New Hyundai Santa Fe Review 2019 Interior & Exterior

New Hyundai Santa Fe Review 2019 Interior & Exterior

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This, is the key guys from. The human. Dies SantaFe, the new Hyundai Santa Fe. 2019. Model, here. We have the key it's really light really. Cool and. The. Car have a lot of option, on it you. Can hold this, button. Here, and. As, you can see the, trunk. It's open. Themself. You only have to press, this hold, button, here you, can see now we. Can actually close. It it's. Really great. Now. Today. We, will talk about a new, Hyundai. Santa. Fe it's. 2009. I, wanna. Show you around interior, exterior and, I want to talk a little bit about the. Car so, the first time let's, start, with the trunk and. Here. We have in the back a camera, back, camera that's really useful and then we have a button here that, you can push. It and then the trunk it's open I have. To tell you that car it's really, huge and it's. Really, a lot of space here in, the back as you, can see here up here we have a light. That's. Really, useful when. You have to carry, in the night stuff, down. Here happen. We. Have some, folders. That. You can hold different stuff. Here. We have a 12 volt port, that's. Really useful. We have. Holders. Everywhere. Here. You have the speaker. Here. We have two speakers, down. Here and up, here. In. The, right side here you can put some sit. Here, and you can see we have two, cupholders and. Actually. Here you can control. The, ventilation. From here that's pretty, interesting. You. Don't see this on many cars. On the side here, to, the. Space, it's huge, I have to say it's really huge, and I like the fact that it's directly. You. Can put. Your stuff there really. Very. Easy. Now. Under. This, carpet. There. To, sit here. Are to sit the car it's brand new and, you. Can, understand, that you. Can use it like that and you can use it like the trunk like a normal phone or you can take this carpet, out and, you, can use it with the other to, sit but, down here we have some space, and you, have this thing, here that you. Can mount it here and you, can pull it you know what I mean. Very. Easily there, and here. We have some space where you can put different, stuff. The. Kit and, the. Wheels. The. Other, kit, for repairing, the wheel if, you make a. Fan. So. That's. It with the bad guys. The, other thing that you have to see is, that these buttons here you. Can push these buttons and, then. Boom. This. Is going. Down. And. You can see. This. One is not going directly, down because, of the. Security. Thing. But. Look. At this space guys this, is huge, space look, at this you can you can actually, slip. Here, to, person, without any problem, and you can put a lot of stuff you can carry a lot of stuff with this car this, is really. Really huge. Pretty. Huge, space here and I. Will show you later the sunroof, there it's, really, amazing it's look. Fantastic. And. Actually. It's. Pretty nice now. If we go here. Wait. A second. The. Car you can open it only, like, pushing. The button and, the car is opening you just have to have the key with you and. The. Car it's opening. We. Cannot use this because we, have to open the engine first now. What. And then. But. Not all I, want. Only this. Like. That. Right, look, at this this. Is really, great this. Is a lot, of a, lot. Of a lot of Sun, and a lot of light. Come in the car and you feel like you are in the nature it's pretty. Amazing it's, pretty great and that you can adjust. It from here, but, let's go in the back guys, open. The door sit, are. Automatic. Adjustable. So. Now. If you go in the back you. Can see that a lot of space, here and this, is going almost flat, down. And then, you have another. Two seats here for, seven person, that's pretty, great you, don't find this in all the cars now, to, get it up up you have to pull this and, then after. You pull this you have to take the seat, up. And. Then you, can leave it like this straight. Or. You can actually adjust, it, from there to. Leave it on the back more, or. Directly. Straight if you have. Many. Things to carry in the back you can leave it like that straight or you can put, it on the back I will show you later that. On this car, it's. Like a limousine. It's. Pretty great it's, pretty nice and. Actually. Like, that, yes. And then you can do it more, but you have to pull this first and then be. Good you. Can push it on. The back and, look. At this. Look, at this guys this is pretty nice you, can actually fool, the sit.

