News 6 at 4, 5, 5:30 and 6pm : 2019-04-19

News 6 at 4, 5, 5:30 and 6pm : 2019-04-19

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Ahead. At four storms pushing through Central, Florida right, now News six chief meteorologist. Tom swirls pinpointing. Your forecast, how long these storms will last coming right up also, ahead how the Florida, Department of Transportation is keeping our roads safe during. These storms, and Democrats. Issuing, a subpoena today, to receive, the full unredacted. Muller, report, how both sides are, reacting. Those stories and much more ahead on news 6 at 4 o'clock it's, only 60, seconds away stay with us. Live. Getting. Results, this. Is news 6 at 4:00 right. Now at 4:00 the storms, are here, you're looking live at Daytona Beach, and downtown, Orlando, where you can see the rain on our cameras, right now the, weather is causing some delays at Orlando International Airport, as, well as hundreds, of power outages, across Central. Florida this, is new six at four I'm Lisa bell i'm julie brought and ginger johnston is off tonight let's get right to chief, meteorologist. Tom Sorrels and Tom we are talking about an intense, line of rain out there who's getting hit the hardest right now it's this direct line right here Julie from Flagler County all the way down to Polk some, of the storms have weakened a bit but it's not done. With us by any stretch of the imagination the, actual front is still way back out there it's the prefrontal stuff that's, pounding. Us right now it's, been a rough afternoon we've had trees down through Marion County wind, gusts all across Central Florida 50, miles per hour to, 60, miles per hour in copious. Amounts, of rain, take, a look what it does right now from Flagler County all the way to Sanford it's lined up down the i-4 corridor all, the way down to Tampa right, now heavy, scattered showers are in there my one morning, is over here in Polk County I normally don't focus on Polk County it's outside of the immediate viewing area but this thunderstorm warning goes until. 4:30 and all the storms are racing, up to the Northeast it better than 50 miles per hour so some of that may, hold together long enough to get into Osceola, and Orange. County as this front prefrontal. Stuff is right here on top of us it's bounced around now and check out some rainfall rates Daytona. Beach got washed away on the speedway earlier a second, round of heavy rain is rolling right over the speedway right now South, Daytona all, the way down the coast into, Orlando Sanford, big, lightning strikes flying all across Seminole, County and Orange County, and to Kissimmee right now here's, downtown Sanford getting pounded there's Heathrow big rain there all, of these storms are moving up that big. Front they're about 50, miles per hour so the front itself is the only advancing, at about 20 to 25 but, the showers racing, up it are flying, in here pouring, rain right now from Winter Park along 436. All the way back out to Eatonville down to Chelsea Street you, go into downtown Orlando, a Conway to Pine Castle all the way down cruising. From Pine Hills to dr. Phillips pouring. Rain heavy, lightning, strikes and high wind extend all the way down the i-4 area 275, now again only, this one area is warned, but we have a watch for the entire area until 10:00 p.m. because, all of this has, to funnel up that frontal boundary toward, your backyard, for the moment it extends, into the Gulf of Mexico each, and every passing hour it will march farther to the east but, that's gonna take a long time for, that to happen here's downtown, Orlando right now peaceful, enough after an early round of showers but.

There Are more on their way our temperature. Is down, to 70, already, but check out the wind west, southwest at 26, I'll be back in a few minutes with another radar tour and then we look at the seven-day forecast and, the huge changes, for, the weekend alright, Tom thank you the storms are already linked, to at least one death in Florida, an eight-year-old, girl died, this morning and a 12 year old boy was hurt when a tree fell on a home it happened, in Woodville which is near Tallahassee. In Leon County the. Boy's injuries are non-life threatening with. The rough weather you might want to stay off the roads if at all possible new. Six is not in Yanis spoke to transportation officials. Who say they're prepared for the storms. The. Florida Department of Transportation says. They have already made their expectations. Clear to the company in charge of the i-4 ultimate project. SGL. Saying, that they have had flooding. Issues in the past along, the corridor, and with these rain, storms approaching at peak rush hour FDOT, says their crews are, already on standby, as we drove on i-4 this afternoon, we saw crews pull tight on chains tied to tractors, securing. Equipment, ahead of the storm hitting, our area during rush hour in the middle of a construction zone on a busy. I 4 where, rain has stopped traffic in the pass take. A look at this video from last year after a rainstorm at a flooded, eye for neared the Turnpike and again, at i-4 and Kaleigh the Florida Department of Transportation communicating. With SGL, the contractor, on the i-4 ultimate project, that, they don't want this to happen again gone down on record with the contractor, we don't want flooding. SGL, says they're standing by during, the storm they've cleaned up dreams and have drainage pumps staged, at Division, Street Church Street and South Street downtown, Orlando, where a lot of work is being done right now FDOT. Saying, they will do the best they can while, warning drivers to, be on alert it's, really unfortunate the, timing where everything is going to be aligning so. The contractor, needs to be prepared and and motorists need to be prepared as well and, we'll do the best that we can on I feel so, FDOT, says if you're going to be caught along i-4, or anywhere, for that matter during these storms to slow, down especially if you see any standing. Water this, while they say SGL, crews will be watching for any of those trouble, spots we will be doing the same as this storm hits, our area in Orlando, I'm naughty jnanis getting results new six a hidden. Camera used to record a young woman showering, new, at 4:00 Brevard County man is facing a video voyeurism charge. Deputies, say the hidden camera, was disguised, as a cell, phone charger new, success Jim Spahr Vero explains, how he was caught just as. You might think this USB power adapter, charges, phones what, you might not know is it also has a tiny, camera, lens and a memory card inside, Brevard, sheriff's deputies say it belonged to this man whose intentions, weren't for home surveillance, but, for voyeurism they, noticed that there was a hidden. Camera that had been placed in the bathroom Jonathan, moist Spath, room he's, 46, lives, alone and deputies say he discreetly, recorded, his niece's, friend, taking, a shower, she's, just 18, or 19, she thought it might be a camera, she took a closer look at it and realized that it did have a lens and that had an SD card now, it's moist who's in hot water arrested. Thursday after deputies say the hidden camera, was recording several, months back, moist sows in north titusville, moist, nice was babysitting, his dog and she brought her friend who's showered, and unknowingly, to her was, being recorded deputies, say the two friends discovered, the camera right after, and they pulled the memory card which they put in a computer, and watched, the recorded, videos they, obviously had the camera up there for the purpose of recording, people in the bathroom shower area do, you know how long he had the camera set up did he set this up right before they, came over it, appears it had been up for a period of time and reviewing, the camera, and the contents, on the SD card there, were no other victims found moist.

