Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 05, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 05, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight an unprecedented. Alarm, a warning like we've never seen before from, a senior official inside. The Trump administration. Blasting. The president, saying there's a movement to stop him from going off the rails on a daily basis, and cabinet. Officials, even whispered, about removing, him from office and a big mystery tonight who is the, anonymous official that wrote it the president, responding, moments, ago. Also. Tonight fireworks. As the president's, Supreme Court pick faces, his first onslaught, from Democrats. Police. And ambulances, surround a plane in the runway quarantined. With hundreds, of board and passengers, falling, ill. Health. Officials, scrambling to figure out what made them sick a TV, station attack, a frightening, scene a man repeatedly, ramming, his truck into the building, during the morning news and of. Safari surprise, as a lion, hops, in the car and gets, way too close for comfort, this. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt. Good. Evening everyone President Trump is confronted, tonight with what may be the most daunting opposition. He's faced yet this, time it's coming from within his own ranks, the New York Times out, this evening with a stunning an unsettling, op-ed essay it's an anonymous piece, the paper says was written by someone it described as a senior, trump administration official. The. Author claiming, to be part of a wider resistance. Within, the administration, Trump. Appointees, the writer says committed, to quote thwarting, mr. Trump's more misguided, impulses, until. He is out of office just. A short time ago the president, reacting, calling the writer gutless, more. On the essay here's NBC's Hallie, Jackson an. Extraordinary. Alarm sounded, from the inside, out jaw-dropping charges. Against the president, by someone, who says they work for him an anonymous, source describing, a secret, cluster, of top aides quote working. Diligently, from within to frustrate, parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations I would, know the author writes I am one of them the, New York Times late, today publishing. That op-ed choosing. Not to share who wrote it but describing, them as an official whose job, would be jeopardized if, their identity was revealed the, headline I am, part of the resistance inside the Trump administration when. You tell me about some anonymous, source within. The administration. Probably who's, failing, and probably. Here for all the wrong reasons if, the failing New York Times has an anonymous. Editorial. Can you believe it anonymous, meaning. Gutless. Editorial. We're. Doing a great job, the writer praising, some of the president's, successes, but arguing, they've come despite not, because, of his leadership style describing. Half-baked, ill-informed, and, occasionally, reckless, decisions, that, have to be walked back at one, point the official describes early, whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th amendment, to, remove the president but, no one wanted to precipitate, a constitutional. Crisis, Americans. Should know that there are adults, in the room the, person rights we fully recognize what, is happening, and we are trying to do what's right even when, Donald Trump won't, the. Explosive. Op-ed, echoes the portrait, painted in a bombshell new, book of a chaotic White House driven, by dysfunction, the, president, doesn't believe any of it the book means. Nothing it's a work of fiction if, you look back at Woodward's past he, had the same problem with other presidents he likes to get publicity sell, some books the book's author Bob, woodwork one of the most well respected, journalists, of his generation, who's, reporting, helped bring down Richard, Nixon for the American people why should they believe you over Bob Woodward. Every. Time they wrote a book they were complaining, about it they were complaining about the lack of accuracy. Woodward tells NBC News he stands by his reporting, and the. President, tonight seemed to refer to that anonymous, op-ed, with a tweet, of just a single, word treason. And the, press secretary, is now calling, the writer a coward. Saying whoever it was should, resign, all of it Lester, kaping, yet another extraordinary. And explosive. Day inside, this West Wing all right Hallie Jackson at, the White House I want to bring in our political director the moderator would Meet the Press Chuck Todd Chuck, for folks watching at home no matter where you stand on the President or his policy, should all Americans. Be shaken, by this look. I think so I mean because that, the portrait that's being painted is a president. That is not fit to run the country that's what this senior.