And You. Can choice, to stay straight, or, you can choose to stay on the back like. In the big limousine, this. Is pretty nice. Pretty. Great but. Let's close the truck I think, to make an idea with the trunk, you can make, it manually or you can push this button and. It's, everything closed. Really. Great. So. Let's. Go in the back to, see the space. Here. And. The. Doors, as. You can see here, we, have nice. Soft. Material and. You. Can actually use, this for the. Sun, and. Work. If you don't like the people to, look inside your car so, here you have soft materials, here. We have some plastic, here, soft. Here. Is, the plastic and then here we have this chrome, nice. To. Open the doors here have soft material, everywhere a leather. It's. Really, cool and the. Buttons. You can hit your seat from here it's. Pretty great option. For the back passenger, if you have kids in, the winter, the kids like. To stay in the warm. Environment. And this is great to have. Sitting. Sitting on the back here we have the. Real. Speakers. That look pretty. Nice and. Here we have some plastic and some cup, holders here a lot. Of space for things so. It's really great we also have this down here when you close the door that. They. Don't make they. Don't the dirt don't go on the on, the car here and you cannot make your your. Jeans. On your pants dirty. Because, of this so, it's, really cool here at Santa, Fe. Logo. With some plastic that's really cool and, here we have some plastic to protect the. Interior. Of the car and here. We have. Adjustable. For the city. That. Are. Sitting. Adjust the ball. That, as you can see before so. Now, if we, go inside, you. Can see here, we. Don't, have on the middle, look. At this this is pretty cool in the middle you don't have nothing, it's like an electric, cars I'd never. See this on the other, car so weak, from. The other manufacturer. That you, can actually see. It's flat, the. Floor it's flat guys look, at this it's pretty cool pretty, great so, someone, in the middle can stay really, well and. With. No problem. So. It's really great you can also see that the seat, are adjustable, in the back we fold it and you can put it through the front just. All, the way in the front look, at this and then you. Have space for the back. Passenger, really, great. Great. Let's go inside and. See. That here. It's we have some plastic, and here we have some leather. To. Put stop there, in, the middle here we have the. Armrest. With, two cup holder leather. Great. Quality, and, pretty. Well pretty nice. This. Is adjustable headers. That's. Really good and. Interesting. So. Now, the space guys. Here. In the back the. Seat. Position, it's fantastic. You can stay really. Really nice, and, relaxed. A lot of head rooms. And. Good. Room for hand. For. Head it's, really, relaxing we, can go along roads. Like that egg the fact that now take. In the middle without, the problem, we can also, have. Your feet here. Straight. And you have a lot of space here and. You can put your. Feet. Together and then, one. Person can stay really relaxed, here and, aside. To a lot, of space. Of head space. To, create the space it's fantastic. The position, in the middle is not so perfect for long roads with for. One two hours three hours it's, okay it's, no problem now let's, go here because, I put the seat on the back and now we. Are like in the limousine. And you can actually on the long roads leave. This on the back. Front. It's, a lot, of space because there is a lot. Of space to on the front and here in the back it's a lot of space, what, if you if, it's nobody, in the front you, can actually adjust it from here look at this you, can leave this font. Or. You can put the seat, in the front, you. Can really, adjust this like, that. And. The city is going. To. Get this space guys I can, stretch my legs. Almost. Fully, and, there it's still a little bit of place if, someone's, mould stay, in the front and you, you were in the back you can really. Actually. Sleep. Here like. That, you're. Perfect. You're like an airplane, business class business. Class everything, a lot of space pretty. Great you and I make a great job with this car I like this Santa Fe here. You can hold this - you, have also, light here, LED. Light. It's. Really nice the material, on the back on the other side it's, great, good quality, here. We have an air bag. This. Car have five stars on our, own cup safety. Safety. Rating. For. A crash, test so it's pretty great, and, I like the fact that you can see the sky from here you, can sit on the back and see the sky and, I like this this is my favorite thing with, sit, on the back that you can put your seat. Down. In the back this is really, great it's, really good. So very. Good you, and I you, did a great job with this area so. Now in the middle we have this chrome, design. Interesting, with, the. Ears.