Returned, Home today after posting, a $2,000. Bond here at the Brevard County Jail he. Did not return our request for comment but coming up at 5:30 we'll tell you what he told deputies, in his defense about that camera brevard. County i'm james spar barrow getting results news 6 james. Thank you developing, it for a bold, smash-and-grab. Robbery, inside, the Florida Mall this cell phone video shows, the robbery in, action, witnesses, say it shows the suspects, smashing. A Rolex, glass, display, clay case at mayor's jewelers, last night then, running from the store with some of the items deputies, say the group was armed with hammers. Investigators. Say they arrested four, of the suspects, soon after the robbery one. Of the suspects, is under 18, years old which is why we are not showing you his mug shot we. Will have more on their arrests, coming up tonight on news 6 at 5:00 the. Man linked to a string of arson, fires remains, in jail tonight we. Brought you this as breaking news yesterday at, 5:30 now. James, Bennett, is facing four counts of, arson and two counts, of armed burglary, new, Six's mark layman has more on how Lake County investigators. Caught the wanted man. Officials. Here at the Lake County Jail say they got word early this morning that James Bennett refused, to appear before a judge as, he now faces charges of arson and armed burglary, we're getting a closer look at. A. Q. Serial arsonist, James Bennett didn't want to say anything to our cameras, on Thursday, but this newly released arrest, affidavit, speaks volumes, about the fires he's accused, of starting according. To investigators, it was someone close to Bennett, that came forward saying the 48 year old claimed to be the man behind a string of arsons happening, in Umatilla in February, deputies. Say that witnesses, identity, is now, being withheld for their safety gave, us what we needed he provided us information that Bennett, had given to him that only a suspect would know so. Far Bennett has been linked to four of nine fires, the, first happening, at a barbecue, restaurant that. Owner telling us off-camera he doesn't know why his business was targeted, but is glad there's been an arrest in a matter of days a deputy's, car a convenience, store and a mobile home were also torched, it was there where a detective, says he witnessed Bennett watching, the activity, on scene nearly. Two months later and with a suspect now in custody investigators. Are working to link him to the five other fires with. Bennett being a no-show at today's hearing his, bond remains set at. $300,000. Deputies. Say they're still working, to determine a motive behind the fires as the, investigation, continues, in Lake, County mark Laymon getting results new six. Protecting. Students, and saving, lives UCF. Police say, that's why they decided to invest in a new emergency, response, and rescue vehicle, the, police department showed off the armored vehicle today it will support UCF's. Heavy response, team the, team says they hope to never use it but they are glad UCF, now has it to respond, to critical incidents, Brinks. Donated, the vehicle, tonight. The Orlando Magic hosts their first playoff game in seven, years the, n way center seats, are now decked, out in white, and blue shirts tip, off against, the Trent Toronto, Raptors is set for 7:00. Tonight and here, is a live look at the n way Center in downtown Orlando the doors open around 5:30, tonight and with the weather if you plan on going, you will want to get there early oh yeah well.

We Continue to watch the rough weather might, be a good night for indoor, plans Tom severe. Thunderstorm, watch in effect until 10 o'clock some of the bigger storms are already through with plenty more rumbling. In from the southwest coming, towards downtown Orlando, I'll be right back to pinpoint all of that then, look ahead to a much, improved, forecast, for, the Easter holiday week, also. Ahead Democrats, escalate, their fight to access, the full mullah report, why, they say the redacted version, is not enough you're, watching new six at four getting results we will be right back and during the break we are streaming live on Facebook, search Lisa Bell News on Facebook, right now. Why. With ginger Gadsden, Lisa. Bell. Julie. Broughton weather. With chief meteorologist. Tom Soros, and meteorologist. Candace Campos, this. Is new six at four getting. Results, we. Are continuing, to keep a close eye on the radar where we're dealing with some new severe, thunderstorm, warnings now for Brevard Seminole. And Volusia counties, until, 4:45, as, a strong, line of storms pushes, through the area southeast. Orange and Osceola counties are also under, significant, weather advisories, chief meteorologist, Tom Searles will be back in just a few minutes to track who is getting hit the hardest and when all of this will clear, Congress. Is upping the ante over the Muller report, today the head of the House Judiciary Committee. Issued a subpoena for. The full unredacted, report, meantime the president has some choice words about, the findings, Nikole Killion is on Capitol Hill where the legal, and political battles. Are just beginning. Less. Than 24, hours after, the release of a redacted version, of the Muller report, House Judiciary Chairman. Jerry Nadler issued, a subpoena for, the entire thing we, need the whole report including. The underlying documents, unredacted, while, the 448. Page report, did not find evidence of coordination, or conspiracy, between Russia and the Trump campaign, in 2016. The, special counsel was, less clear on the issue of obstruction. Leaving, the question to Congress, indeed, he, found numerous. Instances. Where. The, president, took. Steps to try to derail, or shut down the investigation. A select, group of lawmakers is, being, allowed to view a less redacted. Version of the report of starting, next week, the Chairman Nadler says that's pointless, and demands, the Justice Department, turn over all materials. By the time the Attorney General testifies, next, month kicking. Off the holiday weekend. At his Florida Golf Club. Trump, called the mullah report, crazy and said some of the statements about him are total, BS. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction press. Secretary, Sarah Sanders, also, disputed, allegations, that she misled, the media when she said countless, members of the FBI had, lost confidence in, fired FBI, director, James Comey look, I'm acknowledged, that the word countless. Was. A slip of the tongue, Republicans. Say the time to move on has arrived, but Nadler, insists, the report exposes, a culture, of lying at the White House and is calling on Special Counsel Robert, Muller to testify, Nikole, Killion CBS. News Capitol, Hill if. The Justice Department, does not respond, to the subpoena Democrats. Could hold officials in contempt, of Congress, or eventually fight, the battle in court another. Successful, trip to the International, Space Station a Northrop, Grumman Cygnus, cargo ship, arrived at the ISS, early, this morning NASA, astronaut, and McLane and David, saint-jacques, of the Canadian, Space Agency, used, the space station's robotic arm to, capture, the unmanned, ship the, spacecraft launched on Wednesday, in Virginia carrying, 76. Hundred pounds, of equipment, it was a beautiful. Lunch we got a lot, going on this afternoon in the weather department chief meteorologist, Tom swirls joining us now arriving to work a little early today indeed, we did got here during the one o'clock hour Troy was here all morning pinpointed, storms Julie was pinpointing, storms I thought I'd better come in yeah.

