Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 08, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 08, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight as we go across America, a state of emergency and, evacuations. On the Gulf Coast a major, hurricane taking, aim and expected to make landfall as. A powerful, category free, tonight, poems, porting up businesses, and universities shutting, down we, have the brand new track silly, new details on that deadly limousine, horror 20, people killed including four, sisters, newlywed. Couples, and young parents leaving children behind. I just. Hope it's bumper. I want, to believe it was instant. He. Never knew what happened, what. Police have just revealed about the driver and the limo why it never should have been on the road President, Trump out calling the allegations against, Brent Cavanaugh huh folks the new Supreme Court justice set, to hear his first case just hours from now just 29. Days until the midterms, and tonight we dive into what might be the most surprising faceoff, in the country a Senate, race closer than Texas, has seen in decades vanished. Without a trace a Washington. Post journalist. Missing, and feared murdered, after entering the Saudi consulate in, Turkey and never, coming out a disappearance. Raising alarms around the world, and a medical mystery striking, dozens, of children normal. Active kids suddenly left paralyzed, tonight, the signs every, parent, should know. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt across. America, live. From Houston. The. Lush and tranquil, Buffalo, Bayou an urban waterways are, added by parklands. Bathed in the shadow of a dramatic skyline, of downtown Houston. Our, home tonight for night one of our week-long journey, across, America good. Evening everyone and welcome so many stories to tell from this fast-growing, city including, an update on its recovery from Hurricane Harvey, we're gonna get to all that but. Our top story tonight is about another, hurricane this one named Michael catching, many by surprise as, it reached hurricane status today, now, barreling, towards the Florida Panhandle at, this hour expected. To possibly, reach major hurricane, status before, slamming, ashore sometime, Wednesday tonight, urgent, warnings for those in its path the time, is already running out to leave and DC's, Kerry Sanders, now with the latest. Tonight. A state of emergency in Alabama and along Florida's west coast residents. Bumper-to-bumper trying. To escape before hurricane, Michael, makes landfall, hurricane. Michael is a monstrous, storm, and the forecast, keeps. Getting more dangerous, supplies. And gas already, on high demand I'm, gas enough to make sure I can get home satellite. Photos revealed the fast-moving, hurricane, taking shape we, the edges of the growing storm drenching. The far western edges of Cuba, emergency. Managers in low-lying, Gulf County Florida taking, no chances, ordering, a mandatory, evacuation. Businesses. Schools and universities, closing, beginning, tomorrow we, want to get things done you never get the propane after, water and you know make sure everything is taken care of by time enough storm actually comes with, the final path unclear, residents, across the state bracing, for, what could be, a dangerous, and destructive. Storm, Kerry, Sanders NBC, News Panama, City Florida. We. Want to get the latest track in this rapidly, intensifying. Storm Dylan. Dreyer is monitoring. Every twist and turn Dylan, good evening. Good. Evening Lester, hurricane, Michael is a category, 1 storm right now winds are at 80 miles per hour and it's moving into an environment that is very favorable, for strengthening, there's, the chance of it becoming a cat 2 by Tuesday, and then Wednesday, major. Hurricane, at category, 3 status and it may make landfall near Panama, City Wednesday afternoon with winds up to 115. Miles per hour besides, storm surge flooding we could also see a widespread, five to seven inches of rain with isolated, amounts up near a foot of rain that will lead to additional flooding cluster. All. Right Dylan, thank you we turned out with that horrible story we've been following an, upstate New York investigators. Tonight say the supersize limousine. That crashed, over the weekend killing 20 people should not have been on the road the limo company has been shut down by authorities as they seek more answers to the crash that took the lives of four sisters and left children as orphans. Our Tom Costello has, the latest as NTSB. Drones flew over the crash scene to document where 20, people died investigators. Spent the day focusing, on the limo operator, prestige. Limousine, chauffer service federal. Records show it had failed 80%. Of its inspections, over the past two years the driver 53. Year old Scott licinia. Died in the crash the driver of the vehicle did, not have.