Ventilator. That come from here here have a space for the, mobile. Phone so. You can actually put, your mobile right, here and down here we have the, USB port. We have, 220. Volt that's. Great for your laptop to charge your laptop it's, pretty cool, and down here USB, in these days we. Really need this on the cars because. There are a lot of. Handles. And a lot of, new. Technology. So. Electricity. It's pretty. Important. So, now. That, we, finish, with the heater we have an easel fixture, that you can fix your kids. Sit. So let's. Go in the front guys and, I. Like, the fact that the, doors are. Located. So. Good quality, you can, hear it's. Great great great, quality, they work on this and I like that like, this a lot they. Work on the doors quality, and this is fantastic, now, let. Go in the front and. Talk, a little bit about the, front and here. We have the soft material really. Interesting, really nice and here, we have some. Carbon. Fiber, let's look fantastic or. It's, plastic, but I think it's plastic, but it's really, beautiful, the design, with white and black it's really, beautiful, it's really nice I like the design here. We can sit set, to the sit, position electrical. Because yeah you know it's electric, sit on the corner. Almost. All the car have electric, sit down. Here we have the speaker. From. Korea really cool great, quality, leather here. We. Have the buttons, for, the window nice, if. They, are so good that they feel, so, so. Good quality, and, then the other mirror. Are just. Other. Stuff here. We have the. Light when you open the door the. People can see you in the dark it's really great a, lot of space here also. In the front we, have this protection, for. Paint, and then the, dirt cannot, come here and your hands, are clean sound. Effect, logo. Pretty, great a little, bit of plastic here, it's. Really nice. And I. Just bought it as, you can see on. The other hand, I. They. Are really. Nice and pretty great. Front. Back, forward. You. Can actually. You. Can actually use. A lot of. Option. Here for the city but see that a really good quality leather. Look. At this pretty, well, the. Holders, they. Hold you pretty tight, in the seat and really, good. The quality, it's, really. Really good ok let's, go inside, oh. The. Doors are closing. So easy, and now to sit it's, adjustable. You, see itself. Look. At this you can go up you, can go down you. Can go. You. Can actually. Make. This sit. Longer. Upper. In all, other ways you want the, position. Is great the space on top it's great, the. Visibility. It's fantastic. Better than tucks on. Because. We have this pillar a little bit. Smaller. And we have this window here you have a better visibility the, window, it's, fantastic. We though the mirrors are big and. The. Windows, and all it's, pretty. Great pretty. Good quality and. I like. The position. In. The car it's fantastic. In here the, armrest it's great, and, it's. All pretty, nice now. Let's. Talk a little bit about middle. Here have the glass. Holders. Have. The adjustable. Sunroof. Here, the, LED, light that's. Really, great they, look good we. Have this on the back on the other car, on the all the car here, we have the button for. The mirror you can see in the dark and up, here at the mirror and. Light. Bulb. Light it's. Really great and I like this like, this quality, design on, the roof.