You. Know they might know well hey take a look at what's going on the setup for the weekend looks great once, this big squall line gets on out of here things will improve rapidly, tonight the rain will be moving out after the 8 or 9 o'clock hour, the, rest of the weekend, looking. So much better next week will be mostly sunny as well so we got a big turnaround coming, it's just gonna take some time for, us to get it all lined up here we are at 4:15, severe thunderstorm, warning just how issued for parts of Seminole Brevard and Volusia counties see this little box in zone here until 4:45 that's, Bovard northern Brevard Seminole. And South parts, of Volusia County it's in this little zone here along 95, and highway 1 this, particular line racing. Up to the Northeast at better than 50 miles per hour should, be all the way to New Smyrna Beach 15. Minutes from now this, line has been marching this way, pretty persistently, but the big problem, with all that is that all these scattered showers are racing up that line and, about 50 to 60 miles per hour these are fast-moving. Storms. Rolling, in from the South by Southwest to, the north by northeast. It's a tough flow rut well bounce around check out some rain rates. Right now pouring, hard around Daytona Beach with the lightning strikes all the way down to South Daytona getting. In there around the Ponce Inlet Wilbur by the sea area you see the first big band of rain is pushed through Orlando to, Kissimmee, really. Not safe with all the lightning strikes from Heathrow to Geneva to Oviedo Chile Oda Altamonte, Springs in Winter Park all getting big rain rainfall. Rates of the yellow and orange zones have dropped to about fourteen, one hundredths of an inch but heavier scattered showers south and west rolling, out of Polk County getting, ready to overrun, this area around Clermont, Orlando and Kissimmee in the next hour is this stuff is advancing on over to the east and it extends, all the way down to Fort Myers and, another shot of rain comes in behind it as the actual, front itself, begins. To roll in later so, we've got to be dealing with this until about mmm. 9:00, or maybe 10 o'clock or severe thunderstorm, watch does go until. 10:00 p.m. so. Where are we now there's. A ton of beach you, just sauce of your thunderstorm, warning for southern breeze me, Southern Volusia County, and northern Brevard that goes until 4:45 it, doesn't look too shabby in Daytona Beach what my camera is shaking because, that wind pushing, it 24, miles per hour and a reading of 69, degrees we're.

Back To 71, in Ocala 68. In the villages and in, Leesburg, 69. From Sanford all the way to Kissimmee and look my. Hot spot is right there he's Smyrna Beach 82, the rain and the nasty stuff has, not approached you yet come, take a look now and how we go in the next several hours here we are at 4:00 p.m. rocking. The thunderstorms, on through by 7:00 or 8:00 the, first big line should be through and everything calms down later. Tonight by 10 o'clock. The. Wind will calm and when it does things, rapidly, improve the only thing that could happen is some debris, cloud cover rolling through on Saturday and some lingering scattered, showers, pop, it around Saturday but I think that's a little oversold. I really. Think tomorrow we, see ton of sunshine, and I think on Sunday, it will all be. To. Your liking for. Tonight scattered, showers are checking on out of here in the next several hours we'll, call it slow to clear, and the overnight low in Orlando, 58. Here's, tomorrow. First. Thing in the morning 62, so much cooler by noon tomorrow 71. The daytime high below. Normal 76. Check out the week ahead going. For a daytime high tomorrow of, 76. The low 55. Easter, Sunday the high is 79. Then, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday of next week, things, are picture, primo. Perfect, calm, thank you a local, group of guys are making a name for themselves across. The internet they're doing it with comedy, and lyrics, a head, meet a local freestyle. Rap group where you can catch them live next. Step for then, all new at five, hi. Mike home field in less than an hour first responders, denied benefits you, approved what's going on it absolutely changed what, the voters voted upon so in your view the vote meant nothing it, was a lie we're. Asking for the ability that perhaps be able to stay in our house by giving us a partial break on the taxes, that's, all the full investigation, at 5:00 our, be. Right. Here's another live look at the new six pinpoint, weather radar, there is a thunderstorm warning. For Brevard Seminole. East Osceola, and Volusia counties, until 4:45. Chief. Meteorologist, Tom Searles will bring us another update, at the top of 4:30, well. They are a group of young guys making, a name for themselves in Central, Florida they call themselves free. Depths, they freestyle, rap with a touch of comedy. They. Talking to me interview, by a beauty, yeah we got the news it's old school like the Newsies, I wish it was less yelling in more discussion. We need more news six with cameramen, like Justin, a. Photographer. Justin Potter getting a shout out there read Apps has made a name for themselves through, videos on YouTube and Facebook recently. One of those songs and viral videos was about talk-show host John Oliver a lot. Of people will ask us how, do you. Learn to freestyle it's just it's. Just a muscle that we've worked on for a long long, time the you the audience are part of our show it's, hip-hop it's, it's comedy, it's improv, it's all of our favorite things I'll blend it into one you have to train yourself what we do has, taken us years and, years and years to develop a decade, at least for each of us have working learning.

How To freestyle. And then learning how to rhyme on the spot. The. Group performs, regularly at, Disney springs in May, they have a show at SAC comedy, club in downtown Orlando. Looks, very interesting, as we, go out there yeah coming. Up on news 6 at 4:30 most people want to sleep in on the weekends, but, with loud. How. One city is trying to protect your rest and runny, noses and body aches just won't seem to go away this, flu season is lasting a long time what experts say is behind, the unusually. Long season, and how you can stay healthy, plus. A local teacher pressing, charges against. A nine-year-old what she says the child did in the classroom that's forcing her to take action. Total. Savings on edge, live. This. Is news 6, now. On news 6 at 4:30. Severe weather pushing. Through Central Florida heavy. Rain and strong winds, causing, a mess thank, you for staying with us I'm Julie Broughton this is news 6 at 4:30, getting, resolved, I'm Lisa Bell ginger Gadsden, is off let's get straight over to chief meteorologist, Tom Sorrels with a closer look at what's going on right now Tom all, right take a look over my shoulder here what's going on it's been a rough afternoon I have not one but two different warnings, going on right now first. Of all we're in zoom entitled this one over here that's out of Seminole, County, or at least the roughest part of it is but, the warning still is ongoing for, parts. Of Volusia, County and parts of Brevard, County it's right there on the county line raining, in the red zones at better than 4 inches per hour that's pouring, copious. Amounts of rain hailstones. In there are anywhere from about three. Quarters of an inch or maybe even larger, maximum, sustained wind with the system has been about 60 miles per hour and it's racing, on over to the east about 45, pouring. Rain south of New Smyrna Beach, down to Oak Hill so you're in the boxed in zone now where the heaviest of the rain and the strong strong, storm is severe. Storm warning goes until, 4:45, come. Down to chew Leola bit low Christmas wedge field all getting thumped big lightning strikes all the way from downtown Orlando, out to, the east see this box including. St. cloud its east of Kissimmee but looking all these lightning strikes around, st. cloud around 192. Very, strong thunderstorm, here so a severe thunderstorm warning has now been issued for a large part, of Eastern Osceola, County right, up against that bevarly line until, 4:45 what's, this thing roll in there that's. Pretty impressive, 192, all the way down into Polk County it's racing, along but the lightning strikes are intense, and copious all the way down to, Fort Myers and it's running, this way up that frontal zone so the front marches east in about 20 to 25 each. Little storm races. Up that front better, than 50 sometimes. 60. Miles per hour so, far very little. Rotation. So. Far we've all been good just severe thunderstorm, warnings that's yet, Orlando. Health camera looking to the heart of downtown we have a reading of 68, degrees but, look at that wind shaking.

