NEW Audi A6 Avant 50 TDI Quattro Review 2019

NEW Audi A6 Avant 50 TDI Quattro Review 2019

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Lichter. Obsidian. Adjust. The seat from here it's pretty great. And. The. Door. Yes. We, are in the new Audi. A6. And. Here's. The key. So. Now. We. Have electric, seats and everything on this car and, I. Want to show you a little bit of interior and. I. Want. To show. You I. Just. Want to show you the. The. Menu and. How. Can I close. From. Here to. Close the music so, guys we. Are in the interior and I want to show you this amazing. Front. Display and. All. The option, on it, how. You, can configure it so. Here. Is the. Menu. So. You, have here what. Kind. Of information about the car and. As well. You can hear when. I click, on the. See. The weather, it's. Really, nice display here really. Great quality. Here. You can see the detail. The. Weather. It's. Pretty, nice. Application. Here as. You can see you have a 3d. Navigation, it's. Pretty, amazing. Really. Great navigation. System you. Here. You can add, the. Point for example where you want to. Go. Here. For example you can search the. Place. Where you want to go. So, for. Example here up. Here you. Can. Write. Down here, for. Example. See. You. Can see. Huh. Oh. This. Is really, great and. You find the city there and. Then. You actually click. On it. Tantrum, gentle. Center and then. The car go, directly, there. It's. Pretty amazing. Pretty. Great. Start. And. Now, you have all. Kinds, of information about, the. Route. So. This. Is really great and. You can also see, in the front display. Too when. The card it's starting. So. It's. Really amazing. And, you can see 3d. Or. You. Can also get into the card, and. You can see the street and. The. Road. Where. You want to go it's, pretty amazing you. Can. Have for, example up, here, you. Have wavy. Configuration. To. The. Home screen you have. Messages, news. You. Can also read the news navigation. Here, telephone. Median. So, here. You have to start the engine. That. You, can have access to, all. The. Information. About, the car so, down, here you also. Have a, lot of options, for example. You, can start the, clima Drive. Select, have. All kind of information here start. The engine button. Camera. Around. The car. You. Can. Make. Media. Configuration. We. Also have, here. Two. Cupholders. Really. Nice the. Buttons. Parking. Brake. Here. We have nice leather. On. The side here, in the middle center. Console. You can charge your phone and. You can also have, here to us before, things impart, a. Great. Quality. This. Is all leather everywhere, here. To have a slide, sit. Great. Quality, here. Everywhere. The car I have very. Good quality, and. The. Dashboard it's leather, it's. Really, amazing look at this look. At this finishing, it's pretty, beautiful come. Down here - it. Has a nice, design and you have this logo quad oh it's. Really great, until, the doors there here. We have Alcantara. You can see it's. Soft everywhere, only here we have some plastic, but. Here soft everywhere, and, I like I like this it's, great. Gray. You can see this is on the grey grey. Buttons, they look so nice so luxurious. So. High-class, in. Here - you can see you, can lock the doors. The. Window, this. Is the opening. Even. This button, for the trunk, look. Really, fantastic. It's really great quality. You. Know on the doors when, you open the door the city is going back a little bit, you have speaker. Here. To this. Bang and. All, of them. Quality. Place, here. All leather, and alcantara. Here on the side really. Amazing, here you have the light.