Appropriate, Driver's, license, to be operating, that vehicle. Second. That, vehicle. Was, inspected. Last. Month, and, failed. Inspection. And was. Not supposed to be on the road the stretch limo a modified, 2001. Ford Excursion, witnesses. Say it was speeding, when it came barreling down route 30 blowing. Through a stop sign at a t-bone intersection. Then careening, across a country stores driveway, hitting, a parked car and killing two pedestrians, before, slamming, into a heavily wooded ravine the, 17, passengers who'd rented the limo for a birthday celebration died, two, newlywed, couples, four sisters, two brothers family. And friends, I just, hope they didn't suffer. I. Want. To believe it was incident. Never. Axel. And amy steinberg were, just married in June axel. Rented the limo for, Amy's 30th birthday to take everyone, safely to an upstate brewery they, never made it Karina Hall sees older sister Amanda also, died I've. Never felt this type of pain before. They, wouldn't want anyone else to go through what, I'm going through what my family is going through also. Killed on the crash three parents, leaving, behind three, young children one. Of the things that we hope, to be able to determine is, what the speed of the vehicle was at, the collision, and I think we have the technology, to do that. The. NTSB says no skid marks on the scene a prestige, limo, from Ganz aboard New York says it is cooperating with authorities and, it since its condolences to the families, of the victims Lester. Just, an incredibly, sad story Tom Costello in New York tonight thank you president. Trump continued, his victory lap today after the confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Brett. Kavanaugh, and with that battle won the president went further than he ever has, before in criticizing. The sexual misconduct allegations. Against. Cavanaugh calling them a hoax. There's NBC, News chief White House correspondent Hallie. Jackson. President. Trump tonight refusing. To shy away from the elephant, in the East Room those sexual misconduct allegations, against. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, I want to apologize. To. Brett and the entire Cavanaugh, family, for the terrible, pain and suffering, you have, been forced. To endure, an. Extraordinary. Moment with, Cavanaugh sworn in by the justice he's replacing, after days of denying the accusations, against him you sir, under. Historic. Scrutiny. Were, proven, innocent, the Senate confirmation. Process, was. Contentious. And emotional. That. Process, is over my. Focus now is to be the best justice, I can be I. Take. This office with gratitude for the president Cavanaugh's confirmation, is a political. Win won he now hopes to turn into a victory for his party in November by highlighting his success with Cavanaugh he hopes to keep his base galvanized, with four campaign, stops in the next five days but, today a trip to Florida and a rare special, guest on Air Force One Deputy, Attorney General Rod. Rosenstein-rodan. A very. Nice, talk we.

Actually Get along president. Trump's apparently not bothered by that blockbuster. Report Rosenstein, denied two weeks ago that he privately talked, about removing the president, from office now, no, changes, the president says to the position that oversees, the Special Counsel investigation I, think will be treated very fairly Rosen. Stein was at the White House tonight for Cavanaugh's ceremonial. Swearing-in the new Justice, insists, he is unchanged. After that highly, charged confirmation. Process, Lester. Le, Jackson of the White House tonight thank you and the newest justice is set to take his place on the Supreme Court bench tomorrow, our justice, correspondent Pete, Williams is, at the court for us tonight Pete what are we expecting there well. Lester Brett Kavanaugh is lucky, that this term is off to a low-key, start with no blockbuster. Cases, yet on the docket after he was sworn in over the weekend, he got to work immediately and he kept a promise that he made during his confirmation hearing, hiring, only women, as his law clerks that is a first for the Supreme Court and two. Of the courts for liberals, who were in town Saturday were at that swearing, in a sign that they'll welcome him as a colleague but that, collegiality, could, be put to the test if the, court agrees to consider whether sex, discrimination on, the job also includes discrimination on the basis, of sexual, orientation and, before, this term is over the court could take up the legal fight over daca. That's a program president, Trump wants to shut down luster, all. Right Pete thanks with the midterms now weeks away all eyes on Texas, and the surprisingly, close race for the US Senate it's been 30, years since Texans, elected a Democrat, to the Senate but one progressive, congressman, is trying, to challenge history and leaving some to wonder if Texas is still a reliably, red, state. Good. To see tonight. The question for battle or orc can he turn big crowds into a victory, against, Republican, Ted Cruz are, you with me. Polls showing, him in striking distance thank you so much. We. Caught up with him this morning at Lone Star College if some of it simply tied to you and your personality, and this moment in time or are we seeing a fundamental. Shift in the. Landscape. Of politics, in Texas, there's. There's something happening it's, something incredibly, exciting, with a tremendous amount of energy Cruz, not, taking, O'Rourke's, challenge, lightly, I think it's the sign of the times, nationally, that, that the extreme, left they're, really angry and they're energized and we're seeing that in Texas but, there