My Camera, now from the south-southwest at, 16, gusting. Up closer to 25, or 30, I will be right back in a few minutes we'll do another radar tour then, we'll pinpoint, how nicely we clear up tomorrow and, look ahead to. Your Easter, Sunday, forecast. Tom thank you you can get pinpoint, weather on the go with our free news six pinpoint, weather app our team will keep you up-to-date around-the-clock, plus. Use live interactive, radar just, search WKMG. In your App Store well. Breaking news US Marshals and police arrest a man in connection to a deadly shooting, outside a local nightclub investigators. Took, no tee air missile, gomez into custody last night in Tennessee, police. Were searching for Gomez in connection, with a January, shooting, at Club lit in Orlando, that's, where three men were shot one of them died Gomez, is now facing first-degree, murder, charges and is, expected, to be extradited, back to Orange, County new. At 4:30 a local, elementary, school teacher fed up she's pressing charges after, she says a nine, year old student. New 6s Lauren corn is in Volusia County with, why the teacher is so frustrated. There. Are no, other professions, that exist where it would be okay, or acceptable, to, be hit, by anyone a third grade teacher at Woodward Elementary. Wants to press charges against. Her nine year old student, after deputies say she punched the teachers hand when told to pick up a textbook she threw on the ground and deputies say this isn't the first time the child got physical with staff the, school district released this statement saying, quote we are aware of the allegations school. Administration. Is looking into the situation any, other questions, will have to be directed, to the police department, more and more we're seeing that, the adults in the classroom our teachers, and our educational, support personnel, are often. The victims of violence, that is being perpetrated by children, Elizabeth, Albert president. Of the teachers union Volusia, United, educators, says students lashing out at school could be from issues stemming at home and is becoming, a reoccurring, trend, she. Says it's also urging more teachers, to enforce, the teacher authority Act that act is in place to. Remove students, who, could. Fall into this category from, teachers, classroom but Albert says what the district really needs are mental health professionals, in schools at all times there are more and more children that are entering our schools in. Public schools that have, significant. Needs social emotional, needs, and teachers. And support personnel are not trained, to deal with those needs she hopes this incident, will start a dialogue, that will turn into action, what it might trigger is the, school district, and let's, hope our legislators.

Take A closer look at this and we start putting safeguards. In place that, would be proactive. So we don't get to this point in delaying Lauren Korn getting results new six a local. Soldier is thankful, to be alive after he says someone started shooting at, him and another guy at a local park, deputies, say Chinon quashy drove, up to a car at Ingram, Park in Tavares, last night smiled. Then, fired, off three, to four shots bullets. Riddled the vehicle but no one was hit the soldier, says it made him feel like he was back in Iraq deputies. Arrested quashy at his home in Eustis, he is now facing multiple charges, more. Than a dozen people cuffed, after a drug bust in Volusia County. The. Volusia County Sheriff's Office cleaning, up the streets in DeLand in the surrounding, area they, worked with several agencies to conduct undercover. Drug purchases, where narcotics are, known to be sold. Buzzing. Lawnmowers. And power tools do they ever wake you up one, local city is fed up and taking action to protect your Z's new, success Amanda Castro, is in Winter Springs with what's being done to put a stop to the noise, Winter. Springs Police tells me right now if someone calls complaining about lawn, equipment or power tools being used at unreasonable, hours there's nothing, they can do but the City Commission is hoping to change that with this amended ordinance and residents, tell us they hope it'll bring peace and quiet to their neighborhoods. That's. The sound body caning says she wakes up to every, Sunday morning the, power tools start about 6:00 a.m. she's. Lived in her Winter Springs home for 40 years and she says like clockwork every. Weekend. Her sleep is interrupted by neighbors mowing their lawns early in the morning she, says she's called and complained what, happens when you do that. Nothing. Basically, nothing. That's. Because the city's noise ordinance doesn't specify restrictions. For a lot equipment, or power tools the, city tells us it's received several complaints from residents about, people using these tools during the early morning hours majority. Coming from the Tuscola area now, it's trying to silence the complaint proposing. An amendment to the ordinance that would not allow people to use power tools or a lot equipment from 10:00 p.m. to, 7:00 a.m. that. Would be outstanding, police. Tell us this change would help them enforce the rules when responding, to complaints the. City Commission is expected to discuss the amended ordinance on Monday, residents. Like canning are hopeful saying, if this passes she can finally get some sleep just, peace and quiet, that's, all we need. In. Winter Springs i'm eddie castro getting results new six, new. At 4:30 we're, hearing the 911. Moments. After a construction, worker fell from a ladder at, the dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, last week the, man who called told the operator the worker fell about 10 feet injured. His leg and was bleeding and there would it be difficult to, help him, along. It on get a clean drier drink. A clean dry cloth towel, and, place, it right on the wound okay.

And. We're on a construction site, there's no chance of that happening. Moments. Later the caller said first responders, had arrived on the scene the, worker was taken to ORMC in. Stable, condition, Governor, DeSantis, is highlighting, Florida's job growth he says private-sector businesses created. More than 200,000. Jobs over, the year that's, an increase of 2.7. Percent which, is better than the national job growth rate of 1.9. Percent, Florida's, unemployment, rates remained, at three and a half percent, there. Is a new way to get around parts, of Central Florida, uber, and Mears taxi, are now teaming, up so you can catch a cab through, the uber app we, first told you about this yesterday both. Companies. One. Of many favorites, in the app there will be taxi, a taxi, option, with the cost upfront writers, can also pay, and tip. Through the app right. Now the service is only available in, Orange County but uber says that the service does well it may expand into Osceola, and Seminole. Counties, a, public. Spelling mistake has gone viral the, word literally, written on the street it left Florida construction, crews scrambling. To correct their elementary. Mistake, take a look at this spelling slip-up. In South Florida, don't. Know what school, hole means, but there is a school, finishing. Up construction steps, away from this giant lettering, the, irony has a lot of people snapping selfies by, the crosswalk. Tyler. Look that in it's not right. You, don't spell school that way wow, it's not a good thing when you misspelled school it's not a good look at. So. The mishap did not stick around long it has been freshly repainted. To correctly. Spell. School. It. Is still, to come what's being done to crack down on the growing measles, threat after, the disease shows up in Florida, and the flu season is dragging, on and, on why, it just, won't seem to go away Tom, take, a look over my shoulder the big squall line is still marching through parts of Central Florida we have a severe thunderstorm warning, for parts of Volusia Brevard, counties and now much of eastern Osceola, also. Under a warning until 4:45 I'll, be right back to pinpoint this mess then, we'll talk about a rapidly. Improving, weather picture, for, the rest of your weekend. You want to call the state or somebody somebody lost their donkey, County. Come. Here sweetie how, this little donkey ended, up in the middle of the road and how it finally got reunited with. Its owner, you're watching News 6 at 4:30 getting, results, we will be right back. This. Portion of the news is sponsored, by Papa John's. Live. With, ginger, Gadsden, Lisa. Bell. Julie. Brought weather. With chief meteorologist. Tom Soros and meteorologist. Candace Campos this. Is news 6 at 4:00 getting. Results. We. Are continuing, to pinpoint strong, storms, tracking across our area radar, showing that line beginning, to extend from Volusia County back, down through much of Seminole Orange, County and into Osceola, County as well we do have some severe weather advisories. In place and, here, is a look at conditions right, now over downtown Orlando, where again the heavy rain moving. Through Central Florida chief, meteorologist, Tom Sorrells is pinpointing, all of this he, will join us with the forecast in just a few minutes and let us know who is currently under advisories.