It's. Nice, it's. Great and here. Too it's really nice that feeling, so on. The dashboard. Here. We have this interesting. Night design, go. Directly. Here. In the dashboard that I like it look at this this, is look so nice they, make it direct. Hear that what speaker here we have here the head-up. Display. Another. Speaker here this, is soft. No harder soft. Material, that's kind of soft material, and the design it's pretty nice I like the way it, is this design, look at this really nice I like. The design, I like the dashboard design, look at it so nice here. Leather everywhere, in leather and this, go through directly. On the doors look. At this nice, design, if you like a. Spaceship. Or something like that it's. Really nice down. Here we have leather we have a space here interesting, I didn't see in other cars can put your phone here or your keys or, all kind of things. And, this. Is cool I don't know if you can see it but here. You can put a lot of stuff there it's. Really nice I like. The air vents, too they, are chrome, on the side and really. Interesting, design I hope. You can see it because. The light is not so good today oh sorry for that now, look at this design it's really nice, this chrome design really, easy to use and it, looks so. So. Cool this, button in the middle it's perfect. Easy. To. To. Reach and easy to use down. Here on the side we, have this nice, yeah. And. Here. We have also the. Option. Like. Open. The trunk. Blind, spot lane assist and lock. The. Four-wheel. Drive so. That's. Pretty nice and, I like this design, ok, alright say, this already the. Steering, wheel let's go to the steering wheel here. Under steering wheel we, have I. Think. There it. Is good quality but, it's not leather, on. This model, but, it's feel good here. We have also the buttons. To. Adjust different, stuff, telephone, and other, option, on the right side two buttons. On. The chrome. With. Interesting. And really, nice I was expected. A little bit better on the steering wheel because, tucks on have a little. Bit better quality with. Leather but, that's. Ok it's not so bad here, we have the clappers, to change, the. Gear manually. The. Same like on. Other. Cars, here, you can change it the. Gear if you want to do it manually, or. Automatic. So, the. Other things are just as, you know normal, so, now. Going. In the center, console, and talking, a little bit about the. The. Design, of the. Air. Conditioning. Here so. This is this, is actually, do, the same thing I found at all but, here, we have some nice interesting. Design. And, I like the way that it's feel, this. This, is feel so nice when, you touch it and, it's pretty, interesting. Now. You can actually open, this but, you have to start the car I will show you later here, we have the buttons for, ventilated. Seats and. Heated. Seats, heated, steering wheel and, use for. Passengers. So. Pretty interesting you have a 12 volt port. USB. Auxiliary. And. Another, 12 another, USB, here it. Was important. Down. Here you can charge your phone and. Here. You have two cupholders. Good. Space here. You, have another space for the key for, the other stuff and now here he can take this out. Depending. How you wanna use, it so this. Is really good. Really. Nice. You. Can adjust, the seat. From. Here. Great. Now, in the middle here we have the buttons like you know the. Cameras, all around the, car 3d. Camera. Parking. Sensors, of the hold, brake. And. Whole. Other option. That you know start/stop, driving. Modes you can take it in comfort sport. Or. Economical. Mode here, we have to stick really. Easy to use we have a button here and. You can sleep in reverse Park and other stuff, here, you can ever we have also, button, to to. Lock. This. For. The kids. Something. Happened, in the future here, plastic, and here have a lot of space to, put your stuff, and. Normal. Right there, no. LED, so. The. Car. Look great guys. Now. What. I want to show you more, it's the back. Space. So. Great visibility in, the back really. Nice sunroof. And. It's. Pretty, great guys. Pretty. Good you know I like pretty, great job with this car this. Is the multimedia. System on. Hyundai. Santa, fe the. New one from, 2019. And we. Will walk. Through this, here we have the buttons that, you can go, in different menus. You. Can see here radio media, and, map. And all kinds of information you, can also use, it as a, touchscreen. You. Can go in the menu here. Use it as a touchscreen. It's. The time. Information. Name and you here it's go directly to. The main menu. So. Favorite. You, can adjust, all kind of stuff if, you go directly to the map. But. The. Car doesn't have the map install, and, navigation. Also so. If. You go to this setup here, you. Can actually, see that your. Navigation. But we don't have this installed. On. This, Santa. Fe so, also you can. We. See information. About, the car, but. Wait I know what's, the problem I have to start the car. So. When you start the car. It look like that. It's.

