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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 11, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. A life-threatening. Hurricane, getting stronger a major natural disaster. Closing in there, are multiple, states of emergency, over a million, and a half people scrambling, to evacuate, and people are being warned to get out now. Don't. Bet, your life on lighting. Out a monster and tonight is FEMA, ready as President, Trump says this about a storm that killed nearly 3,000. People I think. That Puerto Rico was an incredible. Unsung. Success. Also. Tonight paying tribute to the heroes of 9/11, 17. Years later and our in-depth, look at the ongoing health, crisis, so, many first responders now, sick doctors. Now say the number of deaths from 9/11, related diseases, could, soon surpass, the number lost, that day, outrage. From Elizabeth, Smart one of her kidnappers, will be set free from prison, five years earlier than expected a surprise. Decision, she calls incomprehensible. An, NBC News exclusive. Russia is the prime suspect for those mysterious attacks, on Americans, in Cuba. And parents. Divided. Over kids getting hit with paddles, as punishment, at school what. Do you think. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt. Good. Evening for anyone even thinking, about taking their chances and riding it out along the Carolina coast the, governor of North Carolina is, warning this storm is a monster, it's big its, vicious extremely. Dangerous and it's historic, the, National Hurricane Center using, terms like life-threatening, storm surge at this hour Florence, is a category, 4 in picking up steam as over, a million, and a half people rushed to evacuate, before the coast gets clobbered, states, of emergency now, declared in North and South Carolina, Virginia. Maryland and Washington DC we. Have all of it covered tonight let's get right to Al Roker who has the very latest al Lester, this thing is growing in strength and intensity, and in size right now, 140. Mile per hour winds. 785. Miles from Cape Lookout North, Carolina, by. Friday, afternoon we, expect landfall, so everybody, to, the west and south of Myrtle Beach all the way to Cape Hatteras have, to be on alert because. This storm could, make landfall anywhere. Along, that cone all right now thanks very much we'll ask you to stay close we're back to you in just a moment with the brand-new storm track but we want to get right to Gabe Gutierrez in, South, Carolina, where those mass evacuations. Are underway Gabe, set, the scene for us there. Lester. A hurricane, warning just went, into effect here this popular beach town is now shut down the Carolinas, bracing, for potentially. Their strongest, hurricane, in decades. Tonight, the rush is on to get out from. The Carolinas, to Virginia, more than a million people are desperately. Trying to outrun, hurricane, Florence, how, terrifying system. In. South Carolina, authorities closed, this highway in one direction all lanes now leading West away, from the massive, storm that's, ominously, churning, in the Atlantic, this is the incredible view from NOAA's hurricane, hunter just look as the plane reaches the eye wall the blue sky clearly, visible we, are in a a very, deadly, and important, game of chess with, hurricane.

Farms, In. Myrtle Beach I came, Florence, bring it on there's a rush on sand, Maria Nichols is using, it to protect her home but tonight she's, bolting. To higher ground it's important for us to evacuate we. Don't need to take chances we don't need to put personnel. On the line to come and try and save us we need to go. Still. Not everyone's fleeing Florence, Lorraine, and Mark Taylor decided, not to heed the mandatory evacuation order. Instead. They plan to hunker, down in their retirement community, and check, on their neighbors why. You staying. I've, been through a lot of storms and we feel like that this is our, home a home, now, in the path of the most powerful hurricane, to threaten the southeast, coast in more than 20 years Gabe. Gutierrez NBC. News Myrtle, Beach South Carolina. I'm. Kerry Sanders at Fort Bragg North Carolina where. Today the US Army ordered more than 80 choppers, inland to safety, the flight line here now a FEMA's, staging, area more than 200 semis and more still coming filled, with critical supplies so, you're doing something different we are because we're putting, supplies, in, various, places at an earlier time usually, you wait until after the storm and you chose to do that with this hurricane because because, it is so wide so. Intense. On the Coast residents preparing, but some also skeptical, the government, will be there when they need them it just seems like they're not doing as much than you - a recent, GAO report. Found FEMA was woefully understaffed, during, last year's unprecedented. Hurricane, and fire seasons, with 54%, of employees doing jobs they were not, qualified, for at, the time the storms hit the agency, was stretched thin, responding. To 692. Federal, disasters, there's a lot of lessons that we learn from 2017. And we, are at the ready in Carolina, Beach at Alice 6,000, they're hopeful, FEMA will be there to help so there will always be little, bumps in the road but I'm very confident, that we'll be able to weather the storm also preparing tonight power companies, like Duke Energy, crews, coming from as far away as the Midwest, to help restore power, also at the ready soldiers. At Fort Bragg my, point here is we are ready to respond, should they need it getting, supplies from here to the front line distribution, centers before. The hurricane hits is not, only a first it's a recognition, that Florence, is going to dump a lot of rain and create, floods and the last thing anybody, wants our supplies stuck, here at Fort Bragg and not, where they're needed most Lester, all right Kerry Sanders, thanks and already some of the biggest airlines, are warning of a travel, mess to come the ripple effect from this storm will be felt far and wide our Tom, Costello has, the latest on that Tom lay it out for us. Lester. We're talking about 23. Airports, that could be affected potentially, tens of thousands, of passengers airlines, are already waving the change fees if you, are supposed to fly in or out of the storm zone between the 13th and the 16th, you are advised to change your tickets now don't, wait till the last moment, here are some of the airports most likely, to be affected at least as of this moment Charleston. South Carolina Myrtle. Beach Wilmington. North Carolina. Greenville. North Carolina Charlotte. North Carolina a major hub the second biggest hub for American Airlines if they are affected, if they go out that, will have a major ripple effect across the country also Riley, Durham potentially, vulnerable and then, up in Virginia Norfolk, and also, Richmond.