Right. Now there are at least 555. Confirmed. Measles, cases, in the United States and 20. States and health officials fear, Americans, traveling for this weekend's religious holidays, could worsen, the growing measles, outbreak, local, health officials are warning people to get vaccinated against. The measles this, after someone, in Florida, was diagnosed, with the disease measles. Symptoms, include fever runny. Nose cough, and rash symptoms. Usually begin 7, to 14 days after, a person, is exposed, to someone with the disease, measles. Is spread through the air there, is no specific. Treatment well. It is the middle of April but a lot of people are still getting the flu Wendy Gillette explains, why this season, is lasting longer than usual, the. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, this year's flu season is, unusually. Long one. Of the longest since 1997. When they started keeping records this, year was the longest flu season we've seen in the past 10 years previously. The longest was 20 weeks and right now we're at 21, one, reason two types of flu viruses, surfaced, at different times the, beginning of the season was h1n1, predominant. And then that as that went down h3n2. Viruses, went up we did have two different waves of influenza, this year so far this season up to 40 1.3. Million people, showed flu symptoms up. To nineteen point four million visited, the doctor and as many as six hundred and ten thousand were hospitalized. Flu, cases are declining, but doctors say the virus can still spread even. In the warmer weather given. The way the season is going if you, have flu-like symptoms, there's a good chance you do have flu an important, reminder to, take common-sense, precautions. Like washing, hands and staying, home when sick to, prevent spreading the virus Wendy. Gillette CBS, News New, York. Chief. Meteorologist, Tom swirls here right here the advisory. Tone going off in the bag it has been a rough afternoon it has I think that's just a reissue okay, it waits like it's a radar and see but I think that's what's going on let me jump on over and show you what's happening look at this big squall, line it's marching its way towards Central Florida it's pouring through right now with another reinforcing shot on the way from the Gulf rain, is gonna be moving on out as we head later and later into the evening we're getting better each and every hour all, the way through the day tomorrow so when you wake up in the morning but still a little too gray for you hang, on the clearing, will continue, and then Sunday will be egg-cellent, get, it.

Tough. Crowd hey take a look at the visible satellite imagery for tonight yes it's been very dangerous, it continues to be that way in the actual front right. Here all this prefrontal activity has, been pounding, for hours the lowest pin wheeling around forcing, it all into your backyard, here's. The line now if you're watching from Ocala to the villages you're, about done you. Step outside enjoy, the breezy conditions and, the rest of the evening the stormy stuff is east of you and all of its writing that, squall. Line right up the i-4, corridor into, downtown Orlando, Seminole County all the way over to Volusia now, our warning, just went, off the clock and so that one's done all the heavy stuff has moved into, the open water and behind, it still plenty of rain from Sam sulla New Smyrna Oak Hill Ponce, Inlet everyone getting the rain now just, the winds of 60 miles per hour have died out is this thing is gone to, the Atlantic, from Oviedo chilly, own a bit low Christmas wedge filled all raining and look rolling. Toward you in Titusville, right along the river here about to cross the river into Merritt Island comes, that squall line Weather, Service let this particular warning in Osceola County expire, winds, have dropped just below the, level they need to be to be a severe thunderstorm we. Have to have wind speeds of 58 60 miles per hour or to, trigger that severe thunderstorm criteria. Winds. Are down to about 50 now still, getting some lightning strikes and some decent, rain in there but the winds are just below severe, category so they're, holding off on issuing for Brevard but, please believe if you're watching from West Melbourne there. She blows wind, speeds are still pretty brisk you may get a 40 mile per hour wind gust with very little notice so you've got about 15 or 20 minutes to, get ready because, this thing's trucking it's moving at a good 20 to 25 miles per hour to the east and all these showers are racing up from the southwest at, a good 30 to 40 sometimes 50, miles per hour one, last warning down here way, down south outside, of the Polk County region, not. In our viewing area at all but the, remnants, of that are going to roll through our area in the coming hour Orlando, Health camera right now 68.

