Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. President Trump backs down reversing. His policy, that separated, migrant, children from, their parents we're. Going to keep the families, together I didn't, like the. Site or the feeling, of families, being separated, an uncharacteristic. Retreat, under intense, national, pressure but what now how, will so many families torn far apart be reunited, a massive. Flood emergency over a foot of rain triggers, raising, flash floods trapping, people in their homes and cars first, responders, overwhelm, hood. Stopping rescue at the race track a crash, at nearly a hundred miles an hour, the father rushing, to pull his son from an inferno, a cardinal. Accuse once one of the most powerful, figures in the American, Catholic Church tonight, suspended. After an allegation of abuse and. A dramatic kidnapping, escape caught on camera, a jogger grabbed, in broad daylight, this. Is not how my story ends this is not I am NOT gonna let this happen tonight, how she fought back and broke free from the clutches of her attacker. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt good. Evening and welcome to our viewers in the West in a rare political, retreat President Trump today ordered, an end in a policy of separating, migrant, families, who entered the country illegally. Exercising. A power he claimed only a few days ago that he didn't have the President, signed an executive order, that he says will maintain zero tolerance, at, the border while, allowing families, to remain together the, about-face, came as the president, was feeling increasingly, isolated. Over the policy including, within his own party but. Already tonight there is confusion. Over what happens now, let's, start our coverage with NBC's, Kristen, Welker we're. Signing an executive order, tonight. Under, a mountain of pressure a stunning, reversal by, the president, with the stroke of a pen after. Saying for days only Congress, could do it it's about keeping families. Together. While. At the same time. Being. Sure that we have a very powerful very, strong border, the executive, order keeps parents and children together, while, the adults await immigration, hearings and instructs. The military, to build new facilities to house those families, the, plan dozen, and the president's zero tolerance policy. Which requires everyone. Who crosses the border illegally to, face prosecution. No. No the border is just as tough but. We do want to keep families together but acknowledging. The dilemma if you're really really. Pathetically. Weak the. Country is going to be overrun, with millions, of people and if you strong. Then. You don't have any hard, that's. A tough dilemma still, it is an undeniable, shift, after, the president, and his top officials argued. For days that way. Congress. And the courts created this problem and Congress, alone can fix it the president, was under fire politically, and personally. With. His daughter Ivanka Trump, and the first lady expressing, concerns over the images, of children in private, conversations, sources, familiar with the matter tell NBC News Vodka feels very strongly my wife feels very strongly about it I feel, very strongly about it I think. Anybody. With a heart would feel very strongly about it we don't like to see families separated the, personal, appeals capping, days of political turmoil, on Sunday, images, surfaced of kids and cage-like structures. By Monday the world heard the horrifying, sounds, children. Crying just, separated. From their families. Tuesday. The president, tweeting a warning, against, an infestation, of illegal, immigrants, when you prosecute. The parents, for coming in illegally. What should happen you have, to take the children, away the, bipartisan, calls grew louder on Capitol, Hill well, the White House could change it in five minutes and they should we, know the depths, this administration. Will go to now, to. Push their hateful agenda, allies. Slammed the president's, the pictures, of children, being held in what appear to be cages, are deeply, disturbing, this. Is wrong the, Pope labeling, it immoral adding, fuel to the fire overnight. Protesters. Heckled the Department of Homeland Security Secretary the, public, face of the zero-tolerance policy. While, she dined at a Mexican restaurant. Now. The hard part Congress. Still wrestling, with a long-term solution on immigration, and what, to do with all those children. Late. Tonight a spokesperson, for, Health and Human Services tells, NBC News the, agency, hasn't received any new orders for how to handle the roughly 2,300, children. Who are currently detained and separated. From their parents the bottom line there, are no current plans to reunite, those kids with their parents who may, be awaiting, court hearings tomorrow, Congress.

