New Ford EcoSport ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Ford EcoSport ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello, guys I'm here with the little brother. From. Fort the little brother of, forth, H and Ford Kuga, the. Ford, EcoSport. S. Deadline. 2019. Model, and. I'm really really happy to, review it for you, to. Show you the interior exterior, and, every, single detail, on this car I. Want. To show you and, I, hope, you, will enjoy. This. Video so let's. Start. With, the exterior and to, show you here is the Estill ID logo. On the side of the car on the both side it's right, here, from. Start do you know that, it's a different, eco. Sport car is the. Esterline. So it has a new. New. Future, on, the, car that you will see in a moment for. Example in the back we don't have LED, lights we, have normal. Ball. Flight there, classic. So nothing. Interesting. Here in the back although the car look very nice the, back of the car to, look, pretty. Beautiful. In, my opinion also, eco sport logo. Down. There and on the side also. We, have. Blue. Color with. The. Roof in black, so. The choice to combine these two colors, and in, my opinion it. Looks very nice here. Are a few information. About the car if, you are interesting, about the engine price. Technology. That's. On the car the, price of this car is 26 thousand, nine hundred. Dollar. Francs. And, I. Think, in my opinion it. Is a very very, good. Price for a, small, SUV, like that also. Here. On the. Front. You, can see we have LED, light we, have xn, own light and down. Here we have the blinkers. And the fog light with, normal, warp light on the side on the edges on the side here we don't have plastic to protect. The. Edges of the car only, down here we have this plastic in. The color of the car where are the. Parking. Sensors. Also. And. There. We have a protection, for the down. Part of the car and also a lot of air, intakes. For, cooling. The engine because. This engine in three, cylinder. One. Later will. Be very hot when, it take. 140. Horsepower the, interesting, design in the front you can see the, car look much, more like the. Kouga. And edge it, has a straight, position in the front not, so good is a dynamic that way, I guess, the consumption, is kind of big the. Ribs although, look very, nice in my opinion, they. Are very beautiful, we. Have 18-inch. Wheels. Right here. And. They look look, very, nice on the car now the black. It. Will not see part. Of the car, the. Roof part to the go so nicely and they integrated. Very. Well with. This blue color down here we have some plastic, in, the blue color, of the car that. Also. Protect. The. Paint from the chips. And rust. In time. And. Here. We have the mirror it, is an electric, mirror for. The ball foldable. Electric, interesting. The, way the choice, to. Integrate. It here in the door panel. So. No blind spot, on this car. Come. With this, it's. Come not with this option also. The handles, are, the same like on the other models, on. The other new models, also you can open it lock, the door only. If you have the key, in your pocket you. Don't have to take out the key or. The button. Another. Old, things here in the back is this plastic to, protect the edges. Of the. Car from stones for. Example, in my car I don't have this and. I have a lot of scratch. On my, back. Bumper, because, of the little, stone big. Windows, there, and. In. My opinion look really nice this black up. Here and another, small window, down, here also, black, nice. Design, on the roof I like. This line those lines look fantastic. Also, you can add an extra trunk, and. This. Air. Diffuser, up here who fantastic. With, a brake light, under. It, it's. Look fantastic and, you'll see in a moment what. This car has. As a surprise, for us something. That not many car, have here, we have a chrome, on. The light. So. It's not any. Boat, or LED. Is just Chrome down. Here we have the fog light.