Administration, Official, is saying and let, me just emphasize a couple of things here I think it matters how senior this person is I think. It matters. That that. They need to answer why they chose to do it now did, something did. Something happen, recently that, makes them think they need to do this now is this timed, on purpose, with the Woodward book in order to say hey I'm just here to confirm everything you're hearing about the Woodward book I think a lot of things still need to be known about this person because yes Lester I think. We should be rattled, that, some, unelected. Folks feel as if they have to run the country, if that's. What's happening I, think, Congress at a minimum needs, to get. Some answers as to why that's happening there will be a lot of repercussions in this all right Chuck Todd thanks meantime, tonight, fireworks, and frustration, from Democrats, getting their first crack at the president's, Supreme Court pick a barrage, of questions but no definitive answers and some of the most hot-button, issues, including. Whether any president, could be forced to answer questions, in a criminal case let's, get details on that from our justice, correspondent Pete. Williams. Clearly. Aware that he'd be asked about his loyalty to the president Brett Kavanaugh, declined, to say what would happen if Robert Muller tried to force President, Trump to answer questions, can, a sitting, president be. Required, to respond, to a subpoena, I can't, give you an answer on that hypothetical. Question. But Cavanaugh said one of the supreme courts greatest, moments, was it's 1974. Ruling, requiring, President. Nixon to abide by a subpoena, for, White House tapes during Watergate and what, about president, Trump's June tweet about the pardon, power, President. Trump. Claims. He has an absolute right to pardon, himself does he. The. Question of self, pardons, is something I have never analyzed. Like. Past Supreme, Court nominees judge Kavanagh called the roe v wade abortion. Ruling binding, president reminded. That thousands, of women died in the decades when abortion was illegal he said he gets what's at stake I don't. Live in a bubble I understand. I live. In the real world I understand. The importance, of the issue and, despite. President, Trump's promised, to appoint anti-abortion. Judges, Cavanaugh said it never came up before his nomination, did, anyone ask you to make any promises or, assurances, that all all. About the, way that you would rule in certain cases, now, were, you asked about your views on roe v wade no. Cavanaugh's. Hearings, have set a record for interruptions. By protesters. More than three dozen today each, one hustled, out some even carried, out by Capitol, Police. Judge. Cavanaugh also declined, to say whether he, would take himself off, any potential, lawsuit, or prosecution, involving, President, Trump adding, that he can't say how he'd handle, any future case Lester, tonight Pete Williams Thank You Pete and while that was playing out a dramatic, showdown of a different kind of the Capitol two of the biggest power players in social, media Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey, facing. Members of Congress, but, the most dramatic moment happening when a conspiracy, theorist faced facing. A social media crackdown, confronted. A member of Congress, we, get it all from NBC's, Jolene, Kent. The. Biggest confrontation, today outside, the hearing room where right-wing conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones crashed, a press conference taunting. Senator Marco Rubio don't. Touch me again man I'm asking not to touch well sure I'll just patted. Myself. Back. Inside Facebook, CEO Sheryl, Sandberg facing. More questions, about her leadership during, the company's response to, Russian meddling in 2016. We were too slow to spot this and too. Slow to act. That. Is on us Google. Choosing not to send anyone despite congressional, pressure at. Eilis Twitter CEO Jack, Dorsey reading. Off his phone, acknowledge. The real-world negative.

