that are good for both our customers and for the environment and, in fact the excess aluminum, that was created, in the in the process of making these iPad pro enclosures, is recycled. Back into the material, that's used in the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini. The. 11 inch iPad pro is offered in these four storage options and it starts at, $7.99. And. There. Is nothing, else out there that, comes close to this combination, of performance, and portability the 12, point 9 inch iPad pro is offered in these same storage options, and it starts, at $9.99. And. Of. Course both models, are available in, LTE configurations. As well. Customers. Can start placing orders today and they're. Going to be showing up next. Week on the 7th. Now, in addition to the new pro the current ten point five inch pro will continue, to be available alongside, the six gen iPad and iPad, Mini for this. Is the new iPad pro and we could not be more excited about it now back to Tim. These, are the most, exciting. IPads, we have ever created. Does. It just change, the way we think about iPad. It. Changes, the way we think about computers. Now. Before. We close out I. Have. One, quick, update. IOS. 12, is off. To an unbelievable. Start, it's. Been installed on more systems, in the first month, than, any version, in history. This, is incredible. Its. Remaining, on a tear, in fact, an amazing 60. Percent, of all, iOS, devices out there are already.

Running, IOS 12, this. Is just unheard of and, today. We're, shipping, 12.1. This. Update includes, group FaceTime, with up to 32, of your friends. Simultaneously. As. Well. As some other great new features including. Dual sim support, for iPhone 10s and iPhone 10 are with Eastown. There's, also over, 70, great new emojis, to, where. You can express yourself any way you would like. This. Is the best iOS, version. Ever, check. It out. What, a huge, morning, the. All-new, MacBook. Air thinner. And lighter now. With touch ID in, this. Beautiful. Retina. Display, and our. Most loved Mac is now, our greenest, Mac and, the. New Mac Mini, it's the mightiest, and most, versatile, Mac Mini ever an. Hour. Today at Apple sessions, in our retail stores, designed. To help our customers. Take, their creativity. Even further, in. The. Incredible. New, iPad. Pro with. This beautiful, alt screen, design, chock-full. Of advanced, features, and the. A 12x. Bionic, the most powerful, chip we have ever created you're, gonna be amazed by what you can do with this product. At. Apple we love, how. People use our products, to. Create truly, wonderful. Things, and, put. Them out into the world. This. Has been our mission from the very beginning. We've. Always believed. Deeply, in the. Power of, creativity. To change, things, to. Push the human race forward. And. It's, such a great honor for us to be, a part, of what, people create every day all around, the world. Now. What better way to celebrate, that creativity. Than. With an amazing. Musical, performance. I'd. Like to introduce an, artist. That used her unique, talents. To make brilliant. In evocative. Music that. Defies, genre. The. Apple music team is proud, to have worked with her from, the earliest, days of, her career and she's, gone on to sell over 15. Million, albums. Around the world. But. Most importantly. The. Creativity, and emotional. Honesty of her work is. Undeniable. She. Is one of our, favorites. So, please join me in welcoming, this, New York native the, wonderfully.

Talented. Lana. Del Rey. Well. Thank you so much. Thanks. To Tim for asking, us to come. Down and sing a couple of songs for, you I'm. Lucky enough to have Jack, Antonoff with, me playing, on the piano. And. I, just wanted to say we're really honored to be playing for Apple and it's. A company that's done so much to change the way that we consume. Music but also for people like me and Jack the way that we make, music and record, whether it's at home and in the studio so. With. That they told us not to swear, so for that reason I, can't. Tell you the name of the upcoming record. That me and Jack made. But. The, first song that we're going to do from it is the, last song we recorded for it and it's called how to disappear. John. Met, me down at, the boulevard I. Cried. On his shoulder, cuz. Life is hard. The. Waves came. In over, my head. Whatcha, been, up to my, baby. I. Haven't. Seen you, around here lately. All. Of, the guys tell, me lies, but, you don't you just crack. Another. Beam. And. Pretend. That you're. Still, here. And. This, is how, to. Disappear. This. Is how. To. Disappear. And Jim at me down at, the training, yard. The. Cuts on his face cuz. He fought too high I know. He's. In over his head. But. I love that man, like. Nobody, can. He, moves mountains and. Turns them to ground, again. And. I, watched, the guys getting, high, as, the fight for the things. That they are. Dear. To. Forget. The, things, they. Fear. And. This, is how. They. Disappear. This. Is how. They. Disappear. Well. Now it's, been you since, I left New York and. I. Got a kid, into, cats in the yard that, California. Sun and, the movie, stars, and. I. Watched, the skies getting. Light, as, I write as I think. About, those, years. And. I, whispered. In your. I'm. Always gone. To. Be. Right here. No. One's gone. Anyway. I've always gone. To. Be. Ready. No. One's gone. Anywhere. Thank you so much. Again. In the name of swearing, I won't say the title of the second track. I'll. Call it Venice for now and it's um yeah, it's a song we released a couple couple, weeks ago. Fear, fun, I feel. Fresh. Outta, cares, forever. I'm, trying to, be. Stronger. For. You who, I. Scream. Life's. Queen, I. Dream. In jeans, and leather. Livestream. I'm, sweet. For, you oh. I. Miss, you on my lips. It's. Me, a little, things Jay. On. The stoop with the neighborhood. Kids. Calling. I'll bang bang kiss, kiss. The far. As the summer fades away. Nothing. Gold can stay. You're. Right artery. You're beautiful. Inside. But. We're American. Man. Give. Me. Hallmark. One. Dream, one life one lover paint. Me. Happy. In. Norman. Rockwell's. No. Hype under. Our covers, it's, just. Me. And, you. Oh. God, I miss you on my lives. It's. Me, a little, vanished a. On the stoop with the neighborhood, kids, calling. Out bang bang kiss kiss. You're the. Then, as the summer fades, away. Nothing. Gold can stay. I do we. Make, it work you're. Beautiful. And. I'm inside. But, we're American. Yeah. Oh god. I'm missing llama. Baby. It's me a little, venice, chair. I'm, on the streets with the neighborhood. Kids, calling. A bank bank, is, key. Bank. Is, key. Calling. Out bangbang, kiss-kiss. Thank. You very much. I'm, the winner. Your. Way. Thank you. What, a Delray. I'd like to thank everyone, for joining us, today in New York and everyone, that's been watching, online and, I'd. Like to thank everyone at, Apple, who, made today possible and. Makes every. Day possible, it. Couldn't be done without you. We've. Got a hands-on, area with these amazing products, just down the road at one Hanson Place will have people escort, you over there I encourage. You to go try them out for yourselves. They are amazing. Thanks, again I may, see you in your neighborhood.

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