And. Parking. Sensors also, and. Diffuser. Black. Glossy. Under. This, bumper, and. In. This side we have the reverse. Light. Rivers. Bulb, light it's. Down down here, now. The interesting, thing is that the car has also a back camera, something. Very useful, these. Days. When. You parking in the city and look. Where you open the trunk this, is the part, integrated. In these headlamps. It's, the handle. For the opening, the trunk let's, open the trunk and here. Is the surprise. Look. How this trunk its opening, guys. Pretty. Cool. Pretty. Cool how T strong. On. This car its opening, so. You can open the trunk. From. The backside quite, interesting, now, what. Do you think about, pretty. Cool the. Problem, with this trunk. Opening, it's that. When. You have another. Car, parked in your back you. Cannot open, the door that's the problem. So. But. Overwise. Maybe. Sometimes, it's a little bit better. And. Easy, to, load, some stuff there. When. You have for. Example. Long. Items, it's. Much more easier, like that, now. Here you have this this. Protection, for the the, trunk. You can buy it extra, if, you want it this. Rubber thing, a, small, plastic on, the entrance in. The trunk also, under, here we have another. I. Guess, 10 centimeter, place. For, putting. Your stuff and also a lot, of hooks, there and under. That, repair. Kit in. A very small place. Close. To the, petrol. Tank, of. This car, the. Trunk is not so big. In. My opinion is kind of small. The. Cards also small but I see. Bigger. Trunk. For. Example in my Audi a3, I, have. Much more space here in the back and my, cards in the compact. Zone. Compact. Area so. Anyway. Anyway. Interesting, way, to choice, how. To open this trunk I don't know why they, make this decision. But. It's quite interesting here. We have the. Fuel. Tank, with, a new easy fuel, system. Also, you just have, to put the pump inside there and take. It out very easy. Quite. Quite great, great. New. Technology. The. Door in the back also, have big, window. We. Have plastic on the door. Chrome. Handle. Also. Plastic down here only this part here we, have soft material, a small, part from the door and the. Other things are all plastic. The. Buttons for. The windows, also with a little chrome and this, line with, glossy. Plastic. And. Also a speaker in a small place, for a bottle. Of water or. Whatever. You want drink so. Let's put the seat in normal. Position in, the front and, show. You the space, in the back I, think. Many. Of you are interesting. On. How. Spacious, is, discarding the back and, also you. Can see that you can leave this. Sit. Down. If. You open the trunk now you can see it's. Not all, the way yet so, the. Banquette it's a little bit up so, not. Not, not flat, 100%. But, anyway you can load some longer. Items there. So. It's quite ok. Now. Let's. Put it back and. See. The quality of the seats leather. We. Have a combination of, leather, with. Soft, material. Quite. Interesting, and they. Look beautiful and they also are, very good, quality. As. I. Touch, it it's, fitted very nice it's, great quality and, they are very very comfortable even. The front seats here we have all, the way leather, so, no plastic there here. In the middle also no, vents and, no. USB, port nothing, we, have a big step, in the middle there, so. Up. Here another, yellow. Ball flight and, handle. With a hook the. Roof it's good quality and soft, I like, it let's. Go inside to, see the space on my legs. The. Spaces, also. Because. The front, seat is. Not quite in normal, position it's a little bit in the back I still, have a lot of space on my legs and still. A lot of space on, my.

Feet There you can see I can't even play. With the feet under the front seat so I have a huge space there. Quite. Quite awesome, in my opinion. Anyway. Now. The. Upper part, it's also a lot of space. On my head. And. Great. Visibility on, the windows, great. Comfort, you can drive in this car for a long road long. Trip without any, any problem, at all. In. The middle, going. In the middle is not so easy we. Have a step there. But. Fit. Space, it's also. Enough. Headspace. Enough. I stayed. Very relaxed, here and, it's really really comfortable seat. I, feel, really good really. Impressed how comfortable. Are you see here. We still have space, for two person. Really. Good space, now. Complaining, at all. In. The front there you can. See the dashboard a, little bit of. Of. Design. My. Opinion, is it's also clean, and nice. Nothing. Complicated, everything. It's cleaned and. Anyway. Let's. Go in the front and, check. Out the front part of this. EcoSport. Here. We have the speaker and small speaker, handle. The nice buttons, with the chrome there, the. Mirror I like it very much with this skinny. Edges, also. Soft. Material, a little bit of soft material, here for. The end and the. Buttons with the chrome, and. Also. This line. Line the speaker. Down, here we have an SD, line. Logo. With. A. Menu. Here. We have, manually. Sit the. Pedals, Armenian, pedals great. Quality, seats here as you can see we. Have really. Nice. Seats, in this car and really impress with, side support, and. Everything. They are really nice I sit. On them and they are fantastic really, great, great. Great seats also a space here for a key. The. Buttons for the light. Air. Vent. Simple. The, dashboard, it's soft, I think, it's a rubber material and. Also here I never see so much rubber, soft. Material, here for armrests. Rubber. Soft, and down, here we have was very small place not. So practical it's, really, small. Really. Really, small place for such a for. For, small crossover. SUV. I was, expecting, to be a little, bit more, more. Much, more space there on the. Armrest. In. The front center console, a speaker. Here, everything. Is soft on the. Dashboard, carry. Out this. Chrome. Disc, on this black. Plastic glossy. And a place there to put your phone the vents are also simple. Another. Space here for the book to, space and Globox really, practical, I like, to Globox on this car it's. Really cool, start stop engine, button. Also mine's the steering, wheel it's great it's. Not all the way around here you have a flat portion. Down, there, stitches. And great clip great. Quality, one of the best steering, wheel from. Ford. Quite. Impressed, why the choice to put it on this, eco, sport esterline. But the. Steering wheel it's great also. All the buttons for. Different. Settings. Are. Right there in the front. The. Cockpit. Display, I will show you also later. Down, here we have LED. Light for. The cupholders. Now. The. Digital. Infotainment. System, is right here pretty. Simple, in a great position of, you, can see it very very good from, the driver point. Of view, it. Has a fantastic, position, and you can also adjust. It very well also the plans are. Perfect, to position, it in the middle and you can play, with them very. Easy. In. Different, ways. So. They are really cool, also, the telematics, system. It's, nice and simple, to use we. Have heated, seat on the steering wheel as well here. In City the heated seat, 2 USB, port, 12. Volt port the, nice, plastic. Glossy. On the side here, this. Stick. With six gear. Shift. Changer, right, here in the middle also.