may also be something else at work the changing, face of today's Texas. Which, Democrats, hope will help or take. Houston, now one of the most diverse, cities in the country, 1.6. Million Houstonians, foreign-born. Like, bin Tran who came here from Vietnam bado has a vision, of Texas. That, more accurately matches what the future of Texas is going to look like historically. This is a not, only a red state a bright-red state, is that changing, you know I don't know is, is my is my honest answer I mean, a lot of Republicans, who, are coming out to our events meet a lot of Democrats, but, I mean a lot, of young, people especially. Who. Just don't, affiliate. By party for. Them that's a vestige. Of another time doesn't doesn't work for them the stakes right now they'd never been higher than they are right. Now. Cruz. Got 40% of, a Hispanic, vote last time including. Bernadette, McLeroy, Ted, Cruz represents. The the values, that matches, with our with, the Constitution. And he. Stands for veterans, values, family. Values, here in Texas, we. Got a fight on her hands Cruz, himself the, son of Cuban immigrants. Confident, the demographic, changes have been pretty dramatic in, Texas those have to in some way. Fact that political landscape mouthing I'm sure but, but if you look at the demographic, changes you have lots of people come into Texas for jobs that in turn makes people value, the policies, that produce, those jobs we don't want to screw it up and and. High taxes, high regulations, hammering, small businesses. Is. Really bad for Texas. Senator. Cruz who polls say has a slight lead here also telling, us he thinks the battle over Brett Cavanaugh's confirmation. Is energizing, conservatives.

We, Turn now to the disappearance, raising alarms around the world a Saudi journalists, a Washington, Post contributor. Who entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey last week and hasn't, been heard from again there, are growing fears he was murdered, we, get the latest on our chief foreign correspondent Richard. Engel. Protesters. Today converged. On Saudi Arabia's, consulate, in Istanbul, demanding. Answers after the mysterious. Disappearance. Of journalist, jamal khashoggi they're convinced. The Saudi royal, family is, responsible. Late, today President. Trump weighing in. Khashoggi. Had been living in the US writing. For The Washington Post often. Critical, of the powerful Saudi, Crown Prince, Mohammed. Bin Salman, last. Tuesday, Khashoggi, walked, right into the Saudi consulate he. Needed paperwork, so he could marry his Turkish fiancee while, she waited outside Turkish. Officials say he was either drugged, or murdered, one Turkish official suggesting, he could have been taken out in pieces, Turkey's. President today demanding. Saudi officials, proved Khashoggi, left the building alive but the Saudi government said, it wasn't involved, and is working to locate khashoggi, Richard Engel NBC News. March. Moorhead as we continue from Houston dozens, of children stricken, with paralysis by a mysterious, illness will say how to protect your child. Dire warning, today scientists, say we're running out of time to avoid a planet, catastrophe. And, one of the best parts about our trip here in Augusta the food visit, the birthplace of the truth tex-mex. Original. Next. Tonight a child, health warning every parent needs to hear 16, states have reported cases of a mysterious illness that, can cause partial, paralysis and, children NBC's. Kristen Dahlgren now and what families, can do to prevent it. Within. A week Quintin Neal went from being an active seven-year-old. To a hospital, bed diagnosed. With a rare polio, like illness at at least five other kids in Minnesota, now also have doctors. Are telling you this, is something that we don't know much about there's, no known cure that's. When the bottom really seemed to drop out, it's called acute flaccid myelitis, doctors. At Children's Hospital, Colorado believe. It's linked to viruses, which typically circulate, this time of year they can cause hanford, mouth disease they, can cause common, cold symptoms and, in rare cases they can cause neurologic, disease in 2014. There were 120. AFM cases, in 34, states in 2016. There was another spike, so, far this year there are 38, cases including. The recent cluster in Minnesota, symptoms. Can include sudden, limb weakness drooping. Eyelids, or face and trouble, swallowing or, slurred speech in some, cases it can lead to paralysis or, even death. Doctors. Recommend, hand washing to prevent virus, spread while, they don't know if Quentin will regain normal use, of his arm his parents, say he's doing better he's, as happy and as playful as ever what's often called a one-in-a-million. Illness, now, striking fear, in parents, across the country Kristen. Dahlgren NBC, News. Coming. Up more of our cross America sure, how Houston, has fought its way back after Hurricane Park. Welcome. Back our planet, is running out of time to prevent a climate, catastrophe. That's according to some of the world's top scientists. A new, UN, report warns, world leaders they only have 12 years left to take action to keep global temperatures, from rising about, another three degrees a shift, of that magnitude, could greatly increase life threatening heat droughts, and floods, I was. Reminded, today that the floodwaters that buried a third of Houston last year in the wake of hurricane Harvey turned this park behind me into a virtual. Lake I was here then reporting, on the disaster documenting. The destruction, and hearing people's, stories and of, course we're back now it was stories to tell of a place now, recovering.