Consequences. Of what happened and. We take the full responsibility to fix it later, pressed about accusations of political bias, we, wouldn't be having this discussion if there wasn't a. General. Agreement that. Your. Company has discriminated. Against. Conservatives. I believe, that we have found impartial, outcomes, and tonight, talk of new regulations of tech companies. Cheryl, how much can Americans, trust Facebook, right sorry but have a great outcome a critical, moment just two months till the midterms Joel in Kent NBC, News Washington. Another, primary battle, and another stunning upset for the establishment, in Massachusetts. I Anna Presley, defeated, ten term incumbent, Mike Capuano in, the Democratic, primary, in a district JFK, once represented Prez, Lee who's now unopposed, is on track to become the first black woman Massachusetts. Has ever, sent to Congress, officials. In New York tonight are unraveling the mystery of an in-flight, emergency after, a jumbo, jet arrived with more than a dozen sick, passengers, the Dubai to JFK, Emirates. Flight was, immediately, isolated and, surrounded by medical teams as health, officials, scramble to figure out what they were facing we, get the latest from NBC's, Kristen Dahlgren. Emirates. Flight 203 quickly. Quarantined. After. Pilots, reported multiple passengers, with flu-like symptoms. Excel, like a flying infirmary, I mean it was just like a symphony of coughing, the bathrooms, were in high demand, the massive, Airbus a380, boarded, by medical, professionals, in contact, with the Centers for Disease Control every. Passengers, temperature, checked as anxious families, waited, she was hoping that this man texting, with his wife on the plane was middle of the runway and cops. All around ambulances. She. Was concerned rapper and TV star Vanilla Ice tweeted, the scene from his seat on board the, flight originated, in Dubai but authorities report, some passengers, came from Mecca which has seen flu outbreaks, in the past we, get concerned about different diseases spreading, and once they spread if people get on the airplane then they can take that transnationally. Across the globe officials. Say of the 549. People on board ten including seven, crew members were taken to the hospital New York health officials, believe they have the flu the, rest were allowed to continue on their way. Going. Home with, a warning to watch for symptoms, Kristen. Dahlgren NBC, News New York, facing. Threats of boycotts Nikes. Doubling, down on the face of its controversial, new ad campaign when. The new NFL, season, begins tomorrow Nike, will air a new commercial, featuring, Colin, Kaepernick, who started, his protests. During the national anthem NBC. News national, correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, gives us a look. Don't. Try to be the fastest, runner in your school be, the fastest, ever the, new ad by night features. The outspoken, advocate. Who until recently had. Gone silent, Colin. Kaepernick, a voice for the just do it campaign, with his new signature, motto believe. In something, even, if it means sacrificing, everything. Nikes. Controversial. Move to back Kaepernick. Who protested. Social injustice by kneeling during, the national, anthem came, with risk since. The announcement Nike. Has been mentioned more than six million times, on Twitter. While. There was backlash, experts. Say many of Nikes consumers, are Millennials, who want brands to be transparent. On their stances, on social, issues but. For a company that simply, needs to sell products, and wants to sell them around the world weighing, in on politics, is a pretty dicey thing to do with the NFL season set, to kick off tomorrow today. The president, tweeting just like the NFL whose, ratings have gone way, down Nike. Is getting absolutely, killed, with anger, and boycotts, but, tonight, nicely, standing, by a player, who, took a need Miguel. Almaguer, NBC. News Tonight after making landfall on the Gulf Coast what, is now tropical depression. Gordon is moving through central Mississippi but, also bringing heavy rain and flooding from Alabama, to Arkansas, and flash, flood watches of an issued lasting, into, Friday a new chapter in a real-life spy thriller British authorities, have charged two men whom they allege a Russian, agent sent, to the UK to assassinate.

A Former spy but, despite evidence including, surveillance, video it's unlikely, they'll face justice, here's, our chief foreign correspondent Richard. Engel. Officials. Say these, are the assassins who used the nerve agent to poison, a former Russian spy on British, soil identified. As Alexander. Petrov, and Ruslan. Off officials. Believe they, used fake, names the, Prime Minister today said they work for Russian, intelligence, if GRU. It was almost certainly also, approved, outside, the GRU at, a senior level of the Russian stage the. Men stayed, at this cheap, London, hotel. Investigators. Found traces, of the rare chemical, nerve agent Nova chalk in their, room, police. Say the poison, was in this fake, nina, ricci perfume, bottle, CCTV. Footage shows the men traveling, to Salisbury, west, of London police say to, spray the poison, on the door of the former Russian spy, Sergey scribble, when, he and his daughter touched, it they became violently, ill but, survived the. Alleged assassins, returned, to Moscow three, months later a British man found the perfume bottle and gave it to his girlfriend he, got sick she died, Russia. Denies, involvement a top aide to Vladimir, Putin saying today we, saw those names they. Mean nothing to us Richard. Engel NBC News. London. Still, ahead who's watching, you at the airport an NBC, News exclusive. With an undercover, Air Marshal who's part of a TSA, program, that, tracks travelers, even when they're not suspected. Of a crime also. The shocking attack on a TV station during a live broadcast. We're. Back now with an NBC News exclusive. Is someone spying on you when you fly maybe. Today, the head of the TSA, defended. Quiet skies, the program that follows travelers, through US airports and onto, planes even if they're not suspected, of a crime tonight. When undercover, Marshall explains, what could get you red flag here's. Tom Costello. He's. An armed Federal Air Marshal on, the job for eight years because. He's undercover we agreed to protect his identity my, mission every day is to, work the flight that I'm assigned and make sure it goes wheels up - wheels down without incident, the TSA is quiet skies program, is part of that assignment since, March following, and observing, travelers, in airports, and on planes if their foreign travel histories, and other factors, raise red flags, what.