Will Consider two immigration, bills Lester, Kristen, Welker at the White House starting us off thank you and while there is significant, support, for the president's, reversal, there's also skepticism. Tonight near, the border some advocates, arguing, that reuniting, these families, is much easier said than done NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez is. In South Texas with the unanswered. Questions. After. Protests. Erupted, around the country. The. President's, executive order. Today left border towns with a central, question what. Now what we're seeing right now is, self. Created humanitarian. Crisis by the federal. Government. Migrant, children have already been, sent to at least 17, states blanca. Arantes lopez who crossed into the u.s. and legally sits in a federal prison near seattle, our eight-year-old. Son is in a children's, home in upstate new york the. Goodbye was, agonizing. He. Just started crying and, he looked at me and said don't leave me mom she says more. Than 200. Migrant children have arrived in New York State alone a number of kids have come with lice I've. Come with bedbugs come. With chickenpox others. Have been flown to Michigan in California, a complex, web involving, multiple, government, agencies. Critics, say untangling. It will be a logistical. Nightmare those, charged with illegal entry into the u.s. are given a flyer showing, them stamps on how to locate their child the Jody Goodwin an attorney who works with migrants, says the process will, be difficult. The children don't have the capacity to even, maybe, tell them their parents full name. So, being. Able to identify the parents, through, the children is something that's impossible. Donna Abbott works in Michigan caring for 81, children, separated from their parents at the border we're seeing somewhere between two weeks to a month for. Us. To make contact, with a parent and begin, to set up contact. With the child cameras. Have not been allowed inside so called tender age shelters, like this one in Brownsville Texas but advocates say the facility's house crying, toddlers, and all more than 2300. Kids have been separated, from their parents since, a zero-tolerance policy, was announced last month some. Housed in this tent city in Tornillo Texas, according. To an official with the Department of Health and Human Services those, tents cost seven, hundred seventy five dollars per person per night almost three times the price to house them in more permanent, shelters with their families, tonight.

At This shelter in Texas, families, are huddled together as, their immigration cases are decided now, hoping they'll at least stay, together while. They wait a, former. Congressman who toured another facility this, so-called tender-age, shelter, says some children, even toddlers have, been separated, from their relatives tonight, there is a huge, amount of uncertainty, about how those youngest, children will be reunited, with their family members Lester. All right Gabe thank you despite the executive, order there is a catch, having, to do with how long, children can be held in the federal detention, centers with their parents Jacob, Soboroff has been looking into that and joins us from McAllen, Texas tonight, Jacob, good evening. Lester. Good evening to you frankly we do not know how long these families will be detained together what we do know is the children that were held alone in facilities, like this will now be housed with their parents, historically. The length of those family detentions, could be up to 20 days long we, expect that to be challenged, in court and when that happens those detentions, could stretch on for months on end if not indefinitely, pending, the outcome of, immigration. Proceedings, one other thing we don't know tonight is where, those detentions, will take place more unanswered, questions, tonight Lester, all right and Jacob thank you in a program note that Jacob will have much more on the immigration crisis. On a special Dateline, this, Sunday and as, that battle plays out on the border there is also a flood, emergency plaguing. Parts of South Texas, the, coast is inundated with water following, torrential rains, breaking. Records in some places leaving people trapped NBC's. Kerry Sanders reports. Tonight from South Texas. More. Than a foot of rain triggering. Flash floods, submerging. Vast areas, along Interstate, 2 from, McAllen, to mercedez Texas. And. We saw it was. 85.

Year Old Francisca, Ramirez, a longtime, resident of Weslaco, says, she's never seen it like this just, rain and ran in the camp keep, on coming. I'm. Scared, all, right guys well you're in good hands now you're in good hands now you're ready yes so much thank you overwhelmed. First responders. Getting. A helping hand from volunteers. These, good Samaritans, taking Ricardo Rangel who can't walk to, high ground in. Some, cases the water so deep military. Trucks had to back up to find a different room down while. Nita Gomez asleep. As the floodwaters, quietly, began to rise. And. A water you stepped right out of your bed into water oh yeah, motorists. Stalled in deep water breaking, out glass one electric window stopped working, roads, giving, out creating. Sinkholes, in McAllen, because. A flood like this here is so rare most homeowners, say they have no flood insurance experts. Say the long-term drought and the sun-baked, soil compounded. The impact, of the flood and this misery will likely continue, forecasters. Say the threat of more flash, floods will continue, through the night, Lester. All right Kerry Sanders thank you now that Cardinal, accuse, he was once the most powerful, one of the most powerful voices in the American, Catholic Church the, former Archbishop, of Washington now. The first u.s. Cardinal suspended, by the Vatican after. An allegation, of sexual abuse, on a minor. It's another sad turn of the sex abuse scandal, that has plagued the church we, get more from NBC's, Dan Thompson. The. World is in crisis, with Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, tonight suspended. From his public priestly, duties after an, allegation, he abused a teenager, New York 47. Years ago was, found to be credible and substantiated. McCarrick, would go on to lead archdiocese. In Newark in Washington, New, York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan oversaw. The investigation, do. Families, in those archdiocese. Have a reason, to be worried I don't think so we have absolutely no evidence that there was any other impropriety. With. A minor, however, the Newark archdiocese. Revealed today there were two settlements, of sexual misconduct by, mckarrick with adults decades. Ago this, case, raises. More, questions than. It answers, how, long has the Catholic Church known that Cardinal McCarrick was involved, with sexual, misconduct in, a statement today McCarrick now-retired maintained. His innocence, saying, he has absolutely, no recollection of, this reported, abuse but, apologized. For the pain his accuser has gone through as Archbishop, of Washington McCarrick. Counseled, presidents, and Pope's and, talked about the priests sex abuse scandal, on Meet the Press do, you believe there's a special, place in hell for men, who represent Christ, on earth and abuse, their flock there, is certainly a special, terrible. Judgment, on someone, who would abused, the trust that. A priest must have the DeFries does have a judgment, now facing, this prince of the church Anne, Thompson, NBC, News New York, Kim, jong-un was once again on the world stage today wrapping, up a two-day visit to China after, last week's summit with President Trump the North Korean dictator met, with China's leader meanwhile.

