Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 12, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 12, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight the new tropical, storm, warning the threat gaining strength in the Caribbean, the Bahamas still, reeling from the devastation, of Hurricane durian, bracing. For impact new, concerns, tonight in Florida and along the southeast, and Gulf Coast's Al, Roker is here with the track also, tonight the breaking headline, of that deadly boat disaster, the NTSB. Just revealing all crew, members were asleep, when the flames erupted, the Coast Guard working to lift the sunken ship from the water and tonight, the new warning about charging, phones on boats the, fertility clinic accused. Of a shocking mix-up the father stunned, to discover he's. Not his child's, biological. Dad it. Shuts you down and. Your. Whole everything, your life, this is not my daughter whose is it the parents now suing the clinic, NBC, News investigates. The staggering, number of prescription, drugs imported. To the u.s. from China why, officials warn it's a major health and national security threat, the, felon, on the run found posing, as a surgical, assistant accused. Of stealing identities and, money from hospital, patients, how was he ever allowed inside the operating, room and the growing outrage millions. Vanishing, from personal, bank accounts, across the country the mystery, about where all that money went. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt. Good. Evening everyone the storm devastated Bahamas. As well as parts of Florida are staring, down at a new tropical threat, tonight just, a week after hurricane, durian, forecasters. Are keeping a sharp eye, this hour on a disturbance, expected. To become a tropical storm a tropical, storm warning has just been issued for the Bahamas, where heavy rain and winds may hit as soon as this evening bunch of Florida is also in the possible, path of the storm NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez has. The very latest. Less. Than two weeks after hurricane, durian, pummeled, the Bahamas, this same devastated. Area is under a tropical storm warning, tonight. Forecasters. Are watching, this system closely, saying it could develop into tropical storm Umberto. Right, now it's path is tough to predict since it's so disorganized but, it's expected to dump heavy rain on the northern Bahamas. The same area pummeled, by Hurricane durian, the official death toll there from durian remains at 50 but the government expects it to rise sharply about. 1300. People are still listed as missing all, week, we've spoken with the EES struggling, to leave the country I don't, know how long I'm gonna stay here for but.

I Don't tell us nothing yet durian. Stayed just off, the Florida coast before weakening, and making landfall North Carolina if it developed so Berto, could impact the same area Gabe, Gutierrez NBC. News let. Us bring in out Roker now for the very latest track, of this storm out what are you seeing. Lester. This potential, tropical cyclone would become umberto, right now 30 mile-per-hour winds, it's moving Northwest at eight eighty percent, chance of formation. Here's what we look for assuming. It continues, this track from the National Hurricane Center landfall. In Florida Saturday sometime, in the afternoon but, look at the European track it keeps it off the Florida coast but it it rapidly. Strengthens, the American, model tracks it into the Gulf of Mexico as a weak storm, 500-mile. Difference, so significant, differences in tracks, and intensity, what we do know we're looking for a heavy rain with, lots of wind anywhere from three to five inches of rain from Charleston, down to Fort Pierce and of course unfortunately, more rain tropical, storm warnings for the Bahamas all right now thank you in Southern California tonight. Authorities have started to raise that dive boat that caught fire killing 34, people as safety. Investigators, release a preliminary report, revealing. All six, crew members were, asleep, when the fire broke out Molly, hunter has late details the. Charred remains of the Concepcion, were lifted, out of the water nearly, two weeks after that deadly fire killed 34, people onboard the, National Transportation Safety Board today confirming, all six, crew members on board were, asleep, according. To its preliminary, report a roving, watchman, required by law to stay awake and walk the decks overnight was asleep when the fire began at 314, in the morning the, boat owners attorney says a safety check was completed at 2:30, a.m. a, criminal, probe has been launched and investigators, now looking at lithium ion batteries, founded smartphones and most electronics. Just, this week the Coast Guard recommended, boat operators, can limiting, the unsupervised.