Are You watching for when you're surveilling, these people so there are some normal behaviors at any Airport when you talk about somebody who's fidgeting, you talk about somebody who's nervous marshals, take note of what a traveler, reads who they talk to and whether they use the restroom, two, to three dozen travelers, followed each day including, an American, who, attended an overseas, craft show a flight attendant, and a police officer critics. See potential, privacy violations, the American, public, does deserve to know the extent to which they have being surveilled, under, questioning, today the TSA chief conceded, marshals, had made no arrests, and foiled no known plots but have, gathered, valuable, intelligence I am confident, that his reduced, risk for, nearly seven years and, I would note that we're fortunate to have the Air Marshal capability. Supporting, this program last month the Homeland Security Inspector. General announced it would investigate, the program it's not any different than you know putting a police officer on the street and. Potentially, a high crime area in order to deter that crime from taking place the, TSA chief said today thousands. Of travelers have been followed since March while, nearly all were, cleared some, were eventually placed on the terror watch list Tom. Costello NBC, News Washington, coming. Up in a moment Safari, surprise, of very close encounters, all caught on camera, and a, TV station ran, by a truck on purpose, but police are now saying about the driver. Back. Now with those frightening moments at a Dallas TV, station, in the middle of the morning newest when a man started ramming his truck into the building police, rushing to the scene his employees, inside trying to stay calm and figure. Out what was going on here's, NBC's Joe, fryer with more, at. Fox four in Dallas the morning news became, the news Dallas. Police have parts of our building cordoned off when, during the show a man repeatedly, crashed his pickup truck into the station's, building, we, believe it is potentially is purposely, ramming his vehicle now. Then. Witnesses say he screamed, the words high treason, as he unloaded stacks, of paper the station stayed on the air as it all unfolded, just outside. Yeah. The beef he was angry he was sweaty he had a lot of paperwork at, one, point the suspect Michael, Frye pressed some of those papers against a window one, of them referenced a fatal police involved, shooting that Frye witnessed, in 2012, his, friend died and Frye was arrested, for a probation violation. Today. He told reporters he has been running for his life ever, since it. Appears he was in some sort of agitated, mental, state no, one was hurt during today's episode, and tonight police say it does not appear Frye was, directly targeting, the media Joe, fryer NBC.

News We, want to show you this wild surprise for tourists, at a safari park a lion jumping, into their cart climbing. On top of the tourists, even licking, one guest as they, all try to get the perfect Instagram. Shot luckily. The big cat was feeling friendly just weeks ago a woman was actually mauled, by a different, lion at, the same part in Crimea when. We come back inspiring, America, these are no ordinary backpacks. Why they mean so much to the kids who receive. Before. We go tonight let me share with you a story of kids longing, for a home and a place to put their precious things sometimes. It feels like the weight of the world on their shoulders but, a grownup who knows what they're going through is helping them carry it in tonight's, inspiring, America. For. Children in foster care their, difficult, journey from home to home often means, carrying, what little they have in one, bag a painful. Reality for 14 year old Haley it made me feel like. I was in a person, cuz I was carrying a trash bag Rob, shear knows the feeling he, lived it everything. And it was just basically torn, and tattered Rob, and his husband now have four adopted. Children do you remember when they initially arrived, at your home what, your feelings. Were I actually remember looking, at the social worker and saying you know you're. Kidding me right after all these years that. I had been in the system we, still carry trash bags Shearer, started, the nonprofit called. Comfort cases, distributing. Bags filled, with everything from books to toiletries. The, content, suggested, by his kids Grayson said we have to put a blankie in every, single case and I said these kids aren't cold Grayson. Said no daddy he said every time they wrapped themselves up in their blanket, they know we love them volunteers. Customize. Each case, choosing, the right pajamas, even, stuffed animals, these kids also have none of this none, of this they. Literally have none of them each child also receives, a comfort, XL, a larger. Bag to carry their belongings you, cannot ever say to me we have to use a trash bag no you don't they have shipped, 40,000.

Cases To 39, states to, places like peppers, Ranch a foster. Care community, in Oklahoma for. Haley it, really warms my heart and. It. Just makes me think twice about. When. I think, people don't care about me such. Basic items, that means so much to these kids, that, is Nightly News for this Wednesday night, I'm Lester Holt for, all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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Send them back

Hollywood America in the making?