We. Met Rosetta, and Anton, dimitrov at their lowest moment, soaked, to the bone clutching. Their eight-year-old, and twin 14, month old daughters, as a volunteer. Flotilla. Carried them from their flooded community, what are you guys all coming out of what was it happening. It's. Rising. Good. See this weekend, we caught up with them and took, them back to that street corner I never imagined, that I would be sliding. Past the, homes in our neighborhood, on a boat after, a year of extensive. Repairs, the whole first floor well done they're, finally home, the first few weeks were difficult, but after that we, were on a mission to, get back here Harvey. Damaged, or destroyed more, than a hundred thirty thousand, homes here, over. A year later the, floodwaters, are gone but, there's still so much to do this, weekend, volunteers, helping Wilson, Chambers, rebuild, I was, wondering what could I do. To. Get in the house back together. And. I. Didn't. Have the money to fix it. Houston. Spirits, buoyed, in part by baseball, and the Astros, marched to a World Series win, wearing. That patch houston, strong something. Fans, still, speak of there are pretty much the heartbeat of the city at that time. So. That was me me interviewing you standing. At the very spot I met them last year I showed, the dimitrov photos, that we took I was. Scared. I didn't, know what to expect next now. Back home they focus not on what they lost but, what they and so many others here, found, we. Truly don't know what we're made of until we face adversity and. Then. You find the strength because what, goes on and. Now as this city works to fully heal from Harvey the Astros, are still giving Houston, Tony and something to cheer for again, as they advance today, to the next round in the, Major, League Baseball playoffs when, we come back feeling hungry, well, sure, across America, brings us to the birthplace of mouth-watering tex-mex. Week, event. Finally. Tonight when we announced our trip across America my, social, media lit up with food suggestions, in each city that we visit in yes Kansas, City I can't, wait for some of your barbecue later this week but here in Houston the advice was universal, we had to have tex-mex been. Here three days we've had it from food trucks from restaurants, and at one point we went right to the source of, a tex-mex, favorite. We're. In the kitchen with Alex Padilla making, that tex-mex, obsession. Fajitas. This, pretty quick there's really been yeah really thin that you want to cook a medium-rare a little. Bit of garlic butter and we've, come to the right place, fajitas, are known around the world but, right here at the original, Memphis, on navigation. Is where, they were made famous they. First started the fajita this. Is the mothership in. Give. A. Legendary. Houston, chef mean for Lorenzo at its steak to the tortillas, she was selling out of her house and the, recipe, stuck, momineen. Fuh passed away in 2001. Her, family, sold the restaurant now, Chef Alex, his mom used to work alongside Ninfa, runs, the kitchen and he's, still using mean, FFA's original, fajita recipe, that's, it. That. Love keeping, people coming, back momineen. Fuh passing, on that spirit, to workers, like Katie Lopez, who's, been a waitress for, 42, years she. Gave it to us the opportunity, to have this job until today and. I'm. Very proud. Cheers. Cheers. That. Timeless, menu, still, an H town treasure. Oh. My. Goodness what a scene we may just go back for dinner that is nightly. News for this Monday night we have enjoyed our time here in Houston stay, tuned as we head across American, and Montgomery Alabama tomorrow, big thanks to all the folks that came out here and joined us tonight. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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