You. Can. Open. The light for. Example, now, the. Light it's open and we go outside and, see. The light. It's really beautiful LED. Light with, three lines here on the side I don't know if you can see but. It's really, great. It's. Really nice, design. And, in the back -, really. Cool 3d. Light. Look, at this really, amazing with, these lines, fantastic. Really. Nice. And. Great. Quality, and. Here. Just push this and now it's off this, lead. Steering. Wheel it's really, amazing really nice quality, now. We have s line, here, i. WouldI. Logo in the buttons, the. Black glossy, that. Give. A very stylish. Quality. Now. The clappers, is for changing the. Speed here they look so nice they, have a chrome look, at this the. Finishing, in this audience, fantastic. Can hear all this design, and, they'll have a speaker, in all these designs. They. Are really, really nice all, the light and, everything it's like a touchscreen, buttons. I think, you see they. Are very very, good quality. Really. This car have great, quality, interior here. We have the LED, light. Let's. Look very nice and you have some roof too you can open it from here. It's. Way back, there we, have 2 parts of some roof here and another, part there they. Are really nice, down, here we have a LED, light look at this, really. Stylish really, great great. Quality. On the. Roof. There down. Here a lot, of space. Stuff. And. A lot of space for the legs. Great. In the back look at its, great visibility in, the back -. Down. Here -. It's. Really nice. Really. Great car. Now, for. Example we, have. Electric. Sit here I think. You see this before. You. Can adjust your seat from here. Just, it in the font and then. We have the profile. And all. The, other. Option. In. The front if we. Have soft clothes on the doors. You. Can hear this is really, nice, here. Any little vents on the side the, nice mirrors. Really. Great quality. Here. You can actually. You. Can see here in the front got, all kind of information about. The. Car you can see the navigation there. In the, middle you, can see the blind. Spot here, on the side. You. Can adjust the climatic, system, from here I have, a touch screen and, you can actually feel, it when you push, the. Screen, you can actually feel, the. Way. It's. Moving, here, you, can turn it off and you have all kind of information, about that, you have. Heated. Seat and. This. Is really great that, you can you, have these two screens, here. Digital. Screen a very, good high quality and. The. Great thing is that. It's. Looked fantastic it's, looked like a premium. Premium. Premium car the car is very. Expensive. Too and it's very well made it's. Really, amazing, really. Nice here, in the front you have many. Type. Of option, that you can see all, kinds of information about. Temperature. How many kilometer, you can drive you. Can make this small, or you can make the map bigger. You can also. Change. Different. Information. Here in the front Bluetooth. Navigation. You. Have there, and. You can see you can also adjust it, you. Can make it bigger. Or smaller. Or, the. Way you want, to see it that's really. Interesting. It's. Really interesting, guys. So. Now, I. Like. To see it like that's really big is. Give, you enough feelings that you. Are in a. In. Other world, with, this car it's. Really great, it's really nice car, yeah, really, a lot of information, there and here. Too you can hit. Your seat, if. You hear this. When. You push this button you. Can. Hear, and you can feel on your fingers, that, you are really. Pushing a. Real. Button so, it's really strange, feeling and really great it's. Really, nice finishing, look at this finishing, it's really fantastic the. Car have amazing. Finishing, and everything, and. It's look pretty, amazing. And. Here you can see the map to here. You can actually, like. I show you before here, you have the. Lane. Assist you, can control.