North Korea, is reportedly expected. To return the remains of up to 200, American, servicemembers. From the Korean War something. President, Trump requested, at last week's summit, now. To a dramatic rescue caught, on camera, in Virginia, burning car in the middle of. Watch. From the stands the car exploded, into flames the drivers father then jumped onto the track to save his son NBC. News national correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, has their story. Mike. Jones was behind the wheel of car 39, on Virginia's, South Boston, Speedway, when he spun out of control. After. Smashing, into the wall that nearly a hundred miles an hour the stock car burst, into flames. It's a drivers worst nightmare for sure once I saw the flames, it, was just get out as quick as I could just, seconds, after coming, to a stop, Dean Jones says he did what any dad would do I just had a single focus get, my son out of that burning car, nothing, else mattered, jumping. The pit wall running, to his son's burning, car and pulling, him from the wreckage, as, flames exploded around, then when I saw the flames nothing. Was gonna stop me from getting to his car the, father and son duo have always shared, a lifelong, love of racing Dean. Jones is Mike's pit crew chief the, dad making, this save on Father's. Day weekend. Feeling. That I felt when I pulled him at the core was, just. A sense of relief that my son was alive it's. Really kind of hard to put in words, tonight. Mike, Jones is ready to get back in the driver's, seat knowing. Dad is just, a pit stop away. Miguel. Almaguer, NBC. News a, heart-stopping. Moment that was still ahead tonight it could have been a brutal attack on a woman out for a jog how, she was able to fight off her attacker also. The deadly crash and fire on a well-known bridge near Washington. And the rescue, of workers, who became trapped. Oscar. Meyer deli fresh ham has no added nitrates, nitrites are artificial, preservatives, now deli fresh flavor is for everyone, like those who like sweet, those who prefer heat, and those, who just love meat for. Those in school out. Of school and old, school. Those. Who like their sandwich with pop and those, who like it with soda for.

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Ordinary Postage. Something, extra, when, we come back those who serve the, doctor who found a way to continue, his mission despite the biggest challenge, of his life. Finally. Tonight we meet a young man who dedicated his life to medicine. Healing others in the midst of their greatest emergencies. Until, one day he faced his own catastrophe. A tragic. Turnabout that gifted him with the new outlook, towards his work and his patients his story tonight in those who serve. It. Was the final ride of a mountain biking, trip when emergency, room physician, Daniel, Grossman, came face-to-face, with, the one trauma he wasn't prepared for I went up a little hill that's the only thing I remember the, next thing he knew he was, on the ground I, could see he wasn't getting up he wasn't moving. Chopper. To the nearest hospital he, got a look at his own skin, it. Was catastrophic, one, of his vertebrae, was shattered, causing, irreparable damage. To his spinal cord he, knew he, would never walk again it. Was devastating to hear that literally. One second to the next. Life. Is turned upside down. But, here's the thing about Daniel. He's. Not the type of guy to let a wheelchair. Stop him in his tracks he. Pushed himself learn, to live independently. And in just six months went, back to work in the Mayo Clinic, er hi, there I'm, dr. Grossman, the supervising doctors today Daniel. Says being in a wheelchair makes, him a better doctor I'm six five I used to tower above patients, and I would often forget to sit down now. I have no choice I have. To sit I have, to hold their hand. Happy. That connection, to his patients, inspiring. Him to push forward with his own life I'm smiling. All the time because I could, have been dead and instead, I get, to, practice. Medicine I get to influence the lives of others and it's an incredible feeling, putting. Life into perspective at the end of our broadcast tomorrow. Night our spotlight. On Jurassic, Park, and the amazing, technological.