Pretty. Nice really. Interesting, we will talk a little bit about this, digital, display to a little, bit later but first I'm, sure. You hear I, don't. Have SD card but, you can see all, kinds of information about. Car. Here. And. Also. We. Have. Android. Auto and apple. Carplay. Apple. Carplay, and, you can connect, to the phone. And. You can change the language you. Can do all kind of stuff here, pretty. Easy pretty, intuitive, and the, visibility, it's great from the seat from, the driver you, can you have a great, visibility. Here. Here. Is the climatic system, too you, can synchronize, it's a passenger, and, you. Can close it you can easily adjust. It from here so, it's, pretty great pretty easy pretty. Easy the, nice start/stop. Button here. Let's look great it's. Very nice design and. Everything. In this car it's look, pretty nice let's, go in the middle, this is a digital display, in. The middle there on the side we have normal. Display. In, normal, like, standard. Classic, with, a beautiful. Light blue, white. Light I like, this one it's very good for the eyes and it's. Pretty. Pretty. Beautiful. Now, in the middle we have this digital display, it's very, high quality I, don't know if you can see it from, the video with this really, good quality and, there you can see the sign, the. Redesign, you, can see the lane assist. And. In, the middle we have this amazing. Speedometer. So. Here, if you, change the different mode and, you can go in other different mode for example you push it once it's, changed, you can see the digital displays change now and it's in the eco mode it's with green you can see an echo there and you. Can see this is pretty, nice. It's. Really great if you push it one more time it's, going into the sport mode and it's, red, and it's, a sport, and it's. Really, interesting, so you. Can choice, here's, the smart. Mode so. You have three different modes it's, pretty, interesting and really great you can also change, the settings from here if, you push here you can see the the. Consumption. You can see the GPS, the navigation. In the middle you can see the, different. Assistant, and then you can have here different. Option. For, example the, head-up display, I want to show you now I think you can see it there the. Heads-up display let me let me try to yes, right now and, you can see the speed and, you. Can also see, the. Lane. Assist, and the other option, and navigation. When the navigation, is it's, started. So this, is a really great option. There, you have, all kind of, assistant. And all kind of sound comfort. You, have all kind of. All. Kind of option, here that you can actually, adjust. The, sound comfort. It's. Really great it's. Really really, nice. Really. Really easy to use and really intuitive. So. Comfort. For example, here you have the. Wireless. Charging. The, mirrors, and all. Other things. And, this. Is really easy to use you just go up and down and then, you just for. Example play press, on this button and then it's going they're so, easy to use, this. Multimedia, from you and I, the. New one it's pretty easy to using really cool the, doors you can push it here you can see how. You, want the doors to open and, close and. This. Is really great to head-up display, if you want to see it or not or. What you like to see you on the head-up display. So. That's that's really cool that's, really easy to use from here it's it's. Pretty pretty. Nice here. We have the distance from, the front vehicle you, can use it when you start. Driving and, it's. Really cool there you can see the. How many kilometer you can drive with how much, gas. You have right now here you have the speed limit the, lane assist temperature. And all kind of information. That's. Really, useful from, here you can set. The. Navigation. Cruise control it's. Really great, it's. Really nice I like, it in the the. View it's pretty beautiful, from, the driver. Side you have everything you need right here it's. Really easy to use and. Comfortable. So. I. Like, it very much this. Multimedia. System. On the car. So. I think I'll show you almost, everything, guys. Just. One thing I have to show you I want to show you now know. When, you close it you see how. Much the car drive and the. Other option, you can also close, this too from here, push. Shift. And. I, wanna show you something, now the engine, and. I. Like. The way the sitar going, back now. The engine. Here. You know what is here there the. Electric. Fuse. Now. Here you can open the. Trunk. I'll show you there that the trunk it's open let's. Go there and show, you. Guys. Oh yeah, okay. Just. Like that this. Is. Automatic. The. Lift gate it's automatic, that's pretty, great so, we, have the engine, 60 V CE.