Beachside, It's. Awfully, wet 68, degrees there - everyone's. Starting to catch up still, warm in New Smyrna Beach at, the last report that will change at the top of the hour in about five minutes we're, now 22. Degrees colder, in Orlando, than we were last night at the same time because of all the rain it's, windy, and will be through the day tomorrow this stuff clears out of here fairly quickly by 8:00 or 9:00 southern. Brevard counties, my last zone and I think we'll cancel that, severe thunderstorm watch, well, before 10 p.m. sometime. In the eight o'clock hour it should be gone tomorrow. Little, speckles, of rain may haunt you early but as the day wears on we wrap it up we get rid of the clouds we get the sunshine and Sunday looks. Perfect the load time is 58. Here's tomorrow, your forecast brought to you by your central florida honda dealer what a beautiful, afternoon we've got coming on for Saturday now it's windy don't. Forget about that for, the daytime high tomorrow 76. Here is the week ahead. Daytime. High tomorrow 76. Good. Day sunday. Perfect. Day 79. For Easter Sunday and then back to work on Monday 82, Tuesday, 80 for Wednesday 85. You, get the picture, all, right tom thank you get. Pinpoint weather on the go with our free news six pinpoint, weather app our, team will keep you up-to-date around-the-clock plus, use live interactive, radar just, search WKMG. In your App Store new. Car is getting ready to hit the road we're checking out the hot new technology, you can expect behind the wheel and coming. Up at 5:00 disabled. First responders, denied a tax, break that Florida, voters approved three years ago new six investigator, Mike Oldfield meets with former cops who, say they are being penalized for, the wrong reason, to stay back. Strong. Storms continue, to track across Central Florida you, can see there on the radar that line pushing off to the east with, those strong storms now pushing along and east of i-4. And Wynne seems to have gotten the best of this, billboard Clint, Gamache took this picture on Orange Blossom Trail chief. Meteorologist, Tom souls is pinpointing, all this activity, coming, up at 5:00 well, it is not something you see every day and escape donkey, hanging out in the middle of a highway okay take a look. Come. Here sweetie. You. Want to call the state or somebody somebody lost their donkey, County. Baby. A deputy. In Illinois spotted, the animal just before noon Wednesday the, donkey apparently, escaped, from a trailer look at that sweet, little thing animals. Owner showed, up about, 20, minutes later so glad I love that ladies Boise State. Someone lost their donkey, like yeah, it's a regular yeah the, New York International Auto Show opens, today it's a chance for automakers, to unveil new cars on the market and some that are years ahead of their time Tom, Hanson gives you a sneak peek. Kia. Motors unveiled, its hot new ride at the New York International Auto, Show the habanero, we call it the every car, commuter. Crossover. Sport, utility the futuristic, crossover, is completely, electric, with butterfly, doors motor, trends and lo says it can even drive itself, so, this is a concept, but when, do you think we would see a car like this on the road so, I think you can see elements, of what's here very, soon 2 3 4 years something, like this could hit the road it's just one of many concept. Cars taking, center stage and, giving, us a glimpse into the future including. Infinities, cue inspiration. Walk me through some of the features, of this car sure, well one of the things as you can see there's no door handles so if you wanted to get inside you just simply touch the button right up here on the pillar and the door opens wide nice wide opening, and inside. You're looking at a host of advanced. Technologies, that could possibly, make it into our future products, as we move forward it, uses, camera, instead of rearview mirrors, a reflection. Of how Infiniti builds, new vehicles, the qx50. Which is currently on the market started. Out as a concept, car usually, manufacturers.

Are Working you know for five. To, maybe eight years out on concepts, so, you, know it takes a lot of time for these things to gestate. To. To come, into fruition after they show the initial concept while, these cars may seem straight out of the future they may soon be a reality Tom. Hansen CBS, News New, York. Well. A South Florida dad, honoring, his late wife in a very unique way he's. Dressing up like the Easter Bunny. To take his kids to school, Marty. Andris lost his wife, to cervical, cancer shortly, after their third child was born four years ago he. Says she was a lot of fun and to, keep her memory alive he. Wanted to make people smile however possible, so, out came the bunny suit. You. Get all these cheers you get highs and buys and it's because. I laughing and I told it's matters right. This. Is it that it won't change just. Make the best out of it, okay. That's pretty yeah, right this morning bunny business, Marty, heads to his full-time job, that is super sweet really put a lot of things into perspective glad. They're having a good time I love it I will say once these kids turn about thirteen that's all going to have to so it would horrify. Matt. Austin is here with what's coming up on news six at five hey, we're about thirty minutes from the doors opening at the Amway Center the magic hoping for a big win against the Raptors in Game three of course we are live there plus we're. Getting results pinpointing. Those severe storms, a severe. Thunderstorm watch is in effect through. The night chief meteorologist, Tom Sorrels will have the latest plus. A smash and grab at a popular, mall shoppers, standing, in shock, what, witnesses, are telling us as deputies arrest. Four people, on. Now. Live. Getting. Results, this. Is new six at five now. At five cell phone video of a smash-and-grab, the, four arrested, accused of getting away with thousands. Of dollars in jewelry first. Though all eyes are on the radar, they have been all day long as severe storms, hit the i-4 corridor right. During rush hour this is news 6 at 5:00 I'm not Austin and I'm Lisa Bell all of us are under a severe thunderstorm, watch until 10, o'clock tonight chief, meteorologist, Tom Sorrells is Dandi 5 pinpointing, the latest Tom take a look over my shoulder here's the visible satellite image you see we're blanketed, in cloud cover the big explosive, stuff has, basically, been, lining up the i-4 corridor in, the last couple of hours and a reinforcing, ribbon, of. Activities. Back out around the Gulf of Mexico we'll talk about that as well let, me move from the visible satellite shot, on to radar and take a gander at what's happening, here from Sanford back out to the villages to Ocala it has calmed here's that secondary, line I was just talking about now, along, the 528, on Overton, Bovard County heavy, pouring, rain is still falling in. Large areas of Bovard County but no warning, just a significant, weather advisory. Because the wind speeds are not high enough for. It to be severe, plenty, significant, with all the rain the lightning and the wind from Port Saint John two sharps down at Rockledge Cocoa Beach all. Getting. The big rain and the big big heavy lightning flying through there too here's st. cloud we got punched out with the big thunderstorm earlier things, are rapidly improved, in st. cloud in the last 15 minutes as, we zoom farther, down to southern Osceola, still, pouring along the Turnpike if you're trying to drive out of town you, need to really wait before taking the open roads they're wet and it is windy and there's the next band coming in this, one not as thick heavy or as wild as the showers we have already dealt with today. I'll, be back in a few minutes we'll talk about an improving weather picture through the day tomorrow and, what lies ahead for Easter. Sunday all. Right Tom thanks right now these storms are hitting up and down i-4, news six is nineteen Yanis joins us live from downtown Orlando. Right along i-4. She's, been keeping an eye on the, roads today Nadine. Well. Matt we knew that last year, once the summer months started coming during, the i-4 ultimate project. A lot of trouble spots with, flooding specifically. Along Cayley. Avenue and over near the Turnpike right, on i-4, and now it's a new year with a lot of new construction right, here in downtown. Orlando and, we wanted to see what FDOT was, checking on now that these storms are coming through today, it's. Already a known trouble, spot along the i-4, ultimate project, and you can see at i-4 and Kaylee, cars, are slowly moving, up as the rain comes, down FDOT. Making, sure the contractor, in charge of the i-4 ultimate project, SGL. Is keeping. An eye on issues, that come with construction, gone down on record, with the contractor, we don't want flooding.