Airlines, Are already moving or planning to move their flights their planes out of the storm's path they'll, sit out the storm elsewhere, and then fly back into those airports once they're clear luster alright Tom Costello thanks, we want to show you folks the eye of the storm this was captured, by a NOAA, satellite. Alice, back with us right now we look at that and we look at this how how. Big your cross is all that we're talking about 400, miles Lester so and it's intensifying, it's growing right now 785. Miles east southeast Cape feare 140. Mile per hour winds moving west-northwest at 17. If it continues, at that clip at, about a category, three storm coming, onshore, sometime. Late in the afternoon on, Thursday we're. Gonna be watching that very closely and then, into Friday it makes its way in and we are looking by Sunday, it's still just, in the Carolinas, and as, far as the winds are concerned the highest risk from, Cape Hatteras back to Charleston as far as the winds are concerned the storm surge when all the walls of water come in anywhere, from two to 13. Feet put that on top of high tides and you have massive flooding along the shoreline, and the, rainfall, working, its way in through Sunday, look at this isolated, totals of 30 inches could be three and a half feet but we are talking anywhere, from 10 to 20 inches generally. Lester it's gonna bring a lot of misery yes-no Roker thanks very much President Trump in the Oval Office late, today said the federal government, is quote absolutely and, totally prepared, to respond, to Florence but, he also praised, his own much criticized, response, last year to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico despite. The official death, toll recently. Being raised to nearly 3,000. People that's, almost as many lives lost in the September, 11th, attacks our, Kristen Welker joins, us live from the White House Kristen what's the latest, Lester, good evening tonight President Trump, is insisting, his administration. Is as, ready as anyone. Has ever been, to deal with hurricane Florence, the president, describing, the storm as tremendously. Big and wet and when asked, about lessons, learned from those storms, that devastated, Puerto Rico last year. The. Job that FEMA, and law. Enforcement and. Everybody, did working along with the governor in. Puerto Rico I think was tremendous, I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible.