Charging, Of those, kinds of devices the, 75, foot boat had three levels, the night of September 2nd five crew members were asleep on the top deck when the fire broke out on the second, deck were the 33, passengers and one crew member were asleep and where, investigators, say they could have been charging, their electronics, the, sleeping quarters had an entrance, and a safety hatch but. Questions, about whether the hatch was big enough to escape and if, passengers knew, it even existed, investigators. Asking, witnesses to come forward and urging, previous, passengers, of truth aquatics trips to share their experiences. In a statement to NBC News the company says it passed every, annual, safety inspection, and this, tragedy, was not caused by operators, the boat or the crew the, cause may not be known for months Molly hunter NBC, News, you, know Paso Texas a grand jury indicted, the suspect, in last month's mass shooting, at a Walmart, in that city the 21 year old was charged with capital murder, 22. People were killed and dozens of, others were wounded, in the rampage, the district attorney has said he plans to seek the death penalty also. Breaking tonight yet another family has been touched by tragedy in, a crisis, we've been following in a major city the 20th, child killed, by gunfire this, year in st. Louis we, get more from Ron Allen. Today. Homicide, investigators, converged on an apartment complex in North, st. Louis County after, a still unnamed 3 year old boy was shot and later died despite. Frantic efforts by a relative, and police who, raced the victim to a hospital, in their patrol car trying, to save him at least a 20th child killed by gunfire in the st. Louis area this year more than half since, spring is tragic, any time we lose somebody, and it is certainly beyond, the pale and heartbreaking, when we lose a child. We knew there too many people, family, this recent town hall erupted. With anger and grief. Police. Say more high-powered, weapons are on the streets most, cases adults, are the target and children, innocent bystanders, another, grim investigation. Now, underway, Ron, Allen NBC, News it is debate night in America the top 10 Democrats, in the 2020, race facing, off and for the first time apparent, frontrunner Joe Biden will be on the same debate stage with senator Elizabeth, Warren recent. Polls show what's looking like a three-way, race between Biden, Warren and senator Bernie Sanders and. Hours, before the debate in Houston a stunning sight Greenpeace. Activists. Suspending, themselves, from a bridge shutting, down the Houston, Ship, Canal this. Is our, channel I should say this is a late word tonight the deputies have made arrests. Tonight. Actress, Felicity, Huffman is, lit bracing, to learn her fate just hours, from now for her role in that massive, college admissions cheating scam and there, are new questions about how much one school at the center of the scandal knew and when. NBC's. Miguel Almaguer. With the details. The. Admissions, investigation. Launched at UCLA, five years, ago involves coaches of the water polo tennis. And track and field teams also. Questioned, Ric singer, the admitted mastermind, of the college cheating scandal, still, unfolding, today. After. A water polo recruit, was rejected, from UCLA, her mother appealed, the university's, decision according. To the confidential. Investigation. First reported, by the LA Times even. Though her daughter didn't, play water polo, the mother stated, she was still willing to pay and that she understood, from singer that she was expected, to donate, a hundred thousand, dollars to the program, for, the admission, of her daughter through, athletics it's. A striking similarity. In the pay to play scheme that, led to 51, arrests this year UCLA.

Saying It's implemented. A new policy adding. There were no allegations, of singer's criminal, activity, at that time payment. In some form or another and, a wink and a nod to get into college has, always been part of the, super, competitive, world of college admissions with, universities. Under scrutiny for what they knew tomorrow, felicity, Hoffman, becomes the first parent to be sentenced, after pleading guilty to fraud the, stage now set for this actress, to, face justice. And Miguel, joins us right now this week the probation, department weighed, in to the charges, that Felicity, Huffman is facing what do they say well the probation department said there was no actual or intended, loss from Huffman's crime so this could set the stage for no prison time that's in stark contrast to. What prosecutors are asking for one month behind bars ultimately. It's up to a judge we'll find out what she decides tomorrow all right and you know thanks good to have you here next, tonight the nightmare, for to New Jersey parents. They say a fertility, clinic mix-up, has rocked their family, now they filed a lawsuit and, critics are demanding more regulations. For the multi-billion, dollar industry, the parents spoke to NBC's, Kate snow, two, years after having their daughter through in vitro fertilization. Christina ketteridge, and drew was a loose key say they started to have questions we, realized that she had Asian features they. Say a DNA test in 2015, showed Wasilewski, was not the father it, shuts you down everything, your life. What's. Going on your world. My, daughter who's in, a lawsuit they argue the Institute, for Reproductive Medicine and, science at, st. Barnabas in New Jersey mistakenly. Used sperm from another man leading, to the breakdown, of their marriage, we're, so happy that we do have her but. At this point you have to put yourself in other people's shoes to that's, not fair in, a statement the Institute said in part it is thoroughly examining, the alleged incident, adding, the integrity, of our treatment, processes are paramount, it's the latest in a growing number of lawsuits filed, after fertility, mix-ups, it's hard to explain the shock and agony. When. You find out that someone you love and care for your, own daughter is not, genetically. Related to you Joseph, Carlo nice suit says a home DNA test showed he's not the biological father, of his 24, year old daughter a woman, in New York gave birth after allegedly being implanted with an embryo from this California. Couple they, met their baby when he was six weeks old. Was. A loose key wants to know if his donated, sperm were used to father another child I would like to be part of it I want. To know who, I am who. The grandmother is who the grandfather is what, what, really amazing things happened my family um. That it's. Part of you Kate. This is so heartbreaking a lot of families use these fertility clinics what guardrails, what safeguards, are in place so according, to the CDC, by the way 78,000.