Nice. Manual. Hand brake with. Leather design. It. Look good it's, integrated, with. Seat. As well and. Yeah. There, we have the new. Cockpit. Combination. Of. Analog. With digital. Display. There in the middle. Here. We have the infotainment system. Quite. Nice. With, Abdullah C screen. It's. Touch screen and simple, to use it's, all this, this infotainment, system, sync come, on all Ford, these, days in 2019. And it's, really, responsive. Great software. Great. Design. Also. Great. Navigation. System is the same like on. The, Google. You can see the street the, map the color are. Almost. The same like under, Google. And, it's also work very, fast. And. It's loading. Its, charge, very, very very fast. Depend, where you wanna go, it. Has different settings, you can also connect, your Android auto, on. This. Car. Apple. Carplay, bluetooth. Also. USB. And watching videos and. Other. Stuff like that, you, can also see, the way it's look and how responsive, is the map, and. Also great create visibility from the driver point. Of view and also easy to to, to. Change the setting there the mirror is simple, create, visibility also. A place for a glass up here quite. Useful, nice. A bulb. Light up there, a mirror. Here, with a light. Yellow. Light. So. Everything, it's it's it's right here in the front everything. Looked good also. In the back we. Have some blind. Spot there but. The car have a back camera, so. It's pretty useful in the parked car, or. In, the city. It's. Really really, great, also. The dashboard, and the design look nice, great. Combination good. Quality, materials, steering, wheel great quality, the infotainment, system, cockpit, is nice. Sit, down nice pedals. Great. A. Lot. Of great things in the car also great comfort, on. The back of the car and also. Beautiful. Light. As. You can see on the cockpit it, has a beautiful, white light great. For the eyes so. You can drive in the night a lot. So. You don't have problem with your eyes or you, don't get tired, so. That was my review with. The new Ford. EcoSport. As. The line I hope, you enjoy it guys I hope it was helpful I will try to do another review, a little bit longer with this card soon when. I have some more, time. Please. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos, like. It. And share. It with your friends, and. Thank. You very much for watching my videos I hope it, was helpful and. Please. Feel free to comment and send. Me some feedback about the, videos and. About, what you would like to see on the cars and. Thank. You very much again for watching my videos see, you soon guys stay safe and. Drive. Safe. You.

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Thanks You for this Video

Also Thanks you John for watching my videos and feedback.

... your english is still to german .... greetings from Medellín, Colombia .... I have the model (2017) before this one ... TITANIUM version ...very intrigued to take a test-drive with this all-new model .... wonder if there is really notorious differences ... ¿ which country are you in ? ¿ is this car selling well there ? ....

Hi Esteban, I'm in Switzerland, I don't think it is a big difference, I will try to do a test drive soon with more details. Thanks for watching my videos and for feedback.

... your english is still too german .... greetings from Medellín, Colombia .... I have the model (2017) before this one ... TITANIUM version ...very intrigued to take a test-drive with this all-new model .... wonder if there is really notorious differences ... ¿ which country are you in ? ¿ is this car selling well there ? ....

Thanks for video,,,is a nice car


Nice Video. Get mine in October.

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