Unsung. Success. One. Top Democrat calling, those comments, offensive given. That nearly 3,000, people died as a result of Hurricane Maria, mr., Trump started his day in Shanksville Pennsylvania, commemorating. The 17th, anniversary of. The September 11th, attacks greeting. Supporters at the airport, by pumping his fists, the president, has canceled two campaign, rallies, to monitor the storm this week Lester, Kristen, Welker thank you and disturbingly, the horror of 9/11 continues. To claim victims, almost. 1,900, first responders, have died in the years after and now as cancers, from inhaling asbestos and, other, toxins, emerged it's expected, the deaths from 9/11. Related diseases will, soon surpass the number lost on that day NBC's. Anne Thompson has that story for us this. Is what you wore on 9/11. Rob's era is part of the 9/11, story still, unfolding I have to think about it every day just because my body reminds, me just, 21, he spent hours at Ground Zero that day covered, in a witch's brew of toxic, dust now. 38 a husband, and father, Sera's endured multiple sinus. Surgeries, PTSD. And pain so bad he relies on a cane so it's completely like he's aged out of 50 years in the last 10 years and showing, signs of thyroid, cancer do. You feel like you're a ticking time bomb yeah, I. Do I believe it's only a matter of time Sarah. Is one of 72,000. First responders, enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program, 8,000. Developed, cancer a number dr.. Michael crane says will only grow, are, you at an inflection, point yes ma'am we were at the point where the chronic disease due to the known toxins, like, asbestos will, start to happen so you can see mesothelioma. Yes you could see multiple, myeloma, we could see lung cancer, we could see it all already, the clinic is seen elevated, numbers of prostate, melanoma, and thyroid, cancers, can, you keep that, diagnosis. From becoming, a decimal I think we absolutely can, every, day we're, seeing breaks with luck and personalized medicine which, if not. Curative. Can, give excellent, extensions. Of life but federal funding, for the responders, care who live across the country, is set to expire, in two, years, with, the young family, Robin Kristin Sarah tried to savor every moment but, I have three kids so my my job is just getting, them as much as me as I can and keep, hoping, for a happy ending, Anne, Thompson NBC, News New York, let, us turn now to the protests, erupting, in Dallas over the police officer, who fatally shot a neighbor after allegedly mistaking, his apartment, for hers many. In the community are now demanding answers with, the officer, and the victim's family claiming. Two very different versions of what happened NBC's, Gotti's Schwartz is there with the latest. In. Dallas. More anger overnight over the shooting death of 26, year-old Bothans on in his own apartment. Court. Documents painting, a picture of a confused, police officer amber Geiger coming home to what she thought was her apartment, instead, she, was one floor above her own unit, Geiger, alleges, the door was already slightly, ajar when she pushed her key into the keyhole fully, opening, the door inside. The dark apartment Geiger, said she saw a large silhouette, believing, she had encountered a burglar drew a firearm, gave verbal commands that were ignored and fired, twice hitting Jean, in the chest, but. According to an attorney for the Jean family, that story contradicts, what a neighbor overheard what. Are the witnesses saying happened instead, of her pushing the door open they heard her pounding at the door demanding. To be let in Geiger. Posted a $300,000. Bond ahead of her grand jury hearing where the DA says she'll face charges of manslaughter, and possibly, murder according, to the witness she heard a man call, out oh my god why, did you do that what. Could be his last words now a question, so many here want answered, Gotti, Schwartz NBC, News Dallas now. To an NBC News exclusive, the strongest, indications. Yet of who could be responsible for those mystery, attacks, last year when, 26, US diplomats, and intelligence officials. Were struck ill in Cuba. The prime suspect according, to US officials Russia. NBC. News chief foreign affairs correspondent, Andrea, Mitchell as the story. The. Mystery who are what caused American, officials, living in these Havana homes and several hotels to, suffer headaches, dizziness and some, serious, brain injuries, similar to a concussion last, year Cuban investigators, told us they would never allow their territory, to be used that way but, now Russia is the leading suspect NBC.

News Has learned according, to three US officials, and two, others briefed on the investigation. Evidence. They say backed up by highly, secret communications. Intercepts, collected. During a lengthy and ongoing investigation. Involving. The FBI CIA. And other agencies, US, officials also, tell NBC News, investigators. Now believe the Americans, were deliberately, targeted this, is not an accident and those who who, think this is some sort of rogue operation, I think are operating. In a fantasy world the State Department says it is still investigating we, have not assigned any blame and we continue to look into this why would Russia target, American, officials the leading theory to disrupt, President Obama's opening - then Cuban leader Raul Castro, no. Comment, tonight from the Cubans or the Russians Lester. Andrea Mitchell in Washington, Thanks still have the stunning decision and the Elizabeth, Smart kidnapping. Case of how smart is responding, tonight also. Parents divided, after a school brings back paddling. The new controversy. Over the old school, form of punishment. Back. Now with the surprise news that broke late today about one of the most infamous kidnappings. In modern American, history the, woman who helped abduct, Elizabeth, Smart and hold her captor for nine months back in 2002. Is set, to be released from prison years, earlier, than expected and, as, our national, correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, reports, Elizabeth. Smart is calling it incomprehensible. It's. Real. It's. Real 15. Years ago Elizabeth, smarts father announced his abducted, daughter was finally, coming home now, in a surprise move one. Of her captors, is about to go free, Wanda, bars II who was convicted, of helping her husband Brian Mitchell kidnap. Smart will be released in just eight days I. Despised. Them tonight. Smart, who produced a movie and wrote a book about her 9-month abduction, says of bar Z's release. I was, surprised, and disappointed it. Is incomprehensible. Utah authorities, are tracking down more than 100, leads kidnapped. From her bedroom at knifepoint in, 2002. Smart. Knew the 72, year-old could, be freed soon speaking. To Megan Kelly last, year, she's, just up for parole so, we'll. See what happens if she gets out then I'll cross that bridge bars, II was sentenced, on state and federal charges, the. Smart family thought she'd be released in 2022. But, the parole board now saying, they, must count time spent in federal, custody towards. Bars e state sentence, Mitchell. Is serving, life for, smart. Who has moved on with her life today a grim, reminder of, how her past can, still haunt her Miguel. Almaguer, NBC. News coming. Up corporal, punishment, controversy, why one school is bringing, back peddling. Let. Me pose a question to you one I think a lot of you will be discussing after this story if you got a call from school saying your child misbehaved. And the punishment, involves being struck with a paddle, what, would you say, NBC's. Blake McCoy now in a controversial, form of corporal, punishment making. A comeback. Tonight. A Georgia school asking, parental, consent, for a classic, form of corporal, punishment the. Panel policy, at the Georgia School for innovation, in the classics, states the student will be taken into an office behind closed doors the student will place their hands on their knees or piece of furniture and will be struck on the buttocks, with a paddle, there, was a time where corporal, punishment, was kind of the norm in school and you didn't have the problems that you have shown the position for today's generation a throwback, to a time many have only seen in movies. It. Turns out corporal, punishment, is legal, in nineteen states fourteen, percent of school districts, report using it the Supreme Court says it is, constitutional. This, is the size of the paddle a student would be hit after the third offense, for, parents who do not consent, the alternative.