Especially After this mess last year, video showing after a rainstorm flooding. Shut, down lanes on i-4, and the turnpike and again, at i-4, and Kaleigh the contractor, is keeping an eye on the, areas that you know have, been giving issues to us in the past, Kaleigh turnpike, area and. Just two other issues that are low crews also have, drainage, pipes staged at Division, Street Church Street in South Street in downtown Orlando there's, been a lot of work downtown a lot of lane shifting, and sometimes you know you might have lanes, that are a little higher than the others and the water might you know run down to the lowest point so, you know you just keep an eye on the areas where you can move these into place if you have any sort of issues warning drivers to, keep an eye out as well and they need to also be looking you know things happen you know the drainage pipes get clogged and and such so they, need to be watching out for any sort of water on the roadway and drop the speeds if the weather is, inclement. And we've been keeping an eye out on the traffic, cameras showing live footage of the i-4 corridor to, see if we see any trouble. Spots with flooding we haven't yet but what we have noticed is that drivers, right here on Amelia Street and i-4 just about to exit from where I am they're taking, it slow it is a backing. Up traffic just a little bit but drivers are being cautious and that's the one thing that off dot says you, should do whenever, there's rain and construction, and rush hour at the same time back, to you 19. Thank You Orlando International Airport, says, the weather is delaying, flights in and out of Central Florida the, airport says passengers, should expect delays and, you should check with your airline before arriving. For your flight here's. Another look at the radar chief meteorologist, Tom Sorrells we'll be back with another update in less than 15, minutes, you can also track these storms, in the palm of your hand with our free pinpoint, weather app get, alerts from Tom and our team of meteorologists. By searching WKMG. In your App Store now at, five arrests. After a smash-and-grab at, a busy, mall Orange, County deputies say they got Crime results, catching, four people, they're accused of stealing thousands. Of dollars worth of jewelry cell. Phone video appears to show at all happening, last night new six is Jerry asking is at, the Florida Mall in Orlando, with new reaction, today. Witnesses, told me shoppers were seen running in all directions after, yesterday's, pretty bold smash, and grab here at Florida Mall this, all happening as deputies quickly arrested four suspects, yesterday including a 17. Year old. This. Cell phone video shows the chaos here, inside Florida Mall for, pretty bold robbers, dressed in all black and up to no good here it's like a couple of screams but. You know I thought it was just people having fun but there was no fun happening, here instead, deputies, say it was a whole robbery one. Guy you can see even used a sledgehammer. Unless, deputies, say he and his buddies stole, more than a dozen Rolex, watches then. Ran away it. All happened within seconds, here at the mayor's jewelry, store causing. A huge mall Exodus, was a scream like the entire mother started screaming and running it wasn't just me it wasn't everybody at the same time we just got these mug shots for the people deputies, say were involved one, of them a seventeen-year-old all, of them now facing, first-degree grand, theft charges. Investigators.

Saying They stole, 340. Thousand, dollars in jewelry why, do you think it's fair free to just come and take their things away not I mean the one Benito works at Florida Mall he said many customers, thought the sounds of glass shattering here, were gunshots though. Deputies, say no shots were fired you can feel safe everywhere, so, pretty much this one's a look to the Rasim they're running I literally. Started, running I just left the gas behind right now we're asking investigators, if they're adding patrols at Florida Mall particularly. At the recent smash-and-grabs. Here and similar. Incidents, last year Orange. County sheriff's deputies told me there is a deputy assigned to Florida Mall and they will add extra patrols, that's necessary, and I found out there was an employee working, here yesterday who notified deputies, and that's when deputies were able to track, down those four suspects, near a Winter, Garden Hiawassee, Road yesterday, in, Orange County Jerry, asked in getting results new, six Jerry. Thank you right now investigators are, trying to track down witnesses in, a, hook a lounge, shooting, detectives, say they are trying to identify the people in these photos. Investigators. Believe they have information about Sunday shooting at sky, hook a lounge, that's, an East Orlando on Colonial, Drive a man, was shot but is expected to be ok if you, know anything about those people call Crime Line blue. And white ignite, tonight, at the Amway Center, did a lot of rhyming right here in just 30 minutes doors, open, for Game three the magic hope to take the lead in the series against the Raptors that's, right sports director Jamie se is live inside, the arena tonight Jamie hopefully, this sold-out crowd will get there without, getting, interfere, too much by the storms. Yeah, that's right I mean it is nasty out but we have been waiting for this game for so, long for six seven, years this is the first NBA playoff, game in this building since, April, of 2012. Magic, players I've talked to all this week say they, cannot wait to see the crowd tonight and they, cannot here wait to hear the enthusiasm. The, kind of lifts a crowd, can give them tonight and let's face it this this, team could use a lift after what happened in, Game two is ugly, in Toronto, as the Raptors beat the magic by 29, the, series is tied up at a win apiece but Toronto. Has, the momentum the magic that we're confident, and shoot around today. Yeah. I can't wait to see, what its gonna look like. Tweets. And messages. From the fans and just. Looking forward to just. Looking forward to it well, we've played really well here at home you know we want to thank 13 of our last 14, the. Crowds have helped, us tremendously, at, the end of the year. Yeah. The magic of one nine straight in this building hopefully they can make a 10 in row tonight every, fan is going to get a free t-shirt blue and white ignite we're going to have more from the Amway Center at 6, and. At 6 ed sports guys back to you all right Jamie say looking mighty smoky, in there they're getting it ready that's for sure thank you hey. You can look for details from the game on click Orlando comm slash, sports, sports, director Jamie say will also have game highlights, tonight on News 6 at 11:00 a danger. Tonight on the golf course a man about to swing is suddenly, attacked new at 5:00 the wild, encounter, that put him in the hospital first. Tonight first, responders, putting their lives on, the line are, denied, state, benefits, voters. Have proved it so, what's the problem three years later now News, 6 investigates. Next. Plus. Severe, storms. Continue, marching across the state chief meteorologist, Tom Sorrels is back in minutes with a knife, you're. Watching new six and five getting. Results we'll be right back this portion, of the news is sponsored, by subway, all, savings on edge. Live. With, Van Osten Lisa. Bell weather. With chief meteorologist. Tom Soros, meteorologist. Candace Campos special. Reports from the investigators, and getting, crime results, with Eric Vaughn again this, is new six, at five, getting, results. New, tonight time, is running out for permanently. Disabled, first responders, fighting, for a tax break many should already have it by now the original, law passed with 84%, of the vote but three years later these men and women are being, denied, that benefit, they called new six investigator, Mike whole failed to, explain their plight, it. Involves, everybody the whole state the whole country. He's. A former New York undercover, cop who posed as a mob hit man today. He, still lives in the shadows I've, been here since 2006. So. I've been paying property, taxes, like anyone else, he's totally disabled, injured. While rescuing, dozens, from the World Trade Center he risk, our lives to save these people he was still living with it I have six bypasses, four stems yep ineligible, for the homestead, exemption Florida.