LOL calling someone gutless now that's a bit rich coming from BONE SPURS

Bob Woodward is a fraud trying to prop his people up ..MSNBC = Fraud... they're in panic mode

*On the Internet pull up PROPHECY AND PRESIDENT TRUMP* Look at the Prophecy before Trump became president and then during president, and then after his term is up. will be shocked! !

i just don’t believe annomynous source. the left wants our president to fail. this is such a travesty. and keeping the media busy with their fake news.

#DoctorDrywell...President Trump is NOT alone. You will never see anyone like this President. Look up the Prophecy. ... there will NOT be a impeachment, Trump will win and he has begun in cleaning up all the evil souls that is destroying our country and is trying to destroy him.

More like. Chicken. This is serious words this person said. Need to know who it bet is George Soros He wants to destroy Trump. Oh and MSM reports what George tells them to. George and Obama meet t 4:30 am. To discus what to report on....dah

Trump going Nukular over some Fake News not suppose to beleiver what you see or hear ... makes all the children scared you know.

BULLSHITOFF?????? OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH wow if they are not just throwing it in our faces!! and the Orange one loves this DICKTATOR

Youtube the only source that has not censored me yet. I posted Burt Reynolds famous Cosmo cover from 1972 and they censored it today. 4 years ago they censored pics of renaissance masterpieces that were ahhhh NUDE and I took on my trip to Venice....I feel like i live in Iran.... :-(

The best person to do a diagnosed conduct of behavior disorder is dr.ben carson of sec of housing he is a neo-surgeon.

ahahahahahahahahahha lack of accuracy....your admin couldn't even make the meeting with him happen.......

He's laying

Because he know that he is not real

Why can't he give the right answer

So u mean the American people don't know it or don't see all this things

But that's the truth

Google sent no one. Why because they are GATHERING YOUR INFORMATION on everything and every where you go.

Whatever happens Trump will win in 2020.

Allowing just the words, "We're doing a great job ..." and turning what was a very positive response with VIGOROUS applause into a negative piece that is SHAMELESS--absolutely SHAMELESS! Watch the full response at Lester Holt and NBC News editors, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Russia Russia Russia! Not working. Grabbing p*ssy Grabbing p*ssy Grabbing p*ssy! Not working. Stormy Stormy Stormy! Not working. Impeach Impeach Impeach! Not working. Oh well, let's cycle back to our 25th Amendment fantasy, something has to work. LOL More fake news from the fake news networks.

Who cares about some high profile losers who are attacking President Trump. Something is wrong with the hiring practice in the White House. The White house is tainted by the continued DIRT that is born there. President Trump is easily part of the top 4 Presidents who occupied the White House. 06-Sep-18

Wake up they gave Obama a free pass !! All these reporters hate America or do this to save their jobs . Look at UK / Germany/ Sweden and you will really know we dodged a bullet . Give President Trump the credit he deserves !!!!

FAKE NEWS !!! Best President !!! Saved America ! #walkaway

Bwhahaha, NBC sheeples who think anyone still watches this drivel. You can literally hear the desperation in your journalists’ voices.

A felion taste test.

The Russians did it.

True Americans have your back Mr president!

Trump 2020 screw fake news. The more the media bashes him the more I like him.

?? I am not a fan of Trump by any means, but seriously folks... what nonsense! So let me get this right... there is an ANONYMOUS article, claiming to be from 'a member of staff' and the media has decided to go with it, even though there is absolutely no proof it is true. An anonymous comment does not make it so, and anyone older than 5 years old knows that! For example, just because I tell you 'a friend at work' told me, they saw you kissing someone and therefore you are having an affair, it does not make it so. Especially when it is not true, but my friend is jealous of you and wants you to get fired so they can have your job. We all know there are no shortage of people in the world, that will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want and that is why anonymous comments are just empty noise. Those spreading slander are liable for their actions and they to need to be investigated and exposed as liars and legally held accountable to prevent people from rampantly spreading anonymous lies. Any member of the media or the opposition party can easily write up a sensational, self serving article and then simply claim the source was from 'a member of staff' inside the White House, to serve their own agenda. Without any proof or a reliable source, it is childish gossip, legally it is defamation and irresponsible to report it as true, and spreading such crap proves that the media thinks the public are idiots and will believe anything they are told. Shame on the media for spreading this crap and shame on the American people for swallowing this crap.