Babies, In just one year were born using, reproductive, technology. And NBC, News has found Lester that there is no single, government, agency, empowered. To crack down on these, clinics, if there are mistakes or, malfunctions. One expert called it the Wild West all right okay thank you tonight, there is new alarm over the massive control China has over our nation's supply of drugs to treat everything from heart disease to depression, to cancer concerns. Rising, among US officials, that it threatens our health and national, security, Stephanie. Gosk has our NBC, News investigation, there's, a little-known fact about some of the most common, drugs Americans, take from, antibiotics, two-part, medicine to antidepressants. 80%. Of the key ingredients used to make them come from overseas. Mainly. From, China China's. Stated, aim is to become the pharmacy, to the world, rosemary. Gibson is the author of China rx. How much of our drug supply is controlled by China we're, so dependent on, China that. If they shut the door on sending, medicines, to us our. Hospitals, what shut down within a couple of months in, the case of some drugs like antibiotics China. Has a total. Stranglehold. We, can't make penicillin anymore. The, last penicillin. Plant in the United States closed in, 2004. A March, a prominent, Chinese economist. Suggested, his country's control of the market could, be used to send a message, if exports, are reduced he said the, medical systems of some Western, countries will, not run well basically. We've outsourced, our entire, industry, to China that, is a strategic vulnerability. In and of itself John Adams is a retired, Brigadier, General how. Our pharmaceutical, is turned into, weapons. Of war pharmaceuticals, are necessary, for, our. Warfighters. They're necessary, for our population. To. Remain healthy to. Cure diseases, if those are either toxic, or, they're not available we're. Gonna get sick. The. US and China are not at war but, there are tensions, over trade China's. State-run paper, said this week there's little chance the government would deliberately, harm innocent, Americans by cutting off the flow of antibiotics. Well Trust is everything and. Do. We trust there, have already been problems, with contamination. In 2008. There were dozens of deaths tied to batches, of the blood thinner heparin. And in. The past year more than 50, recalls, of some of the most popular, blood pressure medicines, contaminated. In China and India with chemicals, linked to cancer how, did we get here how. Did this happen, we got here because it's cheap because. We looked at for at the next quarters profits, the pressure for low-cost drugs, pushed manufacturing. To China we, have to reinvest. In making, medicines, here, in the United States an expensive. Proposition that, could drive drug prices, up for, commodities. Like oil, and food we would never put all of our production, all of our eggs in one basket, in China, we, shouldn't be doing that, with our medicines, Stephanie. The fact that we rely on China, for drugs that Americans, take in need every day is alarming. What could be done well, the only way to regain control Lester, is to move manufacturing, back, to the US but experts tell us that private, companies aren't, going to do that on their own they're gonna need the federal government's, help in Leicester that means, money all right Stephanie Gus thank you much in, Maryland, today a dramatic, crash landing, on a busy highway a small, plane coming down shortly, after takeoff and hitting a car two, people in the car suffered, minor injuries, as did two people aboard, the plane the cause of the crash not yet known there.

Is Much more ahead tonight including the man now under arrest in a shocking, case of identity theft police say posing, as a surgical. Assistant and stealing, from patients, also, the FBI is now investigating why, and how millions, of dollars in people's paychecks have, banished from their bank accounts, and the, big surprise for the young boy who was teased, after, wearing a homemade t-shirt supporting. The college he loves stay, with us. Alright. We're back now with disturbing news from Southern, California man. Under arrest tonight police, saying he posed as a surgical, assistant in the operating, rooms of several hospitals, and stole, from patients, and employees, our, Steve Patterson has the shocking, details, it. Is a stunning, case of stolen identity. A felon, allowed unchecked, access to hospital, patients at their most vulnerable moments. LAPD. Announcing the arrest of James Shannon for stealing identities cash. And financial. Data while, working under a false identity at, several, prestigious hospitals, in Southern, California his. True, identity still. Unknown a top concern whether, he was even qualified, to perform medical procedures we. Were not able to find any type, of schooling certification. Licensing. Or credentials. Shannon, was already wanted for identity, theft in San Bernardino, County using, a forged driver's license, to rent an apartment and, obtain, a job at a hospital as a surgical, assistant, officials, say the hospital fired, him after they learned of his arrest he, was in no showed at court and has been on the run until now, LAPD. Arrested, Shannon Tuesday after he used his stolen credit card to buy $17,000. Season, tickets to the Clippers that, led officials to, a trove of fake identities, and discovered. He was a contract, employee at a number of La hospitals, I believe, this to, be an. Issue, of major public importance, raising, questions on how a felon, on the run could, end up working as a surgical, assistant, hospitals. Are responsible. Not just for their own employees but. For everyone, they bring in as a contractor. A con man now behind bars as police, try to track down who, he, really is Steve. Patterson NBC, News Los, Angeles and. We're back in a moment with the pay check mystery, why millions of dollars are disappearing from people's bank accounts. Next. Tonight the FBI is investigating why. Potentially, millions, of dollars advantage, from personal, bank accounts, across the country after a payroll company, shut down without, warning here's. NBC's Jolene. Kent. At. A gobby, Animal Rescue in Nashville, executive, director Tonya Willis says their paychecks, have disappeared. Without a trace this, is devastating for. For. A small nonprofit like, us instead, of completing, direct deposits, for her employees, Willis. Says her payroll processor. My payroll HR withdrew. The amounts for their paychecks, and more, totaling. A million, dollars this month leaving. Them deep in the red my. Payroll HR then abruptly shut down last week giving, business owners like Willis no explanation. And leaving, companies, across the country without millions. Of dollars in employee pay we, had to stop intake, when our program stops that, means that dogs are being euthanized tonight. The FBI tells, NBC News it's investigating, as is, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who called my payroll HR s actions, reckless. In. Southern California employees. At Schaffer and real estate groups, say their paychecks, were removed from their accounts, twice the. Owner now paying his staff out of his own pocket if, you've got a bank account that has direct deposit, or withdrawal. We. Might be a lot more vulnerable than, we realize there's no indication, of where the money went my, payroll HR and its parent company did, not respond, to our multiple, requests, for comment, Lester. All right Jolene Kent thank you and a follow-up tonight on our story about that Florida, boy who was being teased for wearing a homemade t-shirt supporting.