Advances, Since its debut 25. Years ago we, appreciate, you spending part, of your evening with us that is Nightly News for this Wednesday night, I'm Lester. Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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Andre Wasp, EXACTLY, including the gangs spreading out from California, plus our healthcare doesn't include dental and vision that I have to pay, but they get it all free. And you know how hard it is to take time off from several jobs at the same time. This is my 1st time in years being completely off from my several jobs, but its only for 4 days and I'm using it for some volunteer work. Shows, I don't know how to relax, but they know how to relax because majority of them don't work. (Meaning some work under the table and DON'T pay taxes).

Like the illegal immigrants say to me it’s over for you WHITE PEOPLE!!

Alexander Uribe It is his fault. It is HIS policy with his Attorney General. And he defended it tooth and nail. I’ve given you facts. You speak in hyperbole and rhetoric. If I may recommend something, when Trump says something is true or says that “people say,” stop and do a little research to confirm his statement. Ignore the pundits on Fox and Friends, Hannity, or echo chambers online such as the Drudge Report and The Daily Caller. Double-check and triple check. If you did you would find that Trump attempted to mislead the public with his claims that the Democrats were to blame for the separation of families and that it was the law. His claim was quickly and rightfully debunked. Regardless, he continued to push that claim, in essence, lie. Please remember to double-check everything. And people rarely deserve hate.

Either way he's constantly trying to do the right thing. It's not his fault people are abandoning children on the boarder. I've never herd trump any hate on anyone that didn't deserve it. It's the left that's so obvious full of hate because they lost the power and will do any horrible thing to get it back, even disgracing the FBI. Sad really

Alexander Uribe He said he was following the law when separating the families. But that was not the case. That was not the law. That was a policy enforced by this administration. Namely Sessions. He didn’t back down at all when put under pressure by Democrats, Republicans, his constituency, and foreign world leaders. His reasoning for changing his mind was his wife and daughter talking to him. His words.

Alexander Uribe —Trump is a Fascist that spews Hate, ConspiracyTheories, Lies and Propaganda — He’s now concentrating on taking Children from their Mothers and Fathers, but the saddest is that no one can find the children that he’s taken.

Why Not, You clearly haven't spent two minutes listening to the president of the united states

Za Za Trump is a Fascist that spews Hate, ConspiracyTheories, Lies and Propaganda — He’s now concentrating on taking Children from their Mothers and Fathers, but the saddest is that no one can find the children that he’s taken.

LazyLamont92 that a strange thing to just believe. Seems like it was a consequence of following the law so he fixed it. Does it matter why he's giving Americans everything or just that he's actually doing it

He doesn’t change his mind until his wife and daughter tell him to. Not the millions of other voices, world leaders, the pope, nor the cries of children in emotional pain.

Lily * you know most kids are without parents or with coyotes/pimps, or traffickers.


Thanks you guys.. I love the NBC Nightly News... Pvt. Cain US Army... :-)

LazyLamont92, Yeah because he would be shooting Hillary Clinton. I guess you have to believe in the constitution to get trump. Also these days his base is most of America. Now more jobs then people looking for them

Alexander Uribe Making sense to people because he appeals to his base doesn’t mean he makes actual sense. But like Trump said, he could murder someone on 5th ave and his people would still love him.

LazyLamont92 he makes sense to most people. His approval ratings are threw the roof

Alexander Uribe He literally makes no sense.

LazyLamont92 I listen to both sides objectively and other independent sources. All objectively to find what makes the most sense. I know when they like to over exaggerate things on both sides and it's annoying whoever it comes from right or left media sources, but if you look at the president as someone who is actually trying and asked what would you do if you had the power, he makes a lot more sense then anyone. That's why he's so great

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