You're a effing right winger.

iam1ina1000000 -- The lies and slander come from Trump himself every single day.

Lester holt, what a turncoat

Soros is getting worried.

Kaepernik is ppl role model.

lol 'onslaught from democrats'. There is a slaughter going on for sure.


That lion is trained






My mum wrote it while she was taking a sh!t

NFL and NBA Players love to paint all Police Officers and Soldiers with the same broad brush of Racism and Social Injustice; but how would these multi-millionaire athlete, entertainers like it if they were all painted with the same brush of brain- damaged, dope-smoking, philandering wife-beater?

xxodus7 ...Yes!!! agree

....or Trump wrote it.

Either him, Melania, or General Kelly wrote it id bet.

The PRIVATELY OWNED NB CORPORATION is "socialist"? Oh boy, you failed Intro to Econ and PoliSci 101.

He is the same self absorbed man he has been his entire life. Why do you expect us to believe the news you watch?

Vicky Abramowitz maybe you need to come out of the MSM bubble Try watching One American News Network --- it will help you understand what's really going on in our's not all bad, believe it or not. Trump is doing a lot of good for ALL Americans & those wanting to become Americans

+Mike Smith The Russian bots are flooding this page.

me tooooo :-)

Vern Hallett they only care when it’s convenient for them lol

Thank you for supporting slave labor in foreign countries. So much for supporting human rights eh?

NBC fake news


~~~~~~WHERE's THOSE 2016 TAXES fer this "F$CKING MORON" AT ?????????

MAGA!~ ~~~~~~~SH$THOLE the WHITE N$GGER TRAITOR TRASH in the White House as well the GOP CHILD MOLESTIN FILTH that's CONDONING and SUPPORTING this FUBAR givin a BAD name ax DECENT SOUTHERNERS and white folks the world round!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Trump is a loser. I become ill every time I see him.

A terrorist attack by the Emerites

Continuos, Coordinated attacks on the Donald, he's obviously got somebody in the shadows running scared!

Much respect for Americans but for those in deep red...Zombies!

Trump has nothing in his bag but mean. Even radical GOP getting sick of it.

Impeach Trump!

Anonymous official . . . lol The democrats are so funny when they're desperate. Lester Holt misquoted and lied about Alex Jones on live TV. He's now being sued personally by Alex Jones.

+Vern Hallett U are so humour. If we hv enough money, we may decide to do so.

Probably own NBC as well. lol

Then why is all the censorship coming from the left? Twitter censors conservatives, Google censors conservatives, Apple sold out to the ChiComs and are now censoring everyone the ChiComs disagree with. The people who hate free speech are all lefties. You may be pleased that conservatives are having their free speech denied them but you won't when you're the one being censored and you will be as soon as the "tech giants" implement the "Chinese Social Scoring" system. Google/Youtube have already started. News you won't hear on fake news sites like NBC.

How many people do you suppose know he uses that word? You know he uses it so YOU could be the anon source!

We need to be talked to keep the evil people from committing the crimes. If you have nothing to hide it is better to be tracked in to be safe.

Nike is wrong. And that slogan to believe in something even if you have to sacrifice something is just trying to get people to believe in their agenda. People are just like programmable sheep and these people are trying to program their minds. Believe me, these people don't care about you they just want your power.

You protesters are such losers. And you must be very ignorant too.

America's doing exactly what Russia wants us to do. Russia wants us to fight within our country against each other and destroy ourselves so that we become weak and then they will take over. If you guys don't wake up too soon this will happen.

Don't believe his lies people. This is the corrupt liberals who don't want their exploitation to be noticed. This is most likely just an author who is not even in the White House. We already know how far and demeaning the Democrats can go. Even to killing people and paying people to vote one way or another. I love you President Donald Trump and I am sorry for the persecution, especially after all of the good you've done for us. Because of stupid people the US may be destroyed by our enemies. We finally have someone who can save us and we are attacking him.

In order to save America we need some drastic changes and president Donald Trump is the only one who can do this or he is the only one who is willing to make the sacrifices. This news about him is propaganda, initiated by the Democrats and those who do not want their money systems to be destroyed. There are people who tweaked the system to exploit Americans and they do not want president Donald Trump to do so, so they are attacking him. Wake up people and look into what is really happening.

Lion 18:11

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