Punishment, Is up to a week's suspension, with. Roughly 100, forms returned so far at the suburban, Augusta school a third, consent. To the paddling, the, school hopes this paddle, policy, serves, as a deterrent Blake. McCoy NBC, News a lot, for folks to talk about when we come back the 911, family member keeping memories of the fall and allies name, by name inspiring. America, is next. Finally. In our inspiring America, report tonight as our nation comes together to mark the 17th, anniversary of, 9/11, we meet a woman who lost someone close in, the attacks and is now helping keep the memory of the Fallen alive, not just on this day but each, and every day a. Ritual. Of remembrance. Unfolds. Every day at the 9/11, memorial in, New York, Liza Jonas, is laying a single, white rose on, the names of victims on their birthday, now, is it one day, for the year where there isn't a birthday, of a victim how many how many today today. There are 20 of eleven from, Angela, house who, worked at the Pentagon -, John Pepe Salerno, a traitor and soon-to-be dad, -. Elaine Myra Greenberg, known, as the cool aunt by her family, happy. Birthday must. Be hard not to get emotional I find myself, this. Is heavy it really is heavy for, Liza it's personal. Her brother Bobby was a firefighter. In the South Tower on September, 11th, remembering. His birthday, has helped her heal. Early in the morning it's just me. And I with, a cup of coffee the, flowers, all donated. By Mikey Keller owned a florist. Who was a volunteer, paramedic. On 9/11 it, actually helps. Me deal with the loss of the people here on that tragic day knowing, that we have never forgotten. And always remember them the, roses never go unnoticed, my family, and I are deeply touched and families reaching, out after, discovering, the touching, tribute, it, really cares that my heart and it just makes me want to continue what I'm doing a single. Rose, celebrating. Those who were lost and, who, will always be loved. Liza. And Mikey are just two of the people involved in the birthday roses, project, we want to thank them for paying, tribute every day on our, behalf to these families, that's, nightly, news for this Tuesday I'm Lester, Holt we leave you tonight with the moving image captured, today from the air the World Trade Center on this anniversary of 9/11, towering, in the distance above, the clouds good. Night everyone. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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Striking a child is humiliating to them. It causes anger issues, and fear in the child, which blocks learning, and causes other learning difficulties, emotional problems, and destroys trust. Corporal punishment is counter productive to "teaching" them anything, and it's ineffective as a disciplinary measure - period. Psychologists strongly recommend against it, or striking ANY other human, for any reason, especially as a behavioral deterrent! Don't do it, and do not allow it to be used on your child, by any institution, for any reason, not ever! PERIOD.

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9/11 was an inside job . Cell phones did not work from 35,000 feet altitude . no plane at pentagon or shanksville . see " where did the towers go ? " September 11 the new pearl harbor , and jfk to 9/11 ; everything is a rich man's trick " must see for patriotic duty , then decide with facts aefor9/11truth , pilots for 9/11 truth , firefighters and first responders for 9/11 truth , lawyer's Committee for 9/11 inquiry demanding a federal grand jury now . 9/11 wars with no end in sight based on lies . Hear actual first responders and eye witnesses if you sheeple care after 17 years of ignorance .

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It's not just Puerto Rico that still struggles. Ask the people in Rockport, Texas what we think of the "help" Trump gave us. Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made a direct hit here a year ago. So many are still trying to rebuild. Many who needed it got no help whatsoever from FEMA and Trump has never even bothered to show his face here (he went to Corpus Christi, which had VERY LITTLE damage, especially compared to the towns north of Corpus). Pence recently came here for the one year anniversary but the public was not allowed near him -- it was an invitation only event. When Trump's wife came here, it was just PR to advertise the FOUR families for whom FEMA had provided housing, while others were living in TENTS (and of COURSE she didn't visit THEM). Those who support their orange cult leader tRump and think he did a good job with the aftermath of the hurricanes of 2017 should be ashamed.

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Sorry, Angie, thousands didn't die ... like so-called 'climate change" that's based entirely on a computer model ... as usual, it's the MEDIA who is lying ... (that's why their approval rating is much, much worse than Trump's!)

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