It From here, you can see you have different. Option, you can close the. Display, from up there from, here you, can different. Driving. Mode, individual. Dynamic. Auto. Comfort. Efficiency. So. You have different, type, of, driving. Modes that you can select it from here from. Down here. That's. Really, amazing you, also have the cameras, as. You can see around the car you, can see the front. Camera. It's. Really great, the car have a front camera the, car have a 3d. As, you can see yeah and freely, what it's around the car you. Can see it from up from, side, look. At this. This, is amazing, nice where. Do you see this in other cars. This. Is a really, great thing, here, you can. See all kind of option you can see the cameras, from everywhere. Back. Right. This. Is pretty, pretty, great. Really. Amazing. Really. Amazing car. With, amazing, option, on it. So. You. Can actually drive, back, you don't need even need to look in the mirrors because, you. Can drive only, with the cameras. On it, you, also can, connect, with your smartphone. Here, Android. And all other stuff. And. You can change. You. Can send, messages. But. You need telephone, and, you can read the news because, the car is connected to the Internet you can see this here so. It, is really nice, it also can read the signs from here that's a lot of great. Technology, on it and. This. Is great from, here you can also. Open. The, open. The back. Some. Roof. And. You can also close, it from here - you. Have to. Option. For the passenger, and for, your seat. This. Is really, nice. Really. Useful, and really great, for. A family, this. Car is for a premium family, I think this is, a really great car it's, really option, you can save your position, to get to. The driving. You. Can have different, type, of adjustment. Alcantara. Here, and it's really good quality this, car, this, was the interior guys here. You can see it's in parking, mode this. Sticker for changed here. I think you know it yeah. Also. Here a speaker. This. Car it's, 2019. Model. And. It's. A really great car, I think. I'll, show you everything there, you, have two pedals show. You the light I'll show you everything maybe. In the back. Two USB and. Put. Forth, right now. Twelve. Volt port here guys we have, and. We, have LED. Light here let's look pretty, nice I don't, think you can see it on the video but it looked fantastic, and. You, have this to take. It down you. Can also leave, this from. Here down and. That's. Good roughly, straight, and you have a lot of space here, it's. A huge trunk, space here, guys. It's. With automatic. Lift, gate as. You can see here in the back it's. Really great quality, everywhere, on the doors. Leather. And, stuff. -. Look at this it's almost flat, even. Here it's it's amazing quality. It's, a lot of space in the car if you put, the seat. Down like. That, give. You a lot of space. In the car it's, really. Amazing car. Amazing. Quality, materials, and. This. Leather is fantastic. So, push. This and, it. Is automatic. Liftgate. So. Let's go back to, see. How much space we have here guys. Inside, here, have super. LED, light you, just have to touch it and it's opening it's. Really great holders. Here, everywhere. That. You can shake it down have more light. Really. Great quality, you, have the air. Intakes. And. The. Space, huge. Space, on the head I hope. You see that, here. It's a lot of space on my legs. Feel. Good in this. Really. Great. Nice. Huge, space guys, and. In the front look. At this dashboard. Look. At this display, they, have free display this man it's. Really, really, nice. Really. Great car. Amazing. Quality. Here. On the doors - I like this chrome. Design. Here it's really, nice and. It's, Alcantara. Kiva you. Have a high premium, quality. And. It's feel fantastic here. Really. Great car guys and. I like the doors are opening so easy you. Can go down so easy and, you have soft clothes on the doors look, at this. The, door is closing. Automatic. It's really cool it, has this nice design, here for, aerodynamic. You. Can also put. Up here some extra. Stuff. If you want to carry long items, and, I want to tell you that on these rims it's not fantastic. These. Are. To. Anyone in scrims, from, IOD they are really great they look really nice look. At this it. Looks fantastic. On this car really. Good and the, lines of the car are fantastic, and I think look. At this front, Sport different, to. Look amazing the car. Half, here, s-line model. It's really nice, and that's mirror with. LED, on, it. It's. Really. Really beautiful guys, look, at this front with. These three, lines here are amazing and LED. Laser, light. This, is the new technology. That. On, the night you can see fantastic. It's, really amazing here. We have the sensors, on the right, the. Car have a lot of cameras, one, is under the mirror there one, one, it's in the front in the back in the other side two three.

And Then, here we have. Five. Sensor, parking, sensors, and, down. Here in the front we have two rudders. That. Can read the lines, and you can, stay in in. The line with the car and you, have all kind, of great technologies. There is the camera and the, front grille it's look fantastic. Down. Here we have a lesser, - I don't. Know if you can see it that. Helped the car to. ACC. Adaptive. Cruise control and, all other. Technology. That car has on it it, looks so sporty so, amazing. The. Car look really. Nice it's. A it's a family, car but it's looked great it's sporty, a sporty. Family car it's, really great design, so. I hope you enjoyed the review guys look, at this tinted. Windows. On the back they look fantastic. And this, is this, back of the car it's look amazing. Look at this design 3d, light, it's. So beautiful. So, beautiful design. So. Amazing, car this is the new. Audi a6, Avant. 50. Today, Quattro. So. Guys I hope you enjoy my, review, here, is the sensors. On the back - they. Have all they, even have here a sensor, on the side. Of the door. This. Was the new. A6. From. Audi with. Amazing. Design I like this back of the car and this. Fake. Exhausted. Here they. Also. Have this under, there but, you cannot see it it's. Look really, interesting, and it's, really. Huge space in the car it's, a really amazing car, guys so, hope. You enjoy my. Review, about. New Audi, a6 please, subscribe. To. My channel comment and I. Wait you back guys. You.

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