Voters Approved for, all disabled, first responders, that was 2016. Amendment. Three so, in your view of the vote meant nothing it, was a lie, the original, amendment actually called for a 100%, homestead. Exemption, to first responders, who are totally, and permanently disabled. As a result, of injury sustained, in the line of duty that's, it, state, lawmakers, changed that limiting. The benefit only for first responders injured. While serving in, Florida, and, no one that, I know went into the World Trade Center on 9/11 and said let me see your driver's license, goes were only rescuing, people from New York the walls of Jim Bamford's, home tell the story of his family's, legacy of service right here that's him in his heyday as a New York police officer, from Key, West to Alaska, you are protected, by first two finest today, the, uncontrollable. Shaking is a constant, reminder of the toxic, fumes he was exposed to during, his 12 years, the Metropolitan, Transportation Authority. Ultimately, when it comes to it they've served us, as, a community as a country so I would say welcome them all freshmen, state representative, Adam Hattersley, says any first responder deemed, totally disabled, deserves, the tax break that's all I have Thank You mr. chair he's introduced, House bill 60 35. To reverse the change but there's been resistance led by state representative Bobby, Payne the meetings adjourned have, you gotten any plausible, explanation, why this is happening, there's, been no plausible explanation. The first argument, was cost the, revenue estimating, conference put, that cost lost, tax revenue, at 4.5, million, dollars, limiting. The property, tax break to officers, injured here in Florida, slightly less. 2.9. Million dollars Swamper, told News 6 this is not a handout, we're, asking for the ability that perhaps be able to stay in our house by giving us a partial break on the taxes that's, all if, the bill doesn't make it through this session representative. Hattersley says he'll develop a new version, this summer in fact he tells me he'll make it his number one priority and so. Will we let's. Get results together Mike, whole failed new, six Mike. Thank you for your work on this we want to get back to that severe, weather we've, been talking about today time-lapse, video now from our Orlando, camera shows the storms, rolling. On. In, this afternoon, you can see those clouds just, crashing. In at one point you, can see a few lightning strikes and, then the wet stuff a live look now on the, roads let's take a look things are moving along but you could see the glistening, there this is i4, near Ivanhoe, many people headed home for the holiday weekend, just as these storms arrived chief, meteorologist. Tom stall. Tom, how we looking I was really glad to see that video I had I was inside the bunker here yeah so when I came in it wasn't sunny but it didn't look like that that, really looked bad when, it was crashing, in this weekend, is a world away, from where we have been today by. Tomorrow morning when you wake up it will be a cooler, be calmer, and the sunshine, will make it come back during, the day hike, tomorrow about 71, degrees to 76, depending on where, you live I think come Sunday we're all the way back to 79. For, Easter Sunday beautiful. Day in the neighborhood a little below normal for sure but, still not a bad day here's, the visible satellite image you see that some of the roughest stuff is off the shoreline now another, decent shot of, nastiness, right in here and then a little ribbon of moisture coming in behind everything. All at once so it's like one two three hits. In one wind. Gusts still expected, up to 30 miles per hour all over Central Florida but, our severe thunderstorm, watch box has, now shrunk, see, this yellow area here, it still includes all above our County and all of Osceola but if you're watching from Orange, County Seminole. Up to Volusia all the way up to Flagler County your severe, thunderstorm, watch, is done. So. Conditions are no longer right for it to go super, severe from, Orlando to the north to Sanford back out to the villages in there Kalla still not great driving with all the rain we've had lightning strikes still prominent through, a large part of Orange County and. Seminole, counties but it's not going to go severe any more unless you're over here in Brevard where you still do run a risk of something flaring, up here we go to Merritt Island in, the red zone point yet better than three inches per hour farther. To the south and the Cape to Cocoa Beach the rain is quite heavy in the red zones and dies out pretty quickly in the yellow from, Kissimmee to, st. cloud your rough stuff appears to be over to me I think the next round misses you just to the south satellite.

Beats Still pouring still, pouring in Kenansville, and here's that third pop third, little punch or a little smack of rain coming through this, is a little ribbon of moisture coming, through as the actual cooler, air begins to show up it's, not producing much activity. Remember, temps here have all dropped into, the low. 70s or, the upper 60s wind speed 21, miles per hour in Ocala you see the been going on Orlando. Has the wind now from the Southwest at 16, here's the Daytona Beach cam 69. Beachside other. Coastal, zones palm coast man. Already down to 66, in Titusville. 70 Melbourne 77. Orlando 69, Ocala. Has warmed back to, 74, degrees now we're still 21, degrees colder, in Orlando that we were last night at the same time so tonight rain moves out slight chance of a em rain tomorrow and then a great great, day for you on Sunday. Here, goes the rain tonight by 8 o'clock I think it's all she wrote didn't, during the overnight no worries through, the day tomorrow maybe. An early remnant, shower but I'm, looking for more sunshine tomorrow and Sunday. Just, looks like a big old 10 on the, sorrel scale lows, tonight 50s. All round. Except for Brevard County in Orlando, tonight 58. Here's tomorrow, your. Forecast brought, to you by Napal Tenkaichi, proj partly, cloudy 71, at noon tomorrow the highest 76. Check out the week ahead we'll go to a daytime high tomorrow of. 76. And 79, on Sunday, for peter, cottontail and back to work on Monday 82 all next week off to hook great alright. Tom thank you and, if you are in a safe place to do so we would love to see your storm photos download, the free pinpoint, weather app and look for these pin it. Still. Ahead at 5:00 a golfer, attacked, on the green. What. Pounced. And who saved that man. Then. At 5:30, the redacted, Muller report, makes more waves even, a day after its release hear how lawmakers are, reacting, including, Florida, senators Rick Scott and Marco. Rubio and, here's a live look right now from Daytona Beach storms, are now lining up along the coast chief meteorologist, Tom Searles is pinpointing, it all another, update from him in less than 10 min you. A traffic. Alert for your weekend, Sunday night specifically. Into Monday Florida Turnpike will be closed northbound, right at Osceola. Parkway, this is very, routine, for us exit there head west on Osceola, then north on u.s. 441 or, Orange, Blossom Trail also. Eastbound I for a clan, Boulevard, will also, be closed we will see some detours in that area follow the signs so you'll be able to get right around that I'm trooper Steve with your new six traffic alert I'll catch you Monday morning have a great weekend. New. Video tonight of some storm damage the, same system, we're seeing now has left a big cleanup, in Jackson, Mississippi cars. Parked, up against a brick wall are. Now crushed take a look at that the bricks came flying off during the storms, fortunately. No one was in those cars and no one was hurt meanwhile, we're staying on top of that severe weather here right now this is a live look at the radar storms, lining. Up along much of Volusia, and Brevard counties, chief meteorologist. Tom Sorel's is back in less than 10 minutes for an update now to, a wild, encounter, on the green a guy was golfing, when a bobcat. Had jumped on his back and attacked. Him I have. Had golf outings worse than this he was out with a group yesterday in, Connecticut, when it happened seconds, later two other men grabbed their clubs and hit. The cat off about. A thousand, times more likely to be attacked by your neighbor's dog than you are a wild animal here in Connecticut. Yeah. Well it, happened, so an, environmental, police

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