The University, of Tennessee the university. Printing, his design and making it official t-shirt and now it's gone much, farther, I mean much farther offering, the fourth grader admission. To the University when, he's ready at a, 4-year. Scholarship, how about that when. We come back those who serve some of the bravest dogs, you'll ever meet. Finally. Tonight our look inside the world of some very brave dogs, that work behind the scenes at the White House, here's Gotti Schwartz in. The long history of dogs in the White House there have been the favorites the spotlight stealing spot bow the chief tail-wagger and Sonny the Secretary of squirrel chasing. Every. Day behind the scenes are the nonpartisan, pups, yet never notice these, are the Secret Service k-9 elite training, and petroleum, to keep the first family safe no, fears no friendly-like, toppy whose handler keeps a tennis ball on his holster as, soon as we've reached the White House grounds he knows that this is time to work and today a look inside the dogs new headquarters in Maryland, a place to learn how to sniff out explosives check. All cars and visitors pulling into 1600. Pennsylvania, Avenue and stop, intruders, like hurricane, did recently, awarded for chasing down a man who jumped, the White House fence back, in 2014. Despite, being punched, and kicked in the face repeatedly hurricane. Rewarded, with medals and two cheeseburgers, for, serving his country like, a very, good boy, Goti, Schwartz NBC, News Jeezy, person a bad idea that, is NBC, Nightly News I'm, Lester Holt thank you for watching everyone and have a good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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I think the Chinese drugs are generally drugs that have been on the market for a while that are available as generics for $10 less in actual cost. The super expensive drugs we hear about in the US are newer drugs that are under patent.

Guam John that is a misunderstanding of how economics works, make it for little or nothing, sell it high as possible. Make your stock look good, the stock price rises, and we are told how great the country is doing. Upper management and the stakeholders (owners of stock) make a killing. Same way our Healthcare, and Hospitals work. In Europe they did it a little different, the factory and workers stayed in country, the owners and stakeholders are now from China. Look into other stuff like Smithfield Foods, hams and turkey, bought by China. Operates in NC, and VA.

I think it was answered by one word in this report: PROFITS.

It's like the food, the rich only have imported food, they know its safe.

Oh, sure, REPUBLICANS... Bail out Big Pharma but call SNAP receivers "welfare queens" and force them to take DRUG TESTS just to get their Food Stamps??? THE IRONY.....

Juustrosy5 ..I agree with u. I volunteer at a foodbank and "America" is so out of touch with the profile of those people on SNAP..Single white males dresses in pressed shirts, retired white widows and just plain hardworking folks that confronted health disasters, lose of children and just plain isolation. It's sad but when you're quick to judge (ie. Welfare Queen) just remember that could be you someday. Be kind to one another...that's how "we" can get through our hardships..cause it's not "IF" hardship happens, it's "WHEN" hardship happens. EVERYTHING has an expiration date, even you and your circumstances.

Republicans didn't bail out Big Pharma Democrats did that already by giving anyone in the healthcare sector a handout with obummercare.

In reference to the shooting and killings in St. Louis, human organs are more lucrative than drugs and weapons!!

Oh my God it's a miracle you guys came out with a video about the news on the day it was about I can't believe it, it must be a sign of the Apocalypse.

Correction. Dr Dre donates 70 million to USC. Hmmm thats alot of money for a school that has money already.

If China cuts off the flow of narcotics then America will get healthy again.

Did you not hear the part that China produces our antibiotics, blood pressure and cancer medicine, among others?

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