Saturday. So. This is a great engine, and. I make great job with the engines like always in, the consumption, it's great. So. That's. The engine. Let's. Close this and. Let's. Show, you a little bit of the design here, and. Talk about the. New LED, light here that come, there pretty, beautiful I want to open the light for you and. Then let's see. How, they look. And. So, guys look. At this light this is pretty, beautiful design, they, work under this LED, light. They. Look perfect, I think they are so beautiful look, at this so, nice so nice design, it's pretty. Beautiful this, new design on. The, new Hyundai, Santa, Fe harsh. Truck so it's. Pretty great, you can see here. The. LED light and the design. Of the back it's pretty beautiful here, we also have a brake light let's. Look fantastic on. The car you, can put an, extra, trunk. There to, carry long items, or heavy. Stuff but I think it's enough place in the car. That. You, don't need this and the, design is pretty beautiful down there we have some plastic. And, exhausted. There, it's. Pretty beautiful we, have also some. Light here but it's with normal bulb it's not LED. Light. That. Work. Sometimes. But you, don't, really. Need it but, the design, it's pretty, beautiful on, the side too we have a very nice design and. Pretty. Interesting here, we have the plastic to protect the pain paint, on the. Wheels. Wheels, we have a 19. Or. 19. Inch and it's. Really pretty, beautiful. Really. Nice they look pretty great on, this, car I like, this thing that protects, the car and. If. We call close the door you, can see actually, the beautiful, design that they work on these lines here, the. Lines. Really. Nice really. Modern and nice here, we have the spoiler, for, aerodynamic. They make a great job it's. Pretty, beautiful. All. Right so, I like. This handle, to like. A chrome handles, pretty, nice color and. It's. Interesting. The, mirrors are nice and big and, the, design it's pretty beautiful we, can also see. Here, the lights, of blinking. When. You're blinking in the front we, have this new LED, light this is, the daylight, and we. Have here nice LED, line, as you, can see. Beautiful. And, down here we have the. Adaptive. Light as. You can see the new one look. Great, look. Fantastic and, down here we have a fog light so look at this free. Type, of light this, is really, great really. Really interesting. So. Also. What. I want to show you now. It's the. Front. Design as, you can see this, line come here like. That that's, look nice, they, make it a little bit angry the car it's, looked a little bit more angry, but. It looks fantastic the price of this car is around. $60,000. So I, think it's a great great great, great price. That you don't find on the other companies. For, so, much technology he'll, have the. Camera. Front. Camera, here have the rudder, down. Here the rudder for the reading, the lines and also, up there you, have some sensors, for reading the signs street. Signs for delimit and all other stuff we have the sensors and the front too and, really, nice interesting. Design. Here. So. This. Is the car it. Looked pretty nice I really. Like it this is the new front of it it's. Really great, so. I. Also. Want. To show you something, guys that. I forget, it's. The. Is. The parking. Cameras. When. You go in the reverse for, example, you. Go. In, but. You have to start the engine, and. Then. You. Go in reverse. And. You. Can see the sensors, show. Right there and you can see that, you're in Reverse, and, up here in the middle you can see, that. The. Cameras, are much. Better quality, then on the, docks. On so, if, I yes, you. Can see here very clear, in the back in, the side the. Lines what, is around you what kind of car and you. Can also see. Pretty. Pretty, good really, good quality. I'm wrong it's. Really easy to use so you actually look. At this you, can see all the angles here, you can see normal and you see the angles, how. Easy can be that how, easy how. Is the cottage. Pretty. Great you, know you see from everywhere, you, see every angle and it's easy to drive easy. To park and. Really. Great you. Just have vo and sensors, from here this. Is really great option, and, and. You go in the parking, it's closing, it's. Really interesting, so. Thank, you for watching my video guys thank, you for watching my review with the new Santa, Fe from. Human die I hope, you enjoyed the review, I hope, you, can come. Back for the latest video please, subscribe to my channel and. If. You have any question, and you want to see a test drive with this car please. Leave. The comment. Below. And I. See. You soon so, thank you for watching guys bye. You.

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A very nice car. Compared to the previous version, this one is very good. The interior of the car now looks very modern. Does hyundai offer gasoline engines in Switzerland? nice test!

Same in Poland. In USA Santa Fe has 2.4 and 2.0t gasoline enigines

Thank you very much for watching my videos. At the moment they offer only 2.2 CRDi 4WD A / T - AT 6 4WD (200hp).

hi, is this review made in germany? i just ordered my santa fee premium and in germany it does come with a gasoline engine. not the turbo one but the one with 185 horse power

SDA Dan  thank you but like i said i ordered it allready from here :)

It is in Switzerland close to Bern. This car is for sale here 61.000 CHF.

In Saudi Arabia we have 3.5 L and 2.4L and no 2.0T

Good luck with it then ,

I like. Good/great job, Hyundai.

Yes Hyundai did a great job in the last few years with all cars. Thank you for watching my Videos.

+Muhammad Abu Taki 3.5 Love it :)


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